Now Hear This!!!!

OK, everyone.  Let’s all settle down.  This blog is NOT intended to be a place where you take jabs at each other or at Rob and Kristen!  I suppose this is my fault, because I approved the initial comments and as I felt the other parties had a right to defend themselves, I allowed the responses.  But, IT STOPS NOW!  I will not allow this to become a place where people take potshots at each other or at the people who I believe we ALL support!  No more name calling!  If it continues, I simply will not approve your comment and it will be seen by no one!  If you want to comment on posts, fine.  But, no more name calling or accusations!  By the way, I will happily approve apologies from all concerned parties!

Sue   aka  veulent_savoir


17 Responses

  1. veulent_savoir i never but ever called anyone names!!!!! Check out my commnets and you’ll see!!!!!! However i did apologize!!!!! Again i’m sorry for this mess!!!!!!!

  2. Did you get my reply?

  3. Well put. Sometimes their passions just get a way from themselves. If they want to scream maybe we should just point them back to GP. 🙂

  4. Thank you Sue. I am so sick of the vicious comments. Why don’t these people just go kick a tree!

  5. Thanks Sue,I thought it was another Robsessed or GC…I’m here to see what your findings are.

  6. I hope you’re all not referring to me. I just felt I was wrongly accused of something and especially on a board where we have all come together to vindicate Kristen. Honestly…I didn’t appreciate being spoken about as someone who gets info from tabloids when I have always spoken out against them with passion. I find it strange that some feel the need to lash out and take others down when we are all here for the sake of RK. Sorry if you all felt my comments were rough but I can’t sit there and let someone say something about me that wasn’t true.

    • Actually, yes, you are one of the people I was referring to. You are more than welcome to respond to anyone, but it is not OK for you to do so in such a combative way. You do not need to “shout” at people, nor is it acceptable for you to tell someone to “grow up”. That merely leads to more ugliness. You may not claim to be a source, but you have many followers on Twitter that think you are.

      • I have always been very open about what I say as being my opinion and only that. Based on research I have done and the facts when there are facts. Never once have a lashed out at anyone… ever…and I have had many people rip into me over this entire “thing”. You of all people should know this, Sue. I have always been nothing but nice to everyone.

        But I have never claimed to be a source nor have one. I have also stated it many many times on twitter. Always. I always say in my opinion… and I would never post things a tab says as truth – you know how I feel about the tabs.

        I am very careful how I state things. Again – you know me.

        But a certain person has gone out of their way to rip me apart not only here but on twitter and yet I’m the one you’ve chosen to reprimand? I don’t go on GC. And I don’t rip people apart for any reason. I feel everyone has a right to their own opinion. I would like nothing better than to help uncover the truth and vindicate Kristen.

        I’m a bit disheartened about this.

      • Please re-read my first statement. You were one of the people. Not the only one. I would be more than happy to receive an apology from the other party and I would also be happy to respond to her. You may not claim to be a source, but you have many followers on Twitter that think you are. One of those people mentioned your name and that is what started this whole mess. I know that you do a great deal of research and that research goes a long way toward helping you form your opinions. However, people believe what you say and often take what you say as fact—not opinion. I’m not saying that that is right, but it is what happens. That is the point I was trying to make. It is a pity this whole thing has gotten so blown out of proportion. Let’s put it behind us and move on.

  7. windswept333 i want to communicate with you but i don’t have a twitter!!! Um help!? I follow your blog though!!!!!!!

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