TO THIS DAY by Shane Koyczan

The people that are calling Kristen Stewart names and the paparazzi that are notorious for badgering and attacking celebrities, were no doubt the same people that called their peers names when they were children.  Bullying in all forms needs to stop–in our schools, in our homes, on our TVs and on our computers.  Despite what people say, words do hurt.


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  1. From one of the GC boards – read the genius of “C’s” remark to Let’s Be Truthful…

    Let’s Be Truthful… • 2 hours ago

    You miserable haters are so transparent–you’re as predictable as the garbage-spewing tabloids you feed off of. If Kristen had shown up dressed to the nines like she does for her own premieres, you jealous hags would have called her a famewhore. You would have screamed that she was just trying to outshine Jennifer on her special night. If she hadn’t shown up because of her injured foot, you would have screeched that she was so jealous of JL’s Oscar nomination that she wouldn’t even show up! All of you who continue to spit vile comments about KS non-stop are seriously ill. You need to seek professional help. Whether it’s because you were bullied as a child, whether you were teased for being fat or ugly, whether your husband or wife cheated on you or your father cheated on your mother, this continuous bullying of Kristen Stewart is not helping you. Sure, you may feel really smug and self-satisfied after you verbally abuse her, but it won’t last. That’s why you have to continue your rants day after day, year after year. The only way to reach closure and deal with your own issues is to seek professional care. A psychologist or psychiatrist can help you focus on the real cause of the pain in your life that causes you so much misery. And for those of you holier-than-thou folks who seem to have forgotten “do unto others…” perhaps you should go have a long heart-to-heart with your religious leader of choice.
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    C Let’s Be Truthful… • an hour ago

    Relax, Kristen doesn’t waste time reading gossip boards. Therefore it’s not bullying,. Also she has said that she doesn’t care what people think of her, do the criticism here doesn’t affect her at all.


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    Let’s Be Truthful… C • 34 minutes ago

    Wrong. Just because Kristen may or may not read gossip boards, the intent is bullying. Some of the crap said is not simply criticism. It goes way beyond that. I’m not fighting the fight for Kristen. She is capable of coming to her own conclusions about what the bullies say on these boards. But this sh*t is almost worse because these bullies think they can carry it to the extreme simply because they are unknown faces hiding behind a computer. They wouldn’t have the guts to actually face her. So they are also the worst kind of cowards.
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