by twilighter

Hollywood Lies is like a blogger’s dream. They are so over the top that making them, AND THE PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE THEIR CRAP, look stupid is embarrassingly easy.  Here’s a comment I attached to Chris Rogers article today at the HL website: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Moving To Paris — Report. They are so desperate for comments at HL that they even leave my comment insulting HL up. A copy of the “article” follows so that you don’t have to reward them with a webhit.  Here goes:

Comment by twilighter:Well if it isn’t another Face of the Celebrity Gossip Machine, Christopher Rogers, who was featured at back in October when he mangled simple temporal terms like “after”, “since”, “before”, and “latest” in fabricating an article entitled Kristen Stewart: ‘I Have Nothing To Be Ashamed Of’ After Affair” out of multiple pieces of tabloid excrement.

Gee Chris, didn’t you and fellow misfit editors and writers at Hollywood Lies take a enough of a beating yesterday after Bonnie Fuller’s love advice article Kristen Stewart: Follow Robert Pattinson To Australia To Save Your Love went down in flames?  Apparently not.  We are beginning to think you are enjoying it.

As we said yesterday Chris, we are having serious “trust issues” with Bonnie and the staff of Hollywood Lies, but our hopes of a reconciliation are dependent on her and you following through on that Stay to the Truth Plan we talked about.  And just in case you may have forgotten it (we know you are all a little slow over there at HL), maybe it bares (and I don’t mean the dog spelled B-E-A-R) repeating.  So here goes:

“The Keep to the Truth Plan

1.    Stop claiming that you have unnamed, unidentified sources that so-calledly knows something about Rob & Kristen and their lives.
2.    Stop letting your editors make up stories about them from half-truths and misquotes.
3.    Fire all of your current so-called editors and reporters as they are totally pathetic.
4.    Stop citing other celebrity gossip websites for their lies, thus perpetuating the nonsense.
5.    Respect the privacy of actors who expressly want to be left alone.
6.    Stop feeding the beast and making people stupid with your endless drivel.

And finally, stop referring to this so-called “cheating scandal” as we know it was all staged. For starters, read the Grand Punk series at It should be required reading for you and your staff.

If you carry through on this plan, maybe, but I doubt it, we will start getting over our “trust issues” with you and your website.”

Let’s see how you and Bonnie are doing with our little plan based on your article from today:

1.    Hmm, started with a poorly photoshopped photo of Rob and Kristen at the Eiffel Tower.  Not a Good Start.    FAIL

2.    Then proceeded with a misleading headline.  Stated they were moving when the house hunt hasn’t even started.  FAIL

3.    Cited another celebrity gossip website (in this case OK Magazine) for their lies, perpetuating (that means making something continue indefinitely) the nonsense. FAIL

4.    Cited another celebrity gossip website(The Mirror) for some more lies.  FAIL

5.    Claimed that two different unnamed sources (OK’s and the Mirror’s) so-calledly knew something about their lives (where they want to move).  Even ascribing quotes to Rob and Kristen.  DOUBLE FAIL

6.    Continued to feed the beast and make people stupid with endless drivel. (that means drool or nonsense)  FAIL

7.    You are still “working”, which means you haven’t been fired yet.   FAIL

8.    Respected the privacy of actors who expressly want to be left alone?   DOUBLE FAIL

9.    Tossed in yet another story about Rob’s family and the paparazzi ruining their plans to move to London and how Rob’s family gave her a hard time.  DOUBLE FAIL.

10.    But better still, when you hit the link to “but gave Rob a hard time for reconciling with Kristen” in your story, it takes you to a earlier Hollywood Life Exclusive story about how Kristen’s friend told HL that “They (Kristen and Rob’s family including his two sisters) are all back on really good terms — even better than before.”  Wow. Its hard to keep those links in order when you lie so much, isn’t it Chris.

And perhaps worst of all, you had to go ahead and mention that so-called “cheating scandal” again. TRIPLE FAIL  Still haven’t read the Grand Punk at have you.


Just to summarize, where are they going to move?  London? Paris? NYC? To his house in LA? Her house in LA? On the Isle of Wight?  Or to Australia, perhaps? You at HL have said them all except the last one, at one time or another.  No wonder Rob and Kristen have a team on it, they need one to manage all of these international house buying plans.

And back in September when Paris Fashion week was going on, were they reconciled? Not talking to each other? Trying to work it out?  Or trying to have a baby?  You at HL have said them all at one time or another as well.  And how do gush to someone who you are not talking to?

But this quote, “Kristen’s got this wonderful vision of a 1920s-decorated place with lacy lamps and an old piano in the corner. It’s exactly what they both want in life — solitude and a quiet creative space.” Yeah right.  That’s really special.  That’s really over the top, even for you Chris.

The Hollywood Lies article:

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Moving To Paris — Report

go to their website if you must.



2 Responses

  1. Good reply. Although, as you say, they make it very easy.

    I love that description of Stewart’s and Pattinson’s dream of a bohemian little 1920’s-style Paris apartment where they can be creative. I think the author is confusing them with Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, something that’s not easy to do.

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    satisfied that you shared this helpful info with us.

    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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