It’s Time to Put Something to Rest: US Magazine’s Account of the Kristen Stewart “Cheating Scandal” is Fabricated

by twilighter

With all the insanity awash this week with the Are They or Aren’t They Together debate raging  following Rob and Kristen being photographed together on Wednesday night, a little discussed lie continues to fester out on the blogsphere.  The idea that some lucky paparazzi followed Kristen around on July 17th of last year and eventually photographed her and Rupert Sanders embracing at a scenic lookout overlooking Hollywood.  It shocks me how many people to this day still believe the account of US Magazine about this so-called cheating scandal.   Quoting US Magazine from their July account:

“Stewart still seemed intent on throwing caution aside. She took the wheel and drove back toward Hollywood. As they pulled into a small secluded parklike area called Pacific View Trail, Sanders directed her to a lookout point, which offers a view of the Hollywood sign. “He showed her right where to put the car”, says the photographer.  By then it was after 5:15 P.M. and the two stayed in the car, slouched down in the seat kissing like teens as neighbors hiked by.

When it seemed quiet in the park, the two dared to leave the car to take in the view. Leaning against the guardrail with all of Hollywood stretched out before them, he embraced her from behind and caressed her hand and side.  Says the witness, “She was swept up in the moment”.

But they kept their guard up. ” A few people would walk by , and as soon as they heard a voice, they would split up and walk in other directions.”  When a group of people with a dog came along, the two retreated to her car to kiss for another 20 minutes before leaving.


I’ll make this simple:

1.  The photos were not taken at a “small secluded parklike area called Pacific View Trail”.  They were taken on a residential street at roughly 7267 Pacific View Drive in Los Angeles.  Pacific View Trail happens to be another nearby street, not a park, in the area of Pacific View Drive.  See my photo below:

View West on Pacific View Drive

2.  This location does not “offer a view of the Hollywood sign”.  See the Google Earth picture looking east on Pacific View Drive below.  The hills, trees, and houses to your right (south) block your view of Hollywood.  The hill at the end of the street and to your left (east) blocks the Hollywood sign which  miles away. See the map below.

View east on Pacific View Drive


3.  They could not lean against the guard rail “with all of Hollywood stretched out before them” because the view from the guard rail is of Universal City to the north, not Hollywood, which is actually to the south and through a hillside.  See photo below.

View north to Universal City from the guard rail

4. And finally if they followed them to the location, where are the pictures of them parking, of them “kissing in the car like teens as the neighbors walked by”, of them “separating and walking in different directions”, of “people walking by” and of a group of people with a dog, and of them once again “kissing for another 20 minutes” in the car before leaving.


It’s time to lay their fabricated account to rest.

So, cast your vote in our online poll:  Do you believe this US Magazine’s account of this so-called cheating scandal?


And for many more details about the fabricated scandal see The Grand Punk series Parts 1-12 at this website.


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  1. Twilighter shoot me an email at i have an angle about the ‘cheating’ that I will like to discuss.
    Everyday I think more and more this was all staged.

    • Nice article on the world of tabloids and their sleezy antics. Thanks for providing it. There are many like this available on the internet.

  2. A nice, clear summation of the first level of problems with the scandal story. Not only do the pictures we see not agree with the story, but the lack of further pictures in itself contradicts the story.

  3. I have read the Justice for Kristen website from start to finish. The work Twilighter57 has done is based on provable facts. If you are not sure or if you believe this story, you probably haven’t read anything but the gossip sites. I don’t believe any rational person can dispute the evidence that is offered in The Grand Punk Series.
    My eyes have been opened to the reality of what we read on the Internet or in the Tabloid Magazines. The time has come to expose these “so called” journalist. This one story was created by an article that was factually inaccurate and pictures that were photoshopped. This was not an accident. There is no way the editors could have overlooked the problems with the pictures and the explanation that came with them unless they didn’t want to know or didn’t care. How many other stories have we read that were false? I don’t know if there is one story that has been true since this “so called scandal.”
    As a result Kristen Stewart has been bullied, vilified, harassed, been called horrible names, had death threats made against her, etc.
    I have quit going to any website including Gossip Cop and EOnline. I have never bought tabloid magazines, but I have quit buying the one I thought was credible, People. I will not go to any gossip site or buy any magazine until changes are made.
    Kristen Stewart deserves a public apology for the treatment she has received based on this false story. Gossip sites need to quit writing stories unless they have a credible source that they can name. More importantly the paparazzi need to be contained. New laws need to be passed. No one deserves to be harassed, followed, degraded, pushed around, and have their life risked for a picture they can sell that will go along with any story they chose to print. This is also a violation to the mental and physical well being of Kristen Stewart and anyone that is with her.
    The only way changes will happen is if we boycott all of the gossip sites and magazines that participate in buying pictures from the paparazzi and write false stories.
    Any fan of Kristen Stewart and or Robert Pattinson need to take a good look at this situation and be a true fan. Respect their privacy and stand up for what is right. If you want to know about a celebrity, don’t you want to know the truth? Reading a story just to read about them is not being a fan. Defending them in the comment section is only giving money to the people who are responsible for this disgrace in journalism. If you can even call it that! Defending them to haters is only fueling the fire.
    Please think twice before you click on the next story you see. Think even harder before you spend your hard earned money on a gossip magazine. This problem has to start from us as a fan of any actor! The time will come when we read another tragedy caused by the paparazzi. Princess Diana’s death didn’t stop it. Who is going to be next? We the public have the power to stop this if we support the actor we admire not the people writing stories about them the sole purpose of making money, not telling the truth!

  4. Well, I have it on good authority that FameFlyNet – which I have credentials for (as well as NewsPusher) was contacted in regards to speaking to the photographer who took the shots (any one of the supposed 4) for the full story….We were told that it would cost a LOT LOT LOT of money to speak to about them (FameFlyNet)…but not to a photographer. But for the large sum, we would get the ful story of what really happened. I can’t even tell you how much it was for…Now why is this? Because another thing I can tell you is that there is no pap who will take credit for taking these photos…did you know that too? Not one will step forward? Why is that? Don’t you think at least ONE of these paps would step forward to get the big bucks for an interview of what he supposedly saw? And let me remind you of this…not one of those US Weekly pictures is for sale on on FameFly…only the two location shots with no one in them and they date being posted over a week later. So makes you kind of wonder, doesn’t it? It makes me wonder. It would be a HUGE HUGE payday for those paps….To tell the story….But not one…not one will step forward. Think about that people. It means there is no story to tell…

    • Either these paparazzi are seriously dedicated to this story staying real and on the air or they are seriously dead is what it tells me. What the heck is going on here and who is paying to keep these kids in dark gossip. What did either of them do to so seriously tick anyone off?

    • Obviously there were no guests at this wedding or only beloved and trusting family. Is that why the whole Twilight cast is effectively staying mum? People eventually talk. Mom says it’s a rule of human nature. I hope she’s right because I can’t wait to hear the truth of this.

    • What kind of risk? What kind of ruin? Is this unprecedented in HW? No actors were involved in scandals? The ones who were involved disappeared from HW?
      Are you really saying that Kristen will have no career if the so called fans withdrew their support? Seriously?
      Attacking or defending Kristen or Rob hiding behind a computer is not going to help or hurt them, when the people who really matter do not care about their personal life.
      Any type of publicity used to be good publicity in HW. Has HW changed over night?
      Suppose they are considering “Twilight” as a thing of the past. The contractual obligations are over. The money is in the bank. Tomorrow is a whole new day.
      For once the Paps, Tabs, Fans and the Haters were fooled alike.

      • Valsan, you do have a point. We see the aftermath of this tabloid story and think, “Why would Kristen Stewart let herself in for that voluntarily?” But would she actually have been able to predict this kind of result?
        The public reaction was very extreme. As you say, other Hollywood actors have been involved in far nastier personal scandals, and in spite of some embarrassing publicity, continue to work and have successful movie careers. She may have assumed that the reaction to such a relatively minor scandal would be proportional. It wasn’t, of course, but would she or anyone close to her have been able to know that in advance?
        Besides, she was almost certainly right to assume that it would not affect her career in the long run.
        It’s still worth asking whether she would have volunteered to let herself be seen as an adulterer, even temporarily, but that’s a slightly different question.

      • Stars live in a totally different reality than ours (duh); but they have their fake/famous persona and then their private.The problem for people like Rob and Kristen is that the “fans” were not able to differentiate between the real them and the fake. We know how much this annoyed them. I don’t claim to know anything as fact, but I would assume that Kristen was completely fed up with this “fake/persona” that Twilight gave her and could have cared less what the media did with it because it wasn’t the real her. The fact is that Kristen was at the pinnacle of her career at the time of the “scandal”; she was just named the highest paid actress in Hollywood, was the star of one of the most successful movie franchises in film history…where else could her “fake/famous” persona go? Yeah, down…that’s where it had to go. Kristen was not comfortable with the perception that she was perfect, we know this. She told us she wanted someone to fuck with her. That’s why she sacrificed herself, I think. BUT, I don’t think she sacrificed the real her, she just sacrificed the “fake/famous” her. She has been around for years, has the respect of the Hollywood community, they all know how it works…she could afford to sacrifice herself. Rob couldn’t, he wasn’t there yet.

        We here have figured it out. Hollywood has a short memory. New fake personas are allowed to be made and stars bounce back after scandal. Scandals are necessary in Hollywood; it’s what keeps people watching, it’s what sells these stupid rag mags…they are all tied together. Hollywood is nothing but a huge stage where all of this shit is constantly planned and played out. We know this, need to keep reminding ourselves though. Kristen is fine

        Sorry to ramble, too much coffee…LOL!

      • Your perception intrigues me…

      • OHk: She might have got rid of one “persona”. But would she willingly accept this new “persona”? Hard to believe. She could have used an elevator or stairs, if going “down” was the only option left. No need to jump like this.
        No, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

      • There is definitely more to this than meets the eye, no matter what theory we subscribe to. Nothing is as it seems.
        I agree with OHk, that the “real” Kristen Stewart is probably doing just fine.

      • Yes, the “real” Kristen stewart seems to be doing extremely well.
        The photos of her with Rob (especially the ones after his return from Austarlia) speak volumes. Gives me this feeling that they are disdainfully telling some people to go to hell.

      • Exactly!

      • Stephanie Meyer did say their fame is tragic because they never wanted it to begin with. Maybe this is all about simply destroying their fame and possibly get married. Can’t wait to hear more from t57.

      • This is my bottom line theory and I’m sticking to it. Like I said above their fame is tragic per Stephanie Meyer. they’ve both said in interviews in their own way they want to act but have a normal life outside that. How many times has rob said he wants to have a drink in a bar and not be recognized. With the help of Rupert, liberty and their failing marriage they pulled off the scandal pics, leaked them to the tabs and let them dream up the rest. All to destroy the fame they never wanted and maybe even to get married. Jules may even have helped them with their ”script” and Ruth with the apology. I don’t think there was any one target. They want to act and have a normal life like all of us outside of that. I think it is all that simple. They never have cared about their images just making movies. Nobody can deny this did very negatively affect their fans. Their pda as of late may be an attempt to rectify that and they seem to finally not care when paps are around anymore. T57 if you want to respond to me on twitter anytime I follow you @doblove. otherwise I look forward to hearing from you here:-)

      • P.s. They seem comfortable enough in their relationship now to show pda. Maybe they did get married or at least engaged. Something happened to give them this new found confidence.

      • Destroying the unwanted fame; the E/B = Rob/Kristen fame that would follow them for the rest of their careers. Bella cheating on Edward! NO!!! (SQUASH!!! there goes E/B fantasy)

      • I think she is getting ready to re-establish herself, that’s what is going on. Right now is just the cooling off period. Yep, there’s always more going on than meets the eye. Look at how absent Twilight was last night at the MMA’s…uh huh.

      • Hi ohk, do you think it’s possible Ruth her publicist put her up to it? At comic con Kristen said more than once she wanted to be remembered for playing Bella. Almosy as if to say please remember me this way. On the daily show rob made a rather snide sounding remark about him getting a publicist. What you said does make sense but I’m just not sure if rob and Kristen were willing participants. Their pda as of late seems to me like their trying to make things better in their fandom and dispell some of the hate the staged scandal has caused.

      • Dawn, I don’t know…she would have to be in on it at some level though. There were lots of cryptic things said and done right before the whole thing went down, it was planned.

    • Badger, Maybe that’s what she meant in this apology.
      “It’s not a terrible thing if you’re either loved or hated,” Stewart tells Newsweek. “But honestly, I don’t care ’cause it doesn’t keep me from doing my s–t. And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention.”
      I think Rob and Kristen knew this was going to cause some fans to be angry. I would think they consulted their lawyer and gave this a lot of thought. This was very well planned! This was not something they thought of one day and did it the next day. I also think many people that are close to them have known from the beginning what they were doing. There is no other way to explain that no one from Cosmopolis, SWATH, OTR, and of course Breaking Dawn2 has said a word to the media or anyone that would go to the media with a story.
      If they hired a photographer, he or she probably had to sign an NDA. That would explain why no one has come forward for the high dollar interview.
      If this was intended to send a message to the world, including the paparazzi, tabs, magazine’s and fans, I think their friends, family and fellow actors would support them in taking a stand. Everyone they hang out with also has to deal with the paparazzi. They know first hand what Kristen and Rob deal with every day.
      It has also been pointed out that the movies they were promoting gained millions in free advertising.
      And of course the final bonus, they had 22-45 days of freedom and privacy. If I was in their shoes that time would be priceless!
      “If you’re either loved or hated.” Two sides of the same coin. Either way they had no privacy and the stories were equally inaccurate as they are today… If you think of all of the false stories they have dealt with, what’s one more? One they had control of. One that could give them privacy to get married or just relax in private.

      • Jennie: If I remember correctly, Stewart’s comment about “being loved or hated” and “making people so angry” was in response to questions about her public appearances, and the usual complaints about her clothing and her manner in front of the camera. Some tabloids tried to misrepresent this as an apology for cheating, but that wasn’t what she was talking about.

      • You are exactly correct about how this was mis-characterized by many tabloids in the name of trying to falsely link it to the “so-called cheating scandal.”

      • Is your email out again? Please contact me!

    • Thank you for setting me straight! This is why I don’t read anything but this site! With the exception of finding that quote. I only clicked on it because it was Newsweek. I have seriously lost all faith in all journalism. Not just the stories involving Kristen!

    • Exactly. Pictures on different days or times of day taken out of context. I would love to have seen the photos of the passers by and people walking their dogs lol ( i doubt there are any). Whats always on my mind is This behaviour is COMPLETELY out of character for Kristen and the apology- it just didn’t feel right. And you would have to have known the photographers were there or at least if someone was following you. Nothing of the article or the photographs add up at all but the impact they have had to the people involved is profound. Will we ever know the truth, doubt it but at least it opens our eyes to the BS that is fed to us.

  5. I don’t need any more convincing… never did.

  6. Thanks for all you have done.

  7. Thanks for your hard work t57. I hate to even think it but maybe paps aren’t saying anything because they were in on helping rob and Kristen stage the whole thing. Maybe we fans were the intended target all along.

    • I seriously doubt the tabloids are in on this based on the evidence. They were clearly clueless about this from the start and there was no need to involve them to pull this off. Rather, just rely on their innate greed and stupidity.

      • I was just throwing it out there. I don’t honestly think they were targeting anyone. I think they did it simply to get married in private and whatever happened, happened. I love to think they put love first as it should be. I just wish there was another way they could have gone about it. They’re sweet kids and I feel bad about the situation their success put them in.

    • I don’t see any evidence that the fans were targeted. Moreover, it doesn’t seem consistent with Stewart’s or Pattinson’s past behaviour. They’ve complained openly and bitterly about paparazzi and tabloid stories, but have generally been positive toward their fans, even when the fandom was at its most intense. Just because some fans might be offended by a theoretical staged scandal (unreasonably in my opinion) doesn’t mean that was the actual intention.
      If the paparazzi are actually keeping silent about the incident, it’s more likely because there was some dishonesty involved in the original story and they’re trying to protect themselves.

      • Badger, I agree that the evidence doesn’t indicate that Kristen and Rob did this to target their fans. However, they have been aware that the gossip sites have targeted their fans for years. As a result many fans believed what they were reading. Hell, even Kristen Stewarts own grandma believed she was pregnant based off a tabloid story. With that said, it seems reasonable to believe that if they wanted to make a “statement” by showing their fans what they are REALLY reading. they had to know that this would upset many fans. What difference does it make who is delivering the lie? I don’t think this was done to hurt their fans! Just the opposite. After four years of lies surrounding this couple, they were in a lose- lose situation.
        They want to keep their private life private.
        What doesn’t make sence, for anything I’ve just said to be true, they had to have a plan to reveal the story as a lie. That hasn’t happened from either of them. Could they have gambled that Twilighted would create a website to vindicate Kristen? I don’t think so.
        Hmmm, Twilghted, are you working for Kristen or Rob?
        Just kidding:) I know… Me and my curiosity:)

      • Or may be the paparazzi had nothing to do with it, in which case they wouldn’t know what the actual truth is.
        If at all they are involved, they are more likely to be concerned about their personal safety rather than the dishonesty in the story. They know the “Twilight” fans only too well.

      • Valsan: No, I agree the paparazzi and/or tabloids may have had nothing to do with producing the scandal, but might still want to cover up the fact that they accepted a story and photographs which they knew, or should have known, were spurious.
        Then again, I’m beginning to wonder if the tabloids even think about maintaining any kind of reputation for integrity. Beyond avoiding libel suits, they may have no problem with everyone assuming they make up lies. They don’t seem particularly coy about it.

      • I think this is more likely the case. Short of being sued for libel, I think that most of the tabloids could care less about the truth and some are active fabricators in almost everything they do.

  8. I’m impatient!!

  9. Badger, I am not sure whether Stewart would have volunteered, had she known the type of reaction that awaited. No sane person would do that, no matter what the benefit.
    But when we consider the age group of the fans and the kind of popularity she had among them, the reaction is not very surprising either. Few years from now most of these fans will look back and say the way they reacted was foolish.
    May be Stewart was trying to target the paps and tabs but unfortunately the tabs targetted the fans in every way possible and succeded in making a lot of money.

  10. I don’t think they were targeting their fans at all. They have shown time and time again that they truly care about their fans. However, these two were and are the most targeted couple in the world, by both the paparazzi AND the tabloids. I’m just throwing this out there for consideration – I have no proof, and it IS just another theory, but does anyone remember Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding? What a circus that turned out to be? What if (and please remember – this is JUST a theory) they wanted to get married? How could they do this the way THEY wanted without drawing the attention of the papz and tabs. Personally, I have never seen two people whose love is more obvious – the way their faces and eyes light up when they see each other. Rob is quoted as saying “When you love someone, you know it. When you’re in love, everyone knows it.” Well, what if they wanted to get married? How would they keep the paparazzi and tabloids away while they got married? This staged scandal seems a perfect opportunity! Think about it. If you wanted to marry your soul mate, would you want to have security surrounding your wedding? Would you want paparazzi pictures of the most special and private day of your life? Would you want the buzz of helicopters overhead when you said the most important vows of your life? To the love of your life? Would you want your family and closest friends hounded by the paparazzi and tabloids for an “exclusive” story? This would be the most special day of your lives – do you think they’d want anyone but their closest family and friends there? They are such private people, and rightfully so. The tabloids tell enough lies – do you think they’d want to have their wedding picked apart and made into something tawdry by these people who have done nothing but lie about them from the beginning? The marriage between two people is a very solemn and sacred occasion – why ruin the most important day in your life? Why have the most important words you will ever say be drowned out by the sound of helicopters overhead? Again, just my opinion, but I really see no other way they could accomplish this unless they did something so drastic, created such a diversion. If this turns out to be true, I say good for them. At least they had a happy wedding day, and not a circus. If the fans are offended by this, by not wanting them to have the most important day of their lives full of joy and not circus acts, are they truly fans? I apologize if I’ve offended anyone, it was not my intention to do so. But we really are owed nothing by them but their performances in movies. We are not entitled to every aspect of their personal lives. As a bonus, they made the tabloids and paparazzi look like fools. What better wedding present to give each other?

    • I couldn’t agree more, Misty! I think you are spot on! And good for them for pulling it off if that is what really happened! It is brilliant! And I love the way you suggested that making fools of the tabloids and paparazzi was a wedding present to each other! PERFECT!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Yeah now, the Suns, Radar Online, Perez, Hollywood life, and the rest of the tabloids are still spreading lies about Rob and Kristen. Saying that Rob needed space from Kristen. Sounds like alot of haters and other jerks are getting alot kick out of it. And alot of lies. I hope its not true. I have been praying for them.

    • Of course it’s not true. Everything that comes from a tabloid are lies. Lies to make money. That’s really what it’s about – money. And they’ll continue to make up these stories as long as people click on those stories. They don’t care who they hurt, they don’t care if what they write is the truth or not. Please read . This article says it all, how they operate, how they pay for stories, how they get away with lying. Read this article – it will really open your eyes. If you’d like to read more about how the tabloids work, just ask – I’ll be happy to send you links. In all the research I’ve done on tabloids, I have not found a single article showing them in a good light. Yet people keep clicking, keep buying them, believing them. It has to end. Please read the article about how stuff works – it will put your mind at ease!

      • Thanks Misty. I am glad its not true. I can’t even afford to buy those things. They are wasting my money. And I agree with you there. Its also nothing but junk and nothing but lies.

  12. Yes, I agree too. But to make them look like fools, the truth has to be revealed. That’s what I was trying to say above. I guess it’s possible that they don’t plan on revealing the truth. That seems kind of risky on their part. They had to know this so called scandal would upset their fans. I think rational fans won’t be upset. I know I would be so happy if they succeeded in having a private wedding. They deserve privacy in general, not just to get married.
    I guess the ” reveal” could be as simple as announcing they were married last July, August, or whenever? Maybe I’m over thinking this!

    • I’m skeptical about the theory that they staged all this in order to run off and get married. All the same, I agree, casually announcing that they were married last July or August, and leaving it at that, would be perfect. It would require completely rethinking everything that had been reported about them since the end of July.

      • Badger, do you think that just might be what they’re doing – giving the tabs (and all of them have been all over this) enough rope to hang themselves? Just keep feeding them rope – now that rope’s tying up some of the mainstream media as well, including 20/20’s The Camera Doesn’t Lie segment.

      • Misty: I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m still reserving judgment even on the theory that they were involved. Yes, if they are involved, or if they’re planning a lawsuit or an exposé, I can see them sitting back and allowing the tabloids to incriminate themselves repeatedly before speaking up.

  13. Hey, Monday is April Fool’s Day! Maybe….a little wishful thinking here….Rob and Kristen (or their people) will pop up and say “April Fools” to the paparazzi….I know, it’s a long shot….but wouldn’t it be fantastic if it happened????

  14. I wonder why there are only 271 poll votes. I’ve seen T57’s invitation to the tabloids to take part in the poll. Are they afraid? They’re certainly not afraid to pick on everyone else – are they afraid of exposing themselves as the liars they are? Would they even vote truthfully?

  15. Thank you for correcting me in my quote! You are both so much more knowledgable than I am.
    Erase. My first phrase. I stand behind the rest of my comment.
    Thank you Badger and Twilighted!

  16. Badger, I was talking about no paparazzi coming forward with a claim that they captured the incident on camera and no papparazzi giving an interview. If any one came forward they will become a target for “certain fans”. Remember some of them had even thretened to kill Stewart.
    Neither the paps nor the tabs seems unduly concerned about honesty/dishonesty in the line of work they are doing.

  17. Valsan: It seemed odd to me that no photographer will come forward and take credit for the pictures, but maybe it’s not so odd. You’re right that they might become targets. I’m also not sure whether it would affect their “career” as paparazzi. Do agencies like FameFlyNet disapprove of photographers giving out this kind of information? Are there legal considerations? I have no idea. Have other photographers, who captured celebrity scandal pictures, come forward in the past?

    • Sorry Badger but am I interpreting your comment correctly? No photographer will come forward (and claim the notoriety, talk shows and interviews and fame) because they are worried about being “targeted”? I don’t think so. The notoriety of being “the one” would be irresistible. Remember, these guys are in it for the money.

      • Twilighter: I’m sure they’re in it for the money. I was thinking mostly that they’d be concerned about no longer being able to work as paparazzi if they came forward, assuming the agency they worked for wanted them to keep things quiet. I don’t actually know, but I doubt the money they’d make from interviews would make up for no longer being able to sell their photos. I also wasn’t sure if talking would put them in a difficult position legally or contractually. The public targeting thing is at most a minor concern.
        That’s why I wondered if it was common for photographers to take credit for this kind of thing. If it’s routine whenever there’s a celebrity scandal, then this silence looks odd, and might suggest the photos came from somewhere else, like an anonymous source. If paparazzi rarely break silence, then it’s not so odd.

      • T57, I am the one who said they might be worried about being “targetted”.
        What I had in mind was the obsessed fans and the death threats to Stewart. If one group can threaten her, then the other group may not hesitate to get even with the pap, if he can be identified.

      • We used to do risk assessments for for witnesses in our cases all the time. And although anything is possible, the risk to Kristen, a highly identifiable person who has a history of past threats + the so-called “cheating scandal” is far greater than it would be to a paparazzi claiming credit for the “photos” of the year. Put another way, the risk assessment for them would be extremely low. Just think don’t think this is a very viable explanation for them coming forward to crow about their accomplishment. And remember, there were so-calledly four of them.

    • Usually they hide behind the agency. If free lancers are invoved, the tabs won’t disclose their identity. Hence the “source”.
      I am not familiar witht the nature of their contract with the agencies.

  18. Is it possible that FameFlyNet was hired by Kristen, Rob, Rupert, and Liberty? Or whoever set the pictures up. This is an advertisement from their website.

    Are you an agent that needs more press for your client ?
    Are you an agent that wants to earn extra money for your client ?

    At FameFlynet we have a PR department that specialises in working directly with celebrities and their agents. We work hand in hand with our clients to achieve maximum press coverage in national newspapers and magazines. Our achievements in this market place are unprecedented compared to other picture agencies.

    We pay agents and Celebrities directly from all sales generated from the pictures we work on. Because of the nature of confidentiality with our clients we cannot publicise our client list here. However, please make an appointment to meet with our PR team to guide you through the process on this growing requirement into today’s media market place.
    If they were hired by “whoever” set this scandal up, they would most likely have a privacy contract signed. I’m not suggesting that “whoever” set this up to make money, I’m just quoting FameFlyNet’s website.
    Just a thought…

    • Shows you how unsavory the whole business is. There is no question some actors use it to try to further their careers. But there are others who doin’t want anything to do with them because of the BS that comes with it.

      Ok, I’ll play. Spin a theory and we’ll see how it stakes up against the evidence. So FFN was hired by Rob & Kristen to take the pictures, now what?

      • Just playing along…
        They could have controlled the apology as well. The pictures were taken by someone that had photography equipment. I strongly feel that whoever took the pictures was contracted by someone. It is common sence that a privacy contract was signed.
        The only problem I see is Rob and Kristen hate the paparazzi! Then again we don’t know that it was Rob or Kristen. Although my gut tells me they were involved or forced to be involved in the plan. If it was Rupert or his wife, they would get a good pay day…
        I was digging around, trying to get some answers to a few theories. I was surprised to see this advertised so openly on FFN website.
        It also takes a middleman out of their plan. It’s leaves less trails.
        Again just a thought?

      • I save my comments as to this for Part 13.

      • Patiently waiting for Part 13.

      • For this”scandal” to work, the release time had to be arranged carefully.
        1. From the evidence you provided, the pictures were taken by someone with photography equipment.
        2. The photoshopping was done by someone with experience.
        3. Having FFN do the pictures and photoshopping takes out a middle person to sell the pictures.
        4. In the story it said the pictures weren’t shopped around to other magazine’s. They needed the pictures released on a date and time that would accommodate everyone involved to get to where ever they stayed for 22-45 days. In Rupert and Liberty less time, but they were still out of the public eye for a short time.
        5. Apparently this is something that FFN does as a normal practice. It is a no brainier to stay in business, working with celebrities, they have lawyers and have strict privacy contracts.
        6. The ” apologies” came fast and swift. FFN could have already had them in hand. If they had paperwork they knew no lawsuit would come.
        7. One stop shopping. Everything could have been done in advance with no one the wiser. Having one company involved makes it clean and hassle free. They would have known ahead of time what and when to expect this.
        8. Yes, FFN knew at some point someone would figure out that the photo’s were fake/ photoshopped, but they obviously offer this kind of service. What’s the difference of a D list actor paying them to take pictures or an A list actor paying for a few pictures and some photoshopping? Probably the price!
        9. We already know that the photographer couldn’t be hiding. They had to see the person taking the pictures. It seems logical it was someone they knew or hired.
        10. However wrote the story had to know that Kristen or Rupert weren’t seen or photographed by anyone else that day. They had to know personal information. The story would have flopped if another paparazzi or fan took a picture of either of them, or saw one of them at a different location.
        11. Kristen and Rob don’t want or need any publicity!! But Rupert and Liberty have gotten a hell of a lot of free publicity. Liberty has had a lot of jobs since the scandal. That could be enough of a reason to involve yourself in a scandal. I feel bad for saying this but it is possible they could have been paid to be involved. I have no proof of that but money motivates people. Especially if a divorce is already in the works.
        This just seems a lot easier and hassle free to have one company handle all of the details. If they did this to get married, the last thing they would want to deal with is agents and statements, etc.
        I know Summit fits in somewhere, but it has already been pointed out that they got a lot of free advertising….

      • Now that your comments have been restored at your request and granting the proviso you noted separately, just a couple comments on what you posted

        As to 3, there is no need to use someone like FFN to take and process the photos. They had plenty other resources to accomplish that.
        Ditto as to 4. They could have controlled timing w/o need for FFN.
        As to 5, I think that is a generally true statement but is it applicable here. They were plenty of other sources K&R’s teams could have gone to if they were simply looking for promotion.
        As to 6, again no need for FFN. That could easily be shipped to People directly or even anonymously.
        As 7, nothing is clean and hassle free. FFN is one of the sleezier companies out there, it would have been much easier to go with one of the mainliners.
        As to 9, I think its true but doesn’t necessarily say FFN was the one.
        Ditto as to 10.
        And again as to 11, I don’t that advances things one way or another as to whether FFN was contracted to take the pictures.

        Long story short, not buying it.

      • Twilighted, Will you please not post my first reply to you or this one! I was in a hurry when I wrote that and didn’t give it much thought.
        Thanks and sorry for any hassle!

      • Can I mention a theory I came across the other day. I don’t think it holds water, but it’s a direction nobody else has taken, that I know of. A blogger speculates that the reason the photos were photoshopped was because the original set of pictures – ALL the pictures, not just the 55 – were much more salacious and showed a really scandalous tryst. Then Stewart or her agents paid off FFN or Us Weekly to remove the worst pictures and only print the fairly mild ones we have actually seen. For what it’s worth, that would explain the apologies, the divorce, the altered photos, the fact that only fifty photos were taken all afternoon, and the delay in publishing. There are serious problems with the theory, of course, but it’s an interesting take.

      • Yes I am familiar with this one. It is essentially what Catherine Dove at Misfit chicks has been spinning for months. I have done combat with her over a number of websites comment sections about it. She has been particularly critical of the Grand Punk because I think it goes against the grain of what she has been trying to sell for some months, that the incident happened, was worse than portrayed, and yet Rob & Kristen were never apart. Just so you are aware, she is also not pristine in all of this, since she is currently trying to publish a book off of this whole thing. Another parasite trying to cash in.

        And yes there are a number of gapping holes in this scenario.
        1. Almost by definition it implies a longer standing Kristen/Rupert affair. You don’t go from a business relationship to a hot and heavy and highly salacious encounter in a car instantly without something else going on before hand. I think that argument has some merit and is what many have tried to argue against it being a “momentary indiscretion”. By conceding a more scandalous tryst, I think Catherine is stuck with the baggage, namely that it would have even harder for Rob to forgive what happened. And though she claims it was far worse than what we know, they reunited instantly and were never really apart. Does that many any sense?
        2. Catherine also argues that the guardrail photos may have been made up to give something US Magazine to print and to sell. Kinda of a kin to they forced her to participate and that’s why she looked so unwilling. That they were staged as part of the negotiations. But it doesn’t really explain the photoshopping. If it was an accommodation, why not just take the sedate photos and be done with it. No need to photoshop them.
        3. And lets be real, if they had photos of them having sex, do think for one moment that FFN/US Magazine wouldn’t have printed them. And don’t forget they likely would have had access to video. Do you think for one minute that video wouldn’t have become one of the hottest videos of all times? That (pictures or video) would have been worth dramatically more money to FFN. And if Kristen or the “team” was willing to buy them, why not insist on buying all of them. There was little benefit to her unless she was able to squash the story completely. And at that point it all boils down to dollars and cents.
        4. And it still doesn’t really explain the problematic nature of the apologies. Maybe the need for one, but not one with the sketchy details we have here.
        5. And as for the delay in publishing, that has never been an established fact in the first place, that there was a delay. The only way anyone puts a time frame on the photos is the paparazzi claim that they were taken on July 17. There is still no independent evidence establishing that that was when they were in fact taken. So it seeks to explain something (the delay between the 17th and the 24th) which is not even factually supported.
        6. And finally, this doesn’t explain the divorce any more than the original photos do. If this was all a negotiated settlement between Kristen and FFN and US Mag, why would Liberty be anymore privy to it than what she was in the original version, just a momentary indiscretion? This version doesn’t add anything to that equation.

        All that being said, it is out there. So you can take a look and reach your own conclusions.

      • As I said, I don’t find the theory believable, but I thought it was interesting enough to point out. I agree with all your points.
        In particular, I think the photos we see tend to cancel out the theory that the remaining photos are “much worse.” Even if we ignore the supposed description of the day’s events, and even if we allow for the idea that the pictures were photoshopped to look relatively innocent, there’s the problem of the time and place. One fact that remains, which the tabloid report never even hints at being otherwise, is that the meeting took place in broad daylight in public places. The parking lot was flanked by businesses which would have been open at that time of day, was on a business street and the lot was visible through a wide gate. The street with the fence was even more open to public view, and so would a car parked on the side of the road. How much “worse” could the pictures have been, if everything took place in daylight on streets with people passing by?
        (A) they met in public places as suggested and as seen in the Fabulous Fifty-Five, and the level of erotic activity didn’t increase that substantially, making a payoff kind of pointless;
        or else
        (B) at some point the couple removed themselves from public view to take things to the next level, in which case the paparazzi might have reported the fact (and for some reason didn’t) but couldn’t have obtained pictures they had to be bribed out of printing. It’s also unlikely the couple would have risked being seen by making out in at least two public places before getting a room.
        It’s also been pointed out how unlikely it is for a couple who have an established sexual affair going to meet and make out like kids in public places in the middle of the day – especially when one of them is routinely followed by paparazzi. They would meet for a genuine tryst in a private place. This theory would make sense only if the very first hookup they had was an innocent meeting which led rapidly and unexpectedly to spontaneous sex acts in spite of the cramped and very public conditions (“Dear Penthouse Forum…”) and yet the couple neither concluded their activities and called it a day, nor moved to somewhere more private, but continued to move from public place to public place for the rest of the afternoon.
        As I said, not very believable, but at least the person behind the theory acknowledges that the pictures were altered.

      • I’m sorry I wasn’t clear on the post I wanted deleted. The post below is the one I didn’t put much thought into. If you don’t have the other one that is more specific that’s okay. It’s just a thought in the dark 🙂

      • Sorry for the confusion. I’ll just restore them all and your additional note is in place so people can take it with that proviso.

      • If it was intended to be a “punk” can we expect them to look for the service of an agency? Highly unlikely in my opinion.
        An amateur photographer can do the job, there is nothing complcated in those photos. It is another matter when it comes to digital alterations / photo shopping. Even there you will find that many kids from their generation are experts in that field also.
        The guard rail photos are a bit complicated. But, they look more like an after thought and add ons to keep the readers/viewers interested and confused, depending on the way you look at it.
        May be they (the car & g/rail) were intended to tell different stories. Or may be they were really different.

      • Twilighted, I had a feeling you would bust this theory. I knew FFN was a stretch, but someone had to be contracted to take and photoshop the pictures. Someone that wouldn’t be interested in a nice payday to do any interviews. It could be as simple as a friend?
        The question is who? Do you have any possible suspects?
        I thought the FFN website was interesting. They don’t hide the fact that they help celebrities fabricate pictures and stories. With that said, I don’t understand how people can dismiss the idea that this was a false story, or at the very least an exaggerated story.
        As ever, you are challenging and quite knowledgable about the ins and outs of this business.
        PS Thank you for taking the time to post my other comment! I am looking forward to #13.

  19. T57: There is some thing still not clear to me.
    In the photos #26 & #37 from the parking lot and #8 from the guard rail, the driver’s side door and window looks fairly clean. But in all the others you can see the white powder/finger marks on the door and the window.
    How do you explain this?

    • Damn if I know. A little car detailing during an afternoon tryst?. Paparazzi cleaned up the car for the shoot? Sorry just kidding. Obviously there is a continuity problem inherent in it but establishing a casual sequence that makes sense is difficult. But I agree with your basic point. there is some wrong here. Smudges don’t just appear or disappear.

      • It seems that, at the very least, the smudges would suggest still another flaw in the Us Weekly account. It says the car was first in the parking lot, then at the guard rail. If the pictures were taken as described, we wouldn’t see the car start out dirty and suddenly become clean. Either the order of events is not as described, or the sets of pictures were taken under completely different circumstances, such as on different days.

      • T57,
        If we follow your theory, there is only one way to explain it.
        One thing is clear. They had studied both the locations carefully in advance before embarking on this mission.
        The office parking lot is actually the pick up point since it is easy for Sanders to walk over from MJZ.
        From there, they go to the g/rail site, finishes what ever they wanted to do and returns to the same place, so that Sanders can walk back to MJZ.
        When they start from the office parking lot, the car is clean, when they return, it has smudges.
        Why the g/rail first? Since it is a residential area, they might have decided it to be safer to finish their business there first before any of the residents started returning home.
        Sanders “walking” photos can be just add ons.

      • There is never just one way to explain anything. There are only better and worse ways.

        As for this conundrum, think Hollywood. Think continuity errors. The bane of film making to some, the humor of a spoof reel to others. Jules Stewart has been a script supervisor for years. Another name for a script supervisor? A continuity supervisor. What do they do? They work as the right hand of the director keeping track of the details of a scene to avoid continuity problems.

        What do our problems with the car suggest? And all such continuity errors suggest?: That the filming did not follow a rational chronological sequence consistent with the FFN/ US Mag version of events.

      • I like the continuity approach. This is easier to break down when I look at it that way.

      • T57, I had posted a reply to this yesterday. Lost some where? I will try again.
        It is clear that both the locations were quite familiar to Sanders and Kristen. Meaning, they knew that the office building is unoccupied and therefore a safe place to do whatever they planned to do there. Also, the g/rail area, they knew exactly when it is fairly safe (when the occupants will be away) to conduct their business there.
        I would say the office parking lot was the pickup & drop point. It will be very convenient for Sanders to reach this spot from MJZ.
        So, she picks up Sanders, goes to the g/rail site and returns to the parking lot to drop him. When he is picked up and driven to the g/rail site, the car is fairly clean. When they return, the car has white smudges. What we see in the parking lot, in the car with smudges, could be the “final kiss”
        Why the g/rail site first? Because they wanted to finish their business there before the people living in the area started returning home from work or whatever.
        All are free to make their own guesses on the Sanders “walking” photos.

      • Valsan: That makes sense, except that Twilighter tentatively identified the location of the “Rupert walking pics” back in Part 10. He said they were taken very close to Sanders’ home. The background doesn’t seem to resemble the streets close to MJZ or the parking lot, either. If the pictures represent the events described at all, I think the “walking” pictures must show him after being dropped off near his house. (That would mean he left his own car at work, I guess. Not clear how that was supposed to work out.) Of course, we don’t know that the pictures of Sanders walking down the street were even taken the same day or are associated with the other pictures in any way. They may even have been taken after the story was compiled, and added just as illustration, as tabloids sometimes do. Since he’s alone in these pictures, there’s no way to tell.
        The dirty car/clean car discrepancy could mean that the guard rail was visited before the parking lot, as you suggest, even though the written account says otherwise. It’s not the only inconsistency in the Us Weekly description

      • The “walking pictures” clearly were not taken near MJZ, which is about 12 miles away and a 30 minute drive in typical traffic. They come from near Rupert’s house. One, the dumpster picture, is nearly across the street from the house. Three others are about a hundred yards from the house, but still on his street. The final one I still can’t locate but its likely in that general area judging from its appearance.

      • Oh t57, as much as I love hearing more details from you, it gets harder and harder to hear them or should I say sadder. Now Kristen’s mom has been brought into the mix. I hope somebody benefits from all of this because the vile hate it caused not just towards Kristen but rob too and their fans just doesn’t seem worth it. There is never a good reason to cause hate of any kind. I see a world out there quickly loosing its humanity. That terrifies me for the sake of my own kids.

  20. Badger: Yes, I was there too.
    But logic itervened and said – a negotiation will be for every thing or nothing, because, a single photo of her in a compromising position with any one other than Pattinson would have been enough for the fans and haters to raise hell. So the chances of Kristen and/or her team agreeing to such terms (a partial deal) looked highly unlikely to me.

    Since she is known to be extremely vary of the paps, one cannot imagine her throwing all caution to the winds and engaging in an act which can be described as salacious, out in the open, that too within the city limits. A hug and a kiss, yes, possible. It is not unusual or unheard of, especially in her field. But in the end, it all depends on how one looks at it or defines it.

    In my opinion, one reason (there might be other reasons) for the photo shopping/digital alteration to the car photos was to make it look like they were photographed at different locations, in line with their story.

    None of the people concerned would have imagined any one dedicating so much time and energy to scrutinise these photos or to come up with so many interesting theories.

    • Valsan: No, I’m sure you’re right, it’s extremely unlikely, but I thought it was interesting to know some people were looking at the pictures from such a completely different direction. I think a lot of people have allowed the tabloid’s account, and all the follow-up gossip, to colour their impression of the pictures, which can be seen as quite innocent or very suggestive depending on how you choose to interpret them.

  21. Hi t57, please get to your point aka part 13 very soon like this week soon. You’re loosing people right and left. Do you remember nena? we follow each other on twitter and she’s beyond frustrated and I’m starting to be. It’s been almost 10 months. This fandom needs answers in order to move on from this. I wish rob and Kristen would just come forward with the truth and end the hate. There are some vile people out there that will pick on and belittle anyone because they hate Kristen because of the scandal. rob and Kristen are the only ones who can stop people like that. Check out @phw22 on twitter. She’s picked on just about everyone I follow and me. God speed t57!

  22. There are many things that say a lot, what happened at the Oscars, there are some provisions leave no forget the incident, The Razzie awards themselves, the contempt for the fans of both MTV and Mr. John Wilson Director Razzie, the portal Yahoo remembering and talking bad about Kristen when he can, but what pleased me most of all is the decision of Universal, to keep Kristen, and not continue with Rupert. I think this has been a kind of judgment between letters, and I think that Universal knows much more than we know. It is not logical to leave a director “successful” that is the soul of a movie, and opt for the beautiful protagonist, who can be replaced by any other. The sequel to SWH, will bring great surprises, and answer many questions

  23. I just hope Kristen finds some peace after all this. The tabloids calling her a home wrecker infuriate me. His marriage was long gone. Liberty used it as an excuse to end things and Kristen became a scapegoat. I have never been able to understand why any of this happened. Why a boss nearly 20 years older would risk being fired over harassment charges, and why Kristen would allow herself to get involved in this. We will probably never know but the amount of backlash she has taken over a kiss amounts to abuse. Hope we see the day this is all forgotten. Far too much has been made of it.

  24. The problem with the continuity errors lead me back to my original theory. I wrote about this almost a month ago but my post must have been lost.
    My original theory, before I came to this site, and my first few comments on this site was that Rupert set Kristen up. I believe your evidence proves this as much as any other theory. I know I have been all over the place with different theories and I’m sorry for that! I have given my original theory a lot of thought lately.
    This is how I think it happened:

    1. I think Rupert requested to meet Kristen. He could have used many reasons for the meeting that wouldn’t make Kristen suspicious to meet him.
    He could have suggested going to the empty parking lot to discuss “whatever” in private.
    Some of the pictures look innocent enough. Showing her new toned muscles. Perhaps to show him she is staying in shape for the next SWATH movie.
    The other pictures from the parking lot may not have shown Rupert hitting on her. There is one picture that appears to look like a kiss. I think it is very possible that Rupert came on to her and out of shock or a “momentary indiscretion” Kristen could have given him a small kiss. The rest of the pictures don’t say much except the photographer didn’t see anything worse than the kiss or she may have seen the photographer after the kiss.
    The picture where Rupert is bent down towards her belly could have been before or after the small kiss.
    2. Everything after that has a continuity problem.
    3. The lookout is very close to Rupert’s house. He has the experience and contacts to pull off the rest of the pictures.
    4. I have always wondered If Liberty was the original person in the lookout pictures. She is taller than Kristen. She has about the same build. The face and arms could easily been photo shopped with Kristen’s face and arms and possibly her body too. liberty could have been a fill in to get the poses set up for Rupert.
    5. The fact that some of the pictures show a ring while others don’t is a big clue that who ever photo shopped the pictures were using different pictures of Kristen from different dates. Same goes for the missing hat in some of the pictures.
    6. It is very possible Kristen went home and told Rob about what happened. She could have seen the photagrapher and known something bad was coming. When they were informed the pictures were coming out, they could have left town knowing she had been set up. They wouldn’t have even known about the pictures at the second location until they were posted or when Kristen’s PR team was notified.
    7. WHY WOULDN’T KRISTEN come out and say she was set up? That answer is easy! Talking bad about a director in Hollywood is taboo! Actors don’t do it! Kristen is no fool. She would have known that accusing her director of hitting on her would cause far more damage to her career than being caught supposedly kissing him. I’m sure she’s not the first actress that has found themselves in that kind of situation.
    8. Why wasn’t Rupert asked to come back and direct SWATH2? First of all Kristen is the reason that film made the money it did. The recent article from Forbes clearly states that Kristen was the reason SWATH was a box office hit.
    It is possible Rupert had already been replaced for the second movie. There were complaints about a lot of injuries on set and the reviews weren’t as good as they should have been considering the success the movie generated.
    That could have given Rupert motive to hurt Kristen. Not that he needed a motive. He also knew his marriage was ending. Like we have said many times, any publicity is good publicity in Hollywood. We have all seen Liberty’s career get much better since the “scandal.”
    9. If RUPERT sold the pictures, he got a nice payday. He doesn’t have the income Kristen and Rob have. He may have tried to blackmail Rob and Kristen. Do you think Kristen would pay the “so called” paparazzi for a picture?
    10. Rupert took full advantage of the paparazzi. Even with his kids. That set of pictures confirmed to me that he is a total jerk and had no problem sinking low enough to use his kids… No one knew who Liberty was before this “scandal.”
    11. The two people that gained from this scandal is Rupert and Liberty!
    Rob and Kristen didn’t need or want the exposure or the money!”

    Rob and Kristen gained a long vacation or private time while the fake stories went on without them. I don’t think that is a motive. They could disappear any time they wanted. No need for all the drama to run off and get married or have a private vacation.

    Out of all of the theories, this seems to fit the entire situation. There is a reason no one has come forward and made a comment except to say they support Kristen.

    Are you still going to post #13? I’m interested in the theories you have left!

    • I’ll address most of your argument in Part 13. It is coming, there is a method to my madness. Not to be too cheeky, but you’d probably be better off betting on the Derby than on the theory you just posited. No insult intended. Part 13 will explain why. With it, theories will rise and theories fall, but in the end we will be yet another closer to the truth.

  25. Well since I have gone around in circles on theories, I hope one of them is right. My first one, the one I just wrote makes the most sense to me. As you have pointed out sometimes the truth doesn’t make sense! 🙂 I’m looking forward to putting some of my theories to rest.

    • Sometimes the truth doesn’t make sense. But a lie much more often doesn’t.

      • When you like some one you tend to overlook all the shortcomings of that person. When you dislike some one you always try to blow up that person’s shortcomings. More often than not, in both cases the truth usually gets brutally murdered.
        A large section of Stewart’s supporters would never even consider the possibility of her taking part in this drama willingly. The haters would never agree to the suggestion that this was nothing but a well enacted drama.
        Too busy looking for reasons / excuses to love or hate. Never pause to look at the truth.

      • well put.

  26. This also explains .Rob and Kristens awards show argument, the delay in the supposed event and pictures being published, why Kristen’s peers have lost no iota of respect for her even the English ones, Why Liberty has spoken no harsh or catty words against Kristen in public, why no whisper of the photographers/paparazzis have ever reached anyone’s ears and why no reward was ever claimed.

  27. Hi t57, sorry I seem to always drag the human aspect of this into play probably too often. We should just stick to the facts. I know there’s a logical explanation for this scandal happening but I’ve watched an amazing fandom fall apart and the twilight experience ruined for a lot of fans. I know a lot of fans who saw the last movie only to see the saga to the end. Watching the last movie even felt a little different to me. i’ll try to stay to the facts but the humanity of this will always be the first aspect I think about.

    • Sorry to sound a little insensitive, but its time to get over it. We don’t own these people. Never have, never will. Without them there wouldn’t be a movie to have a fandom about. And remember, they didn’t sign up for that from the beginning and have been very honest about it. And as respectful as the could be. As the Bard would say, the problem is not “in the stars,but in ourselves”. Once you realize that, everything becomes clearer and the impossible becomes the probable. And it goes down a lot easier.

      • Nena was right. You’ll only deal with people who talk only in facts. You refuse to see the other side of this mess. I was taught in college to figure puzzles out through understanding human emotion and behavior. Those are my facts t57. I didn’t go to law school. I majored in psychology. Have you seen the show ”Hannibal?” Do you understand what the main character does? He sees the crimes through the killer’s eyes..feels everything they and the victims feel. you have your way and I have mine. Peoples words and reactions are just as valuable in court as cold hard facts. Don’t ever tell me how to handle myself again please. Think outside of the box once in a while. I do have a large conscience and proud of it. one track minds always derail.

      • I understand the other side of “this mess” as you describe it better than you may think. My undergraduate degree is in clinical psychology so I understand the notions of human emotions, behavior and motivation, and mental illness for that matter. And all of these topics were part of what eventually interested me in criminal law. So its not just a matter of dealing with only facts.

        But the problem results when people let their feelings and emotions interfere with neutral fact finding and assessing reality. Emotions and feelings that are not rooted in reality are clinical problems and we see it over and over in the discourse about this whole so-called cheating scandal. It started with those who immediately rejected the notion that Kristen could have an affair because she and Rob were in a “perfect relationship”. When the reality was that they were just like everyone else, a couple trying to make a go of it. It continued with those who “publicly crucified” her for having the nerve to cheat on the “perfect guy”, some of whom wanted him for the very own. When the reality was he is no more perfect than the rest of us and the likelihood they could have him was zilch. And then there were those who couldn’t accept that maybe, just maybe Kristen and Rob were involved in a “staged scandal”, because how could they do this to their faithful fans. Despite the fact that in reality, substantial evidence exists that shows that this is exactly what is going on. And finally there were those who hated her beyond belief, despite the fact that she never met them them or did anything personally to them.

        So I get emotions, feelings, and motivation. But when they get out of hand and aren’t rooted in reality, its a problem. Rob and Kristen are not Edward and Bella. Their lives are not a movie. And the reality is movie making and the job they do is about fantasy and make believe. Which within limits can be fun, and a distraction from our otherwise mundane lives. But they don’t owe us anything beyond a good faith effort to entertain us. They certainly don’t owe us an intrusion into the details of their lives.

        We might as well face it, a lack of reality checking is going on in a lot of the fandom. And the sooner people realized it, and come to grips with it the better off they will be. And the dose of reality might get them closer to the truth a little faster. Just some friendly advice. Don’t take it if you don’t want it.

        And as for out of the box, I don’t think you can get more out of the box than the Grand Punk. Other than Kristen being snatched by aliens and replaced with a replicant whose mission is to break the hearts of the fandom. Maybe I should call that Scenario X.

      • You already told me I pretty much figured this all out a while ago. Now you’re saying I didn’t? Make up your mind please. do you have any idea how difficult its going to be to get anyone to disconnect their emotions from this situation? Good luck with that one. I understand the fanbase. You do not.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by this comment. But this has never been about making people happy, the fanbase or anyone else. This has always been about a search for the truth.

      • Nobody ever said anybody owned them except maybe summit. The only reason I keep bringing up the fans and how this affected is because you seem to be in denial that it did hurt a lot of people. I enjoyed the saga with my husband and I have no memorable. I have no obsession to overcome. I feel bad for those that do. they didn’t ask for that anymore than rob and Kristen asked for paparazzi. I’ve only been trying to get you to understand them. Does anyone ever really forget a bad breakup? No. just try to understand their fans a little bit better. do I make more sense now?

      • I fully understand that people become invested in this, no denial on my part. My point is that “over investment” is not a productive thing. We’ve seen it here, over and over again. It interferes with reality checking. People probably don’t ever get over a bad breakup of

          their own

        . But their emotional well being should not hinge on whether two people who they have never met are or aren’t together. There are much bigger issues at stake here, like how modern mass media is turning people into sheep and manufacturing reality.

      • I do see where you’re coming from and you know I ”get it.” I’m sorry if I sounded negative. Maybe “the grand illusion” like the Styx song is a better name. It will be difficult like you said to get the overly obsessed fans to accept the reality of the situation. tough road ahead:-)

      • on that we certainly agree.

  28. I still believe stewart was set up by sanders

    • You are certainly free to believe whatever you want but there is very little evidence to support that notion other than speculation. Good luck proving it. 🙂 More on it in part 13.

  29. Hey guys! there is definately something dodgy going on with all this. I definately believe there have been photoshopping to these photos. What do you guys think is the reason or answer behind the statement from kristen is?
    Would it have been an attack as the best form of defense strategy?
    I wish kristen would sue or something because surely they cant just do this?

  30. I find it impossible to believe that Kristen would trade her FAME through a staged hoax for the INFAMY she has received [not to mention the embarrassment and pain Rob has experienced]. And before anyone jumps on me and says that’s because Kristen had no clue what kind of reaction this stunt would cause, I wholeheartedly disagree. Kristen has known for YEARS that many, many fans became over invested in the forged Edward-Rob persona and insanely jealous of her role both onscreen with Edward and in her real life with Rob.

    And for those who think Rob’s and Kristen’s lives have been untouched or are now completely repaired, I must disagree. My armchair observation of the tumult they have had to endure was neither easy nor brief. No, they may well be in a much better place now than immediately following the release of USW’s article last summer, but it was a long journey to get where they are now, both personally and professionally.

    Kindly note, I don’t doubt for a moment that the original story as published by US Weekly was contrived [photos and text both], but I believe the motivations behind it lay elsewhere. Just wish I knew exactly where.

    JMO –

    • The first step in this journey is rejecting the US Magazine version of events. You have taken that step. But don’t stop there. Nothing is impossible. But finding the path to the truth is about discovering the probable based on evidence. Let the evidence be your guide, not what you assume to be true.

  31. I have read and listened to every theory and commenter. Even those who have since disappeared from this site. My mind keeps going back to one of my best teachers who said, ” You will never find the truth if you start out with an agenda.”
    I think no truer words were ever spoken.
    Especially since this truth is about Rob and Kristen whom no one but the totally uninformed has ever been unbiased about. I think I’m done.
    I don’t need the truth that bad. I reached some of these conclusions months ago.

  32. Just to be clear, I don’t believe Kristen is a saint! No one is! If she cheated so what! It’s her personal problem and her personal life! Where the lines get crossed and become the publics business Is fake stories and fake or photo shopped pictures which led to a witch hunt against Kristen!
    If she played a part in this scandal then she must have known there would be hell to pay from many fans. If she didn’t, she deserves an apology! If she was part of it, she must have had a very good reason. Either way I am a fan! Her job was done on a movie set as far as I’m concerned. Although I am interested in what happened because at the end of the day this scandal was created for a reason! That is the question I would like an answer to!

    • Jennie: Now you are talking. The tabloids would not have bothered to fabricate all the BS if only the persons who claim to be Stewart’s fans had tried to be reasonable like you – leaving her to live her private life as she found fit.
      Had they managed to stay away from the tabs, they could have avoided fighting with the haters which encouraged the tabs to come up with even more unblievable BS.

      • An excellent point. The invasion of privacy is really a bigger atrocity than anything the pictures showed.

  33. I don’t have some big long thing to say; however, I stumbled on this website after the events of this weekend. I watched as people in the fandom fought and argued over who, what, when, and where. Someone posted this link and I come to see what it was about, and I am glad I did. You have answered and pondered some of the very same questions I have this whole time.

    I love the couple … people should lighten up on her.

    So, I have followed this blog and added to my following list on mine. Love it keep it up. I can’t wait to finish reading everything you have. I will pass this link along to other supports of R & K. Thank you so much!! 🙂

    • Your quite welcome and feel free to pass anything along that you think will help.


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