Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

If you are aware of articles, interviews, etc. that are positive and manage to refrain from mentioning the “scandal”, please send links to me.  I would like to recognize those that are actually trying to be journalists as opposed to tabloid attention seekers!

Thanks for your help!

Sue  aka veulent_savoir


9 Responses

  1. I have twittered mine. Are U on twitter?

  2. Do we leave the link here in comments, or forward it to you by other means?

    • You are more than welcome to leave a link here. Thanks!

      • This is a short Huffington Post interview done during the BD2 premieres. The author does mention the “scandal” in his introductory remarks, but I think it’s still worthwhile. It’s a joint interview in which both Stewart and Pattinson spoke candidly about fame and its toll on their lives, and were not asked intrusive or idiotic questions.

      • Actually, the H. Post article has removed the last paragraph, which I particularly liked. Pattinson says something about people assuming he and Stewart were like the characters they play, rather than “just vain a**holes, like most actors.”

      • Huff Post is just another tabloid underneath its facade. Arianna used a lot of unpaid good journalists to fuel her rise. When she sold out any pay for them was not included. I think there was litigation. But now mostly trash writers work for her on an unpaid basis for the exposure. Cross it off your list for any info along with the rest of them. Try Occupy Tabloids.

  3. We’re on it my lady!!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas Sue!!! So 8 or 9 months ago i read a really interesting article!!! The link is and trust me you want to check out all the comments especially the last ones!!! Let me know what you think!!!!

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