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by twilighter

One of the most insightful things I have read in a long time.  This is a must read for anyone who has daughters or who cares about gender equality: See
Kristen Stewart and the infinite sadness: Film actress’s frown turning gender roles upside down by Misty Harris.

Available at http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/Kristen+Stewart+infinite+sadness+Film+actress+frown+turning+gender+roles+upside+down/8047908/story.html

Just an excerpt:

Stewart’s supporters have varyingly described her as an affront to the patriarchy, the victim of sexist double standards, a postmillennial anti-heroine, and as “disrupting gender roles, one blank expression at a time.” The latter remark comes via Vancouver-based blog The Closet Feminist, whose defence of the actress’s Academy Awards appearance has been widely circulated.

“Women are supposed to be a ray of sunshine into everybody’s lives. And if we aren’t, we’re ‘bitches’ or we’re ‘PMS’ing,’” said Emily Yakashiro, the blog’s founder. “(Stewart) does her own thing, and I find it admirable.”

And so do I.


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  1. I love this article! Here’s someone who really understands what’s going on with Stewart and her detractors. I liked the Closet Feminist article Harris links to as well. Thanks for posting this.

  2. If you admit that these pictures are photoshopped, then you should consider the possiblity that this is a publicity stunt and Kristen is in on it.

    • We’ll have that discussion shortly but just because you believe Kristen may have been in on it doesn’t necessarily mean that this was a publicity “stunt”. As the movie’s revenue and the DVD’s sales prove, this thing was going to be a jaugernaut no matter what happened. And as for publicity, Kristen was already one of the most famous people on the planet. She didn’t need a stunt for that, although it certainly didn’t make her less well known.

      No this was about something all together different. And probably tied to why she “disappeared” for more than forty five days.

      • Hinting at a marriage with only his constancy and her Twilight ring still worn would make us as bad as the tabloids in drawing evidence out of thin air. Do you know this to be true? Or is it merely a possibility that fits certain behavior. I want to believe you. Marrted or not I think they still love each other. But this setting ourselves up for a fall is on our head not theirs. I am content just to know that they are happy and alright together or apart.

      • I don’t state things as facts that I can’t prove. But what can be stated as a fact is that both Rob and Kristen disappeared from the face of the planet for better than twenty and forty five days respectively as this whole thing was going on. That’s a fact, despite all the bs that was generated trying to explain where they were. So my question simply is where were they, and if the “scandal” was staged which I believe the evidence shows, why was it staged?

      • Guys, has the truth been staring us in the face all this time? When Rob looks at her it is with a sense of pride and this woman is mine.Her body language with him is as comfortable as if he were her favorite pair of pajamas. Total comfort, total acceptance. Only people who completely belong to each other have that sense of acceptance and total ease in each other’s company.

        Now we come to the hurdle. The ring that she wears on her middle finger is yellow gold. I thought the Twilight rings were white gold. If so then the yellow gold ring with his initials in the palm side are not a keep
        sake from Twilight. Why would a man give a woman a wedding ring if he is not married to her? He went straight back to Kristen after The Rover without even a stopover to see his family in England unless paps are a whole lot less vigilant in England than they are in America.

        I think that they are married and have been since right after Eclipse.
        But how do you explain such damning photos to a fan base of very young people. I think possibly photo shopped or not she thought admitting a bad mistake and repenting it was better than being seen as a liar. Why Sanders followed her example I cannot say except he did see it as vital publicity for him in a marriage already dying.

        Could it be as simple as that? No matter. They seem happy now and I wish them every happiness. I refuse to think about this farther since they are happy with each other I will consider it their business, not mine.

  3. i agree twilighter k is involved but its not about publicity. can’t wait for the new info u have! seriously pining! i still believe k and rob are secreatly married. if they married around july /aug 2012. this summer july will be a year. could their be significance in that. it would be amazing if truth of scandal and robsten marriage came out a year later. if rob and k have been secreatly married for a year. legitmite photographers have gotten pics of them promoting bd2 , doing interviews for bd2 and otr , photoshoots, etc. if papaz found out about marriage 1 year later – they are too late. now, any pic they get and sell of robsten wouldn’t be worth measly much if anything because newly married robsten have been photograph a million times over. ask yourself twilighter , if a papaz found out robsten was married 2 days after they tied the knot and got pics and considering robsten fame right now HOWMUCH MONEY would those pics be worth!!!! i’m guessing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ A LOT!!!!! the first papaz to get a pic of married robsten!!! the tabloids would be salivating for those photos but if robsten keep it secreat, get their privacy to marry and let it come out after a whole year they win!!! the papz lose their chance for the “money shot” as k calls it. they be lucky to get $100 bucks for a year later pics because rob and k have alrealdy been seen together post marriage and robsten make tabs look stupid for believing fake scandal and making up bs stories.

    • If a wedding took place during the days when R and K went silent, then they won. They did their thing and nobody was the wiser…the “scandal” was the bate and all of the shitheads took it.

    • Uh sorry to rain on anyone’s parade but how exactly does Sanders
      figure into this then. I mean if the guy wanted a divorce asking usually works. So….

      • Everyone has always assumed that Rupert’s divorce had something to do with the “momentary indiscretion” or whatever it was with Kristen. What if didn’t? What if it was going to happen regardless. Play around with that idea for a while and see where it takes you.

      • Could Rupert and Liberty have held off on an amicable divorce so they could help a friend out with a fake scandal…distracting the media/paps so Kristen and Rob could run off and get married???? LOL!

        Sounds plausible to me! Now, if only we could get a picture of the four of them out together…toasting or something.

  4. I’m intrigued by the backwards baseball caps. Anyone have a theory?

    • When it is backwards, may be more people get to read what is written at the front. When it is worn in the proper way, most people won’t be able to read it because they will be intent on looking at her face and not at the cap.

      • I could go with that if everyone of them who wore a backwards cap had something to see on the back..errr..front in this case. but that’s not so. Sometimes they are plain.

    • almost smells of a “rebellion” if you will…an uprising against the “establishment”…the establishment being Hollywood’s and the media’s “expected” behavior from this new, young HW generation of actors….It’s not only R/K and friends doing this….

    • On another site someone called ‘facets’ says front facing they cut down on the paparazzi’s field of vision but also the wearers. Backwards the front brim lies along the neck, instant identification to the people in their
      party walking behind them, Adding your name as in Taylor Lautner’s case adds more. Suppose Rob said to Taylor if you two go out make sure you keep Kristen safe and with you at all times. That would account for Taylor looking so serious and watchful in those pics.If there is a new more aggressive paparazzi on the rise then the stars must work with what they have available: good friends and vigilance.

  5. Twilighted57…You are making me giggle here…Me and my compadre of some time discussed all this and more wayyyy back in July. You have gone down paths that are exactly what we were seeing, and thankfully, you have proven what we knew to be true. Agreed 100% on Rupert and the “divorce” Thank you for putting fact to what we figured out.

  6. Here’s another thing to think about Twilighted….
    When solving a puzzle…one must put the pieces in order logically….matching like items together….so, if we logically assess here on a “liability vs asset”…and excuse me a moment if my words sound callous, but if we do that…put things in those two columns…we can find…that all the players in this last summer netted far more assets than liability……

    • What exactly did Sanders net?

      • First of all Sanders got barely a vicious nod…he came out unscathed as the man usually does…I’m not being sexist here, just stating how it is in society…..
        Before Snow White, he had only done commercials and some TV things, along with a short called “Black Hole”.
        So I think we can agree, he was relatively small potatoes…not well known.
        Now he is a “brand” name isn’t he?…..he is.
        He also has two movies to do . A remake of Van Helsing and one called The Juliet.
        Let’s not forget….even bad press in Hollywood is good press..ANY press is good press in HW.
        And think about this…the man has said nothing. Not a word has he? Has there been any “From my point of view”..or “My story”…..about last summer from him? Nope. Nada. Not a word.
        If he was going to set Kristen up to take a bad fall etc, would not he then have given something? His ego would have been flying high would it not? Just something to think about.

  7. Even if the divorce was in the works already, Jean’s question is still valid: why would Sanders agree to put himself on the spot to help out with a plot of this kind? Even if his wife didn’t mind or was in on it, it still makes him look like a jerk to the world at large. Particularly after he issued that smarmy public apology.

    • Badger..but does he look like a jerk to the world at large? I’ve yet to see that. Among the fandom?..perhaps…I could agree to him being raked over some coals..but really…what negative anything has been stuck to him by the world at large? He’s pretty much gone unscathed.
      So, review…what the win win would have been..what the liability is for each and the asset.

      • TMA: True, Sanders got off easy after this scandal. But we can’t judge his involvement based on how it turned out. Sanders wouldn’t have known in advance how it would work out. We have to imagine Sanders, last summer, being asked to pretend to cheat on his wife in public and get photographed doing so. Most people would assume that would have a negative impact on his reputation.

      • I hear what you are saying..and for civilians that would be true. But they live in the land of smoke and mirrors and where any publicity it good publicity….So I still believe that all the players knew and took stock of the assets and liabilities of what they were doing.

      • I believe the worrld at large is not looking at either Kristen or Rupert. It is just the fans and supporters who care about this and as such their opinion counts, no?

      • Well, it would depend on which set of fans right?….there are some stage 5 clingers who feel entitled to every bit of Rob and Kristen’s lives professional and private….there are fans that hate Kristen…there are fans that hate Rob…there are fans….and on and on and on…So, the fans that are really looking…those that are not in the mind frame of “OH…Kristen would never do that to her fans”…..those that can see outside of a box, sit back and take it all in before making a judgment of any kind….are those the fans you are talking about? To be truthful, the ones that believe that they believe that they believe she “did it” and it’s all real…..I don’t know if I’d want those type of fans right?….or the ones that hated my significant other…I know I wouldn’t want those types. It’s quite the high handed fan who “assumes” without looking at all evidence that she did it, and bless his heart Rob took her back…the ones that feel entitled…the ones that assume that Kristen would “choose” them over Rob….
        So….again, which fans?

      • I think “saved her career” may be overstating things. How many very popular Hollywood actors have had full blown affairs, in some cases more than one, and still had continued success in the movies? The reaction to the so-called scandal was horrible, yes; but I’m not so sure it would have put her out of work. She’s an actress, not an archbishop.
        Not that I think she would have taken that risk lightly, if at all. Just saying, she would have been able to keep acting in any case.

      • OH boy I disagree here. The only ones truly bothered by this to the degree of literally crying on a youtube post were intense twilight fans. All those that really count in Hollywood were not “bothered” by this. Hollywood is smoke and lies. Truth be told, a LOT of the Twilight fan base still believe she did this. Her reputation and career was not in jeopardy. There are fans that may have fallen away, but truth be told….what kind of fans were those? The over invested, think they have a right to personal info,hacking accounts type of fan? Well good riddance then I say. The nonstens always hated her. No big there.

        I also believe firmly Rob was “in on it”…”helped plan this”….Listen….Rob and Kristen and Bill Condon and even Reese W. each told us in some form or another that Edward and Bella had been superimposed onto Rob and Kristen for a “story” to be told. They had to play that story out. What we were being “fed” was not the real Rob and Kristen. I am in no way saying they were faking it or they were PR or they whatever…I firmly believe they were, are and will be together and they really are a couple. I am saying, however, that they had a “perfect couple to the public” storyline to complete. You can thank the studio for that one…

        IF you look at all that has happened since last July, you will clearly see that everyone involved IE: studios, people etc….everyone benefited from it. In some way or another, there was an upside for everyone….

    • I don’t know, does the “world at large” really even think about him? They sure as hell paid more attention to him after this scandal than they did before. Any publicity is good publicity when you’re a no one.

    • Right you are. Fishy, isn’t it?

    • rup and kristen never gave apologies. they were fake apology designed by tabloid people magazine to add drama to the story. rup didnt come off bad all the hate went on kristen so what did he lose by helping his friends.

      • Are you saying you think the pictures were staged but the apologies were faked by the tabloids? That’s a scenario I haven’t heard suggested before.

      • The apologies were issued through a source…what do we know about sources???

      • OHk: Let me play devil’s advocate here. Supposedly Stewart’s apology was issued by her publicist. If that’s true, that’s technically a “source,” but it’s a source who is employed by Kristen Stewart to act as her public voice. It was published by People Magazine, and one reason fans accepted the apology as legitimate is that People, although still just a celebrity gossip rag, has a reputation for being factual. Stewart never disclaimed the apology. Under those circumstances, the apology would be extremely credible, even to people who usually assume celebrity news to be false.

      • People is no more factual than any of the others. People’s own editor confessed it wasn’t “Kristen” who gave it…they don’t “know” who really gave it…they were also dead in the water wrong just a few days later with the moving van story.
        Here’s something else. If any parts of this were “true”….and Summit…OH Summit who cares about their employees, why then, did People and US Mag get the only “exclusive” Twilight behind the Scenes from Summit? How did that happen? Esp. since they were the two that “broke” the scandal story…..Uh huh..how bout this: US Weekly and People were “contracted” to run the bullshit.

      • Or played to run the bullshit.

      • thats exactly what i am saying badger! ohk sources exactly. either the tabloids made up fake apologies for drama or kristen and rup had persons leak out those apologies to further their plan. both of these scenarios need to be researched. still those apologies are not real.

      • Agreed!

      • Badger: Uh huh…yes… those apologies are what prevent most people from truly looking at this thing, they just accept that it happened.

        We knew that though, so what are you getting at?

      • OHk: I’m not “getting at” anything specific, in the sense that I have a particular theory I’m promoting. It’s just that it seems to me the public apologies are where this entire thing stands or falls. It would be good to get at some facts about the public statements, instead of letting them ride along on any evidence we have about the pictures – as in, “the pictures were photoshopped, so the apologies MUST be fake” or “the pictures are genuine, so the apologies MUST be real.”

        If the apologies are real, the scandal story can’t be fake, or at least not entirely fake. (I mean fake as in manufactured by the tabloids.) But we don’t have any really solid evidence either way. On the face of it, the published apologies seem solid. They convinced people because they’re, well, convincing! I suppose I was encouraging people not to dismiss that reality.

        TellMeAnother makes a good point about the “scandal” magazines getting exclusive rights to Twilight material, but it’s still very circumstantial. The two magazines may have been chosen simply because they’re popular major publications, or because they were the highest bidders.
        If there is actually a reliable statement from a People editor saying the apologies came not from Stewart’s publicist, but from an unknown source or another publication, that’s serious evidence. But does such a statement really exist?

        I’m not trying to start a fight; I’m just looking for the facts like everybody else here.

      • Tell me is not entirely correct regarding the “exclusive rights” issue. OK Mag and a couple others obviously had material for their Twilight wrap up special editions. That was really more a matter of who was willing to pay what they needed to pay to get rights to the materials.

        And as to the apologies, I am not arguing that since the photos are staged and photoshopped therefore the apologies must be fake. Although by definition that would seem to be the case. Its hard to imagine the photos being staged without the cheating scandal it self being faked. But quite the contrary, there is plenty to call into question the authenticity of the statements independent of what’s going on with the photos. As I have argued, People Magazine has utterly failed to disclose who made them (Kristen herself, or someone on her behalf, or by a source), how they were made (oral or written), or the circumstances of how they received them (in person, via a call, a fax, an email, or from an anonymous tip). And one of their own employee’s tweets suggests that the statements came from an unknown source.

        Not to play lawyer word games with you, but the apologies may be very real (that is they were made) but that doesn’t make them genuine or authentic, that is truthful. We run into this problem all the time in dealing with confessions in criminal cases. The first issue is did the person actually make the confession. The second issue, and the more important one, is even if they made it, were the telling the truth about what they did.

        And actually I’d turn your point around significantly. Given the questions surrounding the pictures, the only thing that holds this thing together is the confessions. Absent an affirmative indication that they came from Kristen’s mouth or from her publicist, we don’t even get to the question of whether they were authentic or truthful. And even if they were, if they were lies intended to further a ruse, then they clearly don’t support the notion of an actual scandalous event having occurred.

      • Agreed, and perhaps I could have worded “exclusive” better…I was not aware that other mags ran those big “Twilight Saga” issues at the same time US and People did.
        If we look at the apologies, we can see by the wording that there is no “I’m sorry” for “cheating”..for “kissing” ..for “being with” at all.
        It’ quite an ambiguous statement on both Kristen and Rupert’s parts …and if you look at the sentence structure…esp. at Kristen’s…she’s not apologizing to Rob in that…she’s apologizing to the public.
        She may have been in on the concocting of said apology, but I do not believe she delivered it, nor did it mean what the public at large took it to mean.

      • As much as many take from the the apology that they want to say is hers, it is perhaps the most oddly worded apology imaginable. And still to this day why she made makes absolutely no sense. Some have tried to argue that she went public because Rob wouldn’t talk to her. But to reach him through People Magazine is an absolutely ridiculous argument. And if it is an apology to the public, it is even more ridiculous.

      • Twilighted: Agreed. It is oddly worded…and she and Rob have never given statements..and to choose People Magazine? That I think is the oddest thing of all don’t you? To make a public statement to People Magazine..odd.

        I don’t now, nor did back then believe that the “apology” came from her..was for what people think it is. I’m not buying it.

        It is almost as if that apology was put out there to calm the lynch mob…that apology was worded to be for the public, not to Rob.

      • There is little question that it was for the public’s consumption. The idea that it was a feeble attempt to reach to Rob who was purportedly not talking to her is ridiculous at best and insulting to our intelligence at worst.

      • I agree that Stewart’s apology was kind of bizarre in many ways, but apologizing publicly to “everyone this has affected” for any “hurt and embarrassment” she may have caused is not completely unreasonable. If she’d left it at that, it would be a lot easier to understand.

      • But she didn’t and it still raises the issue of why did she do it at all?

      • I think we can all at least agree that the idea of her using it to contact Pattinson is ridiculous.

        The only really plausible explanation I’ve ever read was from a female journalist who said Stewart did it not for PR or spin or to send a message to her boyfriend, but “because she wanted to.” She felt badly about what she’d done and who she’d hurt, and her first impulse was to confess openly and apologize, simple as that. The writer said the awkward wording was what you might expect of an unscripted, spontaneous apology from a distraught 22-year-old girl. Again, not necessarily true, but still the most rational take on it I’ve heard from the media so far.

      • Twilighted…here’s something that made me giggle.
        The other nite, we watched ARGO here at home.
        It was a great movie. Little deviation from the true events as I remember them, but a great movie nonetheless.

        The point though, is that John Goodman’s character is helping Ben Affleck’s with the ruse that a movie company wants to film in Iran, thus ARGO….the sci fi fic movie.

        Now, John G’s character flat out states that if they want to make this believable, they are going to have to go all out for it, and they do. They rent office space, make business cards, make movie posters, hire a director to help them, do press releases, have script readings…hell, they had an actual script of a no name that wasn’t selling elsewhere….it fit what they wanted.

        ANYHEW….John’s character looks at Ben Affleck’s before this whole thing finalizes and Ben’s off to Iran to get the 6 out. He looks at Ben and says this: (I paraphrased here…) “The fastest way to sell a lie is to get the media to do it for you”.

        That sentence made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
        I looked at my hubs and asked did he hear that. Hubs is up to date on my feelings about this whole thing and he laughed. Then winked at me and said “Yup”.

        Now this hit home so much, because that is exactly what the CIA and a very tiny portion of Hollywood did here with ARGO. Only those players intimately involved in the lie knew it was a lie. No one else did…No one.

        Again, the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up.

        I am not in anyway saying the CIA had a part in this, please NO ONE mistake what I’m saying…
        I’m saying….
        For a lie to be sold fast and hard…..your group of players gets the media to do it for them. Period.

      • I haven’t had time yet to see Argo but its on my to-see list. Spending too much time on this blog! 🙂 But thanks for sharing. And I think you have made a very astute observation. Much of the modern underpinnings of the PR business these days is figuring out how to get the “media” to sell what you want to sell without having to pay for it. And today’s media is entirely different from what is was even five years ago. 24/7, high tech based, faceless tweets, posts, and blog comments. It’s amazing how much it is possible for a single person or a small group to reach out to so many.

        Just for example, this site in less than six months is able to reach over 120,000 page views, and receive more than 2000 posted comments. And we are just amateurs at it.

        And Summit Entertainment managed to make more than 800 millions dollars off a film with hardly spending a dime to promote it. How? By letting the media do their promotions for them. It is not surprising that they did not try and throw a roadblock in front of The Grand Punk. It probably saved the 30-50 million and likely made them 150 million more than they would have. Not bad for doing virtually at all.

      • Oh bingo…a “win” for all players involved.

      • And we can also remember that Kristen and Rob don’t “give statements”…..why would she this time?..”Oh..cause this time it’s HUGE and that’s why”?…nope…not buying it. Her private life has always been what she kept close to her chest…extremely private. So in addition to the apology, someone who is so privately private….she would never conduct herself in public the way those pictures show……if it were not “acting”….


      • Badger: I get where you’re coming from. Those apologies solidify things for many people. If it weren’t for the apologies, I think many would believe it was staged. So in my mind, because I just can’t get past the fact that those pictures are photoshopped, I begin to wonder if the people involved don’t want the ruse to be revealed? The apologies were designed to end that train of thought. In all of the discussions I’ve had over this, it always comes back to those damn apologies. We know that tabs throw out the word “sources” to try and legitimize the story they are pushing. Would they do the same by using the word “publicist”? “Publicist” having more credibility than “source”? I suppose they could easily say that because they didn’t name any specific “publicist”…it’s vague. But you are right, people automatically bought the apologies because it was the “publicist” who issued it. It is the obstacle in this whole thing, the apology. So here’s where my mind is… we know that Rob and Kristen never speak of their private lives, we know that neither have ever confirmed or denied their relationship, we know that the pictures are obviously messed with, we know the apologies came from “sources”. So in my mind, I think the apologies were used to further the ruse. I wonder if they don’t want the truth to come out…just let it play out.

        Something else I always come back to that causes doubt in my mind is Kristen’s cast mates in Snow White,what about them? This movie wasn’t just about her, they put a lot of time and energy into the film too and this scandal kind of put a dark cloud over it all. It didn’t do any favors for them, Did it hurt them or the movie? Did it tarnish their careers in any way, making this movie they worked so hard on, a joke? IDK.

        Just healthy discussion here. I didn’t think you were starting anything, I was just curious as to what you were thinking. We are thinking all of the same things. It’s cool.;)

      • Twilighter and TMA, yes, those apologies are so very odd. This whole thing is so odd.

        Maybe they were surprised by the reaction to the pics and thought the apologies would calm the waters? Maybe the players realized that the photoshopping sucked and they thought the apologies would distract people from noticing?

      • I think there is little question that the primary purpose of the “apology” was to distract people from carefully considering the photos. And it came fast on the heels of the photos being released. And remember what was going on at the time. A furious reaction from the fandom and an fast rising assault on the genuineness of the photos. Which the apology completely shut down.

      • “A furious reaction from the fandom and an fast rising assault on the genuineness of the photos. Which the apology completely shut down.”
        Right. Whether or not that was the intention, it certainly had that effect. The photos were rejected as fake, and once the apologies were published, overnight the scandal seemed to become largely accepted as real. Understandably, I suppose.
        Speaking of the TWO apologies, if Kristen Stewart’s was peculiar, Rupert Sanders’ is even more inexplicable and pointless. He doesn’t even apologize to the public or to people he may have harmed; just offers People Magazine a description of his personal feelings about his wife and children. Why?

      • Exactly. Its only importance is to further confirm underscore Kristen’s. They both admitted it, so it must be true. Yeah right.

      • The fact that People had exclusive rights to the “Collector’s Special” and the apologies seem to be more than a coincidence. Who negotiated the collector’s edition? I think we have already discussed that there are no coincidence’s. Common sense tells me it would have been Summit that negotiated that deal? Having both the apologies and the final collector’s edition makes People look more credibal. That leads me to believe that Summit had the most to gain if they gave the apologies to People. It could have really upped the ante?

  8. If this is true??? Kristen pre apologizes for her “momentary indiscretion” to her fans. As for Rupert and Liberty, they have gained more than they have lost if the marriage was already over.
    I kind of like it! It’s kind of far fetched but I would love to see them show the world how wrong the tabloids are. It’s risky for their fan base, but I think true fans would applaud them. In my humble opinion.
    After all they haven’t named a director for SWATH 2?
    I don’t think any of the studio’s would be very happy about the prank. They have had to do a lot of damage control, but they have made millions on the real life romance of R/K…..

  9. One has to assume that this entire thing does not stand or fall depending on the authenticity of the apologies but on Kristen’s past records and the belief that she would never do such a thing for real.
    But how can we prove that the incident did not happen or if it happened, it was simply staged, with the evidences unearthed so far?

    • “…but on Kristen’s past records and the belief that she would never do such a thing for real.”
      No, I have to strongly disagree with that. As a few commenters have said before, we can’t let our opposition to the way Stewart was attacked by the media and the public depend entirely on her being “pure.” The way she was vilified is not justified by anything that can be seen in these pictures, even if they were 100% accurate representations of real events.
      Furthermore, we don’t actually know Kristen Stewart. We might come to some conclusions about her personality based on public appearances, but that’s not the same as knowing someone personally and having real insight into what they might or might not do in a given set of circumstances. Apart from which, even if the story were completely true, we wouldn’t know what those circumstances were. We would have no idea of the context in which this supposed meeting with Sanders took place. We would only have the suggestive description by the photo agency, which is virtually worthless.
      It’s certainly not uncommon for a young woman to make an error in judgment and find herself kissing the wrong man. It doesn’t necessarily make her a bad or reckless or disloyal person in general. I think it would be a big mistake to only defend Kristen Stewart if we know or believe she’s never made such a mistake. Even if the story is completely made up, there will be other young people who make similar mistakes for real, and I don’t want to see them face the kind of vicious public shunning Stewart went through.

      • *ahem*

      • I find it truly amazing how much hyperbole is associated with everything Twilight. Some of Kristen’s fans reject the notion of her even being capable of cheating on Rob because they enjoy an idealic, fairy tale, till death-do-us-part, kind of love that is epic in proportions. Similarly, some of Rob’s fans overlook the gravity of the purported highly public humiliation that he suffered, and yet conclude that their reconciliation occurred because his love her is so true and epic and that he is a paragon of forgiveness, blah, blah, blah.

        I am not in either of these camps. Is Kristen incapable of cheating? Hell, I don’t know. I don’t know her, and even if I did, who knows what she is capable of. And as for Rob, is he the most understanding boyfriend on the face the planet? I don’t know him either and I really can’t say. I suspect that given all that we know, they are probably just like everyone else, just trying to make it through this life with a little bit of happiness.

        But what I do know is that even if Kristen is capable of cheating, the evidence supporting this so-called cheating scandal sure doesn’t support the notion that she cheated this time. Any more than it supports the notion that Rob forgave her for cheating.

      • People who are fans of either or both of these young people, but who romanticize them beyond the reach of reality, do them no service. It’s part of what allows people to believe crazy stories about them, and to be intolerant of any sign of imperfection in their relationship.
        I’ve read comments from some very distressed fans because Stewart told Pattinson, on camera, to “shut the f*** up” during a group interview. They speculated that this was a sign the relationship was going sour, that there must be a great deal of hostility between them, etc. etc. Because it took place in mid-July, it was related to the “cheating” issue. There was so much fuss about it, I looked up the video. What I saw was the couple acting like any other normally affectionate couple, among other things playfully insulting each other, like normal young couples do. The “shut up” was done laughingly. But some fans can’t tolerate that kind of average behaviour from a couple who are supposed to live out Romeo & Juliet for them.

        I admire them as actors, and for the way they’ve dealt gracefully with an insanely stressful life in the public eye, but I don’t know them as human beings, and I certainly don’t know anything about the nature of their relationship. I do know that neither one of them is perfect.

      • The reason I became a fan of these two was because of their imperfections. I get a kick out of watching them, they stand out without even trying. They are an anomaly, leaving everyone in Hollywood scratching their heads. Hollywood stars are supposed to be untouchable and perfect, how dare Rob and Kristen break from the mold! LOL! They are refreshing and relatable…and real. Rebels through and through.

      • I agree. I enjoy Pattinson’s deliberately weird answers used to deflect inappropriate questions.
        As for Kristen Stewart, although I generally don’t like or care about movie stars, it cheers me up every time I see her walking a red carpet in an evening gown and basketball shoes, maintaining a stoic expression as she totally ignores the photographers yelling at her to SMILE! SMILE! and calling the tuxedoed celebrity commentator “Dude.” She refuses to let anyone tell her who she is or how she should be. I consider her one of the few positive role models young women have.

      • Agreed OHk….agreed.!

      • Yes. It is not just a matter of what Kristen did or did not do.
        In my earnest opinion, no human being deserves to be treated in this way for some thing which to this day no one could prove.
        Even if it is proved that she cheated for real, none of us have the right to criticise her, or any one else in that position for that matter.
        Any one is free to criticise her performance as an actress. But her personal life is strictly out of bounds to fans/supporters.
        Some people have the wrong notion that since she issued a public apology, the public have a right to throw mud at her. This attitude must be corrected.
        When a person apologises for some thing, we can accept or reject the apology. It should end there. We have no right to re-open the case. Her welfare is not in our hands. She has a family and friends who can take care of that. From what I have observed they are more than capable of doing that.

      • I absolutely agree.

      • Badger,
        I am glad that you and T57 gave the answer I expected to hear from you. Of course, you had expressed your opinion concerning the “purity” issue before also. It is a good thing that T57 reacted to my comment.
        If every one approached this particular scandal with the open mindedness you two have shown, things will become a lot easier.
        The reason why the situation went from bad to worse could be due to the reluctance to look at it with an impartial mind.
        Most of the fans who loved Kristen had a mind set which made them adamant in their belief that she will never cheat on Rob. So any one who even remotely suggeted that there is a possibility, was looked up on as a hater or anti-Kristen.
        The ones who never liked Kristen found this to be a god sent opportunity to bash her and her supporters.
        During the first few weeks, It was like trying to cross the road during the rush hours while the traffic was on. One will be lucky not to get hit.
        Both sides did not pause to consider the fact that this is eaxctly what the tabs were aiming for. The people who were trying to point out this were also bashed at times by both parties forcing them to beat a hasty retreat.
        Even yesterday on this site, I saw some one arguing, challenging and threatening Sue and T57. A prime example of a preset mind. Both T57 and Sue were trying to explain the point patiently and reasonably. Single track mind as usual. That too after reading (?) TGP and the related comments!!

      • You’re right, it was the tabloids who benefitted most from all the insane conflict. It’s impossible to get at the truth in these situations, even for those few who are interested in the truth.
        I don’t hate Kristen Stewart, I admire her as an actress, and I think she was kicked around like a football by the gossip media, but in all honesty, I have no idea whether she is likely or not to cheat on a boyfriend. I don’t know her. I don’t know anything about her and Pattinson’s relationship. They may have an open relationship; they may be friends with benefits; they may intend to marry or already be married, for all I know. When I say I’m suspicious of the Us Weekly story, it’s not because she “wouldn’t do something like that” or because she was in love, and therefore couldn’t possibly ever slip up and kiss another guy. That’s romantic fiction, not reality. I suspect the story because, among other things, the story isn’t backed up by the photographs; the photographs don’t always make sense; and finally, because it’s from a tabloid, and the likelihood of a story like this being presented without at least some distortion is virtually nil.
        It doesn’t matter if Kristen Stewart would never look twice at another man, if she believed in unlimited sexual expression, or if she was just a mostly good girl who had a lapse. It doesn’t matter. Nobody deserves to be lied about in the press; and nobody deserves the insane, judgmental abuse she was subjected to by the tabloids and members of the public.

    • its proved false by just using common sense!

      • Regret to say, that is exactly what is lacking in people when you look at the reaction this so called scandal generated. The sense has become uncommon.

  10. TMA, On the backwards cap – I thought we were talking about Kristen here. She usually has some thing written on it – like the recent Us vs. Them.

    • Valsan, I think we were talking about the group as a whole wearing them. It seems more than a fashion statement…almost like a “solidarity” thing amongst them….I don’t know that that is what it is…it just seems like it….

      • Yes, everyone pictured with Kristen has on a backwards hat…even Taylor. This is not simply a coincidence, it’s a message of some sort.

      • As I have stated before, just like Jason Bourne, “they don’t do random”, everything has a purpose. There are very few coincidences in any of this. That’s the one thing that has proven to be the case for years.

      • Can’t rule out the possibility. In fact one has to expect the unexpected from this girl and her friends.

  11. Logically, FameFlyNet, Us Weekly, and even other tabloids in general would have a solid motive to distribute these apologies, since it would (and did) shore up the scandal story very effectively. I can see how Teresa might have arrived at her theory, that the scandal was staged but the apologies manufactured by the tabloids. It seems a little reckless to me, in terms of risking lawsuits and such, but I don’t know how these people think.

    • Badger,
      What if they also have known from the beginning that the pictures were staged? Then they would also know for sure that Kristen and her team would not react because it would defeat the real purpose. So they got the licence to publish further lies.
      Even though they are publishing stupid stories every day, they
      themselves can’t be that stupid. In actual fact the majority of the viewers /readers are to be rated as stupid for reading and believing . those articles.
      The sad part is, most people realise it is stupidity. But it is an addiction they can’t get rid of.
      To this day, I have not heard of any fan threatening to take them to the court for what they are doing to Kristen.
      They could have been “contracted” as Teresa said or they might have been “played” as T57 mentioned. They could also have been playing along willigly and knowingly.
      When a lay man like me could sense some thing was “off” with the photos can I expect them not to know?

      • Valsan: That’s an interesting idea. It’s worth thinking about what the tabloids might have assumed when they were first presented with these pictures. Apart from the dollar signs that danced in their heads.

        Yes, a lot of people’s immediate reactions to those pictures was that they were fakes of some kind. It’s fair to assume some tabloid people would have wondered as well. However, I really doubt any of them would have suspected that the pictures were deliberately staged by the subjects. It would never have occurred to them. More likely, they suspected the pictures were manufactured but published them anyway, knowing they could always cover themselves by claiming they received the pictures from a source they thought to be reliable. However, that situation would give them less freedom to submit a fake apology with impunity.

        Or there’s the other explanation, one I’ve mentioned many times. Stewart and Sanders were actually photographed, producing a small handful of images that were indiscreet but hardly lewd – not quite what a tabloid would hope for. Us Weekly doctored the photos to seem more suggestive, then added a fake photographer’s narrative that offered a salacious interpretation and hinted at lots of other action that, for some reason, wasn’t captured in any photographs. NOW they’ve got a real scandal story!
        The thing is, there was an actual indiscretion of some kind to begin with. That leads to two possibilities:
        1) If the tabloids planted fake apologies, just as in your scenario the subjects would not be in a position to object; or
        2) The apologies were genuine, even though the indiscretion may have been far less than the pictures seemed to demonstrate.

      • Badger:
        I think you are you are absolutely right about the flexibility that FFN and US Magazine had when they were first presented with these pictures. And that their first concern was the dollar signs floating in their heads and a concern that they would potentially be scooped on the story. If Kristen and Rupert were being so obvious out in public, it stood to reason that they might get “caught” again by someone else who could beat them to the story, and that the value of US Magazine’s scoop would be seriously diminished.

        Even if they had some doubts about the pictures, all US Magazine needed was some cover, anything. So I am sure their first reaction, probably based on advice from their legal team, was to try to catch them again. And hence the outburst of Kristen being stalked all over LA from July 18-22. But of course that was a bust. So that next step would be to confront Kristen’s team with a warning that publication was coming and asking for a statement. If the reaction had been “we will sue your ass off”, they may have paused. But if the reaction was “please don’t publish them, or as I suspect (better in terms of the punk), neither confirm or deny or to no comment it, US Magazine would have interpreted that as a sign of weakness and figured it was worth the risk.

        Remember, Kristen was a public figure, and under NY Times v. Sullivan, and its progeny, they cannot be held liable in a “false light” invasion of privacy case or a libel case unless the plaintiffs can prove they published with knowledge the photos were fake or did so with “reckless disregard of the truth.” Their legal position in additionally fabricating a false confession and feeding it to People would have put them in an even more precarious legal position. In a lawsuit the plaintiffs, here Kristen and Rupert, could force them to disclose their sources and how they came into possession of the photographs in question. And how they perceived that “evidence” when they saw it. People as a co-defendant could have been forced to disclose how the got the confessions, from whom, and under what circumstances.

        The path was somewhat easier for People. Your scenario under number 1 above is assuming that the confessions were fabricated. So someone drops the confessions on People. Most likely by way of an unnamed source just like we suspect. But again People’s legal advisors would play it safe and rely on two things for cover. They undoubtedly by that point were talking to US Magazine. So they thought that an “indiscretion had occurred” (the statement said as much) and that US Magazine was about to publish pictures. So the safest legal course was to contact Kristen’s representative to confirm the confessions. If they were met with the “no comment” or “neither confirm or deny” they had a additional point of cover. And they were also under the gun because they also ran the risk the “confessions” would be scooped by someone else.

        Now to get to your additional explanation that a minor indiscretion occurred and that the tabloids fabricated and/or planted the confessions because the subjects would not be in a position to object, or that the apologies were genuine but the indiscretion was far less serious than the pictures suggest. We are once again channeling, because in Part 13 of the Grand Punk I am going to describe four additional scenarios, one of which is what I call Scenario 2a:The Momentary Indiscretion Sensationalized.[Editor’s note: two others are Scenario 8a: Summit Entertainment As Darth Vader and Scenario 9a: The Staged Breakup Gone Awry].

        Just as you describe, 2a is based on the notion that a minor indiscretion happened and that it was blown up or blown out of proportion by the celebrity gossip machine with the added twist of a falsified or genuine confession. As I said earlier, fabricating a confession would have put US Magazine in a more tenuous legal position. It is much more likely that the confession was “dropped” on People. People had all the cover they needed to go to print based on the impending photos and the non-repudiated confessions. And maybe, just maybe, the confessions as you point out in #2 above were actually genuine but to a much less significant incident than has been portrayed. Which will lead me to the final new scenario in Part 13, Scenario 10: The Momentary Indiscretion PR Nightmare. Its a wild one but I couldn’t resist. But as you will see most of them do not and the end of the day stack up very well with the provable evidence. And before we are done, we will lay many of the scenarios to rest.

        I have to say that it is gratifying to see the level of analysis and the conversation that is appearing at this site as everyone tries to get a little closer to truth of this so-called scandal. And I applaud all of you for those efforts. I have intentionally remained quiet after putting out Part 12 out and have marveled at how you have used it and your own contributions to further the discussion. But, as the author of the Punk, I am going reassert control over your televisions soon and return you to the Twilight Zone.[Sorry, I am child of the late 50’s and couldn’t resist :)]. Part 13 is coming soon, so make sure you have Part 12 out of your system!


      • “dropped it on People”….ah….matches with this quite well, and still sticks out to me like a red flag ..esp. now…
        “you wanna sell a lie?..get the media to do it for you”…..interesting.

      • Twilighter: Thanks for the clarifications, especially on the legal aspects.

        #13 sounds very intriguing. I’m looking forward to it.

      • References in the comments to “letting the media do your work for you” made me think of another possible scenario. I guess you would call it 6a. A decision is made to stage a scandal, but instead of bringing in a photographer and arranging to transfer the pictures to the tabloids or to FFN, Stewart just waits until she’s fairly sure she’s being followed by paparazzi, meets up with Sanders, and puts on a show for them. They wouldn’t have to bring in outsiders, or even insiders if they didn’t want to, and it would all be taken care of for them without any evidence that they were behind it.
        I’m not making any arguments as to its likelihood, and I can see some flaws in the idea; but it would certainly be a lot less trouble.

      • I guess you could consider this a 6a but its has much less explanatory power than my 6 and some significant weaknesses:

        1. Kristen has to convince them w/o being to obvious to follow her. What if they don’t take the bait.
        2. Once they get to Centilena, how do the photogs get into position to take the car make out photos. Remember from Part 10, they are inside the lot. How would they be daring enough to get there if they followed her in.
        3. How do they get that close to her at the guard rail. Remember from early in Part 11, those shots are at close range shoulder level, aligned from the end of the guard rail. They would have had to be pretty brazen to walk up that close.
        4 How about the same old age problem of why not more pictures. If the paparazzi controlled taking the photographs, there should have been many, many more.
        4. And if they were in control, how would Kristen And Rupert know they had “given” them enough to call it to a close.
        5. And again, if they were in control, and Kristen and Rupert were putting on a show, why the non-salacious photoshopping clues. The sidview, rearview, and back window reflection alterations. Under your version they would have had to be added by the papparazzi or the tabloids. But why? What interest of theirs is served by that?
        6. Last but not least, once they decided to stage a scandal, pulling it off successfully was dependent on maintaining tight control of the situation. Counting on the paparazzi to do their work for them would have introduced a wild card into the equation. It actually would have increased the risk of detection, spoiling the ruse.

        I’m just not seeing this one.

      • Tw57: From what you said about most of the new theories not stacking up, I thought you were looking for any possible scenarios, good or bad. My mistake. You’re right, that one has a lot of holes in it.

      • Don’t get me wrong, suggesting possibilities is certainly OK. But we have been at this for quite some time so unless a new one comes with some improved explanatory power, its best to identify the pitfalls and move on if it doesn’t cut it. I really think we are down to a couple possibilities at this point. So bring flowers and your hanky, we are going to lay many of them to rest.

      • the angle the photo’s were taken at suggests to me at least….that the pap/photog peep was out in the open and she saw him/her…and he/her saw Kristen….this would make any paparazzi raise a red flag on their horizon I think…maybe you are right though..and they didn’t care what Kristen’s motivation was, just that they were getting the shot…

        but I think..given Kristen’s propensity to be private, if the pap was aware that Kristen knew he was there, because he was out in the open, easy to see, then this had to be a “you take these now” and not a pap feeling lucky he got the shot.

      • You have stated much more clearly what I inartfully tried in part to articulate. Bravo.

    • The fact that People had exclusive rights to the “Collector’s Special” and the apologies seem to be more than a coincidence. Who negotiated the collector’s edition? I think we have already discussed that there are no coincidence’s. Common sense tells me it would have been Summit that negotiated that deal? Having both the apologies and the final collector’s edition makes People look more credibal. That leads me to believe that Summit had the most to gain if they gave the apologies to People. It could have really upped the ante?

      • Only problem is US Mag and OK had collectors issues as well, and I think some more did as well. I think that was just dollars and cents for Summit.

  12. Twilighter, you are a tease! Out with it already!!! LOL!

    • Not trying to tease. Remember, part-timer. And I edit endlessly because you know we are swimming up stream with this.

      • I’m just pulling your leg! LOL! I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into this, I can be patient. 😉

      • I know I was just pulling it back.

      • I still can’t get the interview with Kristen and Rupert out of my head. Kristen was swaying side to side. I have seen her do this in several interviews with Rob. With that said, it could be that she was nervous about the interview itself. If not, that would lead to the theory that there may have been a ” small” indiscretion. Maybe?
        I have a feeling Summit could be responsible for the so called confession? Something seems off with how they have handled this.
        I agree that the lack of comment from the SWATH cast is also a mystery.
        I don’t buy for a second that US Magazine didn’t know the pictures had problems. They have a legal team. I’m sure they have a number of photographer’s at their disposal. Any one of them would notice at least a couple of mistakes.
        The biggest clue that all four were involved is the time they were missing. Kristen and Rob’s is the most significant to me.
        This leaves me with the conclusion that Kristen and Rob banked on their most loyal fans would see through the BS. They wouldn’t do this if they thought this would end their career’s. Kristen had to have known it would get ugly. She has said on multiple occasions that she could get killed by a Crazy Twilight fan.
        This answer could be as simple as Kristen, Rob and ALL of the other people that have known about this wanted to send a LOUD message to their fans that the stories they are being fed are lies the majority of the time. It also sends a loud message to the papz and the tabloid industry that they aren’t the only ones that can play their game. All of the videos showing Rob and Kristen’s treatment by the papz is enough of a motive to explain why they felt they needed to take a stand. How many people would boo them if the simply complained about their treatment?
        What better way to send a message. It wouldn’t just be the two of them sending it. Who knows how many actors are in the “know?” Think about all of the movies they have promoted during the middle of this. SWATH had just ended but the DVD hadn’t been released. OTR, Cosmopolis, and Breaking Dawn 2. I think Bel Ami fits in somewhere. Plus they have worked with a lot of A list actors during this time frame. If any one of them didn’t know or agree, you would think one of them would have said something to defend their own movie. They have also had support from actors they haven’t worked with.
        If anyone had a reason to speak out it is Liberty. She hasn’t.
        I still like the movie theory but I think that might be too far fetched.
        I can’t wait for #13 Twilighted57. You’ve done a great job with this and given all of us a sane place to put our thoughts down. Thanks again!

      • Jennie: About that interview with Kristen and Rupert: I guess you mean the one with Australian TV, with the two of them sitting side by side? I’m pretty sure you’re reading things into it. Have you seen the other half of the interview, in which Kristen Stewart is interviewed alongside Chris Hemsworth? She does the same side-to-side swaying thing, the same nervous gestures, the same mannerisms, as when she was interviewed with Rupert. I don’t think it means anything either way.

  13. I have tried to find the original interview with Kristen and Rupert during the press junket for SWATH. The only one I found wouldn’t open. There is a small portion of that interview on youtube under Cute and Funny moments with Kristen Stewart (Part 31) at 1:38 min.
    After this scandal came out in July, I tried to find anything that would show some kind of chemistry between the two of them. This interview is the only item I found. After watching it knowing what I now know, I really think it is a nervous reaction on Kristen’s part.
    I’m only putting this info on here because I have brought it up several times. I just want to be clear that I am not a body language expert. To assume this means something would be guessing on my part! Rupert is complimenting Kristen so I am going to chalk it up to nerves!

    • Do you mean this one?

      The parallel interview with Chris Hemsworth:

    • People Seriously under estimate Rob and Kristen and their teams…
      They may portray themselves as goofy, and may at times be, but their minds are extremely intelligent. Nick has been with Rob since his Harry Potter days….that should say something.

      These two aren’t your average Mayberry set of kids….no offense against anyone in a Mayberry type neighborhood…LOL..I’m just saying take a step back and look at these kids through outsiders eyes, instead of automatically placing them in a category because they “appear” to be young and immature.

    • I suppose it’s possible there was professional assistance. If Twilighter’s theory is correct, we still have no idea who might have been included in the project.
      I’m reminded of a gossip columnist someone referred me to. A week or so after the photos first appeared, she commented on how inexplicably stupidly Stewart’s PR team were managing her image in the aftermath of the scandal. She said they’d consistently done almost the worst possible thing in terms of damage control; that a public apology in this case is a terrible idea; and they seemed to just be making the scandal more believable instead of less so. This was someone who believed the entire thing was true, or possibly worse than described by Us Weekly. Agents and publicists seemed to be trying to downplay the scandal, but I suppose they could have been simply playing their part.

  14. Badger,
    I agree. I haven’t looked at that interview for many months. Last night I found a portion of it. Last July I was trying to find anything that showed the two of them flirting. Anything that would suggest they had feelings for each other…. That interview was the ONLY thing I could find. I left it alone because it didn’t convince me of anything!
    When I looked at the small portion last night, I laughed at myself! Sorry to waste your time with my two comments about it.
    It is telling that there is nothing that shows any chemistry between the two of them. Looking at the video crossed out a small indiscretion for me.
    Sorry I wasted your time!
    The one thing I noticed during Kristen’s interviews for SWATH is her confidence. She seemed very comfortable with herself in almost all of her interviews. It’s a delight to see!

    • Jennie: She does seem very comfortable and confident in the interviews. I think she usually does when she’s talking about her work.

      I don’t think it’s a waste of time, since videos like these have been used to “prove” that there was something going on between Sanders and Stewart. I don’t know if it’s really “telling” that there appears to be nothing between them. I don’t think you can read a lack of chemistry into these promotional videos, any more than you can interpret an affair from minute details of body language, as some try to do.
      On the one hand, if you look at photos and videos of Stewart with her past directors, you’ll see that she tends to be very affectionate with them, and is often seen hugging them or “flirting” with them – what tabloids would call “flirting” in other situations, that is. It doesn’t mean anything more than professional camaraderie and maybe friendship.
      On the other hand, if there really was something going on during SWATH promotions, I think they would be able to conceal that fact for the duration of a public interview. Anything that might come across in the form of nervousness or whatever, could just as easily be from other causes. Some tabloids have taken Stewart’s playful attitude during the interview as a sign that she and Sanders were involved. If anything, it would suggest to me that she’s relaxed around him because she’s not trying to cover anything up – but again, that’s not really evidence, just my impression.
      As you can see from other videos, she acted much the same way with her fellow actors, male and female.

  15. Thank you Badger. Once again I will say that it only stuck out because I was looking for something to make since about the”scandal.” It’s kind of sad that’s the only thing that stuck out. I will admit at the time I only watched Rupert and Kristen. If I would have bothered to look at both interviews nothing would have stood out in the first place.
    I have learned a lot about looking at details and not assuming anything since coming to this site.
    I am happy and satisfied that I can completely eliminate that interview from my mind in regards to this discussion. You may laugh at me now! I am!! But thanks for uploading them. My laptop is broken and for whatever reason my iPad wouldn’t open that interview? Thank you!
    I guess I am left with my two possible theories.
    1. Showing the fans what the tabloid and papz are really feeding them. A bunch of lies based off anything. Even if it is obviously tampered with or fake. I believe they are doing this for all of their fellow actors, not just themselves.
    A. They either had a great vacation with no one following them… Or
    B. They got married with no media craze and had a nice honeymoon without being harassed the entire time.
    2. Making a movie, showing how they played the same game that is made out of their personal lives on the paps and the ugly gossip hags. They are a danger to Rob and Kristen’s safety and personal well being.

    That’s all I’ve got? I can’t wait to see what else comes out. There are some great minds on this site!

    • Your last setntence: Yes, I agree. That’s why I spent a lot of time reading and enjoying the intelligent ideas and thoughts put forward by them.
      But, I am not sure the comments of Badger gives you the choice to completely eliminate that interview or any other inteviews for that matter from your mind.
      For one thing, she is an accomplished actress who is capable of letting you see only what she wants you to see. And she very well knows that the fans, haters and other supporters will be watching her every move intently – even before this scandal. So you can never be sure of the truth simply by looking at her body language or what ever. As Badger rightly said they can easily cover up during interviews.

      For example we see many many photos of celebrities smiling and waving at the cameras. Can we be hundred percent sure that they are smiling and waving because they are happy to be photographed?
      Most of them will be cursing under their breath. Simply because they know they are helpless. Reacting could create more problems.

      More often than not it is our mind set that is creating the difficulty here. If I am a blind fan of Kristen, I will never see or look for the negative. If I am a hater I will always look for the negative – like – “The sour faced Kristen”.
      In July, the tabs had published certain photos (from SWATH promo)which would have never attracted any ones attention if not for the scandal. One photo showed Kristen looking sideways at Rupert while he was speaking. Another one showed Rupert on her left with his right hand at her waist. Kristen’s left hand was hanging at her side and the right hand was on the left shoulder of the person on her right.
      Now, you interpret the way a fan looked at it, a hater looked at it and an impartial person looked at it before and after the scandal.
      And you come to the conclusion that Kristen was right when she said: “it’s all in the eyes”.
      The same thing happened with the CS photos.
      Most people let their imagination run wild and eventually some of us ended up here.
      I am glad about one thing. Kristen Stewart got a lot of matured supporters after (and perhaps because of) the scandal who are willing to look at and treat Kristen just as a 22 year old girl.

      • Valsan, so very, very well said!
        So much trivia that was rightly ignored is suddenly full of significance in hindsight. You can read something suggestive into almost any photograph. As you say, even the “scandal” photos themselves – if we assumed them to be real and unretouched – could be interpreted to show a hundred different possible scenarios.
        As just one small example, I recall a great deal being made of the way Kristen Stewart rested her hand over the back of Sanders’ hand in the photos; it was interpreted as an intimate, romantic gesture. However, that’s exactly the same gesture she uses in a posed photograph with her friend Nicolas Ghesquiere (in 9/12 Vogue), and no one suspects them of any romantic connections.

      • I agree with you about the photos from SWATH promo. The tabs were trying to say how touchy-feely they were with each other and the opposite was actually shown. In a few photos, Kristen’s body was actually turned away from Rupert. And mixed in with these photos were photos of Rupert and Liberty together and all the cast members together with Rupert and Kristen not even next to each other! Same kind of mixed up photos as the scandal photos. When you actually sort them out, there’s not much there.

  16. Twilighted, I’m curious? Have you contacted anyone from Kristen’s camp about the pictures or anything else about the scandal? If yes, what answer did you get?

    • Jennie:

      Haven’t you ever heard that old saying, curiosity killed the cat? Sorry, just kidding.


      • I don’t know about the cat, but am sure the suspense is becoming a little too much for most people here.

      • LOL. Remember part timer. I hope we all are.

      • Twilighted,
        I like your sence of humor! I guess it’s a good thing cats have nine lives 🙂 However you have made me more curious with your response! LOL!
        Has any one ever told you patience is a virtue?

      • I was about to ask you the same thing! 🙂 I enjoy your posts, keep posting.

      • I have a lot of virtue and little patience. Since the opposite of virtue is vice, I think I will slow down the comments so you can post #13. We have a mystery to solve:) I sure don’t want to be responsible for killing the cat!

  17. Sorry I repeated myself. My comment overlapped badger’s comment.

    Valson, I agree with what you are saying. A photo is a split second, a moment in time.
    I have released the above interview from my mind because in my opinion I can’t make a conclusion one way or the other. My idea was based on half of that interview. It stuck in my mind because I was trying to see something that wasn’t there.
    I have tried to stay grounded about this scandal. I overlooked what was right in front of me. I will admit I only glanced at the pictures. I didn’t look close enough to see the now obvious problems.
    I live in a very conservative area. I knew some things didn’t add up, but I defended Kristen to everyone I knew. So many fans acted like Kristen cheated on them.They were personally insulted by this scandal! No one would even open there eyes that somthings didnt add up. It really pissed me off!
    So what if she had an affair?! If she did, I would still defend her. My problem is her treatment and the message it sends to all of the men and women that have had a spouse cheat. Many couples get back together. The overall reaction to this scandal defies how people handle long term relationships or marriage. The majority of couples don’t live in HW. Why should celebrities be expected to handle a private matter different than everyone else?
    I imagined many people that have been cheated on. Reading the awful comments about Kristen and then Rob when he supposedly took her back. I bet a lot of people had doubts about there own decision. Maybe felt really bad about themselves or ashamed. Cheating is a sensitive subject. Only the couple involved can decide how they handle it. The hate sent a bad message to adults and kids.
    I have my theories but they are only a theory. I feel if Kristen is vindicated it will be a posatve example to the millions of fans that have invested so much time and emotion on judging her. Some people will always believe the worst of people. Someone else’s pain makes them feel better about themselves. It’s pretty sad!

    • I felt to compelled to reply only to talk about one aspect of what you said, “that you can’t make a conclusion one way or the other” from viewing the photos. And I am not pointing it out to pick specifically on you but I see many people doing the same thing and it’s troubling to me.

      Let’s say you are trying to prove Kristen and Rupert were having an affair by viewing the former pictures and video to see if they had “chemistry”. If you look at the photos and video and conclude that they did not have chemistry, then you can come to a conclusion, namely that you have an absence of evidence supporting the affair. Period. Finding an absence of evidence does not translate into somehow making something that is claimed but not proved, true.

      • Twilighter: I think this is a situation where we shouldn’t expect to find any evidence, even if evidence existed. We are looking at mostly posed photographs from public promotional events. We shouldn’t expect any evidence of “chemistry” no matter what was going on behind the scenes. If anything, these are situations in which people are going to be very guarded if there actually is anything between them.

        That being said, I think I understand your point. It’s the alleged affair that has to be proven, not the non-existence of any affair. So where there is a lack of adequate evidence, we have to take the position that no affair took place until it is convincingly shown to be otherwise. Is that the general idea?

      • That is exactly the idea.

    • Jennie, very good points about how the response to this scandal might affect “ordinary” people in a similar situation. It has a negative effect on many levels.

    • Well said.

  18. Twilighted,
    Very well said. I am only speaking for myself in regards to the video. The only reason I am dismissing it is because when I originally looked at it, I only viewed half of it. I have learned a lot from your work. That video or any video could be interpreted any number of ways. I just feel that’s reading too much into an interview. I would like to focus on the amazing work that you have done. There are also some amazing minds on this site. Badger is one of many that has contributed a lot to your work. This site is a place where sane people can have a positive discussion about why this may have happened. If there are angry hate filled comments, you are not letting them in. It’s very refreshing and peaceful.
    Our mind often plays tricks on us if we let it. That’s what I allowed that half interview do to my mind. I saw what I wanted to see and didn’t even bother to compare it to the other half. That is what so many people are doing with the pictures. It’s so obvious when you point out what is wrong and or missing… I didn’t look twice at the pictures even though my gut was telling me something was off about the entire “scandal.”
    I’m not the best at putting my thoughts into words. The one thing I feel certain about is that something good is going to come from your work.
    Your site sends a strong message that we shouldn’t invest our emotions based on stories that are false the majority of the time. The cyber world has changed the way the news is brought to us. I see the damage it is doing to an entire generation of teens. When I was a teenager we didn’t have computers or cell phones. Twitter and Facebook, texting etc. All of this technology has changed our form of communication. Some how the message needs to be sent out to everyone that one false story can ruin someone’s reputation. We have seen stories of the damage of cyber bullying. It’s a very serious problem.
    The work you have done isn’t just about this one story. I see a bigger message that can only be positive for anyone that will listen.
    I have always admired Kristen Stewart for not conforming to what Hollywood expects her to do. That is why I’m a dedicated fan. In my opinion she is a great example to my teen daughter. She is staying true to herself when so many other people ( actors) are giving the impression that it isn’t ok just to be yourself. They only show perfection when they go out in public. That’s not real life.
    I hope your story is picked up by some media outlet so your message can be seen by some of the people that need to see it the most! The reason “they” did this isn’t as important as the message it sends!

  19. P.S. I wasn’t referring to the pictures. The pictures speak for themselves. I 100% agree with everything you have pointed out about the pictures and the article that went with the them.

  20. Twilighter-Is your email messed up again? I have been trying to reach you. Please contact me!

  21. Hi, this is my first time commenting i love your blog and i agree with everything you said, here is an interview with the producer of cosmopolis Martin Katz he mentions the scandal it kind of back up the notion of it being staged with the knolwedge of robert pattinson, here is his answer:
    RS: Fast forward 20 years and now
    you are making huge movies. After
    Spider there were a few and then A
    Dangerous Method and
    Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson
    and this huge recent scandal [with
    Kristen Stewart].
    MK : I don’t know if it is a scandal. I
    think it was great for us and the
    movie that Rob was interested in
    making that type of move at this
    time. I think he is great in the
    movie and he will bring a new type
    of audience to David’s world. His
    relationship with Kristen is private,
    but the intense focus on it is
    bizarre. It’s a funny world. It
    brought us a lot of publicity for our
    US launch. We could not in a
    million years have bought that
    much publicity. I’m sorry it came
    at the expense of his personal life,
    but he’s a celebrity.

    I don’t know what to make out of this but it’s kind of suspicious.
    sorry for any mistakes English is not my first language.

    • Thank you for sharing this, I had not seen it before. And as you say suspicious, very suspicious. Especially when you put it together with what Cronenberg has himsel said. And your English is fine. I am sure it is a lot better than most American attempts to speak a foreign language. We are really quite pathetic at it. 🙂

      • This is very strange.
        Is that the needle in the hay stack? How come the Robstens missed it?

      • This interview just came to light I believe. A lot of the “Robstens” are in the mind frame that it really did occur…that she cheated. So, they wouldn’t have looked at this to begin with…..IMO

      • Wholeheartedly agree. Speaking of David C., watching that interview with him and Rob during August and Cosmopolis promo, when the reporter asks him, “Are you really ok”, and then Rob starts to say something (and I know what I heard, but each must come to his own conclusion there) and is reigned back in by David, you gain a lot of insight right there. David’s words of “you think you know what is going on, but really…..you don’t know what is going on”….I found that very interesting back in August, and it’s still just as interesting today.

    • “I don’t know if it is a scandal.” A surprising reply, under the circumstances. Too bad he didn’t elaborate.

      • he did elaborate by saying it was fortunate for the movie cosmo that rob made that move at the right time for us. if k cheated how would rob have made any move. he wouldnt unless he helped in planning the scandal!

      • I took that to mean a move in his career – that he agreed to make a movie like Cosmopolis.

      • I think it’s an ambiguous sentence……it could be interpreted either way.

      • You mean it’s not just smoke but………………

  22. yes !!!! thank u so much lolo 30. this info confirms the stage theory and that pattinson was indeed involved. yes otr and cosmopolis got a lot of publicity as a benefit of that scandal. but r and k benefited the most by planning it

    • Well, I don’t think you can say it actually confirms either of those things, unless I’m missing something.

      • Thank you. I’m just naturally skeptical, that’s all; and I won’t say I see a duck if I don’t see a duck.

      • He says it was great for us and the movie that Rob was interested in making that type of move at “this” time.
        Tricky. Can go both ways.
        One thing is clear. He admits that the scandal or what ever gave their movie the type of publicity they would never have dreamed of.

      • Or could afford.

      • agreed, especially since he says they could not have bought that much publicity….which could be another ambiguous statement….if you think about it..LOL

    • I think the “fans” of that type place themselves above Rob to Kristen. If he is devoted to her so much he wants a secret wedding….why would there be a need for a secret wedding unless the “devoted fans” were the reason?….I find your statement to make no logical sense in reality actually. Fans are a fickle bunch…Hell, we’ve seen “devoted fans” not like Kristen for a time because she wore an outfit that they didn’t like.

      The media gives the fans what they want…and the media makes money. The fans then clamor for more, esp. if it’s of a personal nature….it’s a sick cycle actually.

      I am blown away by some fans that would rather believe that Kristen actually did cheat because there is no way she would stage a scandal for ANY reason ……..So in truth then, they believe that she would choose the fans….over Rob.

      Makes no sense to me…
      I for one understand completely in any circumstance she and Rob would have participated in this staged event. One does….what one has to do period.

    • I’m sorry but I disagree. Kristen has had so many terrible things written about her. I think she has a lot to gain by exposing the paparazzi, gossip sites and magazines. She has been very clear that if you believe what you read about her, you don’t know her at all. We may never know how Rob and Kristen were involved, but I think we can safely say that our eyes have been opened. Look at All of the stories that followed the “scandal.” One false story feeds the next one, and the next one, etc. I know I will never trust a story again unless it comes from the horses mouth.
      It is my opinion that this sends a good message to her fans. If they don’t understand how abusive the paparazzi are and how invasive all of the gossip has been then they might not be true fans. Kristen has mentioned in numerous interviews that the stories and or pictures are always taken out of context. Remember when she threw her cookie on the ground because the paparazzi were taking pictures while there were rumors she was pregnant?
      How can anyone live their daily life under that kind of scrutiny? Something had to give!
      The sooner the younger fans learn what they are really reading, the better.

      • My response was directed to a comment that was deleted. I just want to be clear that I don’t disagree to the above comments.
        Velma, I hope I didn’t offend you. I thought we were having a mature diacussion with differing opinions.
        Some of my thoughts have changed over the course of reading Justice For Kristen in the correct order. Some of my original comments were based on a partial understanding of the information. Mainly my earlier comments. After reading everything offered on this site, my theories have changed. Thank you to the people that started reading this site months ago for being patient with me while I figured things out. I also appreciate being corrected when I have posted a quote or interview that was taken out of context when it was printed in a story.
        I will once again say there are some amazing minds on this site. I appreciate having people let me know when I misunderstood a quote. We have read so much BS over the past months. I’m grateful for those of you that have helped me when I have been wrong about information I was quoting! Thank you all!

      • Jennie, I think there is some sort of misunderstanding here. So far I haven’t noticed any offensive comments on this site.
        There is no harm in agreeing or disagreeing to a comment. It’s nothing personal. We may all be ike minded when it comes to the issue of paps and tabs. But, it doesn’t mean that we will agree with every thing any one says about this particular issue.
        I hope this is just a case of “half empy – half full”.

      • Valsan, Thats what I thought too. Since I was the one that said I disagreed with her comment, I thought I had offended her.
        Not waning to repeat myself, I have appreciated the mature dialect on this site. I have been corrected more than once. I have appreciated the insight to my quotes! I do not surf the net very often, so I have received partial information and didn’t really question it until I read “Justice for Kristen.” I have always suspected the”scandal” had faults. I am very appreciative to being corrected when I needed to be. I now know my suspension’s were correct. I came into this discussion in February so I was really behind everyone else. I have appreciated the mature comments.
        You are right, we may have different theories, but I think our goal is all the same. We can not put Kristen on a pedestal that no living being can live up to. That is not our purpose. I think we all see that she has been wronged and we are trying to figure out the missing pieces. At the same time acknowledging that the paparazzi and tabloids have exploited Kristen and other actors beyond belief.
        As for the poll, I can only believe that anyone that voted “yes” agreeing to the context of the story, either didn’t read the proof, or well there is no Or…The proof speaks for itself. Maybe some people are misunderstanding the question. I almost did that. I had to read the question and answer twice.
        I’m sure there are people that could have Kristen prove to them in person that all of the stories, pictures, etc. were false and they still wouldn’t believe it. I’m Just happy we don’t have to deal with those ” people” here!

      • What is she going to expose? Kristen and Rob’s fans agree on line that the tabs are lying. They know. It’s been no secret ever since September 2012 or so. When everything about hers and Rob’s life became a lying free for all with no sources, no truth or even original gossip that was not so stupid it would make aten year old blink and say, ‘What?” Irefer to the fightb over houseplants one site reported. All but the very young and the very delusional
        know this. So, essentially we’re talking about a lot of wasted effort. She’d have more success joining Sue on twitter urging Tab Free Friday.

      • The post I was referring to was Jennie’s post of the 25th.Whatever gain people think Kristen meant to acheive the fact is it is stilll null and void and will remain so from all that I can see. The person I was referring to was not VJ Holmes but Kristen Stewart who if she wanted to get even with the paparazzi would have better luck joining veulent_savior on twitter each Friday urging Tab Free FrIday than in this cockeyed scam. I agree with VJH. This site is a little too self satisfied with its self and its conclusions when there is still little more than guess work on anyone’s part. Final and incontrovertable proof will never be had. This continued digging does no more than keep it all fresh in everyone’s mind. To what purpose? I do not expect this comment to be put up as more than one of my comments have not been. It’s OK. It’s your blog. Just do me the courtesy of ruling on it at least twelve hours from its posting. As a person long dedicated to this blog that is no more than a common courtesy in my opinion. I remember the day I found this blog and I was so sick of the Kristen bashing that I felt. ” Ah, at last sane people I can talk to.” I don’t feel that anymore. I’d rather stumble in the dark with a small candle looking for an honest to God truth than be so sure that I knew it all. That is smug and self limiting. I was looking for the truth and enjoying the fellowship. Now I see the truth belongs to them not me. I
        was never looking for an immaculate Kristen nor a perfect Rob. They are movie actors for pity’s sake and not my own personal Jesus..

      • My apologies for the delay, life intervened and it took me a while to get back. I post your comment in the spirit of a mutual search for the truth. And I respectfully disagree as to your conclusion that all that has gone here is mere guess work. It is not guesswork that the photos have been manipulated. It is not guess work that the apologies are as flimsy as a sourceless reference. And actually we “know” a lot more than you seem to think. And we can dispense with a lot more than many think. As to the end game, we have always been at the mercy of those who really know. And the truth does have a way of coming out. Call me an optimist, but that’s just my point of view.

      • CD: I empathize completely with your disappointment.
        One reason I continue to follow this board, although I may not agree with all Twilighter’s conclusions or with his approach, is because I object to the harm that is done by irresponsible people under the cover of journalism. This site may not be doing everything you would hope, but it has become a sort of clearing house for people who are angry and distrustful of tabloids and want to see them exposed. This board has also opened up discussions elsewhere online, and encouraged people to distrust tabloids and question reports rather than accept them at face value, as well as to delve into the basis for things like the hostility Kristen Stewart seems to inspire, and what that means to women and girls, among other things.
        We may not ultimately see the whole truth revealed, but we have seen evidence of how tabloids lie, trick, and misdirect the public. Maybe fewer people look at a celebrity scandal without some skepticism. There is no down side to seeing that exposed, or having it openly discussed.
        Even if (as I suspect) the truth about the scandal is found to be different from what Twilighter supposes, the truth will almost certainly include some of what he describes here: photoshopping, a mostly contrived account of the days’ events, deliberate mixing and altering of the pictures, misdirection, exaggeration. That means Stewart was slandered either partially or entirely, and I think that’s worth discovering and pointing out.

      • I agree with you about the good this site has done and its good intentions. The formation of THE PLAN alone is ultimate proof of that and all the harms and violations on the part of paparazzi and tabloids that it has brought to light. That still gets us no nearer the ultimate,
        unvarnished truth. As I said I am happy as things stand. If Twilighter brings more to light I shall be happy for that too. What it come down to is I am a fan of two beautiful and accomplished actors who’s life has been turned upside down by the press and I resent the way one young woman has been treated, I keep thinking what if she had not been so strong? What if she had let this destroy her? Who would be held accountable? The paparazzi? The tabloids? The standing reputable presss? Their readers? Me for even giving them the credibility of my argument against what they printed? The amendment that lets the famous be viewed as ‘not as other mortals.’ Which essentially let’s them be treated like side show attractions 24/7? All of the above? Yes all of the above. Can we change the way freedom of the press is used to propagandize a point of view? That is my ultimate quest and I am ill equipped for it. Someone named Jean long ago was saying what we need is a lawyer to fix this. I’m of the opinion it may take a battallion of them with one focus. Now how likely is that to happen? Justice for Kristen may be too late in many eyes because of the press she has recieved, But she may be the instigator for change. We can at least hope for that.

      • CD: Yes, if Stewart had been less strong and confident than she is, this situation might well have done more serious harm. Of course, there will be other people who are attacked in a similar way, and who may not be up to the challenge. It doesn’t even have to be a celebrity, someone who, as people argue, chose this line of work and should expect their privacy to be invaded. It could be a celebrity’s child, friend, or relative who is stalked or put on public display. The problem also goes beyond gossip, as this approach to journalism devalues all media. I have to hope that we’re each doing a minuscule amount to bring that to the public’s attention, and eventually inspire change. It’s possible.
        I’d like nothing better than to have this issue completely resolved, fully and publicly, but enough time has passed that I’m not really hoping for a retraction from the tabloids or a surprise announcement of a punk. I’m interested in Twilighter’s future revelations, but I’m less optimistic than he is. Like you, I’m reasonably satisfied, since at least this board and others like it have encouraged more careful examination of media reports, and a cautious and skeptical attitude. Probably there is more doubt about the scandal story now than a month after it was released, and that not only means that Kristen Stewart can eventually put it completely behind her, it means the next bogus scandal, and the next, will be received with more distrust.

      • I don’t know if you all remember the Joaquin Phoenix documentary or not. Some called it a “hoax”, some didn’t understand and some could have cared less. Below is a interview that Roger Ebert did with Casey Affleck, who directed it back in 2009-2010. The parallels with last summer and the way certain actors feel about “all things hollywood” is astounding. I think this interview is a good read. Please do.


      • That’s kind of fascinating. I hadn’t heard of it before. Thanks for the link.

      • CD: You are absolutely correct.
        In this day and age unfortunately, the truth has become some thing that a person believes or wants to believe. Most people do not wish or dare to look beyond.
        What I appreciate most about this site is every one’s interest to look at things impartially and arrive at conclusions based on evidences.
        I do not believe that the attempt to find the truth behind this scandal
        (or any scandal for that matter) is too late or futile. Whether the truth comes out today, tomorrow or after years from now, does not matter, because, it will always be gratifying to know that, what a group of people believed and tried to make others believe was a fabricated lie.
        As you said, this site has already encouraged a lot of people to take a different view about this scandal and in the process helped them realize what a menace these gossip sites have become. People are getting addicted to the stupid, fabricated lies being published every day on these sites about celebrities. They spent their hard earned money, waste their time and energy arguing with unknown people hiding behind their computers.
        Today, it is about Stewart and Pattinson. Tomorrow it could be about another up and coming kid.
        A team of lawyers cannot stop this. We are the ones who can stop this.

        Question is; are we ready and willing?

        Unlike you, I am not a fan of Stewart or Pattinson, but I took a strong exception to the way the press and a section of the public attacked these kids. I do admire them for the courage and character they exhibited during the period of all the hostility. To me, they are two kids who are free to live their life as they please and I believe no one has a right to slander them for what they did or didn’t do.

      • As to what Kristen Stewart really intended with this drama will never be known unless she herself comes forward with the reason. Even then some of us may still refuse to believe it.

        At certain points in an investigation, every investigator does some guess work. Some times it turns out to be true, some times not. And during an investigation, certain clues and evidences come out. On the basis of such evidences the investigator tries to reach a conclusion.
        One may agree or disagree with certain evidences and refuse to accept the conclusion reached by the investigator.

        In this particular case T57 is trying to present certain evidences which in his opinion points towards a staged scenario. I don’t think he is forcing any of us to accept his conclusion as the final truth.

        You are not the only one who has a different point of view. Jennie and VJH expressed their opinions, which they believe is right. They are welcome to believe what they want to believe. So are you, me and all the other commenters.

        You are right about one thing though. The continued digging only helps to keep it fresh in every one’s mind. If we are all that concerned, we will never be able to look at a TV screen or read a magazine. Chances are you might see some thing which will always bring certain memories back. It will be better to sit in the dark with out a candle and pray for the light to appear. But, more often than not, the curiosity gets the better of us.

        It is not just Kristen and Rob, no one, I repeat, no one is immaculate. If we think any one is immaculate, then, that is jut an assumption.

        Please understand, I am not trying to start an argument, just voicing my opinion.

    • youre right tell me another, rob and k did what they had to do. celebs often have to do what we don’t. rob and k did not have secreat wedding because of fans. fans had nothing to do with it. they married secreatly to keep the papaz and the media out of their relationship. a secreat wedding is no different than them protecting the details of their relationship for over 4 years.

    • I think this has nothing to do with “love” or the lack of it.

      This was just business and a very serious business from the looks of it.
      When it is personal, one thinks about oneself, not about relatives and friends, certainly the strangers do not stand a chance of being thought of. And if I am not mistaken, the fans fall in to the last category.

      The young generation should learn not to put a human being on a pedestal. This could be their first and perhaps the best lesson. And for the older ones, it is never too late to learn. When you idolise some one, learn to accept them with their flaws. It does help to remember that no human being is a paragon of all virtues.

  23. privacy and marriage was rob and k reward!

    • I’m not sure I’m reading you right….? I don’t think Kristen and Rob and whomever else would set out to break the hearts of young fans anywhere…..I think that is a rather selfish statement. True fans of Rob and Kristen will be fans no matter what, because it is the work those two do that makes the true fan a fan to begin with. This sentence you’ve put up there makes no sense, as “an affair is a spur of the moment thing” and you seem to believe this is what happened instead of a staged event. It makes no sense in light of your other sentence. By saying what I think I’m reading from you, you believe that Kristen would have an affair over staging an event. You believe that Kristen would not “hurt her young fans” in staging an event but just what would a spur of the moment affair do?????

      No matter what truly happened, some fans would drift away, some fans would turn against her and hate, some not fans would shout louder and some fans would stand by her side.

      The evidence is right in front of you. Has been all along. We can go all the way back to February at least for clues that this was coming. The pictures themselves tell you that things were purposely photoshopped in, not to make them appear more salacious, but to show you….who were paying attention…..exactly what was going on. Hints…like they have for 5 years.

      Those pics remind me of a “find whats wrong with the picture” books.

      Anyone trying to “set up Kristen” IE: Rupert or Liberty, would not have photoshopped in things as they are. Specially if Liberty had ‘professional’ do it….I’d ask for my money back if I were Liberty then……LOL..

      You know, we went down this route 5 years ago when peeps refused to believe…went by whispered rumors and gossip rags and refused to believe those two were together. But the truth surfaced didn’t it? Yup it did.

      Is it such a horrible thought that Rob, Kristen and some others constructed this staged event for a multiple number of reasons? Or is it better to believe that she actually had a “spur of the moment affair”?

      And if you truly believe the latter, then I have to ask why? She is not a newbie, just off the bus from Mayberry…..she’s much smarter than given credit. And why is it so easy to believe that she would cheat on a man she loves….on the spur of the moment?…? that makes no sense whatsoever. Esp. with what we’ve been able to see between them….no sense.

      I’ve read some fans thoughts as to “well, she didn’t know what to do, so she just went with it….”….”He was stalking her….and she got caught up in it”…..”Liberty set it all up, and used it to her advantage”…..

      Does any of this have a foothold of evidence as of yet? Nope. None of it, and these above are only the tamer of what I’ve heard.

      When something shocking appears, and this was for sure…then people need something or someone to blame.
      But to date….not one shred of evidence has surfaced….EXCEPT….the evidence for a staged event.

      I don’t hold that against Rob, Kristen or whomever else was involved…it is what it is…and Hollywood people do it everyday for a number of reasons…period.

      When I was on jury duty once, we were instructed to only take into account the evidence placed before us. We were told specifically to not interject our own lives/experiences into any judgments we would form. I know the defense lawyer sure did hope we would, but we were told to literally disengage from the nature of what the case was and see all of the hard/factual evidence before we came to a decision.

      I think too often, people relate to something because they’ve had or know someone who has had the same type of experience. That can cloud judgement. I think it has in this case.

      • Again, I have to disagree with the assumption that Stewart is either likely or unlikely to have an affair. Apart from unfounded statements in the tabloids, we know next to nothing about Stewart’s private life, or the exact nature of her relationship with Pattinson. Being smart or in love or a usually responsible person is not, and never has been, a guarantee against infidelity. We don’t have the information to judge how likely it would be for her to have an affair; and if we’re talking about a brief lapse rather than an extended affair, it’s impossible to conclude that could never happen to her. We don’t actually have evidence of how likely a spur of the moment affair would be. We only have the tabloid pictures, and whatever contradicts the pictures.

      • I object heartily to much of the content of A Must Read. Now please do as I say and take down every Velma Jean Holmes comment from this site or I will be forced to express my feeling elsewhere. That would be extremely counter productive considering all of the work that you have invested in it. I simply have no wish to be part of this any longer and would like my wishes honored.
        Thank You
        Velma Jean Holmes

      • Your comments have been removed.

      • What was that all about? I thought this article was pretty straightforward and innocuous.

      • As did I. I’m not sure what happened. I just tried to honor her request.

      • Badger, Second line in my comment dated 29th March.

      • I see. Thanks.

      • Thank Yoy

      • yes it has. a famous criminal invsetigator and journalist aphrodite jones said that if something doesn’t make sense then its not true. i believ that. none of the scandal makes sense and that also proves its not true. the truth makes sense because its true!

      • Teresa…I was replying to Velma, but if her posts got deleted, then it must have popped to yours….I also believe the scandal “isn’t true”….

      • Some times the “truth” bewilders us. And some times we refuse to believe the truth when it has some thing to do with our loved ones.

        Evidences can be falsified in order to make it diffcult to find the actual “truth”. I have encountered criminals who were smart at leaving evidences which led the investigators to the wrong places, persons and conclusions. What I am trying to say is; what we accept as an evidence could be a deliberatley left clue to mislead us.

      • Valsan, this comment….sometimes the truth bewilders us…etc..I think you are spot on with that. Well said. Even when evidence ..truthful evidence is lined up and staring us in the face, some cannot fathom it..cannot or do not want to comprehend it as the truth…
        I agree with your statement…

      • It is surprising how some avoid the truth at all costs. Take the poll regarding my latest blog. There is no way one cannot come to the conclusion that the US Magazine account of the “scandal” was fabricated. which is why 85% of people who responded said that it was fabricated and they didn’t believe it. Yet roughly 7% said they didn’t know despite the obvious evidence and a stunning 7% said they believed it despite overwhelming evidence it was false. I guess you can fool some of the people all of the time.

      • Twilighted: To be fair, it’s possible to accept your evidence and still answer that poll Yes, No, or I Don’t Know. People might think: Does answering No mean you believe the pictures were manufactured? Do I answer No if I think the cheating story was 10% true but exaggerated? If I think it was 80% true but exaggerated a little? If I think the pictures were real but the written account was made up? What if I doubt the story but think the apologies were real? And so forth.

      • The question addresses the FameFlyNet/US Magazine version of events. It really was quite direct. Do you believe their account of the scandal? I was trying to isolate that aspect of it and perhaps it was to subtle. But to answer your point in that light, I think there is only one real answer.
        You can believe the scandal if you choose (based on the pictures, based on the confession, etc), but you can’t believe it based on the account provided by FameFlyNet/US Magazine. That is all I was attempting to show, that their account needs to be put to rest. But, more’s coming as to the rest.

      • No, I see the distinction. Their version of events is clearly full of holes. Even if I accept that the fifty-odd photographs were real, the interpretation of what they show and the description of how they came to be taken are completely worthless.

      • Twilighted…I hear you..and that’s a shame…because sooner or later, the truth comes out..always does…it can take a while, but the truth of a matter always surfaces at some point. I feel for those that avoid it at all costs, it tends to devastate them when they have no recourse left but to realize it…instead of taking it in little by little, as the truth is offered, they find themselves smacked in the face with it all in one lump sum. That can overwhelm a person.

      • @tell me another Madam if your are referring to VJH I hardly think your words are applicable to her. The lady may think with her heart as much as her head but if you have taken the time to read her posts as a contributor to THE PLAN you would not so easily discredit the woman’s understanding or intellect. Her twilonger on twitter “not as other mortals” got me interested in this whole pap/tab scam in the first place. In the case of her thinking with her heart as much as her head my father would say, ‘What do you expect? She’s a woman.” But being a man of few words he would not address those words to so wordy a woman as she is. She is gone from the site as per her request. It didn’t seem to draw much of her interest anyway. Perhaps she drew some wrong conclusions but I hardly think they are worth discussing so many days later. I have seen her replies to some of you and while she disagreed on principle I never saw her question your sense.

      • Whoa there Nick…I was talking in general, as a reply to Twilighter….I don’t remember mentioning Velma’s name at all here on that matter. Her opinion is her opinion.

      • @tell me another
        Sorry if I misunderstood you. Although this comment was a reply to your comment of March 25th which seemed to be a direct response to VJH. Guess CD is not the only one who’s comments go to different places than he had intended. Look you guys are great. You care. You’ve worked hard to either disprove, prove or at least understand.
        I get you I respect your care and persistence but there are getting to be so many of us we are in danger of stepping on each others feelings without meaning to. I liked VJH and thought she had some good insights. Since she has left two others Deneb and Denebblue comments have also gone missing although I saw no on site request for their removal. They must have contacted vuelent_savior by email. The thing is my printed out copies of the old justice for Kristen sites show how much the three of them contributed in insight, passion for the cause and plain old determination. Now VJH has gone silent on THE PLAN and meaning no offense to her but that site is bigger, farther reaching and more important than one person’s hurt feelings or (hopefully not) anger. I’m young and have a lot of interests. I may not contribute much because you all seem to be doing it better than I could. But I keep track of everything and as a whole I wonder if Kristen appreciates or even knows how many people care about her and just want her to be happy. That’s a lot of love and in my world not to be taken for granted.

      • Nick, no harm no foul. I think it’s inevitable to step on toes for all of us at one time or another. Just life and human nature.

        I don’t know if Kristen’s knows or appreciates what’s been found here, but I know for me at least, when I find a puzzle, I have to solve it. It’s just how my mind works to understand something. I’ve never been one to take things at face value, instead, needing to see the whole picture. It doesn’t hurt that I appreciate both Kristen and Rob’s work to help me want to figure this out. (For my own mind if nothing else)

        Some may go, some may stay, and some new may come. Each has to do according to their beliefs and thinking.

        The biggest thing that bothers me is the fact that so many “fans” just took what was handed to them by a rag mag as truth, without really taking a step back and thinking….without looking before making that assessment. That’s a shame, and a disservice to both themselves and Kristen.

        To each their own though right? Some are going to think the worst no matter what, some will be cautiously optimistic, some are willing to be spoonfed by whatever “source” they think is giving them inside info, and some will take a stance and look into something that makes no sense.

        I would hope that no one would go away from here offended, or upset, but such is life at times. Hopefully, those that have left will move past what made them leave.

      • I could not agree more with Nick about the importance of THE PLAN.

      • They may not have read or understood TGP correctly. Any way, some are born that way. Genetic, I guess. That is why the tabs thrive.

        I remember a person who asked you to “shut up” in answer to one of your comments a few days ago, I don’t remember if it was GC or HL.
        You try to take the “well” to them, yet, they prefer to remain “thirsty”.

    • Fair enough. Per your request we will do so.

  24. Teresa, There are times when it becomes difficult to decide who is the worst – paps, tabs or fans. Most of the photographs (personal) are the results of a fan or supporter tweeting as and when they spot Kristen or Rob. The tabs come in later with a story to accompany those photos. A story which will ensure a duel between the supporters and haters and plenty of dollars for the tabs. Imagine what will happen if a fan gets wind of a marriage!!!

  25. It was straight forward! I almost voted wrong thinking “Yes” I believe your story… I caught myself before I voted.
    Maybe I need to rethink my own comment, Patience is a Virtue, And slow down:)

  26. Badger, You had me totally baffled there. I had to remind myself that English is, after all, only a “third” language to me.
    I breathed a sigh of relief when I read T57’s answer. That is exactly what I had in mind while looking at the Q&A – only the “story line” of FFN and Us mag.

  27. Much valid work has been done. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was photo manipulation and havey cavey or outright stupid management on the part of Kristen’s team. But as a lawyer you must know that at the heart of every wrong doing is motive.Many of you seem to be coming to the conclusion that Rob and Kristen did this to themselves in some attempt to get away from their Twilight personas, the roles that thrust them into stardom. Or to give them time away from the paparazzi eye for a secret wedding. Did they have no one in their life to forsee this circus? They have not hurt the paparazzi and tabloids if they willingly planned this. They have made them fortunes. If Rob willingly helped concoct this plan then he really does love Kristen Stewart a lot less than we may think. Or not at all. I too am an optomist. Every remaining Rob and Kristen fan has had to be
    to remain fans and defend them. The thing is I’ve come to wonder if they want our defense or for us to just go away. It’s their truth not mine. And no matter how many veils you draw away from the lie, the truth will still remain elusive. Unquantifiable in the end and beyond our knowing. And you know what? I’m OK with that.


  29. Agreed. And you know that is no small accomplishment for a fan base
    which I personally know has fans from twelve to seventy. Consisting of high school kids to nurses, farm wives to lawyers, School teachers to large factory managers. Plus all the expertise of the people on this sight. veulent_savior has made a difference and Twilighter has changed a lot of people’s minds. The public may not believe so readily next time. I hope so.

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