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 by twilighter

Thought  I’d share a little sparring match that went on with a faceless wonder of the celebrity gossip machine today.  Kind of made my day, although it was way too easy.

So anyway, I was minding my own business and doing some more research on the “so-called Scandal” when I stopped into justiceforkristen.wordpress.com to check out the comment traffic.  And to my surprise, who did I find? None other than Maurice Cassidy himself, who I featured in yesterday’s blog, Two more Faces of the Celebrity Gossip Machine and Our Latest Update on [Five] Rob & Kristen Stories Waiting to Happen. Here’s the comment he added to my blog earlier today.

Maurice Cassidy (@CalvinBlanco), on January 28, 2013 at 6:35 pm said: Edit Comment

“Hey guys, it’s me Maurice.
Lovin’ the hatred from you guys.
I was informed about your article and couldn’t help but cry of laughter. Thanks for making my day and as my picture, check my Disqus — it isn’t too hard to see. But yeah, thanks for the love and support. Without you visiting CDL every day, I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent and travel the world, so thanks a bunch.”

Fellow kind of thinks he’s clever, eh?  Let’s just say I was more than happy to engage him.  Here was my response:

twilighted57, on January 28, 2013 at 7:36 pm said: Edit Comment

“Yeah I’m sure you are making the rent on our occasional one hit to review your BS. Which is more than the comments you are getting. What is it up to now 7? Wow, better start planning that trip. And as for that photo, we prefer to leave you faceless. We know that you can’t tell much from that big grin of yours but we know you are pretty good at faking it.”

Then I really started to have some fun and all that it took was a few key strokes and a websearch or two. That led to my subsequent comment:

twilighted57, on January 28, 2013 at 8:10 pm said: Edit Comment

“Hey Maurice:

You are a bigger joke than I thought.

Did a little checking at freewebsitereport.org and it seems that:

Celebritydirtylaundry.com was ranked #12,881,151 in the world according to Alexa website ranking. Celebritydirtylaundry.com has Google page rank #3. The estimated website net worth based on its traffic value and online website advertisement revenue alone is around $187 annually. Celebritydirtylaundry.com receives 85 pageviews per day and generates nearly $0.26 in daily ad revenue. Celebritydirtylaundry.com has recently shown a 20.06% in growth in the traffic rank. Celebritydirtylaundry.com has website backlinks from #8 website. Celebritydirtylaundry.com has a popular site score rating of 1 out of 5 Stars. Celebritydirtylaundry.com appears to be hosted in Germany.

Wow 26 cents a day. And that growth, 4 cents more a day. Can’t wait to see where that next trip of yours is going to. Probably into toilet like you and the rest of your BS. So run along, we’re busy. We had over 2,000 page views today. Which is why we are about 7,000,000 websites in front of you. But we do it for truth, not the cash.”

Yep, it’s true. We are about 7,000,000 websites ahead of our fine feathered friend Mr. Faceless at celebitydirtylaundry.com. I was half expecting a snarky response from him after my comment, but the creature has been noticeably absent and silent. LMAOROTF.    

But there is a much more important lesson here than knocking some celebrity gossip machine moron upside the head.  Go to freewebsitereport.org and do some poking around.  What you will find is that pure web-based celebrity gossip sites are not nearly as lucrative as you might think.  Hollywood Life comes in at less than a half a million a year, Gossip Cop at only a quarter of a mill, the Enquirer at about $20,000 annually, and don’t forget poor Maurice, they only generate about $187 a year in ad revenue.  That doesn’t even cover the costs of keeping the lights on.  And if you trifle with their webhits, it may have a far greater impact on them that you might expect.

Which explains why many of these companies that own these celebrity gossip sites operate multiple “competing”  sites even though they are actually owned by the same company.  That way they can play off an unsuspecting public by regurgitating made up stories and take opposing points of view to stir up controversy, increase webhits, and make more money. Even if it is only $20,000 here and there.

 It’s all really about the money.  And if you are as old as I am you’ll remember Deep Throat’s advice to Woodward and Bernstein as they tried to unravel the Watergate Scandal:  “Follow the money.”  That’s why taking a look at a company like American Media, Inc matters.  They own The Enquirer, The Star, The Globe, The National Examiner, Country Weekly, Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Men’s Fitness, RadarOnline, and OKMagazine.  And you wonder why we hear the same old familiar BS over and over and over again.  Suffice to say if you subscribe to any of these publications you might want to reconsider that as soon as possible.

And as my friend Robsten Cuteness, who I met online early on in this “cheating scandal”, taught me, the money web doesn’t stop there.  Because she has pointed out the inter-connections between GE, Universal, Lionsgate, Summit Comcast, and the celebrity gossip machine.  It really is about the money and some of it is really big money.  

Now granted, there are the big boys of celebrity gossip, like People, US Magazine, and Look and they make significant dollars off their webpages, even though their small fries in Universal and Comcast’s media giant world.  Look is at about ¾ of a million ad revenue per year, and People and US are well north of a million dollars.  But they also supplement that revenue from their print operations and use both to feed each other.  However, even an assault on something of their size can translate into an economic impact.  It’s just a matter of going on to their websites and seeing who is advertising there.  The last thing an advertiser who is paying money for an ad on the internet wants to see is a hostile comment or hear a hostile tweeter storm berating their product or company because of the advertising company they keep.

So just for fun, let’s take a look at our old friend Gossip Cop.  Here’s what I learned at freewebsitereport.org:

Gossipcop.com has ranked #10,436 in the world according to Alexa website ranking. Gossipcop.com has Google pagerank #6. The estimated website net worth based on its traffic value and online website advertisement revenue alone is around $230,836 annually. Gossipcop.com receives 105,404 pageviews per day and generates nearly $316 in daily ad revenue. Gossipcop.com has recently shown a 54.28% in growth in the traffic rank. The average page load time is 3 seconds, which is faster than 20% of sites around the world. Gossipcop.com has website backlinks from #3353 website. Gossipcop.com has a popular site score rating of 3 out of 5 Stars. Gossipcop.com appears to be hosted in United States.

Probably not as big as you expected.right?  Well, it’s all part of the fabric of the celebrity gossip machine.  And it’s high time to tear it up.

And in the meantime, I am still awaiting a further response from our good friend, the village idiot, Maurice Cassady.  But I’m not planning on staying up late waiting for it.  That 26 cents his site made today probably failed to cover his internet bill and they probably pulled the plug.  Maybe now Maurice has the time to do some of that world traveling he was telling us about.


19 Responses

  1. Good work! Let us tear down those Gossip websites who without conscience slanders or bullies a 22 years old woman! Maybe if we unite in numbers, we can bring them down!

  2. Lol…very good research

  3. Go Twilighter!!!!!!!

  4. Sick disgusting low lives who telling cruel lies getting money , it’s hard to bring them down but we wont give in , so thankful we have you guys in this ‘Justice for Kristen’ who have been standing strong with us. Thank you.

  5. I mean *give up , sorry.

  6. Awesome work there 🙂

  7. Hey – RobstenCuteness here – thanks for the shout out, hun. I wanted to let you know that I have reached out to high-profile female peeps to see if any of them will stand up and speak out for Kristen. The tabs have taken this too far, for too long and it’s all been way out of line. I have seen people stand up and stick up for Beyonce and the lip syncing, Harry and the naked picts, JB and many others. Never have I seen one person (and a young 22 year old girl no less) take so much bashing for anything. This is bullying in the highest form. And no one deserves the punishment and bullying this girl is taking.

    I spoke with Gloria Steinem’s assistant yesterday in hopes that as a feminist and women’s rights advocate, she might step forward and call for the end of this harassment. I’ll let you all know where it goes. We’re not done there, either. I’m still trying to find public figures who will write about this, or stand up and speak about it in a larger public forum.

    I won’t give up until this bullying ends. At this point, it’s no longer about the staged “scandal” anymore, but about Kristen’s safety, well being and respect for her privacy. This can’t be healthy for her or Rob and the more they write, the more haters that come out of the woodwork. It’s getting very dangerous, I fear, and her life and reputation are not worth the monetary gain these tabs are using it for.

    Worse off, there is a terrible message being sent by these tabs to the young women of our world….that if you make a mistake, you will be held accountable forever…that people are allowed to bash you, harass you, yell obscenities at you, write things about you, post lies about you all over the internet and it will never end. This is the stuff that causes suicides. If this were any average person, getting this torment – these “journalists” would be in jail for slander, stalking and harassment. This is criminal and it needs to be stopped. Fight the good fight, peeps, and stand with us to end this reign of Kristen bashing and bullying.

  8. The one thing that I will never understand is what makes this so different than other actresses that have been in the same situation? It just seems that the level of hate in this case is worse and continues to escalate. The other actresses have been bashed but it dies down rather quickly, however this just seems to keep going and the hate getting stronger as time goes on. Yes people are allowed to make mistakes, but when they should also be allowed to try and move on from it. Why are some allowed to move on past their mistakes, while this situation just seems to get worse, there is always something new and hateful being said, whether it is in regards to her relationship, work, or attitude towards others or anything else they can come up with to keep the hate in the news. She has never played the game and has preferred to just live in quiet. . .seems like these past few weeks that she has been just keeping to herself and out of the public eye has just allowed the amount of hate to increase.

    • It is just plain jealousy on the part of most commentors. She has every thing they want to have (including RP).They are not that concerned about morality. If that was the case they would have stopped a long while ago.

      Tabs are simply taking advantage of the stupid haters and supporters alike and at the same time they are getting back at her for that “miidle finger”.

  9. I feel that Mr.Maurice Cassady was actually telling you the truth about his travel plan as he is left with no option. The CDL is up for sale.

    • Just out of curiosity Valsan, where did you hear this?

      • T57: I left a reply on 8th February. When I checked yesterday it was still awaiting moderation. But today it is missing.
        I saw it on CDL on 6th Feb. It says “THIS DOMAIN MAY BE FOR SALE”.
        My second post was regarding the Popsugar CS Photos. They have inserted two advertisements in between the photos. May be to confuse the people following TGP perhaps?

      • Valsan: Thanks for he update on the possible sale of CDL. A change of ownership could only be an improvement for that piece of garbage, but I pity anyway who has to absorb their reputation in a buy.

      • Valsan:

        I also noted after you pointed it out that PopSugar inserted two meaningless adds in the middle of the PopSugar 55. And yes you are right, there is no doubt they did so intending to cause some confusion. That webpage has remained static for nearly six months and all of a sudden they decide to insert two adds in the middle of it in an attempt to through off the numbering system. Fortunately, references to the popsugar set on their site are pretty specific so they can be found if someone is rally looking for confirmation. All you need to do is add one to any picture number after #3 and add two to any picture number after after picture number 9. For example My picture 6 is now PS picture 7 (6+1) and my picture 13 is now PopSugar #15 (13+2). Annoying, but PS and the rest of the celebrity gossip machine is going to have to do better than that to stop the truth from coming out.

      • I noticed that also!!!! Interesting that after this long some one changes it!!! Getting nervous? I have them copied any way but wow

  10. Pop Sugar has put in two advertisements in between the CS Photos. I believe it is done to change the S/Nos. of the photos. Perhaps to confuse the readers of TGP? Just a thought.

    • absolutely right. They are trying to confuse the issue. But they are going to have to do better than that to stop the truth.

  11. T57:You are most welcome. I hope their machine will get clogged.

  12. Forgot to add
    There is an article dated 8th Feb. in HL “KS’s promise to Rob” Catherene has made an insinuating comment. You might want to have a look at it.
    I remember this person doing a sortie on TGP comment board.

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