Kristen Stewart: Leading by Example? Oh, yeah, you better believe she is!

When I went on wordpress this morning, the first thing I saw was a headline that said:  Kristen Stewart: Leading by Example?  Now I  can honestly say, that the title intrigued me. “Finally!”  I thought.  So, I clicked on the link to read the article.  To my great dismay, once again, it was another article with basically nothing nice to say and all kinds of advice about how she should handle herself in the public light.

Not only was the girl hobbling up to the microphone, but she was also sporting bruises and a mane that looked like it hadn’t been brushed in about a week (seriously…can’t you afford a stylist to fix your hair?!). I really could have sworn she had just come out of her slumber in her coffin and downed a handle of vodka right before arriving at the awards ceremony. The monotone actress matched her physical appearance with her facial expression (notice I say it singularly) and tone of voice as she read off the nominees……

While Stewart had an excuse for her hobbling, I believe that the injury does not negate her appearance, nor her overall attitude. I mean, come on now, you are being seen by BILLIONS of people at this very moment, and you know it. Put a genuine smile on your face and look your best given the circumstances. And for heaven’s sake, you have the money to order your stylist to make you look fabulous!!!!

Kristen is a shining example of what NOT to do. Whether you are looking for a job/promotion or searching for a relationship, you should always make sure to go through the following mental checklist (which she apparently could have used last night):…..

This “expert” goes on to give advice including:

  • Make sure your makeup is on point  (check)
  • Wear something professional (I suppose in this case she should have said appropriate for the situation)  (check)
  • Comb your hair  (check)–Kristen has a stylist that does her hair–do you honestly think that Kristen does her own hair?
  • Check your teeth for stray food (check)
  • Use your resources (check)

ccady2012 also suggests that Kristen could have “easily asked someone to cover for her and avoided all of the scrutiny.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????????????

Please feel free to comment on this person’s “insightful” (sarcasm intended) article at:

I hate to use Us Weekly as a source, but at least this time they actually used credited quotes.

 “She had sliced her foot and everyone was worrying about would she wear heels or flats or one heel, crutches or no crutches,” manicurist Ashlie Johnson told Us. “She tried so many options, she was really a trouper.”

“Kristen was nervous about her crutches so having her friends around playing music was just what she needed,” hairstylist Danilo said. “We all were trying to make her feel better and her friends were trying to tell her she’d be fine, she has insecurities about being in front of people so today was even tougher.”

I love Kristen Stewart.  I love that she is one of the most amazing young women of our time.  She marches to the beat of her own drum—ignoring the fact that there are so many who speak against her.  She is beautiful.  She is intelligent.  She is kind.  She doesn’t say ugly things about other people.  She’s kind to animals.  She is a NICE person!  She does her job despite the fact that she may have a physical injury.  She shows up, despite the fact that she doesn’t know what will greet her.  She shows up in spite of the fact that she does knows what she will endure even under the best of circumstances.

Last night was a perfect example of a young woman doing what is expected of her—not because she wanted to for publicity, not because she was feeling the need to get out and be seen, and certainly not because she was feeling her best physically.  She showed up and let them yell at her and scream at her to turn this way or that, smile, and all the other things that the photographers scream to get a starlet’s attention.  (And these are the reputable ones.)  Kristen is really not the starlet that wants to get out and promote herself.  She is introverted and would probably rather have a tooth pulled than to show up at these functions.  She can’t go anywhere or do anything without being photographed and discussed.  She was in pain because of her injury…but she showed up.  She didn’t bow out and say she couldn’t do it.  She lived up to a commitment she had made!  This young lady is in the middle of a nightmare.  It seems there is absolutely NOTHING she can do to please the haters.  If she had called and said she couldn’t come because of her foot, then there would have been a firestorm about how she was using it as an excuse to not appear in public.  She shows up to do her job and she gets insults for using (and not using) her crutches and accused of using her injury for PR.   She didn’t smile, she didn’t fix her hair, she talks in a monotone—all complaints that have been voiced about her appearance last night.

Do you notice, however, that all of the people that are out there saying all of these ugly things, were not up there presenting an Oscar?  They are not the ones that are in the spotlight? They are not the ones put in the bulls eye for every asshole that wants to take a pot shot.   It is easy for them to sit in their offices in their cozy little chairs and moan and groan–complain and give advice.  But the fact of the matter is, they don’t know “sh*t” about what is going on in the life of this young woman.  Who are they to sit in judgement?  Who died and left them with the title of “Critic of the Day”?  What leads them to think that they have ANY right to say anything about what this young woman should or shouldn’t have done?

In the case of  ccady2012 above, I suspect that her company has a blog and that everyone in the company is supposed to write an article as part of their job description.  Well, she wrote her blog and made a complete ass out of herself.  If she had just given suggestions as to how to prepare to go to a job interview or to meet someone for the first time, then she would have had a legitimate article.  But, to attempt to link to Kristen Stewart and to have the audacity to offer advice to her is outrageous.

Now the truth of the matter is, that there will be very few people that see the article this ccady2012  woman wrote.  But there are a lot of other people out there taking the same kind of  aim at Kristen, with no more insight or legitimate right than she had.

Is Kristen Stewart leading by example?  Hell, yes she is!  An admirable, hold your head high and let them eat shit kind of example.  I’m proud of her!  And more power to her!

There is an old saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

There is another saying that says, “People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.”

So unless you have NO faults and have NOTHING you could do better, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!


36 Responses

  1. Here, here!! Well said!

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about Ms. Cady. She just had her two seconds of fame on the internet. But I have to say she sure was born into the right family name.

      Merriam-webster: a cad-
      a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another’s feelings or rights. Cady fits her to a T even if she is a woman.

      And some woman she is. Another so-called journalism major dabbling in PR. What’s this world coming to. But all her post proves is that she is just another internet parasite hoping to cash in on Kristen’s fame.

      So ladies, smile, comb your hair, and kiss ass and Ms Cady will find you a job. Just like the one she has.

  2. Well said…. Thank you so much for standing up for our girl. I think Kristen looked beautiful last night and was proud of her for putting herself out there when she knew no matter what she did she would get shit over it.
    She is brave and strong and I am very proud of her for ignoring the haters and being true to herself.

  3. Great post. Its about time Kristen is recognized for being the strong willed person that she is. Meryl Streep may have won an Oscar for the The Iron Lady but Kristen lives it and breathes it day in and day out. She deserves all the help she can get.

  4. Amen! I hate that people are using her injury as another way to target her. She showed up, she smiled, she took pictures, she greeted others, she presented, she stayed the whole show. She didn’t have to do any of those things. She has nothing to prove to anyone. She went for herself.

  5. I am appalled and disgusted about the new round of criticism aimed at Kristen for the Oscar appearance. And I thought I was used to all that! It is a shock that so much is being written about what amounts to virtually a few minutes out of a several hour event. I don’t see a problem with her performance myself, but does every starlet have to be a cookie cutter version of one? What happened to individuality?

  6. Very well said Sue!!!!! I was so upset when I started getting emails last night from HWL and E!News about everything they could throw at a girl who did her job without complaint and with dignity. Kelly Osbourne went after Kristen during the interview between Kristen and Ryan Secrest. Kelley attacked Kristen during the live stream show with rumors that Rob had left her. Then on Robsten Dreams posters were saying Kelley attacked her again in front of Ryan Secrest after he interviewed Kristen. They said Ryan turned on Kelly about her sarcastic comment about Kristen. Robby on E!News attacked her tonight calling her a hot mess that needed someone to prop her up in her chair at the awards for she looked as though she was drunk. He also commented on her lack of manners at the awards. The other host warned him that anything negative he said would bring on tweets from the Twihards. He said bring it on it was worth it telling how Kristen acted at the Oscars. I guess Kristen could have the biggest smile, most beautiful plastered hair, expensive dress and best body and they would still say negative things about her. It has gone pass the point of no return with the disgusting and malicious attitude the media, some fans, and a few celebrities are attacking her with now. I look at her as a role model for someone who knows how to show grace, compassion and what is the right thing to do no matter how many stones and sticks are being thrown at you. Twitter was awful last night and today if anyone read comments about Kristen being at the Oscars. They were ridiculing her from every angle and warning Daniel Radcliffe and every other celebrity to stay away from her if they valued their careers. The LA Associated Press wrote an article saying she did this all for sympathy and PR after they criticized here for living. It was funny that the ones criticizing her the most have the worst reputations and skeletons in their closets that could be pulled out again to hurt them with the media. Kelly Osbourne does not have a very clean and upstanding past nor does Kathy Griffin, Joel McHale or many others who are attacking her in the media.This has got to stop.

    • Thank you veulent-savior for your stout defense of Kristen. How she faces life each day is an inspiration to many. These two bit wanna be’s and fifty cent has beens and dime a dozen never will be’s have always known what they are worth in comparison to a star like Kristen but now
      because of a few badly faked pictures they feel that she has been drug down to their level. They are so stupid that they’ve begun to believe what they write. Many a young actress has attempted suicide with less
      reason. I get the feeling that some of these people,ccady and Kelly Osbourne among them would dust their hands at the news and consider their part in it well done. As for Robbie he has to make his bones some way. What’s he got in the amount of time to prove himself to the show? For some reason they think Kristen is the weakest among the herd and an easy target. They are the biggest fools to think so. When Rob comes home, when he’s still with her in May and June, when she blows the competition out of the water with SWATH 2 then
      there will be a reckoning. These people are literally not worthy to breath the same air as this much maligned actress. ENews use to be
      a household favorite in our home, I will never turn that program on again as long as Robbie remains a cohost. So say two sisters and a
      cousin as well. It’s time the dumb sh*t concerning Kristen stopped. If this had been Rob with the crutches and the limp and the windblown hair they would not have been able to say enough good things about him. But Kristen gets no leeway and no mercy. The God of my fathers
      is going to soon get tired of this injustice and abuse hurled daily at one young woman. God had a son who was mocked and spit upon and rebuked at every turn. He and his son can relate and sympathize. After these many weeks of scorn guess who’s side he’s on? Let’s just say it isn’t soon to be ex cohost Robbie’s.

  7. Thanks Sue, I agree with you. Kristen was tossed to the wolves and I was totally appalled by the lack of sensitivity shown to her because she attended the Academy Awards….what was worse was minutes after she showed up to the event the Internet was ablaze with all the negative, ugly and horrific slander tossed on this 22 year old young lady. It is amazing to me that so many sick and unhappy people in this world feel that they can tear a person to ribbons. She is not eating dinner with you, inviting you to her home or owes you a gift so why all this hatred? She graciously went to the Academy Awards dressed in a beautiful gown and POW! Her hair is a mess, she is hobbling, she should have stayed home, she can’t smile, she looks like she is on drugs, and she can’t act and blah, blah, blah…. Enough already from the Gossip Rags to their responders how would you like to endure this kind of constant put downs on a daily basis? Sadly I know many people like to say it’s the young Twilight fans hating on Kristen but lets face it some of these people are not children, just sick people unhappy with their lives thinking just because they are miserable they are going to make her miserable. Well I think you hit the wrong person because she is strong and she will prevail. I for one am proud that she has owned up to her mistake and am happy she is going forward and not one of us has not made mistakes—so people stop the judging if it was you or your loved one being bombarded with this hatred you’d be devastated.

  8. I agree with you all. And they are talking crap about her. That is why i don’t watch fashion police. Also, I read about Joan Rivers on Wikipedia about her affairs while she was married. So she is no room to talk. And I never like Kelly Osbourne. And they are laughing at her. No wonder Kristen doesn’t come out of her house. I wouldn’t blame her.

  9. I have only sympathy for the haters. Since a cure for jealousy is yet to be discovered this will go on until they get tired, but Kristen will always stand tall.
    I have said this before, dogs bark – elephant walks on.

  10. When did it become cool to be cruel? I remember a time when people kept their comments to themselves; they may have thought ill of someone but they would never speak of it out loud. Doing so used to show a lack of class. No, now we have twitter and comments boards where people can empty their minds of every hateful thought for the whole world to read, thinking nothing of the affects. It’s the cowards way, being able to hide behind your monitor and anonymously insult people for fun. None of these cowards would ever have the nerve to say such hateful things to a persons face.

    Kristen can not win…it is currently “the thing” to bash her. It is cool to bully her and pick and pull her apart. People actually take pleasure in trying to destroy her. I hope more than anything that she is strong enough to distance herself from it all and live, but I just can’t see how she is not affected. The hate has taken on a new level. It makes me sick. Kristen could have shown up all perfect and fake to the Oscars and it wouldn’t have mattered, she is the current punching bag. “Let’s make fun of her on the public stage, she’s no one special, she’s not a real person, she doesn’t deserve respect.” I am fed up! Kelly Osbourne and others like her should really take a long look in the mirror. These people are promoting hate, nothing more. If I could, I would ask them what their objective really is? Do they want to see Kristen in pain? Do they enjoy making her suffer? They are sick, sorry hateful people who only care about ratings so I know the answer I would receive. I hope these people realize that for every teenage suicide that takes place because of bullying, they have played a part in it. They have made it cool to be cruel, cool to not have compassion for people who may be different or struggling with personal issues. Ratings are all that matter to the Kelly Osbournes of the world, not the lives of countless young people who deal with bullying every day and struggle to find a reason to live. I stopped visiting places like E! long ago, I hope others follow my lead now too. We can’t allow this shit to continue! It’s a poison that is ruining our kids minds and our society. Stop giving these sites that promote hate hits.

    Sorry for the rant, I just can’t take it anymore.

    Thanks veulentsavoir, and everyone else who feels passionate about this, for your efforts.

  11. No matter what she does, she gets the same criticism. Oscar night reports could just as well have been written before she even showed up.

    I’m reminded of a comment Robert Pattinson made during an interview. He said Reece Witherspoon had told him that, soon after you get established in Hollywood, you’re assigned a personality, and that’s how the media will present you from then on. Maybe you’re the Nice Guy, or the Bad Boy, or the Quirky, Funny Oddball, or whatever. It has nothing to do with who you really are, and no matter what you do, they will find a way to fit your behaviour into your preassigned character.
    I think that’s what has happened with Kristen Stewart. It was decided some time ago, for whatever reason, that she’s a surly malcontent with a bad attitude. The “scandal” added in the trait of promiscuity to the mix. Now she’s always regarded that way in gossip articles. Even when they report behaviour that doesn’t fit her “profile,” it’s always something like, “Kristen Stewart seen smiling! Unbelievable!”

    Although it seems to me Stewart smiles and laughs as much as the next person, when there’s a reason, I’ve always appreciated the fact that she doesn’t go around grinning like the Cheshire Cat any time she’s on camera. She acts natural. Therefore she’s described as unsmiling and emotionally flat. And she answers interview questions in an honest and straightforward manner, giving stupid questions their due. Therefore she’s rude and surly. She dresses like any normal 22 year old, not wearing high heels and designer clothes unless she’s at a work-related event. Therefore she’s dirty and sloppy. And so forth.

    I admire her ability to be herself in the face of it all. She shows a great deal of poise for such a young woman.

  12. In Response to ccady2012:
    I just wanted to let you know that I received both your comments and in an attempt to protect you from yourself, I am not going to post them. If your first comment had ended with the part about your professional opinion, perhaps I would have posted it. However, the later part of your comment only succeeded in proving the point that you are not acting as a professional nor are you mature enough to know the difference.

  13. The tabloids will push things too far one of these days. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will become very angry and sue them for character defamation, character assassination, libel, and slander. The haters will be to blame because they kept feeding the rags with their terrible lies about the couple. They’ve poked the dog with a stick too many times. They made it mad, and it’s ready to bite. I admire Robert and Kristen for remaining strong throughout all this. They could easily break down due to the stress, but they hold their heads high and refuse to bow at anyone’s feet. The haters don’t give a crap about Rob or any celebrity they claim to ‘love.’ All the celebrities are just pawns in their sick game of trashing Kristen day in and day out. I was angry when the haters claimed Charlize Theron turned on Kristen and sided with Liberty Ross. I wanted to call them out for that lie and really rip into them, but I decided not to because it wasn’t worth it. They’d just twist my words around. I have no doubt Charlize would’ve been angry to see haters trying to make it sound like she’d turned against her friend. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t have been able to speak out because they’d twist her words around and make it sound like she supports a ‘homewrecker.’ The haters are cruel and heartless people. Their favorite word is me. They are all about themselves and how much attention they can get. They use and manipulate others to get what they want. I don’t doubt the majority of them are sociopaths. They can’t feel love, empathy, or compassion. Nor can they feel regret and remorse for their actions. They feel only hate, anger, and rage.

  14. Dear friends,

    I am not capable for making more comprehensive analysis what has been happened, again. As sincere fan of Kristen Stewart, I see that our girl, who hasn’t done anything wrong, evil or mean to World, other people or colleagues, has been again hit by stones of unhidden hate.

    I can’t remember if any of her colleagues, anytime, had faced up with similar campaign, even if she (he) had made terrible things, making other people injured or humiliated.

    As I told in my first comment on this site and through my tweets, I don’t believe such strong campaign is accidental and has been made by a few lunatics or jealous strangers. Together with fake “affair”, everything has been planned, initiated, accomplished and controlled by someone very influencing, who is involved in her career or maybe from whom her career could depend; someone who continues with realization of the mission, dragging Kristen through the mug, placing and managing disgusting, negative comments and insulting her acting, appearance and personality.

    And I am disgusted and terrified by this theory; because, if I was her mother, father, friend, boyfriend, I wouldn’t know what to do, what to suggest, how to react.

    Frankly, I can’t see her fans alone can do much more, despite actions whose part we are. This situation went too much far and this can’t be stopped by our tweets and web sites actions. This doesn’t mean that I give up of this action, it means our actions are not sufficient!

    I believe that Kristen, her parents and their consultants have already discussed it. I don’t know what they intend to do. But as I see situation, this requests serious actions, by legal and other official means.

    Otherwise, one day, it will be too late for her, as a person and as an actress.

    Sad and sick,


    • I hate to say this, but the only way it will stop is if Kristen hides herself away. Out of sight out of mind, right? Let the press and the haters get bored. Also, we fans need to stop visiting celebrity sites, buying the magazines and watching shows that allow/promote bashing. Hit them in the pocket book.

      • They say Rob has people obsessed , and that may be true. But it’s also true about Kristen, only more so. People love to love him. But people seem to love to hate her. I call it the Joan of Arc complex; the argument that states that Joan was nothing more than a catalyst for change for the French and an oblect of fear and hatred for the English.

        The haters will never get bored with hating her because that hate is not based in any true reality. Despite the heinous nature of his crimes, Jeffrey Dahmer was not hated more virulently nor even without letup as Kristen has been, except by those closest to the families of his victims. What we are witnessing is real end of the world hate. Why? Because much of it is based in real personality flaws in the people
        doing the hating. In short it’s irrational and if left unchecked this YOU ARE MY FAVORITE THING TO HATE kind of hatred is scary in its focused ferocity.

        One thing makes me hopeful. She’s still wearing that ring from the Twilight wedding. Someone today said the only cure for this stupidity was marriage. I would not go that far, for marriage is not to be entered into for any reason other than love. It’s a sacred contract and not a band aid or stop gap for trouble. But the ring tells me she at least holds
        it in fondness. Like Rob says Kristen wears her heart on her sleeve. He seems to wear his in his eyes. The last time I saw them together it was still there.

  15. I totally agree with all of you.

  16. I’m so sad about this. Today in Holland on the news they spoke about Kristen and about how she looked at the Oscars .They just repeat the bad (wrong) news from the Americans sites .
    My husband and kids don’t understand why I care so much .
    I wish we could do something . When is this going to stop .Is this legal what they are doing .I hope she is doing fine . This can’t be healthy for anyone . Thank you for this site

    • How can we do it.? I have stopped watching E . Ryan called her a beautiful girl! Your right…KO her so called mother and the rest of the old bags slamming her..I get so upset! I have a daughter her age and I would go balistic . It just breaks my heart. I don’t know how her Mom does it.

      • I don’t see how Kristen or her Mother can be completely shielded from all this in the media. It really is heartbreaking as someone said.
        I observed the stories of Kristen being voted “least sexy Hollywood star” in one magazine. The two days later the razzie awards and all the gossip webloids picking that “story” up, then all the tweets fro Oscar night. Media People know this yet they don’t hesitate to keep piling it on. Except for a very few like Ryan Seacreast and Kelly Rippa.

    • You care because you are a mother, and a good one from the sound of it. Don’t worry Europe isn’t going as crazy as America, “probably,” A friend of mine reminded me with the way the telecomunication industry merged a while back who knows who owns what and who is a partner. He tends to be full of himself but he reckons there’s no more than seven or eight big companies.
      He, and his name is Kevin, says the evidence shows that they are like seven blind men in a room who between them only have two names. They keep bumping into each other saying Paul print that and Peter you print that on and on and on, And that’s how we have so many copies of what is essentially no information in tabloids. He makes me laugh.
      Next time you read something that upsets you just think of Kevin’s six little old blind men conducting business in the dark. Bumpng into each other and repeating themselves over and over and looking for a nonexisting lightswitch because they’ve forgotten it’s motion activated.
      Surrounded by light and seeing nothing. I told him it was cruel to joke about people’s disabilities. He said there’s nothing wrong with their eyes
      They just choose to be wilfully blind. The condition clears up as soon as they’re willing to see what is instead of what they want.


        A kid I babysit prays for them. An aunt is writing leters and signing petitions. If you’d like to do that ask veulent_savior for advice. She has
        plans, lots of ways to hinder the paps and tabs and in the process hopefully help Rob and Kristen. I really do believe Kristen and Rob will be fine. As long as they have each other I don’t think they care what
        anyone says about them. The rich are different someone once said, but I bet not as different as movie stars.

  17. , I literally cried this morning watching twiter. Unfortunately I have to say I’am agree that this has a powerful hand behind him determined to destroy this child, the proof is that after the triumph of the series and his relationship with Rob stopped being RP, then have turned on her, this is a proof that this has not been engineered by Rob and Kris. The issue of divorce is another masterstroke Rupert, life and happiness of Kristen can not depend on whether or not Rupert divorces. I assure you that divorce had not been carried out if Rupert gets the address of SW2. Someone hinted to do nothing for the good of them, but I think there is an old saying: “silence, gives”. I think our role as fans, should be more active, and I think we should go to Oprah powerful people serious example, the same president, first lady, the big chains, the actors he has worked, its producers, directors etc. U.S. has enacted always respect human rights are being violated here openly rights of a young American actress. All those people who wrote nasty things she deserve a word of reproach from us. Maybe one swallow does not make rain, but 10,000 if. I believe that we have in droves

    • I think The phrase you’re thinking of is,” The plans of evil men succeed
      when good men keep silent.” I think someone said this while surveying
      the devastation to Germany and it’s people afier WW2.

  18. Okay, after sleeping on all of this I am starting to wonder…could Kristen’s appearance at the Oscars have been planned to be negative? Yesterday I heard that Harvey Weinstein pretty much dictates who presents at the Oscars (that is why Michelle Obama presented…he is one of Obama’s biggest donors/supporters), he is the man behind the scenes and has all of the power in hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence is the new “it girl” in hollywood, that is what Harvey is pushing. This girl has 3 or 4 more hunger game movies coming and the potential for some major bucks OR major flops (which no one wants, least of all Harvey). Now think about Kristen and Rob… their popularity is not dying down, the fans undying devotion to these two just gets stronger. Twilight is over, but the fandom goes on. Do we even think about Katniss and Peeta? NO! People would rather talk about, see, think about Kristen Stewart over Jennifer Lawrence any day. Kristen’s appeal is not going away. What better way to change that appeal? Well first, kill Robsten (scandal’s objective)…second (because robsten didn’t die) kill Kristen Stewart’s appeal. Time for people to focus on the next big thing, right? Stop dwelling on Robsten and Twilight and Edward and Bella. Jennifer Lawrence looked like a princess, won an Oscar. Kristen got ripped to shreds.


    • I am glad that some of you start considering theories similar to mine or on the same basis. What I want all of us to understand is that in this world nothing, repeat, nothing happens accidentally. Everything has cause, and when we (Kristen and her team) find WHY, we will easily find WHO.
      So, people, forget crazy & jealous lunatics who are obsessed by Rob, our enemy is powerful, wealthy and influential player who pull the strings very ingeniously and cunningly.

  19. And then what is the next step? outside Kristen’s team does something, the world needs to know that this girl has many people who love her. Because if it is proven that the photos are a staging of a true mixed with fake, this analysis is not sent to the media? Why not use the multitude of blogs called Robsten or Krisbians where daily visits are hundreds and Google searches by millions? said the greatest asset of a company is its people and here we counted by millions, and no actor has the luxury of having this. Mr. Richard Nixon was powerful at the time but what a great story proven dead cert. Mr. Bill Clinton had his afaire in exercising its mandate, negotiated until the last moment until tests accused him. Why do not you get the analysis of a serious journalist and fearless. Why not invoke respect for basic human rights to life, dignity and good name, to work, to a private life, which in this case are being violated in all its forms, just for an American citizen, that country boasts of respect around the world? Count me in for anything. I do not seek followers, I do not like social networks, but in this case there is a common cause: the dignity and life of Kristen Stewart.I have three young children and I feel angry and powerless against such injustice. The tempo runs, two months may be too long. I am a mother of jovens, and there are brands that are forever. Kristen is strong, has proven to be, but it is not stone. I’m really impressed how as stoic as has faced all this crap

    • What IS the next step…is there going to even be another step? Right now we don’t know if the scandal was done willingly or if Kristen was wronged. I don’t know why someone would willingly subject themselves to such vitriol though. I just don’t know… I continue to be puzzled.

  20. I posted two comments on ccad’s article. Not surprisingly both went missing.

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