I Can Play Their Game

You know, at events like the Oscars, thousands of pictures are shot by countless photographers.  The tabs have their choice of those pictures, but the ones they like to dwell on are the ones where Kristen happens not to be smiling or may be slightly distracted.  Well, I went on line and I would like to share some of the photographs that I found.  I didn’t have to look hard (or for very long).  Tabs would have the photographs brought to them.  The difference is that we each have an agenda.  Theirs is to put Kristen in an unfavorable light.  Mine is to prove they are lying!

Here ya go!

BD9k1ihCAAAq4OT.jpg large

Kristen Oscars2

Kristen 5

Kristen Oscars 4Kristen oscars3

Kristen 8

Kristen 7Kristen 9

Kristen 20Kristen 28     Kristen 32 Kristen 33

Kristen 29

Kristen 30

Kristen 31

kristen 35

Kristen Stewart was struggling beyond belief with her crutches down the red carpet. She would pass along her crutches to a publicist, hop on over to a photo area, and then hobble back to retrieve her crutches. It appeared she was in a bit of pain and probably exhaustion after limping down the 500-foot red carpet.~~Kristyn Burtt of SheKnows Entertainment


All these pictures were easily accessible to tabs and to all the people that hated on Kristen.  They just chose not to use them or see them.  The thing that is amazing to me is that this amazing young woman, not only chose to go to The Oscars, but she did so despite the fact that she had to have been experiencing a considerable amount of pain.  You don’t get an injury like the one she experienced and not have pain.  I think she did a pretty amazing job!  How about you?


9 Responses

  1. yes, they (most media outlets) chose the worst photos possible, to fit into the scripted role they have of her as sullen, surly, bored, too good for everyone etc etc….And oh the comments “she looks on drugs” “meth head” etc etc.

  2. She did a fine job under uncomfortable circumstances. She gets criticized no matter what she does.
    I’ve often said how odd it is that Stewart is regularly described as perpetually unsmiling, depressed, brooding, sulky, etc. etc. It’s something that the media has decided to say about her, with or without foundation. In her interviews, Stewart tends to joke, laugh, and be very upbeat, especially when she’s talking about a role she likes. Where does the idea come from that she never smiles?

  3. Well done. Well done.

  4. Great Post. 🙂

  5. Adorei o post. Eu achei a atitude ela excelente, mostrou a dedicação e comprometimento com seus compromissos e com seus fãs. Atitude digna de uma pessoa madura e de princípios.

  6. great post. k is lovely ignore haters!

  7. I applaud her for going to the Oscars despite her Injury!! Not alot of people let alone celebs would do that!! She looked Beautiful!!

  8. She’s a hell of a woman, she has faced so much in the last four years, she’s so cool and so sweet and I think she looked beautiful and she showed them that no matter what they say she is always going to be there so get over it LOL, yep she’s one bad ass woman who doesn’t let anyone give her shit, I thinks she’s wonderful and a great actress too, all I can say is you go girl!!!!!

  9. Smiling or scowling, she looks beutiful. A smile is not a yard stick to measure a person. It is not how she looks but how you look at her that matters. When you like / love some one, looks never matter.
    I have known quite a few unsmiling people who actually have the kindest of hearts.

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