Staged, Blackmailed, Photoshopped or PR….THIS Is the Reality


See the article by Andre Soares  at ALT Film Guide


5 Responses

  1. LOL!! Yup, that sums it up pretty well.

  2. Yep and as long as the fans keep clicking those links and reading the lies and talking about it on social media, they will continue to badger and harass and attack Kristen and Rob and it will not stop. You are making those “people” rich by allowing them to continue to hurt your idols…Shame

    • I agree that unless something is done, clicking on those sites is simply prolonging the problem. However, if people would start going on line and calling attention to the fact that the stories they are running are simply rehashes of stories that have already appeared on other sites, perhaps the tides could change. I hardily agree with Twilighter that people need to start calling them the liars that they are!

  3. I see it all the time, so if I see an old picture I let them know, if I see an old story, they want to try and change it I let them know, they are like flies on Sh*t, it’s sad but they really are getting old, I wish if this was all a PR joke or just to get even with the Paparazzi they would just come out with it, Twilight is over so there’s no reason for any of this to keep going on.

  4. Thanks Sue. We really appreciate you and Twilighter57.

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