Justiceforkristen 6 Celebrity Dirty Garbage, Smelly Laundry, and Lies 0

The game continues but I am about to call it due to a lack of interest and boredom.  Yeah, friends Maurice was back at it again.  He sent three more comments to our latest post that I unceremoniously shuffled into the trash.  You see, here at justiceforkristen, we try to keep the floors of cyberspace clear of garbage.  So I won’t be sharing his comments with you anymore.

But I can’t resist paraphrasing them:

In his first, he calls me honey and complains how we are calling his website by the wrong name.  LMAO.  The moron thinks I’m a woman!  I guess he hasn’t read the Grand Punk series very closely if at all.  Then again he probably wouldn’t understand if he did.  His other point is probably well taken as I have misidentified the name.  But when it comes right down to it, garbage is garbage, it doesn’t matter what you call it.  However, in fairness to the truth and to answer his concerns, you can find him at his properly identified website at Celebrity Garbage and Lies. com.   LMAO!!!

Justiceforkristen  2    Celebritydirtylaundry.com 0

Opps, I did it again, misidentified his site!

In his second comment he “threatens” to have “my site” removed if I mention him in a negative way.  At least he didn’t say “sight”, or I would have been calling my former colleagues at the FBI.  He also says that he had my other “post” removed” but that this time it will be the entire site. Oh baby oh baby, we love it when you threaten us!  But I have got news for you pal, I’ve stared down and put away many more murderers than you have had comments posted on your crap website stories in the past year.  So shut it.  You may get your kicks hiding in cyberspace and slandering a young woman who never did anything to you, but don’t think your scaring anyone.

And furthermore, you seemed to be confused as to “sites” and “comments”.  I assume you talking about having removed my “comment”  from your site.  The one where I point out how according to freewebsitereport.com your website generates about 26 cents per day in advertising revenue.  Hit a raw nerve I guess.  And its too bad you had to remove my comment given how few actually appear there.  And by the way for some reason, you still have my other comment there even though it is hardly flattering.  Lets see how long it takes you to remove that one.   And by way thanks for the free advertising in the interim.  I think we can afford the loss as our website gets more than 2000 page views per day.  You obviously need all the views and comments you can get even when they come from me.  And don’t worry, we have preserved our little exchange in my earlier post.  LMAO

Justiceforkristen   3       CelebrityGarbage & Lies  0

Opps, I did it again!  It just feels too good to stop.

And now for the attempted three point shot.

And finally in his third comment, he cries about how we are lying about his site’s webhits and revenue.  Aw. WAH.WAH.WAH .  It must be a real b____ when you think someone lies about you and you can’t do anything to defend yourself.  Some people, like Kristen, have the strength of character to rise above it, ignore it, and live their lives unaffected by it.  Only the weak go WAH WAH WAH Maurice.  Maybe this is your opportunity for a little person growth and to engage Dr. Phil Dembo, that relationship expert that tabloid sleezos just love, and build a little character if you are capable of it.

Wow, swish.  It was all net.

Justiceforkriten 6     Celebrity Dirty Garbage, Smelly Laundry, and Lies    0

Opps, I did it again.

Well that’s about it for Maurice, although he was still babbling about some trip.  That was the final straw.   If we are going to get ready for March Madness, we need to find some better competition then that pipsqueek.  We have bigger fish (slugs) to fry.

And as a final note, don’t go to his website even if you can figure out where he is.  Let’s keep him at 26 cents a day.  If he say anything worth mocking, I’ll get back to you.


11 Responses

  1. Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fantastic.

  3. Great job !

  4. And this is just the beginning! I am super exited to get rid of this fish and go after the sharks now

  5. Wow awesome,,let the battle begin…!youre very fantastic..thanks for being there defending a young woman like Kristen..

  6. Let me say to Maurice: YO ARE GARBAGE IDIOT!!!!!!

  7. I am with you T57. I will support in any way I can just to stop those who slanders or bullies a 22 years old woman!

  8. Oh, this is just too hilarious! He threathens to get us removed for slander when he makes it his day job slandering celebrities? You reep what you sow, Maurice, weren’t you aware?

  9. You should do that to Hollywood life, star, and other tabs, too.


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