“The Plan” is coming together…are you going to help?

“The Plan” is starting to come together, but we still need people to commit to helping out.  It will take a lot of us to make an impression.  If you are sick of what has been happening and are serious about taking on the tabs, leave a comment on this post. This plan will take a minimum of time and does not require that you visit any of the tab sites.  It DOES require you to make a commitment and to stick with it.   If you have already said you would be willing to help, you don’t need to leave another comment–it might lead to duplicate emails being sent.  If you know anyone who hasn’t signed up but you think that they might be interested in helping, please encourage them to leave a comment on this post.  I need the comment in order to get email addresses so I can email  the plan to the people who want to help.  I will not be posting “The Plan” on this site.  IT WILL ONLY BE EMAILED TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE REQUESTED TO BE INVOLVED BY LEAVING A COMMENT ON A POST.


41 Responses

  1. Add me!

  2. I’m going to help for sure…

  3. I want to help too.

  4. I’m in! Things are getting out of hand. It has to stop!

  5. Sue i want to help but i only have an email!!! Tell me what to do!!!!

  6. Me too. I’ll help. 🙂

  7. Yup…Count me in on this one. I pretty sick of it all for Rob and Kristen…they need privacy and peace.

  8. I will help!

  9. I’m interested in knowing what the plan is.

  10. yeah definitely. I have written to Bonnie Fuller (a few times) and radar online already.

  11. Just found this in my email and will do what I can don’t have Facebook
    or Twitter I have emailed your site to several people hope that helps

  12. So where’s the plan i wanna help!

  13. i wanna help too!!! so let me know what i have to do

  14. I’m in….

  15. I´m from Czech Republic. I wanna help!

  16. I am 100% behind this. I cannot tell you how frustrating its been to hear all these lies, and have no one believe you, the one that probably knows more than those damn lying tabloids know. Count me in as part as this plan. If you need additional help spreading the word, I also have a YouTube channel. Just like my tumblr, it’s lizardliz100. Definitely willing to help stop all this hating and blaming on Kristen. Sign me up!

  17. Im sick of all the crap going around!! They deserve privacy, plus im interested in this plan…. IM IN!!!

  18. I did sign up to twitter and am at standstill how do I this…LOL

    • Follow me! @veulent_savoir . I know it is a little scary at first, but you can do it! After you follow me, then just retweet my tweets by clicking on the retweet button. It’s really not that hard. Questions? Just ask! We all had to learn some time! 🙂

  19. Hi, I would love to help!! Thanks 🙂

  20. Hope I’m not too late to join The Plan! I love Kristen and would love to help stop the hate!

  21. I’m Totally In!

  22. It’s the best I’ve found. I felt so helpless, I sent TwitLonger Oprah, Bonnie Fuller, etc.. Definitely count me. I’m Latino, but I have not speak English translator instant. I’m a young mom and mother feel pain for this girl. Send a twiter President Obama alleging violation of the basic human rights of a person. Count me.
    I got the email but I can not continue with the process

    • Thanks, hun! We appreciate the help you have given! 🙂

      • I say enough is ENOUGH!!! How can the pappz and tabloids sleep at night, I mean what would they do if this was happening to them and their family? Would they just sit back and do nothing or would they fight like we are. I believe in what we are tring and hopefully changing one step at a time. The innocent deserve respect and somebody or someone that can be the voice of reason to stand up for the ones being hurt in this.

  23. i wanna help sorry i had a post a comment again because the stupid autocorrect messed my my name on the last one

  24. I’m in. Let the bashing of the paparazzi and the lies begin

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