Rob & Kristen Stories Waiting to Happen

by twilighter

With the coming of  a New Year, prognosticator’s predictions about what is upcoming are about as rampant as a Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rumor.  So I thought I’d take a look in my crystal ball and make a few predictions for what we will inevitably hear from the celebrity gossip machine about them sometime within the next three months.  That’s right, ninety days.  My crystal ball is particularly clear today.

And although I can’t say with clarity what particular rag (Hollywood Life, In Style Magazine, Us Magazine, People Magazine, The Enquirer, Gossip Cop, The Mirror, etc, etc, etc) will break the offending story, you can be sure of three things: 1). whomever breaks the story will do so with unnamed, un-identified sources, 2.) the rest of the celebrity gossip machine will undoubtedly re-report the story no matter how ridiculous and obnoxious it is, and 3). there will be millions of sheep out there that will immediately believe it and go bah bah with the rest of the flock. So what stories do I predict will occur within the next 90 days?

I will give you a big clue.  Robert Pattinson has gone to Australia to film Rover. Why is that such a big clue?  Because every time Rob and Kristen are apart, some tabloid is going to take advantage of that fact to generate some b.s.

Story #1: It will be some version of how Kristen and Rubert Sanders have hooked up in Rob’s absence and how Kristen is continuing her cheating ways.  Perhaps in a car, maybe at a “romantic” overlook, or perhaps at her house.  The story will undoubtedly include old pictures of Rupert and Kristen, but will unlikely include new ones, as they would certainly be much more scrutinized this time than the last time.  And in spite of the lack of evidence to support the story, it will unleash a fresh wave of Kristen bashing and hatred in the blogsphere. And note, this fairytale is already actually in progress.

Story #2.  It will some version of Rob is out (probably at some waterhole) with another mystery woman (probably a blond)(probably has big tits) and with whom he is having a (probably a romantic) wonderful evening.  There may or may not be equivocal photos to go along with the story. And again despite the lack of evidence to support it, it will unleash a fresh wave of Kristen bashing and hatred and assertions that she deserves it and how great it is that Rob has moved on to a new love.

Story #3  This will be some version of how Kristen has stepped out on Rob with someone other than Rupert Sanders.  That person will be male (probably over ten, or between 40 and 70 since she has a known penchant for older men [editor’s note: please note the heavy sarcasm here]) probably an actor or other celebrity (possibly Taylor Lautner, James Franko, or other some other Hollywood hunk) and who may likely be involved with one of Kristen’s projects in some way, shape, or form.  Again, despite the lack of supporting evidence, the blogsphere will once again erupt in “once a cheater, always a cheater chanting”, Kristen bashing and hatred, and  generalized chest thumping. Pay particular attention to whomever is cast as Kristen’s love interest in In Focus.

Story #4  This one will be some version of how Rob has hooked up with some female member of the cast or crew of Rover.  Or, because of the dearth of females roles in the cast, maybe they’ll just drag in an Australian actress (like Emily de Ravin, Emily Browning, Teresa Palmer, or Mia Wasikowaka even if they all happen to be in the United States).  Despite a lack of evidence supporting the story, the blogsphere will once erupt into “Rob is free at last” jubilation, Kristen is not good enough for him bashing, and related nonsense, blah, blah, blah.

Story #5  This one is easy.  Kristen will undoubtedly go to Australia sometime during Rob’s shoot there for Rover although evidence of her visit will be minimal but obvious.  The blogsphere will again erupt into an endless debate about whether she went there because: 1). she was once again pregnant, 2). they had once again reconciled or broke up, 3). they both wanted to go house hunting because they love it there in Australia and have an uncontrollable desire to buy houses, 4). its all for PR, 5). she was was reconnecting with her Australian roots, and/or 6.) Rob was missing her arm pits.  Despite a +10,000 mile +twenty hours flight to get there many will reject the notion that she loves him and just wanted to spend some time with him.

I’m sure there will be many more, but this is what my crystal ball is showing me.

Just to help you keep track here’s a fast check list, check them off as they come in:

  • Rupert/Kristen hookup  ___
  • Rob/Mystery Blond  ___
  • Kristen hookup with Someone Else ___
  • Rob hookup with Rover cast or crew mate or fill in the blank hot Australian chick ___
  • Kristen Visit to Australia ___

Bonus question:  How many of those 90 days will it take to hear some version of all of these stories?  I predict no more than 45 days.  How about you?  We’ll compare notes by Kristen’s birthday.


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  1. You just crack me! SOOO true!

  2. Yes, I expect the stories to really heat up now with R filming overseas.

  3. love this websites… keep up the work 🙂


    Rob in Australia all the medias will invent shit everydays… Will be interesting since now to write the numbers of time each possibility will be mentioned.

    Please tabloids focus in other couple!!

  5. I never followed celebrity “news” before I latched onto the Kristen Stewart story, so I had no idea how predictable and repetitious these publications were. I’m sure your crystal ball will turn out to be accurate.
    If they’re going to make up stories anyway, why not mix things up a little? Kristen Stewart takes a six month vow of silence; Pattinson’s trip to Australia moves him to consider giving up acting and becoming a professional didgeridoo player; sources close to the couple report they have suddenly begun buying huge numbers of wooden duck decoys online, but will offer no explanation; both of them have started using over the counter laxatives recreationally.
    If these things can’t be truthful, they should at least be less monotonous.

    • and me both never followed “celebrity news” before interesting! Truthfully, I think Rob and Kristen should just get out of LA. Period. I went to the HL website to see what stories are front and centre and sure enough, they are now picking on other couples full force. How annoying it must be for them. Someone should start an ethical celebrity blog with interesting interviews. An interaction can be interesting without adding all the spin stories and half truths about them that end up being lies.

      • Gossip cop purports to be an “ethical” gossip site. but this is not true!
        I am the opposite of you and Badger, been following celeb gossip my whole life, and NEVER have I seen anything like the shitstorm over R/K

      • AitchCS: That’s very interesting. I know the reaction to the “scandal” caught my attention, but I wasn’t sure how unusual it was in celebrity news.

        What made me start following this whole story was the extreme reaction to the “cheating” pictures. It seemed like everyone was commenting on it, and the comments were often so vicious, I had to look into it. The way Kristen Stewart was being attacked, I thought she must have conducted human sacrifices on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or something. Imagine my surprise when I found she’d been (supposedly) photographed hugging and kissing a man, fully dressed, in broad daylight. Not that it’s perfectly fine to make out with a married man, yadda yadda, but the reaction seemed insanely out of proportion. I have to admit, never having really taken any interest in any celebrity as a human being, I felt for the poor girl. Kristen Stewart is younger than my youngest child, and I guess I felt a little bit protective of her; and as I continued to keep track, I came to admire her straightforwardness and her rather un-Hollywood-like approach to her work and even to her own fame.
        So I started following the story, and ended up in the middle of this bizarre, convoluted real-life puzzle.

        I hate celebrity gossip more than ever; but I no longer think it is harmless.

      • I did google the pair, but never had twitter, I read an article on the crushable website about it being fake and I was wow that’s just what I thought!! I got involved because like you I have children and oldest is 21, and I could not imagine this happening to my child especially since I don’t she cheated or was involved in it at all, didn’t help stage! JMHO But the fact that the supposed crime did not fit the punishment!!!!! She was found guilty with no trial!!!

      • Nena: Yes, and not only was her “punishment” excessive, there was often a disturbingly anti-woman tone to it. The whole thing was just upsetting.

      • The fact that it is still open season on K is disturbing. If this was a punk on media then why hasnt it ended? Would anyone continue to tolerate this attack on themselves? I just dont think so!

      • Nena: It does seem less and less likely as time goes on. With all possible respect to Twilighted for his analysis and his work, the Grand Punk probably looked like the most likely explanation back in August or September. At this point, although I’m keeping an open mind until I’ve seen the rest of his evidence, I have to wonder.

      • An open mind is all that I have ever hoped for. And I am more than happy to try to change your mind. 🙂

      • Twilighted57: [quote]”An open mind is all that I have ever hoped for. And I am more than happy to try to change your mind.”[/quote]

        I welcome it. I don’t actually maintain that you’re wrong; just that the evidence so far supports three different possible scenarios more or less equally. I look forward to further clarification.

      • I’m trying to keep an open mind, like T57 says, but the mother in me makes that hard! I agree Badger that all of T57’s wonderful research and evidence can fit into 1. Staged and helped willingly 2. Staged and forced to participate 3. Set up scenarios.

      • Nena: [quote]”I agree Badger that all of T57′s wonderful research and evidence can fit into 1. Staged and helped willingly 2. Staged and forced to participate 3. Set up scenarios.”[/quote]
        I’m afraid those aren’t the same three I have in mind. But either way, I’m going to wait and see what Twilighter has in store.

      • You don’t think so because you are looking at it from the outside from your own perspective. Rob and Kristen are the only ones who really know this world from the inside and how they react, and what motivates them to do what they do and say what they say. This is personal to them, this is their world, and what they are trying to accomplish in all of this is as yet not entirely clear. If this is a punk on the media, it hasn’t ended because They haven’t felt like ending it yet. And we will likely not fully understand the logic for that until they do.

      • Badger..regarding your comment: “I hate celebrity gossip more than ever; but I no longer think it is harmless.”

        I totally agree with your comment.

        I think Kristen is being destroyed from the inside out by whatever “machine” is doing this, and by whatever people are part of it. I refer to it as a “machine” because when you brainwash people, it is highly repetitive until people believe it. So it may not matter what Rob and Kristen say if the “machine” comes back harder with more frequent opposing hits. I agree that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. She is definitely still the main target. But what is the motive and who is doing this?

        All I can say is, the “machine” is doing a very convincing job of letting people know they “split” when the story has been debunked by other mainstream entertainment news outlets that they are still together. It’s important to look at the patterns of when these stories come out, how often, and look at the words. Some of the words have been used before in other articles about 2 months ago and they are repeated in these other articles when they come out at the same time. This was the clue to me it is all part of the same machine. This is why I went to numerous sites to see if they were different. The patterns and frequency of the articles and the same words that are used is important.

        The mainstream media works the same way because all news is controlled. When citizen journalism emerged, no wonder why the networks tanked and they freaked. What are the odds of turning the channel and getting different stories or at least a different take on stories? NONE. ZIP. So the networks are controlled by the same people. What disturbs me about local news and national news is it’s always negative. It sounds more like an obituary at times, probably to give us the frequency of “no hope”. I believe this is the energy they are trying to portray with Kristen..she is “useless” and there is “no hope” for her to the point where her public image will be totally destroyed IF she lets it happen.

        One more thing about Kristen and the video of her walking into LA airport carrying Rob’s brown jacket. She didn’t know she was being photographed or videotaped at first. She looked sad and disappointed to me. Did anyone notice? This is why I thought the split rumors were true.

        What attracted me to this site was the name..Justice For Kristen. I felt this young talented woman has been put through the ringer. I hope she comes out stronger and it’s a really good idea if she moves to New York to get a fresh start away from Hollywood.

        Time will tell if Rob and Kristen are still together or not.

      • I agree that media against K is harmful!!! And cannot agree with the they all 4 were involved stuff! It would not go on this long!!!!! In regards to the airport video, she always looks like that, looks down, no eye contact! She was aware of the papz when taking off jacket,shoes and I think you can see a difference in behavior, she becomes upset! If this continues I really have doubts of her having a career! Also concerned for her mental health! No one can take this abuse for a long time!

      • Nena…I agree too that the 4 of them did not set this up. I think the second theory that was posted on another thread stating that there was something minor that happened but it got blown out of proportion was more like it. But who called the paps on her? How did they know she was there with him in the car?

        People do post comments on sites to let others know information that may be true so that’s why I read a lot of comments. It’s all speculation though but it’s important to speculate even when there are facts revealing otherwise because you never know when there will be a connect.

        It is my opinion that truth lies somewhere between the intangible and tangible. One of my favorite shows on TV was Columbo because he not only used facts to solve a case, but those hunches and it always made the story more interesting.

        I agree her mental health must be suffering. I think doing the Bikram Yoga will help her a lot plus exercise. I think it would be good for her while Rob is away to find out who Kristen is, keep busy. Take dancing and writing courses…do what she loves, live her passion and not contact him at all. Both will be stronger for it when they meet up again. Maybe Rob will trust that little voice within if he is isolated from everyone and not listen to numerous people in his inner circle.

        Here’s what I think they are trying to do – isolate Rob from her (because he could be the next “golden boy”) and destroy Kristen. The “they” being people in Hollywood.

        I totally agree with your comment “The fact that it is still open season on K is disturbing. If this was a punk on media then why hasnt it ended?” It makes me wonder if someone close to her is really an enemy feeding the media. You know the old saying, keep your friends close but your enemies even closer.

      • I am getting more suspicious of deliberate prosecution! I worried she is a target. I don’t remember any other scandal going on so long!! Not OJ, Tiger, or even Pres Clinton. Hey Twilighter when is part 2 going to be out? I’m getting worried your computer ate it or are you stalling? Lol I bet your changing your opinion on the all 4 theory. Oh well I’m not good at waiting!

      • Patience my friend. Good things come to those who wait. And as I have said before, it is better to delay and eventually make a fully defensible argument than it is to run your mouth without thinking. There is way to much of that going on in this whole thing.

      • I know, it is frustrating! I feel like the longer it goes on the more harm is done to her psychi!! Like we letting a torture go on and not looking for the person!

      • The central problem in your thinking is one that I made early on in this whole thing. First, I underestimated their mutual ability to withstand the assault and second, I failed to sufficiently realize that they have always controlled the timing of how and when this whole thing will be resolved. Its always been completely under their control. I’ll never make that mistake again. Much more in the next edition.

      • Who says it wouldn’t go on this long. Particularly since they control the timing. And please, concerns for her mental health? The girl is a lot stronger than anyone gives her credit for. Four years of this shit proves it. And as for her career? I think your concerns are misplaced.

      • guest: It seems strange to me that the anti-Kristen Stewart articles and comments are still going after this much time, but I’m not sure how long these celebrity scandals usually run. Is the situation abnormal enough to justify suspicions of deliberate persecution? I’m not unsympathetic; I just wonder if it could be no more than mindless bashing of an easy target, as opposed to a planned campaign against her.

        I’m also cautious about reading anything into facial expressions, etc. from paparazzi photographs. First of all, everybody looks glum in an airport. Second, I don’t think Stewart ever smiles or engages when being photographed by paparazzi, unless she’s making an obscene gesture at them. Therefore, most of the pictures we see of her are going to look either expressionless or unhappy; but they may not be representative of how well she’s actually doing.
        In interviews – conversations where she’s actually participating voluntarily and is not being hounded – she seems very happy and animated. In spite of all the comments about her being sullen and cranky, it seems to me that, in interviews, she smiles and laughs at least as much as the average person.
        We don’t know how she’s doing, unless she makes a public statement telling us.

      • Badger regarding your comment “I just wonder if it could be no more than mindless bashing of an easy target, as opposed to a planned campaign against her.” I wonder. If the whole incident was a set up, then maybe it was a very calculated move with the follow up bashing for extra enforcement to destroy her.

        I like Kristen’s comment about “seeing whatever little movie we wish to see” about them. This is definitely a game of discernment and a war of perceptions. Ironically, on some level it does remind me of the Hunger Games where the recipients of the game have to work through the maze of attacks to survive.

        The rag mags have moved on to other celebrities I noticed with the same bs formulas. What an eye opener this has been.

      • Guest: [quote]”If the whole incident was a set up, then maybe it was a very calculated move with the follow up bashing for extra enforcement to destroy her.”[/quote]
        A big If. If someone took the trouble not only to arrange for Kristen Stewart to be framed/set up/photoshopped in a scandal, but also influenced the media to defame her for a prolonged period afterward, we’ve got a revenge-fueled conspiracy of epic proportions. It would mean someone influential considers it worth his while to ruin her – not, as far as I can see, for material gain, but out of pure animosity.
        I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I think we may be underestimating the public’s capacity for aimless spite.

        [quote]”This is definitely a game of discernment and a war of perceptions.”[/quote]
        Maybe. That’s Seymourblogger’s area of expertise, and she presents that side of things on her blogs. I hope it’s not the case.
        I took the “whatever little movie they think our lives are” as just the opposite. Stewart was pointing out that what the media tell us about her has nothing to do with the reality of her life; it’s just “a little movie.” She also said, in two separate interviews, approximately the same thing: “You didn’t know anything about me before. You know even less now.” Why even less? Because the media had just then been flooded, for months, with stories about her. If the reports were true, we would know more about her, not less. Instead, anything real we might know about her is buried in a mountain of lies and misperceptions.

      • What’s going on in the tabloid world is in some ways entirely separate from this so called cheating scandal. Let’s face, the Rob & Kristen thing is without a doubt the greatest love story of the new, instantaneous, social media-driven, internet age. And remarkably, the two central figures are two of the most publicity shy, unassuming, normal people you could ever imagine. Kristen particularly, has taken on the paparazzi and the celebrity gossip machine that feeds them, more forcefully than anyone before. For years, she has refused to play the game, has said what she feels like, and has given them the proverbial finger over and over again. I think the tabloids are engaged in a long term effort to destroy her and run her out of the business because they fear that if other actors embrace her attitudes, their industry is at risk. Fortunately, she is a strong person, and she has millions of followers who are going to fight to make sure that doesn’t happen.

      • But how do we stop this?? Maybe we are reading to much into this but at the PCA so many celebs wore lacy see through dresses, had their hair pulled to the side, Tina Fey and Amy Pohler wore chucks with formal dresses in the commercial for the show, just like K!! So it would seem the celebs were making a statement of support. So why don’t these celebs speak out, why not form their own group against media, and the studios? I realize media is necessary to promote their movies, but private lives should be off limits. So why in the H don’t they do something? Perfect opportunity to get change!!!

      • To answer your other post, it is unusual in celebrity news but not unprecedented. The Jen-Brad-Angie thing has been just as inspiring to people inclined to make comments.

  6. The only thing I would add and this is more about summit, notice that Jen L and Nicholas H broke up just as she is shooting the 2nd THG movie and his movie Warm Bodies will be out, which if I understand correctly will also be a trilogy also. Look for a Jen and perhaps Josh H or maybe Sam C hook up or Nicholas hook up with Theresa Palmer I think who is in WB with him. I really was getting sick to my stomach reading this post because this is what will happen an it makes my heart ache! This has to stop,

  7. well thou – i do believe all of the above will happened = now i’m just tried of it – it’s old and over used at this point enough is enough – the girl has been put thru hell for nothing, it needs to just stop – Twilight is over, Summit made and will continue to make there millions – media move on to another couple now – let them have some frickin peace and quiet, he can’t even relaz in Aussie – he’s being hounded already – it needs to END… as much as i have loved everything that has been put together piece together searched and found – ENOUGH

  8. Way to send them some ideas….

    • Don’t worry I’m sure they were already working on these, there the obvious ones. I am sure they have plenty more.

      • You’re probably right BUT this is a great test to see if they are trolling this blog. I bet they are since you’ve placed it in some of the comment boards. Let us see where they get their info from. I swear they bash Kristen because the fandom continues to freak out over every lie the tabs write!

      • Another way to do that is send something into their “tip lines” and see what happens. many of the sites of an e-mail function where you can do that.

      • AitchCS: Do they really? If I were a celebrity, I’d never stop sending in bogus tips, just to see whether they’d get published. 😀

    • Don’t worry they were already working these and many others.

  9. Oh babe you forgot the “Rob wants a time by himself and Kristen is miserable but confident she can get him back” ROTFLMAO Dude, you’re the best! *clapping and whistling* And 45 days? Nah…I give you 1 week! LOL LOL

    • I thought I was a pessimist! LOL

    • @xpsreadmywings__Yeah, I have some thoughts on that. Because Rob never has time to himself unless he’s sleeping.or home with Kristen. Why do you think he spends so much time in pubs surrounded by friends or cast mates? At least it provides a wall between him and his adoring fans. Plus because of age limits on drinking it keeps a few of the younger more voluble gushers away.I’d say he appreciates that time with men who are not as likely to feel him up or talk about how wonderful he is
      When he gets home he probably opens the door and there stands Kristen, frowning slightly, wondering who’s just blundering in. And he says, ” Hi baby, I have missed your frown. Don’t tell me how wonderful I am for at least three days.” She tells him to do something rude and anatomically impossible to himself and he knows that he is home.

  10. Hello, I discovered your site and I am very a fan and very happy to see that a large number thinks that kristen is not guilty (of a deceit face to face of rob). I wonder on the other hand if according to you the theory yours “PR” the road? Personnelement I do not believe it but I would like your opinion.

    • Nena / Guest
      I think Badger is right. If you look at the tabloids you will see that most of the comments are being made by the same persons. Not even bothered to use their common sense. As for the editors / writers Twilighter’s comments tell every thing. One tabloid does a story and others pick it up with little variation here and there. Then GC debunks it. As if you need someone to debunk it to understand that the original story was bs. Some of them make money by fabricating stories and some others by debunking it. Love for K&R is extreme, so is hate. Since comments made ou of love is in softer tones, one might think that the comments made in hate carry more weight because they are vicious. Not so, even if it is just one against a million still love wins.

      People who want others to be happy usually come from a healthy and happy family / background. You can guess what a hater’s background is like. Arguing with a hater will be like wresting with a pig in a pig stye. Most of the people who advise Rob and Kristen on what to do with their lives should first try it on their own sons,daughters, brothers and sisters and see how they react. More often than not, the answer they get will be either “go to hell” or “keep your own counsel.”

      People like us are the ones who keep tabloids in business. We have become voyeurs, always peeping in to the life of others – in this case – celibrities. Please understand, I am not trying to insult any one.

      From what I have observed, Rob and Kristen are more matured than most people their age. They may be celebrities but still human beings who are vulnerable like us and as such likely to make mistakes like every one else. If we were in their position, who knows how we would have coped. We must be glad to know that they came through this ordeal with flying colours. That shows that the public reaction to their relationship hasn’t had any effect on them. Except that they cannot behave like a normal couple while they are out in public. If I remember right, Rob himself had made the reason clear – not wanting to sell his (their?) personal life.

      “Kristen Stewart looks sad and dejected at the air port.” Still the haters say that she can’t act?

      Nena, I know that you are an ardent fan of R&K. So am I. I did not see any of their movies before the “scandal.” It is not their movies or their relationship that made me their fan but this so called stupid “scandal.” I don’t care if it was real, staged or photoshopped I will always be their supporter. Why, because they are human beings like me first, then actors and celebrities. Unless some one proves to me that they are a different type of species and as such not supposed to make mistakes (by this I am not implying that she made a mistake) I will keep on supporting them.

      Love conquers. Hate destroys. When everyone uderstand this, the world will be a better place to live in.

      • Valsan: Very well said! You’re right, we all keep the tabloids in business, because we’ve all come to accept that we’re somehow entitled to know about (and judge) certain people’s private lives, just because they’re celebrities. The whole system is messed up, and it brings out the worst in some people.
        I also admire the young couple for their professionalism in the face of pressure, and for their continued refusal to “sell” their private lives.

    • More to follow in the next edition. And don’t worry, I have an opinion. But unlike many out in cyberspace, I intend to fully argue and justify mine from the evidence. Its its going to be longer than the one liners we usually see out there.

  11. Hi, I’ve been reading twilighter since his first stuff on gossip cop. I’ve also been reading justiceforkristen ever since you started the blog.

    I just now noticed their was a protected post titled punk 11 continued… I would really like to read it too….can I be given the password ?? thank you, Heather (zcdkoda)

  12. Huge breakup story going on currently. Rob comes to his senses, listens to his family and dumps Kristen. The Sun and some UK sites. Not being picked up by the major US gossip bloggers currently, a few minor ones have. Since R/K were seen widely at Globe after parties one week ago, the US bloggers prob. don’t want to lose “credibility” However have not checked GC or HL on this so correct me if I am wrong.

    • Stories about R/K will not stop until and unless we stop clicking on them.

    • Nope it has already hit here too. Hollywood Lies keeps posting that they are in a trial seperation because Rob wants to move on and Kristen is being needy and jealous. They are saying she wants to get married and he doesn’t want to be with her since she is pushing marriage. Now they are saying she is going to OZ to be with him for she is afraid he will get with other women while they are seperated and leave her. Blah, Blah, Blah. Hollywood Life started the lies and GC debunked them. Now In Touch and Life&Style are running with the same spin Hollywood Lies started. E!News announced they had not split and there were tabloids spreading fabricated material about K and R. This was also picked up by GC the same night stating the same as what E!News announce. Twilighter has been right so far with his predictions with the exception it only took two weeks to start up not 45 days. 1. Split up because Rob is tired of Kristen’s actions. 2. Rupert Sanders seen in Los Feliz area. Wonder who he is visiting? They got this garbage from a fan tweeting it and she was found to be in Colorado at the time but they still ran with the lies she tweeted.3.. Rob being photoed parting with guys in a bar in Oz and the article that he has forgotten Kristen and having a wonderful time in OZ. 4.Two fan photos with girls came out the other day with caption saying Rob has forgotten K since he is having a wonderful time parting in OZ with other girls.4. HWL article -. Kristen worried Rob has moved on and is now desperate for him. 5. Rob tired of Kristen needinest and has asked her not to come to OZ. 6.. Kristen going to Oz because she doesn’t want Rob with another woman. All of these lies apparently have come from a good friend of Kristen’s and Robs. Yea. Sure? I think a lot of the lies the tabloids are running with are made up in their news rooms and the rest are comments they get from fans on Twitter and Robsessed that already hate Kristen. I know an article came out about how happy Rob looked at the Oz airport now that he has split from Kristen. I can tell you they got the idea from Robsessed comments for that is all they were posting when pictures of him came out and were posted on Robsessed before picked up by HWL. The Robsessed fans’ comments were negative for Kristen and were saying how happy he looked now that he was away from her. Instagram has not helped either with the tabloids picking up fans pictures and running with them like HWL did with the article that Rob had a romantic dinner in NYC with a blonde girl and then posted a picture of Rob hugging a blonde girl. They didn’t say the girl was a fan who had her picture taken with him when he came out of the building they were shooting the Dior commercial in and that was it. Robsten had a video of the entire encounter with the girl and her three friends. He took a picture with each girl and then left with Nick and his two bodyguards on the video. There was no romantic dinner. The girl posted the picture on her twitter account instagram. I think the fans need to back off just as much as the papz do for they are feeding the tabloids every time they post a twitter or instagram pic of Kristen or Rob. Sorry for the novel.

      • Sorry I got my numbers mixed up.

      • Robsessed is a website that very much hates Kristen and always has. I know because I have been observing this saga for 4 years now. So no surprise on that end–The webloids likely do go to Robsessed for tips, they have made quite a name for themselves have avoided GC and HL as the hateful comments get me too upset.. On twitter I always accidentally get wind of the latest rumors about Kristen and Rob. I hardly see her as the clingy type, Anyway I don’t know their status or how long R/K will remain together–but over the last 4 years, many times I have wondered how their relationship could take all the pressures of the spotlight, rumors, blogs, fan interest, papz etc.

        Also, re: another post–In the US public figures lose a lot of their– privacy rights.–so what privacy might protect a regular citizen, does not protect those who are in the public eye.

      • But why does this have to be? Do actors sign something saying that the papz are to have full access to their lives, both private and professional? And dont bother to complain because nothing will be done? No, all people should have the same protection!!!!! this was put together by from_our_eyes,

      • Thanks for the info. about HL and GC

  13. Most of negative comments on gossip sites, I’ve always felt were made by people who work for the sites to get fans to react so they get hits. They are probably the ones who fight us tooth and nail about the scandal being staged. At least that’s what it seems like to me. I adore rob and Kristen but I do think they staged this to be seen more as individuals and

    • Butter fingers! To move away from twilight. Although I can’t get away from the word summit in the dirt under Kristen’s car. I really do hope summit was behind it all. I’m a mom too like some of you but my boys are only 4 and 6 years old. When a woman becomes a mom, she inherits a natural instinct to protect. That’s why we’re here. The attacks on Kristen need to stop. It does seem now that most commenters on gossip sites mostly call BS on them. That’s a move in the right direction.

    • I think you are right too. They plant the negative comment seed and the poster’s comments feed the articles. I also have come to the conclusion that the rags get their ideas for articles from trolling fan’s twitter accounts, instagrams and that nosey Robsessed fan site. A lot of the articles I have noticed on Hollywood Lies first started as comments on Robsessed or pictures fans sent in to Robsessed. The NYE picture was from a fan who sent it to Robsessed and it was picked up by the tabloids. This fan site seems to get pics of Rob a lot faster than the papz can sell them to mags. The fans are taking them and sending them through instagram and twitter to the fan site so they get there quickly and the rumors spread through their comments about the pics. Sometimes I think the obsessed fans might put the papz out of business and are causing more harm by posting pics and comments to start up mag rumors and articles like the paps do. Why buy a picture from a pap when you can get it free and faster from a fan site or fan’s instagram. All the mags have to do is look for the Twitter names like Robsessed, Love of Rob, Krisbeian and some of the other names posting on twitter to get their ideas and picks from. Not hard to track a source when they make it so easy to follow them. Maybe these are their so called exclusive sources and close friends of Rob and Kristen. I know Suzie Reimer is keeping the mags loaded down with pics. of her in Rob’s house or on vacation with Rob and Kristen. The fans used her instagram and twitter post to find out where Rob and Kristen were staying during NYE. She posted pictures of the area they were staying at and the resturant they ate at in Camden and where they were traveling to and how they were getting there. She is suppose to be a good friend of Kristen and Robs but seems to like telling people all about what is going on and sending out pics. and clues she is with them. You never see a pic of her with them but she wears Rob’s clothes when she takes the pic or one of his hats. There were pap pictures of her and Kristen in the airport going to London back on Dec. 27. Suzie posted on her twitter account when she was leaving London and when they would arrive back at LAX. Smart? The last pic she took was in his bedroom for his new baseball hats he wore to NYC during the Cosmopolis premiere were sitting on a shelf behind her and his black jacket and black and gray shirt was on the bed. It was a before and after picture of her sitting by the bed with frizzy hair and then straight hair. She then posted on April 9 a picture of her in Rob’s house with Bernie the new dog they adopted. The fans got so tired of her posting pictures of her at Rob’s house they started complaining about her on Robsessed.She might be the leak come to think of it.

      • @Chance: If this woman actually is the “leak” she has been for a while, and Stewart or Pattinson should have become aware of it long before now. If her pictures and comments are genuine, either they don’t mind her making pictures and information available, or, for the conspiracy lovers among us, they are using her to deliberately plant preselected leaks.

      • I think Suzie is a friend and some of her pics are trying to lead papz the other way.

      • Now you make me wonder how those photos by the swimming pool in her new home came out. Just to see them together like that must have been a real blow to the “haters” and “Robsessed”.

        Suzie Reimer must have been the director / photographer of the make out sessions too as I don’t see them using an outsider for the job.

  14. Forgot to mention something. The longer they keep the grand punk going the more the tabloids suffer. You can see it in the comments on every gossip site. Rob and Kristen’s fans are ripping these sites a new one. If the truth had come out early on not much would have come from it. Better to keep it going until the gossip sites are all run into the ground. Then bring out the truth to finish the job when the gossip sites have nothing left to stand on.

    • Dawn: IF this was done as a deliberate prank or to make a point, you may be right about keeping it going as long as possible. If the idea to demonstrate how completely unfounded celebrity gossip is, they could have quite an example to present after six months or more. Not only the pictures and accompanying story could be revealed as false, but so could virtually every report about Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson from that time on, since they were all based on false assumptions to begin with. The breakup, moving out of this house, into that one, the discussions, the gradual reconciliation, not to mention all the nonsense about pacts and couples counselling and family members taking sides – months and months of it, ALL shown to be complete crap! It could have an effect, especially if other celebrities follow up with accounts of false reporting.
      Just speculation, of course.

      • They already are. Taylor Swift has come out and asked her fans not to believe the stories printed about her and Harry Styles. Khloe Kardashian went on E!News last night during an interview about her hosting X Factor and discussed the hurtful fabricated things the tabloids had been and still are writing about her marriage with Lamar Odom. She cried when she talked about them pushing the stories about them divorcing. She praised Jodie Foster for speaking about celebrities having the right to have privacy in their personal lives. That the personal life of a celebritiy was not a reality show for people to watch. I know it was ironic for a Kardahian to say that but I think she is tired of the lies the mags are printing about her. I wish other celbrities would start coming out as well and compalin about the gossip mags. Maybe Jodie Foster’s speach about the right to privacy will spur the other celebs to demand for something to be done to the paps and the gossip rags. I don’t understand why everyone centered on Jodie Foster coming out as gay for she announced that in 2007 at an Elle Mag benefit. I think her entire speach was a shout out to Kristen, Rob and other celebrities to not let the gossip mags and fans ruin your private lives and that celebrities have the right to keep what is private just that private. They don’t owe that to their fans.

      • I agree 100% about Jodie F speech! But I find it hard to have much sympathy for any Kardashian, first why are they even known, oh yeah their dad got OJ off. Im sure that sounds harsh but it seems all have done everything possible to be in the media. Perfect example of famewhores! Reality show after reality show!!! Why are they given status of celeb is beyond me. They love the attention, and if it is bothering them now its their own fault. Not many would know them if not for all the sex crap, reality shows, proudly showing their butts all everything else! Ok rant over

    • I just hope by then there is something left of Kristen, Robert and Rob and Kristen!!!

      • Maybe they’ll be married by then making the rag mags look really foolish! lol

      • Nena: I totally agree with you about the Kardashians. That is why I said it was ironic she was upset about the gossip mags exploiting her marriage and telling lies about them. The Kardashians are the reason for reality tv and in my view started this open season the paps have for making the celebrities lives a reality show. Everyone is game now in the paps and gossip mags view. It is the norm for everything to be hanging out there in the open when it comes to personal lives thanks to all these reality shows that I hate to say are watched more than none reality shows are. I can’t stand and want watch the reality shows that are on now. It is like they are pimping their lives out there for money.

      • You are so right!! It’s sick! And don’t get me started on reality shows, I’m waiting for the “Who does sex better” show? Have peeps have sex and the judges deside who does it better! That’s about all there is left to have a show about!!!

    • I think the gossip sites are getting ripped because a lot of the people on them have been to Twilighter’s site or Abbybooks blog. Twilighter commenting on Hollywood Life is the reason I came to this site for I was seeing how HWL kept contridicting their stories and I was getting tired of them bashing Kristen and reading the haters comments. It seems like you can try to defend her to the haters but they just tell you that you need medication or are immature and stupid. It was more effective to go after HWL and sound off in your comment about their lack of ethics and correctly posting stories and outward lies. Twilighter has helped bring this about and other posters are starting to attack the media instead of trying to reason with the haters who post comments towards the fabricated stories.

      • If they are already married and have been for a while wouldn’t that be a hoot. Breaking up getting back together four times a monthwith bad feeling from his sisters thrown in, the list goes on. If they have been married since say Eclipse that would be a grand punk, Add some iffy photos and the tabloids have definitely been done in, Looney, yeah
        but it would so serve a lot of people right

      • For a long time I thought we were powerless to do combat with the tabloids but I’m beginning to think that we actually are making headway. I have selectively been going after them through their comment sections and then referencing this site and some of our longer posts showing them for what they are. And as you say, the comment sections to their nonsense is starting to fill up with people blowing them off. It gets them temporary hits, but in the run its starting to damage their credibility. So pile on, lets take to ramparts!

    • Ah, you are finally getting the point. 🙂 There are huge benefits to making this run as long as they possibly can. All it takes is a very strong person, and my money is on Rob and Kristen. They have proved it over and over and over again for more than four years. If this has all been BS and they can declare it, it will be the biggest blow to the twitter fed, tabloid world in the decade and may finally get them the peace they deserve.

      • If this is the case I hope it gets them the desired affect they wanted!! If it was only intended towards the media and the rabid fans, I think the true fans will see it! Depends on how it is presented.

    • You have hit the nail on the head. They don’t even have to bring out the truth. The intended result is being achieved and in the process they are making a lot of fans who can keep their heads on their shoulders no matter what the tabloids cooks up.
      Many thanks to twilighter too, his efforts are paying off.

  15. Nena: Comment about reality show about sex. Your comment was funny but true. Have you heard about the one the O Channel wanted to put out about the guy who had 11 baby moms. He had 5 to 6 children by each and all 11 were pregnant again. They wanted to make a reality show about him and all the women he was getting pregnant. None of them had jobs so I don’t know who was paying the bills. It didn’t air because Fox News got their viewers to send in request to stop the airing of the show but they had already made the first 4 shows. Now that shows you how low people will go for money.

  16. Just want to say, thankyou for this website. Now I have somewhere to go and get my Rob and Kristen fix in a healthier way and not help the gossip sites by clicking on their links. I find all of the filth so disturbing on those sites. I like Kristen and Rob both as a couple and as individuals and yes, I hope they make it as a couple but either way wish them both the best in life. I also am a mother but also a human being that has made mistakes in life and I cannot imagine all that Kristen has had to endure, God bless her/them both~

  17. Hi every one,
    There seems to be a real twist. There are reports stating LR has filed for divorce.

  18. Story #2 has hit: see They apparently decided not to use a pic though (probably because the one everyone has already seen has shown to be a fan pic)!!!!

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