Make It Stop!

Last night, ABC 20/20 had an episode about paparazzi and photographing celebrities’ children.  You can watch it here.  This is once again an example of the tabloids and their exploitation of people’s lives.  The paparazzi are a plague to mankind, but do you know who puts them there?  We do!  The reason they are there is because the public wants to see celebrities in every aspect of their lives.  The tabloids provide a venue for them to do that.  They pay the paparazzi  enormous amounts of money to take shots that they can put in their magazines and on their websites.  The tabloids are the ones we need to take down.  If we don’t go to their sites or buy their magazines, the paparazzi would have no reason to follow celebrities around like stalkers and invade every aspect of their existence!  We have got to make this stop!  We are the only ones that can make it stop!

Join the plan and help us demand truth instead of lies from the tabloids.  Help us demand tabloids quit publishing pictures of celebrities and their families during their daily routines.  Making movies is a job.  Being an entertainer is a career choice and shouldn’t allow  24 hour access to a person’s every move.    Celebrities have a right to a private home life.

the plan


8 Responses

  1. Hit the tabloids where they hurt most…. money… Do not open their websites to give them hits. Let us start now!

  2. Now we need your help on Rob and Kristen. About Hollywood Life. Is it true. Just posted that they split. Is it true.

    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Hollywood Life? PLEASE pay attention! This is just a ploy to get you to come to their site! That is exactly what we are talking about! You will probably see the same story in several other places and then GC will come out with a story saying it isn’t true! They are all connected! GC pretends to be the good guy and dispels all the rumors. BS! They start the rumors because they have also own the the other sites!!! Yikes! Trust us!

  3. I have stopped visiting the gossip trash blogs and ITS FEELS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ALL OF YOU! An object only xist if it is observed!!!- We make a lot of rumors relevant by commenting them, so of course trash gossipblogs pry on them! WE ALSO NEED TO STOP!

  4. GLAD I found this site… BUT, WHAT IS YOUR “PLAN”?!! You’re right, this stuff does need to change for all celebrities, not just Kristen. I read this intro at the top. You said something about “SINCE THEN” you have been learning about… *I* have been researching Twilight addictions since BEFORE this scandal, and I can REALLY tell you the TRUTH about what these papsmears are doing to Kristen, Robert AND us Twihards – REALLY!!
    I’ve also got a petition along with other petitions I’ve collected on this subject for Hollywood to change it’s OWN LIFEBASHING WAYS. I know, what a concept.
    Here’s where I PROVE the CURRENT Robsten breakup BS is WRONG:

    • If you will go to the Justice for Kristen tab, you will find a list of all the posts thus far for “The Plan”. Please feel free to contact me with further comments. Thank you!

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