Will You Help?

I know that many of us are getting anxious and frustrated with what is occurring.  I am formulating a plan.  If you would be willing to help, please leave a comment here.  When I get it completely figured out, I will get back to you.




You’re doing great, but it is going to take many, many more!  We are currently at 17.  That’s not nearly enough.  We need 10 times that at least!  I know you want to do something and the beginning of this is to get people involved.  There are so many people that are complaining about the way the tabs are behaving and what they are doing to Kristen.  This goes even deeper than that.  Kristen is the focus, but there are a lot of other people that are being hurt by their lies.  Challenge the people that you know to “put up or shut up”!  I’m not going to be asking people to do a lot. but there is strength in numbers.  We will have to work together.   Keep encouraging people to sign up to help out.  Whether we succeed depends on numbers.


67 Responses

  1. I have just discovered this place. God, I hate people who think that they have any right to judge any person, Kristen owe us nothing, people think she must suffer and apologize (for something she has not done, in my opinion), but why??? I always want to ask those people: what did she do to deserve such hate?? did she do something bad to you???killed someone you loved or something??? I just don’t understand where all this hate come from, its so unfair. maybe they are jealous or something. Its her life, I would not like anyone to judge my life, they have no right. I love this girl so much, I don’t believe anything the tabs write about her, its just the way to earn the money and ruin someones life… I am proud of how well she handled the situation, I respect her even more now. I remember on TIFF she held her chin up and no journalist was able to ask her what they were really interested in asking, because she kept the interviews strictly about the movie and nobody even dared to ask her about anything else, she proved by her behaviour that she is innocent. I remember her saying in one interview back in 2008 “whoever believes in what they write, well They Can Think Whatever About Me, I don’t care “. and I don’t care either, I am her fan, and I respect her every decision and the fact that her private life is PRIVATE.
    sorry about such a long comment and THATK YOU for defending her. I will always defend her as much as I can.

  2. thanks! I definitely will, I like it here, without haters…:)

  3. I’m in! I’ve been here for a few weeks now. I keep finding more areas like this. If I need to do anything else please let me know! It’s past time to stop the malicious treatment of Kristen Stewart!

  4. count with me, we need to help because the tabloids are so ravenous about kristen and her life,all this have to be stopped and soon !

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