The Grand Punk Part 11

“Sometimes when things seem too unbelievable to

be true, they are just that: not worthy of belief.”


The Grand Punk Part 11: More Joining a Weird Trip,

New Evidence, and Life in the Rabbit Hole


In Part 10, I began reporting on the findings of a trip I made to Los Angeles in early October concerning some newly discovered evidence and confirming and expanding upon some previous observations I have made in this case.  Significant findings included establishing that the probable location of PopSugar #33 is roughly 2800 Colorado Avenue; conclusively establishing that PopSugar #26/37  was taken at 2272 S. Centinela Avenue; establishing that the rest of the Car Make Out photos were in all likelihood taken at that same location and that all of them show evidence of obvious digital manipulation; establishing the location of two of the Rupert Walking Photos, PopSugar #34,38/42, as being near his house at 2000 Larmar Road in LA; and debunking a critical photo and story that Rob had moved out of the Los Feliz estate following the “scandal” going public.

Before I continue to Part 11, I should correct some misunderstandings that appeared in some of the reader comments to Part 10.  Some have interpreted my previous comments to suggest that I was arguing that all of the photos at the 2272 S. Centilena Ave. parking lot were entirely faked.  I have always been careful with my words (sorry a bad lawyer habit) but perhaps being a bit more specific definitionally may help to avoid some confusion as to what I have said and will say.

First, when I say a photograph is photoshopped or digitally altered, I am talking about the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of that word—

to alter (a digital image) with Photoshop software or other image-editing software especially in a way that distorts reality (as for deliberately deceptive purposes).

Thus, to photoshop, you have to have an image to begin with.  If you digitally alter it, you are changing the realistic portrayal of that image.  Such changes can be subtle, such as lightening or darkening areas or objects within the photo, removing a person’s “red eye”, or using tools to remove a freckle, a mole, or a stray hair.  Or they can be more drastic, such as adding or removing a person or object from a scene, significantly slimming a model or “enhancing” her bust line, or adding a giant troll or Hogwart’s Castle.

When I say a photograph is manufactured or entirely faked, I am referring to it being created entirely by artificial means.  Modern advanced software allows you to literally create worlds and events that never happened.  A lot of the magic of Hollywood is just that, creating images and scenes out of pixels.  All with the magic of green screens, digital layering, and editing. Obviously, the more a photograph is digitally altered, the more it begins to approach being entirely faked.

When I say a photographed is staged, I am referring to a scene where the subjects and the scene actually exists, but they are like actors on a stage.  They “perform” or posed in a fashion to make it appear that what is portrayed in the image actually occurred. And in case it isn’t obvious, a picture can be both staged and digitally altered at the same time, these terms address different things all together.

In Part 10, I did not argue that any of the images were entirely faked, nor did I even argue that Kristen or Rupert were photoshopped into a scene they were not in.  I did comment on the relative ease with which they could be photoshopped in and commented on the scant evidence of Kristen’s presence in the inculpatory photos in the parking lot as she is only clearly identifiable in one, in PopSugar #31, and only marginally identifiable in two others, PopSugar #4 and #32.

What I did argue is that the elements of the images (such as the car door reflection, side view mirror image, etc) were digitally added to or altered in these images, and that these alterations were intentional (caused by a human) and were done so that they could be obviously seen.  More on the significance of this latter.  This is quite different from arguing that Kristen and Rupert were photoshopped in.

In Part 11, I will continue my LA report including an extended discussion concerning the first half of the Guardrail Make Out photos. As usual, it will take far longer to try to find a little truth and call out the lies than it did to spread them in the first place.  So buckle up, we are in for a long discussion.

There have been many prior attacks on the validity of Guard Rail Make Out photographs starting even shortly after the alleged incident and particularly with the original youtube video assault, The Camera Never Lies, that went viral on the internet in September.  It, and many other attacks like it, have suffered from a variety of problems due mostly to trying to over-state the evidence, by making claims that are not supportable from the evidence (such as that Liberty Ross was the “model” for Kristen in those photos), and by claiming that every aspect of all of the photos were entirely faked or manufactured. Some have also made claims that are simply false, such as Kristen is wearing two different colored tennis shoes, or is obviously missing an ear, or that the guardrail itself only comes to Rupert’s knees.  These inaccuracies only further inflame people’s passions and do not contribute to a dispassionate search for the truth.

It this review I will re-examine elements of the Guard Rail Make Out photos primarily from the standpoint of how they comport with the law of physics, concentrating on the relative size of the picture’s subjects and objects in relation to each other and how light is cast, reflected, and shadowed through the image.  The Camera Never Lies started down this path, but stayed solely focused on the overall heights of Rupert and Kristen without considering the whole picture of the relative heights across their respective bodies and an erroneous assumption about the height of the guardrail.  Irrespective of how these photographs were taken, if these photographs are an accurate depiction of an actual scene that occurred, these relative heights will not change in relation to each other.  People and objects cannot shrink or grow in relation to each other.

Other great work on the lighting issue has been done by seymourblogger and others, although I think they did not properly account for the probability that in many cases, artificial lighting rather than photoshopping was used at this scene to “enhance” the photos and create the “second” sun.  But they are correct that the sun itself does not shine from two different directions at one time, and when it does, adequate explanations must exist to defeat a claim of photoshopping . I intend to finish going down both these paths and irrefutably prove that many of these images were once again digitally altered and actually staged. In the process I will also identify other elements within these photos which call into question their authenticity in terms of accurately portraying an actual event.

As a final introductory note, I would caution the reader that we should examine these photos both in isolation and as they may relate to each other.  We should not jump to the conclusion that they are all completely staged, manufactured, photoshopped in part, or not at all, unless the evidence shows it or the photograph’s elements supports that conclusion.  The same goes for assertions that the photo are staged.

 “More New Evidence”

7267 Pacific View Drive, Los Angeles

It was a little eerie during my October visit to turn the corner off of Mulholland Drive onto Pacific View Trail, and then make the immediate left turn onto Pacific View Drive.  I had already been to S. Centinela and Colorado Avenue & Stewart Street and was still dumbfounded from what I found there.  And this new scene didn’t disappoint either.

Almost immediately I recognized the scene of the Guardrail Make Out photos, one of the epicenters of the Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal”, located just up the road on the right beyond 7267 Pacific View Drive.  And just as quickly, I immediately confirmed that this space was indeed nothing like how it was portrayed in the PopSugar photographs and the US Magazine account. This is a quiet narrow residential street in the Hollywood Hills bounded on the right by a wooden guardrail that provides a partial nondescript view towards Universal City in the San Fernando Valley to the north. Just as we suspected from an earlier examination of Goggle Earth images, there is no overlook per se, no trails, no view of downtown LA, no view of the Hollywood sign, and very little cover for a paparazzi to secrete themselves behind.

The other thing that you immediately realize is that the area is a lot less secluded than the pictures make it out to be because those photos were carefully cropped to make it look different than it actually is.  But otherwise, it appears as it does in the PopSugar photos with some changes in the growth of the vegetation. For a general view of the area to get oriented, see the Google Earth aerial image below, followed by three photographs I took in the area, the first viewing in a westerly direction up the street towards the area of the guardrail (which is on your right), the second viewing easterly in the opposite direction (with the guardrail on the left), and the final one from the  guardrail showing you the “view” to the north.  My rental car appears in the first photo roughly where the Mini Cooper was “parked”.

Guardrail area

View West Pacific View

View West on Pacific View Drive, with guardrail on the right.

View east on Pacific View Drive with guardrail on left.

View east on Pacific View Drive with guardrail on left beyond red flowering bush and taller green bush/tree. Location where Mini Copper was “parked” is the sandy area across the street.


“View” north from the guardrail looking towards Universal City.

Another thing that we should note is that, despite the deceptive photo cropping in the PopSugar photos, this is clearly the setting for these pictures for all of the reasons I previously argued in The Grand Punk Part 5.  This is the place.  But just because this is the setting and we have discovered the place doesn’t mean everything else about the PopSugar pictures is true.  To the contrary, the plot only thickens further from there.

Before we delve into the photographic “evidence” of the scandal from this location, it might be helpful for me to elaborate on some of the terminology that I use and describe some of the types of errors that can occur in a photograph that can call into question its authenticity.

The first and most serious type is what I’ll call a Class A error, a warping of the size relationships between two things that we know bear a known size relationship between them.  For example if we know that Kristen is 5’6” tall (66 inches) and we know that Rupert Sanders is roughly 6’2-6′ 3″ tall (74-75 inches), all things being equal and both of them standing fully erect, Kristen should be approximately 8-9 inches shorter than Rupert and the top her head should come to approximately the bottom of his chin.

Why do we know this to be case?  First, Kristen height per her bio is 5’6” and she has said as much in an interview.  She may be a shade shorter than that as she also referenced herself as a 5’5″ woman wearing armor going into battle during SWATH promotions.  There are some who have tried to claim that she is much shorter, such as 5’3” but there is no provable evidence that that is her current height.  People have also been guessing her height for years as she was an actress since the age of nine.  (Without conceding the point, even if Kristen were shorter than this, the differences noted herein would be even more dramatic. In others any error in her height downward only means that this assessment is conservative in terms of its assumptions.) Similarly, Chris Hemworth is 6’4” tall.  Again via his bio.  In a promotional photo for SWATH in Australia, Kristen, Rupert, and Chris were upright against a door wall and Kristen was in flats as opposed to heels.

Sydney photocall

Sydney photo call

This photograph  from that event provided an excellent opportunity to measure their relative heights and “map” where different portions of their bodies coincide.  Using Kristen and Chris as reference points and carefully counting pixels, I was to construct a measuring tool showing their relative heights and where known heights on their bodies would fall . I then tested the accuracy of that tool against other know photos of her and others to test and insure its accuracy.

I was also able to add the height of a Mini Cooper S to this tool, as confirmed through the vehicle’s specs and independently confirmed by measuring actual comparable vehicles, establishing the height to the bottom of the driver’s window, the height to the top of the window, and to the top of the car.

Finally I was able to establish the height of the guardrail, which was my most important reason for wanting to visit the Pacific View Drive site.  The distance from the ground to the top of the rail in the area Kristen and Rupert purportedly stood is approximately 44 inches, +/- one inch.  The area where they were standing is also level.  It drops off slightly by about two inches when you get about three feet from the guard rail.  Virtually all of the photographs at the guardrail have them both standing on this level area.  The bottom side of the top of the guard rail is at approximately 41 inches, once again +/- one  inch.  Added to the measuring tool described, we now have an important objective tool to measure whether the relative heights that appear in the photographs squares with their known relative heights. See the measuring tool below.

Measuring Tool

Measuring Tool
Note: Distance was measured from the floor under the doorway they were standing against as that is the most accurate portrayal of their height. Setting the zero point at the front of their shoes would be inaccurate.

From this tool, I estimated Rupert’s height at approximately 6 foot 2 inches tall.

Any significant deviation from these relative heights in the Guard Rail Make Out that cannot be explained by either their posture or otherwise would indicate that the photographic images have been tampered with, and that the photos were not a fully accurate depiction of reality. I’ll address the specifics of what a “significant difference” is as we continue but suffice to say,  to stay on the conservative side, measurement error of 2″ should probably be factored into any assessment.  However, a deviation in excess of 2″ could probably only occur through digital manipulation of the image or by stretching or warping the image or its elements in some way.

A second and equally serious type error is what I’ll call a Class B error, a natural lighting error.  There is indeed only one sun in the sky and shadows within the scene must comport with how natural light is cast across it.  Important work in this approach has been done by others as I noted earlier, but in this account I will pay particular attention to the issue of how naturally lite scenes can be augmented by the use of artificial sources of lighting.  Such augmentation is a common technique in portrait photography.

Obviously the reflectivity of objects in the scene must also be accounted for, but as a general matter, the position of the sun will dictate in the scene what will be bright and what will be in the shadows, and how shadows will be cast. But in analyzing such purported error, we must keep in mind that photographers frequently supplement natural light with artificial sources through top lighting, back lighting, bounce or fill lighting, and side lighting to eliminate unwarranted shadows, create special effects, or reduce contrasting light situations. But in the absence of such supplementation as others have rightly argued, there can only be one such source of natural light, the sun.  In the absence of such an alternative, a Class B error is present.

A third type error I will discuss is what I will call a Class C error, where elements of the photos do not otherwise make any logical sense or defy rational explanation.  An example would be some other feature of the image that just doesn’t make  sense, such as a missing foot or additional finger on a person, or car door with no handle.

Class A, B, and C errors are serious because they involve violations of the laws of physics and logic as people do not shrink or grow significantly from moment to moment, there are not multiple suns in the sky, and hands usually do not contain six figures.

A final error type I will discuss is what I’ll call a Class D or continuity error, something that is familiar to most people because of its role in movie blooper reels.  That is where a person appears in a white shirt in one scene and the shirt is suddenly yellow moments later in the same scene, or when a watch is worn on the left wrist, and then suddenly appears to be on the right.  Most movie making crews have a script supervisor on hand whose job it is to pay attention to and attempt to maintain continuity across the often chaotic and typically non-linear production shoot of a movie.

But if something is photographed or filmed in linear sequence, as would be the case if a paparazzi actually filmed this tryst as they claim, you would expect such things to remain consistent.  Although it is possible to remove a watch and place it on the other wrist, you have to examine the logic of that happening in relation to the scene being depicted and the story being told.  A Class D error by its nature is less serious as it does not violate the laws of physics, but may indicate a temporal distortion in the sequence of filming the events.

Another possible reason for a seeming continuity error is that the pictures were not presented in the sequence they were taken.  There is little question that these pictures (the PopSugar 55 photos) are presented out of sequence, in that photos that were know were taken at Pacific View Drive were scrambled with those taken at  S. Centilena Ave, on Stewart Street, and on Larmar Drive.  The fact that they were scrambled does not prove they were shot out of sequence.  But, as I have argued since the beginning, the fact that they were intentionally scrambled when presented should cause us to seriously question the motivations of the presenters,  since the provided order does not further an easier and clearer understanding of what purportedly happened in this incident.

Where Was the Photographer Located

Now let get back to 7267 Pacific View Drive and examine the first issue, where the photographer was located. This location is critical as it may provide the best evidence that most of these photographs were staged. One possibility location would be from the cover of a tree that stands at the corner of Pacific View Drive and Pacific View Trail.  A second possibility is from the hillside beyond the intersection behind some bushes.  Both of these positions, which I will refer to as positions A. and B.,   track the notion of a hidden paparazzi.

Two positions

See below a Google Earth aerial image showing these positions, their paths of view, and their distances to the location of Kristen and Rupert.  Distances to the guard rail location were added using Google Earth’s ruler tool.

Unlikely paths of the photographs and their distances.

Possible paths of the photographs and their distances.

Now see below a Google Earth street view image of the approximate view  for each of these paths of view shown from the west end of Pacific View Drive back towards the east where the photographers could have been.

Position A

See also below a Google Earth street view image of the rough path of view from the location behind the tree at position A.

Position A Peaking around corner

Position peeking around a tree at the corner of Pacific View Drive and Pacific View Trail.

Note how from this position you can clearly see the spaces between the guard rail posts.  See also below a picture I took at the intersection looking east showing the tree at the right (Position A) and the bushes on the hill to the left (Position B).

View East Pacific View

Despite these possible locations, neither were likely locations of the photographers.  Why?  Because a photo from point A is at the wrong angle for the compression effects of a camera lens to “merge the guard rail posts together. If they were taken from that position you would be able to see the individual posts and the spaces between them as was noted above.    Now lets take a look at PopSugar 55 below for example.  Note how the guard rail posts “merge” and you can only see a very small space between the first and second post from the front of the picture.  That’s because the photographer’s “point of view” was on the right side of the street looking west (same side as the guard rail) nearly aligned with the guard rail, not across the street from behind the tree.

PopSugar 55

PopSugar 55

From Position B, although the compression effects could come closer to merging the fence posts consistent with what appears in the photos, the photographer would be too far away to clear the house and garage and other foreground material (street signs, brick wall, and street side bushes) from the camera’s field of view. And photos taken from 250 feet, even when taken with a telephoto lens, would suffer from image disintegration that is not seen in these photos, would be significantly more difficult to hand hold because of the f stop/shutter speed combination that would be necessary to capture an image, and such a combination would tend to blur the background because of the depth of field effects of these lens.

I should probably elaborate on this point because of the technical nature of the subject.  I assume everyone has seen those amazing sports photographs taken with telephoto lens that completely freeze the action and tend to blur the background creating the image.  See some examples below.

34.herschel.walker(4)soccer girl

Because the photographer is a significant distance away, any movement by the subject or any “camera shake” by the photographer is going to lead to a blurring of the image.  You can actually distinguish these types of blurring.  Camera shake causes the entire image to be blurred.  Subject motion causes only that portion of the subject that moved to be blurred.   Photographers stop the action and prevent camera shake by using relatively high shutter speeds and modern IS (image stabilization) lens to minimize these effects.  Modern digital cameras are able to capture an image in natural light at shutter speeds as fast as 1/4000 of a second and above, assuming the scene is bright enough.  But doing so comes at a cost, namely that in order to get enough light to make an image, the aperture of a camera needs to be “opened up”.  Modern long focal length telephotos tend to have maximal lens openings of from f 4 to f 5.6 although a few super fast lens are available at a cost premium that are a stop faster at f 2.8.  What is sacrificed is depth of field which results from the aperture used.  When a 400mm or higher is used and is opened up, the depth of field (zone of clarity front to back) in an image is very narrow.

Take a look at the two images above.  You can see how both the background and the foreground is thrown out of focus in both images. In the first, look at the turf and see how narrow the depth of field is. Nothing beyond the referee is recognizable at all and the players beyond the main subject is significantly blurred.  In the second, look at the turf again and see how narrow a band of it is actually clear.  The girl and the ball are absolutely frozen (fast shutter speed) and the range of sharpness is narrow (wide of aperture).  Only her and the ball are clear and everything else is blurred beyond recognition.  This is the compression effects of a long telephoto lens opened up and using a fast shutter speed.  Photographers intentionally use these lens for these creative effects.

But now see PopSugar #55 just as an example.

PopSugar 55

PopSugar #55

As I have noted in previous editions of The Grand Punk, see how the image is remarkably clear from the start of the guardrail to well down the street  in the pavement details well beyond Rupert and Kristen.  Look at any of the PopSugar guard rail photos and note how none show evidence of subject motion (thus a high shutter speed was selected), all show good depth of field from front to back (thus smaller apertures were selected (ie. f11 or f16) and none show evidence of camera shake.  These factors show that rather than a long length telephoto lens or telephoto zoom lens being used, it is much more likely that a shorter focal length lens was used, probably something on the order of a zoom lens with a maximal focal length of 150 to 200mm, a favorite of portrait photographers.

Other possible locations for the photographers are any where along either of these paths or somewhere between these paths.  But any where along the path of Position A’s view would suffer from the same problem concerning the “merging” of the guard rail posts as the original position.  . And furthermore, out from the cover of the tree to get closer, the photographer would be readily visible.   A position in between would similarly not provide cover.  A location along Path B near where Pacific View Trail cuts off is also not possible.  See the Google Earth image below where this alternate position is marked as B2.


Although it is closer and it provides cover and comes closer to dealing with with the post “merger” issue, it suffers from the same foreground problem as the original B position, the brick wall and fence, street side bushes and potentially the street sign.  Particularly problematic is the fence which is located down just short of the garage.  Because of its height and position you can not get it out of the camera’s field of view.   And this position still remains nearly 150′ from the subjects.

A third possibility for the location  of the photographer at the scene, the correct one, is that the photos were taken from much closer, standing roughly at a point adjacent to the garage at 7267 Pacific View Drive or closer, aligned with the guardrail, identified as Point C in the Google Earth street view image below.

Most likely position of the photographer.

This clears the camera’s field of view of the foreground obstructions described earlier.  See also below the Google Earth aerial view image of path of view of the camera and its maximal distance from the subjects which is 65′.  The exact location of the photographer along this path could vary depending on how physically close he or she choose to be to his subjects, how much of the guard rail appears in the photo, and how far or close he or she zoomed in the lens.

Distance of Likely path

Irrespective of where they were on along this axis, this position tracks with the notion that the photographs were staged.  At a distance of no more than 65′ and with no cover, the photographer clearly would have been seen.  It also tracks with the marginal blurring of the picket fence at the near end of the guardrail because the distance involved from the photographer to the picket fence was within the minimum focusing distance of that lens. See PopSugar #55 above. Note how the closest part of the picket fence in PopSugar #55 is not as clear as the first section of the guardrail which is quite clear.  Anything closer than this minimum focusing distance will tend to be  progressively more blurry.

Zoom lens with a maximum focal length of 200mm generally have a minimum focusing distance of between 3 to 5 feet which can explain this blurring and help establish the camera’s distance from it.  A Canon 70-200mm f 2.8 IS lens for instance has a minimum focus distance of 3.94 ‘.  Longer length telephotos have progressively longer minimum focusing distances.  A Canon 400mm f2.8 IS lens for example has  a minimum focusing distance of nearly 9 feet.

It is entirely possible that the photos that do not show the picket fence were actually taken much closer to the subjects (no more than  40 feet, the distance to the end of the guardrail) or less, or were taken at a greater distance and “cropped” with a zoom lens.  More on the position of the photographer as I discuss the pictures later.  But suffice to say, nearly all of these photos were taken from approximately the same place and its location shows that all were in all likelihood staged.

Breaking Down the Photos:

The Innocuous Photos

Now lets begin to breakdown these photos.  The Guard Rail Make Out photos fall into a couple of natural groupings which simplify analysis including what I will call the Innocuous Photos, the Face to Face Hugs, the Front to Back Hugs, and the Dry Hump Photos. Let’s start with the five Innocuous Photos, PopSugar #3,13, 8, 23, and 55.  I have intentionally swapped #13 and #8 to assist analysis.

The image below shows a thumbnail of these photos to help you get oriented.

The Five Innocuous Photos

The Five Innocuous Photos

The first thing that these photographs generally establish is the general time of day that the photos were taken. As you look to the west down Pacific View Drive towards the guardrail location you will notice a the hill that extends to the left side of that street in a westerly direction.  That hill has a way of blocking direct sunlight early in the morning and later in the day and it is only when the sun is high in the sky does the sun directly penetrate the street. The second clue as to the time of them being taken comes from the sun shadows that are cast in PopSugar photos#8, 23, and even 55.   As I have argued thoroughly before, these shadows establish that these photos were taken closer to 12-2 p.m. in the afternoon (based on the length and direction of these shadows) and not after 5:00 pm as US Magazine/FameFlyNet claims.  That’s a astrophysical fact.  See the Grand Punk Part 5 for that discussion.

Focusing on # 8, 23, and #55 first, what do they tell us and are there any elements contained within the pictures that cause us to question their authenticity.  See PopSugar #8 below.


I have added two reference lines, the red line marks the base of Kristen’s feet, the red line the top of her head.  There does not appear to be any significant distortions in the size relationships of any of this photo’s elements.  Rupert and Kristen are appropriately proportioned to each other and the car.  Thus, there is no Class A error.

But looking at Part B error is more problematic.  Although the natural lighting appears to be high and from behind, Kristen’s face, neck, and left shoulder despite being in the shadows is remarkably well lite, consistent with the use of fill lighting.  Evidence of the use of such lighting is present in the two reflections circled on the hood of the car.  Otherwise, we would have had a Class B error.  The brighter and more obvious single reflection to the left is likely a reflection of the sun.  But what of the other two distinct but adjacent “lights” that appear above the headlight.  You can see them more distinctly by going to the PopSugar website.  There are not three suns in the sky and so the only other rational explanation is that these are two additional bright artificial light sources and they provide the fill lighting effect we see on Kristen.  Suffice to say such lighting is inconsistent with paparazzi hiding in the bushes and is more consistent with this photo being staged.

What of Class C error?  This is a closer question but two elements seem to be at least questionable and may defy logic.  The first is the odd and somewhat extreme angle that Rubert is standing at.  Although it’s probably possible to stand or walk at that angle, it is an highly unusual stance and would be difficult to maintain.  Note the yellow reference line I’ve added to the photo above.  The second problem is the curious position of the right rear tire of the car.  On its left edge it seems to not make contact with the ground, whereas the front tire of the car flattens to the ground .  This is highly unusual as the ground in that area was dirt and softer, not hard pavement. Some have argued that it is a sign that the entire car was photoshopped.  However, photoshopping someone behind glass (Kristen), and wrapping their fingers around it, is a technically difficult task and highly unlikely.  But the tire remains an odd anomaly.

As for Class D error, the fingernail polish of Kristen’s left hand at the edge of the car door window appears to be distinctively red if you look at the picture on PopSugar website.  This is a Class D (continuity error). In most of the rest of the photos at this scene her nail polish appears to be a pale light blue.

As a final note, this photograph was also taken from Position C.  It is impossible to see this much of the front of and sides of the car from position A, B, or B2 because of the indentation of the parking area into the hillside and the vegetation growing on that side of the street.  Because it is far enough down the street, Position C enables this view of the car.

Let’s move on to PopSugar #23.  There is very little in it that aids an analysis, but on the surface, there is  not any apparent Class A error other than Kristen seems somehow heavier than normal.  I think this may be an artifact of how the photo was formatted for printing.


For example, if you contract (compress) the entire image right to left, she loses what appears to be some additional heft and appears more as she actually does.  See this compressed view below.  Doing this in a entire photo does not effect the size relationships of things within a photo.

PopSugar #23 compressed.

PopSugar #23 compressed.

In terms of Part B error, the natural sun light once again appears to have been supplemented with fill light, this time with either a light with a diffuser or more likely a diffuse reflector. These are typical stock and trade items in the arsenal of portrait and fashion photographers.  Notice the highlighting, even lighting, , and lack of distinct shadows on Kristen’s arm, her exposed waist, and the side of her face.  This is a photo that is back lite  in bright sunlit and it should be contrasty with these areas in her shadow.  Yet it clearly isn’t.  The reflector appears to have been held relatively low and angled upward.

For an example of a more extreme use of a reflector, see the photograph below.


The effects can be varied based on the size and reflectivity of the screen and the angle and distance to the subject.  You can read more about the use of reflectors here:  Suffice to say once again, such lighting is inconsistent with a paparazzi hiding in the bushes and is more consistent with the photo being staged.  And anytime I mention that fill lighting has been used in a photograph that also suggests that the photo was staged.  As a final note, the white “wash” on Kristen’s left inside elbow is reflected light from her white top.

In terms of Class C error, some have argued Kristen’s left foot is “floating” in midair.  This is not evidence of poor photoshopping but rather evidence of the use of a high shutter speed: she is “frozen” in mid step by the camera’s high shutter speed.  In terms of Class D or continuity error, although you will have to closely examine the PopSugar photos on their website to see it, Kristen’s right wrist appears to have two black bands on it in PopSugar #23.  In PopSugar #8 it appears to be a single band.

Now let’s take a look at PopSugar #3. I have added two reference lines to that photograph, the red line marks the top of the guardrail where Rupert’s right arm intersects it.  The blue line marks the roughly the top of Kristen’s head.  To the right is the previously described measuring tool.  What can we say about this picture in terms of Class A, B, C, D error?  Starting with Class A error first, the first thing you should notice is that Kristen is farther way from the camera than Rupert.  Thus her apparent height is reduced in relationship to him.  This is a typical perspective effect, farther away objects look smaller than ones that are closer.  Which means that in terms of the picture, if she were even with him her head would come somewhere higher than the blue line that runs roughly through his eyes, which appears to be too high.  But the other thing you should notice is that she is somewhat slouched and Rupert is significantly leaning back into the rail reducing both of their apparent apparent heights.  Per the measuring tool, the top of Kristen head should come to about Rupert’s chin.


Factoring in their postures in this photograph, it is difficult to establish a Class A error.  They appear to be within the range of the relative heights and the guard rail.  In terms of Class B error two things are going on.  Once again, there is obvious fill lighting going on in the area of Kristen’s face and right arm.  Rupert’s jacket does not provide a reflective surface to explain this.  But there is also a significant lack of a shadow on the fence behind Rupert. With the light high and behind them, you would expect him to shadow the area on the top rail behind him.  But instead a bright light is hitting that rail and it appears to be coming across the picture, not from behind Kristen.  This is a clear Class B error and may be evidence of photoshopping unless it can be explained by the use of a strong artificial light source to their immediate left. Whether this is evidence of digital manipulation or the use of an artificial light source is probably unresolvable.  But neither conclusion supports the notion that a paparazzi “captured” this photo during a tryst.   There is no apparent Class C error but there is a clear Class D continuity error, as Kristen’s right wrist  clearly has a single wristband, unlike in PopSugar #23 above where she is wearing two.

Now let’s take a look at PopSugar #13.  This photo is remarkably similar to PopSugar #3 above and both are likely the result of a rapid fire of the camera shutter.  The only difference is Kristen’s characteristic lip bite in #3 above which is missing in #13 below and Rupert’s left foot which has been lifted to guard rail crossbar and his right leg has straightened somewhat making him appear taller in relation to Kristen. All of the same comments from the above analysis apply here.  The only other thing to note is that these two pictures obviously prove that the photographer was equipped with a camera capable of taking rapid fire photographs.  Thus there is no excuse as to why many more photographs were not taken at this scene.

PopSugar #13

PopSugar #13

Here are the pictures side by side so that you can compare them easily.  The second, #13, was obviously cropped more closely by cropping the print, the photographer moving closer, or zooming the lens closer.

PopSugar #3 & 13

PopSugar #3 & 13

Rounding out the Innocuous photos, let’s take a look at PopSugar #5, which I previously argued appears to have both Rupert and Kristen talking on cell phones. (See the Grand Punk Part   ).  I have again added two reference lines, a blue line at the top of Kristen’s head and the red line marking the top of the guard rail where it meets Rupert’s elbow.

This photograph shows obvious evidence of digital manipulation or photoshopping, Class A error.  Note that Rupert is even farther away from the photographer than Kristen is and therefore his apparent height would be even greater than it appears here if he were even with Kristen because of the perspective effect described earlier.  Despite this fact, if Rupert were fully upright in this photo his chin would be well above the blue reference line and Kristen’s right leg is straight indicating that she is at her full natural height.  Counting pixels, Rupert’s chin would be  anywhere from 10-12 inches above the blue reference line and thus 10-12 inches higher than it should be in relation to the top of Kristen’s head.  This would make Rupert’s height in excess of 7 feet which is clearly impossible.  This photograph was obviously digitally altered, probably by photoshopping Rupert in.


This conclusion is supported by the presence of multiple signs of Class B error in the photograph.  Note below two areas along Rupert’s right leg that I have circled in yellow where long white lines of backlighting appear. You may have to see these pictures at the PopSugar website to see these details clearly. These areas should be in the shadows, yet both show strong backlighting effects from inexplicable light sources.

PopSugar #55- additional problems

PopSugar #55- additional problems

See also evidence of supplemental fill lighting on Kristen’s right shoulder (circled in red) and the same cross lighting problem described above in PopSugar #3 and #13 on the top of the guard rail directly behind Rupert.

In addition, three other Class C problem areas exist.  Two are circled in blue and both involve shoes.  Kristen’s right shoe particularly at the front appears to dive into the ground, and Rupert right shoe is inexplicable.  It is either turned oddly inward to the left or is remarkably shorter than the left one. Both of these problems defy logic.   The final Class C error is circled in magenta at Rupert’s left knee.  Their is a discontinuity in the line of his leg that makes absolutely no sense.  With all these errors, this photograph is by far the most problematic of the Innocuous Photos set.

Breaking Down the Photos:

The Front to Front Hugs

Let’s next take a look next at the ten Front to Front Hug photographs, PopSugar # 5,10,12,14,16,30,32,40,51, and 54.  I have rearranged these photos from their presented order to assist our analysis.  A thumb nail of them appears below to help get you oriented.

Front to Front thumbnails

Let’s start by looking at Photos # 5, 16, 30, and 54 since they all share Kristen turning to her left towards the camera.  What do these photos show in terms of Class A,B,C, and D error.  To aid the analysis of Kristen’s height in relationship to the guard rail, I constructed a second measuring tool with a photo of Kristen with lighter clothing on.  The photo is one of the late July photos of Kristen leaving the gym.  She is wearing the same type red gym shoes, is on flat ground, her leg leg is fully extended and vertical and she appears at roughly her maximum height.  Her elbow left elbow is bent significantly at a horizontal plane as she grasps the strap of a backpack.  Again counting pixels, I approximated her height at various portions of her body.  See that tool below.

Measuring Tool 2

Measuring Tool 2

Note that her arm is at an extreme backward angle, the forearm is horizontal with the bottom edge resting at 44″, the height equivalent to the guard rail, and her hand rests roughly over her left breast.  Using this tool, any picture that shows Kristen’s forearm level, her elbow at a significantly more relax angled, and her hand significantly below her breast is evidence that the picture has been digitally altered from her actual appearance.  Because this Class A error is so prevalent in many of the pictures that follow, I will call it a Kristen/guard rail Class A error to simplify the discussion.

And to cut to the chase,  PopSugar #5,16, 30 all suffer this type of error.  As a result, Kristen’s arm is any where from 3″ to 5″ taller than it should be in relationship to the guard rail, clear evidence that these images have been digitally manipulated. Note the blue reference line in both of them and where it falls on her.  Compare that to the Measuring Tool 2 above.  PopSugar # 30 is the clearest in this regard and only PopSugar #54 is equivocal.  Let’s examine some additional issues with these photographs.  Starting with PopSugar #5, there is an additional Class A error, Kristen is taller than she should be in relation to Rupert as well.  He appears relatively upright although his head is angled downward.  Her head is also nestled into her neck.  There is no way that the top of her head is going to reach the bottom of his chin even correcting for this posture.  A Class B lighting issue is also present in that Kristen’s forehead, hand and forearm (circled in yellow) all show evidence of the use of fill lighting, once again probably due to the use of photographic reflectors.  There is also a Class C logic error present in an anomaly circled on Kristen’s left for leg.  This appears to be some kind of odd light flare in a place where it should not be.

PopSugar #5 analyzed

PopSugar #5 analyzed

Let’s look at # 16 next which you’ll note is a very similar picture to the one above again evidencing the photographers ability to take rapid pulse pictures. In addition to the two Class A errors cited above, there is an additional Class B error circled right near where Kristen’s arm intersects with the guard rail. Note the back most panel of her t-shirt and even her right shirt strap.  These areas should clearly be in the shadows, but both show evidence of highlighting. And a lighting error on Rupert’s right shoe.  Finally note the Class C error oddity, the  odd rippling on Rupert’s left pants leg (circled).

PopSugar #16 analyzed

PopSugar #16 analyzed

Let’s now go to PopSugar #30.  Kristen’s height is even more pronounced in relation to Rupert in this photo as he is standing virtually fully upright.  Though Kristen is somewhat  crouched she comes up to at least his nose, not his chin, no less than 3″ taller than she should be.  Clear evidence of fill lighting is present broadly across her face and left shoulder (circled).  Note again the off light flare on her left foreleg (circled). And finally note the Class C logic error regarding where her elbow hits the guard rail.  You may have to look at it at the PopSugar site to see it clearly, but her arm appears to be ominously “imbedded” into the guard rail.

PopSugar #30 analyzed

PopSugar #30 analyzed

An finally, PopSugar #54.  In this photo Kristen’s entire shoulder is turned somewhat to the left towards the camera.  Here we arguable have her correctly proportioned to Rupert in terms of height once you adjust for their postures (no Class A error).  She is also arguably close to the proper relationship to the guard rail.  The Class B cross lighting on the guard rail issue remains.  Class C error is evidenced in the very off undulation of material at her left knee as well as the off light flare.  And a major Class D continuity error appears on her left hand at Rupert’s waist.  The ring face appears distinctly black and very much unlike the ring on that finger in earlier in PopSugar # 3 and #13 above.

PopSugar #54 analyzed

PopSugar #54 analyzed

Now let’s turn to PopSugar #10, 12, and 51, where Kristen is turned a little more directly into Rupert.  As a starting point all three show a Class C error as Kristen’s height is elevated in relation to Rupert, the top of her head striking him at nearly eye level.  She does so in all three photos despite the fact that she is slouched somewhat and he is standing fully upright.  This is a distortion of 4″to 5″ in each photo.  There is also a Kristen/guard rail Class C error of at least +3 ” in all three of the photos.

Now for the additional specifics.  In PopSugar #10 their is a Class B lighting error in that fill lighting is present on the left side of Kristen’s face and her left shoulder.  A Class B cross scene lighting errors also exist on the guardrail behind her and right  above her left knee.  The later is absolutely inexplicable. Finally the Class C light flare is also present.

PopSugar #10 analyzed

PopSugar #10 analyzed

Turning to # 12, all the same issues exist as above other than the left knee lighting issue has “disappeared.  This picture reinforces the fact that Rupert was upright while Kristen was somewhat slouched.

PopSugar #12 analyzed

PopSugar #12 analyzed

And finally, PopSugar # 12, one of my favorites.  The one I like to call “The Claw. All of the previously described Class A, B, and C errors are present here with the exception of the left knee lighting problem.  It is entirely inexplicable why there is not a strong wash of sunlight on raised hand given the direct sunlight striking her chest on her chest and the direct sunlight that appears in relatively the same place through PopSugar #54 above.

PopSugar #51 analyzed

PopSugar #51 analyzed

Let’s move to the final three photos of this set, PopSugar #14,32, and 40.  A  Kristen/guard rail Class A error likely exists in #14 but is difficult to assess because of how Rupert’s body blocks her.  The Class B cross lighting error continues in this photo and the left hand Class D ring continuity problem continues with this ring being similar to the ring in PopSugar #54 above but different from the one in PopSugar #3 and #13 above.  Class C logic errors include the left foreleg light flare and very unusual undulations on left Rupert’s pant’s leg.  Interestingly, little evidence of fill lighting effects on Kristen left arm appear in this photograph.

PopSugar #14 analyzed

PopSugar #14 analyzed

Similar difficulties in analysis appear in PopSugar #34 below again because of the position of Rupert blocking Kristen if that is indeed her.  Perhaps the most remarkable thing about it aside from the Class B cross lighting issue on the guard rail is the remarkable difference in the appearance of Kristen”s two arms.  Compare her two arms and hands.  The left arm (on your right) appears inexplicably thin and her hand small) compared to those on her right.  Her head also appears to be displaced to the left.  Despite what little this photo shows, this element is particularly problematic.

PopSugar #32 analyzed

PopSugar #32 analyzed

And finally, there is PopSugar #40. A Class B cross lighting error continues, but we have an additional light flare at Kristen’ waist at the guard rail as well as the one at her right foreleg, some fill lighting evidence on her upper arm, and a Class C logic error as her left tennis shoe appears buried in the earth. Note also the return of the Rupert’s leg pant’s leg.

PopSugar #40 analyzed

PopSugar #40 analyzed

A Temporary Timeout for New Year’s

Sorry to keep you in suspense, but we are hitting the limits of this document’s file size on this blog site, so I will stop here for a short while. We will continue and complete this discussion next year.  In the meantime, have a great New Year’s!  And don’t worry, the next edition is ready for the presses.  It will not be a long wait.


663 Responses

  1. Badger…thanks for setting me straight. I just want to say that I came to this site looking for FACTS because something felt very “off” about this story. The only reason why I went to numerous sites was to find some answers so I read everything including the comments and was surprised at what I read.

    I respect the amount of work that was done on this site analyzing the photographs and it gives a totally different perspective of what has gone down. I didn’t mean to offend anyone including Rob and Kristen by mentioning the comments I read. I wanted to know if they were based on fact.

    I have noticed that the rag machine perpetuates “myths” about people and I am not sure if it’s worse if people that are spoken of speak out in defense of themselves or not.

  2. If this does bring about the downfall of tabloid media then I guess it was worth it in the long run. If a little good comes out of this then that’s a move in the right direction. Best of all rob and Kristen may finally get some relief from the paparazzi. I do have to say as a fan, it has not been easy to be stuck in the middle of all this. May the end justify the means. Peace for robsten.

    • I think as a fan, and I am…of both, we need to be able to “disengage” from being all a fan seems to entail.
      It’s fine to follow careers and want the very best for both Rob and Kristen.

      It’s not fine to delve so deeply into their personal lives that we feel an unhealthy attachment to “scandals” such as what has occurred.
      I’m not calling you out Dawn, I’m speaking in general terms here.

      Some of the “fandom” have gotten so wrapped up in “OMG..she did it…but she was seduced….and Rob wasn’t attentive…and..and..and..and..”, that they aren’t listening to good, common sense and logic.

      Others want to superimpose their own life experiences onto this event, thus making the event more believable to them. Let’s add in the “insiders” feeding things into the fandom that push those “she did it, Rupert is a pig” theories out there.

      Yet others feel downright “entitled” to know WHY…why she did it, and such “entitlement” leads these same fans to think they know what is best for both Rob and Kristen and that the couple should listen. Those fans are truly offended by this, and would be more offended if it became true that Rob and Kristen had in fact set this up for a reason. They feel that Rob and Kristen would have “let them down”, that “Kristen would never do that to her fans” etc and etc. That’s a fan that thinks mighty highly of themselves no?

      If you can “disengage” from it, because you realize you have no right to be involved in their personal lives, then you can sit back and rationally explore any evidence that was put in front of us.

      When you can rationally explore, and do what Twilighter has mentioned in Grand Punk #6 I do believe, then you can separate the evidence that is usable from the hearsay and gossip. It makes the end result, at least until more evidence comes up, quite clear.

      • I completely agree.

      • I’m a working mom with an amazing husband. I have no problem separating fact from fiction. I know we’re only worth the price of a movie ticket to Hollywood. Jodie foster made that clear. I liked her speech but parts of it were a big slap in the face to those at home. Our lives are out there on Facebook and twitter too. I get the privacy and I honestly don’t know how to describe a fan’s point of view anymore because I’m always met with resistance. I’m done trying to stand up for us anymore. There’s no point. I’m not mad. Just done with Hollywood as a whole.

      • Oh…I hoped not to discourage you from loving movies and the actors that do a really good job with my words. I just think that as “civilians” we get too intertwined in a life we know nothing about, save for what the media shows us….or primes us to believe. Hollywood is smoke and mirrors. It helps me to stay “out of it” best I can if I remember that I’m the fan for the work first….and all I’m entitled to from said actors is a great movie worth my buck, a good interview about that movie and a smile and wave on a red carpet.

        At the end of any working day, actors just like us, deserve to go home, take their shoes off, clean up the dog poop and cook dinner. They deserve to have a supper out in public without screaming people pushing on them for autographs and wanting pictures. They deserve peace, quiet and privacy.

        I don’t think making a lot of money or having “fame” because of their work should place this expectation on them. I don’t think it should be a given that actors and those famous HAVE to allow people into their personal lives.

        So I say GO…buy those tickets, books, tshirts etc that support your actor/other’s work…..but let’s not get so over invested in their personal lives, no matter how tantalizing, where it makes us act like we are entitled to be, see, do and know things. I know I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me.

        This whatever occurred last summer reeks of staged event. Don’t know who or why exactly yet. I do have my opinion who the “who” is and feel that as private a person as Kristen is, a “real” scenario in any form, including a Rupig seducing her….. isn’t what this is.

      • TMA: Well said. We can be “fans” in the sense of appreciating the work of individual actors, musicians, etc., without feeling we’re entitled to intimate details of their personal lives. The media can’t feed into that unhealthy curiosity if we don’t let it.

      • BINGO….those rags get their stories from open and public twitters where people are saying all kinds of things….and from haters that pump up those rags with false stories they know will sell because the pubic at large loves to see the downfall of others…I find that shameful.

      • Very well said. I wish more people will come and read “TGP” and the intelligent comments / observations made on this blog by people like you and Badger – to name a few – instead of going to the stupid tabloids. Twilighter is doing a great job.

      • Velma,
        Very good words you have. I understand what you are saying, as I have a 22 year old daughter.
        While my heart and soul go out to Kristen because of the stupid stuff people say and the vile words that they think they are free to throw, hiding behind their computers while they do so, I also knew when I saw those that something was off.

        Knowing that something was off made me take a step back…..and then re look. I’m a hard core Kristen fan, and also a Rob fan. We all really enjoy their work in film here. But I realize that that is all we are entitled to.

        Keeping perspective….and it’s hard…I know, cause they are so damn cute together, but keeping perspective that at the end of the day, they are just like us…all of it…down to letting the dog out ….helps to disengage and see those pics for what they are.

        I was like you on the comments at blogs and such also, fighting the good fight for her…..until it also dawned on me that each comment, good or bad is a hit for that site, and that’s all those sites care about. Period. Gossip cop was getting over 10,000 hits a day on each “article” they put out about Rob and or Kristen. That’s nuts….and exactly what they want.

        I think no matter what, this summer is a good lesson for all that think they have a right to Rob and Kristen’s personal lives. Not saying you think that…just in general here….Any famous person has a right to have a quiet, private personal life. Without any interference from anyone. I think it’s high time we support that.

    • Dawn,

      One cannot be sure this will bring about the downfall of tabloids.

      Reason: Majority of the people who follow the celebrities are living in a world of fantacy. They mostly think with their hearts instead of their brains and thus lack the power of reasoning. This is clearly evident from most of the comments posted in the rag mags. They simply looked at the photos and the bs story along with it and started calling Kristen all sorts of names. Very few people really tried to analyze the photos / stories and reason. Knowing Kristen so well (as they claim) how many of her fans did pause to think or say: hey! look, there is some thing wrong here, wild horses won’t be able to drag her to do such a thing in a public place in broad day light – how come these mags are publishing such photos?

      Some of the posters here were also followers of rag mags. But, instead of swallowing what the rag mags meted out, they started thinking and reasoning. It is their willingness to reason that brought them here. And you can see the difference. No personal rivalry, no bashing, no name calling. Only reasoning. And if our collective thinking and reasoning can help Twilighter in solving this “mystery” it will be reward enough. If it cannot solve the “mystery” then at least we can say we tried. If you find any thing that is suspicious which has escaped Twilighter’s attention, please, you must bring it to his notice.

      Proof is what is needed. Most of it may be conclusive but not necessarily convincing. (Particularly to posters like “GABRIELE” – who incidently was challenged by Twilighter for an open debate recently on the “scandal”). When you think what you believe is the truth then what is truth.

      What brought me here was the investigative nature of Twilighter’s approach.

      What made me start commenting was an intelligent post from Badger.

      • Where is the debate between T57 and Gabriella

      • Valsan, your post is very good but why did you mention my name? Not a big deal. T57 has been invaluble to us all.

      • Nena: There is no debate. I said T57 challenged Gabriele to a debate on the “scandal.” I think It was in reply to a comment made by Gabriele on the article “R&K going to Paris” on HL. I don’t think Gabriele has answered his post. T57 might be able to enlighten you. I can never keep track of the articles and comments because most of them look and sound same. And also the age seems to be catching up.

      • Anytime someone calls BS on the Grand Punk series, I try to call them out and challenge them to argue why what’s contained therein is untrue or illogical. And oddly enough, I haven’t had any takers yet. Plenty who will cast two lines of I don’t believe it, but none that will begin to even take it on. So if you see that kind of crap, call them out on it. I can’t catch all these comments myself, but would be glad to demolish any argument that tried.

  3. Quick add on to my last comment. it’s the younger fans I’ve always tried to stand up for not myself. I’ve always pretty much stayed away from celebrities private lives. I do admit I did kind of want to know if rob and Kristen were dating but so did everyone else. It’s the younger, overly obsessed fans that you, tell me another mentioned. I got blocked by one of these young girls on twitter just for mentioning the scandal might be staged. We older fans know and understand there’s a reason it was done. The younger fan may not handle the truth well at all. That concerns me.

    • Good points, and yes…you can tell a younger fan by their twitter account…tis true. However, I know quite few older fans who are just as bad. It’s a thing that travels through the ages me thinks.

    • Dawn: I know what you mean. I feel a little badly for some young girls who pretty much think of Kristen Stewart as Bella, and have identified with her in a very intense way. Becoming attached to role models and personal idols is something a lot of girls go through; but it must be terribly hard on them when something like this “scandal” happens.

    • I feel the same as you, Dawn. It’s a need in me, as a mother, to get it through these young kids heads that they are being manipulated. I just don’t think they can wrap their brains around it though. The media has caused this problem by playing into these young people (and in many cases, unhappy/unsatisfied womens) fantasies. They created a real life version of this beautiful love story and pulled us all in. (I admit I was strung along too). Who doesn’t want to believe in that kind of love? We hope for it. The media plays on these desires and banks big time off of writing the script of Rob and Kristen’s life. Young kids feel entitled to know what’s going on, they feel personally affected by it because they are such “loyal fans”. With social media the fire just keeps being fed. People lie in tweets, comments boards, etc. just for kicks. One person buys their bullshit story and they feel empowered. I don’t know how you control it but to continually remind people not to trust what they are reading…and to hold tabloid media accountable. I like what Twilighter said about bringing them back down to the level of The National Enquirer, aliens and Clinton. Lol. But like Twilighter also says, this is a machine, and it is one huge money making machine. It will take something huge to bring it to a halt.

      • I agree but you need to start with summit, who started the whole romance thing that the tabs picked up and ran with!! If summit would have just stayed to movie making and not the match making for more money business some of this could have been avoided! Not to say R&K wouldn’t have found each other, just saying!!!

      • Oh, I totally agree. Rob and Kristen’s chemistry was so undeniable, Summit didn’t even need to do anything and the series probably would have succeeded just fine. BUT mirroring Rob and Kristen’s real life relationship with that of the characters is what caused this frenzy. It’s what brought the attention, money, big directors to the project. I do hold Summit accountable for the manipulation, along with the tabs who worked/are working right along with them. Did any of us really know about Summit before Twilight? Lord knows I didn’t. They have to stay relevant, Rob and Kristen are their ticket. Kristen’s hat…”Us Against Them”, says it all. They did their jobs and then got screwed.

      • BINGORAMA OHk….well said. Right on, and keep saying it sista…amen.

      • yup!! R&K got screwed and I hope that R&K get to return the favor 100 fold!! And soon! That will be justice when what goes around comes around!!!

      • AMEN!

      • It is so refreshing to read these comments. I know I’m coming into this conversation late, but I must comment. I am a mother of two. My son is Kristen’s age, my daughter is 18 yrs old. I believe in the fight or flight concept in regards to life. Kristen has been an actor most of her life. That has made her a fighter. Rob was at the end of his rope when he went to the audition for Twilight. He is obviously a fighter as well. Two people who have had to fight so hard for their career wouldn’t sit back and let this go on unless they have a good reason!
        Fighting for Kristen in this scandal has been so frustrating because it doesn’t matter what the truth is. The kids and haters will not be swayed regardless of the truth. With that said, I read through this very informative blog and changed my mind about where to get my information. I saw that the comments were respectful and mature. I also saw truth for the first time since this scandal broke in July. I have left HL, GC, and all of the other sites that are making money every time I click on their story or make a comment. That is what I have learned from this scandal. I will watch an interview or read an article that Kristen and Rob have willingly given. I’m only one person but it has to start somewhere…..
        It is nice to know that I’m not alone in wanting to protect Kristen from the witch hunt that has been going on for years.
        I hope the truth comes out soon! I hope Kristen has control of this situation, even if we never know the truth! If Summit is in any way behind this I think my head will explode the way it did when I first thought that Rupert may have tricked or seduced Kristen. They are suppose to protect the actors they hire! I guess it wouldn’t surprise me to find out the lies and corruption may have come from the top!

  4. Dawn regarding your comment ” I get the privacy and I honestly don’t know how to describe a fan’s point of view anymore because I’m always met with resistance. I’m done trying to stand up for us anymore. There’s no point. I’m not mad. Just done with Hollywood as a whole.”

    I totally agree with you. The NHL fiasco is another example of how the fans were left out in the cold while billionaires and millionaires fight over money. Where did the money come from? It’s the fans that give these the “stars” in the movie and sports industries the luxuries and lives that we can only dream of. Not saying I’d ever want it because I value my privacy more, but I understand what you are saying here.

    There are fans who go on these sites who do show concern for Rob and Kristen so what’s wrong with that? I started commenting because I was defending them against some horrible things that were said about them. If life isn’t about growth and freedom after making mistakes, then no one would grow a consciousness. Just sayin.

  5. Thanks for your comment Twighlighted 57 “You have a right to feel what you feel, but quite frankly that gut feeling is not supported by the provable evidence in this case.”

    What do I know? Not a whole lot. lol That’s why I came to your site after being brainwashed by the rag mags which I never read before this. This couple intrigued me and they did such a great job on those movies. I believe they have more to give the world through their work…whether it is understanding universal truths, breaking the mold in the entertainment industry..whatever. They make a great team.

    Preceding the facts are the intangibles, you know, the motive. So my question is, do you look at the motives the same time you are analyzing the evidence or do you look at the probable motives at the end? Law, just like the media, focuses on perception. In a trial for example, both sides present evidence but in the end, it’s a perception game just like it is in the media. Do you agree that cases are won and lost based on the jury’s perception while taking the evidence into consideration and the arguments from both sides?

    I find it interesting too that Rob and Kristen were addicted to reading about themselves but that can make you go nuts. People do care about how others view them especially in show business. Maybe they are looking for answers too in what others have written about them otherwise, why would they read these sites too?

    If people spent more time going within to find out who they are, there would be less addictions in the world and more peace. Honestly!

    • Where did you get this information about Rob and Kristen being addicted to reading about themselves? Certainly not from a rag mag I hope.

      • When I was reading the rag mags in the summer into late fall. Now I have stopped. Useless waste of my time. But I do wish them well always and thanks again Twighlighter for this site.

        The “scandal” did get my attention as I rented all 4 movies after reading about their connection. I wondered what the hype was all about. So they have one more fan now.:-)

      • That’s why I went to see Eclipse! Maybe Summit had the right idea.

      • Actually they both did say in interviews for BD1 and 2 that they google themselves….they’ve said it before as well. IDK if that means they are “addicted to reading about themselves”, but they both have admitted to reading things about them all over the internet.

      • I google myself from time to time and see the results that come up in the search engine. From that I know if there’s anything I should read. Usually there isn’t. I know what they say without reading.

      • Rob said it in the MTV interview for BD2. He told Josh Horwits that he was keeping up with what was said about him on the website Robsessed and even had met the girls who ran the site. He also said he wouldn’t know where he was going without looking at the site first. He seemed pleased with what they were doing.

      • After that I heard that it was a London group he actually talking about and had met some of them not the Robsessed group here. I have been to that site twice and believe me he would not me pleased with anything on the site here in the states, the great majority of those people hate Kristen, so he would not like that and I really don’t think it would be impressed reading what those women want to do to him!

      • I didn’t know it was the London Robsessed group but thought Josh was talking about the one in the US. That site is very strange.

      • it went around twitter shortly after that it was the london women he met and I guess not from the robsessed group. He would not like the robsessed website at all

  6. Just wondering Twilighter what you thought of the newest slander on Kristen about being needy and jealous. I saw your response to Hollywood Lies about the split and thought your response was very informative and intelligent. That is why I came to this site. I was also wondering if the photos were staged why would they have included the Summit name on the curb if Summit did this for publicity to up BD2 revenue? Do you think blackmail could have been part of getting Kristen to go along with staging the photos? She doesn’t look very happy in any of the pictures I saw. I also wonder where is the picture that came out with her holding papers folded length wise when she was walking across the road to Rupert in the guardrail pics. It was shown in a group of pics. that US Weekly’s site said would be released and then it never was posted on the Popsugar site. A fan posted a video with the picture and others posted on the internet when they first came out. She was pointing out things wrong with the pics and trying to defend Kristen that the pics. where photoshopped. This fan video came out on Youtube before the apology came out the next day. The apology shut down the fans from trying to prove there was something wrong with the pics. I think the fan was from Brazil for she did not speak English but Portuguese and had the pictures posted on a board with things circled that were mistakes in the pictures. One picture showed Rupert with different shoes on at the guardrail from those he wore walking home. Could the reason for Kristen meeting Rupert be that they were discussing the script to SWATH 2? It was said at the time he was working with the script writer on SWATH2. At the time the guy who was writing the script with Rupert said that the 2nd part was written with Kristen Stewart as Snow White. They fired the script writer after the scandal came out for he was being interviewed by a reporter and let it slip that he was let go because he didn’t want to change the script and make it more about the Huntsman. He said Kristen Stewart was Snow White and no one else could play the part as well as she did. I would love to know what you think about this.

    • or this shows the video I think you are talking about. There is alot of info here, I have put together for me to keep things in one place.Its one of the 3 not cheating videos.

    • why would they meet at residential street to discuss a script rather than a resturant or each others homes doesnt make sense. is he going to be swath 2 director? heard someone else might be! i never heard k say there would be a swath 2 let alone that she was staring in it so i cant really answer your question?

      • I really wonder if they did! The wrong USweakly article says it was at the abandoned warehouse is where they first met, which wasn’t a warehouse at all, and drove to the guardrail site! But she would have had to turn around to park that direction and how did Rup get out of the car since it is in the bushes? It’s all BS!!

      • teresa: All I know is that US Weekly released some photos on the internet before they came out in the mag and Popsugar got them. A fan of Kristen’s posted a Youtube video showing the released internet photos from US Weekly and in one of the photos Kristen had something that looked like length wise folded up papers. The fan called them a script. This photo never came out in the mag or on Popsugar. I don’t know why but the fan showed it on her video. At the time they were talking in the real media about the SWATH sequel being written and Rupert was to direct it according to the Huffington Post because he had put together SWATH 1 and was asked to do 2 as well. It was in October that they said he would not be directing it. This was around the same time rumors came out in Variety (which is a movie news mag.) that Kristen had been asked to be in the movie Focus and SWATH 2 talks with Universal had started.

      • I remember seeing the picture, but didn’t see a video. Could you send a link to the video, please? Thanks!

      • veulentsavoir: It came out in July but I will look for it and post the link when I find it. If you look on youtube it was two teenagers who had printed off the pictures and attached them to poster board. They had circled things on all the photos they thought showed photoshopped and they had also showed examples of fan magazines they had found pictures in that matched the faces Kristen had in the guardrail pictures. The girls did not speak English but you could tell by what they were showing that they were trying to prove the photos were fake in their point of view.

      • Chance, if you look closely, those papers aren’t thick enough to be a script. In fact, it looks to be one paper….maybe a few more, but not thick enough to be a script.

      • Do you have that picture? Can you post a link to it please???!!!

      • Nena, you can still find those pics at Popsugar…

      • Tell Me Another and Nena: I went to the Popsugar site to look at the scandal pictures. I don’t know what you saw Tell Me Another but the picture of Kristen walking across the road with papers folded in her hand was not there. The one on the Youtube video that the fans posted clearly showed papers folded length wise in her left hand. I am still going through Youtube videos Nena but will link it when I find it.

      • @Nena: Thank you for posting the Popsugar pics. but the one I saw on the video is not there. US Weekly sent out some of the pics before they printed them in the mag and Popsugar got them. When the fans started questioning the pics. and showing the faults in them US Weekly pulled them. This was the day before the apology went out. The apology stopped the fans from questioning the pics. US Weekly sent out on the internet. I had already looked at the Popsugar pics back in July in hopes they had all the ones US Weekly sent out on the 24th. The one of her walking across the road (in Popsugar) to me looks like you see the cracks in the road by her left hand. The pic. I saw had her holding the folded papers up higher in her left hand and there was no doubt that there were several papers folded up length wise. Still serching for video and will post when I find it.

      • Like alot of things that support K the video is prob gone with the rest of the pictures that proved that nothing happened, if they even exist!! Funny that things disappear from the internet when convient for them

  7. Oh holy hell I don’t know how I or anyone else didn’t pick up on this sooner. T57 did you read rob’s bkackbook interview? It was released on July 21st just 4 days before the scandal came out. The article is told from the point of view of rob’s heart. When his heart talked about things that excite rob it said ”we get thrilled with scandals too but, as rob laments, these days they’re hard to come by.” He also called Kristen his girlfriend and talked about how he longed for her during the first twilight movie. Could this have been his version of a heads up to us that a scandal was coming? Feed back please!!

    • I put link in here a while ago, It also gave clues as to how much control SUMMIT had over them. Rob also said he tried to start a scandal but it was never picked up, IMHO i took from that, that his scandal did not have the studio backing so his got no where, but the summit scandal prob will, i think the summit control part says that it was summit that did this and they had no control but to go along.

    • BINGO..he defines it for you…So did Kristen in her interview with the “I just want someone to Fck me over”….and their answers, esp. Rob’s at CC…he tells you directly what is coming….only peeps did not pay attention…BINGO…and many of us picked up on it sooner Dawn….others wouldn’t listen to what we had to say.

    • Ah your getting closer. Of course that interview was intended as a message. Remember one thing, they never do random. There like Jason Bourne. He doesn’t do random.

  8. There was something that happened at comic com that perplexed me. You can watch it on YouTube. When Kristen was interviewed by a guy from access Hollywood, the first thing he said to her was ”Stephanie Meyer says she’s sorry.” what was she sorry for? Could this further implicate summit as the one behind the scandal? If it was something summit had planned early on Stephanie probably would have known about it. Thoughts everyone?

    • Hey I really want to watch, do you by ant chance have a link?!!!

      • No nena I don’t but it should be on YouTube. Try looking under Kristen Stewart comic con 2012 access Hollywood. Hope that helps.

    • Dawn, I didn’t take the “Tell Kristen I’m sorry” from Stephenie about this…in fact the interviewer further explains…..and it’s about the “attention” that the saga brought on them is what she meant in this case.
      Here is the interview..and the Stephenie bit is not the first thing…it’s later on..

      • Yeah I realized that when I searched for it for nena. I watched it again and felt like a fool for bringing it up. Sorry! I just hope twilighter57 posts part 12 soon. I hope Kristen pops up in Australia soon too and makes the gossip sites eat their words. It would also make a lot of young girls who are sulking on twitter about missing her very happy. They miss seeing rob and Kristen together very much. Their tweets sound so sad.

      • dont feel bad!!! Also some of the haters have already said that K went to London for new years uninvited, just showed up and of course Rob being the wonderful person he is, couldnt be mean to her. They have already said that if she shows up in OZ that it will be uninvited. Cant win with these vile people!!

    • You really think Stephanie Meyer would let them do that to Kristen? Chew on that for a bit.

      • I didn’t mean to insinuate anything. I’m just trying to throw everything out there to attempt to figure this out. I have no idea what kind of power large studios can have over people. I just want the truth. After five months of this, we’re all running out of patience. Sorry

      • Sorry Dawn, my last message sounded like it had a bit of an edge to. That’s what happens after I troll nasty websites and its too far after midnight. What I was trying to say was, hey its a thought but when you think it through and look at the long term relationship between those two, it’s hard to believe that Stephanie would do something like that, or even allow it to happen to Kristen after everything they have said about each other and done on this project. And it sounds from the subsequent comments that it has been resolved as a non-issue anyway.

      • You know…someone on here said a few comments ago, that we should only listen to what comes out of Rob and Kristen’s mouths and go from there. I would agree with that. I think we need to “re condition” ourselves not to take anything we’ve heard or read via media as gospel truth anymore….for the last 4 years, we’ve all been fed a storyline that Summit and the media wanted to put out there…..we have to separate fact from fiction…yes?….stepping back and taking a breath, and then looking again at any evidence we have makes it clearer when we can “re condition” ourselves not to buy into the lie….and I’m not calling anyone out persay here…I fell hook, line, and sinker for it too….until those interviews started coming in Feb. and things made me go hmmmmm…..when the scandal hit, I looked back on those hmmmmmm things and it didn’t take long for I, nor some others to see exactly what was going on here…

        I agree also that Rob and Kristen do give or say specific things for a reason. Paying attention to those is a good thing.

      • I agree! Well said my friend!

      • I dont understand what you mean by ” Do you think SM would do that to K?” Do what to K? Let summit ruin them, let summit make them do this scandal, Let summit hurt K? I just dont get what you are talking about?

  9. Hm, before this thorough expose I was going for scenario 7 or 8 but with the apology being fake to fit the bill beter. But that doesn’t add up with the severe amount of photoshopping that seems to have gone on… Now I really wonder what you’ll conclude from this.

    • Hello all,

      After my last comment, I’ve been tossing and turning things over and I’ve come up with some sort of additional explanations in this whole “cheating” scandal. I borrowed the format used by Twilighter because it works great and is very professional IMO. Both scenarios are based on the abundant evidence posted above that the photos have been photoshopped to tell a tale of cheating.



      The title is coming from the old saying “Where fire is, there’s smoke”. In this case I mean that there was some sort of reason for the cheating story, but the papz just improvised and photoshopped an wrong explanation out of the events. The “real” thing would be Kristen and Rupert meeting up (after a phone call perhaps that a pap staking out Kristen’s gym would have observed like they claimed) for whatever innocent reason and perhaps he/she gives her/him a platonic hug in greeting or a platonic kiss on the cheek. The papz saw this, took some pictures and photoshopped them into a more sensational thing to fit their invented story of an affair. The apology was invented to give the bogus story credit but never given by Kristen or her team.
      1. Explains the lack of photos, their strange content, the photoshopping
      2. Explains the delay in printing because they needed to think how to sell the story, stage more photos and do the actual photoshopping
      3. The story wouldn’t have come out of nowhere
      4. Explains the fact that the notoriously press shy Kristin would all of the sudden be caught doing PDA in the sense that it was mostly innocent and the rest was photoshopped.
      5.Is consistent with the healthy relationship that is seen from Rob and Kristen before the supposed day of cheating and inbetween the supposed day of cheating and the publication of said cheating story
      6.Explains why all involved parties have gone into hiding, i.e. they needed to regroup and decide how to deal with this attack
      7.Explains why Rob and Kristen show visible signs of having gone through stressful events after resurfacing, i.e. the abuse they suffered for something that was made up.

      1.Why weren’t they sued if it was all false? More on possible reasoning behind this later.
      2. Why not call the papz out and announce the real story?
      3. Why would there be two different magz involved? Why not publish the bogus apology in the same one that outed the invented cheating in the first place?
      4. Why would they claim that the apology came from Kristen’s publicist instead of the usual “source”?



      The title is similarly as above as well as the scenario up until the apology part. The apology is real because Kristen is in fact apologizing to Rob and her fans for the mess she inadvertedly caused. The momentarily indiscretion would then refer to the platonic hug and/or kiss that she gave Rupert/allowed him to give her, without thinking about how papz would interpret it.

      1. Similar as above
      2. Explains the apology and resolves issues 3 and 4 of the Scenario A’s weakness.

      See 1 & 2 of Scenario A


      1. Rob and Kristen are known for confirming nor denying rumors but rather ignore them, so it would be consistent with their earlier behavior.
      2. The photos were so obviously photoshopped and the story so far-fetched to them that they thought nobody would believe it. It seems so suspicious that Rupert is twice her age and that she would allow herself to be caught when Rob & Kristen are normally so adapt at not showing PDA, that is reasonable to assume something is fishy. By the time they realized how many people bought it and how ugly it was getting, doing something was water under the bridge and would only unnecessarily heat things up again, so they left it.
      3. Kristen mentioned in an interview once that she believed that telling the truth about their relationship wouldn’t make her life easier because the magz would still come up with bogus break-up stories. (On a side note, this was an actual interview; I don’t remember where I saw it, but I loved how she said people would take her words to conclude whatever. I can’t remember the exact words, unfortunately, but I remember thinking she was right because she did indeed practically confirm the relationship by only mentioning the break-up fabrications but mostly by pointing out there was a hidden message, lol). So in this state of mind, I can see how she would doubt people to believe her when she told the real side of things.
      4. They could have thought suing or contradicting would only serve as oil to the fire and it was in their interest to have it die out asap.
      5. Following Hollywood’s rule that any publicity was good publicity, they could have decided to make use of the commotion to gain interest in Cosmopolis, On The Road and Breaking Dawn 2.
      6. The other involved parties (Rupert and Liberty) were against taking steps, e.g. to protect their children or because they hoped to gain something from the publicity.
      7. They didn’t want to condradict it because they didn’t want to talk about it. Talking about it would open the door to asking more personal questions and it would mean having to confirm their relationship now after years of circumventing that very thing.

      So, that’s all folks! I’d love to hear what you think about it…

      • I agree with everything you have laid out here. All of these things have crossed my mind as well. Rob and Kristen have never answered to their relationship in the press. The tabs get pics of them and if they refuse to answer to them, this gives the tabs free license to make up whatever they want. Same applies to the scandal, it’s like the tabs were trying to force their hand…R and K didn’t respond, so they take liberties and create the story. In order to make the scandal believable, they photoshop pics to look more salacious. Kristen doesn’t deny them, so the story takes off.

        One thing that keeps popping into my head though, is the ABC/Nightline story done right after the scandal, “The Camera Never Lies”. I wonder why that wouldn’t spur R/K into saying something to clear this all up? I mean, not addressing the tabloid stories is one thing, but this was on network tv. This was real reporting that worked to solidify, in the heads of many, that the scandal was real.

        So again my mind is forced to come back to Studio ordered/staged scenario, Kristen and Rupert in on it. It’s the only thing that makes sense. The whole thing taking on a life of it’s own and Kristen getting left to hang as TPTB rake in the bucks.

        I really get the feeling that she CAN’T call foul, she’s stuck.

      • Dear OHk,
        I agree with your comment that Kristen is stuck. I am afraid I disagree with the comment that this the program was “real” reporting.

        For anyone that missed the program, you can find the segment here:

        Were you aware that the paparazzi that was interviewed is named Ben Evanstad and has been accused of perpetuating a hoax concerning Michael Jackson? Now I am not saying that he did or didn’t. What I am saying is…what kind of real interview would use him as a reliable source?

        I just wanted to share a letter that I wrote on September 8th, 2012 on Twitlonger.

        An Open Letter to Chris Como:

        Dear Mr. Como,
        I have watched you for years and have always considered you an honest and upstanding man—truly looking for the truth when you were doing reporting. I have to say that the segment that was presented on 20/20 this evening about cheating in Hollywood was not what I consider unbiased reporting. I realize that you were not the reporter on this particular segment, but I am sure that you have some input into programming.
        Mr. Watt focused the segment almost entirely on once again dragging Kristen Stewart through the mud along with Rupert Sanders. It focused on the tabloids and how “someone was going to get the picture—it might as well have been us”. There were a couple of aside mentions of some other stars, but primarily it was another attack on this poor young girl; a husband and father; and by association, her boyfriend. It was an interview with a woman and man who make their living by stalking people, photographing, videotaping people constantly and then plastering it all over the front of magazines! When I say constantly, I mean every waking moment! Celebrities are followed, harassed, badgered, insulted, and then crucified in the public eye with no recourse. If they say something in response, then it, too, is turned against them.

        Your program all but condoned the practice of taking photos out of context and publishing them with no journalistic responsibility in an effort to sell magazines.

        There was a video recently on YouTube of the paparazzi hounding Ms. Stewart at the airport. Among the things these “journalists” shouted at her, was a question about whether she enjoyed “sucking his dick” (in reference to Mr. Sanders). Today, if you try to find that video you get a message that says, “This video has been removed by the user.” There were so many people that sent comments on the inappropriateness of the video that they actually removed it! In an airport, in public, these people are constantly surrounding Ms. Stewart. Can you imagine having people following you everywhere you go and shouting obscenities at you constantly?

        I realize that this is a current event. But to be honest, I think you would have had a much more interesting program if you had taken an unbiased look into how the paparazzi deal with stars. A much more interesting program would have been “The Camera Never Lies—or Does It?”

        Case in point: There was a photograph which was published and circulated quite extensively that showed Kristen Stewart having dinner with Rupert Sanders. It was taken from a video that was shot of the two of them having dinner with Charlize Theron. The photograph was a frame from the video where Mr. Sanders leaned forward just enough to block Ms. Theron from the shot—thus implying that the dinner was only being shared by Ms. Stewart and Mr. Sanders. I have seen the video and the photograph. The camera DID LIE in that case.

        I think that if you did a proper investigation, instead of a hatchet job, you would find that the pictures that have been published and seen all over the world are not what they appear to be. There are people that have done extensive investigative work—not journalists—only fans, that have far more information and a far better understanding of what likely occurred, but because they do not have a nationally syndicated program, are unable to share that information with the masses.

        People believe what they read and what they see on programs such as yours. Your program did a great injustice this evening by implying that they “got what they deserved”. .
        Contact me if you would like to see some real “investigative reporting”. I can assure you that the investigation that has been done is much more truthful and objective than anything you had on your program this evening.

      • Thats just what I thought and said above, sorry I didnt read this post before I posted, the TV show was trash!!!

      • veulentsavoir, Oh I should clarify.. what I meant was that because it was on network tv and not the tabloids, the general public would believe it as “real reporting”…and most did.

        I’m assuming you didn’t get a reply from Como?

      • Of course not, but Gio retweeted it and it was seen by ALOT of people.

      • I’m reminded of Joan Allen’s character in The Contender, a senator who endured a disgusting, misogynistic public stoning after photos of her having group sex were released. She steadfastly refused to comment. When it was proven that the photos were not of her, she was asked why she didn’t simply offer proof that they were fake. She said (I’m paraphrasing) she’d taken the stand that the public had no right to details of her private life, and she wouldn’t change that principle just because it would get her out of trouble. I can imagine Stewart taking a similar stand here. Probably Pattinson as well. I cant remember who posted this before. I think Abbysbooks has a good reason for not saying anything, How can she say its not her in the pics when it is her, just not at that place, people will believe what they see so why say anything? Also as far as their relationship, K did say in a interview i saw last night and said “If I say anything do you think it will stop?” No they answer one question about their relationship and papz will have 1000 more so why do it? The TV show I think was just an extension of the tab crap. I dont think they did much investigation and just used what the papz and tabs already said.

      • Yup..I agree here OHk…I agree.

      • Nicely done. I have actually formulated a more nuanced similar scenario in the next draft and will save my thoughts on it for then. We may have some channeling going on. I know I’m nuts, or at least so I have been told by people on the internet so it must be true, but that’s very scary for you. 🙂

        But just to give you some food for thought: As to your version 2, the apology is real for a “platonic hug”? I have risked the most important person …I love him I love him, I’m so sorry.” Sounds way over top for a platonic hug. And perhaps the poorest work of a PR team in the history of Hollywood. Also makes it sound as if something really horrible happened. And ditto why Rupert’s over the top apology.

        On your version 2, does this really explain why Rob disappeared from view for over twenty day and Kristen for over forty?

      • I meant to reply on the reply by twilighted, but I don’t see the appropriate button, so I hope this ends in the right place.

        You ever heard the saying “great minds think alike”? It seems appropriate in this case 😉

        After reading your reply, I remembered that I indeed meant to put Rupert’s apology as a weakness for scenario 2 but eventually forgot.

        And yes, you’re right, the dissappearances are also an issue in this case, because the apology is supposed to close the case and there wouldn’t be a real reason to hide out other than it’s just more pleasant to wait the storm out like that…

        I look forward to your undoubtedly slightly more sensible scenario but don’t be surprised if my creative brain comes up with more theories in a while, lol.

      • I think R&K hiding out after the TCA was something necessary for them. In my mind they were forced to do this and they knew what would happen after the pics came out,(obviously not the magnitude of the hate) and who would want to be around for that especially if you had done NOTHING wrong? I would leave, go away and wait a few weeks, prob hoping that things would be a non issue whey they got back.

  10. Twilighted57 if I tell you what I think the truth is can you tell me if I’m close? I always had the feeling that the photos were mysteriously dropped on ok magazine’s doorstep by rob and Kristen or an associate of theirs. Ok magazine jumped on it and changed the photos to fit their fake story. They sent the apologies to peope magazine to make people believe their story. Call me crazy but I really think rob and kristen used the time they disappeared to get married. Hence their friends tweeting photos from the virgin islands. now for the why. To punk the gossip sites and make fans see them for what they are. The longer it goes on, the more it damages the rags. I just don’t know when they’re going to jump out and yell gotcha. MTV movie awards maybe. Alex may be right too. It could have been so they could be seen as individuals and get rid of the twilight/robsten stigmatisms. I don’t think they meant to hurt anybody and didn’t anticipate the backlash. Privacy may have been a motive too. I think they’re both sweet people but I believe they are behind it. They have had more privacy in the past five months than they’ve had in four years. Just my take. How close am I t57?

    • One has to be careful about arguing beyond the evidence for once you lose your credibility it is a very difficult thing to get back. I have seen prosecutors and defense attorneys get burned by that in trials many many times.

      That being said, you are a lot closer than you may think. There is no question that US magazine and FFN were absolutely clueless as to these photos. To them it was only about the scoop and the money.

      But I leave you with the following question: Do you think that Rob & Kristen left it to them or People Magazine to define what that apology would say? Or put another way, if the apologies were designed to misdirect attention away from the problems within the photographs, wouldn’t they want to control that messaging and do it in a fashion that could not be directly attributed back to them. Hence the ongoing debate about whether she apologized or not.

      As for the rest, the longer this goes on the more damage it does to their enemies. That was my earlier mistake. Not realizing that if they had the fortitude, that the timing is and was entirely in their control.

      • Do you really think that Flamefly didnt know about the pictures? Wernt they the agency that took the pics supposedly? I dont understand either Flamefly took the pics or how are they involved at all? I dont understand that. I also have no idea what you mean in the 3rd paragraph above about the apologies. I tried to do what you suggested yesterday about posting on sites, I did a few and on T. I posted on GC and of course the name calling started. It is sad that I rarely go there any more but when I do I love getting them all mad! I also dont think that we are doing any damage to the media or their enemies as you said. The articles are coming out faster and dumber and GC is still spreading the crap by debunking the ridiculousness of the articles. I dont think many people posted on sites as many dont want to give the site a hit/money! We had a discussion on T today but no one came up with any other ideas they what we have already tried! We are all getting frustrated!

      • Dawn:

        Absolutely, the evidence proves it. The Hollywood sign, the romantic overlook, the dog walking, Rupert embracing her from behind as they gazed over LA, missing that one that is taken at Summit, the abandoned warehouse neighborhood, the highly improbable version of events of how they followed Kristen in the first place, etc etc etc. FFN was absolutely clueless so it made something up (or was feed something they consumed) and passed its cluelessness onto US Magazine. Which is why the pictures utterly fail to match up with where they were taken. The final proof: I have my sources too. If you go onto the FFN website (you have to pay), the only images you will see there are the ones where FFN went to S. Centilena and the guardrail well after the fact to try and document where the photos were apparently taken. I have seen these images. Even FFN was trying to figure it out after the fact.

        The only reason FFN is involved is because they are a well known paparazzi firm willing to pay money for photographs and they don’t care where they came from. This is not like the old days where newspapers had photographers on staff to document their news stories. No this is the new internet based, tabloid driven era where anyone with a camera or a cell phone can make a big score. Where free lance photographers regularly sell pics to these paparazzi firms like FFN and Bauer Griffin. These firms troll the secondary market for images and buy them up and sell them off to the highest bidder among the gossip rags. The purveyers of these photos needed a credible cover to put these photos out into the public domain. And they exploited a weakness in this new world order to do just that.

        As to the apologies, Dawn was positing that US Magazine(she mistakenly calls it OK Mag in her comment) sent the apologies to People to make their made up story more believable. I don’t think that correct. If the apologies were intended to distract people from paying attention to the authenticity of the photos (“they must be real she admitted it”) which is exactly what happened, that was a message the purveyors of the photos wanted to control. Remember the evidence shows FFN was clueless. And after all, the paparazzi firms are too stupid to be worried about such details. They are only in it for the quick payday. Who in their wildest imagination would come up with “I love him I love him” during an apology for a fling. I know two people who could. Its so stunningly elegant, brilliant really.

        No one can link the apology directly to Kristen. Was it by from her publicist? By fax? By an anonymous tip? Not clear exactly how it was done but it was done in a way that the words can’t be put in Kristen’s mouth nor anyone else connected with her. Even though they wanted them believed. All they had to do was neither confirm or deny or fail to object and People had the green they needed to go to print. Which is exactly what they did. Have you ever wondered how Rupert Sanders apology got out there so quickly? Yeah, no one ever seems to be able to describe that one, and why was it ready immediately after Kristen’s. Short answer, because it was coordinated well in advance.

        Now the pictures are out and the apologies are out. And away we go. Let the shit storm begin. While they had already booked out of town well before it started, probably immediately after the TCA’s. Eventually to be covered by unsubstantiated nonsense like Rob is in England, at Reece’s, or somewhere else, and Kristen is holed up at her condo, her parents, or Giovanni’s, or her house, etc etc etc. And with stories of moving vans, and emotional devastation, frantic texting, and living on Redbulls. A substantiated sighting of Rob doesn’t happen for over twenty days. Excluding the so-called August 20 photos (whose date was never established) Kristen is not seen for nearly forty five days. Where were they?
        Meanwhile Rupert and Liberty emerge relatively quickly within days because they need to move on with their lives. And despite claims of divorce, and new flames and old ones, and moving back to England, where are they?. Still back in Hollywood, right where they were when this all started. Or at least no one can prove to the contrary.

        And finally as to whether we are doing any damage to the tabloids, call me crazy but I am beginning to sense a shift in the winds. I troll these sites regularly to mine material to make them look like idiots aned I sense a change. Hollywood Lies is being inundated with sharply worded repudiations of their stories by commentors on a regular basis. They are even beating me to it. And though the ridiculous stories are coming fast and furious, their credibility is being regularly mocked just as rapidly and even the nasties are being overwhelmed now. And its getting to be that way at many of these sites. Or people have just stopped commenting at all. These sites are so desperate for comments they even leave mine up mocking them. GC is still a problem and a work in progress but even there I think the tide is turning. In the process everyone is getting just plain old burned out. And how do you think they all they will all feel if and when the truth comes out? Yeah right. And there is a hidden truth. We haven’t seen the end this, not by a long shot. But when we do, no one will ever want to look at a gossip rag again with a straight face. And they can go back to reporting on Hillary Clinton adopting a alien baby. Which is exactly where these gossip rags belong. As a supermarket aisle joke.

        Sorry for the diatribe, but you got me started. On second thought, thanks!

      • I find this all very interesting….still not convinced Summit didn’t have a major hand in it….I think they did..but keeping an open mind here..
        TMZ is reporting that Liberty Ross filed for divorce today in LA Superior Court (think I got that right?…) I’m not seeing anyone else report it unless they credit TMZ with the news. I also can’t see this one on my “court docket checker”….you have to pay for LA’s filings…..I’m not in it enough to pay…LOL… Do you know anything about this yet twilighter?

      • See I agree I think summit is very much involved and maybe the mastermind! I know R&K wanted media hung up but it just seems to elaborate for just them. It is hard to seperate how I feel about things from their feelings because I have not been hounded. But summit isn’t innocent I don’t think!!

      • Im still not sure about things. Surprise! So who took the pictures in the first place? And how did Flamefly get the pictures? Someone just left them at flamefly, and gave them a story or no story at all? And then FF sold them to US? If you are saying that R&K are the purveyers (they provided) that they needed a credible way to get the pictures out, and this was having whoever sell to FF who sold to US? So FF had to make up a story to go along with the pictures, but wouldnt R&K ( in this scenario) need some control over the story that went out? Why is the saying I love you in the apology brilliant? Just because it doesnt sound like something she would say since she has never been that vocal before? Did someone give all those nonsense stories to the media, like summit or did all the stupid tabs do that on their own? I remember the moving story that was made up by Bauer Griffin. In response to Dawn I agree that this whole thing has done damage. I do believe that actors do not owe fans their private lives, but saying that I think summit screwed them over, their relationship on and off screen became public. Summit wanted the fans, especially the teens to associate E&B with R&K. I would think R&K would not have liked that, and why it was and is so important to keep people out of the private life. Who knows maybe this was done to get back at summit as well as the media. But I think there is a stain on “Twilight” for young girls. I know my girls saw the other movies 5 or so times in theatres, and this one only once. I know this isnt life or death but without the fans actors would not have jobs. Im sure there were other ways to get back at media or whoever without this elaborate plan, it just seems like over kill. And who knows, yes it may bring down the media but it may also cause some to not be as thrilled as they were before about them.

      • Thanks twilighted57, I meant to say us magazine. My bad, I try to keep all the details safe but working full time in the corporate world and raising two small sons doesn’t give me time to organize my thoughts in this matter. I keep up as much as I can and I appreciate the feedback. Please get to your conclusion soon. Much thanks for your research.

      • Per your below wonderful comment, who are the purveyors of the photos? I’m sorry if I missed it. rob and Kristen? I just want the truth to.come out soon. This may be butchering the gossip sites but it also wounded a very wonderful fanbase and hurt a lot of people much of which are young, impressionable girls. As sad as it sounds this ruined the last twilight film for lots of fans. most I know only saw the last movie out of obligation. Somebody decided what happened to the fans didn’t matter. We didn’t matter. Are you saying rob and Kristen decided revenge on the gossip sites was/is more important to them than their fans? If I had to choose between helping them take down the gossip sites and not having the scandal happen, I’d choose not to have the scandal happen. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Their fans will always adore them but we didn’t ask for any of this. Sorry for the rant but I can’t begin to tell you how many good people this hurt. From a fan’s point of view this doesn’t feel right. Makes me feel like we fans never meant anything to rob and Kristen. Please tell me I’m wrong.

  11. Twilighter 57 I am so confused now about this Grand Punk. Can you clear some things up. It was just posted at the LA Courthouse that Liberty Ross filed for divorce and joint custody of the children. Rupert filed as well. If the scandal was done as a punk to the media don’t you think this would be a good time to let it out for it looks like things are hitting the fan right now and going down hill fast. There also are pictures of RP having a date night with a blonde girl and the girl tweeted that they were all stoned when she posted the pictures of him and her eating dinner. No other guys around them. Just them. Kristen’s friend twitted that Kristen is not going to Australia and it was dunzo what ever that means. So if this is a punk could you please send us some news about how what is going down now fits in with the punk. Hollywood Lies is showing a vicious attack right now on Kristen and the other rags are going in for the kill too. HWL keeps emailing me the articles and I have tried to get off their mailing list but can’t so I delete the articles but the last one about pictures of Rob with Blonde date I did look at for twitter was burning up with post and pictures so I wanted to see if it was the same. It was. I have been leaving the comment you asked us to post to the gossip rags but I am beginning to wonder if there isn’t some truth with the split up now that all this other has hit the fan. Can you send us anything to hope for that this is part of the punk or has it taken a turn for the worse?

    • Chance,I think you’ve got all this wrong. You are including things here that never happened.

    • There was only one pic of the blonde with R, and she tweeted with the pic “having casual dinner with Robert Pattinson” and the tweet before that said she was at the festival and saw the chilled one and he looked stoned! I didnt see anything else said or any other pics. Which of K/s friends said they were dunzo? A guy friend had a instagram of him and 2 girls that are friends and he said something about the 3 of them being dunzo or something but it wasnt about R&K Which friend said that K wasnt going to OZ? ! I havent seen any one but haters that believe this blonde girl Alexandra Warner is anything more then a fan. I just say another tweet of hers to Ryan Seacrest saying thanks for setting things straight and that had dinner at table next to R. Dont believe these stupid tabs they are now taking bits and pieces from stories and putting them together!

      • Nena: It was CJ that said it was dunzo to Suzie but she did not refer to exactly what was dunzo but they were talking about Rob and Kristen in the previous tweet.

      • I may not have seen it , I saw a tweet and the instagram pic but I never got the impression that they were talking about R&K, I only went to look because that is what people said it ment. Also CJ and Suzie would never put anything like that in a tweet!!

    • Breathe everyone. For months I have been posting a simple comment at gossip site containing stories on the “so-called cheating scandal”. It goes like this: Tabloids + unnanmed unidentified sources= BS. No exceptions. Doesn’t matter what the spin of the story is. So at the least if it comes from tabloid by way of an unidentied source disregard. It will only clutter your brain.

  12. Have you seen latest article from TMZ? Liberty Ross is filing for divorce from Rupert Sanders. They are both asking for joint custody and Liberty is requesting spousal support. If this is true, not sure it changes anything regarding this so-called scandal because Liberty admitted that their marriage was on the rocks previously. But we will no doubt see a whole new slew of haters spewing garbage at Kristen. What do you all think?

    • And don’t forget Lib posed nude and and in it she says she has been media fodder for months now… Oh right I can prob count on 2 hands things that have been written about her in the last 6 months!

    • If liberty was going to divorce him because of the scandal it would have happened by now. Tmz is a gossip site like the rest anyway. Rob and Kristen are fine. Bernie and bear prove that. Tmz is just trying to get hits.

    • @tell me another and novlady: It isn’t just on TMZ. E!News Online had it listed and so does Gossip Cop along with other gossip rags. It want take long for the mags to come out with it too.Hollywood Lies is posted that “The plot thickens!” with the caption that Rob has moved on with another woman in Australia and they hint to pictures of her being posted later and other sorry gossip to come. Found the picture and Tweet the girl sent out about her meeting up with Rob and having dinner. The picture of her is there but to me it just looks like a fan pic with him. Twilighter you were right she does have blonde hair. HWL also is saying that Kristen is being quite and hiding out because she wants the DVD to sell big for she gets a cut of the sales. HWL is getting so vicious with their attacks it is scary. I have been posting comments about how they fabricate stories and trying to show proof of fabricating but I can’t keep up with them. All of us who want to stand up for Kristen need to get on these sites and start attacking them back. I have posted Twilighter’s paragraph that he wrote to send out to the rags but the haters are starting to out number us now that HWL has started up the big slander campaing again. Does this divorce play into your punk Twilighter57? Please let us know something soon. Loosing hope for Kristen.

      • Sorry, I got cut off but I ment to say losing hope for Kristen. Tired of seeing her being shredded and Rob being praised and adored by the mags and fans.

      • Chance, What I meant was, when TMZ posted, they were the only one…a few hours later other posted and had to credit TMZ with “breaking” the story….now many are posting..see how fast that goes?..worse than a jr. high girls locker room….as for the tweet and the picture and the story Hollywood Life has you mentioned about the girl and the “dinner”…”Rob moving on”…I don’t see that anywhere on their site…could you link us please? only talks about him being out with male friends in Adelaide, and a fan tweeting that she got carded..couldn’t get in and when he went outside he said hello to her and moved on..period…I’m confused as to where you saw this story….?

      • A poster on the HWL site said to go to Robert Pattinson Life. That is where I went but only saw a picture of him with guys going into the bar and another picture of him standing with a blonde haired girl outside the bar. If you scroll down to the comments a poster talks about their friend who tweeted the picture and her date with Pattinson. He posted the tweet @plaank and said she tweeted about their date. I am looking for the tweet now and will post it when I find the one the commenter is describing the date. HWL is hinting to the date and saying the plot thickens about what is going on with K and R split and him fooling around. If anyone else finds it let me know please. I would love to post back to HWL lies when they start their Rob and girl campaign.

      • I posted in the wrong place her name is @WarnerAlexandra

      • Thanks Nena. I sent you a reply with more information about the girls who posted the picks and tweeted the false reports. I hope you got it. Thanks for checking on this too.

      • Never believe or trust tweets…never. It’s become “cool” to fuck with people and twitter is the perfect place to do that (not to mention comments boards, etc). There’s no accountability and in the “Gossip world”, there doesn’t need to be any. It’s gossip right? People/kids have discovered that their lying tweets/words affect what is printed in tabloids, or what people are talking about on comments boards. It’s an easy way to goof off and get a good laugh. It’s sad and pathetic really but let’s face it, today’s youth only care about getting attention…15 minutes of fame if you will. I mean look at this girl, her picture is being seen everywhere now! It doesn’t matter that she lied to get people to pay attention, she got her 15 minutes.There are no consequences for lying in social media, so kids will continue to do it. Tabloids don’t retract stories when they are wrong, and why should they…it’s gossip! There is no journalistic integrity in gossip. We need to keep reminding ourselves of that.

      • WELL said OHk…well said.

      • Oh believe me I don’t believe in Tweets or comments posted on gossip rags. I do check on the tweets to see what the person is talking about is the same thing the gossip rag has published a story on. I have noticed the gossip rags are having a hard time getting pictures and information about K and R on their on so they have started following tweets and fan sites to get info and pictures to fabricate articles about . They spin the tweet into something juicy that will cause a fight amongst fans, get more hits for their sites, and make money off of the fans’ information. They even post a picture (they got from the fan’s twitpic) to show proof that their story is true. I like to gather the facts first about the story and then comment that the gossip rag has fabricated the story, used a fan’s tweet and picture to exploit K and R with the fan’s help that they are unaware they are giving the gossip mags. The more articles I can claim are fabricated with proof of where the truth is the more I have noticed other posters are attacking the gossip rags for writing and posting pictures that hurt the actors they support and backing up their comments with evidence

      • The poor girl that tweeted about dinner was kidding her name is @WarnerAlexandra. of course the poor girl has been trashed for saying they had dinner in her tweet and for saying he looked stoned!

      • Yes Nena you are toooooo good with a computer. I remember your skills from Crushable. It took me all night but I finally found the twitter account of the girls who are posting the pictures and tweets. The one who took the bar pic. but couldn’t get in is @plaank_ or @plank_ her name is Shayla Plank. The one who tweeted she had dinner with him and posted a fan pic with him is @Alice_InTwiLand and the one who said she was with him at a music festival she was touring in Australia is Alexander Warner who is at @WarnerAlexandra. It is weird that Alice said she had a casual dinner with RP and tweeted this to all her friends but you only see a pic of her outside with him which to me looks like a fan pick. Alice was describing the dinner to another friend but her account was protected and I couldn’t get into it. Can’t wait to blow HWL out of the water when they try to make this dinner date into something it wasn’t. Nena where did you find that the girl was making it up? Please let me know so I can gather my arsenal to hit HWL and the other rags.

      • I rember your name from there also but it’s hard to know if it’s the same person! You have more info than I did, I only saw the Alexander tweet I think I’ll have to go back and look! I really think these girls have been sent by someone to try and get him into bed! There has been talk about haters doing this!! I also think so want their 5 min of fame, I would be wary of girls if I was him, I can see some of these girls trying to get him so drunk and take pictures, he is still too trust worthy, but maybe not, look at all the lies they print papz would have a hay day if some questionable pics showed up! I will check out the other names, may have to wait because its 300 am here night

      • Yes Nena I am the same person from Crushable. Miss not seeing Abbysbooks and lilycat’s post. I am new at Tweeting so I could be wrong but I thought the person’s name at the heading is the one who tweeted the message that you see and then the @whoever in red after the message was the one they tweeted to since I clicked on the one header name and the one in red which went to another account for the red name which was answering the post the header name had sent. I read both girls tweets. If you go to the Alice _InTwiLand twitter account read down all her post you will see where she Tweets Alexander Warner and says having a casual dinner with Rob. She goes on later to tweet to another girl the same message but the other girl’s account is protected. Then Alexand Warner tweets that she is touring the Australian Music Festival and met him there but he looked stoned. I might be wrong but there is also a picture of Alice with three other girls on one of their Twitpics. Alice looks like the same girl Robert Pattinson Life credited as the source for the fan pic. with Rob. Her twitter account was under the picture. If you keep reading their tweets it looks like some of them like Kristen and Rob and some are just big Rob fans. It also looks like they have been tracking him all over OZ since one asked Alice how she found out Rob was going to be there and the other says she was watching where others said he was. Then there was one tweet that said one of the girl’s brother was a stand in for Rob for the movie. Another said they would be leaving Adelane (sp?) on the 25 to start filming the movie. I had read that they would be filming part of it out in the wilderness area and would be staying at a ranch retreat area that was pretty much desolated with no cell phone range. It is strange how much you learn from someone’s tweets. I think I would protect mine. I don’t know about luring him into something but I wouldn’t doubt it with the haters and gossip mags. Also right now he needs to stop posing with individual girls until some of this blows over. The fans’ twitpics and post are just feeding the gossip rags tips they can spin into fabricated stories. Like the fan pic. that went out in a HWL article saying R had asked a blonde to dinner when he went to do the Dior commercial in NYC. A lot of the rags posted the picture of a girl snuggled into his side with the article Rob’s Revenge Dating and Moving On From Kristen. Problem was Robsten had a video of the 4 girls waiting for Rob in the foyer of the building he shot the commercial in. He took a picture with each girl , one being the pic the gossip rags used. Then he left the building with Nick and two bodyguuards. The fan tweeted the pic and HWL started a campaign which other rags picked up that Rob was dating the girl. I guess they had planned on using Alice’s photo to start something too but posters started commenting about the fan pic on another article HWL started up last night so they can’t use it. They did end the article with “The Plot Thickens!” so I think they were planning using Alice’s picture to start something. Also HWL has not posted anything else today about Kristen but the emails I got last night (5) were about Liberty Ross divorce. One on Kristen needing to confront Rob in OZ. I am ready to fire back at them tonight but I did notice other people Tracy123, Sam and Guest started attacking HWL for posting misleading articles about Stewart and giving the haters (which there were a lot of) the history of Liberty Ross and all the divorce petitions she has filed in two years with Rupert. I think Tracy123 is from the UK since she was discussing petitions filed before they came to the US.

      • where did u see tracy13 and sam post?

      • Nena: It was Tracy123. She post a lot with Sam on the Hollywood lIes site. The last one I saw her post on was the one about Liberty Ross files for divorce. It was the one that came up last night on my email.

      • Chance: Alice in Twiliand has been a long Rob fan….IDK bout Kristen… thinks it’s all about Rob with her…anyhew…she didn’t have the casual dinner with Rob…she says that Alexandra Warner chick did..and someone sent her the pic. Her twitter is open now for all to see. This Alexandra is also the one touring Australia. Yes it is a fan pic….LOL…here’s what I see, whether I’m right or not…LOL at people’s words….He was in the same eatery she was…they both ate dinner…it was casual….but they were not at the same table…IE: together…oh what a play on words no?…Chance, you go to…Panera’s at noon your time, and I’ll go to Panera’s at noon, also YOUR time…and we will eat a casual lunch together yes?….
        Alexandra Warner’s twitter is also open….
        These are some girls hoping to catch a brief glimpse of fame off Rob and up their twitter followers…we see this so very much….shame too.

      • Chance: It is only a fan. Look at Rob’s eyes. Does it smile the way it does when he is with Kristen? No!!!. There is no magnetic field there.
        If you believe he will fall for that girl then you have to believe that Kristen is a junkie (ref. Photo shoot W mag.). You are forgetting that he is the heart throb of millions around the globe. He wanted only one girl in this whole universe and he found her, years ago and she knows it better than any of us.

        I put a comment in HWL stating that the girl in the photo is the gf of some one working for HWL trying to hook up with Rob.which will be clarified by Bonnie if any one doubted my words. I also put in comments addressed to Christopher Rogers & Eleanore Hutch to tell them what I think of them as journalists. I felt it is better to attack the “writer” than the “haters”.

      • So far there is no divorce. Tabloids + unnamed sources = BS. if there was a complaint for divorce filed, sooner or later, it will become available as it is a public document. The longer that takes the less likely it never happened. For all the talk about a divorce, lets see the Complaint (the legal document kicking off a divorce proceeding).

    • novlady51:It is already starting. Not only are they calling Kristen a Home-wrecker for sure but the gossip rags are attacking her with Rob as well and saying she is staying quite and hiding so she can get more money from her cut of the DVD sales. This is getting out of hand again.

      • It’s over They are trying to start it up again. Don’t get suckered.

        On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 11:50 PM, Justice For Kristen wrote:

        > ** > Chance commented: “novlady51:It is already starting. Not only are they > calling Kristen a Home-wrecker for sure but the gossip rags are attacking > her with Rob as well and saying she is staying quite and hiding so she can > get more money from her cut of the DVD sales. This is ” >

      • Yes, the vile comments are flying already. I’m afraid that whatever headway we were making in getting people to not trust the rags will be overshadowed by this huge uproar blaming Kristen again. We’re back to summer once again.

      • novlady51: Don’t give up. I think we all need to keep fighting to get the truth out there. It is just going to take more of us to take on the rags who are fabricating the stories. I had 4 emails from HWL in one night with stories on R and K spliting up. They are spinning them out fast but I think we need to do what Twilighter57 said and post the truth on their sites. I just want to know that what I am posting can be backed up with proof before I call the gossip sites out for fabricating stories. If I don’t have proof then it makes me look like I am doing the same thing they are. Making up things.

      • Chance, I saw the photo of rob with the blond girl on twitter and it was just a fan pic. Do what twilighted57 said and don’t believe the gossip sites. They’ll post anything to get hits. The same rumors came out when rob was filming cosmopolis. Low and behold Kristen ended up on set with bear towards the end of filming discrediting every rumor the rags had posted. They adopted Bernie after the scandal. That’s a sign of a commited couple. Not one that is having troubles. wait for rob and Kristen to show you how they’re doing.

      • Thanks Dawn. I sent you a reply about this earlier. I hope you got it. I found the girls twitter account and she was not telling the truth. She was bragging to friends.

  13. tell me another and Nena: I hope this gets to you for I could not find a reply button to reply to your question. I tracked down the girl who twittered the picture of Rob at the bar that HWL is making such a big thing out of. Still looking for the twitter account of the blonde girl who posted her picture on Robert Pattinson Life and tweeted that she had dinner with him. The first girl can be found @plaank_ Her name is Shayla Plank. Here are some more twitters that were making post to her about Pattinson at bar @robstenswifty13 Will post date girl twitter when I find it. I have a feeling HWL will post her picture and the dinner article tomorrow.

  14. @dawn: I don’t believe the gossip sites but would like to have proof that what they are saying is fabricated or half truths with spins on them. I keep getting emails from HWL (can’t stop the emails from coming) so I have been going back and commenting under their fake articles what is really happening and how they fabricated the story. I like to leave the other posters information of where the truth is. I have noticed the more I post that the stories are fabricated and here is where you can find the truth other posters have started attacking HWL for fabricating articles and are speaking out more to stop the lies the gossip rags are spreading. The Liberty Ross thing might be real but I am still trying to get into the LA County divorce files to check it out. When you file it becomes public record. I just don’t know which courthouse they filed at. Does anyone know if it is West LA? Maybe if enough of us start attacking the gossip rags for fabricating stories they will back off and find someone else to pick on.

    • I think they got married England so wouldn’t they have to file there?

      • Dawn: I am not sure about that but back when they first moved to LA she filed for divorce in LA but pulled the petition when it came out that SWATH had gotten the go ahead to film. I think you file where your residence is. What they are saying now is that she filed a petition for divorce in Los Angeles and the lawyers they are both using are Cali. lawyers. I have a friend who was married in Toronto Canada. She is a US citizen but her husband was Canadian. They moved to Virginia and got a divorce. They filed in the town they lived in at the time. Maybe it is different in the UK though but You Magazine said back in July that she had filed for divorce when they moved to LA and resended it 3 months later. They filed again in LA this week. Tracy123 is the poster who said she had also filed in the UK before coming to the US but pulled the petition before the move.

      • is it possible to get links to all the stuff you posted on Lib and the divorce filings? Where is tracy123 posting

      • Hollywood Life. You can google LA Superior Cout Divorce Petition and a list of courthouses come up for different areas in LA. You have to know which courthouse they filed in to get into the records. I didn’t know which one they filed in but if you find out let me know. Divorce Petitions are public records and that is how a lot of media sources find out who is getting divorced as soon as the petiton is filed and recorded. I don’t know if it stays on the docates if the petiton is resended though. Twilighter57 being a lawyer might be able to answer that one for us.

      • Quick Lesson on Jurisdiction and Venue

        Jurisdiction is the authority of a court to hear and determine a particular type of case and issue. Personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction are the two types that most frequently come up in a divorce. Its more complicated in inter-state case but is relatively easy in cases where both parties are domiciled in the same state.

        A court has to have personal jurisdiction over “the person” of each party in a lawsuit in order to enter an enforceable judgment (usually accomplished on the opposing party by service of process).

        Subject matter jurisdiction is the power of the court to enter an enforceable order regarding the issues in a divorce. California vests that authority in Superior Court.

        Venue refers to which state court is the right one for holding a trial when more than one court has subject matter jurisdiction. Venue is proper if the person your suing lives within that court’s jurisdictional boundaries.

        Rupert and Liberty live in LA and the are “domiciled” there, thus LA County Superior Court has personal and subject matter jurisdiction over them (assuming) the opposing party was properly served.

        The only other thing in play, assuming a court has jurisdiction, is that it doesn’t matter if the marriage happened in another country or another state. As long as they are domiciled there, the court can take legally binding action over the parties.

        In addition, by California statute, a judgment of dissolution of marriage may not be entered unless one of the parties to the marriage has been a resident of this state for six months and of the county in which the proceeding is filed for three months next preceding the filing of the petition.

        Both Rupert and Liberty both have lived in LA for more than six months so this requirement is met. .

      • twilighted57: Do you know which courthouse they filed at? There are so many in LA I have not found record of the divorce petition yet. E!News did show a copy of it on TV last night but it was hard to see the names. I wonder if Liberty will pull it again like she has done in the past?

    • It is interesting that K had a new thread gold ring or something like that after NYC and there pics of R with identical ring on in the pics in OZ, in several pics and even a fan tweeted about the ring. Then nothing. I dont think the tabs want to cover that because it may be a happy story!!!

      • Nena: I have not seen the ring Rob has on but will look it up. If the rings that Kristen has on are the new rings she had on her left hand in the NYC departing pictures taken On Jan. 13 then you can find the rings at the Karen London jewelry site. A poster on Just Jared posted that they were Karen London ring designs and Miley Cyrus (sp?) has the same rings just in another color. Goggle Karen London rings. The rings are called Caradona (one on her middle finger) and Left to Wander (ring on her thumb) the rings come in gold, gunmetal, and silver. They said she already owned Left to Wander and had worn it in a mag shoot. I know her friend Suzie Riemer sells Karen London jewelry besides being a nanny for Jena Elfman. I don’t know if Kristen got the rings from her or Rob but I want to check out his ring too. Hope this helps. i agree with you about things being taken off the internet when they might prove a fabricated article about Kristen was just that a lie. The pictures that US Weekly sent out on the internet where taken off the next day when fans started finding things wrong with the pictures. Popsugar got the same pictures US Weekly published in their mag. Not all the US Weekly pics on the internet went to Popsugar because this one was not on the Popsugar site or in the US Weekly mag.

  15. T57 I need to bring something up to you. I the informative comment you posted to me you said you have your sorces too. You used an unnamed source just like the gossips rags we all beat up. If you want us to believe you, you need to be honest with us. We literally only have here and the gossip sites to go to. Rob and Kristen never gave us another outlet to go to. If they had their own websites, Facebook or twitter accounts we never would have went to the gossip sites and they would have beat them at their own game years ago. I’m just saying we need a little honesty right now. The truth is something we’ve never had the privilage of.

    • I agree with you Dawn…why even quote “unnamed sources” as at this site, they are being discredited? It looks hypocritical and when that happens, credibility is questionable.

    • Sorry, I was just being cute. And I wasn’t telling you to rely on my “unnamed source” or on me that matter, I was just pointing out where you can go look at them if you want to. I am too cheap and philosophically opposed to paying a firm like FameFlyNet a cent for anything but plenty of other people have and as a result we know what FFN has and how they characterize them. Problem is access is limited to only seeing them, and you are contractually bond to not reproduce them. But it certainly doesn’t stop us from talking about them.

      As I said FFN was clueless about the photos, and they passed that cluelessness onto US Magazine. But they had to have some back story to back up the photos. So they did what the celebrity gossip machine does best, they made one up.

  16. Well twilighted57 even the young girls on twitter seem to be coming around now. What you and the rest of us have been doing is working. Hopefully the paps we ease up on rob and Kristen now. That’s good. Just wish we could know if rob and Kristen appreciate what we’re trying to do for them.

    • Personally I could care less if they do or not. Sometimes doing the right thing is it own best reward.

      • I have to agree with Twilighted57. The reason I have been going on gossip sites and twitter to attack them for fabricting stories is not to get recognition from Kristen and Rob but to show others that these sites spin stories and where the truth can be found. I do it because it is the principle of the matter. It is the right thing to do as in calling out someone for destroying an innocent person with slanderous lies. I don’t think Kristen and Rob will ever know what we are doing but then I would do this for anyone who was having their image and career destroyed by slander. I do wish more people would help to correct a wrong instead of just sitting around debating theories amongst themselves. If you really wanted to help then get out there like Twilighted57, guest and I are doing to stop the rags from spreading lies. WE NEED HELP! I don’t think those who are going to the gossip sites and attacking them for their fabricated stories are believeing what their articles are saying. That would be a contridiction of attacking the story.

      • Could you please send me the info we discussed? Thanks!

      • Chance…ever since I have been on the HL site, I have defended them, especially Kristen. But I was using another name. The abuse flung in her direction was disgusting and I wouldn’t stand for it. Rob got his fair share on there too but way less than Kristen. She was the target.

        I think Kristen is a brilliant actress and pointed out the performances in Speak and Welcome to the Rileys as examples. I thought she should have been nominated for both movies at such a young age. I believe her best work is yet to come.

        I tell you, this is the worst kind of journalism. I have always gone to HL to comment and defend her. This is how I found the Justice for Kristen site. I am seeing the pattern now…they are saying similar things about Rihanna that they said about Kristen..she’s pregnant..yadayada. Can’t they talk about hybrids or something? lol

  17. Sander’s divorce, where does this development goes into the equation? I believe that kristen was step up. Pictures were used to harassed her or extort her. By whom? Rupert or somebody who wanted to extort money from her.

    • It seems like LIberty is good with timing events. She sent out the drunk Snow White picture tweets just before the pictures were released and then deleted her twitter account right after the stuff hit the fan. Makes me wonder if Liberty set this up to get out of the marriage since this is the third time she has filed for divorce (Twice before Kristen came onto the scene)and she has gained popularity through the scandal.

      • No doubt she is pretty good with timing events. You forgot to add her naked picture.
        I wonder which is more damaging to the kids. The naked picture of their mom or the so called scandal involving their (fully clothed)dad.

      • @valsan: You mean her naked pictures. The one she did for LOVE mag. was not her first picture. A youtube video went out about the K and Rup pictures being manipulated and in the video there were several frontal naked pictures of Liberty. They were pictures used in several mags she has posed for. I wonder more what the kids’ friends will say about their mother posing nude for a mag. Poor kids. I wonder if their parents even consider them when they are doing these disgraceful things. Parents talk and their kids hear them and reflect the parents feelings back on the child who has disgraceful parents. I think R and L are to wrapped up in themselves to care about the kids.

    • Sanders divorce? See above. Tabloids + unnamed sources= BS. Don’t let it clutter your brain. You can worry about that when someone comes up with the Complaint for Divorce. And if no one does, begin to ask yourself why anyone wants you to believe that story.

  18. T57: The color of the mini cooper in the july pictures is glossy black thus we can see reflection from the car. Just saw an old pic of kristen with the mini cooper and i think it is matted black thus there will be no reflection when one takes a picture of it. Please check on this one. If I am right, we can proved that there is something wrong with the photos taken….. staged… Photoshopped…. modified

    • More recently she was driving the onyx black mini. Compare with July 18-20 going to/from gym photos. same onyx black. Her old mini 2010-11 was a graphite gray.

      • Hi I hope my above comment didn’t make you angry. Was not my intent. You’ve given us lots of viable facts so far. I don’t want to know who you are just maybe you’re sources when you see fit to tell us. we fans have been haunted by unnamed sources for 4 years now. It’s a sore subject even for you. Keep up the spectacular work:-)

    • People are getting hung on this Kristen’s car business. Over the years she has actually driven several different but highly similar ones. As far as what she might have been driving in July of 2012, I think the best evidence of that is in some of the photos of her that were taken around the period of time of the so-called scandal. July 18,19,20. You can find them at in the photo gallery under 2012 candids, about the 5th page in. I have a section in the next release that talks about this car in detail. Not to leave you hanging, the car in those photos is generally the same as the ones from FFN. What’s called oynx black.

  19. I found this very interesting post on The comments by abbeysbooks ignited my suspicions again and if this is true, would confirm one of my comments in the beginning that I thought the destruction of Kristen was coming from Rob’s direction. Check out this very interesting link. So it may not be Rob per se but people around him because “they get a cut of the profits” which was one of my very first impressions after coming to this board!

    Scroll down to the part where abbeysbooks is talking about Nick, Rob’s manager. I am referring to post 10-11 specifically and following. IF this is true, maybe Rob has to choose between either Kristen and the rest of the idiots feeding off Rob at the expense of their relationship unless of course he is hell bent on destroying Kristen as well for profit. If he loves her that much, he definitely needs a new manager if he wants to keep Kristen if this is going down and it could be the cause of friction in their relationship…his manager who apparently according to this post, only cares about his own cut. This story would make a Hollywood thriller unto itself!

    Let me know what you all think.

    • Guest…that thought does not follow through though….truly, if you think about it…Nick has been Rob’s manager since Harry Potter days that we can document. That’s a long time. If Nick had been as shady as people say, when Rob first got with Kristen he would have dumped him. I don’t think this scenario of Rob or Rob’s team digging at Kristen plausible.

      • TellMeAnother: Exactly; thank you. People are grasping at straws here.

      • I think it’s hard to be patient and wait for something Rob and Kristen may or may not give us concerning this whole shebang….they don’t usually give explanations, but rather show us with actions. I’ll choose to sit back….wait….hope they enjoy any semblance of privacy they are getting and look for the signs as they come.

      • I agree with you, TMA. I think that this has to run it’s course and it is a LONG course. It will not happen on our timetable, it is playing out and we need to just sit back and be patient. Like Twilighted said, the main objective is to bring the tabs back down to reporting about Hilary Clinton and alien babies. The fact that all parties involved remain silent, tells me that they know exactly what they are doing. There is a plan. Patience.

        As for the divorce, has anyone actually seen the filing or are we just going on what TMZ has reported? Twilighted, you see anything concrete? Anyone??? Just because TMZ says the papers were filed, does not mean they actually have.

      • @Badger…Hollywood and the music industry …the whole agenda is very hypnotic…Jim Morrison was such a warrior. He knew. If you don’t comply, beware. I think this is why Kristen was targeted. She doesn’t comply and I can see Rob’s discomfort when he is alone without her. See my long post and the link. It’s something bigger..someone bigger. If I were them, I would just leave the industry before they are made into people they are not which already appears to be happening. I think Rob is already sensing this big time. Perhaps it’s why he wants to protect Kristen and wants her to commit to him. However, at the same time, he is being pulled into a vortex while Kristen is left on the periphery due to this so called scandal. Lots going on beneath the surface.

      • @ tell me another…..I just observed what this person said on crushable…another plausible theory but how do you prove WHO did this? I am still not buying that it was Kristen. Sorry. Why would she do that to herself? I am more apt to believe if she was involved, it was against her will. Question: Why would she take part in her own self-destruction unless of course it was done in anger for a particular reason and she wasn’t thinking.

        I am more apt to believe it was Summit that controlled them for strategic purposes. The “Us versus Them” on Kristen’s hat was a huge clue. I agree with you TMA.

      • I still agree about K, in my thoughts, IF they were involved, it would have ended long ago. I can not think why you would put your self through MORE of what you hated? So so much more and worse then it was! I could be wrong but I think the past 6 months have been worse then the last 4 years. Again I could be wrong … On the crushable site we discussed every single situation possible, believe me, we talked for 3 months approx.

      • Interesting nena..thanks for that. I don’t think she was involved to make herself go through this hell! Therefore, I don’t think it’s a punk but a strategic move to get her away from Rob. They play with people who are dispensable. Maybe when Rob loses the love of his life he will realize what he lost after they are done with him and spit him out, figuratively speaking.

        Like Chronenberg said, the Awards are nothing but b.s. When you are left with no dignity, the loss of a great love, and a thing called a statue that collects dust, then maybe the people who sold their souls will realize what they gave up for fame. Dignity and bravery are intangibles that don’t come with a price tag, a title, or an IT girl.

        Kristen is one brave young woman and I predict she will gain even more followers after the dust settles because she knows how to stand in her power. I have a feeling this is a lesson of discernment for Rob..big huge lesson. Which road to choose…better to take the road less traveled and keep your soul in tact.

      • So you’re throwing Rob under the bus here? Where did that come from?

      • OHk in response to your comment..“So you’re throwing Rob under the bus here? Where did that come from?”

        Couldn’t be farthest from the truth. I love these 2 together. BUT I fear that he is “throwing himself under the bus” due to whatever pressures he is feeling about his career after Twilight and the influences around him…people making money off him and that could be anyone around him.

        I am also concerned that he may be inadvertently throwing Kristen under the bus because of the pressure to make it after Twilight and the direction of their relationship etc. Plus, he may want to rid himself of the Edward stigma. I agree that he needs to focus on his solo career now but meeting with HW is worrisome especially if his reputation is as bad as other actors and actresses have said as stated by Chance. I think staying friends with Kristen is a good choice though because if/when they are not dating, she will most likely support him which is what he still needs from her in the Hollywood environment.

        The friend of mine who told me about The Vigilant Citizen site had no idea what I was up to on this board. The bizarre thing is that when she first started talking about this site, she said that in Hollywood, it is somewhat customary to destroy actresses and actors from the inside out once they are finished with them. What a horrible profession to be in if this is the case!

        At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our choices and no one suffers or celebrates the consequences like the people who make them.

      • I don’t see anything, from his actions, that would indicate that he is under the bus or throwing anyone else under it inadvertently either. I could be wrong, but I just don’t know and think it may be taking us off track to speculate or worry about it. He’s working and in seclusion, he has a job to do and he’s doing it. I do see what you are saying, I guess I’m just not ready to go there though. If he goes to the Oscars with JL, THEN I’ll go there. LOL! (Not gonna happen though, HELLO he’s in the Outback filming a movie).

      • Agreed again OHk. You are on a roll here. Rob is not doing anything different than he’s done each time he’s filmed a movie…..Kristen is also not doing anything different than she’s done each time Rob films a movie…at least the “for your public notice” part…IDK what her schedule is…LOL…
        I’m not seeing anything here that would ruffle feathers or send up a red flag.
        It’s business as usual. No bigs.

      • Thanks TMA. Yeah, what is happening with Rob and Kristen is normal…no different than any other movie stars. The problem is, people are interested in every. last. thing they do. For four years now they have been the cow and the tabs/summit/media(whatever) have been sucking that teat HARD! Rob and Kristen allowed it (to an extent) and now the fans somehow feel entitled to know their every move. Some crazy fans feel they know Rob and Kristen on a personal level, that’s how completely out of hand it has gotten. Some “fans” feel that they can even predict what Rob and Kristen are feeling or thinking at any given moment. It’s scary AND the basis for most of the shit stories that the tabs are pushing.

        We need to stay the course and hope that the message is received…leave Kristen and Rob alone, stop talking on comments boards, etc. like you know a damn thing about what they are going through, stop pushing hate against them, stop the tabloids from printing the FALSE stories and hate. Hold those that do accountable. BRING THOSE FUCKERS DOWN! People need to understand that it is their comments that are motivating the tabs to keep pushing the crap. We should do a boycott, tweet it to all…A day of silence (hell, a week of silence). Walk away from the computer and don’t give any of these rags a hit. IDK, just an idea. Lol!

      • Boycotting sounds great! How do you go about getting people to actually do it and stick with it? I go on the sites to attack the rags for fabricating stories and trolling Twitpics and twitter accounts for spin stories. The problem is the Kristen haters keep the sites going with negative comments which drag the Kristen supporters to defend her. This just ends up as a non ending circle. So if we do have a boycott how do we do it where the sites actually feel the hurt? I am all for it if we can make them actually hurt where it counts in the pocket book.

      • Check out “The Plan” All of the details are here on this site. I think we are on to something and it seems to be having some effect. It won’t be an overnight fix, but between this and hopefully new laws… we can start to get some of it under control.

      • Thank God for the wilderness. lol What I am saying is that when you are in a position like they are, so many people can take advantage of you if you’re not protected. The industry is cutthroat, no doubt about it. Plus, the amount of exposure these actors have make them very vulnerable not only to public verbal stoning but manipulation from people in the industry. So they’re getting it from both sides. It’s all about the almighty buck unfortunately. They are artists and so it’s means to them.

      • @OHK and guest: Jennifer Lawrence’s people have made a statement that Robert Pattinson was never asked to escourt JL for the Oscars. Nor is she dating RB. This all started with a gossip mag out of Australia called Grazia which they say is notorious for putting together celebrities to start fabricated stories to sell their mag. They also trolled twitter accounts to see who the Rob fans wanted him with and it seemed a lot want him with JL since she is big now. Grazia called RB and JL “The Golden Couple” thanks to what they got from his fans.They are not much better than HWLies and I think they are connected with HWL come to think of it. It seems the mags and sites who keep rehashing each other’s stories and creating stories by adding to a story that another mag just reported are all connected to each other. The mags are OK!, In Touch, Life & Style, Grazia, The Star, The Mirror, Hollywood Lies (who usually starts the story). I wonder if they are all owned by the same person?

      • I think you are on a bus to nowhere on this one. Starting with too many tabloids and trying spin something out of nothing. Let’s get back to the known facts and stay away from nonsense. We try to tolerate a set of views here, but overactive speculation doesn’t further anything.

      • TMA..unless his manager is being influenced by the Hollywood machine. Then it may be a different story.

        When you look at this situation energetically, Star Wars had it right. “The force be with you.” But you have to know when to listen and when to be proactive for your own protection. The “force be with you” is as close as it gets. It’s the intangible, an invisible war. The “evidence” is just a manifestation of this invisible war.

        When you say I am “grasping at straws” it’s like grasping at an intangible like quicksilver. Once you have it in your hand, it may slip away if you lose your focus. Once you think you know the truth, another obstacle is in the way pulling you in the opposite direction as a distraction. That’s how evil works. It pulls you away from the source. It’s the nature of “the game”. Bravery is the antithesis of being compliant. It nullifies the game and renders it powerless. Clue: the power is within and when you access it, no one can touch you and the result is making the right choice because you’re attuned. It doesn’t want for anything which is the opposite from what they expect of you.

        Let’s look at Hollywood’s creation which gives a really good example. When Katniss and Peeta make it to the end in the Hunger Games, they changed the rules and one of them had to destroy the other. But instead, they made a pact to eat the poison berries on the count of 3 to die together. That was no fun because they took control of their own destiny instead of being mind controlled. Their act of foresight (having the poison berries just in case) and bravery helped nullify the rule change at the end. They didn’t want for anything. Their values changed during the Hunger Games once they saw through the facade, that it was a game based on fear. They had to access an intangible, the source, to win this game in the end. It wasn’t a physical act at the end which helped them to survive but a brave act. Bravery was the antidote.

        The big clue in Kristen’s case is to follow the energy…and check out who is being energetically attacked the most. Where is the energy being spent the most and on whom? When you know the who as the real target, then the why may come easier. Interesting that the target is a young woman who has a strong will. She would be the most fun to destroy. See the game? This is how they bombard and break down the will…through self doubt, ridicule, mass rejection, all a form of mind control which the gossip media is a part of.

        If I were Kristen, I would go within to find solace in a higher power right now. They are trying to throw her off centre and I am afraid it is working. This may be the only way she will get through this…to go away to a peaceful place with no phone accompanied by her bodyguards. One of the commenters in the previous link I posted said she was going to pray for Rob and Kristen and I think it’s a good idea.

        I understand why Rob didn’t want Kristen to do SWATH 2…he may have sensed something else that didn’t feel right to him or didn’t like the way she was treated last time and was afraid it would happen again. Though Kristen is a fighter and she is aware of the game, Rob has an awareness on a different level. Clue: He waffles between wanting to get out of the business altogether at times from what I have read.

      • Ok…but if Rob is intelligent like you say, and I agree…he is….people underestimate him…then he wouldn’t bow to pressure from Nick of all people… fact, Rob has stated that he frequently does what Nick tells him NOT to. Bottom line is Nick works for Rob. Rob pays his check. For Nick to be around this long, Rob must be satisfied with the service he is receiving. I don’t for a minute believe Rob could be influenced or pressured by his manager like is being suggested here….Esp. if Rob has stated in the past he was ready to walk away from it all, and he prefers indies…

        I would believe that Harvey has controlled the media after the staged event happened and shit on Kristen that way, pushing her out of the running and pimping Jennifer L, his actress. That one follows through and is plausible.

        For now, all I can see is Harvey saw a situation that would work to his advantage and used it for all it was worth…if it can be proven he is involved at all.

      • Kristen is not fooled and they weren’t fighting over Christmas. Just made up stories again. Learn will ya!

      • There are a lot of Rupert and Liberty are evil theories, just like there are a lot of Nick is evil theories. What must always be asked is, aside from speculation, what is the evidence that supports that notion?

      • Twilighted…regarding your comment:

        “There are a lot of Rupert and Liberty are evil theories, just like there are a lot of Nick is evil theories. What must always be asked is, aside from speculation, what is the evidence that supports that notion?”

        What about following the money? Has anyone done this yet? That should tell us a lot! The people who took money will reveal the WHO and even the person/people who dished it out will tell us the WHO. Then the WHY will follow yes?

    • Guest please read the comment I sent to t57 asking if what I thought was close to the truth. He said I was closer than I thought. That means rob and Kristen did this together to punk the media and get some of their privacy back. They are a real couple. The dogs prove that. This is all mostly about getting back at the media. I just hope they jump out and yell you’ve been punked to the media soon because things have just gotten bad again with the liberty divorce crap even though she’s filed multiple times over the years. If they care about their fans at all, I hope they do something soon.

      • I don’t think people are really getting what Twilighted has said…he says that the plan is to bring down the tabs. All of these false stories show desperation on the part of tabs, they have nothing to report so they make shit up. Look at how people are now spinning this blonde girl dinner story. It’s just taken on a life of it’s own, no real facts to back it up but people are starting to believe the bullshit story. Much like the scandal…no one has said a word to substantiate the story. The story was told through (altered) pictures and sources…nothing directly from the mouths of the involved. How is that different from what is being spun about the blonde? Both scenarios are based off of pictures. No facts. The plan is working….patience is key.

      • Bingo….well said again on that OHk….

      • @TMA….it’s part of the mind control mechanism…thought and words have power to shape consciousness. No doubt about it.

      • Again…well said.

      • @OHk…but like I said before, the rag mags are part of the mind control mechanism of something much bigger…the Hollywood machine..but it could envelop something much bigger…

      • And what we are maybe missing here is that everyone is getting emotionally exhausted by this whole undertaking. The longer goes, the exhausted they become. If in the end this all turns out to be BS, I don’t think anyone will ever believe a gossip rag again.

    • @guest:I have wondered about that ever since Abbysbooks brought that up. It also seems like Nick is a second skin to Rob and it was said Nick is not big on Rob and Kristen together. I wonder if Nick is working with Harvey Weinstein to make Rob and Jennifer Lawrence the new “IT” couple. I know Rob has been going to a lot of Weinstein functions and if you google Weinstein they say in the articles on him that he is the one in Hollywood every agent wants their actor in with for Weinstein runs HW and is the biggest bully HW has with a lot of power with the studios and the media.. Just google his name and look at the actresses he has ruined through media. Jennifer Lawrence is his new “IT Girl”. Please google Harvey Weinstein. This is who Nick has been pushing Rob to get involved with. Those involved with Weinstein get alot of media backing, big awards (Oscar), product indorsements and big movies for awhile but they have to sell their souls to the devil to get it and then Weinstein dumps them and moves on to his next actor project leaving the old one to fin for himself with out PR and good movie roles. The old one usually ends up going back to Indie films. Sienna Miller was a Weinstein project who was dumped so I would think she would warn Rob. I imagine Kristen already knows how bad Weinstein is since the INDIE film directors hate him with the exception of David Cronenberg who tries to get Weinstein to front his movies(maybe he is pushing Rob as well ). I don’t think Kristen would play Weinstein’s game and for it she is getting bashed by the media. I wonder if soon you will see Rob and Jennifer Lawrence a PR couple. Bradley Cooper is one of Weinsteins projects now and look at all the roles, media boost and awards he has been getting and they tried to pair him with Lawrence but Cooper said no so I bet they are pushing Kristen out to put her and Rob together. This would make Nick very rich and influential in HW to have Weinstein backing his actor. Just wondering if this is what is going on. I am just speculating here.

      • Chance: BINGO! You took the words right out of my mouth but I didn’t want to mention his name. So I did it in a round about way through my posts. See my long posts please and check out the link I posted. The comments are fascinating! I also read that this may be why Kristen and Rob were fighting over the holidays because he is going to get involved with HW and Kristen doesn’t play the game because she knows better. Maybe she was warning him and he didn’t listen. Also, it was speculated that TS is upset with him too that he is planning on getting involved with HW.

        Maybe this is a huge karmic lesson Rob has to learn..true love or money, power and selling your soul until you don’t know who you are anymore. Then you get spit out. Wow. Like I said, I felt a really strong influence around Rob regarding Kristen which makes it look like Rob but if his manager is his second skin, it would make sense that it is someone close to Rob. Thank you for pointing these things out Chance. It would make sense WHY Kristen is the target. I see a real struggle in Rob right now. She is in the way. But Kristen will fight for him. All this bad press might backfire on the whole plan to split them up and discredit her!

        How do you prove this though with the evidence?

        By the way, did you hear JL’s speech when she accepted her Golden Globe? Let me know what you think. She wouldn’t be the IT girl if she wasn’t compliant right?

      • Not buying this one….

      • NOT buying it either.

      • You are buying into the rags, sorry but you are. IF Rob shows at the Oscars with Jennifer, then you can run with this line of thinking. Until then though, you are just believing the crap the tabs are selling.

      • OHk…it was in reference to his meetings with HW that I was referring to. When I say something, I am just throwing ideas out there…possibilities….up for discussion. Feel free to prove anything I say as wrong. I am only interested in the truth. That’s why I came to this site when I saw Kristen being brought down.

        When I mention what I have read on the mag rags recently, I am looking for their current spin. Also, I am on HL to defend Kristen even though I have not formally said I was following through with the plan Twilighted mentioned.

        Now they are saying Rob is going to the Oscars with JL. Well, they could be prepping the public to be prepared otherwise, why would they print it in advance? It’s called advertising. If this is W’s next “pet couple” then it could very well be why this news is flooding the Internet about a month before the Oscars. If it is proven to be false, then they will lose credibility. Either way, they make money so they don’t care.

      • @guest: So you are the other one attacking HWL for telling lies about Kristen. I was wondering who the other giest was helping with the attack. I have not seen anything on HWL about the Oscars. Where did you read this?

      • Okay, I guess I read you wrong then. I apologize.

        My personal opinion, I don’t think the rags are prepping us with the JLaw/Rob hookup. I think they are fishing; throw out a headline and see how many buy it hook line and sinker. If the reaction is big, they keep baiting that line.

      • Agreed…100%,

      • That’s a good point OHk…You could be right.

      • In the law its what we call starting with hearsay and piling and inference on an inference. Its not a matter of proving anything you say as wrong. Its a matter of saving your energy and not bothering to get sidetracked on some bs in the first place. This is a deadend. If Rob shows up with Jennifer Lawrence, thats the time to start worrying about whether it means anything.

      • Right. But like I said, this is the media. They love to advertise stuff ahead of time to prep the consciousness of the masses and test them. I used to work in advertising so I know how they work it. Apparently, it was refuted by JL’s handlers. I think Chance mentioned this but until something was said, it got the attention of the masses just like the K/R scandal did.

      • So if you know how it all works, why are you buying it?

      • @OHk…not buying it until I see it for myself. They always prep the masses ahead of time. Just because I say something doesn’t mean I buy into it OHk.:-) I am just throwing it out for discussion.

      • OHk…regarding your comment..“Um, “guest” says Rob is “supposed” to escort Jennifer to the Oscars? Guest is quoting a rag mag. Need I say more?”

        I am only telling you what they are printing now…I don’t believe it obviously! lol Oh yeah…and now they are getting married again. One magazine went so far as stating they were “getting whiplash” from all the different stories …hilarious.

        Like I mentioned before, it is a game of discernment and a war of perceptions…that’s how the public is influenced. It’s also how Hollywood stars can be brought to their knees and destroyed from the inside out. Words have power and can destroy a career or a person for that matter.

        I am going on to the sites to defend Kristen. But as soon as it takes up too much of my time, I am done with posting anything and I will wait for more answers without playing a guessing game.

      • Fighting over the holidays = Tabloid BS. don’t build into your arguments or they are flawed from the beginning. And piling the inferences again.

        They were fighting over holidays
        It must have been because he was going HW and Kristen won’t play.
        And Nick must be the motivator
        And why Kristen is the target.

        Sorry, lots of mubo jumbo.

        And as far as being the it girl only if you are compliant. Kristen has been the it girl for quite a while and was never really compliant.

      • I don’t know if we have the same situation as we did earlier, but could you please contact me?

      • What’s up. I’m here for a bit and then will be on later.

      • I never know the best way to talk to you. I sent you another email. Just let me know when you are online and can respond. Hopefully I’ll be there too!

      • just asking how do you know Bradly Cooper said no?? Wouldnt that put him in the same catagory as K? Besides Rob knows and wont play the game!! But yes this goes higher then R&K, Summit and maybe Universal!!! But obviously it needs to be brought down!!!

      • @Nena: There was a rumor and an article started by the gossip mags after the Critics Choice Awards that BC and JF were a couple because they were sitting together at the awards show looking cozy. She had just broken off with Nick Holt. The Gossip mag (I think it was In Touch) said BC and JL were dating and that is why her and Nick broke up. At the Golden Globes Nancy O’Deal(sp?) interviewed BC and asked him if he was dating JL now. He said no way for he was old enough to be her dad and he didn’t date girls that young. Weinstein treats the male actors differently than he does the female actors while they are his projects. A reporter said his wife is involved with the male actors 😦 she likes them young while Weinstein pimps out the female actors. A reporter for the LA Times wrote an article on Weinstein but was fired before it was published so he published it on the internet. Just Google Weinstein and all these articles come up written on him by organizations, Directors and those working in the INDIE movie business. Matt Damon was one of Weinstein’s projects as well and he was asked by Jimmy Kimmel when he was doing promos for Promiseland would he let his girls follow him into the movie business. He said absolutely NO. The business was different and harder on female actors and he would never want to see his daughters put through what a female has to go through to get a part in the movie industry. At the SAG Awards Ben Affleck was asked the same thing by an E! News reporter and it was funny that he said the same thing as Damon. Both of them have delt with Weinstein. Nena just google Weinstein and your eyes will be opened. I just hope now that Warm Bodies is coming out maybe they will leave Kristen and Rob alone and go after the romantic couple in that movie who happens to be Nick Holt (JL recently ex boyfriend)and Teresa Palmer ( a Kristen want to be).

      • I could see this scenario….: R/K/Summit do staged event. It blows up on the rag mag scene….Harvey sees this and controls the media the rest of the summer/fall trying to throw Kristen and On the Road out of the running.

        Both Silver Linings playbook and On the Road appeared at Cannes….both got recognition after. Both were said to be Oscar worthy.
        When Kristen stepped ahead and “shone” despite last summer’s events, Harvey may have turned up the heat with those rag mags, which would explain Rob’s vehement telling that they lie.

        Now this one I could believe…..that perhaps Harvey didn’t “start” the game last summer, but when he saw potential to push is actress out there, he went whole hog on it.

      • Now that at least is an interesting thought. Now where do you take it from there based on the evidence.

      • Problem is nena, he might get caught up in the game due to pressure. Kristen is the fighter and resistor in the relationship. That‘s why I think she was the target and she’s in the way of the next “pet project” from happening.

      • Guest, I dunno if Rob could be “pressured” like that. I’ve seen that boy stand up to bat and hit that ball clean out of the ball park when he’s “pressured”…, I’d have to see way more evidence to lean in this direction….

      • Also guest…..

        I have a hard time believing that he would sell Kristen out like that.
        Esp. when he interviewed last summer and this fall and was very frank about the gossip rags make people stupid and they lie….or they make up more lies…etc and etc..

        I think also, if Rob would bow to pressure, and would have doing this shit to get his “award” for Harvey…..he would not have spent time with Kristen at NYE or before and after…kwim?
        Something is not following through with this theory that Harvey had Kristen set up…kwim?

        If that be true, and Harvey really did, there is no way in hale, the way Rob feels about Kristen that he would have then turned to Harvey and played his game…..Hell, Rob was ready to quit acting before he signed for New Moon because of the bullshit…and that was small cakes…kwim?

        He also spoke about taking control of his personal life back…after Twilight…and how it had to be planned…worked out….because there was so much money and people involved…
        This isn’t someone I can see selling his soul to Harvey to be the next “it boy”……he doesn’t want to be the “it” boy….

      • I agree, He likes acting but he has other things that he can do in life. Plus its not like he needs the money, and not to be stupid but what is kwim?

      • Nena…KWIM = Know What I Mean.
        Sorry…I use that a lot.

      • ok so kwim= know what I mean, btw=by the way, tbh=

      • Thank you, you are saving me the trouble.

      • She’s the target because she she scares the crap of those who want the existing status quo to remain in force. Actresses who smile and play nice with the celebrity gossip machine and keep the big studios rolling in money making predictable projects for the masses. Rob to date has shown no inclination to be a sellout as you suggest, and if anything, their shared contempt of business as usual is just one many things that they share in common.

      • So twilighted, why has the status quo been in power this long? What will it take to dethrone them? Has anyone attempted to topple them in the past and where are they now? Something to think about.

      • Do you have email? or Twitter? is your email on the plan?

      • I agree with you. I think Harvey weinstein peddle to much influence in Hollywood. If you will research the best actress in the previous years in the oscar award, actresses are won by the movies produced by harvey weinstein. If T 57 can research on him and if there is connection of him bringing down kristen stewart, then let the battle begin! Let us unite and boycott all his films.

      • Funny you should mention that abcd. It had to be someone with access and influence who set her up, and a follow through reinforcement with the gossip media. I am sensing this as well, especially considering the large scale gossip media reports that Jen Lawrence has asked Rob to be her escort at the Oscars! They are moving very fast on this story that these 2 will likely be the next IT couple according to some reports. Nothing like giving your life to someone else to control. Who knows if this is true but if it pans out, and he loses Kristen for good, it will be a life lesson worth remembering. Stand in your power, follow your heart, and never let anyone control your life. All the status and money in the world doesn’t buy happiness.

      • Well now this is very interesting, the “Harvey angle”. If you consider how much money, time, resources this jerk gives to push his actors/movies to be recognized and then look at how effortless it was for (measly little Summit) Rob and Kristen to dominate…yeah, he can’t have been happy about that huh? Movies of his are being blown out of the water by the Twilight franchise. They were a threat and what do powerful people do to “threats”? Yup, they destroy them. Maybe the puppet master is higher up than we even realized??? That would explain why no one is calling “foul”???

        This is all politics people, we know this. There are some powerful people working the system and if you don’t play you’re screwed. I don’t think Rob would play this game, but if he shows at the Oscars I will have my answer. I will be disappointed, but it will tell me just how powerful the players are here. I hope Kristen has finally taken the advice of Jodie Foster and just walked away from it all.

      • There is no evidence that JL really asked him to be her date! It sounds so jr. High to me! So if this is true, which we all know that K loves indies, wont play the HW game, doesnt care about impressing people but the people who do work with her and know her seem to really like and respect her, but if HW doesnt like her and she wont play his game, and if he had anything to do with this along with god knows who else , then her acting career is over then!!! If he has black balled her, and with the prolonged media trashing how can she ever work in HW again? And if R wont go along then he may soon be done also! I didnt think I could possibly get more sad and mad about this but i am!!! And with the divorce news, rumors again that Lib had a hand in it to get dirt on hubby for more money!! Why in gods name would anyone be an actor in HW today? You really have to sell your soul, I hope JL thinks it worth it, especially if summit, and or Harvey has started controlling her personal life!

      • Right, there is no evidence that she asked him and it is ridiculous really…Rob is filming a movie for god sakes. This is all tabloid crap. What I am tossing around in my mind is how HW can use his power to manipulate what’s in the tabs to the advantage of the actors he is pushing. As I recall, both OTR and Silver Linings were at Cannes…both had oscar buzz. What happened??? Yes, tabloid drama and bullshit thrown at Kristen.

        This is hollywood politics at work here and it is dirty.

      • Yes!!! And it just got a whole lot scarier!!!!! But makes me want to fight more

      • Monroe fought them. She won but it cost her her life. Judy Garland didn’t fight, just gained weight as her method. Ava Gardner fought. How you fight is just as important as that you fight.

      • I would be interested to see Twilighter’s take on this….also…can anyone show a connection between Weinstein and the events last July..and even better…a connection between he and Rupert?…if someone can show clear evidence of that, then this has merit.

        Otherwise, it’s just Weinstein pimping out his actors for awards….which seems to be the norm for him.

      • @guest: Where did you hear about Rob and Jennifer Lawrence going to the Oscars together?

      • @abcd: Just google him and you will find out how many actors he has hurt in HW. There is an article written by a newspaper reporter (not a gossip paper) giving the list of actors, how they win awards, the PR push and endorsement campaigns, and his wife’s involvement. They call the actors “Weinstein projects”. The actors sell their souls for parts in the movies he produces. Scary! Go to the one about the legendary casting couch and then the one sent in by a bunch of INDIE directors about how he controls what films are made and how he pimps out actresses for his pleasure and other directors. Jennifer Lawrence is his new “IT GIRL”. The Weinstein Company produced Silver Lining Playbook with Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. That is why Jennifer is winning everything for Weinstein controls who wins awards in every award show and he controls the media sources that build up or tear down the actors image. Just Google him and let me know what you think.

      • Hey where did you find that article about the actors? What was it in, I googled him but didnt want to go thru all the crap!

      • @Nena: I’ll google him tonight and send the stuff to you. I asked Sue to send me your email if that is okay. We are on two different time zones I think. I am in the US on central time zone. Look for it tonight or tomorrow.

      • ha I am also in the UC central time zone!!!

      • @Nena: Yea! I am in Texas right now. Is it okay for Sue to send me your email?

      • sure!!!

      • Rob wouldn’t play Weinstein’s game either. he and Kristen have always beat to their own drum. Besides rob will be filming in the middle of know where until well after the Oscars. Him and Kristen aren’t in it for the awards or money. They never wanted fame to begin with and have said so many times. They act because they love to act. They don’t care if people see their moves. For them it’s about making them. They’ve both stated this multiple times. This whole thing is much simpler than you’re making it out to be. Twighted57 please post part 12 soon. People are starting to think so far out of the box now. Sorry again for my rant below.

      • @dawn: He might not have a choice if he wants any movie roles. Nick will be pushing also. I guess we will have to wait and see if he shows for the Oscars like guest has said he is suppose to escourt Jennifer Lawrence. I thought he would be in the outback filming until the end of March but I guess he could fly back for the Oscars. I would like to know Twilighted57’s take on Weinstein.

      • Um, “guest” says Rob is “supposed” to escort Jennifer to the Oscars? Guest is quoting a rag mag. Need I say more?

      • In response to Chance: I would like to read that article that you mentioned before, who give that list of actors called “Weinstein project”. Can you post it here please? Thanks.

      • Save your energy. tabloids + unnamed sources = BS. There is actually very little of anything real happening right now. That why the CGM is going crazy and why it seems so bad. In point of fact nothing is happening. The next event of importance that does matter will probably be when Kristen gets on a plane.

      • I was wondering that last night. There are no signs of Kristen anywhere. Just like it was after the scandal hit. I would have thought the paps and gossip rags would have tried to get pictures or something about her by now. No recent pictures or real information since the Golden Globes. Rob though seems to be getting all the attention though and I wonder why. Rob is everywhere in the media right now. Any ideas why Twilighted57?

      • That is a good point Chance. It’s one month before Oscars..the PR machine is being revved up for him.

      • Come on people what have you learned over the last four years? By and large with a few notable exceptions, when Rob and Kristen want to not be seen, they are not seen and when they want to be seen they are. And when they could care less you might get lucky. Bottom line: they are a lot more aware of the eyes on them than anyone gives them credit for and act accordingly.

  20. P.S. If Rob knew what was going down, then it points to him selling Kristen out or at the very least, getting caught up in it after the fact. This is why I am questioning whether they are together. She may have found out that he sold her out and has dumped him.

    Of course, the other option is that Kristen knows what has gone down because Rob told her but he was trapped which makes sense that nothing was said.

    If they are still together to defy what others are doing to them, it would make sense that they cool it off until they regroup and decide on the next step.

    I think they should keep notes. This would make a heart pounding script for a movie! Life imitating art. Wow.

    • Regarding my above posts re the people around Rob managing his career…like I said before, perhaps he is being groomed to be the “golden boy” for their own profit. If I were him, I would hightail it back to London because it will only get worse. I am not sure how well versed he is at this “game”. Kristen lives in Hollywood and has been around it so she probably knows more. Perhaps they were going to frame Rob in some way.

      Together Rob and Kristen are unstoppable but I think they are definitely trying to separate Rob and Kristen now because they want to see how much money they can make off each of them. So this is why I am sensing trouble in their relationship…they know Kristen is a fighter and she won’t put up with the manipulation and living off the backs of others and the pressure it entails. Maybe this is why they are trying to discredit her and take him. See? He is more inexperienced at “the game” of Hollywood.

      Furthermore, it appears as if there are a couple of factions/groups/players/motives at work here…so that’s why it appears complicated. All I can say is, this must be one hell of a karma to work through.

  21. I have a big question in my head,,,we all know that this scandal was stage base all the evidence,but whose idea is this?and why they didn’t ask other person to pose rather than Rupert right?there was a big question on it,they maybe spying on Kristen or Rupert for a longtime,it could been Rupert is eyeing K,and some gossipers take it as something going on,I’ve seen some photos of K with sanders it’s seems like she’s avoiding him or something,,..could it be?ive been waiting for the part 12,thanks for doing this for K

    • I had the question of why Rupert in my head too…but has the man said one word? No, he hasn’t..and think of these things…a comparative if you will:

      1. Michael A.: some say beard, some say bf…..I prefer the former myself, however, has he said one word?…at.all? about any of anything? No, he hasn’t. He is considered “safe” then. What did Michael get out of his “service” if you will? Some movie roles.

      2. Rupert Sanders: Again, has he said one word? at.all? Nope. What did Rupert get out of his “service”? He got some sweet movie deals a coming it seems.

      Now while the July pics are more “salacious” than the dog and pony show pics back in 2009, each performed a task and each got something. More importantly, neither of these participants said one word following…..nothing. (unless you count the “apology….” )

      Had for this past July’s staged event, R/K chosen someone else instead of Rupert…would that person have told lies to make themselves more relevant?..Bragged about things untrue to make it seem even more salacious?

      Say what you want, but there has been no proof whatsoever that Rupert is a nefarious no good dudley do wrong…..and more that he knows how to keep his mouth shut…..just like Michael A did.
      IMO, that’s someone you can trust to do a task.

      I’d challenge you to come up with how Rupert has more “power” in HW than Rob and Kristen….esp. R/K combined. They are a force to be reckoned with it seems.

      People seem to think she was a vulnerable lil girl, lost……but I beg to differ here.

      Disengage from any personal experience you may have had concerning this summer and just look at what is right in front of you, as well as what we’ve seen R/K do since 2008….that is ban together….bring out that ball bat when shit is presented that is less than rose smelling and swing away….”Us against Them”….bingo.

      • Then who is “them”?

      • Rumor that summit may have paid him to break up with her, IDK, but saga gets big, summit sees R&K chemistry and wants to use it. Wants them together, they are but summit didn’t prob want them to fall in live, sucks for them. Well look now Warm Bodies is summit with Nicholas Hoult and THG is summit with Jen L, and both films are to be trilogies. Now success of THG and Jen and Nicholas break up, convient right. Just wait!! Summitwill control them both! Summit has too much power

      • @Nena: Just watched E!News who first said there was no split with K and R. Tonight they reported about Liberty filing divorce petition in court and showed a copy of the petition. They then said Rupert and Liberty’s marriage was over and Kristen and Rob’s relationship was in flux. What do you all think this means with K and R? Also HWL is now throwing up Michael A’s relationship with his new girlfriend how much better off he is than with Kristen, dishing Kristen about Rob and the blonde in Ausi, how Kristen broke up Liberty and Rupert, how hard Liberty worked to save her marriage, How Liberty feels sorry for Pattinson, BLAH BLAH BLAH everything they can pull out to hurt and destroy Kristen. They are making Liberty Ross look like a saint and Pattinson look like he has dumped Kristen and needs to move on with dating.There has to be a way to stop this with HWL, Life and Style, and In Touch. If this was a punk it is time to come clean. What do you all think about K and R being in flux?

      • I did not see anything that showed any problems, I obviously wasn’t with them but I don’t buy any of that crap! I have heard that R&L had had trouble in past and may have filed before so really it’s their fault! And who knows if it’s really true that they filed again could be part of summits plan to put the heat back on K and off them! They know we are on to them!!

      • Them would be anyone against R/K…haters from both sides of the “fandom”…Summit……..etc and etc…take your pick…
        Back in 2009 when they were showing us they were together….I would def say the “them” was Summit…because it seemed every time Summit would do something shitty, here came Rob with his bat, ready to knock them back a bit….

      • should i say that this scandal was purely planned behind kristen and robert?THIS scandal was totally scripted!i must say that ROB AND KRISTEN IS BEING TRAP ON A SITUATION THAT THERE IS NO WAY OUT!to the point that they can’t even defend themselves or they cannot protect each other/leaving both of them devastated,…remember the gossip going around after the scandal that robert seen him drunk partying with friends,stYING AT THE RANCH OF CHARLIZE BLAH BLAH,couldn’t be he is drinking cos he cannot take what is happening to kristen being used and being lambasted,calling her …………..and he can’t even do anything to protect her,because somebody controlling everything,…ri do believe that kristen and rob is being used by this crappy people…..hollywood highes paid actress and sexiest man alive dare to messed up with them and will make a bunch of bucks..

      • Oh Please. You are all getting way out a head of anything close to the facts. Drunk partying= tabloid BS. A trap they can’t get out? It would be easy enough to blow the whistle, and take the 120 million they’ve made and fund five indies and do whatever they hell they wanted. Probably come out even farther ahead than they already are. The conspiracies and paranoia is getting a little thick here. There is plenty of existing material on conspiracies to not add more based on shear speculation. Lets stay grounded folks.

    • @Krissy regarding your comment “I have a big question in my head,,,we all know that this scandal was stage base all the evidence,but whose idea is this?”

      This is my question too. I think it’s someone who is out of power and destruction. From the pattern I am seeing, they want to destroy Kristen and isolate Rob to control him, raise him up to the status Kristen was at. Notice how their positions in this business have changed? She hardly has any movies lined up and he is apparently in high demand. Just my opinion though.

      • Furthermore, at the rate the Hollywood media machine is spewing out attacks on Kristen, it’s rather suspicious in that these attacks from the start of the incident were deliberate, targeted at Kristen and well timed. Wouldn’t you say? Maybe she was gaining more power in Hollywood and someone didn’t like it or maybe she was being difficult and wasn’t complying. No wonder why Rob wants to protect her. I am seeing a struggle with him though and like I said before, I feel it’s the people influencing him, pulling him in the opposite direction away from Kristen.

        If you look at the intangibles…the energy…you’ll see that the energies have definitely shifted by Kristen’s confidence being affected and Rob being propped up. Also, note who is in demand now compared to before this fiasco occurred. I think it’s either #1 or #2

        #1 There is something more nefarious going on compared to any of them planning this. This is a power move, Hollywood style or even beyond Hollywood style from someone bigger. Clue: Watch the Jim Morrison bio. He talks about it in this film. The movie and music industry are infiltrated with what he refers to.

        #2 If Kristen and/or Rob were involved, the consequences weren’t strategically thought out. When you piss off the masses, they will retaliate. Unfortunately, the masses are in between Rob/Kristen and the rag mags spewing out lies about them.

        If they clarify what the truth is rather than letting it go away, then imaginations won’t run wild. Kristen’s reputation has been tarnished and who knows for how long. On the other hand, she made it to #7 on the top 10 inspirational people of 2012! This could be a case of it’s Kristen against Hollywood and Rob is by her side to witness it. But she is the threat not Rob because of her strong will.

        Incidentally, a friend of mine told me about this site she was reading called The Vigilant Citizen. Have a look at the photos (Rob and Kristen are in some of them). The comments are REALLY interesting. I only read the first couple of pages.

        This Kristen/Rupert incident might be a whole lot bigger in terms of WHO than we think which would make a lot of sense WHY they aren’t talking. Here is the link:

        It makes me wonder if Rob is on to this and why he wants Kristen to marry him sooner rather than later to get away from Hollywood. These two might be a threat to the industry because they would change it. Maybe this is why Rob wants to go to business school. He knows he can’t change it as an actor and it has to be from within the power structure. Now I am seeing that these are 2 very brave young people. The words US versus THEM have taken on a whole new meaning after seeing this site!

      • @guest: I wonder that too. Rob’s status didn’t start to change until he met David Cronenberg. At the first of 2011 the media said he was dried up because of being type cast with Twilight. There were articles asking if he was leaving the business. Kristen had just gotten SWATH and Calie. Rob didn’t start getting the movie roles again until Cosmopolis started to come out and the Kristen scandal came out. Then he gets 5 possible movie roles in one month? All of the roles are INDIE films but wasn’t Kristen big in INDIES first and now she doesn’t have any prospects because of the scandal. Also Rob started attending functions with Nick that he had never attended before like the Portman Dance benefit where George Soros, Harvey Weinstein and David Cronenberg attended. I thought it was strange that Kristen had said in an interview that she didn’t like it when actors got dressed up to attended a charity function only to really attend to be seen and network not give to the charity. They were selling their image and not helping the charity. Suddenly you see Rob doing exactly what Kristen said she didn’t like that other actors do. Makes you wonder who is pulling the strings.

      • During that time Nick Frenkel, Rob’s manager, was pulling strings to prop up his image and lure him away from Kristen. Rob and Kristen weren’t appearing anywhere together. But a few of us broke up this scandal until now no one knows what really happened, including those of us who worked on blowing it up, and I include myself. I have posted about 10 variations, one for everybody, I went through many changes as I learned more and more. Variations on a Theme by Paganini. I like all this ambiguity much much better. It keeps leaving me to imagine more and different.

        This I do know Frenkel is Iago to Rob’s Othello. Frenkel is not a playa, and he desperately wants to be. Rob is his ticket and the only one he’s got. He wants to try for the gold ring, but we can hand him the brass one if we work in solidarity.

      • Seymourblogger…thank you for that! Like I said, I try to think out of the box but do appreciate those who try to keep me in the box..but only when necessary. Oh, the joys and perils of being a creative. lol

        I just read Othello recently and Iago was the worst villain of Shakespeare’s plays and the hero Othello just wasn’t listening to his higher self or seeing the warning signs. Too caught up in the physical so called “evidence” which was planted. He didn’t question Iago at all! That was his flaw. It was too late unfortunately in the end when it was a bloodbath and he killed the love of his life for nothing because he didn’t QUESTION Iago. He took the evidence and someone else’s opinion verbatim. Big mistake.

        This is why questioning…anything and everything is important when trying to figure out a dilemma. It’s like having an NDE you know..when you are out of your body going back in it feels so limiting. You definitely don’t SEE the same way when you’re limited. Your statement “I like all this ambiguity much much better. It keeps leaving me to imagine more and different” is interesting.

        One problem…the play Othello didn’t end well. No redeeming qualities in the hero Othello…he got sucked into Iago’s vortex of lies and never came out because he didn’t question other possibilities that were NOT presented to him. AND He didn’t connect to the Source, a higher power to guide him. He believed in the mere mortal and was brought down to his base level. His wife got sucked in too as a result of Othello’s lack of foresight, intuition, and belief in a higher protection. Maybe that’s what I was getting at in this situation. Food for thought. Hmmmm….

      • yup,i think this was purely planned…killing 2 birds in one stone,,imagine nobody ever stand up for kristen to defend her,although that this is more advantage to rob,,,,i think he suffers the most of emotional torture,,,imagine your beloved girlfriend lambasted by thousand of people and you cant even do anything to protect her,,,simple ..this was a trap that they cant scape,,,the big question,,,WHOSE IDEA CAME UP TO USE SANDER TO THIS SCANDAL?something is fishy,,,there must be a hidden truth that they dont want people to know,that they know it could impact the sales of their movies,,,,scapegoat its either rob being humilated or kristen being a cheater!

      • Regarding this and most of the above theories about who is behind the plot: I want to repeat Tw57’s request to wait until all his evidence is in before trying to draw conclusions. Some of us are coming up with fairly farfetched ideas, even basing them on gossip rags’ information, without any solid basis. Full information on how the pictures were taken, altered, and published may give us the groundwork necessary to work this out in a logical manner. As one mystery novel sleuth liked to put it, “When you know how, you know who.”

      • I agree 100%.

      • Well said…Well said…

      • I agree,it would be interesting to look at the Harvey W angle!!!

      • The mystery novel sleuth sure knew what he/she was on about. Who said that?

      • ALC: Re: “When you know how, you know who.” That was Dorothy Sayers’ fictional amateur detective, Lord Peter Wimsey.

  22. Nena: If you find time to spare please have a look at TGP 3 – Comments section where you will see an interesting observation by Badger about Kristen’s car (PS #26) and my comment followed by T57’s answer. Look at FFN story and the photos again.

    • The whole Usweakly and FF story is not true!! It is interesting about the one clean car pic at the car makeout place but really the guy in the car could be anyone, you cant see him clearly i think! We think is rup because thats what they want us to believe, they told us it was him!!!

      • All I intended to show with my remarks about the clean/dirty car, etc., is how the pictures are even less connected with the FameFlyNet story. I didn’t mean that it proved anything about the reality of what was shown in the photos.

      • No you are right, that pic puts another problem in their theory, they didnt have car wash sex!! And Twilighter can you look at the face in the clean car with K driving from makeout place, she has cap on and someone in the car with her!!!! It would be so nice if theis were a smoking gun!!!!

  23. Oh goodness twilighted57, I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I’ve been trying to get people to realize this was staged since July. If rob and Kristen don’t come forward soon with the truth, everyone is going to forget and walk away. Everything we’re trying to do to the gossip sites will all be for nothing. They pretty much put this scandal out there and forgot they had fans. They had a few chances to say something to their fans but they didn’t and when Kristen did say something, even though I get what she meant it came out sounding cruel. That whole quote about her life being a movie. I honestly am starting to believe they don’t give a damn about their fans. Why should we do any of this if we mean nothing to them anyway. I’m close to walking away from them and this. They’ll probably won’t ever come forward anyway. Sorry for the rant but I’m just frustrated that we probably won’t ever have closer to this. It makes it all pointless.

    • @Dawn I’m new here, and am trying to catch up, but can I just say please have some patience and faith? Because from what I’ve read here so far and seen this seems to be a HUGE monster. Just like the big fish you’re trying to catch – how else to catch a huge monster? With patience, determination, and faith. JMO, and I’m NOT picking on you in any way, I’m just trying to boost you up. Patience and faith are hard, aren’t they? Please don’t lose your determination too! Thanks! Hi everybody!

  24. My version..
    Rob and Kristen was never part with this kind of plan..why?
    -rob and Kristen considered as powerful people…sexiest man alive and highes paid actress in Hollywood,..why they will participate on this idiotic plan?…there is no need for them to creat any humors or any scandal that can destroy their careers/their name…unless powerful people behind them want to benefit from them because they are a couple…as I can and conclude they trap together in the situation that there’s no way out,even defend themselves or defend each other is no use,,on this scandal #1 question on my head “Who is behind setting up Kristen to Rupert ?”!i can figured out that there must be one person or two person paid a paparazzi to follow Kristen and Rupert everyday…because they thought something is going on between Kristen and Rupert,if you analyze Kristen photo call and photos together with Rupert she’s avoiding Kristen promotional video of swath…can I say that the paparazzi being paid cheated to the commander by photoshopping the photos of Kristen and Rupert and presented to them/he/she or whoever came up the idea setting up Kristen to Rupert…and then tipping of to FFN AND THAT FFN grab the story and start selling the photos w/out analyzing the authenticity?or I can say that before releasing the photos to public they presented first to both parties and informed them that they have explosive scandal to be release,and that they aware to be sued in any circumstances,the evidences is very detailed if you look at it properly..(both parties means rob and Kristen side)…i was analyzing when it came to my mind that before US MAGAZINE AND FFN release the photo they informed Kristen and Robert sides first or they try to sell to them the photos,because as fad as I know on entertainment industry before releasing and explosive scandal they will informed the person who is involve to prevent any consequences and any damages has been made and that maybe BD/Cosmo/otr took advantage on this scandal…they are most likely benefit on this scandal not rob or Kristen..big why?wh?why?
    No one stand up for Kristen and defend her,
    No sueing issue,
    No one stop media to stop bullying Kristen
    Did we hear anything from rob
    Did we hear Kristen defend herself.
    Her father and mother known in Hollywood did they speak up for Kristen?
    Friends,co worker,robs family did they speak up what’s in their mind?
    This was all scripted…we can really say that rob recieve sympathized by people who love him,did they ever think that rob is devastated because he cannot do anything to protect her dear girlfriend Kristen!no!because people only see that rob is devastated because her gg is cheated on him,,in one junket interview in promoting Cosmo rob and his director,the questioner ask “how are you there’s so much gossip (correct me if I’m wrong)about you being drunk all the time and partying(Is it?)and David said “THEY’RE REACTING ON WHAT THEY KNOW BUT THEY DON’T KNOW!”simeple right the message deliver that rob is drinking its not because he is devastated over Kristen,he is devastated that he cannot do anything to protect Kristen,that he can’t even stand up for her,that he don’t know how to stop this,all along that he knows Kristen is being used and that they being used!if you’re a guy looking and hearing nasty words throw back to your girlfriend and you can’t do anything you think you don’t go crazy!!! People is just blinded to see the truth…THIS WAS ALL SCRIPTED THAT DRAG KRISTEN AND ROB TO THE SITUATION THAT THEY CAN’T DEFEND EACH OTHER HELP EACH OTHER AND LEFT THEM DEVASTATED.,,

  25. I’ve read a few excellent stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much attempt you put to create the sort of magnificent informative website.

  26. OK, now you can officially continue the hysteria. A copy of Liberty’s complaint has been released. See:

    • Huh, well what does this make you think then?

      • Still do not this she cheated, maybe Lib set this up to catch Rup. Also dont think R&K were involved in setting it up. Maybe Lib wanted to catch him to make more money in divorce> Oh hell

      • Why does it have to mean anything related to Kristen Stewart? She filed for divorce; that’s all we know. If the “cheating” pictures are a sham – and T57 has certainly shown them to be highly suspect – Ross filing for divorce doesn’t alter that. At the most, it makes certain scenarios regarding the “cheating” less likely than before. And if it’s true that Ross has filed for divorce more than once in the past (not sure how to confirm that), it would be very strong evidence that the divorce was not due to anything recent.
        We’re exactly where we would be if this scandal had never been publicized, and L Ross had filed for divorce: a woman divorcing her director husband for unknown reasons.

      • Very well said Badger. I know a lot of people are hung up in this divorce story and what it means or doesn’t mean. We have yet to see how it will play out. But even if true, and even if it turns into the most acrimonious divorce ever, it will not make the Popsugar 50 any more believable, it will not make the FFN/US Magazine account any more reliable, it will not alter the fact the these photos were staged and photoshopped.

      • @Nena: That is what I have been wondering as well. She left clues with her Twitter before she deleted them. SW drunk, bird flying free.
        I also wondered about the connection of her wearing the Wierd Trip shirt that was like the one Rob wore on BlackBook.

      • here’s another thought….
        The divorce filing and the nude photoshoot both came out within a day or so of each other…that was planned. It’s Hollywood…it’s all planned…down to the minute. This was Liberty’s re-introduction into working society.
        She just told people she is single, able bodied and still has it, and wants to work in modeling again.
        This was her version of a business card if you will.

        Timing is everything isn’t it…..

      • E!News also showed a copy of the petition for divorce on their show Monday night.

    • Not feelling any hysteria yet from where I’m sitting….Liberty talked before July about the hard times, she’s filed before…and then rescinded…I’m satisfied in my mind Kristen didn’t have anything to do with this, but the media wants us to think that.

  27. I think now we all need to take a step back from all of this and wait for twiligjted57 to post part 12. If we stop going to gossip it can only help. If they think we’re not interested anymore they won’t be either. We need to be patient. If rob and Kristen want us to know anything they’ll let us know in their own way in their own time. I know we all wanr answers but it will do us some good to distance our selves. Check back at this site anytime you want bur stay away from the gossip sites. Take away their power.

  28. TMA…regarding your comment..“Something is not following through with this theory that Harvey had Kristen set up…kwim? If that be true, and Harvey really did, there is no way in hale, the way Rob feels about Kristen that he would have then turned to Harvey and played his game…..Hell, Rob was ready to quit acting before he signed for New Moon because of the bullshit…and that was small cakes…kwim?
    He also spoke about taking control of his personal life back…after Twilight…and how it had to be planned…worked out….because there was so much money and people involved…
    This isn’t someone I can see selling his soul to Harvey to be the next “it boy”……he doesn’t want to be the “it” boy….”

    tma…UNLESS…someone else gave the go ahead to set Kristen up or unless someone else is pressuring him to become the next IT boy. My fear is that he will be sucked into the Hollywood hell vortex if Kristen is not around, making him more vulnerable. Perhaps the friction between them has to do with this…him being pulled in the opposite direction going against his grain and maybe it’s been that way the moment he stepped foot in LA. No wonder why they want out.

    TPTB must be formidable seasoned players of “the game” knowing how to destroy the minute you don’t comply or as soon as you have been used enough that you are no longer the new kid on the block. This has been an eye opener. Thanks twilighted for this board.

    • Be careful…Do we KNOW there is friction or have we just heard that “sources” have said they were having problems. Personally, I think they are fine. I don’t think that we have to worry about them as far as that is concerned.

      • Agreed….an old wise woman taught me about “priming” from media…and this was before rag mags were so many. She taught about priming from all media, and this was her message. “When you read something, adopt this strategy in your thinking; Who said what, and what did who say”.

        She meant, who said what comments in an article, and then just what did each person say.

        So many things in reputable media is “primed” even. To sway your opinion subtly so you don’t even know you are being swayed.

        So many reporters/blog writers/rag Idontknowwhattocallthem peeps are pushing their own agendas across.

        Here is a prime example, and I use it often because it’s very clear cut.
        It’s from this article published in March of 2009 and you can read it in it’s entirety here:

        Quote: Another thing that makes her stop in mid-sentence: teenage girls. A group enters the restaurant, and Stewart abruptly shuts up until they pass. She apologizes, a little embarrassed, and whispers: “If those type of girls saw me talking about Twilight, you don’t understand. If I said ‘Jacob’ too loud, they’d be like —” She makes her eyes wide and sticks her hands out like claws.

        “More than three girls of that certain age — run away,” she says, laughing as the threat settles in a distant part of the patio. “Girls are scary. Large groups of girls scare the (crap) out of me.”

        She says Pattinson gets it worse. “They covet him. I think half of them are so jealous that they hate me,” she jokes.

        It doesn’t help that many Twilight-ers want her and Pattinson to be a real-life couple. She’s actually dating Michael Angarano, 21, whom she co-starred with in the 2004 drama Speak.

        “It doesn’t make my relationship harder. It’s not like, ‘Maybe I should be with (Pattinson) to make them happy and it’ll make me more popular!’ ” Stewart laughs, adding that her real boyfriend “is totally not a threatened guy. But, dude, it sucks.” :End Quote

        Did you see the priming in there? I’ll point it out just in case.
        The reporter tells you that Kristen is dating Michael A., so this “primes” or readies you to willingly accept as truth that the boyfriend Kristen talks about is Michael not Rob…but we know now..that it was Rob at that time.

        Look at Kristen’s comment then, knowing now…that Rob was her bf at that time…It takes a whole different meaning doesn’t it?..She’s telling you she’s not with Rob because some “want it” but because she is……..and because of the priming, you are lead to believe before you read her words that Michael is the man she’s talking about.

        She goes onto say her “real boyfriend”….is totally not a threatened guy…this too takes on a whole new meaning when you know who the real boyfriend is…kwim?

        So, “who said what….and what did who say”…
        Break down what you read, whatever it is…and you will see what is there.

      • veulentsavoir…don’t know what to believe anymore…so I am not going near the rag mags except to defend Kristen. Acting in Hollywood would create friction period with all the political bs going on there. I would want to move too.

    • Hi guest, did you ever consider that this scandal could be part of rob and Kristen trying to get their personal lives back? They have more privacy now and fans like us are now staying away from gossip rags which will only help with the paparazzi. How many hords of fans have you heard them dealing with lately? Rob runs into some fans occasionally but not like he used to. Fans are getting tired of this scandal and walking away. I think that was the point all along. That and taking down the tabloid sites. Yes I think the why is that simple.

      • Dawn…I knew nothing about these 2 before the scandal which actually made me pay attention so I rented all 4 movies and watched them in 2 weeks. My niece read all the books but only saw 2 of the movies. I loved all the movies. But I didn’t know it was that bad with the fans. Wow.

        At the grocery store today, I read that Rob and Kristen may very well be the next Bond and Bond girl. If they had it bad with Twilight, they might gain a whole new set of fans with this venue. They may have to find a secluded cave somewhere to live after the Bond movie no doubt, especially with their chemistry which I haven’t seen in a Hollywood couple in a very long time!

      • Twilight fans or Twihard or Robssesed or Krisbian are different w/ Bond fans. Really different. Most of Bond fans are mature people and have exactly different hysteria and I think Twilight fans or Rob and Kris fans are being bound emotionally. Even we have mature people in this fandom, but you can’t imagine what capable they are do. Rob and Kris have haters and extremely dangerous. And since scandal, I know many fans of Twilight left this fandom. They are tired or sick with all this drama. Oh and Robstener (RK fans) too. Some are Robsessed or Krisbian. The reason why they leaving 1) They hate what Kristen did 2) They hate Rob get back together w/ Kristen 3) They felt betrayed. And yes, that’s what I think dawn. We have to think in simple way. And for guest, no again. Rob and Kris seems not next Bond and Bond girl for sure now. That rumour spread when some tab claimed Daniel Craig agree if Rob play his role in the future. But it’s not true. Like others, that’s a story made up by tabloid.

      • Guest: I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic about the grocery store reading, or you are being serious……but it comes across, and please forgive me if I’ve taken it wrong….it comes across as though you are interjecting that rag mag bs into your thoughts so it’s truth.

        I think if people would stop believing that bs…even just a little bit……just knock it all out of there as part of thinking, then the truth becomes clear.

        Again, if I’ve mis read you, or you meant something else, I do apologize, it’s just reading your comments it seems as if you keep trying to throw another thought in there, but it’s a rag mag thought….kwim?

      • It is so hard to put in print what you mean. Humans depend so much on facial and vocal expressions to get their ideas across. You really have to be careful how you word things, don’t you? 🙂

      • TMA…it was also covered on mainstream media in Toronto. If they lied that much, their credibility would tank and I know they check their sources. Mainstream media is NOT HL…if they made up stories like the rag mags do, no one would watch them. Not all of the news is fake. Like I said to’s about discernment. It’s important to do your research like the news organizations have to or they would be sued. Some have a team of lawyers on staff just in case.

  29. @Badger …Regarding your “Some of us are coming up with fairly farfetched ideas, even basing them on gossip rags’ information, without any solid basis. Full information on how the pictures were taken, altered, and published may give us the groundwork necessary to work this out in a logical manner. As one mystery novel sleuth liked to put ‘When you know how, you know who.’”

    Though I like the last line “When you know how, you know who”…what about this…When you know WHY you know WHO?

    I never underestimate “out of the box thinking” since it has just as much merit. Thinking “in the box” doesn’t necessarily give you answers and it might be where they want to keep you. More inventions were created with “out of the box” thinking than has probably been told. All information is important because you just never know when the dots will connect. Truths, untruths, half truths all have merit..but the “game” is in the discernment.

    A qigong teacher once said, “the most important thing you will ever learn is about discernment.” Are the masses discerning? Perhaps not considering that these rag mags are still in business. This is why they are bought and used by people who need them the most to sway public opinion about anyone.

    When I talk about intangibles, I think they are just as important as the tangibles that are a part of the scenario. Intangibles are connected to the “motive.”

    Intangible examples:

    1) Kristen’s career tanked while Rob’s career was propped Chance said, he got movie roles right away.

    2) Follow the money. Has this been done yet? Maybe once the path of the money takes place, the situation will be clear as to WHO. The money is both an intangible and a tangible. Why? The act of taking the money speaks volumes as much as the person/people who gave it and this will lead to the WHY.

    3) What is happening with the other people involved…RS gets a directing job LR gets movies scripts to look at and offered acting and modeling roles.

    4) Rob is starting to go to functions where HW is at but why?

    5) Look at who everyone is spending the most energy on…in this case, it is the destruction of Kristen where the energy is being spent.

    So as Kristen is ridiculed, rejected, berated, these other 3 people are propped up and 2 of them..LR and RS get away almost unscathed from the experience. It will be interesting to see if anyone took money from someone. That’s where it should start…at the beginning of the money trail.

    • I’m inclined to agree with Badger on this one. Although there is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box per se, particularly where in the box thinking is getting you absolutely no where, it can distract from paying attention to some things that can actually advance the state of your knowledge and can be reasonably ascertained. And I also agree that some of what has been thrown up on the wall (and I’m not pointing the finger here at you specifically) by a lot of folks is little more than idle conjecture with little connection to even the known facts we have in this case. Its one thing to “think” out loud with the goal of developing a new working hypothesis that can then be tested by the evidence. Its quite another to spin a speculative theory, pronounce it as viable, and try to sell it as truth.

      But getting back to your specific points above:

      1) Kristen’s career “tanked” when Rob’s was propped up. Kristen had to have known that 2012 was going to be a brutal year for her going into it. She had spent 2011 finishing Breaking Dawn and doing SWATH. And 2012 was looking like a triple header promotional gauntlet, her least favorite part of the business. If her career “tanked” as you argue in 2012, it wasn’t because of a “cheating scandal” but rather because of decisions she made in 2011. She failed to line up future movies in 2011 and make them in 2012. Those decisions in 2011 were being made long before any “cheating scandal” and at a point where she had already established herself as the most bankable actress in Hollywood. And Kristen has a long track record of being picky about what films she does. A much more rational explanation of 2012 is that she intentionally decided to take a pause and prepare for the gauntlet. The only “casualty” if there is one was “Cali”, which I still believe she will eventually end up making. Interesting even after all the hub hub about her being out and Amber Heard replacing her, the movie is in hiatus, Cassavettes is pursuing another project, and Amber Heard is nowhere in sight with Cali. This is much more indicative of the usual problem with indies: they have notoriously fickle financing and often move in fits and starts. OTR itself is a good example of this. With Focus and SWATH circling in 2012, I think its hard to make the case that her career has tanked. You might be able to make that case six months from if they don’t pan out, but you certainly would have trouble justifying that statement now. The problem right now is with her PR not her career.

      And as for Rob, his named has been attached to so many projects that its pretty clear that many of them were bogus or at least not very likely to come to fruition. At one point I think they had him associated with six different films within an 18 month period, something that no actor would be able to accomplish physically, let alone logistically. Rather than his career being “propped up”, it is much more likely that producers were glumming onto him in the hopes of garnering funding for their projects. And he had already been laying the ground work for a foray into indies in the post-Twilight era.

      2). It always worth following the money but if you are going down that path you have to look at both who has money to gain and who has money to lose. Universal spent upwards of 240 mill on making SWATH with Kristen. If Kristen is in fact associated with SWATH2, Universal is betting a sizable chunk of change on the notion that she can make them some serious money. And you don’t make those kinds of 1/4 billion dollar decisions lightly. Most bankable actress, remember? And aside from all the hub hub, no one at Universal ever formally said that she was out. That was only the tabloids talking, other than one interview with a screenwriter who couldn’t imagine it proceeding without her. And though he so-calledly left the project, low and behold a script gets written with nary a new screen writer insight. And per Kristen, its absolutely awesome.

      3. And as for Rupert and Liberty, again a lot of smoke but not that much fire. For all of Liberty’s so-called scripts, name one movie she’s landed. She’s appeared on the runway once and is naked in Love. But her model days are clearly behind her. That’s a young woman’s game unfortunately and everyone knows it. Same goes for Rupert, a lot chatter but nothing in the bank.

      And the same goes for #4 and #5. HW seems to be the latest poster child for out of the box thinking. But there is a long way to go before you can even rationally hypothesize that HW framed Kristen so that he could destroy her and replace her with Jennifer Lawrence. Andd that is again as much the work of the tabloids as anyone else.

      • I would want you on my team as a lawyer if I needed one…thanks again!:-)

        Just one correction…I didn’t mention HW framed her…it was in response to someone else’s comment. I didn’t bring it up first.

  30. OHk…regarding your comment..“Um, “guest” says Rob is “supposed” to escort Jennifer to the Oscars? Guest is quoting a rag mag. Need I say more?”

    I am only telling you what they are printing now…I don’t believe it obviously! lol Oh yeah…and now they are getting married again. One magazine went so far as stating they were “getting whiplash” from all the different stories …hilarious.

    Like I mentioned before, it is a game of discernment and a war of perceptions…that’s how the public is influenced. It’s also how Hollywood stars can be brought to their knees and destroyed from the inside out. Words have power and can destroy a career or a person for that matter.

    I am going on to the sites to defend Kristen. But when it takes up too much of my time, I am done with posting anything.

    • I agree with you that words have power to destroy a person but not only in hollywood that this happen but also in our ordinary lives. So it saddens me how the media or people who posted comments in the internet slanders or bullies kristen stewart. How do their conscience take it? Do they not have a sister or daughter? Do they want people treat them as they treat kristen? It is very pathetic how society becomes judgemental as if we still live in the middle ages.

    • Its simple really. tabloids +unnamed sources = BS. Doesn’t matter what the spin is. If a source of “inside” information doesn’t have the integrity to put their name on it, then you have absolutely nothing to judge their credibility by, they say just about anything. And unless there are independent circumstantial guarantees of independent trustworthiness about the information, you should simply discard. It doesn’t matter how many times the gossip rags repeat it.

      • True. This I am learning especially since I was never into the tabloids before. Just glanced at the headlines in the supermarket.

  31. At first, I’m really sorry if my english is bad but I try my best. I follow this site since TGP part 11 been released and try to catch up everything. Actually I dont know what I will say in here. I’m just really confuse with this whole thing. What I’m 100% believe and I can 100% sure is that the so called scandal is conspiracy. But I dont know by who and why for certain. It is exhausted. Different theory always surfaces and lately about Weinstein and his “Weinstein project”. Make Rob and JL the new “it” couple. Put Kristen aside etc. But that’s from tabs. Remember dont believe it. Actually I’m starting to suspicious w/ Kristen lack of news. Focus=nothing. SWATH2=still not clear. Calli= no news since scandal. Why? The benefit for Rob since scandal really huge for sure. And we almost forget about one main thing here. We start to always making assumption but lack of evidence. If Rob show up on Oscar and Kristen not, maybe there are an answers for “Weinstein project” but honestly I will dissapointed w/ Rob. Bcs in one of his interview he said “If a studio tried to get involved with my personal life, I could start messing around with them in return” See? Or people change? Yes I know there is no constant in life. But if we have hope, we have way. Just wait and see. Ok I’m confuse right now. Sorry. Every possibilities is possible. Keep thinking in simple way. Maybe what’s appear to complicated in outside is not really that complicated in inside.

  32. @silence…like I said in my previous posts…these people in Hollywood are seasoned players. Rob might be over his head if he thinks he can take them on …in relation to your comment about what he said “If a studio tried to get involved with my personal life, I could start messing around with them in return.”

    I don’t think he knows who he‘s dealing with really.

    • S Yes, people change. But I still dont buy your opinion. You seems like trying really hard to convince us that theory. But again, you still lack of evidence. Just making an assumption, based on tabloid. Meanwhile what most of us are doing right now is find the truth based on evidence. Wait and see. I dont want to make things more complicated than already before. And in here we really too attached with the “profesional idea”. What if no news or anything about Kristen at all because personal reasons? Maybe she enjoy herself, take a break for a while bcs since last summer there is no break for her. She said in interview that be an actress is not her greatest dreams. She wants to enjoy the day and writing. Time will tell. When the truth is replaced by silence.. the silence is a lie. For fans, what I can do is just pray,believe and hope.

  33. I am not familiar with the divorce procedures in the US. Can the attorneys for Liberty produce ” the photos” as evidence against Rupert in the court during the arguments? I think T57’s job will be a lot easier then, Rupert’s attorneys will do the rest.

    • Theoretically. Because California is a no-fault state and both parties are requesting the divorce, there will not be a “trial” per se, and they will get their divorce. The real issue in this is the property distribution and fault is a consideration in coming to an equitable division of the property. Liberty’s counsel could attempt to subpoena the photos from who has the originals, presumptively FameFlyNet, or prove them by way of secondary evidence. This gets us into the Secondary Evidence, Best Evidence Rule, and a host of other technical legal issues that I won’t bore you with. Because, in all liklihood the case will get settled. That’s what happens in 99.99% of these cases. So in reality, it won’t help us unless Rupert actively tries to contest the authenticity of the photographs. And remember , its a civil proceeding- preponderance of the evidence is suffucient to prevail.

  34. People…this is the story that’s circulating now…I added my comment …please add something. Let’s blitz it…I believe this was one of the predicted stories that was on the list…AND it has been repeated in other places as well!

    • I am done reading internet tabloids already. I do not want to give them a hits on their website. This Lies and bullying has to stop!

  35. P.S. They are making Kristen look like a weakling when she is not!

  36. Hey, I was thinking about the T-shirts R + L were wearing that said,“Take a weird trip.” I thought of Macbeth so I did a bit of research which might just give some clues! Check it out…the info below focuses on the meaning of the word “weird” or the true meaning in the word “wyrd”.

    In the Folio edition the spelling is weyward. Our modern-day meaning of weird, i.e., odd or strange, is not really accurate. Weird here comes from the Anglo-Saxon wyrd, and means fate or destiny. Thus the Weird Sisters are foretellers of Macbeth’s fate.

    In Shakespeare’s primary source for Macbeth, Holinshed’s Chronicles, the weird sisters are “goddesses of destinee”, but they are far more sinister in Shakespeare’s version.

    The Old English term wyrd derives from a Common Germanic term *wurđíz. Wyrd has cognates in Old Saxon wurd, Old High German wurt, Old Norse urðr, Dutch worden (to become) and German werden. The Proto-Indo-European root is *wert- “to turn, rotate”, in Common Germanic *wirþ- with a meaning “to come to pass, to become, to be due” (also in weorþ, the notion of “worth” both in the sense of “price, value, amount due” and “honour, dignity, due esteem”).

    Old English wyrd is a verbal noun formed from the verb weorþan, meaning “to come to pass, to become”. The term developed into the modern English adjective weird. Adjectival use develops in the 15th century, in the sense “having the power to control fate”, originally in the name of the Weird Sisters, i.e. the classical Fates, in the Elizabethan period detached from their classical background as fays, and most notably appearing as the Three Witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. From the 14th century, to weird was also used as a verb in Scots, in the sense of “to preordain by decree of fate”.

    The modern spelling weird first appears in Scottish and Northern English dialects in the 16th century and is taken up in standard literary English from the 17th century. The regular modern English form would have been wird, from Early Modern English werd. The substitution of werd by weird in the northern dialects is “difficult to account for”.[1]

    The now most common meaning of weird, “odd, strange”, is first attested in 1815, originally with a connotation of the supernatural or portentuous (especially in the collocation weird and wonderful), but by the early 20th century increasingly applied to everyday situations.[2]

    Fate in Germanic mythology
    Main article: Norns
    Wyrd is a feminine noun, and its Norse cognate urðr, besides meaning “fate”, is the name of one of the Norns; urðr is literally “that which has come to pass”, verðandi is “what is in the process of happening” (the present participle of the verb cognate to weorþan) and skuld “debt, guilt” (from a Germanic root *skul- “to owe”, also found in English shall).

    Between themselves, the Norns weave fate or ørlǫg (from ór “out, from, beyond” and lǫg “law”, and may be interpreted literally as “beyond law”). According to Voluspa 20, the three Norns “set up the laws”, “decided on the lives of the children of time” and “promulgate their ørlǫg”. Frigg, on the other hand, while she “knows all ørlǫg”, “says it not herself” (Lokasenna 30). ørlǫglausa “ørlǫg-less” occurs in Voluspa 17 in reference to driftwood, that is given breath, warmth and spirit by three gods, to create the first humans, Ask (“Ash”) and Embla (possibly “Elm”).

    Mentions of wyrd in Old English literature include The Wanderer, “Wyrd bið ful aræd” (“Fate remains wholly inexorable”) and Beowulf, “Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel!” (“Fate goes ever as she shall!”).

    Modern usage in Satanism and Paganism
    The extreme Satanic organization Order of Nine Angles makes frequent reference to wyrd in its publicly available writings, which Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s 2002 book Black Sun speculates may indicate roots in a pre-Christian native tradition of paganism or Wicca.[3]

    • Rob and Kristen have been on a five year long wierd trip that they probabaly would not reckomend to anyone else. But one they would do all over again because it’s how they met, became friends and fell in love. And somehow the whole damn world fell right along with them.

      That’s why some of us are now as angry as bears awakened too early. Some are hopeful, but bewildered. And some want to know what caused the earthquake that caused all the damage.

      This kind of response is unpecidented. Perhaps ancient monarchs of old engindered this kind of response. Royalty is one thing.They were the movers and guiders of life then. But so much love for two actors is inexplicable to me and yet here I am among the second group. Bewildered but hoprfull.

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