Advice to the Celebrities (and others) That Were Foolish Enough to Criticize Kristen Stewart at The Oscars

How To Succeed In Hollywood By Talent Manager Bruce Edwin

Published February 26, 2013 in News Blaze

22. Don’t trash talk stars!

Don’t be one of those people who goes on gossip tabloid sites or social media, and posts hateful things about stars, or who wastes their life complaining about them to others. I recall one day when a client I had started getting so angry in my office that Kristen Stewart was a star and she wasn’t. She argued with me about her talent, and insisted how she was hotter and more talented than Kristen-she wasn’t, and how that should have been her, not Kristen who was famous, and how Kristen didn’t deserve it. That mindset is so childish and stupid and foolish. For one, Kristen Stewart has been working in the industry since she was a little girl, and worked her way up, and secondly, even if this wanna-be actress was more talented and pretty, and also had a mom who was a casting director-which was not the case, being jealous of others success will get you no where. This girl couldn’t act to save her life, had never even attended an acting class, yet, thought that she was more entitled to fame and fortune than a stranger she had never even met.

Putting attention on fear-fear of not being good enough, fear of never making it, and hate-hatred of others success, hatred of stars, jealousy that they have what you want and they have more and you don’t, will lead to more and more misery. Progress and abundance and success comes from building, not from tearing down.

The universe delivers to us what we put our attention on, and if we put our attention on fear, hate, envy, and jealousy, then we will get more of that back in our life in the form of things to fear, things we hate, things that make us jealous, lack, and misery. However, if we put our minds on love, acceptance, gratitude, and success, then we will get that back.

Stop trying to tear down the rich and famous, and either honor them, or ignore them if you want, but don’t live a life of hatred and jealousy-that is totally lame. I recently saw one post of a geeky girl laughing how she looked younger (and presumably better) than Britney Spears. She didn’t look younger or better. Most in the industry will not want to deal with a hater, or a jealous person. They are not pleasant to be around, so don’t be one!

The other reason not to trash talk stars-aside from you don’t know them, and it’s the wrong thing to do, is, the person you may want to work with could actually give you a chance of working in a film or on a record with them. I once had a client who said how he literally hated a certain company-for political reasons. The film I was working on at the time had a sponsorship from the company, and I had him there to meet a casting director for the film. After telling us about his rant against the company, he was told, OK, forget it, you’re not getting considered for this job, since you hate this company. When ‘Twilight’ castings came up, the girl described above would have been a perfect fit for some of the vampire clan roles. But of course, I was not about to have her considered, and didn’t. She continued with her frustration about Hollywood, and like so many, disappeared, just as did the guy described above.

I once had an actress tell me how she hated a certain celebrity. She got filled with a passionate rage about her hatred of this certain female, yet had no logical reason for it. My conclusion was that she was a closet lesbian and secretly wanted to be with her. Regardless, I told her how my company was actually dealing with her office-which I was. She was shocked, and began trying to back pedal and ended up confessing to me how she kind of really liked her, and that she was hot, but that she found her annoying and she was very jealous of her. Go figure.

If you must, pretend that the Kevin Bacon game is real-it actually is, and everyone in Hollywood is connected to someone who is connected to someone who is eventually down the line-connected to someone you may be talking about. So keep it clean, keep it cool, and keep it positive if you have anything to say about someone. And if you don’t, well then, as the line goes, if you don’t have something good to say about someone, then just don’t say anything at all.

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  1. What a great article…I’m dying to know who the jealous girl was?!

  2. im intrigue with this article kinda like blind item lol

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