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A few short months ago, I was just beginning to learn how to use Twitter.  Not too soon after I started, “the scandal” broke.  Even if you are not a big fan of entertainment news, you would have to have been off the planet to not know to which scandal I refer.  Since that time, I have had a real education on the way the things work!  I’ve learned many of the ins and outs of Twitter.  I’ve learned how to open and maintain a website. I’ve learned about photoshopping and I’ve learned that what I read or even see is not always true.  I’ve learned about paparazzi and the abhorrent way they treat the people that are actually their “bread and butter”.  I’ve learned that there are people out there that are downright mean.  But, I’ve also learned that there a multitude of people out there that really care.  They too are sick of the lies, the doctored photos—whether they have to do with “the scandal” or just doctoring the way models look in magazine in advertisements.      

I believe that there are a lot of us out here that want to see things change.  We are starting a grassroots movement to bring all media, whether written or video, to task for their unacceptable handling of the news—especially entertainment news. 

Journalism used to be a noble profession.  The people that are running it currently are turning it into a joke.  Journalism—at least their kind of journalism—seems to be who can tell the most lies and get the most hits or purchases of their particular site or magazine.  Were you aware that every time you go to a gossip site you are generating income for them and that you are also perpetuating the lies that they tell about the people you are most interested in?  Were you also aware that they are not necessarily owned by individuals, but in reality are “divisions” of the big name gossip sites.  That is why you see the same article in so many places.  They simply take the article from one of their sister sites and recycle it.  It makes it appear that the article is printing the truth, but in reality what is happening is that the same people are putting the articles out from different venues.  It probably should be more accurately described as plagiarism.  What kind of journalism is that?  They have lowered the standard by not writing original articles.  They simply cut and paste articles from one site to another.  They may change a word or two, although I have actually seen articles that have been printed on two different sites that literally used the same article verbatim and only changed the name of the author!  What?  How could two different people write exactly the same article—word for word?  They didn’t.  That’s what I’m talking about.  They simply copied it from one site to another and changed the name.  But they don’t change the name to protect the innocent.  The innocent are far more likely to be the subjects of their lies.  Of course, telling the truth would entail actually having to work for a living.  They would have to do some research and they would have to check their sources and not just make them up.  For more information about the way they do things, check out  Don’t let the name fool you.  They don’t just do it to Kristen, they do it to everyone!

We want a change.  We are DEMANDING a change.  If you believe that it is time for the media to start telling the truth, join us in our campaign.  “The Plan”





15 Responses

  1. Sue i really want to help but i have only an email??? Tell me!!!

  2. i am absolutely on board!

  3. I’m trying to help as much as I can. If rob and Kristen had had their own websites, twitter accounts and or Facebook pages, their fans never would have went to the gossip sites to begin with. They could have beat the rags at their own game like lots of other celebrities. I’m glad we’re all trying to do something. It has gotten bad but fans are always going to be curious about who that actor is behind that character. They need to be given a place to go to were they can see what the actors want them to know that isn’t a gossip rag. this fight is as much theirs as it is ours.

    • I have to say that I hardily agree with you on this. In a lot of ways I think that Rob and Kristen have heightened the pressure put upon them for exactly that reason. However, it is a decision they have made. I have often thought that if they would post their own pictures, then it would give people less reason to go to tab sites to try to see their favorite actor or actress (no matter who they are). They have to to do what they feel is right for them. Before the internet became so prolific, there were printed magazines. People bought those. So it’s not that things have changed so much, it’s that the access is so much more available and the information is available within seconds of someone taking a picture or writing an article. There is money to be made by the people who provide those services. And when money is involved–so are the slimebags that will go to any length to get a piece of the pie.

      • It’s a very sticky situation but we still need to help any way we can. The gossip sites suck!

  4. I want to help, what do I need to do, let me know, hugs

  5. I want to help and colaborate, how can I do it?

    • Hi, Laura!
      There’s lots to do! Are you on Twitter? We could start there! Let me know and then I can tell you what needs to be done. If you aren’t on Twitter there are other things you could do! Talk to you soon!

  6. One I don’t want to be on TV or be public. But I will support the plans. These Tabloids have gone to far. Especially Hollywood Life and Suns too. We need to something about this.

    • Joining “The Plan” does not require anyone to go on TV or to be public. You can help by signing the petition we are currently working on. Also, if you are on Twitter, there are ways to help. Thanks for you support!

  7. I’ll sign it. Too bad they are not at the grocery. If I see anyone that doing petition I will sign it. Or count as my vote. Its about time they do something about this. These celebs needs privacy. Whatever going on in their own times is their business. That is what bugs me. These Paps follows everywhere the celebs do. And media. Next things something happens they end up throw stuff at the celeb or saying means things. They are just like everyone else do their own duties.

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