Checking In…

Note:  I wrote this a couple of days ago.  I was going to have Twilighter look over it first, but haven’t been able to get hold of him.  Then, as I was looking at the Google feeds that I receive daily, I saw a lot of interesting headlines about how Rob and Kristen have been meeting secretly.  On the same page you will see headlines saying exactly the opposite.  So, once again, the tabs are burning the candle at both ends so that no matter what happens, they’ll be able to say, “We told you so!”  Jerks!  Anyway, here is what I wrote….

I haven’t posted in a while. I suppose you probably have noticed. Neither has Twilighter. I can’t completely speak for him, but I have an idea that it is because there really hasn’t been much to talk about. The few stories that the tabs have come up with haven’t even warranted denial. But, as is the way of tabs, those stories have been repeated ad nauseam–making it seem as if there are more stories that there actually are. One site posts an article and then another will post virtually the same article with only a slight variation to the title–sometimes days or even weeks later (just to stir things up again). If it weren’t so disgusting, it might be funny. The tripe that the tabs feed people (over and over and over) is truly ridiculous. They take one photo and fabricate an entire article about it–never mind that the photo is completely innocent, never mind that there are no TRUE sources–the story is what is important–and it DOESN’T need to be a true story, it just needs to get hits for their site. They really should bill themselves as entertainment fiction, not entertainment news. They use photos to illustrate their stories that are months old. They manipulate the dates so it looks like something happened at one time, when in truth, the event might have happened weeks earlier or last night. You never know–and you CAN’T trust a word they say! So, the more scandalous, the better. The other thing that amuses me, is that they are back peddling for all they are worth. They will print one story and then another that says the exact opposite–simply to cover their butts. No matter which one comes true–they can say–“We told you so!” It is so frustrating. The good news is, that many more people have become aware of the outrageous flat out lies that are printed by tabs and I believe that many have vowed to not to visit their sites. Of course, for every person we have educated about the vile games the tabs play, there will be thousands out there that innocently believe everything they read. If they ever took the time to think about the crap they are reading, they might figure out some of the games all by themselves. But, in actuality, tabs are great bathroom reading–certainly not worth taking the time that would be needed to to look beyond their lies, unless you are invested in the fact that TRUTH matters.

This site was started a little over a year ago, because of some stupid photographs that appeared in one of the ridiculous publications that call themselves an entertainment magazines. With no regard for truth, they took some photographs that were obviously fabricated and ran with a story that upset the entire world. Literally–the entire world!!!! I don’t think there is a place on earth that hasn’t heard the story of the “scandal”. I saw those initial photos–the very first night they came out. My first reaction was “Oh, no! NO!!!” But, thank goodness, I am not one of the many people that swallowed the story–hook, line and sinker. There was something wrong. Up until that point, I naively believed that the magazines reported real stories. It didn’t occur to me that they would deliberately lie about things. I didn’t (and still don’t) know anything about photography. I had never heard of photoshopping. I actually was pretty much unaware of paparazzi and their abhorrent behavior. I certainly never considered the possibility that a publication would fabricate a story just to get hits for their site. But, something told me that things weren’t right. I knew with every fiber of my being that Kristen would never betray Rob and I believe that to this very day. As I witnessed the out lash caused by the photos and the appalling way that people were willing to believe the worst of this young woman–I felt more and more the need to step up and say something. As a matter of fact, when you look at the photographs of the two of them together up to that point–it was as if no one else was in the room. I refused to believe what the tabs would have us believe. I saw no indication of anything other than a young woman who was deeply in love. A young woman who had never given any prior indication that she was anything less than loyal to Rob. Now, my belief in this was based on nothing more than what I had observed up to that point and how I responded to the ugly way Kristen was being treated. All I could think about was the line from the movie Notting Hill where Julia Roberts laments the fact that Hugh Grant answered the front door of his flat in his underwear and was suddenly the focus of numerous paparazzi. His response was (and I paraphrase) “Don’t worry about it, by Sunday it will be in the bottom of a birdcage somewhere.” But Julia Roberts’ character was inconsolable. She knew that the photo and the story would appear over and over for the rest of her life. That was my fear about this story. And, as it turns out, I have been right. The story has been repeated over and over for the last year and a half and I feel fairly certain that it will never go away. No matter what the story is, if Kristen is in it–you can almost count on the “scandal” being mentioned. Then, I ran across Twilighter. He based his opinion on things he could actually prove. He knew things about photography and angles, shadows and direction of the sun. He didn’t buy the “I just KNOW that she wouldn’t do this” defense. He had facts! Whatever! If he could prove that Kristen was innocent, then I was ALL for it! Thus, was born Justice for Kristen. He has posted many articles on this site that look at all of the evidence. He has debunked the tabs on multiple occasions and called them out for their lies. In a court of law, I believe he could prove his argument. The problem is, that this isn’t a court of law. And the only person/s that could actually bring a suit against the perpetrators or shine light on the real reason for all of the uproar, have refused to fess up!

So, here we sit…still in the dark about what is going on.

For the record, I am not a Krisbian. I do not JUST support Kristen. I support both Kristen and Rob. And I always have. I believe in them separately and I believe in them as a couple–still–today. Do I have any proof? No, but I do have the same gut feeling that I have had from the beginning. In addition, I watch the blogs of a couple of people that actually might have some inside information.

If you took the time to read “The Cow”, then you saw my opinion. There were a few that were not intelligent enough to figure it out. They thought I had called Kristen a cow. I still shake my head about that one. I don’t know if they really were that brainless or if they were just trying to drum up more drama. I thought it was pretty obvious. Kristen and Rob have been a “cash cow” for the tabs and the studios from the beginning. Their relationship has been used to sell more magazines, more movie tickets and get more hits on websites (that, by the way, earn MORE money for the tabs) than any other couple in history. The fans have been the villagers from the beginning–wanting to know every single thing about Kristen and Rob and their relationship. And, the vultures were (at least I thought) pretty obviously the paparazzi and all the other unscrupulous people in the entertainment industry that have used Kristen and Rob’s relationship to make money for their particular vehicle–be it television late night, entertainment gossip sites, or even what until recently I would have considered legitimate news sources. The vultures were the people that used Robert and Kristen to get some undeserved notoriety for themselves or have made unkind remarks about two young people that have done nothing more than fall in love and have the astonishing luck to additionally become megastars in the process.

I believe that Kristen and Rob have done exactly what was done in the story. They have, at least in public, severed their relationship and focused on their own separate careers. But, as is also implied in the story, they see each other often protected by the friends that serve them well with their undying loyalty and secrecy. I believe they have never been far apart. I believe they have seen each other every single time the other was working out of the country. Did you notice that one or the other would appear in public–actually be quite obviously “out there” and then suddenly disappear? I think it was during that time, that one or the other would make a ninja trip to visit the other. They have the money. They have the resources to do just about anything they want. “Keep them guessing,” isn’t that what Kristen said at one point? I’ve even wondered if perhaps they have doubles that sometimes appear in public, while they are off spending time together and the world is none the wiser. In the eyes of the public, they seem to have severed their relationship–when in fact–they are still just as much a couple as they ever have been. I also believe that it is highly likely that they are already married. As a matter of fact, I’ve wondered if Rob didn’t rush back from New York on the anniversary of the “scandal”– to celebrate another kind of anniversary. Do I have any proof? NO. Just my gut. Again. I’m not claiming any “sources”–because I don’t have any. But, like I said–I have been watching and there are people out there that have much the same idea that I have.

See, the thing is, Kristen was raised in Hollywood. She grew up knowing how the game works. Rob was more or less a “celebrity virgin”. I think that they have been in a monogamous relationship from nearly the beginning. Rob was raised in a family with strong values. I believe he brought those with him into their relationship. He was a bit older. He had had time to sow some wild oats–and when he decided that he had found the right girl, he committed to her lock, stock and barrel. I believe, there was no going back for him. He knew what he wanted and he committed everything to it. That was the example his parents have set. I think it part of his core values to be faithful to the person he is committed to. Kristen, too was raised in a family with a strong commitment to each other. Her parents set a good example and raised an extraordinarily intelligent young woman. Kristen was young chronologically, but, wise beyond her years. And, I think that it is possible for someone so young to find her soul mate and be just as committed as someone much older. And, because of her savvy about the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, she led the way in keeping their relationship under the radar.

I have learned so much from this entire scenario. As a result of the journey I have been made aware of the atrocities that are committed by paparazzi in order to get their “money shot”. I have learned that tabs are actually nothing more than expensive toilet paper. I have learned that you can’t trust ANY of them–not even the “designer” brands like People Magazine. I have learned that there are people in the world that hate for no apparent reason and are willing to hurt people in order to try to bring them around to their point of view–not for life altering, world changing ideals, but for something as simple as whether they agree with who someone is dating. I am proud to say that I have had the opportunity to help promote the idea that laws need to change when it concerns the way the paparazzi behaves. I am excited to say that changes have actually occurred in California where children are concerned and I hope that even stricter laws can be enacted in the future. I’m no Halle Berry or Jennifer Garner, but between Twitter, here and The Plan I have helped get the word out. I would love to see changes made that would involve requiring tabs to take responsibility for their articles–site legitimate sources and use only photographs taken with the permission of the subject nationwide –but that is an even more difficult fight than the fights we have already undertaken. But, one can hope! I am, in case you haven’t already guessed, a bit of an idealist.

Now for some totally unsubstantiated speculations! I think it is possible that Kristen was pregnant at the time of the 2012 ComicCon. I think there is a possibility that the whole “scandal” was set up as a way to allow her to disappear until after the baby was born. But the whole thing blew up–and either before or as a result of the ensuing chaos, she miscarried. Any proof? NOPE! But, I do think there might be some evidence pointing in that direction. For one thing, both Kristen and Rob quit smoking. Also, there was a report on Twitter that appeared only briefly that stated that Kristen had visited a doctors office and that Rob was with her. It was supposedly posted by someone who worked in the office. It was squelched immediately by many–including myself–as an invasion of privacy and doctor/patient confidentiality. We saw nothing more on it. During this time, I think it is also possible that the two of them were married. There was plenty of time for them to have gotten married and have had a honeymoon between the “scandal” and Rob’s promotions of Cosmopolis. Again…no proof. Will we ever know? I doubt it. Maybe in their memoirs. By which time, I will be long gone. So, as I will probably never know the real answers, I will believe my version of the story unless proven otherwise.

There are those in the “Twitter-verse” that currently are supporting the idea that
Rob and Kristen are currently living together in an undisclosed location. Yep! I agree with that one! They also are tossing around the idea that Kristen is currently pregnant. I’d love to believe that. But, as much as they both hate the intrusion of uninvited people into their universe, we may not know for sure until their baby is graduating college or hell freezes over–whichever comes first! So, as stated before–since I will probably be dead before the truth comes out–I choose to believe this also!

So, in closing, I just want to say that I love the two of them. I admire their tenacity to keep what they have special and private. I wish they felt comfortable allowing the world to see them together. True love…real, true love isn’t seen often. Love that can endure and survive adversity is so rare. It would be lovely if their love could shine as an example for others. But, I admire them for living life on their terms. That, too, can serve as an example. The sacrifices they are forced to make in order to live a life as they choose, shouldn’t be necessary. However, they are. That is, to a great extent, our fault–because fans feed the monster that causes their pain every time they buy a magazine or click on a tab site.

I want to thank you for coming to this site. I appreciate your kind comments and the fact that so many of you are thinking, caring individuals looking for answers to a truly perplexing problem. I admire you for your ability to have civilized conversations and discussions. I don’t know when or if Twilighter will make any more appearances. As I said, he bases what he writes on facts–things that he can actually use to prove his point of view. Go figure, he’s a lawyer. What can I say?

Know that, whether things are being posted daily, once a month or once a year on this site….I still believe in the power of love. I believe in telling the truth. And I will continue to fight for both!


The Anti-Paparazzi Fight for Fairness

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the plan is the key

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Hello, all!

I haven’t posted for some time…but I recently have received several comments wondering where I have been, so thought I’d check in!  I haven’t been posting because, in my humble opinion, Kristen has no need to be defended!  She is doing amazing work, she is blossoming into an amazingly beautiful woman and I believe she is surrounded by the people she loves (her handsome husband and her two beautiful daughters!) I base those opinions on a couple of fantastic blogs which you can visit here and here.  They can fill you in all the details!

As for Twilighter..I have no idea where he is.  I have not had contact with him in some time.  I suspect that he has come to the same conclusion as I and that is that defending Kristen is no longer necessary.

It is now, has always been and will always be, my opinion that Kristen was an innocent victim of the “scandal” that took place.  She has risen above the controversy and continues to prove what an amazing person she is and how incredibly talented she is!

It is my strong belief that her relationship with Robert is strong and ongoing, but something they choose to keep private–as they have always done!  Additionally, I believe that she and Robert have two beautiful daughters whom they will do their best to keep out of the limelight as long as humanly possible!

My best to you all and thank you for your interest!


I Love This Video!


Tonight is the Met Gala.  Kristen is supposed to appear.  Many are speculating that we will finally learn if she is pregnant.  My hope is that she is and it will finally make the haters shut up!  (Although I am sure they will accuse her of being impregnated by someone else).  In the best of worlds,  Rob would be her date and hover over her being a protective soon-to-be father.  They are so private though, that I would be very surprised if that happened.  However, whatever happens…I love Kristen…I love Rob…I love the fact that I am sure they are together.  I love the idea that they may be pregnant.  I love the people that support the two of them and wish them the best.  Kristen doesn’t deserve the hate that she has received.  I wish that there were a way to make it all go away, but there isn’t.  Too many jealous, hateful people out in the world.  It will be interesting to see how tonight goes.  The next few days should be interesting…..

Just Saw This Headline:

The Rumors Of Robert Pattinson’s New Lady Love Aren’t True, Probably

My response:  “No sh*t, Sherlock!”

The tabs, as usual, are full of BS and trying to talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time!  “Aren’t True”–Statement.  “Probably”–Denial.  In the SAME headline!  Geez!!!!!

BTW, if you see an ad on this website, it was placed here by WordPress.  Justice for Kristen is not supported by selling ads and does not endorse or approve of any product or service placed here by WordPress.  Thanks!

A Cautionary Tale

Mia lived near a small village on the edge of the woods.  The old woman spent her days working around her house and puttering in her garden.  Occasionally she went into the village.  One day, as she was walking down the dirt road that led into the village, she met a traveler.

As they approached each other, Mia nodded her head and said,”Good morning, traveler!  What a beautiful day it is today!  I’ve never seen the sky so blue!”

The traveler glared at her and replied, “What are you talking about?  The sky isn’t blue!  It is grey!”

It shocked Mia to be spoken to in such a harsh tone.  She knew that the sky was blue, but she didn’t want to offend the traveler and so she stated, “I believe it is blue, you believe it is grey.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  I will never judge you by what you believe.  But you WILL be judged by your actions.  Can’t we agree to disagree?”

“Humph!” replied the stranger, but he continued on his way.

As she traveled through the village, she happened upon another stranger.  “Good morning, stranger,” she said.  “What a beautiful day it is today!  I’ve never seen the sky so blue!”

The stranger looked at her as he shouted, “What are you talking about?  The sky isn’t blue!  It is green!”

Again, Mia was rather taken back by this unusual response, but she replied, “I believe it is blue, you believe it is green.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  I will never judge you by what you believe.  But you WILL be judged by your action.  Can’t we agree to disagree?”

The stranger shrugged his shoulders and continued down the street.  “Foolish woman.”  he muttered under his breath.

Near the village square, Mia came across a young girl playing in the fountain.  As she approached, she said, “  Good morning!  What a beautiful day!  I don’t think I have ever seen the sky so blue!”

“You are a stupid old woman!  Can’t you see anything?  The sky isn’t blue–it is yellow!  How can you be such an idiot?”  replied the girl.

Mia tilted her head and looked at her in shock.   “I believe it is blue, you believe it is yellow.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  I will never judge you by what you believe.  But you WILL be judged by your actions.  Can’t we agree to disagree?”

“NO!”  shouted the young girl.  “I will never agree to disagree with you!  You are stupid and ugly.  You don’t know anything!  Why can’t you see that the sky is yellow you old hag?”  And she threw a stone at Mia.  At that, she ran down the street to join some of her friends.

Mia continued down the village road.

The young girl and her friends soon surrounded the old woman.  They started chanting, “You are a stupid old hag.  You don’t know anything.  Everyone knows that the sky is yellow.  Why can’t you see that?”  And with that, they all began to throw stones at her.

Again Mia replied, “I believe the sky is blue, you believe it is yellow.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  I will never judge you by what you believe.  But you WILL be judged by your actions.  Can’t we agree to disagree?”

The girl and her friends continued to yell insults and throw rocks.  “If you can’t see that the sky is yellow, we will put out your eyes so that you will not be able to see anything!”  yelled one of the youngsters.  And with that, the youngster poked the old woman in the eye with a stick.

“Why do you insist that I am wrong?  Why do you insist that I must believe the way you do?  I haven’t judged you for your beliefs, why should you judge me for mine?”

The young girl replied,  “Because if you go around telling people that the sky is blue, people might believe you.  If that happened, we would look foolish.  We don’t want the whole village to think that we don’t know what we are talking about!”  And with that, she poked Mia’s other eye out.

Now, the people of the village knew that the sky was blue and they knew what these youngsters were doing.  Some of them tried to come to Mia’s aid, but the girl poke at their eyes with a stick.  She wounded some, and some managed to get away unscathed.

The young girl and her friends began to post fliers all over town that read:  THE SKY IS YELLOW!  IF YOU DISAGREE, WE WILL POKE OUT YOUR EYES!

And so, time passed.

One day, Mia returned to the village.  As she passed a rose bush, she said, “What a beautiful fragrance!  This must be a rose bush!  It smells wonderful!”

As it happened, the young girl and her friends where standing nearby and overheard what she said.  One of the friends said,  “You are a stupid old hag.  You don’t know anything.  Roses smell terrible!”

Again Mia replied, “I believe the roses smells wonderful, you believe they smell terrible.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  I will never judge you by what you believe.  But you WILL be judged by your actions.  Can’t we agree to disagree?”

The girl and her friends hurled more insults and threats.  “If you can’t agree that the roses smell terrible, we will cut off your nose so that you won’t be able to smell anything!  And with that, the girl whacked off the old woman’s nose.

“Why do you insist that I am wrong?  Why do you insist that I must believe the way you do?  I haven’t judged you for your beliefs, why should you judge me for mine?”

The young girl replied,  “Because if you go around telling people that the roses smell wonderful, people might believe you.  If that happened, we would look foolish.  We don’t want the whole village to think that we don’t know what we are talking about!”

Again, the other villagers stood by watching–not knowing what to do.  And it wasn’t long before there were signs all over town saying:  ROSES SMELL TERRIBLE.  IF YOU DISAGREE, WE WILL CUT OFF YOUR NOSE!

And so time passed.

Weeks later, Mia returned to town.  As she passed the village square, she heard a band playing.  “My!  What beautiful music the band makes!”

Again, the young girl and her friends overheard what she said.

“You stupid old hag.  You don’t know anything.  Everyone knows that the band sounds awful.  Why can’t you understand that?”

Mia replied, “I believe the band makes beautiful music, you believe it does not.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  I will never judge you by what you believe.  But you WILL be judged by your actions.  Can’t we agree to disagree?”

“When will you learn, old woman?  We decide what is good and bad.”   And with that she cut off Mia’s ears.

The villagers were appalled by the actions of the children.  But, they had no idea what to do.  And soon, there appeared signs saying:  THE BAND SOUNDS AWFUL!  IF YOU DISAGREE, WE WILL CUT OFF YOUR EARS!

And so time passed.

One day, Mia found that she needed to go back in to town.  As she passed the bakery, the baker stepped out and handed her a delectable piece of cake.  Mia exclaimed,  “Oh, my!  That is the best piece of cake I have ever tasted!  Thank you, baker!”

As luck would have it, the young girl and her friends were passing the bakery just as the old woman was thanking the baker.

“You stupid old hag!  Everyone knows that the baker’s cake is the worst in the kingdom!  You know nothing!!”  the children yelled at her.

Mia replied, “I believe the baker’s cake tastes wonderful, you believe it does not.  I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe.  I will never judge you by what you believe.  But you WILL be judged by your actions.  Can’t we agree to disagree?”

“You really will never learn, will you?  We decide what things look like, smell like, sound like and taste like around here!”  the young girl said.  And with that, she cut out Mia’s tongue.

Once again the villagers were horrified by the actions of the children.  But, they had no idea what to do.  And soon, there appeared signs saying:  THE BAKER’S CAKE TASTE TERRIBLE!  IF YOU DISAGREE, WE WILL CUT OUT YOUR TONGUE!

Behind closed doors the villagers would talk to each other.  They agreed that the sky was blue, the roses smelled wonderful and the band made beautiful music.  They loved the cake that the baker made.  But, no one wanted to cross the children because they were afraid of the consequences.  And so, the people of the village continued to live day in and day out–not saying what they believed, because they were afraid of what might happen.

One day, in the spring, word came that they were going to be visited by the prince and princess.  Everyone was excited, for the prince and princess very seldom left the castle.

On the day of their arrival, as the prince and princess rode through the streets, the the band played.  The baker made a cake and offer a piece to each of them as they rode through the streets.  Soon the prince and princess began to see the signs:





The prince and princess looked at each other.  “What’s this?”  the prince said.  “The sky is blue, not yellow!  Roses smell wonderful, not terrible!  The band has been playing all this time and their music is beautiful!  And I have tasted the baker’s cake–it is some of the best cake I have ever had.”  To the villagers he said,  “Who is responsible for these signs?”

The villagers pointed at the girl and her friends.

“Why have you done this?”  asked the princess.

The girl ducked her head in shame and replied, “We knew we were wrong, but we thought if we could convince people we were right–we would not look foolish.”

The prince said, “And you believed that by threatening people, you could force them to believe as you did?  Have you never heard the saying–agree to disagree?  There is no need for threats.”

One of the villagers stepped forward.  He removed his hat and lowered his gaze as he said, “Your highness.  We knew that these youngsters were wrong.  We didn’t know what to do.  There is an old woman that lives at the edge of the woods.  They did each of these things to her–and we were afraid they would do the same to us.”

The prince and princess looked at the man and shook their heads.  “Bring me the woman,” said the prince.

The villager hurried away from the crowd and soon brought Mia to stand before the prince and the princess.  Their eyes filled with tears and their hearts were heavy.  How could someone in their kingdom be so cruel?  They thought about it for a long time.  They consulted their advisers as to what should be done and it was decided that someone more powerful than they, should make the decision as to how it should be handled.

There was a a powerful sorcerer in the kingdom.  His power was feared, but the people knew he was fair and always did the right thing.  It was decided that the sorcerer would be summoned.  He was told of the cruelty of the girl and her friends.  He saw the harm that was done to Mia and the fear that had haunted the villagers.  When he had made his decision and was ready, the prince and princess called together all of the villagers.  The girl and her friends stood before the couple.

The prince glared at the girl and her friends.  “Your actions have caused harm to Mia and to the people of this village.   All should be allowed to believe what they believe.  They should be allowed to believe what they believe with no judgements.   No one should ever be judged on what they believe.  In your desire to force people to agree with you, you have caused harm.  You are not being judged by what you believe, but by the actions you took.  It’s too bad that you didn’t  agree to disagree.”

With that, the prince looked at the sorcerer. The sorcerer looked at the girl and her friends.  “You have made some terrible decisions in the attempt to make people agree with you and you have injured one who stood against you.  Your fear of looking foolish and the actions you took were founded in hate, fear, and the desire for power.  For those things, you will be judged.  The sorcerer, Ka Rma, waved his hand and in a puff of smoke, the girl and all her friends were all turned into asses.  And that is how they lived out the rest of their lives.


Moral:  It is far better to agree to disagree than to live your life as an ass.

This story is dedicated to ALL the fans that have behaved so poorly.  If you look into your heart, you will know who you are.

Nice Article on Kristen for Once!

The Cow

There once was a cow.  A beautiful cow.  The most beautiful cow in the kingdom.  There was not a cow in the kingdom that compared.  Not only was the cow beautiful, but it had a kind and gentle soul.  The cow was loved by all in the kingdom.  Well, not ALL..there were a very few in the kingdom that were jealous and wished the cow heartache and pain, because they couldn’t stand to see a cow that was so beautiful both inside and out and that was beloved by so many.  Those few did everything they could to dishonor and discredit the cow.  But most of the kingdom loved the cow with all their hearts.  As the cow’s fame grew, so did the love of the people from the kingdom.  There were people who followed the cow everywhere it went.  These same people wanted to know everything that the cow did.  There were even people in the kingdom that would report back to the rest of the kingdom about everything that the cow did and every where that it went.  As the love for the cow grew, so did the hate.  The ones that were jealous of it’s beauty soon became jealous of it’s fame.  They worked even harder to destroy the cow and the people who love it.

Although the cow loved the people of the kingdom, it sometimes wished it could have some time away, to be alone.  It wished for a time when it could be like other cows and come and go without being followed by the people of the kingdom.  But, it seemed that would never be.

One day, the cow ventured into the woods.  It was said that the the woods was inhabited by evil vultures and hyenas and other evil creatures.  But, the woods would also allow the cow to do things it had never done before and because of that, the cow felt it needed to go into the woods.  When the cow was deep within the woods, it was suddenly surrounded by the evil vultures and hyenas.  They forced the cow to stay in one place.  When the cow tried to go out to the meadow, the vultures and hyenas would follow it, pinning it down and bleeding it.  They would send the blood to the kingdom, demanding money for the cow.  The people of the kingdom loved the cow so much, that they would pay the money–because they still wanted to know everything the cow did and everywhere the cow went.  People in the kingdom argued back and forth about whether they should pay the vultures and hyenas.  Some thought that if the people quit paying the vultures and hyenas, they would let the cow go so it could return to the kingdom.  Others felt that it was worth it to pay the vultures and hyenas–so long as they could see the cow and know what it was doing.    And so it continued for years and years….

The cow grew desperate.  It had little left to give.  It no longer knew what to do.  It only knew that it could not be bled much longer.  It knew that if it were, it would cease to exist.  Finally, the cow offered itself to the vultures, hyenas and other evil creatures.  They bled the cow of all its’ blood.  They gutted it.  And then they left it in the woods.  They thought the cow was dead and so did most of those in the kingdom.

The spirit of the cow, however, was unbroken.  It lifted from the cow.  As it lifted, it split into two parts.  Each of these parts loved the other unconditionally.  And though they would have preferred to remain as the cow, they parted.  Each of the parts was free to travel where they wanted and needed to go–but they could never traveled together.  Each was always alone.  They visited kingdoms far and wide.  People from their kingdom and other kingdoms began to think of each part as someone different.  People no longer thought so much about the beautiful cow.  They began to think about the two separate parts and how much each had to offer….

Although each of the parts is now free to travel and participate in new adventures, they long to be together.  Occasionally, they even meet to share their love with each other–but always in secret for they know that if the vultures and hyenas find out that they are actually the cow, they will be bled again.

They meet with friends here and there.  The few friends that they truly trust know the truth and protect them from prying eyes.  They know they can not be seen together.

And so time passes.

The two parts long for the time when they can return and join together–not as a cow, but as individuals who love each other–then, now and forever.   And so time continues to pass.