Thought for the Day (October 11, 2012) : Meet the Faces of Some Celebrity Gossip News Fabricators: Chloe Melas and Amber Goodhand

by twilighter

Let’s focus today on two celebrity gossip news fabricators, Chloe Melas, Senior Entertainment Reporter for Hollywood Life, and Amber Goodhand, the News Editor for, who work for two of the more notorious websites of the celebrity gossip machine.  Melas was the one responsible for the July 25, 2012 web article at Hollywood Life claiming that Kristen and Rupert’s affair was more than a momentary indiscretion, relying on photos of them taken at a May 16 dinner together in Berlin.  Quoting from the Melas account:

“The sexy star admitted to an affair with Rupert — and a body language expert tells EXCLUSIVELY that this picture speaks volumes about their romantic relationship!

Kristen Stewart‘s shocking affair with married director Rupert Sanders has angered her fans and devastated Robert Pattinson. But a newly-revealed picture from May makes it seem as though sparks had been flying between the pair far before their recently-photographed dalliances!”

She went on to quote a “body language expert” that the photograph showed that Kristen was the aggressor in their relationship.

Goodhand, continued the farce on June 26th  in a web article at RadarOnline that indicated the following:

“Hot off the heels of Kristen Stewart’s admitted affair with director Rupert Sanders, new pictures have surfaced of the two having dinner together earlier this year and has the photos.

Rupert, who directed Kristen in Snow White and the Huntsman, dined with her on May 15 at Monsieur Vuong restaurant in Berlin, Germany, and the two seemed to be having a blast together, and couldn’t take their eyes off of each other.

After posing with his wife, Liberty Ross, on the red carpet for the May 14 London premiere of the movie, she was noticeably absent for the Germany premiere and Rupert appeared to be enjoying the attention at dinner from Kristen the next night.”

Remember this photo?  This is the one they are talking about.

It appeared in both articles and was picked by up hundreds of other celebrity gossip sites which tried to spin the same story that Kristen and Rupert had a long time affair and that it was not a momentary indiscretion.

What’s the problem with this photo and a couple others these sites used?  Take a look at the attached video: and compare them to the photographs.  [As an aside, note the rapid fire camera shutter sound and the simultaneous video taping occurring.  Bet you they got more than 50 pictures, and in less than 25 seconds!  Restaurant scene starts at about 0:26.]

These authors either intentionally misrepresented the encounter or couldn’t care less about whether their accounts of it were the truth of not.  They intentionally misrepresented what happened there because what was actually involved was a cast dinner that included a group of people including Charlize Theron who was sitting between Kristen and Rupert at the time that the critical photos were taken.  If anything, the video shows that Kristen’s looks in the photos were more directed to Charlize than they were to Rupert.  But the photographs were carefully cropped to exclude the rest of people there and to try to make it appear as though Kristen was looking at Rupert when she clearly wasn’t.  They were also cropped to suggest that this was an cozy intimate encounter between just the two of them instead of a dinner between a larger group of people in a bus restaurant.

Innuendo, misrepresentation, and sensationalization, the stock and trade of the celebrity gossip machine.  This photo continues to be used to this day in talking of the Kristen/Rubert “affair,  even it spite of what the videotape says otherwise.  Melas has the nerve to describe herself as a Senior Entertainment Reporter.  She obviously couldn’t report her way out of a paper bag if her life depended on it, but she can spin a bs story with the best of them.  And Goodhand fancies herself a News Editor?  Real news editors assign stories to others and take final responsibility for editing the text that they produce and insure that the story is accurate and unbiased.  If this is what the state of news editing and reporting has come to, then we are truly in for a deep load of trouble.

Why would Goodhand and Melas  misrepresent this?  Because they are WHORES for the almighty buck, just like the companies they work for. May seem like strong words, but I think a fair definition of a whore is someone who is willing do just about anything for money.  And taking a story and misrepresenting it just to sell magazines and get web hits fits that definition well.  Doesn’t feel so good when you are the object of scorn, does it ladies?

But Goodhand and Melas are not the only purveyors of garbage on the internet.  Unfortunately there are many, many more and they have the audacity of claiming they report the news.  And until we start calling them out for their nonsense, they and people like them are going to continue to pollute the internet and it will become more and more difficult to separate fact and fiction, truth and lies, and news vs. nonsense.

Maybe we should start by secretly following them around in their daily lives and photographing them, videotaping them, and seeing what we can find.  And if we find nothing, simply make something up out of whatever we get. After all they have trained us well.  Or maybe we just need to express our collective disgust at the nature of their work.  Consider me, for one, disgusted.


If you don’t believe me on the content of their articles, have at it.  Make sure you are wearing your knee boots before wading in.


13 Responses

  1. In the video when the discussing pervert puts his hand down his pants at the table KS makes a face and turns away and shakes her head. So by all means lets keep this pervert in Hollywood

  2. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but it is Charlize who spots the camera person filming and you see a completely organic reaction to this from Kristen, it is just interesting.

  3. Yes, I saw these a long time ago. The problem is that criticizing them doesn’t help. It really just makes them stronger as now they have something to go up against: you. Or they will just tack the sails and go in a different direction. You can’t win on their turf. There is no outside. This is DeLillo’s Cosmopolis but not Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis film. They can only be demolished by a Nietzschean strategy, such as Ayn Rand uses in Atlas Shrugged, or recommended by Baudrillard and Zizek.

    • I beg to differ because criticizing them does help. Call me an optimist but I think we are starting to see the impact of people starting to pay attention with the recent retraction of the Robert Pattinson/Dree Hemingway story by Hollywood Life (Lies).

      As Paddy Chayefsky once penned the greatest line of the twentieth century cinema for the mythical Howard Beal,

      “All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad. You’ve got to say, ‘I’m a HUMAN BEING, God damn it! My life has VALUE!’ … I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window and open it and stick your head out and yell I’m as mad as hell and I am not going take this anymore.”

      We don’t need to go to the window anymore, you can go to your computer. Use it as the tool it was always intended to be.

      • Yes. What you say was valid for the modern era. We are now in post modernism. If you read or listen to Zizek on youtube you will begin to get an idea of what I am talking about. Or if you read DeLillo’s Cosmopolis which the Cronenberg eviscerated. The times have changed. Foucault has written a great deal on resistance in the power/knowledge/capital Foucauldian Grid. Power lies in its interstices, and where there is power, there is always resistance. But you must know the exact weakest point to push. all they are doing now is backtracking a little because of this furor. To mollify you with a new toy. As soon as you are distracted and go on to something else, they will go back to biz. Like children. You reprimand, they act good for awhile and then when you are not paying attention……….My dog is the same way. Just pure conditioning of Skinner’s operant model.

        The only thing that will stop them is Nietzsche’s strategy: Be “worse” than they are. Then they will implode and disappear. All your facts are wonderful. I have loved reading all of them. But they are in the linear Dominating Discourse and opposites are built into the foundation of this Discourse, so ping-pong will go on forever. It is in the classic Hegelian structure of the Discourse. Now Zizek will take you out of it. Embracing the opposites to decipher the meaning lying hidden in the folds.

  4. Loved this article. It is great to let others know what kind of scum write these articles. I do not know how they can claim to to be writers. They don’t know the first thing.

    • But this is exactly what Ayn Rand has so carefully exposed to us in The Fountainhead. To eliminate excellence all you have to do is praise and elevate mediocrity. Yes they are not writers, but the world thinks they are writers because they have the “floating sign” of their magazine or newspaper above their name, acting as a mask for the emptiness of their writing. Simulation and Simulacra – Jean Baudrillard

  5. Omg,how can these 2 women be called reporters,it’s shameful and they should be held accountable…

    • This is what you have to be and do to be a paid “journalist” in today’s market. Ah women’s liberation shore is wonnerful! Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent explains it all. Just read it and you won’t say things like this anymore. You will just horribly know why, and wish you didn’t.

  6. Besides who reads RadarOnline and Hollywood Life anyway? Why debunk crap like that with a reasoned argument. Whoever reads them cannot follow a reasoned argument or they wouldn’t be reading that trash. So you will end up preaching to the choir.

    • Oh I beg to differ. There are plenty who cruise these sites and Gossip Cop and many more who are actually able to use their brains with a little help.

  7. Put this on twitter. I did put the link but the more times the merrier

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