Oh the Tabloid BS About Rob & Kristen Just Keeps Coming!

By Twilighter

Why anyone believes anything tabloids say about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is truly one of the bigger mysteries of the early part of the 21st Century.

Imagine this stranger than Hollywood kind of story.  Rob & Kristen fresh off of their recent romantic reconciliation spend the weekend at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California to chill and enjoy the music.  Standing near stage at an evening performance of Jurassic 5 on Friday night, to her horror, Kristen discovers that she is standing right next to Liberty Ross, the soon to be ex-wife-wife of the “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, with whom Stewart was caught having an affair last summer. Wracked with guilt she flees the scene visibly upset at the confrontation!

And the only way you will get to this story is to use your imagination because IT JUST PLAIN DIDN’T HAPPEN.  But tell that to the tabloid press. Why should they let something like the facts get in the way of a juicy piece of BS.

So let’s just start with the facts before we move on to the BS.  The facts are that on Friday night, April 12th, Rob & Kristen in the company of Katy Perry and others took in the show of Jurassic 5 at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, and there were plenty of pictures and stories to prove it.


Rob & Kristen enjoying Jurassic 5 at Coachella on April 12th

Meanwhile Liberty Ross attended the Diesel + Edun Studio Africa Event at the Rolling Stone Rock Room at Tally Horse Ranch in nearby La Quinta Friday night in the company with her new boytoy Jimmie Lovine. And managed to weasel her way into a photo with Bono and his wife. And here is the photo to prove it.


Liberty Ross, Bono, Bono’s wife Eli Hewson, Jimmie Iovine, and Renzo Russo at Tally Horse Ranch on April 12th (pictured right to left)

For those of you are geographically challenged, those places in Indio and La Quinta, although nearby each other, ARE NOT at the same place.

And finally Bono never went to Coachella because he went to Palm Springs for the Diesel +Elum event in La Quinta, to support a joint venture he has with Diesel to sell African made free trade clothing.  We know he didn’t go to Coachella because he said as much in a interview on  that was videotaped.  That interview started with the following from Bono:

“I was reminded as we arrived here just how magnetic and magic the landscape. And it was very difficult, I’ll be honest with you, as a lead-singer type to drive by the festival – I just felt like I’d missed something very special, but I missed something very special to be a part of something extremely special.”

If you don’t believe me, watch the video at http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/coachella-2013-bono-talks-denim-collaboration-with-diesel-20130414#ixzz2QeuNvqHv .  The something extremely special was the Diesel + Edun event.  He even ended up doing some impromptu singing with a musical group while there.  And rest assured, if he had gone to Coachella, I’m sure twitter and the internet would have lit up about it, which it didn’t.

So to summarize the facts, on Friday night, Kristen & Rob and friends were at Coachella watching Jurassic 5; Liberty and her boytoy were at Tally Horse Ranch with Bono, Bono’s wife and hundreds of others; and Bono didn’t go to Coachella.   

Now enter the BS.  Whenever BS appears, it’s not unusual to find the English tabloid The Sun somewhere around. They are that paragon of journalistic excellence that was responsible for breaking the important story and pictures last summer of Prince Harry in Las Vegas naked.  Clearly Pulitzer Prize material.  I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, at least when The Sun is around. Here’s how The Sun’s turd of story began:

Kristen Stewart’s tears at Coachella- Love rival at the same gig

By GORDON SMART, Showbiz Editor

Published: 16th April 2013

Standing at the front of a festival crowd is always likely to have its drawbacks, like being hit by a cup full of warm liquid making its way to the stage.

But Kristen Stewart would probably have swapped her situation for one of those missiles after she and Robert Pattinson found themselves standing next to model Liberty Ross at Jurassic 5’s Coachella gig at the weekend.

The Twilight stars were among the first to arrive at the side of the stage to watch the hip-hop group’s performance.

But Kristen was mortified when the former wife of movie director Rupert Sanders, who she had a fling with last year, turned up.

The model was at the music event with new boyfriend Jimmy Iovine and his old pal Bono from U2.

A source said: “Kristen has tried so hard to put everything from last year behind her — and she still feels incredibly guilty.

“She and Rob had turned a massive corner in recent months and they were both there to enjoy themselves.

“The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable, either. She looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.”

Just to up the ante, the web version of the article included an obviously photoshopped image of the supposed encounter.  Note the heavy graininess of the Rob & Kristen side of the photo below and the lack of graininess on Liberty’s half.  Note also how they lifted Liberty’s image out of the Tally Horse Ranch image from above. The caption is The Sun’s.


California streamin’ … Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson shed tears at Coachella

Imagine that, a tabloid involving itself in photoshopping.  Now that’s really convincing stuff, isn’t it? And always the ever ready unnamed source, johnny-on-the- spot able to provide commentary on what Kristen was thinking and doing.  But then again, there is that little problem.  Bono said he didn’t go to Coachella because he had a more important thing to do- the Diesel + Edin event.  So Liberty couldn’t have “been at “ Coachella with “Jimmy Levine and his old pal Bono”. And furthermore who is this mythical unnamed source who knows Kristen’s every thought and stalks her to the backstage bar later that night? A casual concert goer who talks of Kristen’s struggles and guilt and turning corners?  A trusted friend who just decides to  blab their mouth to a cheap tabloid? Or just a figment of the sick imagination of a tabloid editor spinning a sensationalized piece of garbage?

Yes, if it looks like garbage, and it smells like garbage, it most likely is garbage.  Certainly no other reputable news outlets that would pick this up, would they?

Well got news for you, there are not that many reputable news outlets left particularly when we talk about celebrity gossip. Any time you can smell the BS, you can also be certain that Hollywood Life is not far away.  And are good friend Bonnie (the compulsive liar) Fuller couldn’t resist sticking her foot right in it. 

Her web story of April 16,Kristen Stewart: You Were Right To Avoid A Liberty Ross Coachella Run-In [dateline April 16, 2013 3:39pm EDT] began by describing how Kristen almost experienced her worst nightmare at Coachella on April 12.  Fuller went on to babble on how the affair affected Liberty blah blah blah and how an “awkward encounter was barely avoided” as they came within several feet of running into one another.  [Editor’s note: that several feet was closer to about 10,000 feet as the crow flies. That’s how far the Coachella Festival and the La Quita ranch are from each other].

Bonnie babbled on about how a run in was inevitable and how there were “unsubstantiated reports” following the scandal that Kristen planned to write Liberty an apology but that Bonnie didn’t think that ever happened.  Note also that the unsubstantiated report of this apology letter came from none other than Hollywood Life at the time of the “so-called scandal”.  Query also how Bonnie would know would whether the letter was penned or not. I am sure there is an unnamed source crawling in the slime somewhere down there at Bonnie’s feet. Bonnie concluded the tripe with some of her typical useless irrelevant-to-the-situation relationship advice. 

Speaking of picking up the turd and running with it, Wetpaint.com is another tabloid website that couldn’t resist the story.  Their account, Kristen Stewart “Upset” After Seeing Liberty Ross at Coachella: Report by Ryan Gajewski was a basic regurgitation of The Sun story:

Kristen and Rob were listening to hip-hop group Jurassic 5 perform on April 12 when they suddenly noticed that they were standing very close to Liberty Ross, who was there with her current boyfriend, American Idol’s Jimmy Iovine. 

Kristen apparently was relieved that Liberty didn’t appear to notice that she was standing there, as Kristen “still feels incredibly guilty” about what happened between herself and Rupert.

”The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable,” a source says about Kristen. ”[Kristen] looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.”

Thankfully, Kristen and Rob left the area, and there was no encounter between them and Liberty.”

I guess wetpaint missed the part about Bono being there even though they were citing The Sun as their source.

Sugarscape.com also couldn’t resist sticking their foot into it either, only this time Kristen and apparently “bumped into” Liberty. Their account penned by Carl Smith, “Kristen Stewart left feeling ‘upset’ after she and Robert Pattinson bump into Liberty Ross at Coachella?

Just when things were looking all bright and beautiful in the world of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, it seems things have come crashing back down to reality after the pair had a majorly awkward encounter with Liberty Ross at the Coachella over the weekend. After being spotted holding hands and looking loved-up at the festival, the Twilight stars apparently bumped into Liberty of cheating scandal fame. EhhhmaGahdd.

·         Yup, cast your minds back to last summer and the earth shattering that K-Stew had cheated on Rob (we can barely even bring ourselves to type this again…) with Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders – leaving both R-Pattz and Rupert’s wife Liberty pretty pissed. And whilst all this seems like a distant memory, the sitch apparently reared its ugly head *again* on Friday.

According to reports, Rob and Krist met up with Katy Perry to watch Jurassic 5’s set on Friday. Meanwhile, Liberty was ALSO at the SAME FRICKIN’ GIG avec her new beau Jimmy Iovine. And Bono from U2. Obvs. Now as you can imag, the situation was said to be *pretty* tense, with one onlooker telling The Sun “Kristen has tried so hard to put everything from last year behind her, and she still feels incredibly guilty.”

She and Rob had turned a massive corner in recent months and they were both there to enjoy themselves. The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable, either. She looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.” Well this is all very unsettling, innit? Just went things were looking so good.

What do you think? Kinda wish you were a fly on the wall at that gig? Comments please.”

Well here are a few comments for you Mr. Smith. They apparently bumped into each other? Who is your source Mr. Smith?  Because if you are using The Sun they didn’t talk about “bumping into” any one. At least, unlike wetpaint.com, you got Bono back in there, even though it seems Bono says he was never there. And as for your disingenuous dread of typing about the “so-called cheating scandal” and how it is all a “distant memory” your website has written literally dozens of accounts concerning Kristen and mentioning the “cheating scandal”, several as recently as in the last two months. So don’t give us your fading memory and regrets about typing.  We are not buying it. And finally, imagining the “tenseness” of the situation is difficult to do when we realize that this whole story is a figment of your imagination.

Enter another journalistic paragon, mydaily.co.uk and their account, Eek! Kristen Stewart And Liberty Ross Go To Same Gig At Coachella Alert by celebrity writer Ellen Stewart on April 16.

Mega awks! Kristen Stewart , Robert Pattinson, and Liberty Ross apparently found themselves standing all in a row at the Jurassic 5 gig at Coachella over the weekend.

·         The trio were said to be spotted in too-close-for-comfort proximity at the hip-hop gig, and boy oh boy don’t we wish we were a fly on someone’s straw trilby for that encounter.

·         Apparently K-Stew and R-Patz rolled up early to watch the show and must have been more than mortified when the former wife of movie director Rupert Sanders, who Stewy had an affair with last year, showed her face.

·         According to The Sun, a source said, “Kristen has tried so hard to put everything from last year behind her – and she still feels incredibly guilty.”

·         Adding, “She and Rob had turned a massive corner in recent months and they were both there to enjoy themselves.

·         “The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable, either. She looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.” Uh oh, do we sense a few tears before tent-bedtime?

Wow.  Now they are all in a row.  How did Ellen Stewart figure that one out?  Maybe that fly on a wall that she stole from the Mr. Smith’s article was flying around Coachella and told her all about it.

And finally there is thestir.cafemom.com and their account,  Kristen Stewart Almost Runs Into Liberty Ross at Coachella — Awkward! By Adrianna Velez.

Guess who Kristen Stewart almost ran into at Coachella? [editor’s note: please,oh please tell us, we can’t wait.]

I’ll give you a hint: She’s skinny, dark-haired, and she probably considers KStew a total homewrecker. That’s right — according to a source, Kristen Stewart and Liberty Ross nearly had a close encounter at Coachella. And apparently it rattled poor Kristen.

Can you imagine, those two running into each other? What would they even say? “Oh, hey Liberty. You’re looking great. Good thing we both ditched Rupert, right? Heh heh …” There would be so much uncomfortable discomfort and awkward awkwardness, I think Kristen would probably die of an awkward attack right then and there.

Wow, sounds like maybe even the cafemom isn’t buying it:  “almost runs into”, “apparently rattled”, “can you imagine”, a Rupert joke, and “she would probably die.”  But don’t get your hopes up, the article continues:

So here’s how it went down. Kristen was hanging out with Robert Pattinson (duh) and their pal Katy Perry on one end of the festival. And then Liberty was partying with new boyfriend, record producer/mogul Jimmy Iovine, and their pal Bono over at the Diesel + Edun Studio Africa Event at Tally Horse Ranch (um, what?!?). But then Liberty wandered over to the Jurassic 5 concert, which is where Kristen was. And supposedly KStew freaked out like she’d just run into her ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend at the high school prom. Quoth a source:

Kristen has tried so hard to put everything from last year behind her — and she still feels incredibly guilty. She and Rob had turned a massive corner in recent months and they were both there to enjoy themselves. The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable, either. She looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.

Or maybe she was just disappointed that Jurassic 5 only played songs from the new album. Anyway, now it’s time for conspiracy theory number 812: Liberty Ross hired Kristen to break up her marriage so she could date someone infinitely cooler, like Jimmy Iovine. Because look — she’s dating Jimmy Iovine now. And maybe she went to Coachella partly so she could thank Kristen in person.

Okay, that was a fun little trip to Crazyland. I mean, Jimmy is cool, but he’s also 60, and you can only be so cool at 60 without actually being a Rolling Stone. Anyhoo …

Much ado about nothing! Chances are, Kristen and Liberty are going to bump into each other again sometime in their lives. And I hope they can both keep their heads when they do. Maybe they’ll toast each other’s health and laugh it all off.

What do you think Liberty would do to Kristen if she met her in person?

“Quite frankly my dear Adrianna, I don’t give a damn.” Yours is just another of hundreds of tabloid accounts regurgitating the same old BS that started with the fictitious account at The Sun. Because that is what tabloids do best, create a BS lie and then relentlessly repeat it in an attempt to make people stupid.  Which sadly you are often successful at.


34 Responses

  1. So ridiculous!
    I assume the photoshopping in this case is meant to be obviously fake.

    • I assume so. But when you deal with tabloids when is it obvious and when is it subtle. Its really fifty shades of gray. Pardon the pun.

      • Very true. Look at the “scandal” picture at the fence, the one people call the earless picture. It’s more than clear something’s been done to the image, but they still published it as is.

  2. These tabloids are nothing but trouble to me. Way to go Justice for Kristen. Good job.

  3. OMG, WOW this takes fabrication to a whole new bizaro level. I’m SMH they make up stories just for publicity. How can you tell when they are publishing truth or trash? I’m am sicken by all these fabricated stories. So Sad!

    • @Kory April 17th__We can’t, nor are we meant to. How would they fool us so easily if we could. This is their game. They hold most of the cards and to sweeten the odds for them the technology just keeps getting better. The one wild card in this game is faith, whether you choose to believe their lies or not. Due to this site and the many others like it more and more are refusing to believe. They still rake in the money but I like to think that we have taken a lot of the joy out of it; plus the money they lose for every one who finally gets tired of the same old lies and leaves them to the juvenile, senile customers that still swallow their blatant lies.

  4. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. The heat is on! Everyone of these gossip sites knows all of the BS stories are being revealed and yet they deliberately photoshop a picture of Rob Kristen and Liberty. It goes to show they obviously have no fear of being sued!
    Something BIG needs to happen to publicly reveal this game of Monopoly. Only these sites get real money. Unreal!!
    And so many people actually believe the “scandal.” What happened to common sense?

  5. A prime example of how low one stoops to make money. And they call Stewart a cheater.
    So cheating is a crime, lying is not, eh? Tragic.
    I can only sympathize with the stupid gullible fools who believe such BS.

  6. Most of these people stopped believing a long time ago. They just can’t stop hating Kristen for having their dream. I think she understands and pitys them. Is there anuthing worse than that? Not if you are a jealous vicious harpy who truly thinks he deserves better there there isn’t.

  7. I truly wish that they would sue the heck out of these rags once and for all and then the paparazzi for the harassment they endure every time they walk out the door enough is enough…I think every source mentioned should be named and put and end to that silly crap once and for all

    • Jenela, Twilighter57 is a lawyer, He can tell us all the resons why this can’t or won’t happen. The trouble is, no matter how wise and learned his words may be, he just can’t make our hearts understand and accept why Gordon Smart can’t be sued for printing outright lies, photo manipulations and propaganda aimed at keeping Kristen and Rob at the center of their own personal, money making industry: The Freedom of the Press. The tabloid/paparazzi.The not as other mortals/ oppression of the beautiful, the famous among us, I know he’s making sense, speaking English but it’s still Greek to me. Because even after all of those words it’s still unjust and so makes no sense at all. I thought laws were meant to serve people not people to serve laws and the telecommunication industry. But hey, what do I know?

      • Well I know Freedom of Speech is a given Right to Americans. However, it amazes me that libel, slander and defamation of character is not something that should be allowed to be printed unless there is absolute proof. These idiot should have to site their “Sources” and have to name them along with enough evidences to make sure they aren’t just spreading lies and gossip. I think if this was done a lot of this garbage would end real quick…Carol Burnett successfully sued the National Enquirer for their lies and slander and I think more celebrities should do the same…I feel as you do the laws were meant to serve the people but the telecommunication industry has their rules to protect them and why the Paparazzi has such freedom is beyond me this is complete invasion of privacy and harassment. I feel for all celebrities who have to endure this and Robert and Kristen have taken a beating and it should end now.

      • From what I understand (and I’m not a lawyer, or an American, so I may have it wrong), they are hiding behind laws meant to protect legitimate journalists.
        It’s bad for a free press to have to reveal their sources, so the tabloids, even though they’re not what we’d call journalists, can employ the fake “source” to say almost anything.
        To protect a free press, newspapers can’t be sued for libel unless they can be shown to have lied deliberately and maliciously and to have caused damages. Tabloids hide behind this law by claiming they had a “source” they believed, and by not saying anything that would obviously impact on a celebrity’s income.
        Even if they were sued successfully, I’m not sure it would help. They would pay money they can well afford, to a celebrity who doesn’t need it, and 24 hours later would be back printing the same articles. Without being able to show an article caused damages, other than embarrassment, the celebrity may not even be allowed to proceed with the suit.

      • So you mean to tell me that they can get away for a false statements. While they are getting a kick out of destroying other Celebrities lives and hurtful. Its like getting away with murder. Its the same thing. I don’t mean physical. But mentally. What happen to pass the law. So if say Celebrities beat the crap out of them they can get a arrested. But when these tabloids or Papz say beat out of the crap or shoot the one of the celebrities that they can get a away with it.

      • I realize that the free press has to protect its sources but this is not protecting anyone when they make up stories saying this and that and it can be proven beyond a doubt that they weren’t in the same area as was the photocopied picture of Robert Kristen and Liberty having met up with each other at the festival when Liberty was not at the same location. This is a lie and can be proven it was and the rags should be accountable for that. I think the public is finally waking up to the fact that what is said on those rags and many of the news gossip programs are nothing but lies and if I had their money it would give me great pleasure to drag them through the streets and public because of their slander—In fact spending some quality time in the court room would be worth my time if I was being talked and lied like this 24/7 and have to grin and bear it and NO its not part of the job description they signed up for. Libel is libel and slander is slander no matter who you are.

      • As someone who has probably spent more than 20,000 hours of my life sitting around in courtrooms, doing so is not as exciting as you might think, let alone quality time. And I at least had a job to do when I was there. Parties to a case, witnesses, and the like are most likely going to expend many many hours of doing nothing more than waiting. Its the nature of the process. And its one of the primary reasons many pass on the opportunity to get relief. Even when wronged.

  8. I came across this 2010 article, in which online magazine The Gawker tried to rate tabloids on accuracy. Using only celebrity reports which could be falsified (marriages, breakups, pregnancies, engagements, and adoptions), they checked a year’s worth of stories in the more popular tabloids and followed up to see how often the reports had been accurate.
    Us Weekly was deemed the most accurate of the tabloid publications, with its cover stories in those five categories turning out to be accurate 35% of the time, its overall content 59% of the time. The lowest rating goes to The Star, with only 12% overall accuracy.
    I think the rating would be quite a bit lower if it were not restricted to verifiable reports.


  9. So Justice for Kristen, What are we going to do with this trashy tabloid that may a fake, false statement. With Hollywood Life. Or say Hollywood Lies. We need your help.

    • I suggest you get on every tabloid site you can and blast them with everything you have got. I have already done so. I think we need to make an exception to tabloid free because this is just plain ridiculous. First the “scandal nonsense, then the Liberty Rob and Kristen picture at Coachella, now this. The tabloids are getting bolder my the minute.

      • As long as the paparazzi are seen as a useful tool by so many and as essentially harmless to others nothing will be done that will have lasting effects. The new paparazzi’s aggressive, even violent, stance is
        our best ally. If they ever make a misstep and go too far in their zeal to be the first and best with a photo and in the process cause harm to a citizen or a star then and only then will we see a change, in my opinion.
        But I’m naturally cynical and tired of these baby step laws that address your average citizens concerns about anti stalking. Well intentioned as they are these bills do little to reign in the paparazzi if they will only exercize the least bit of sense and patience, use caution and curb any violence while employed as a paparazzi. Otherwise the stink would raise too high around already scorned publications.

      • There are three opportunities to go after them. First, when a tragic incident occurs. The death of Diana in France resulted in some profound legal changes to occur there and in England in terms of the law. It is a sad commentary that laws sometimes do not change until someone gets hurt. The second is when the tabloids get caught in a actionable lie. But that is really up to the directly injured party and we have seen how litigation can be time consuming, expensive, and not always satisfying. Finally we can go after them economically. I think approaches like tab free Friday are an important first step that needs to be ramped up to a complete boycott, but that a direct appeal to their advertising may well be more effective and direct.

  10. Isn’t it a shame that one can be harassed, lied about and have all this nonsense be put in print and it takes to long for due process to settle these cases asap. Seems to me that our Justice System is failing the innocent doesn’t it.

    • What can I say other than agree.

      • I guess not much its just a mess isn’t it?

      • I left a proposal above that I believe in. If you see things that I missed please point them out to everyone. I will be away for a few days. If either you or Sue find it unusable as is please rewrite a workable one using your field of expertise as a lawyer. If this is doable at all it needs to be done right. It tickles my fancy to beat them with the all mighty dollar. Sort of like fighting fire with fire,
        Thank You
        Jean Worley

  11. We, who are eager to know each and every thing about the private lives of the celebrities are responsible for the growth of tabloids and paps. We, and only we, can stop this. It is very easy and simple. But are we ready and willing?
    Smoking kills. The tobacco industry still thrive. In spite of the clear warnings written on the cigarette packets, we still find people smoking. That’s the reason. We simply call it addiction.
    Tabloids certainly can’t kill. But it affects your mental well being. It causes anxiety, anger, hate and frustration. All for nothing. Because the subject we are reading about or talking about seldom affect the person about whom it is written. The funny thing is, most of us know it, the celebrities know it and the tabloids know it.
    Even though the solution is very simple, it is almost impossible to make some people understand and accept it.
    “Freedom of press” has to be re-defined.

    • Good luck with that. It benefits too many people as is. As for movie stars they are at the mercy of their own popularity. When they used that terminology ‘not as other mortals’ it wasn’t done with reverence or even good intentions. Those justices were very aware of being mortal. That language doesn’t elevate the rich and the beautiful, the famous above us it lowers them beneath us. So that they were meant to be kept at our mercy and our sufferance.
      That’s how I’ve always interpreted that veiled language. In short it is not in keeping with the rest of The Constitution. It fosters divisive thinking and hate. And provides no restriction concerning the truth or untruth of the printed statement while limiting these people in gaining redress through the law and courts. It wasn’t a mistake in language it was a useful tool then jut like the paparazzi are now.
      In short it is what it is. We can deal with it or move to another country.
      Even in the best of people and society you will find the odd vein of envy or hate. In this case it was formalized in the language of the law and written into the US Constitution. Some one named Nick on The Plan
      said it best. “While Senator McCarthy was investigating Hollywood for unAmerican activities he should have been investigating what was going into the amendment to Freedom of the Press and the United States Constitution.

    • I Totally Agree with you “Freedom of Press” needs to be re-defined. Its amazing to me that the minute an affair etc. happens among our mighty Congressmen, Politicians and Pillars of Society the noise is made and then quickly shuffled to the back page.

      Meanwhile, poor Rob leaves for the weekend and the BS hits the tabloids that Kristen was with Rupert…Oh! Please give it up this is a dead end story and it didn’t happen–it was the valet …all these lies
      and invasion of privacy can kill a person’s spirit…feeling you are being
      judged for things you did or did not do can crush a person be they young or old; some people are strong and can deal with this kind of negativity and others aren’t and that is the big problem here destroying people’s lives with slander and defamation of character…The laws need to be changed now.

  12. I see this as a catch 22. I have quit going to all of the gossip sites because I don’t want them to make money off of my presence on their site. At the same time I feel like I’m not doing anything to help this outrageous problem.
    I have never signed up to a site that requires my information. I’m more than happy to give them a piece of my mind!
    What would some of you suggest?

  13. Twilighter–is your email out again? I want/need to talk to you. Please contact me ASAP.

    • Nope, been a bit negligent, we are just coming back from family Spring Break. Just a quick flight away now. I should be on most of the day after about 11:30 ESt if that helps.

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