Seven New Rob & Kristen Stories Waiting to Happen

In honor of Oscar weekend I have decided to get the crystal ball out again and predict the next round of BS Rob & Kristen stories that will be barfed out of the mouths of the celebrity gossip machine.  My previous blog [Five] Rob & Kristen Stories Waiting to Happen, has already predicted four of the five stories predicted in that round and I still have until Kristen’s birthday on April 9th to get the fifth one in.

But in light of the Oscars let’s predict how the BS will fly over the next several weeks. So here goes, Hollywood Life, here are seven more BS stories which you and your tabloid turd colleagues are bound to report before Rob’s birthday on May 13 :

Story #1. Kristen will be accused of flirting with, showing attention to, or otherwise getting it on with someone other than Rob while at the Oscars or at one of the Oscar after parties. This person will probably be male, hunky, and possibly her co-presenter or a film director or producer.  And of course they will “great chemistry” or something like that.

Story #2. Kristen will be reportedly unhappy about and hating on another actor that gains recognition either by accolades or trophies. That actor will probably be Jennifer Lawrence, Ann Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, or Naomi Watts, or some or all of the above.  Kristen will be reportedly distraught, outraged, or green with envy too near neurotic levels.

Story #3. Kristen will enjoy a miraculous reconciliation with Robert Pattinson despite earlier reports of their relationship’s demise. Which will explain why she is seen yet again with him after his return from filming in Australia. That story will likely include some ridiculous and unsubstantiated details of some romantic event, interlude or encounter between them proving the so-called truth of their reconciliation and will likely feature an undisclosed friend as a unnamed source.

Story #4. Following the release of the Breaking Dawn 2 DVD and some evidence of their continuing relationship, a story will posit that Rob & Kristen’s relationship is all PR but they can’t end it too soon because people might figure out that they have been had.  This story will follow continuing reports that Rob and Kristen remain an item even after the release of the DVD and will try to explain why they are still together although in a bogus relationship.

Story #5.  Following this news of their “reconciliation”, a story will report that they have broken up once again for some unsubstantiated and ridiculous reason before Rob leaves town for yet another film project.

Story #6.  Some story will report a life altering event for Kristen such as an impending marriage, an impending pregnancy, or that she is suffering from a serious life-threatening disease or malady.  Although such could include shopping for yet another house, since Rob and Kristen seem to suffer from an incurable urge to shop for new houses, we will count that under this category.

Story #7.  Invariably, Rob will once again have a romantic encounter with a woman other than Kristen. She may be an actress; an unidentified model, waitress, or fan; or one of the many people that the gossip rags have tried to tie him to in the past.  Odds are it will somehow involve a blond with big tits, because that seems to be what the celebrity gossip machine’s imagination is fixated on.

Mark my words, these stories are coming as assuredly as a tabloid relies on an unnamed source. And despite an absence of evidence to support any of them, plenty of stupid people in the blogsphere will believe them.   Launching yet another round of Kristen bashing, cries of “once a cheater always a cheater”, how she is unworthy of Rob or stardom, and other such nonsense. And all of these stories will probably occur by the time of Rob’s birthday on May 13. If anything, the tabloids are always so predictable.

So please respond when you see these ridiculous stories.  Special recognition (And the Winner Is) awards go to those commenters that identify them here first.



58 Responses

  1. Yes! I can see them all! You did forget the gay story though, you know those are coming too.

  2. Twilighter, I love that you are allways Pro-Active. Good Post. We appreciate your viligance in tharting hate against Kristen and Rob.

  3. I’m sure your right, I mean the stories are already flying off the walls, that there relationship was all a PR and never meant anything, I’m so sick of the lies and the hurtful words, I mean there movies were so beautiful and all they get is terrible reviews, 7 razzies, how sad is that??

    • Sad for the Razzie’s but for Rob and Kristen no way. It’s just another prime example of the stupidity and cruelty of some people. No hate club can undo the spectacular 800,000.00 BD 2 brought in and we still have DVD’s to go. Kristen is the highest paid star in Hollywood and the most hated woman. That just proves she’s got talent AND enemies. All the stories that their relationship is all PR and that they never loved each other did was take away the joy that they use to find in each other even in the public eye. That’s what I resent the most about this whole
      hatefest. Because I think they have come to the conclusion that if they
      had not been so honest about their feelings for each other in the public, then the public would not now want to punish Kristen so. I think Rob feels really bad about that and yet despite the best they could do we still saw brief flashes of it while they were on the red carpet. He cannot smile at her without showing that love. Consequently we saw less interaction.
      The one thing it has done is make the tabloid linked events more dismissive and critical of them. So what! They’ve got each other and their talent not to mention healthy bank accounts. They would not be the first stars to start up their own production company. Eastwood and Gibson did quite well. So, no; I don’t feel near as sorry for Rob and Kristen as I do the people who dissed them. As Dark says payback’s coming and it’s a b*tch.

  4. Haha, brilliant! Can you give a status update on your previous predictions too? I tried to find them, but I must be overlooking them somehow since I was unsuccessful. The one thing I always find so ridiculous about the theory of a PR relationship is why on earth would they be doing real private family stuff together like weddings and baptisements? I mean, if it would be a PR bonus thing, their intimate friends and family would be in on the conspiracy and know not to invite the both of them, right?

    I suppose you can go with the mutual friends theory in some cases and maybe you can explain away some of their American friends that way since Rob lives in LA, but I really fail to see how a PR relationship involves Kristen needing to know Rob’s British friends…

  5. They’re incredibly predictable. It makes me wonder why readers don’t notice that the same stories seem to get circulated over and over, with names and dates changed.
    The relentless search for international real estate seems like an easy story to toss in when you have nothing else to say. I’m expecting to hear of them looking for a house in Australia before long.

    • They notice. When I pointed that very thing out to my niece she said SO
      WHAT! IT’S ABOUT ROB AND KRISTEN. I was about to caution her to
      still take the story with a grain of salt;but then I noticed she was eating a balogna sandwich and I thought how appropriate: balogna to go with balogna which is what she yells anytime she thinks you’re in the wrong.
      She is a devoted Rob and Kristen fan and I have pointed out that the
      tabloids would stop if she would stop going there. Her answer was to tell me I wasn’t her parent. She’s twelve. How do you reason with a fan
      that young, when they only want to see their favorite stars?

      • She will remember your advice when she gets the same answer from her niece some day. They are the reason why even the matured fans are being albelled as delusional and ridiculed by the haters.

      • I meant to write “labelled”

  6. Seem to me that Hollywood Life or say Hollywood Lies have saying about Rob and Kristen. Whoever has been saying needs to stop. We need to do something this.

  7. The story about them ending the PR relationship not too soon after the DVD release has already made its rounds. First it was after the movie’s release and since that didn’t pan out it’s the DVD release now. Atleast after the DVD release, they can’t bark up that tree anymore. They won’t be able to cry PR anymore thank God!

    • And the majority of the followers of these gossip sites are…?

    • No I actually think they will bark up that tree. That’s my #4. They’ll have to come up with some reason why Rob and Kristen are still together after the dvd release. So their next line of defense is that Rob and Kristen are still faking just to avoid people realizing they are faking it. Twisted but its the best the nonstens will be able to come up with. And the best they can hope for at that point is that eventually Rob and Kristen break up. And hope they are not still “faking it” five years from now.

      • I guess I underestimated the nonstens brazen stupidity. The latest making the rounds is that R & K were bound contractually to Summit to the PR romance campaign and since the contract was written a couple years ago, Summit couldn’t quite tell when the promotional period would be done, so they ran it out to Sept. of 2013 to play it safe. That’s why even though promotions are done with the dvd release, they still are a pr couple.

        Ridiculous of course: no lawyer would let a client sign such an agreement, no court would enforce such a contract because it is void as against public policy and involves fraud, and its probably a violation of the Screen Actors Guild contract regardless.

      • The newly circulating “secretly gay” stories can revive the fake romance very nicely. They can be rumoured to act as each other’s beards for years to come.

    • Don’t worry, there are plenty of male idiots out there as well. We all bear our gender’s burden.

  8. HEY…notice something? LMAO….I did.
    Pony and Dog shows..=Kristen wearing Rob’s clothing (pants)
    Last Summer=Kristen wearing Rob’s clothing(ball cap pants)
    Last nite=Kristen wearing Rob’s clothing(ballcap sweatshirt)
    What do all three have in common?

    They were all staged……in addition to the clothing…

    It’s RIGHT there.

  9. What are we going to do about it? Seem to me Hollywood Life is getting away with this. They keep spreading more lies. Unless its true. Please respond ASAP.

  10. What about a story about the “crutches”?

    • Already out. There are two out on HWL. Last night the first one out saying she was sick and that is why she needed them written by Chloe. She was very degrading to Kristen in the article and made it look like she should not have been there. Second story out by HWL and Just Jared early this morning saying she should have not come if she could not walk and making it look like she did it for PR and sympathy. They said she had her people send a response to US Weekly explaining why she needed them and it was done for sympathy for Kristen. Third story out on HWL later today saying the truth of why she had crutches and telling that her make up artist and friends tweeted to People mag why she was on crutches and how embarressed she was to have to use them. This article praised Kristen for being a trouper and commented Ann Hathaway helping her back stage when Kristen went to present the award. Yahoo Movie News is reporting that twitter accounts went viral with hatred for Kristen last night. They commented on her crutches, the bruising on her body, why she was even asked to present at the Oscars, and her lack of style and grooming (mainly her hair). Disturbing and degrading tweets were sent out by several celebrities about Kristen being at the Oscars. You can read them on Yahoo Movie News titled Kristen Stewart Does the Oscars With Daniel Radcliffe and Brings Out the Twitter Hate. The reporter Bryan Enk (Yahoo Movies Oscar Blog) was making it out like Daniel Radcliffe should have declined presenting with Stewart to save his reputation from being with someone so hated. Just checked back with Yahoo News and they took the article down. It is not on their tool bar anymore but you can find it at Yahoo Movie Blogs site. US Weekly has an article out as well as other media sites. The worst I have seen was written by the LA Associated Press and you can find it at Just google Kristen Stewart and Daniel Radcliffe Presents at the Oscars and there are several degrading articles written about her on crutches and the bruising.

    • Oh yes, the crutches! What a missed opportunity! You just know that if R. Pattinson had been in Los Angeles at the time, we would have seen speculations about domestic abuse. “Robert Pattinson bruises and cuts Kristen Stewart in a jealous rage” etc. I suppose we should congratulate the gossip sites for not trying to claim RP flew back from Australia just long enough to beat up Stewart, then fly back again.

      I’ve already seen reports saying she showed up on crutches just to get more attention. What next, claiming she stole the crutches from a disabled war veteran? I’m guessing the media will eventually settle on the story that she injured herself while drunk or on drugs.

      • May be it was Rob in the form of crutches, who knows? Like in the HP movies. No? Let me guess again. Oh yes!! It must have been a VD present from him.

  11. Hahahahaha,love this and I’m waiting for it.

  12. I had to come back and fight for Kristen after I saw what was going out about her on Twitter and on my email. Story #1 is out. Hollywood Lies sent me an email with an article that is titled Kristen Stewart Cozies Up With Mystery Man _ Over Robert Pattinson? The picture they sent is of her and her gay friend CJ. They just happened to crop out the rest of the gang with her such as Marcus Foster, Jack Standem, Suzie Reimer and Scout. The picture looks bad and people on twitter are believeing what HWL is reporting. Story #2 is out and again an email sent by HWL saying Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart have Showdown on the Red Carpet. Jennifer fans are ticked at Kristen on twitter and on post sent out with article. Yahoo Movies is reporting that Twitter was full of hatred for Stewart being at the Oscars and posted tweets by Kathy Griffin, Silverman, Joel McHale and several other people who tweeted about her being asked and her lack of fashion/grooming. Kelly Osborne on the E! Live Stream of the Oscars kept saying Kristen and Rob were split and then went on and dissed her during the interview between Kristen and Ryan Segrest. Osborne made sarcastic comments about Kristen not looking put together for the Oscars after Segrest told Kristen she looked beautiful. Posters at Robsten Dreams are commenting on the rude behavior Osborne showed toward Kristen and how Segrest commented back to Osborne for her behavior. I didn’t see the interview on my live stream but apparently some viewers did and are commenting on her behavior towards Kristen. You can go to Robsten Dreams to see Kristen’s Oscar pictures and read the comments about Osborne. I did see and hear what she said about them spliting up and going on to say Jennifer Lawrence was the face of Dior and wouldn’t it be great if Robert Pattinson who is also the face of Dior get together since they are both single now. Osborne and the crew were commenting on Jennifer Lawrence’s style when she started to walk the red carpet. Giuliana Rancic looked uncomfortable and tried to dismiss what Osborne said and move on with what the others were saying about JL’s dress. This bashing of Kristen is getting out of control. I know the girl has to be feeling what is being said about her. In the pictures on Robsten Dreams you can see some of the women around her showing ugly faces at her while she stops for photos. I feel really sorry for her. Also someone is hacking into Twitter accounts and if you have been defending Kristen then they take your account and send spam out so Twitter suspends your account for aggressive following. Those who are fighting for Kristen on Twitter need to be careful and protect your account.

    • Actually story # 1 is a close miss because its technically pre oscars and not oscar related, but Special Award to Chance, absolutely right about Story #2 the green eyed with envy Kristen confrontation with Jennifer. Somehow HL managed to miss Jennifer bolting mid-interview on the red carpet to go give Kristen a big hug when she saw her. There even is a video of it online. LOL

  13. Go post this on HL!!!!

    • Nena: Clarify your comment please. I defend Kristen with proof that the article is a lie. I go by Fabricating Again? When HWL gets others who are saying the same proof they pull the article since people are making fun of them for reporting lies. Which everything they report are lies but some believe them and start a twitter attack on Kristen. If proof is shown the haters back off.

      • My comment was for Twilighter, saying that he should beat them to the punch and post this on their site, saying that we already know the stupid stories that they will print because they are do obvious.

  14. pre staged scandal, kristen’s been digging rob’s closet since 2010:p

    • Iheartstew is correct it goes way back. It was one of the first clues that something was going on with them. Then they started to make a game of it. May even go back into 2009.

  15. Crutches is discrimination for what not allow to go to Oscar just because you are on crutches, wheel chair, or cane. That is so conceited and wrong. You are beautiful no matter what.

  16. I have never, in the last 7months have felt so down hearted! Things have gone from absolutely horrible to unthinkable!!! I don’t care how strong K is, all of this hate for the last 7 months has to be killingly her!! (Even if T57 theory is correct, this has to be a terrible blow to her, who can take this!) Twilighter do you still think that anyone would willingly and continue to put themselves through this if they could stop it? The things being said are increasingly more vile, and crude! I knows you have said that K is strong and I agree but who else in the history of forever ( well as long as I can remember) has ever had continuous vulgar things said about them? As a woman and a mother and human being I just cannot think that IF THEY HAD THE POWER TO END THIS NOW ( or months ago ) WHY ARE THEY NOT? No one can take this treatment. If you are her parents how could you take this? I’m sorry but I’m just sick to my core reading these things, so I have to stop

  17. Nena: Don’t worry about clarifying your comment. I am sure you are just upset with the response you got from ccady. Thank you for trying to reason with her. Blogs are a different story when it comes to funding. Most are private funded not funded by companies so they can’t get hit as hard in the pocket if they don’t have a company helping pay for them. A blog can say and do as they please. I’ll just keep working with the team I am working with for we are accomplishing having articles pulled and haters backing off. A gossip site can be bank rolled alone with the haters posting on it for they like to cyberbully until they can’t prove their points anymore and there are to many fighting them. Then they leave to attack another star. Negative posters are like hyenas attacking a wonded animal. They gather in packs and attack until someone shoots at them to run them off. We are shooting at them with facts to run them off the gossip sites.Targeting the tabloids with petitions is good but to do some real damage to them you need to find the real money source which is the companies that advertise with them and not the posters alone. This is something the team I am working with are doing and have had three sponsors pull their advertising from HWL and US Weekly which does leave the tabloids with less cash to promote their next scandal about Kristen. The companies who advertise with the tabloids want waste their resources if they see they are loosing profit by backing what the tabloid is putting out. The tabloid moves on to something that will get the companies’ revenue back. I see US Weekly was nicer (than some) in the next article they put out about the Oscars. Wonder if it had to do with loosing one of their main money resources? I guess I was just frustrated when I came here and was seeking help with the battle but we got the help this afternoon so I want bother you all again. I will just leave you with this saying. A Castle can not be defended if all it’s soldiers remain inside the walls. Kristen is a castle that needs her soldiers to defend her right now even if it is going out of their comfort zone.

    • Im so glad you are fighting for K, as am I and have been since July. I think you have misunderstood something. My only comment was to T57 “Go post this on HL!” I am very confused right now, and doesnt really help my sad state of mind!

      • Relax, sweetie! I think we all are fighting for the same thing! Everything is fine. Not to worry! 🙂

      • I just dont like to have anyone think I did something or said something that I didnt. I am not a confrontational person and I just dont understand, I just seem to be getting in trouble and all I have ever done is want to correct a horrible injustice,

      • It’s very easy to misinterpret what people say. I used to have a friend that would say, “Put up your umbrella and just let it roll off!” I am not exactly sure what is going on, but I am fairly sure that nothing was said to intentionally hurt or challenge you. Just let it go, relax! We have BIGGER battles to fight! 🙂

      • I know. Funny thing is I wasnt even talking to her it was to T57! I am just so discouraged and frustrated and sitting here it feels like its me against all. I was not raise to speak to anyone the way the haters, media, other actors, reporters, speak about her and I the old saying I think now is wrong, stick and stones and words can and do hurt us. And in this age I think it is words more since people think its ok to do it through a computer and never be seen. This is what I said:
        “Go post this on HL!!!!” “My comment was for Twilighter, saying that he should beat them to the punch and post this on their site, saying that we already know the stupid stories that they will print because they are do obvious.” Please tell her I was not talking to her. I know I post way to much and I really am about finished, I cant seem to do anything right.

      • Please stop, hun! Take a breath and know that there are a lot of us that want the same thing you want. I do understand how you feel–because sometimes I feel the same way…but we just have to keep our chins up and keep standing up for what we know is right! Smile! Be Happy! You are on the RIGHT side–the side that stands up for the person being persecuted!

  18. Nena: How many times have you seen your Idol getting emotional (except when she is looking at Rob)? When you get emotional you loose half the fight. Don’t worry about the barking dogs. Just follow your idol’s example.

  19. The KS&CJ photo does not look real.

  20. I feel like a mother with her children. Absolutely helpless. It amazes me how she has behaved, but it is essential to take your defense to the ultimate consequences

  21. twilighter57.. You are good as of yesterday the word is that she is not blonde but brunette. She’s not a waitress or model but a singer and friend of both Rob and Katy Perry. Supposedly he ditched Kristen and left her upset and sad while he went to Vegas with Katy and assorted friends. In my opinion it’s all B.S. and they’ll have another glorious meeting of the minds and they’ll be fine once again. How must it feel to have your whole life be a public and much bounced around ball. If you ask me the whole world needs to grow up and become less attached to this new toy,the internet, and leave these two people alone with what’s left of the shambles that we have made of their life.

  22. Please tell me its not true. Please tell me its not true about Katy and Rob? So what is going on here. Respond asap.

    • Like I said earlier. It is all BS.

      Two facts:

      1. No one knows how Rob spent his weekend.
      2. Tabloids can’t stand not know anything, and when it happens, which is most of the time, they make shit up, feed by mindless commenters, and lying tweeters.

      It that simple.

      • Ok thanks! And you forgot about his birthday too. I just hope and pray that they are ok. That is all I care about. I am talking about Rob and Kristen.

      • The so-called source of all this BS is a “supposed” photographer at x17online, a notorious lying tabloid rag/paparazzi pack who most recently tried to spin the “Kristin was picked up by Rupert at the Mexican Restaurant” story. So much for their credibility. Remember, tabloids + unnamed sources=BS. No exceptions. And be careful about even relying on them when they claim pictures. They claim they were taken on Rob’s birthday but they regularly lie about such things. Most famously, several outlets claimed pictures of Kristen leaving the gym after the story broke on July 24th/25th, but they were clearly taken before that date. The reality was Kristen was not seen for weeks after the 22nd after the TCA’s and yet the tabloids tried to misled people using pictures. So surprise, tabloids lie about dates even when they have pictures. It all BS.

      • Thanks Twilighted. It’s amazing how they can spin a story out of nothing. Even if pictures of Pattinson, by himself, were taken on his birthday, if would not tell us much. He might have celebrated his birthday over the preceding weekend. He might have had a birthday party the Saturday before or later than evening or the following day. He may even have been busy and decided to skip any big birthday celebration this year, and just stayed home and had pizza with a couple of friends. Who knows? The good news is, whatever he may have done, he managed to escape the paparazzi’s and the public’s scrutiny while doing it, meaning he was likely able to have a more enjoyable time than if the press had caught up with him for real.

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