The Grand Punk Part 12

Hope you all had a great New Year’s and that 2013 finds you, safe, happy and enlightened.  And thank you to all of our readers that have helped to push our page view count past 88,000 and have offered over 1,775 comments to the blog.  With the holiday and the Inaugural over, I’ve actually let the story stew a bit, pardon the pun.  Perhaps just a lesson on how when there really isn’t any real news or developments, people can get a little carried away with their imaginations.  Wow, some of the comments!  So let’s get right back to it.  It may be useful to readers to refresh their recollections on Part 10 and 11 since those with Part 12 are a complete set and a continuing argument.

“Sometimes when things seem too unbelievable to

be true, they are just that: not worthy of belief.”


The Grand Punk Part 12: More Joining a Weird Trip,

New Evidence, and Life in the Rabbit Hole Concluded


More New Evidence

7267 Pacific View Drive

The Front to Back Hug Photos

Now let’s turn to the next grouping of photos which I have called the Front to Back Hug Photos,  PopSugar # 9, 17,19,28,20.  These pictures share the feature of Rupert either hugging or nearly hugging Kristen from behind. They are presented below in a thumbnail to help get you oriented.  Again I have rearranged the presented order to assist the analysis.

PopSugar # 9,17,19, 28, & 20

PopSugar # 9,17,19, 28, & 20

Starting with the first, what can we say about PopSugar #9.  Class A error is difficult to assess because of the angles that  both Rupert and Kristen are at and because of the fact that Rupert is somewhat closer to the camera (hence the perspective issue) than Kristen is.  This is somewhat subject to interpretation, but pivoting them both into upright positions and counting pixels suggests that they are in the range of a proper height relationship to each other and to the guardrail.  Or at least we are unable to say that there is a Class A error.  As to Class B error, there is arguable evidence of cross scene lighting on the guardrail immediately adjacent to Kristen’s left  hand and arm.  There is also a very unusual light flare at  her and Rupert’s feet (circled).  Finally there is evidence of fill lighting on Kristen’s right arm, shoulder, and face (circled).  No obvious Class C or D error exists.

PopSugar #9 analysed

PopSugar #9 analyzed

Now let’s turn to PopSugar #17, an unusual one as Rupert appears to be directly looking into the camera. Several serious Class A size relationship errors occur in this photo and is direct evidence that this image has been digitally altered. Kristen appears to be 3-4 ” taller in relation to the guardrail than she should be and she’s not even fully upright.  Comparing her and Rupert, she is as much as 6″ taller than she should be in relationship to him, even accounting for both of them not being completely upright.  Additionally, note also the width of Kristen’s lower right arm and wrist and compare it to her left arm and wrist.  The right arm and wrist appears significantly narrower than the left one even though since the left one is farther away the perspective effect should make it appear smaller.  The most obvious aspect of this can be seen by comparing the width of Kristen’s two wrists where the wrist band strikes it.

Another potential Class A error is present in the length of Rupert’s left arm and the size and length of both Rupert & Kristen’s hands comparing their right and left hands.  Note that their left hands, even though they are farther from the camera and their apparent size should appear somewhat smaller (the perspective effect), they instead look larger and longer.   Furthermore, even accounting for Rupert being turned slightly more into the rail on his left side, that arm extends significantly longer than his right one.  These are significant size distortions.

A Class B cross scene lighting error on the guardrail also continues to be present and evidence of fill lighting is present on Kristen’s shoulder and face (circled).  A Class C logic error is present where Kristen’s upper right leg meets the guard rail (circled).  Note the abrupt indentation that runs almost horizontal from the post along the line of her right leg.  There is no readily apparent Class D error.

PopSugar #17 analyzed

PopSugar #17 analyzed

Now lets turn to PopSugar # 19 and #28, which I have previously described as the money shots.  These were photos featured in US Magazine’s original exposure of the “scandal”.   See both photos below and note how highly similar they are. Other than being cropped differently (#19 is full length, #28 is from the knees up) and Kristen’s head being turned slightly more towards the guard rail in #28, they are virtually identical in terms of their composition. Both show evidence of a Class A size distortion with Kristen appearing to be 3-4 ” taller in relation to the guardrail than she should be and as much as 6″ taller than she should be in relationship to Rupert, even accounting for both of them not being completely upright.  The fact that her heels are slightly elevated (area circled) in #19 may reduce this somewhat but still doesn’t fully account for this difference. Even if we assume that she is on tiptoes in #28 which we can’t see, such would still not account for a six inch difference in height in comparison to Rupert. The Class B cross scene lighting issue is present in both photographs.

PopSugar #19 & #28

PopSugar #19 & #28

There are some subtle differences however.  Note the additional fill lighting on Kristen’s face and left forearm (both circled)  in PopSugar #19 below.  The fill lighting on her face in #28 is less pronounced. And also note the lines of light at Rupert’s left heel and above(circled) and between Rupert and Kristen’s left lower legs in #19.  How is light reaching these areas?

And in terms of Class C logic issues, #19 exhibits the odd rippling on Rupert’s left leg while it is virtually absent in # 28.  Finally because #28 cuts off at the knee, you cannot see the areas that present further Class C logic problems in #19. No obvious Class D continuity errors appear in either photo.

PopSugar #19 analyzed

PopSugar #19 analyzed

PopSugar #28 analyzed

PopSugar #28 analyzed

Another thing that we should note about PopSugar #28 is that the photographer may, and I said may, have moved closer to the subjects.  Either they have been cropped beyond the end of the guard rail towards the garage or the photographer has moved far enough down the rail to take the end of the rail out of the camera’s field of view.  I am inclined to believe the later due to subtle blurring of the guard rail post in PopSugar #28 (see flaking white paint on the post) as compared with PopSugar #19.  As I described before, lens have minimal focusing distances and if an object gets within this distance it is subject to blurring.  And this blurring has moved down the fence in PopSugar # 28, suggesting that the camera was moved.  You may have to go to the PopSugar website to observe this subtlety.

As a final note, I should also mention that much has been made of the notion in many online discussions that Kristen is missing an ear in PopSugar #28.  Although I can understand why some people may hold that point of view, I believe a careful review of the evidence of that is inconclusive because of the position of Kristen’s head and how  Rupert’s nose is pressed to her face.   That is of little significance, however, given the ample evidence of Class A error demonstrated above.

Finally let’s take a look at PopSugar #20.  Once again there is a serious Class A size distortion of Kristen, both in terms of her height in relation to Rupert and to the guard rail, again along the order of in excess of 6″ and 3-4″ respectively.  These differences are not accounted for by the elevation in Kristen’s heels (circled).  Again we have a Class B cross scene lighting error and evidence of significant fill lighting on Kristen’s face and left breast area.  Two Class C logic errors also reappear in the odd appearance of Rupert’s leg at and left knee and in the same horizontal line of Kristen’s right pants leg as it reaches the mid-rail of the guard rail.  Finally, a significant continuity error appears on Kristen’s left hand where a ring appears on both her middle and fourth finger (ring finger).  In # PopSugar #9, she seems only to have a single ring on her left middle finger.  This continuity error is even more glaring when you compare across photo sets to PopSugar #10,14, 30, and 51 where you can clearly see she has no ringer finger ring on her left hand.  More on that when we discuss the cross set issues later.

PopSugar #20

PopSugar #20

More New Evidence

7267 Pacific View Drive

The Dry Hump Photos

Among the most controversial of the PopSugar 55 photographs are the ones that suggest that Rupert was dry humping Kristen in broad daylight on a public street.  All of these photos purportedly portrayed Kristen and Rupert  in close physical contact, though clothed, with Rupert’s pelvis planted firmly against Kristen’s butt.  They are among a  few of the PopSugar set that suggest that Kristen and Rupert were in motion (subject motion) because of the blurring of elements in the photos, particularly her face and hair.    This should not be confused with the entire image being blurred (camera shake) because of the use of too slow a shutter speed or the photographer being unable to hold the camera still.

But a careful review of these these images only provides even more fodder for argument that they do not portray an incident that actually occurred and was accurately recorded. Those photograph’s are presented below in a thumbnail below to help get you oriented.   Again I have rearranged the presented order to aid the analysis.   The top four share the common feature that both Kristen and Rupert are relatively upright, the bottom three share the common feature of Kristen being markedly bent over at the waist with her hair flying.

PopSugar #

PopSugar #21,35,43,44,50,22, and 41

Let’s start with the four upright photos, PopSugar 21,35,43,and 44.  All of these photos are remarkably similar from a compositional frame of reference.  In all of them Rupert is relatively upright with only his right leg moderately bent at the knee,  Kristen is “pinned” to the guard rail, and in the three where we can see her feet, she has rocked forward onto the balls of her feet, with her heels elevated off the ground, and in all four both of their hands are on or extend beyond the guard rail. But despite these general similarities, as you examine them individually, differences do emerge.

Let’s start with #21 and look at evidence of Class A, B, C, and D error.  A serious Class A size relationship error occurs in this photo and is direct evidence that this image has been digitally altered.  Despite being slouched and leaning significantly forward,  Kristen appears to be as much as six inches taller than she should be in relationship to Rupert, while he is for the most part fully upright.  Note how even without compensating for their postures, the blue reference line marking the top of her head is striking  him roughly at the level of his nose when it should in fact be to the bottom of his chin.  And yet remarkably, Kristen is roughly proportional to what she should be to the guardrail.  This suggests that her upper torso above the guard rail has been “digitally altered”  or  “stretched” to increase her height vis a vis Rupert.  This is not negated by the mild elevation of the heels of Kristen’s shoes, which could only account for an inch or two at most given the angle of her body.

PopSugar #21 analyzed

PopSugar #21 analyzed

A Class B cross scene lighting error on the guardrail also continues to be present and evidence of fill lighting is present on Kristen’s left forearm and face (circled). A Class C logic error is present where Kristen’s upper right leg meets the guard rail (circled).  Note the abrupt indentation that runs almost horizontal from the post along the line of her right leg.  Another potential Class C error is present in the odd rippling appearance on the fabric of Rupert’s left pants leg. No obvious Class D continuity error exists.

Turning to PopSugar #35, somewhat different issues are presented here.  A Class A size relationship error also occurs in this photo as well and is direct evidence that this image has been digitally altered.  Despite leaning forward somewhat ,  Kristen appears to be about three inches taller than she should be in relationship to Rupert, while he is for the most part fully upright.  Note how even without compensating for their postures, the blue reference line marking the top of her head is striking  him roughly at the level of his ear when it should in fact be to the bottom of his chin.  Kristen is also roughly three inches taller than she should be in relation to the guardrail.

PopSugar #35 analyzed

PopSugar #35 analyzed

Turning to Class B error, clear evidence of fill lighting is present on Kristen’s upper arm and even her waist (both circled) and it is even more pronounced than in PopSugar #21. The cross scene lighting error is also present.  A Class C logic error exists with the unusual rippling of Rupert’s left pants leg (circled). No obvious Class D continuity error exists.

Another thing that we should note about PopSugar #35 is that again, the photographer may, and I said may, have moved closer to the subjects, just as in PopSugar#28. See above for that discussion.

Let’s turn to PopSugar #43.  Significant Class A size distortions in Kristen’s size in relation to Rupert (+6″ or more) and the guard rail (+3-4″) exist.  This is not accounted for by Kristen’s elevated heel.  Note once again the relative sizes of both of their left hands compared to their right ones.  Another group of Class A errors are present in the length of Rupert’s left arm (compared to his right) and the size and length of both Rupert & Kristen’s hands comparing their right and left hands.  Note that their left hands, even though they are farther from the camera and their apparent size should appear somewhat smaller (the perspective effect), they instead look larger and longer.   Furthermore note that, even accounting for Rupert being turned slightly more into the rail on his left side, that arm extends significantly longer than his right one.  These are again, significant size distortions.

PopSugar #43 analyzed

PopSugar #43 analyzed

There is also broad evidence of fill lighting on Kristen’s right side above the elbow and at the waist.  And there is also a Class B lighting anomaly in the area of their right calves (circled) and a cross scene lighting error.  A Class C logic error exists in Rupert’s left pants leg rippling.  There is no obvious Class D continuity error.

Now let’s turn to PopSugar #44.  PopSugar #44 is surprisingly similar to #43 both in terms of its composition and it terms of the observable error.  The only significant differences appear to be a less pronounced difference in Kristen’s height in relation to Rupert (+4″) and a change in the hand positions that obscures the left ones.

PopSugar #44 analyzed

PopSugar #44 analyzed

Now let’s turn to PopSugar #50, 22, and 41.  Starting with PopSugar #50, once again assessing Class A error viv a vis Rupert and Kristen is challenging because of the extreme angle of their upper bodies.  This takes a considerable amount of interpretation.  However if Rupert’s chin when he is straightened reaches the top of the picture and Kristen’s head when she is straightened reaches the top of the picture, they are in the proper size relationship.  And I cannot say from this photo that that is not the case.  However, judging from where the red reference line is striking Kristen’s mid-back while she is bent over, it would appear that both Rupert and Kristen are at least 3-4″ inches taller than they should be in relation to the guard rail.  Note also the significant distance she is removed from the fence (note the magenta line) and yet how the rail still crosses her chest, which is roughly where it would be if she were standing right at the rail.

A Glass B cross scene lighting error is again present on the guardrail as is fill lighting on Kristen’s face and right shoulder.

A major Class C  logic error is also present in the position of Kristen’s hair.  Note how the hair from her left side is splayed out in a virtually horizontal plane, seemingly defying gravity.   How can it get in such a position?  It would not do so if you are assuming that the scene presents Rupert pushing her forward into the guard rail.  Similarly, if you believe the scene presents Kristen raising her head from a previous position looking straight down,  how does she snap her head back with enough force to cause her hair to go fully horizontal.  This is a logical absurdity.  The shear length and weight of her hair would not cause it to “fly up” or “fly out” in a horizontal fashion no matter how hard he is so-calledly dry humping her.  This image has been digitally altered and is one of the rare instances where a photo was altered to make it more salacious. Finally, there is no Class D continuity error.

PopSugar #59 analyzed

PopSugar #50 analyzed

Turning to PopSugar #22, note in this picture how Kristen is significantly closer to the guard rail, just as she appears in many of the pictures of the previous set, and unlike in PopSugar #50 above. Note that Rupert is much closer as well. His butt is not covering the leafless branch that curves downward to the right from the overhanging tree (circled).  Compare that area to the photo above and where that branch is clearly obscured.

Class A error requires some interpretation here again because of the angle that Kristen is at. But unlike above, Rupert is much closer to being fully erect and Kristen’s neck still will break the blue reference line putting Kristen’s head on a par with Rupert’s, a clear Class A size distortion.  Even conservatively, she is 8-10 inches taller than she should be in relation to him and clearly taller than she should be in relation to the guardrail.  Her raised heel (circled) does not change these conclusions.

A Class B cross scene lighting issue exists as well as fill lighting at her elbow and lower back (both circled).  Note the shadowing on the folds towards the back of her lower shirt.  How does natural lighting create that effect?  It is highly unlikely that this is caused by reflectivity off of the guard rail which itself could be considered a reflector.  The Class C logic error regarding her hair is missing here and no others are readily apparent.  And although no obvious Class D continuity errors are present within this set, note the image of her right hand ring (circled).  That will become more significant when we look to cross set errors below.

PopSugar #22 analyzed

PopSugar #22 analyzed

Turning to PopSugar #41, both Rupert and Kristen are somewhat farther away from the rail compard to PopSugar #22 but not as far as compared to PopSugar #50.  Compare the distances of the magenta reference lines and his position in relationship to the overhanging leafless branch (circled).  Kristen’s neck will once again easily clear the blue reference line indicating she is taller than she should be in relationship to Rupert.  It is not as great as in PopSugar #22 above, but conservatively, it exceeds 6″.

A Class B cross scene lighting area exists as well as evidence of fill lighting on Rupert’s face but not on Kristen’s (both circled).  No obvious logic or continuity error exists.

PopSugar #41 analyzedPopSugar #41 analyzed

That completes are examination of all of the individual Pop Sugar photo sets.

More New Evidence

Continuity Errors  Across the Sets

There are several continuity errors that are striking when you compare the pictures across the Guard Rail Make Out Session sets.  The presence of Rob’s hat in Front to Front Hug photographs from Part 11 is the most readily visible and symbolically important.  The hat appears in all of the pictures in that set, but does not appear in any of the other sets at the guard rail.  And the way Kristen goes out of her way to make sure that you notice the hat is also quite striking, particularly in PopSugar #5,14,16,32, and 40.  Does it make sense that she suddenly stopped in the beginning, middle, or end of her tryst at the guard rail to retrieve the hat so she could wave it around and yet never use it to attempt to hide her identity?  Compare the blowups of PopSugar #14 and 9 below for just one example, but there are many more of each type as well.  Where is the hat in #9.

Hats or No Hats.  Compare Photos 9 and 14.

Hat or No Hat. Compare Photos 14 and 9.

But the continuity errors do not end there. As was noted in Part 11, Kristen’s nail polish appears remarkably red in PopSugar #8 as she is standing at her car door, whereas everywhere else where they can be seen (such as in PopSugar #20 for example) they appear a pale sky blue.  You may have to go to PopSugar’s website to see this continuity error clearly.  Again does it make sense to stop and have your nail polish changed in the middle of a romantic tryst?  Or was this photoshopped in, and if so, why?  Compare the blowups of PopSugar 8 and 20 below which both show show Kristen’s left hand. And if you have any doubts, go to the PopSugar website and view them in detail.

Comparing nail polish on her fingernails

Comparing the nail polish on her fingernails

A third continuity error exists in relation to how how many rings appear on Kristen’s left hand and in particular whether one appears on the left hand ring finger.  In most all of the pictures where you can see her left hand, a single ring appears on her left middle finger.  And yet, in PopSugar #20, she appears to have on an additional one on the ring finger of that hand.  In no other picture does that appear.  Compare it with PopSugar #30 for example.  See below a blowup of both of these pictures .  Does it make sense for her to remove or add that ring finger ring to her left hand at any part during this tryst if that is what was really happening?

One or Two Rings on Her Left Hand?  Note the ring finger.

One or Two Rings on Her Left Hand? Note the ring finger.

Then there is the matter of what ring does she have on on her right middle finger.

Right Middle Finger Ring

Right Middle Finger Ring

Comparing PopSugar #19 and 21 (and #22 and #28 for that matter) to #40 and 54 above, they appear to be two entirely different rings.  The later appears to be a flat faced black faced gold ring, while the former appears like anything but.  You can also clearly see the black faced ring on her right hand in PopSugar #44. Theoretically, she could have twisted the band around so that the stone couldn’t be seen.  But then again, also take a look at the photo below and a story from this year’s MTV Movie Awards Show from  Don’t believe me, read it here at . There are many stories like it talking about this Melinda Sliced black ring that she started wearing around the time of the premier of Snow White and the Huntsman in LA.  Turning that band around, it doesn’t look like PopSugar #40 or #54, even if you assume she was also wearing her usual right hand middle finger band.  And even aside from that, why would she even turn the black faced ring around in the first place?

Melinda Maria Sliced Ring

Melinda Maria Sliced Ring

But continuity errors not only appear within the Guard Rail Makeout photo sets, they also extend across the locations, as we noted above regarding the hat.  Lets take up the matter of her famed Mini Cooper.  Kristen has never had much of a reputation for keeping spotless cars. Recall her former “Graphite Black” Cooper, the one that was involved in a collision. See and view that car in a less than flattering article.   See–absolutely-FILTHY.html[editor’s note-  🙂 ]. And take a look at her more recent Black Onyx Mini Cooper or any of the pictures from the South Centilena Avenue parking lot from the first half of the Grand Punk Part 10.  PopSugar#26, for example is shown below. I have circled various marks about the surface of the car.  You may have to go to the PopSugar website to see these things clearly.  But notice the marks in and around the car hood and the finger prints and smudges around the driver’s door handle and window.

PopSugar #26

PopSugar #26 at the S. Centilena Ave. Parking Lot

Now take a look at the Mini Cooper at the guard rail site, PopSugar #8 below.

The Mini Cooper at the guard rail site.

The Mini Cooper at the guard rail site.

The car hood is remarkably clean, almost spotless compared to what we saw at S. Centilena Ave.  Perhaps she interrupted her tryst to have a little car detailing done?  If you don’t believe me, see them both at the PopSugar website.

Then there is the matter of Kristen spoon thumb ring that she wears frequently when out and about.  It is arguably present in the famous bicep flex photos at S. Centilena Ave., PopSugar #4 and #52 and in  #27 as well, but is noticeably absent at the guard rail photo in PopSugar #55 and arguably not present in # 9 and #51 as well.  Is she once again randomly removing or adding the ring to her thumb as her tryst continues.  See examples below.

PopSugar #4  Note : Thumb Ring

PopSugar #4 Note : Thumb Ring


PopSugar #55 Where is the Thumb Ring?

And then there is the matter of Kristen’s clothing in Pop Sugar #33 at Stewart & Colorado.  Try as you might, you will not see any telltale indication of Kristen’s white tank top or yellow bra straps that are so obvious at S. Centilena Ave. and at the guard rail site, even though they were readily observable in equally shaded areas.  Some might try to argue that her hair is simply blocking that view in PopSugar #33. However a careful examination of that photograph at the PopSugar website makes that highly unlikely.  Note where the bare skin of her shoulder meets the so-called brown of her hair.  In all likelihood she is wearing something entirely different, a clear continuity error.  See that photo below.

Black Mini Cooper at Summit Properties

PopSugar #33 Black Mini Cooper at Summit Properties

And finally there is the matter of Kristen’s eye shadow, makeup, and hair throughout the pictures.  As to the eye shadow, see PopSugar Photos # 8,23, 13 below.  Yet, in the “so-called money shoots, see PopSugar #19 and 28 below, Kristen looks made up for it.  Might as well have been shot as a cover photo instead of a paparazzi photo.  Which is exactly what it was, a photoshoot.  But why does she look so unmade up in PopSugar #9 below? And at the S. Centinela Ave. parking lot in PopSugar #31.

The Mini Cooper at the guard rail site.

The Mini Cooper at the guard rail site, PopSugar 8.


PopSugar #13

PopSugar #13

PopSugar #19 & 28

PopSugar #19 & 28

PopSugar #31

PopSugar #31

Continuity errors in themselves may not be compelling, but when combined with multiple instances and evidence of staging and photoshopping throughout the sets, they are just one more nail in the coffin that this “cheating scandal” rightfully belongs to be put in.  This ends the analysis of the PopSugar 55.

More New Evidence

Debunking a Myth

Living on Redbulls and Nicotine

Yet another classic urban legend surrounding the Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal” is the notion that following Rob and Kristen’s purported breakup following US Magazine’s disclosure of the “cheating” photos, Kristen resorted to living on Red Bulls and cigarettes, risking anorexia,  as she wasted away lamenting the loss of the love of her life.  That legend was used by many to argue that the cheating incident had actually happened.  Such accounts should have been expected, however, as following her “disappearance from public view after July 22nd at the TCA’s, the celebrity gossip machine was nervous, as it had nothing to report.  So it did what it always does in the absence of real news, it made something up.

Two of the first such reports were posted online by ShowBizSpy and the Enquirer, two classic celebrity gossip machine websites that could care less about whether what they print is fact or fiction.  Their August 17th posts claimed that Kristen was in a very bad place by that time, and that she was:

“a nervous wreck and existing on a diet of cigarettes, sugar-free Red Bull and the occasional bag of potato chips,” revealed an insider. “She’s been hiding out at the LA home of a producer friend and is looking pale and worn-out. Whenever anyone tries to push her to eat even a small bowl of soup, she either claims that she’s just had something, which isn’t true, or that she’s nauseous and there’s no chance of keeping anything down. Kristen is grief-stricken and has hit rock-bottom. In many ways, Kristen living off cigs and Red Bull is a way of punishing herself.”  [Editor’s note: this is a portion of ShowBizSpy’s account but the Enquirer’s is substantially the same].

As always, based on information provided by an unidentified, unnamed source.

But in typical celebrity gossip machine style, Hollywood Life  jumped into the fray the next day on August 18th repeating ShowBizSpy’s entire story, but claiming its own source said the story was untrue.  Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!  And so the celebrity gossip machine and it legions of websites reported the story over and over again in its entirety and took various positions relative to the story’s truth.  Though it was entirely bogus and unsubstantiated from the start, it was widely reported and the prevailing viewpoint set up everyone to think that Kristen was wasting away, traumatized by the whole incident, as she deserved to be. Hell hath no fury like a fan scorned.  The seed was thus planted.

But then, wham, within two days on supposedly August 20th, we got the Fame FlyNet photos of  Kristen out and about again in LA for the first time in nearly thirty days, but the date of the photos is never substantiated.  As of the August 20 date, if we assume that date to be true, Kristen was wearing a cropped top, baring her midrift, and obviously looking pretty trim. But everybody is thinking the Redbull story.  Compare the photo from the July 18th and September 9 to the purported photo of August 20th.  Is there any real difference.  And what about weight loss in her face?  See these photos below in chronological order.

Kristen at the gym on 7.20

August 20 ??? shopping

leaving toronto sept 9

Leaving Toronto September 9

In point of fact, despite various claims by the celebrity gossip machine, no one sees Kristen from July 22nd until September 5th when she appears for the first time leaving LAX for the Toronto International Film Festival.  Then she appears at the red carpet at TIFF on the evening of September 7th and everyone says oh yeah she’s really lost tons of weight and looks gaunt and wasted.  Her appearance and demeanor at TIFF confirmed the urban legend and what many already believed: that she has been traumatized and lost weight in the aftermath of her cheating on her boyfriend.

Sept. 7 TIFF 2

Sept. 7 TIFF 2

Sept. 7 TIFF 3

Sept. 7 TIFF 3

September 7 TIFF

September 7 TIFF

But her dress and her makeup on that night intentionally tried to make her look more stark than she actually was. The hair pulled straight back away from her face highlighting her ears and making her appear almost gaunt.  The wispy see through dress highlighting her collarbones and shoulders and loose folds in the material making it look like she couldn’t  fill it out.  The makeup intentionally highlighting the angularity of her face.  The bright red lipstick and bright red splashes of her dress accentuating the paleness of her skin.  And nary a wisp of her traditional red carpet smoky eye.

Just to set the context of this urban legend, you have to remember what had happened just before.  From July 18 to July 22nd, Kristen was spotted at multiple locations and times either coming from or going to the gym prior to her July 22nd disappearance.  By her own account at ComicCon and after, she was working  to “get into the best shape” of her life for Cali.   “I’m going to look like a stripper. I’m going to looks like a porn star.”  And by July  18th  (see picture above), she’s already looking pretty trim from some obvious workouts at the gym but was hardly suffering from great weight loss or looking anorexic.

And if you don’t believe the photos at TIFF, look at the videos.  There are dozens of them.  And ignore for the moment her demeanor and her fatigue.  Just focus on her physically.  Had she obviously lost “tons” of weight and did she look  anorexic”?  And if she lost all that weight, shouldn’t she look it immediately before and after TIFF?

Now see the next couple pictures, of her leaving LAX for Toronto on September 5th;  her arriving in Toronto on September 5, her outing to Soho House in Toronto on the day after TIFF (the 8th); her departure from Toronto on the 9th ; and the final two, at her appearance for OTR in NYC on the September 10 .  And oh yes, the smoky eye was back with a vengence in NYC.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not seeing any weight loss in her face or anywhere else for that matter.  In fact she looks pretty good physically, same old Kristen.  Am I crazy or is it just me?

Leaving LAX on the 5th

Leaving LAX on the 5th

Leaving LAX the 5th

Leaving LAX the 5th

Sept. 5 Arriving in Toronto 2

Arriving in Toronto on the Sept. 5

Sept 8 At Soho House  Toronto

September 8 arriving at Soho House  in Toronto

Leaving Toronto September 9th

Leaving Toronto on September 9th

in NYC

At OTR Screening on September 10

AT OTR Screening in NYC on September 10

AT OTR Screening in NYC on September 10

And yet there is a whole legion of bloggers, websites, and tweets about how horrible she looked and how her guilt drove her to edge of starvation and depression.

But within weeks of her “reuniting” with Rob, she suddenly is the picture of health again.  Or at least that what a number of people want you to believe.   Again, I don’t know about you but I am not convinced that the redbulls and caffeine and weight loss and anorexia  were anything but an urban legend sold to people who were willing to accept them at face value.  Just like so much other BS that exists in this case.  But the more interesting thing about the myth is that Kristen intentionally choose to  further it through her makeup and clothing choices at TIFF.  Both of which were under her ultimate control.  She had to be convincing at TIFF and quite frankly, she knocked it out of the park.

More New Evidence

Busting Another Myth

“The Big Breakup and a Career Interrupted “

Another urban legend connected to this scandal is the notion that in the aftermath of the release of the US Magazine story on the scandal, that Rob and Kristen broke up and parted company.  The celebrity gossip machine various described that breakup but not a single account was ever based on anything other than an unidentified, unnamed source.  According to the various accounts, Rob himself had asked her to leave the Los Feliz house, or a friend (presumptively Tom Sturridge or Marcus Foster) had done so, and  Rob had fled to Reece Witherspoon’s ranch in Oja, CA, or had fled to England.  Accounts had Kristen as either being thrown out, living with her parents, holed up at her house, living with producer/friend Giovanni Agneli, or at any number of other places.

This myth was reinforced with a multitude of stories meant to fill in for an obvious lack of credible news to report.  The stories came as fast as the celebrity gossip machine’s imagination could produce them.  Fighting over custody of the dog.  Thier angry texting and Rob’s refusal to see her.  Rob’s devastation and drinking bouts and a night of partying at a cowboy bar in Oja.  Rob’s fear of a new Kristen affair with Giovanni.  Rob with a mystery blond in NYC, dating Katy Perry, having cheated continuously on Kristen, and getting stud tutoring from Leonardo DeCaprio.  Kristen pregnant without knowing who the father was , flirting with James Franco, texting Rupert, or partying with Lindsey Lohan. And one of my favorites,  the famous “Moving Van Saga” we demolished in Part 10 of the Grand Punk.  All of it ridiculous fabrications.

Another famous urban legend centered on Kristen’s involvement in Cali and SWATH 2.  Early after the “scandal” broke Gossip Cop and many other sites were triumphantly reporting how Kristen was tossed off of Swath 2 and couldn’t proceed with Cali because of the trauma of her breakup.  Her being dropped from Cali is something that has never been confirmed by the involved studio to this day.  Nor has the project proceeded with Amber Heard as many claimed would happen. A far more likely explanation of the delay is that Cassevetes has chosen to move forward on other projects because the production has suffered some financing setback, a common problem for indies.  More bizarre explanations swirl around a claim that Kristen and Nick had a big blowup in a gym parking lot (July 18) shortly before the scandal broke.  But a careful review of those photos do not support the notion of a big break between them and are just as easily explained as two people having some fun with each other.  But again, why let the facts get in the way of a convenient lie.  Especially when the tabloids wanted to spin Kristen as cracking up under the stress of her affair and the guilt she felt about it.

Similarly, early reports had Kristen being tossed off of SWATH.  This story hung on a thread based on screenwriter claim that he left the project because he couldn’t see it going forward without Snow White.  Despite these earlier reports, more recently it appears that is in fact going  forward and a script has mysteriously been produced.  Rupert Sanders has been reportedly tossed off the SWATH sequel and Kristen is back on.  Again according to unnamed unidentified sources.  But to this day, who the involved director will be for SWATH 2 has not yet been announced and Universal Studios has denied that Kristen was ever off the project.  And as Kristen her self has intimated, SWATH2 is probably going to happen and it is “going to be awesome.”

Clearing the Air

There is so much garbage cluttering this so-called “cheating scandal” that its going take another longer entry to clear up much of the confusion and lies.  In Part 13 we will do just that.  We will re-examine the scenarios in relation to the provable evidence and lay many of them to rest.  And assess where we go from here.  But until then, I leave with the following to think about:

Following the “scandal” erupting,  these things occurred:

Claim: Kristen would be tossed from promotional responsibilities for Breaking Dawn 2 and be replaced by Ashley Greene.

Reality: Kristen participated in a full range of promotional responsibilities for Breaking Dawn 2.

Claim: Rob was so angry at Kristen that he refused to appear with her at promotional events.

Reality:  Rob and Kristen appeared together multiple times including at the premiers in Madrid, Berlin, London, and LA as well as in a joint interview with MTV.

Claim:  Once the promotional events were through, Rob and Kristen’s relationship was over.

Reality: They bowled together in Berlin, enjoyed Kristen’s new home in Los Feliz together, hit a bar in Los Feliz and have been seen together multiple times in non-promotional settings.

Claim:  And they certainly wouldn’t be together for Thanksgiving or New Years.

Reality:  They were in London over  Thanksgiving and again over New Year’s.

Claim: All claimed to know of Rob and Kristen’s whereabouts at various times during the course of the summer into the fall.

Reality: From July 22nd to the dates they reemerged, Rob on August 13, and Kristen on September 5, no one knew where they were or whether they were together or apart.

So, bring on the comments and please stay grounded in reality!  Although you may submit comments immediately, they will  not be approved and posted until forty eight hours after Part 12 is released so as to give everyone an equal opportunity to digest Part 12 without distraction.


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  1. Badger: The possibility of the car getting photographed at another location can’t be ruled out since there is photoshopping/digital alteration involved.
    I have said this before. What puzzles me is the position of her right hand in some of the photos. The open left eye of Rupert gazing out in the middle of a (supposedly heated) make out session and the face of Stewart turned to look at some thing, with seemingly no expression of anger or particular annoyance.

    • Valsan: Yes, Stewart is looking more or less in the direction of the unseen photographer. At most she is giving a grimace of mild annoyance. If she were looking back at what she suspected was a camera, during an illicit tryst, one would expect her to look shocked, or at least worried.

      Every possible explanation has its strengths and weaknesses.

      If we go with Tw57’s theory of a staged photo shoot, both Stewart’s and Sanders’ glance at the camera make perfect sense. They are looking at the photographer as if to say, “You getting this?”

      If we accept the alternate idea that the pictures were photoshopped, we could take a different view. To give one possible scenario: Stewart was photographed in her car while someone else was in the passenger seat. Maybe a friend or relative she was chatting with, maybe even Pattinson (in which case “make out” shots could have been taken for real). She hears the paparazzo or has her passenger point him out, turns and looks at him in annoyance, but with no real fear or shock, because she’s not doing anything questionable. Then Sanders is photoshopped into the passenger seat and the “scandal” pictures released.

      If we accept the pictures as genuine, we have to also accept that the paparazzi somehow concealed a camera inside the parking lot walls. Under that theory, we could assume they were both looking at the camera’s hiding place – an abandoned vehicle or other large object, according to some explanations – which they had misgivings about. And which didn’t appear in the reflection on the car’s side panel. And which photographers somehow knew to set up there in advance.

      As for the right hand – I assume you mean the shots where Stewart seems to be placing her hand affectionately against the side of Sanders’ face as they kiss.
      If the picture was staged, it is self-explanatory.
      If the picture was photoshopped, also self-explanatory.
      If the picture was taken and left unaltered, it certainly seems to suggest active participation on Stewart’s part, although there are always other explanations, and a single split-second shot never tells the whole story.
      However, the picture could have been genuine and still have been doctored, Stewart’s hand moved from a position where she was holding it up in surprise, pushing Sanders away, or just resting it on the seat back, and placed against Sanders’ face to bring the picture in line with the tabloid account.

      Sorry for the long-winded reply, but every minor aspect of these pictures seems to bring up more possibilities.

      • More on this in Part 13

      • I agree! And like I said before its one split second in time!

      • Badger: “Every minor aspect bring up more possibilities”. Yes.
        For a paparazzi to conceal a camera at the location, he has to be tipped off well in advance. How would he know unless Sanders or Stewart told him themselves? If Us were to tell him, this must have been a regular occurance. Otherwise they wouldn’t know where to put the camera. The car is photographed from various angles which means more than one camera. Doesn’t look or sound right.
        If we assume it was some one else in the car and Sanders was photo shopped in, then every thing takes on a new dimension. When you add the apology to it, I see no reason for Stewart’s team keeping mum.
        Then T57 is right in his assumption (with the evidences).
        If it is genuine, how did the paps manage to capture them on camera without their knowledge in that confined space?
        The photos do not look to be split second product to me.
        Let us see what TGP 13 brings up.

    • Photoshopping the whole car is a technically more complex task. Not impossible, but much more problematic. Just saying.

      • twilighted57…there are people who are brilliant at using Photoshop. I have used Photoshop for years. The first thing I noticed is that the picture of Rupert in the car looked like a cardboard cutout. Too stiff for it to be authentic. Definitely photoshopped and it looked like it was lifted from another photograph with the lighting also doctored. Just sayin. Maybe they got an expert to do the job this time after people on this site including myself complained how sloppy the Photoshop job was on all those other photos.

  2. Everything that surrounds this mystery is strange. From things said in interviews by Robert and Kristen, photographs and even the films they were/are going to make. Cali (California?) runs away after making a snuff film and Maps to the Stars, film about celeb culture.

    I am over thinking everything now….

  3. Hullo T57: Hope you are keeping well.

  4. How about this motive – the pictures of so called Rupert in the car were put up there to distract people from the Rob-Katy covert relationship. That would take the focus of them and put it squarely on Kristen bringing up the whole guilt-blame bashing again. It definitely would take the focus off of Katy and Rob now wouldn’t it? Someone else had commented that this affair with KP has been going on since 2009 when Rob and Kristen were “so in love” and her father knew about it.

    Also someone commented that Nick F. walked out on Rob and this was around the time that those second photos of the valet who looked like Rupert emerged. But seriously, I wonder if Nick had walked out on Rob around the time that the photos came out. Is there any way to find out? This could be one big clue as to motive. Revenge.

    Maybe they got someone who was better at Photoshop to do those photos.

    I also read that Kristen is selling her Los Feliz house because she wants to be as far away from Rob as possible.

    Anyway, don’t publish this twilighted I just wanted to let you know the latest buzz in the rag mags along with the comments. lol

    • Im confused about exactly what scandal you are talking about? “The scandal” is the fake cheating crap, so dont know what you are talking abt K being sad over the breakup being a motive.
      The Uni suits maybe concerned over SWATH2, and I agree all press isnt good but she has made 3 movies this year so even tho in the beginning I was concerned about her reputation, it seems to be ok. I do wish she would have gotten the part of Cathy in East of Eden. I think it has been discussed alot on twitter about Focus, and that it was for the best that she dropped out. And The Big Shoe is still a possibility.

    • Which pics in the car of Rup are you talking about? The cheating pictures, or the valet pics? I dont know where you are getting your info from but Rob and KP have never been anything more than friends!!! That story is from the tabs minds. And I have never heard of Nick walking out on Rob! Do you mean that Nick does not work for Rob any more? He was at the table just the other night with Rob at the Go Go Gala. Oh never mind I just noticed the date on here!! just FYI stop reading tabs, they dont know anything!!!! R&K are fine and together!!!

  5. One more thing twilighted…this could also be a motive…to create a scandal and ruin Kristen’s marketability…this was posted on HL…by aquarius64..the article stating that Kristen was “super sad” over the break up…this could point to a motive…

    “Professionally – studio execs don’t want to deal with stars that can’t keep their personal lives in check. And they don’t want scandals that can adversely impact their films’ box office. Not all press is good press. The suits at Universal must be concerned right now about how could this impact SWATH 2. 2015 is a ways off, but non-stop reminders of the scandal that started on, around or after their movie can hardened negative impressions to the point of “I’m not paying $10 or more to see this ____________ (fill in the blank for Kristen descriptor) and people would decide to stay home.”

    Also, did she walk away from the 2 films Focus and The Big Shoe or did she get dumped? The second photos came out around the time when these movies weren’t going forward right?

    Just some thoughts…don’t publish this though…just thought you might want to investigate it…

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