Thought for the Day (October 6, 2012) : A Look at Bauer-Griffin

By twilighter

Thought you might find this interesting because it is a classic example of how paparazzi firms lie about things in order to profit off misrepresenting the truth.

Remember Scott Bauer of Bauer-Griffin.  He ‘s the president of that paparazzi agency that got scooped on the Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal” by FameFlyNet  and US Magazine and was one of the sources of the Kristen and Rupert were engaged in a long time affair rumor.  See the Fox News account below quoting Bauer:

Bauer said he heard that US Weekly assigned FameFlyNet to follow Stewart and Sanders on a tip that the two were getting busy behind closed doors, or as it looks now, even out of doors.

“From what I heard, it was an assignment, the magazine was actually working the story,” explained Bauer. “(The story) didn’t come from the photographers, it was the other way around: it went editorial to photo, as opposed to photo to editorial.”

Of course Bauer was using an unidentified, unnamed source.

You can read the whole account at: . And can read about how the Rubert/Kristen long term affair is an urban myth in The Grand Punk Part 7 (Scenario 4), which appears elsewhere on this site.

Here’s another example of how this firm engages in shoddy “news” reporting, although I hesitate to call it news or reporting.  Remember this photograph?


This this is one of their photos that purports to establish that Rob was moving out of his Los Feliz estate and had kicked Kristen out as well. It was regularly used by Radaronline, TMZ, and other gossip rags to “prove” that Rob was moving out of his house and had asked Kristen to move out as well.  For an example of how the gossip rags use this tripe see the attached account in and the associated photos all credited to Bauer-Griffin.

See the Temple Hill Drive street sign (partially off the screen) to the extreme right?

Now lets go to where this Bauer Griffin photo was actually taken, roughly at 2241 N. Beachwood Drive in LA.  You can google earth it if you want but this is the location and image. Note the Temple Hill Drive sign to your right, the Hollywood sign up in the distance and the surrounding view.  This is the place of the photo.  It’s a little different since the Baeur-Griffin photo is somewhat distorted because its cropped differently and taken with a telephoto lens.  But again note the Temple Hill Drive sign again to your right. The moving truck was parked horizontally across this view. Click on the following images to get the full view.

Problem is this place is no where near Rob’s house.


And you can’t see the Hollywood sign near the street leading to Rob’s house on Aberdeen.  Here’s the view from the divided avenue (N. Vermont) leading to the street of Rob’s house. (Aberdeen).


You can’t see the Hollywood sign from there.  Ergo, the Bauer Griffin photo purporting to be taken near Rob’s house showing the moving truck is a fraud.  Its not even in the same neighborhood.  But why let the facts get in the way of a good lie?

But it doesn’t end there.

Then there is the fraudulent UHaul story.  Photo again credited to Bauer-Griffin.


And it that isn’t enough, this is the same firm that pictured the gym, Rise Movement, as where  Kristen worked out at prior to meeting Rupert [wrong, that was last year’s gym, she was working out at Gold’s Gym in Santa Monica in 2012]; and her car parked on the street waiting a pickup [wrong: not Kristen’s car since her’s has chrome panels on the top of the side view mirrors].

All unadulterated tripe.  That’s the only word for it. But that’s what the celebrity gossip machine is. So much for Bauer Griffin credibility.

22 Responses

  1. Oh I love you!!! So this is as fake as the cheating pics

  2. Thank you, I have been trying to find this!

  3. Here is what I want to know: As the competitor to fameflynet who”scooped” them on this story–How does it behoove Bauer-Griffin to tell Fox News media outlet what they told them about the story being a photog. follow up to an editorial tip?

    • Think he is in on the lie

    • You have to remember that this is a slimy highly competitive business where these paparazzi firms are constantly competing to come up with these images that feed the gossip rags and the celebrity gossip machine. If Bauer-Griffin had had equal access to the tip, and FameFlynet had beat them to cashing it in, Bauer would have looked slow on the trigger. Which is lethal in this business. If on the other hand (as Bauer tried to spin it) FameFlyNet was hired by US Magazine exclusively based on a tip, Bauer-Griffin never had equal access to the tip, and couldn’t have been expected to beat FameFlyNet to the punch. Thus, Bauer spun this rumored extended romance out of thin air, just to cover his own firm’s ass, not because the tip really existed. Trying to make the best out of a bad situation, that his competitor got the story.

      • Yeah why do you suppose flamefly didn’t look at the “cheating” pics better? They are so poorly photoshopped! Untrained eyes have found many errors. And the story they told has many holes.

      • Again it goes back to the slimy nature this business. They are not like traditional news sources that check and recheck leads and stories. As long as they got a photo, it doesn’t matter how bad it may look. They took them at face value as all they could see is the dollar signs they represented. I suspect that before US Magazine ran with them though, they likely gave Kristen and Rupert’s teams a headsup, to check if they would refute them and potentially to get a statement. A safe bet to avoid getting sued. But when they weren’t refuted consistent with the punk, they figured full speed ahead. It was all about the money. They didn’t bother to check the story out either.

      • So do you still think all 4 were involved? Even with RP and KS looking so bad? Or they just didn’t expect the backlash?

      • thank you for comprehending my question lol. I know it was crazy. So the whole business of not only the photos, but the story of who was tipped to an affair is totally suspect. It has been taken as absolute truth and then major “respectable” media outlets repeat it as a given truth.
        I am very aware of the competitive nature or the business.

  4. But it doesn’t matter. These stories are written for the type of woman who used to watch the soaps every day and now she’s got a computer. What I don’t get is why so many are surprised and outraged. Ho hum. What else is new.

    Endless facts and logical proofs will never stop them. Only Nietzsche.

  5. wow

  6. Ok Twilighterman tell me your thoughts…

    Kristen’s (alleged) apology for her momentary indiscretion
    to People magazine. This apology did not come from Kristen or her reps. The
    article doesn’t even mention the apology came from sources either. Someone
    reading the article will assume the statement came from Kristen because the
    article is written as follows “….I love him, I’m so sorry, Kristen said
    on Wednesday”.

    Here look at it again:

    Hell even when I read it, I thought holy hell
    she admitted to cheating with the Ass-Clown. I thought People magazine just got
    a confession in her own words, so it must be true. Yeah I was in shock back
    then, so I fell for the BS too. But let’s be honest anyone reading this without
    knowing what we know would think Kristen admitted it

    The reason we know that this apology is nothing
    more that complete horse shit (sorry I have to remember to be nice.. I mean untrue) is because of a tweet from Davhi Shira a writer for people magazine.

    She is the one who said Kristen never admitted
    to anything but admit to a source. She laughed about it and made reference to
    how she deleted the tweet. (see link below)


    I also checked the writer just to make sure she
    was the real deal and really employed by people magazine, and she is.

    She admitted the apology was not from Kristen,
    nor her reps but from a source. A source the magazine forgot to mention in the
    article.Oops! But what’s so terrible about
    forgetting such a minor detail right?

    Another example of the many I can show you to
    prove that People is no better than the rest of the tabloids. Look at the photo
    and story they ran.

    Yeah so they used one the photos were know and
    papz admitted staging, the famous U-Haul and ran a story at Kristen was asked
    “to remove her belongings from the house”. Another story completely made up but this time they did mention it was from a source. How nice of them.

    This is why I disagree with your reply to my
    rant days ago. You believe that People wouldn’t run a story based on sources
    accounts without at least trying to get
    some confirmation from Kristen’s people. This, in my
    opinion, shows that People does in fact print BullShit and lies without
    checking facts or legitimacy of their sources. But I am relieved you don’t believe in the confession either.
    People has magazines to sell. So let’s break them up, let world think she’s a
    whore and we’ll put them back together again so we can sell more magazines
    about their miraculous re-union. I just don’t understand why no one else has
    caught on to this. Why are we the only ones questioning this and not the rest
    of the media.

    Another thing I would like to bring to your attention pertains
    to the famous photographs. Yes, you’re probably sick of looking at them and
    speaking about them but I have a question regarding one in particular. The
    lookout photograph of Kristen coming out of her car. Look at the drivers side door. The reflection
    off the car door doesn’t seem to match the surroundings. At least to my very
    novice eyes. I would expect to see
    trees, maybe the guardrail, or the houses across the road. Hey maybe because
    the door is open, maybe even the hill up the street. I don’t see any of that.
    No even the reflection of the Ass-Clown. Again I may be wrong, but it almost looks like water, a beach with sand or a flat road. I don’t
    know but it doesn’t look like the immediate surroundings. The whole photo looks strange, but it’s
    almost as if the car was photoshoped in the picture. Your thoughts on this, Twilighter Sir.

    Yes, I’ve got another one…. Your probably familiar with the photo but just in case your not.


    Please look at the photo in the 3rd box and wait for the image to change.

    It’s the same picture of Kristen in both photos. Look at her expression, the
    part in her hair, even the angle of the tilt of her head, it’s the same. All they did in the
    look-out photo is extend her hair near her shoulder chopped off her ear. Please look at the link and tell me what you
    think. I don’t think I’m wrong. Do you think they photoshopped these photographs so badly so people would catch on to this crap and make it obvious that this was staged. I mean even TMZ questioned the photos once, yet no one picked on it on.
    I’ve posted my comments on the board as well. Just wanted to make certain you would see it. I dying to know what your thoughts are.

    • I love you! Not like that! Not many think like we do!!! Don’t know if you have been to but there are many who will agree! I was just on GC ick and I post stuff that makes them mad, who cares right? Are you on twitter ? Thanks for your post!

      • Nena you are a mother. You know children know how to lie by telling the truth. They just omit some things. Hey People zine, my kids do that too.

        I knew all about People over 1 year ago. I thumbed through it one day and the colored pics were on sleazy paper, the kind of paper that is in the tabloid zines. I thought that day, “Well well well. People, you are having financial difficulties. Your zine no longer looks prosperous with this sleazy paper. I have checked the stories from time to time since, and have found no reason to correct or modify my hypothesis. And now my hypothesis has been confirmed. I am like Eric Packer in this respect. I just see trends because I can’t not stop seeing them. It’s a gift and a curse.

        All people did with this apology was what every other person in this culture does. They omitted part of the story. But our readers are such dumb pricks and cnts they won’t notice. Critical reading is not taught in our schools. Reading via phonics leads to good pronouncers, but lower comprehension. The reverse is true with a look and say method. But when adults base reading skills on whether you can pronounce the word correctly, and that is what is reinforced, this is what you get. Millions of people who can pronounce words, look at pictures, but who can’t comprehend and critically evaluate. A pity says Jane.

    • I know you didn’t ask me but I agree with you! I can’t get your links to work tho sorry and the one I really wanted to see the pictures of KS is all in Spanish. Yes a great many people think the pictures are photoshopped. A bunch of us on have found 31 or so faults with the pictures. The Grand Punk articles on this site are good and he found fault also.

    • Your link to the tweet from a People editor doesn’t work any more; I found it here:

      Later reports from People, such as Pattinson moving out of his house, how Stewart is reacting to the scandal, etc. all indicate they come from a “source,” but the apology is always implied to be straight from the horse’s mouth: “Kristen Stewart has issued a public apology” and so forth.

      The apology is key, but I still have no idea what to make of it. I generally ignore celebrity gossip from supposed “sources,” but the apology is presented, by implication, as something different. I assume Stewart didn’t personally phone the office of People and sob into the receiver, “Oh, People Magazine! I love him, I’m so sorry!” It would have been issued through a rep.
      But if the apology came through Stewart’s agent or manager, someone who could be considered an impeccable source, wouldn’t they have said something to that effect, since it gives the apology more legitimacy? Wouldn’t they at least have said “Stewart issued an apology through her agent,” or “Stewart’s staff released her public apology” or something like that? The statement “Kristen Stewart issued a public apology” – since it is unlikely to be literally true that she provided it in person – is more like a conclusion or interpretation than a statement of fact.

  7. 2 things.

    My nerdy bf is a car OCD. That means kind of paint, rims, width of tires, whatever. The car in the photo you are talking about is not Kristen’s car. Kristen’s car has a different paint job. Now I am forgetting the terminology but Kristen’s car has a different paint job than the one in the photo as to surface even though both are the same color. Graphite look I think he said. The tires on Kristen’s car are different from the tires of the mini cooper in the pic and the rims of both are different. The width of the tires are wider in one of them, forget which.

    If you look at Lynnette’s photos you can easily see that the street is sloped and Lynnette’s car is tilted, the tires closest to her flattened more than if it were level.

    The car you see in the photo we are still taking about is FLAT down on the pavement. This indicates it has been photoshopped in. If it were really there it also would be slanted. And of course, to repeat, it is a different car although to the non aficionado car person they appear the same. I think the mirrors are different too. None of this particularly interests me though as it belongs in the realm of information. And as the great Foucault says, “Information is not knowing.” And I will get to that in my own post as I am looking at these pics through the laser eye of Michel Foucault in his reading of Manet.

    As to the shoddy photoshopping. It has sort of puzzled me, not much though, that Rupert and Liberty did not at once denounce these pictures saying it was them. The height difference between Liberty Ross and Kristen Stewart is enough. So why didn’t they?

    The lousy photoshopping could not have been done by the perfectionist Rupert Sanders, could it? These messes were done by an amateur. so many mistakes, it had to be an amateur.

    Let’s read through Baudrillard and Lacan now. If you were a superb professional you would not want to leave your “signature fingerprints” all over these pics, right? Like terrorist bombers do which they can’t help doing? And besides a pro does not want to “get involved” in something this squalorly? I mean IT people don’t risk 300K a year to hack.

    Now if you were a superb pro doing this what would you do? Make mistakes to act as “floating signs” masking the opposite, denying the pro who did them.

    OK I said to my smart ass nerdy bf why so many many of them. All over the place. He laughed at me and said you don’t understand. You start to do that, then you want to make sure so you do another and another and pretty soon you have gone overboard. This relates to a painter who has difficulty knowing when his/her painting is finished and in fact, can ruin it because s/he doesn’t know when to stop. Every women who likes to cook has experienced this when making a new dish at some point. A little more of that spice, I think, maybe a tiny bit more, whoooops!

    And that’s what happened he said.

    All the facts in the world are not gonna make anyone believe the evidence if they don’t want to believe it. (Read, “I hate Kristen so much with Rob I refuse to believe anything nice about her now or forever.”) You will never convince these people and that’s what’s wrong with doing the SCANDAL the way it has been done here which BTW I find very interesting, but I was brought up educationally on a linear comparison and contrast Discourse which is sliding away from us in this world of ours that is changing into nano seconds as we touch our keyboards. The DNA evidence could not convince the jury in OJ’s trial. The counting of the ballots could not convince anyone in the 2000 election. And everyone has their personal family feuds that go back in time to the stone age that can never be resolved. We are dealing with The Rashomon Effect.

    Everyone’s story about it is true. But there is no solution to this scandal. And it is a media manufactured Debordian SPECTACLE which hides any true meaning in what happened in favor of the SPECTACLE. Think 9-11 24/7 coverage. The media coverage became the Event. McLuhan warned us of this 50 years ago or more. The Medium Is The Message although it has gone beyond this now in our time. The SPECTACLE is the Event. It is all around you.

  8. I’m not going to comment here because mine sit in moderation too long. I don’t think the above is an inflammatory comment.

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