About Yesterday….

Yesterday I was feeling the need to publicize the fact that not everyone hates Kristen.  As a matter of fact, many people love her deeply—and not just “fans”.  As a result I posted several articles to that affect.  Perhaps I should have made it more clear, what I was doing, but I do want to point out that in most of the cases the dates were on the article.  The article by Kate Spenser was originally published in 2011.  That was posted on the article and the fact that she talked about buying a Halloween costume for her daughter should have been a dead give away that the article was not written in response to The Oscars.

The article by Bruce Edwin was published on February 24, 2011–again, not in response to The Oscars.  But as he mentioned Kristen and was giving advice about not trashing people—especially if you are looking for work in Hollywood, I thought it appropriate.

The article by principesa was a collection of comments made by celebrities that have worked with and know Kristen.  They were not made after The Oscars (to my knowledge), with the exception of the comment by Daniel Radcliff.  I think that her point was that there are numerous well-known and respected people in Hollywood that admire Kristen, her work ethic, and the way she behaves as a human being.

I thought, and still do, that all of these articles had merit and were worth publishing.  Several of the comments that came in seemed to be written under the impression that all of the articles were written in response to the ugliness after The Oscars.  I did not mean to imply that at all.   If that was your impression, then I apologize.  If you would still like to have your comment approved, please send me a quick note and I will be happy to do so.  If you would prefer to have your comment deleted or if you would like to write a new comment, let me know that as well.




8 Responses

  1. On the contrary, I though they were all extremely relevant . Thank you for posting them.

  2. Doing a great job on this blog.

  3. Thanks too.

  4. It doesn’t matter whether it was expressed before or after the Oscars. It is the truth and that is what matters.

  5. man, the hatred towards this girl is unbelievable. they speak as if she offended them personally

    • yes! and they speak as if they know her personally and all the details of her personal life and relationships.

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