Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Duped by Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross?

September 15, 2012 10:25 AM EDT

Were Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart victims of a blackmailing scheme initiated by Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross? A new theory arises with the Snow White and the Huntsman director and his model wife behind the entire debacle. Might there be some truth to it?

According to a report from Books & Review, several recent ‘conspiracy theories’ about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal indicate the photos of KStew with Rupert Sanders were doctored, but most placed the blame on the Twilight couple.

Now a new theory puts Ross and Sanders at the helm, and if you look at their past and present behavior, it’s not all that far-fetched.

Liberty Ross was a successful model who gave it all up to come to the U.S. to further Rupert Sanders’ career and raise their family. In light of the cheating scandal she is back on the runway and mulling through offers of film roles—something else she’s always wanted to do.

Rupert Sanders was a relative unknown when he directed Snow White and the Huntsman. Now his name is tops in Google searches every single day—and has been since the day news of the cheating scandal hit the media.

Is it at all possible that Kristen Stewart isn’t the ‘bad guy’ here? Are she and Robert Pattinson both victims of a scheme initiated by Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross? Did Sanders somehow ply Stewart with promises, praise or even booze (conjecture, of course!) to create the photos that broke Rob’s heart and tore his and Kristen’s lives apart?

This new theory has so many turns and twists that it’s practically impossible to trace it to the very beginning of the cheating scandal, but it certainly doesn’t sound as far-fetched as one that puts Rob and/or Kristen at the helm of staging the scandal.

What do you think of all this? Is there more behind Liberty Ross’s lack of a public statement since the purported cheating incident? Is there more to Rupert Sanders hardly appearing in public since that shocking day in July when pictures emerged of him and Kristen?

Do you think Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross could be behind this whole media scandal that tore Kristen and Rob’s lives apart?


9 Responses

  1. They could be behind it but it will take some journalistic investigation to find out the proof.

  2. What ever has happened, I am not sure anyone will ever truly know. Here is a case of two young stars trying in vane to have a semi normal life together in a city of fantasy. Where on every street corner there are vultures who are paid to destroy lives. They are there to manipulate so called journalism. I have lost all respect for even the journalists who claim to only report the news worthy of reporting. This is slanderous. It is only there to destroy these young people. No good came of it. Questions of who did what to whom, name calling, calling a young woman a tramp, whore, and damning her. I do believe Sanders is a disgusting excuse for a human who would use his years her senior to ruin her life and love. Now we hear Mr Pattinson’s family want to put a stop to him even considering reuniting with Ms Stewart. When will everyone stay clear. Love should be a cherished state. Not to be thrown away. A kiss is not an affair, it is a laps in a judgement, but not sex. Both young people are in pain and the public, like those who watch car wrecks without helping, or stand by while a child is beaten, a wife is beaten, or an elderly person is left to suffer. You are watching the destruction of love. You are watching a young woman be crucified. I can only hope that Mr Pattinson will quickly realize that love, real love is worth the chance. You are not given a do over in life, real love is not to be cast aside. And if you think humiliation or pride is more important well I know you are sadly mistaken. Those who think ill of you for choosing love, have never known true love. There are those in your life Mr Pattinson who may speak ill of your love, but who have slept with many a married man. Their value not questioned here. I am not pointing fingers, just let us remember what is important, LOVE. These two young stars love, and need to heal together.

    • Don’t worry. The pictures are photo shopped, and Rob knows it. He’s not hurting; they’re not hurting.
      And I do believe Sanders and Ross are behind it all.

    • Very good comment which I truly agree with…Kristen was blamed by Rob’s so called fans without blinking an eye,they believed the media and the reason,She has the love of the person they love.This is all about jealousy,they’ve never liked Kristen but what they don’t realise is that Rob knows the fans reactions,he has people reading these comments daily..He’s gonna be so disappointed with the fan reactions and I don’t blame him…

      • Rob’s psycho fans were always waiting to pounce on K and indeed they have and still are. Who knows what Kristen has been through by being with a heart throb sex symbol like Rob. Prob. more difficult than any of us know.

    • very well said and I agree

    • Many feel the same way, all people who are hounded by the media need to all do the same thing, just have a sign or website for something you want to promote,save the whales or something and hold that up to the press, stop giving them what they want and give them something they dont want, a political statement, maybe then they will go away and play with someone else. This whole thing is wrong!!

  3. Yes with everything I have seen, heard about Hollywood since this whole thing happened, I dont doubt that the Sanders are behind it, with or without Summit. I dont know why anyone would put themselves through that. It would be a shame if this does break them up, because they seem so much in love and bring out the best in each other. He needs to stop listening to negative people who dont have his best interest at heart like she does. I love your writing but it only makes me more confused, I do think they are a real couple in love and not a PR stunt for Summit.

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