Meet Another Face of the Celebrity Gossip Machine: Meet USA Today’s Andrea Mandell

By twilighter

Previously we highlighted several unsavory perveyors of the Celebrity Gossip Machine and how they distorted the truth to generate web hits and sell their sleazy magazines.   But every once and a while you actually run across someone in the entertainment reporting business who actually resists the urge of her colleagues to use  deception and demagoguery to make money.

Meet Andrea Mandell, the USA Today entertainment reporter.


Andrea penned an article today on Kristen Stewart’s appearance at the premier of On the Road yesterday in LA and managed to write a whole web article about the premier and Stewart’s comments in relation to it without once mentioning the so called “cheating” scandal.  Good for her.  Nearly all of the rest of her colleagues that purport to be reporters can’t seem to write anything about Kristen, let alone Robert Pattinson, without mentioning it, even when it has nothing to do with what they are writing about.

You can read Mandell’s article, which is actually enlightening at:

If you follow her tweets on twitter you will also note that she never tweeted anything regarding the so called scandal at all.

And in the web article’s side panel, there is actually a link to send her an email. I think we should encourage these rare acts of media responsibility, so if you have a moment, drop Andrea an email and tell her that you appreciate her unwillingness to sink to the gutter and pile on like so many of her colleagues have and that she should be commended for it.  Its not often that we get a chance to commend someone for doing a good job in this business.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for this,I actually replied to her at the time thanking her for her support of Kristen,I loved what she said,Impressive.

  2. I’ve already posted a reply to Andrea thanking her for supporting Kisten and her great article,I think she used the word *Impressive*.

  3. Yes I noticed that! I will commend her.

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