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The following are posts Alex @ TheFandomVoice has placed on Twitter starting back on December 5.  The majority have been released today.  More info about Alex and what her motives are will be released later…but I do think that she is a reliable source and she thinks Twilighter is “brilliant”.

(1) You get someone to stand, snap their photo and Photoshop it and make a poster out of it.

(2) You get someone to stand, snap their photo, Photoshop it and make a scandal out of it

(3) Summit have never had good Photoshop skills…How’s that food for thought?

(4) The same publication who got the first scoop on the scandal also got the first Breaking Dawn Part 2 special edition…

(5) Surely Summits first priority would be their distraught leads caught in a mess said magazine made public? Still they gave them a special

(6) How far would summit go to keep the story going? Would they really plant their people on social sites to keep things alive?

(7) A source reveals Rob and Kristen have split = Fake source. A source reveals Kristens apology = Real source. Double standards?

(8) You find out your husband has supposedly cheated on you and you air it on the biggest social networking site = Done. Everyone knows.

(9) Paparazzi follow Kristen and Rob days before the ‘reveal’ but none of them yell the ‘truth’ to Robert. How strange right?

(10) At one point Kristen notices the paparazzi, wouldn’t she than avoid going to the PCAs days later knowing she could have been outed?

(11) Why weren’t the photos sent out in chronological order? A script is in chronological order but the shooting isn’t…was this planned?

(12) Paparazzi saw her drive after getting a call but they didn’t take snaps? That’s a first, they get any shot they can..what changed then?

(13) Following Rob and Kristen on their downtime isn’t called being a fan. It’s called being a stalker and this isn’t showing respect.

(14) Anyone who bursts your bubble is labeled as a troll. Sorry I don’t blindingly follow a fabricated story…

(15) The problem with people in the fandom, you allow a small minority to dictate what is right/wrong. When are you going to speak yourself?

(16) 800 pictures of Kristen smiling. Tabs print the 1 picture where she isn’t smiling. They want you to believe the fabrication!

(17) Rob, Kristen & David tell you the media know nothing, but you brought the scandal because of an ‘apology’ sold by the media. Logic?

(18) Uhaul truck pictures were staged for everyone to believe Rob had kicked Kristen out, but neither of them were seen after the award show

(19) Rob laughs off reports of him staying with his WFE co-star Reese.

(20) Rob candidly brings up Twilight during his return and even references a line from Kristen’s movie without any hesitancy.

(21) What did they lose? If you really think about it, they lost nothing.

(22) In a recent interview and many previous ones, Kristen has said she doesn’t care what people say about her. Now what did they gain?

(23) Robert. Weeks later is the Cosmopolis promo. The whole world is watching him now. No one knew about it and now its huge.

(24) Cosmopolis does a lot better than anyone expected thanks to the ‘scandal’

(25) Director and his wife. Everyone knows them now. She’s started modelling after years! Receives scripts. In talks to direct a new movie.

(26) Kristen. On The Road was big at TIFF, fans were out in full force more than ever before. New project announced.

(27) All eyes are on the new Twilight promo. It comes and there’s no awkwardness/drama like everyone anticipated. Rob and Kristen are fine.

(28) Breaking Dawn Part Two smashes records. It makes more $ in the first month than any other installment! Mission accomplished.

(29) As long as your family and close friends know the truth, who cares what anyone else thinks right? And THAT was exactly the case!

(30) The couples closest friends and family show a dignified silence, while co stars and others seem confused and out of the loop.

(31) Kristen steps out for the first time looking gaunt and the world assumes she isn’t coping well. Sympathy starts flying in.

(32) It’s time for Kristen’s first scheduled appearance. Less people hate her at this point now and instead feel sympathy and worry.

(33) Angelina Jolie doesn’t buy the scandal. Fandoms favourite journalist Larry outright calls the photos out as being photoshopped.

(34) Big Hollywood names, veterans to the business if you will, don’t buy it. They know the score.

(35) Over the course of Summer, the media have everyone hating Kristen at first, feeling sympathy for her and then welcoming her back.

(36) Everything the media say has a big influence. They can make you or break you, but who else plays a hand in it?

(37) Majority of you are aware about the link between GC’s head of house and Summit. Did GC play a part in it? Hell fucking yes !

(38) Who was the first source fans turned to when everything went downhill? Gossip cop!

 (39) If the scandal would have really hurt twilight, summit bosses could have reached an agreement with GC to debunk the scandal .

(40) Everyone was convinced the images were photoshopped and if GC said they were, then that’s what everyone would believe!

(41) GC then could have debunked her apology as it came from a source like other rumours, but no they didn’t.

(42) GC got the ball rolling. The second they reported everything as true, the meltdown began. Fans started picking sides, others left..

(44) Then all the pictures were released, but if they were already incriminating then what was the need to photoshop them even a little?

(43) The days following it all, rumours were coming in from left, right and centre. Angry fans believed them, others felt confused

(44) Then all the pictures were released, but if they were already incriminating then what was the need to photoshop them even a little?

(45) The media sold a story with an apology from a ‘source’, GC confirms it and no one bats an eyelash. Everyone is sold..

 (46) Why did everyone believe everything so easily? I’m all for human errors in judgement, but everything was way to shady even for that.
(47) A few would speak out and express their doubts, show you the fake sources, show you how pictures were altered but you weren’t having it
(48) Key members of your fandom had heavy influence over you, you ate there every word.
(49) As for the rabid Rob fans you all call nonstens, so quick to call Rob and Kristen PR but they too, so quickly ate what the media fed.
(50) Rob and Kristens former home brought under Nicks name was left abandoned. Not even Rob was seen there nor was Kristen.
(51) Rob attends an event hosted by Natalie Portmans husband. Rob tells the press Natalie is his neighbor…reports of a new house emerge.
(52) Were Rob and Kristen hiding away at their lavish new home the whole time? It would certainly explain the tans.
(53) Rob looks nervous at the awards show before news breaks out. Kristen and him give away their awards. Last goodbye?
(54) Rob and Kristen have detached themself from the stigma that came with Twilight. They’re now individuals. What they always wanted…
Before I joined Twitter, I was asked to observe fan reactions. Certain members had me raising my eyebrows. So I did a little digging…
Now before I list off some names, I’m fully prepared to see these members and their ‘fans’ counteract what I say and jump to their defence..
I’m fully prepared to see everyone brush off what I say and make belittling comments, nothing changes what I know though!
(55) I’m sure all of you are aware of how much summit likes to meddle just to make a little more $
(56) Remember the Robsten and Nonsten blog summit had a hand over?
(57) Remember the whole Delaney issue, or should I say Heather? Worked for summit, got a ‘lawsuit’…but there wasn’t an actual case…
(58) Twilight received more publicity for planned leaked stills, they threatened with a lawsuit but nothing! Except Heather was let go.
(59) Then there’s the people summit puts on GC as a control measure – Stoney
(60) Stoney AKA Haters Know Nothing on GC. Attacks anyone who suggests summit could be behind the scandal. don’t care for fans or their employees.
(61) Stoney praised Summit a few weeks after the scandal. Why would you praise a studio who engage in unethical measures for their gain?
(62) Time and time again, Summit have shown they only care about $ They don’t care for fans or their employees.
(63) Stoney knows I was on to her, when she got riled up over me I knew it. She knew! Stoney helped someone else however…
(64) You’re all familiar with Real_Pr_Pro but did you know she worked for Summit?
(65) Her job was to keep the scandal going, to talk about it in any way except summits involvement. To keep it a hot topic and she did!
(66) After the scandal broke, RPP was jumping for joy over the death of ‘robsten’ and the ‘fandom’…
(67) In the sense where she was pushing the notion that Rob and Kristen were finally free. Upset fans and this was what she gloated over!
(68) She made points about the scandal being a set up, but never brought up summit, but she pushed Kristens ‘apology’
(68) Surely if you work in actual PR you would have known there was no actual source, but no she pushed it forward.
(69) She praised Jon Stewart for bringing up the elephant in the room. Of course you would, more PR for you.
(70) RPP belittles anyone with an alternative opinion and floats on higher ground. How long before summit drop her too?
(71) Then there’s SillyNonstens who makes rare appearances, she works for Summit and lives close to their NY office.
(72) She defended Delaney when people started to realise she worked for summit, but she deflected questions…
73) She asked questions she knew the answers to. Her job was to control and measure the whole nonsten mess.
(74) Someone once told me the best way to eliminate yourself is to deflect and this is what they did.
(75) Stoney, RPP and SillyNonstens stick together because they run in the same circle.
(76) Then there’s the ones who like to think themselves as important members and act as if they’re in the ‘in crowd’…
(77) But really they follow around like sheep – ImTulip
Members of your fandom create a pact, anything said in contradiction to it, you’re immediately an outsider.
For those who don’t believe the truth about members of your own fan base, then more fool you. People have had their doubts but you –
never give them the opportunity to talk or when it goes against what you say its easy for you to bully them out.
Now I’m not a twihard, I’m just someone who was annoyed to see certain people try and hold one over those who were close to the truth!
Thank you for providing me enough resources to write some great reports on influence and studios.
I’m not even going to look at the excuses these women make now or the comments you send in defense, wake up…
Now I’m getting married on Christmas day, figured now was the best time to end this part of my job…
Anything I have forgot to mention, I will get it passed on.
Things I can share with you – Robs Dior announcement, look out for it in the next few weeks along with his first poster.
Why wouldn’t Kristen do a Snow White sequel? The whole fiasco was a studio set up. The director was never signed on for all 3 films!
Kristen isn’t sure if she’ll stay with Balenciaga. A colleague asked her if she would return, she said she was in it for Nicolas only
Kristen has her eye on a small project, she’s hoping to produce it, she’s just after the right backing.
Robs manager Nick isn’t quite aware of the seeds summit plant on Twitter. He’ll be made aware now.

Kristen and Rob are genuinely the nicest folk I’ve met, much nicer than Matt Damon :] Best wishes to them in the future!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you have learnt something! It has been lovely talking to you all but this is it from me. Goodbye xx


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  1. Yes… agreed lol

  2. Was there something wrong with my previous comment that it didn’t go through?

  3. Best wishes to you on your wedding day! Thank you for creating this website.

  4. Yesterday a lot of us lived great emotions reading step by step all the Alex´s tweets.

    Almost one day after I still thinking in them.

    Those who believe that the “cheating scandal” is a farce will have their opinions about this whole story: who is really behind all… if the two couples are involved… about the reasons… why choosing a married man… what were the expectations… who has had the idea… Kristen and Rob obliged…, Kristen and Rob assets around… until when the true deadline… silent forever… wthat they win each party involved besides the obvious which is the promotion of BD2… have really thought through all the consequences.

    Since this summer, many still believe in the official version … others follow our instinct and still think all is fake.

    There were attempts to insiders … some more credible than others … Some insiders assets at times became very nervous and still be nervous when some people talk about it on GC … seems taboo topic.

    About all, I think I have to thank from the first moment to Twilighter for his research on proving facts …. those who always with their opinions and perspective have been active in the forums and from a few days to Alex.

    Alex, I do not know who she is but her hints are certainly impressive and I tend to believe each of the tweets as they reflect what I think and some answers to my questions…but need to know more….always more.

    I hope later we fitting the pieces of the puzzle.

  5. Seems like I have been banned from Gossip Cop Out:

    On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 7:13 PM, Disqus wrote:

    GCTopCop wrote, in response to abbeysbooks:

    You are now BANNED for cursing (as well as using a slew of fake aliases).

    Link to comment
    abbeysbooks wrote:

    Did Kristen actually come out and say those pics were NOT photoshopped? You want them to come out, stand there and say we are/are not a couple, don’t you? Well why haven’t they said those pics were NOT photoshopped. And 2 times in the past 2 days and you are here only a coouple of times every other month or so? CAN YOU FUCKING COUNT? Because they were idiot.


    Options: Reply with “Like” to like this comment, or respond in the body to post a reply comment.
    To turn off notifications

    Actually I have never used fake aliases ever. Sounds like their research for banning is even worse than their research for their stories. If they fall for spammed aliases they must really be smart people eh.

    Actually I had just really shredded their reliability and validity yet once again on the thread that got me banned by someone who provoked me into calling him an idiot. It is evidently OK for Gossip Cop Out to shread a young girl’s reputation, and give pretty good evidence for a personal injury lawsuit IMO and that’s nothing. Not important. But call a planted provocateur an idiot, well, that’s serious. Oh my goodness George, did you hear that!

  6. Is trampire a curse word? I guess not as they weren’t banned. How about cheater? Homewrecker? I am just a troublemaker. What loss to be banned from a trash site like Gossip Cop Out.

    Oh I bet I know. I tweet about how ashamed the lovely Julia Tolle, Dan Abrams’s ex-lover of whom he was so fond, would be know that Abrams was now the founder and owner of a rag sheet that tried to ruin a very young woman of integrity and is still trying. Ah so I have gotten under their skin. Too bad. I guess Abrams will just have to buy twitter to shut me up there.

    • I follow you on twitter now. I’ve been bullied on so many sites because I believe everything about this scandal is fake. I’m so glad I finally found others that believe the same thing. I don’t understand how everyone can’t see what we see. I do think rob and Kristen are good people. They just made a bad decision. they chose helping along their careers over keeping their fans.

      • Well I top you as I don’t think they did anything bad. I think they were backed into a corner they couldn’t get out of. In a situatiion such as the one they were in they couldn’t say anything. How can Kristen say they were never there, that the photos were photoshopped unless Sanders would say the same. Otherwise it would be she says x and Sanders either shuts up or says y. Both had to agree to come out or neither could.

        The important thing is not to judge them, not to criticize them, but TO ASK THE QUESTION why and who about the photoshopped pictures. No one knows how to ask questions anymore because our educational system is about giving answers, not asking important questions.

        So who did it? I am guessing someone who was not an expert but who was good enough to do them to get 200K in about 1 week. And I am guessing KS and RP wanted Summit to come out and protect them labeling them as fake, as photoshopped, and Summit, liking the publicity, either refused or stonewalled them. I am thinking stonewalled as it is they typical bureaucratic strategy of non-strategy.

        If a major studio such as Pixar had come out and laughed at the amateurish photoshopping in a public place, that would have been that. Summit could have done it too.

        But they didn’t. And Gossip Cop Out fueled it for months and still is although now they are banning everyone who supports Kristen in a sensible way as we have been sending them to my posts and this site. They have begun to realize that they have created their own opposition, which is the way that sort of thing always works. (Apple and Microsoft, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs etc.)And we see how that one turned out. Gossip Cop Out was founded and is owned by Dan Abrams. Abrams is tight with Nick Frenkel, Rob’s manager, and Abrams is in partnership with a communications consulting company to teach corporations how to use social media to their advantage. This manufactured media Debordian SPECTACLE of a scandal was a trial run I am thinking, for Abrams company. Eliminate promotion money for a film (they did for BD2) and trick the media into creating a scandal that will do more than 200K in promotion money. It worked. BD2 has grossed more than any other Twi film. It’s a great model. Not only does it cut out promotion money but it enhances profits even more than promotion does. Win-win- win. Clever guy that Abrams. What a great way to use a law degree from Columbia Law.

      • Seymoreblogger, I think you nailed it on the head. Rob and Kristen probably didn’t have a choice. Explains why they haven’t said anything. They can’t. I can’t imagine how hard must have been for them to see the scandal unleashed on their fanbase.

      • Don’t you think it might have been more like a revelation of the different kinds of fans they had? There were very few reasonable, educated, intelligent ones who tried to understand when they first came out. Tried to “read” what the pictures were saying, tried to interpret them. Very few. And these were mostly women who had had the same experience with a close male friend happen to them. The astonishment you feel.

        And although the fanfic manips and little videos fans had made in the past demonstrating their expertise in making them showed little interest in taking a good look at those pictures and evaluating them technically.

        Most fans who were the most virulent did not have any photoshopping skills at all. And to analyze them carefully that’s what you had to have. They were so crazed by their emotions they could not even learn how to see carefully. These are the extremely dangerous ones and they have been cultivated by robsessed, its regulars, robsessed fanfiction sites (fanfiction net and a different forest robstenation) whipping them up into a porno sexual frenzy with fanfic so that they are truly out of their minds with bloodlust. They are the type of primitive women who would stone, tear, rip another woman limb from limb in their frenzy. It is frightening to know that there are so many of them in the 21st century. The tabloids cater to them, enable their sexual addictions and their fury. For this tabloids ought to be prosecuted as terrorist organizations, for they are creating terrorists and destroying reason.

        In other words pre-enlightenment times. If there is anything of value to take away from this (and there is a great deal) it is that ANY DIGITAL IMAGE MUST BE LOOKED AT WITH SUSPICION! It can never be seen as just what it is anymore. Any digital image is “code” and only exists in Simulated Reality. This is scary.

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