The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup: Three Critical Details

Following the frenzy that exploded across the internet over the weekend, it time to examine three important details of the latest breakup of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. And those details are pretty telling. But before  I do, I should mention that there is definitive proof that the X17online photos were actually taken on July 17, 2012,  the night of Kristen’s tryst.  Or was it April 9, 1990, the day of her birth.  I will let you decide and cast your vote later below.

Now as to the critical details.

First, the story started because of a half-ass account of a notoriously fact-challenged online tabloid,  X17online, that claimed they followed Kristen around all day on Rob’s birthday on May 13, and that she had a big blowup with him over the phone. In X17online’s account, X17online photographers so-calledly photographed her on the afternoon of the 13th:

“Kristen was pacing back-and-forth in her friend’s apartment, smoking. She looked really upset, talking on the phone for almost an hour — I’m guessing she was talking to Rob. She was really animated, like she was trying to explain something. She was getting frustrated and seemed very emotional,” our photographer tells us.”

Yeah right. Where are the photos of her talking on the phone that afternoon?  They couldn’t manage one after an hour?

X17online’s account continued:

“After KStew finally wrapped up the heated conversation, she and her pal drove to another friend’s house and stayed outside in the street, in her friend’s car, talking for almost 45 minutes.”  Where are the talking in the car photos? They couldn’t manage one after 45 minutes.

Though a large part of the “incident”  occurred in the afternoon, all of the 13 provided photos appear to be taken in the evening. With only 13 provided after hours of following her, and most of them duplicates. And still no video. And she stands conveniently at the doorway of an apartment where she can be photographed.  By a tabloid agency that has been following her continuously for weeks. I won’t even bother with how she seems to change clothes from frame to frame and goes from a pony tail to her hair fully down.

Yes, here we go again.  Brought to you by the same two bit tabloid/ paparazzi firm that brought us the bogus “Kristen Reunites with Rupert the Valet” story. A firm that can’t decide if its a paparazzi pack of dogs or a minor tabloid trying to break into the big times on the internet.   And many bought this latest X17online BS because they thought the photo’s “time stamp” proved they were taken on May 13th.  More on that in a minute.

Second, the story gained traction because an unnamed, unidentified “source” told People Magazine that Rob and Kristen broke up after a blowup on Rob’s birthday.  I have lost track of how many times Rob and Kristen have broken up, but suffice to say that the last time was as Rob was leaving to film Rover.  And we saw where that story ended up: in the trash can where it belonged.

People and their source were playing it safe though, claiming they could be back together any minute and the breakup was “just for now”, whatever that means.  With other tabloids jumping in with more unsubstantiated bull, and one going so far to claim that they are still living together though broken up for “the sake of the “dogs”.  How touching.

Of course that has only been further enamored by PopSugar’s latest, the “Sixty Five Million Dollar Man Moving All His Shit in a Pickup Truck” story, complete with the dogs.

Third, most if not all of the information that is passed on concerning Rob and Kristen’s relationship or lack thereof, is either outright fabricated, unsubstantiated, or clearly erroneous, whether it is blogged, tweeted, written, or commented on. That has been proven over and over and over again.  For twelve examples see and and many other articles on this blog.

This latest account is just as ridiculous as all of the rest.  Take a deep breath, the bull continues.

But lets get to it, when were the x17online photos taken?

See two copies of the famed photo below.

X17 #1.

This one proves the photo was taken on July 17, 2012, the day of Kristen’s famed tryst.

X17 #2.

This one proves the photo was taken on the day of Kristen’s birth back in 1990.

Viola!  The photo was taken the night of Kristen’s tryst back on July 17, 2012.  Or was it taken on the day of her birth back in 1990? Years before the internet and jpg files were even invented.

You can really have some fun and even make the last accessed date before the file was even created.  Bottom line, you can manipulate the date/time stamps of any jpg or data file at will.  Which is exactly how I fabricated these data file dates on these photos.  Which is exactly how X17online fabricates its dates all the time.  Just like the rest of the tabloids of the celebrity gossip machine.  Don’t believe me,  see free online software from AttributMagic.  Google it.  You can alter dates of files and photos at will without detection.  And that isn’t the only software out there.

So its your chance to cast your vote.  When were the X17online photos actually taken.


47 Responses

  1. Yup this whole thing is too out there to be true. Honestly I have a whole theory on this! It ALL makes sense to me. And I can tell you the new picts from Popsugar of Kristen…those are from fameflynet. Yes the same peeps who took the supposed scandal picts. They, like the scandal picts, are not for sale on their website. What does that tell you? Hmmmm

  2. Hi Twilighted:

    While I DO believe that X17 doctored the dates of the photos, I have to laugh because while making one of your glorious points to us, you have once again made one of your glorious typos! Lol

    On the first photo (July 17, 2012) the “created date” is correct but the “modified date” shows as JULY 17, 2013! This date has not even occurred yet! Which of course makes your point even more valid as proving that you could put any old date in there! But unfortunately, not enabling me personally to answer the poll question. Lol

    I think the poll should have an additional choice of “It was taken on an unknown/doctored date”. That’s the one I choose.

    Once again thanks for your time and effort.

    Dee (@FangirlinGranma)

    • Actually it wasn’t a typo, it was intentional. I wanted to see if anyone would catch it and you did. Congrats. Extra Credit.

      • Lol…guess my old “proofreader” days are showing!

        This whole thing reminds me of a little song I used to sing to my kids when they were little: “Be careful little eyes whatcha see! Be careful little ears whatcha hear! Be careful little mouth whatcha say!” (Too old to remember the rest lol, but that’s the pertinent part!)

        The tabs serve up the BS on beautifully decorated tables like the most elaborate buffet to choose from, with china, crystal and golden cutlery…but ultimately, they still expect us to eat SH*T…no matter how its presented! Let that sink in for a minute!

        Thanks again

      • love your imagery, so spot on.

  3. This is just another example that reading tabloid BS is like reading a fairytale! The Evil witch being the tabloids and paparazzi!
    At this point I don’t think we can trust photographic evidence as proof of anything. Photographic technology has made it difficult to trust what
    we may have once considered proof of a relationship, tryst, ect. We should use caution about anything that is not confirmed to be authentic by the subject in the picture.

  4. bad people, bad people

  5. like i say pure crap, they try to sell ,using Kristen and Rob

  6. Making up s..t again leave the poor couple alone and pics of Rob moving out his stuff looks like he is clearing out trash to me.

  7. *laughs* Kristen must be a real pain in the ass for the paps!!!! She’s sooo not giving them what they want, so what they do? They make stuff up!!!

  8. Interesting information about the photo dating. Thanks once again. I’m remaining agnostic about the situation for now.

  9. What do you think is going on here? Is this still has to do with July? Honestly I’m really confused

  10. how about the pictures of rob moving his things fro kristen house?

    • What about them?

    • abcd: Sorry to be picky about this, but I think this is a big part of the problem. We don’t, technically, have “pictures of Rob moving his things from Kirsten’s house.” What we have are pictures of Rob driving a red truck with a lot of stuff piled up in the back, apparently in the Los Feliz area (judging by the sign in the background) and with dogs in the cab with him. The conclusion about what he was carrying, where and why was added by the tabloid in which the pictures were published. In much the same way, a photo of Kristen Stewart standing around looking sad is presented as “evidence” of a breakup going on. It’s natural to let the conclusion stand, since it does seem like a reasonable one, and that is one way tabloids manage to make their stories seem solid.

      • As usual, your points are quite appropos. The tabloids are trying to make their story out of what are equivocal “facts”. One thing I can add having been to the site. The one photo of Rob in the truck and apparently at a keypad does appear to be at the entrance to Los Feliz 1 on Aberdeen in LA. I recognize it from my visit there last fall. But there is an oddity in another photo, one that has been the lead photo at a number of sites. It the side view of the truck with what appears to be a very sign of LOS FELIZ above the truck. I can’t establish that location and the sign is abnormally large. Not saying something is hinky here, but that it is certainly odd.

        But as for what the photos show, your points above are otherwise fully accurate.

  11. Investigation fail. You are confusing “Internet properties” with exif data on the photos. Exif data shows when and where photos are taken and cannot be manipulated. Internet properties show nothing, basically.

    Check the exif data…and weep. They were taken the evening of Rob’s birthday.

    The paparazzi do occasionally lie about the date pics are taken. The exif data always tells the tale. It’s how the fandom has figured out past lies about the dates. This, however, isn’t one of them.

    Oh, and taking pics of her pacing on the phone? Those are illegal now in California. They have one of her at the door (borderline, but they can get away with it), bu they can’t publish anything shot through a home’s window. Does it mean what they are saying is true? No. But it does explain why those pics aren’t there.

    • Hello readers: This is the kind of nonsense we have to swat away all the time.

      Sorry Red, comment fail. There is plenty of software out there to edit exif files, which allows you to change a multitude of data with these files, particularly information that the photographer doesn’t want going out into the blogsphere. ExifPilot is only one of several software packages out there that can easily alter such data. It can be used to remove gps location data from the file, correct any number of the fields, and for more nefarious purposes such as altering the date taken, geo-location, virtually everything in the file. The idea that data file information cannot be corrupted and altered, and that exif data “always tells the tale”, is a figment of your imagination. I guess you can weep about your “proof” about the date these photos were taken.

      As as for your legal assessment, I suggest you go to law school and try living in the real world for a while. Paparazzi regularly flaunt the law and tabloids frequently print their garbage acting with impunity towards it. The notion that they only printed this one because it was “borderline” is ridiculous and uninformed. If you want to get into a legal argument, site the Calf. Code Section and make your argument. Don’t babble about what you think the law is. Otherwise, leave the lawyering to the lawyers.

  12. Thanks for everything. Loving these websites. True fan of your work. Keep up the great work.

  13. Everyone has been waiting for something big to happen on Rob or Kristen’s birthday. That’s what they got. The paparazzi are desperate for another big payday! They have no morals or ethics!
    I doubt there is a real breakup. If there was, do you really think Rob would stuff his truck in the middle of the day with paparazzi waiting outside? I highly doubt it! This looks like a way to make Rob and Kristen have a great laugh! They can do the most normal thing like cleaning out a closet or moving items from one house to the other and it turns into a scandal.
    Good work T57 🙂

    • Some will try to argue that this is Rob’s way of announcing the split. But if he really wanted to do so, why not just call people and announce it. And get movers to get his stuff. No, this was done clearly as a show. The question is, what was intended to be the show and why?

      • Uh… how about me and my big red truck is as captivating as a four alarm fire. You guys think I’m so interesting, that me just taking the garbage out and donating to goodwill makes your day. Suckers. It was in Kristen’s way and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. How that translates into a British accent I’m not sure. But that was probabaly the gist of the big red truck ride.

      • I’m leaning on one of my theories where all of this fits together? Just when I think I have figured out who, what and why, something happens to change my mind! But I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another way to get back at the paparazzi.
        There are so many cryptic messages sent by Rob, Kristen, and their friends….
        If they are doing this to punk the paparazzi then good for them!
        A simple answer could be they need to relocate again? But why the show?
        T57, I have recently decided that patience isn’t one of my virtues! Quit holding out! When are you posting #13?

      • soon, its almost time.

    • I do remember reading someone saying that something big was going to happen around Rob’s birthday (probably on Gossip Cop because that’s the only site I go to now)…could it have been a true “insider” who knew exactly what was going to go down? And I agree, that would be the LAST thing Rob would do…he would never give the paps the satisfaction filming such an event unless it was to punk them in the end. This idea that was mentioned of doing a “documentary” is beginning to make sense to me…

      • What do you mean a documentary? I’m kinda lost right now!!!! My internet was down for a long time and it was hard to keep up! Someone care to fill me in?

  14. The pictures of the pickup truck in the driveway don’t appear to be taken at Kristen’s Los Feliz home. It’s easy enough to find, but you can’t get a street view. How many people actually know what the front of her house looks like?

    I thought T57 wrote somewhere that these appeared to be last year’s photos from that “break up”. I remember those photos vaguely and they appear to be the same. Maybe I read it somewhere else.

    There’s no such thing as a reliable source for all the garbage the rags publish. Think about it please. If you were a friend of Kristen’s or Rob’s would you talk to H.Lies, US, or People? And I mean the kind of friend who’s close enough to get the inside information that they report. Heck no!

    Unfortunately, their preferred method of dealing with this type of information is not to comment at all. It creates a information void that the rags exploit for millions of hits. GC can’t get anything and their owner is supposedly friends with Rob’s agent. I’m inclined to believe that the rumor is false do to the suppression of information. If they had in fact broken up, confirm it and move on. Silence just means that the paps are going to be hounding their every move. The price of the next picture of them together just went up big time. It’s the one problem with their strategy of ignoring the “fiending”, there are so few shots of them together that if a pap can get one, it’s worth a lot more.

    The tickler is that almost every one of the few articles that I read suggest that they could be back together shortly. They are basically admitting that they don’t have a clue and are making it up.

    And great research once again T57!

  15. T57: I so agree with your feeling about the Los Feliz sign in the one pic. The absolute moment I saw that particular picture, I immediately thought it was too “framed” and looked like the photographer/director said “Let’s get the whole truck in the frame with Rob’s stuff showing…and there…that’s perfect right here under the Los Feliz sign!” It was like…let’s make sure any idiot out there will not question where Rob’s truck is and where it is going…

    • Novlady51: I noticed that myself. It didn’t occur to me that the sign might be photoshopped in, but it did look very convenient to the point of being a little cartoonish, like a big Exit sign.

  16. I truly thank you & your staff for making people aware of the awful things that some are getting away with. Kristen is an intelligent, unique individual. Rara Avis. She does not deserve all these false stories, spin, bullying.

    Sent from my iPhone

  17. I am absolutely amazed and quite concerned, by Kristen. I am convinced now that something, or someone very powerful behind the media, it is provided non-stop walking, to destroy this girl. Never in the history of the U.S., was accused, and was outraged someone as much as this girl. I do not even I can explain. Rob meets with KP in NY, and the blame for the breakup is Kristen. What do we do? twilighted57 once said Kristen’s team find the solution to this. It’s been almost a year, and the trash still in droves, no one utters. Unfortunately, they are the echo before the world, and Kristen in doorways always the worst comments. It is enough to click on google. I feel like a helpless mother. A young man can not harass him like that, anywhere in the world

    • The celebrity gossip machine has been testing its power in the new 24/7 tabloid/tweeting/blogging era. It’s time to quash them before they are to powerful to quash.

    • Yes, I think Harassment is the right word. When is this going to stop!

      • When people (fans) give them a zone of privacy that is respected and the tabloids are unable to cash in on people’s uncontrolled desire to know about the intimate details of their lives.

      • Exactly. We have to take responsibility for our own part in this horrible situation.

  18. I don’t believe in this recent crap and I never believed in the crap from last July. Paps and rags will fabricate a slew of crap for $$$$$$$. it is sad that they keep picking on Rob and Kristen. But alas, they are their pay dirt. Sickening. Fandom is twisted.

  19. I would love for all this reporting of a breakup to be untrue. It would be nice to see the paps and rags have to eat this one. The ultimate pay wouldn’t you say. Couldn’t happen to nicer hateful people. I would like to see them put out if business completely. They have gone out of their way to assault her for almost one year now and drag him through the mud for believing in her. Don’t recall any other celebrity being attacked like this. I guess its because they can’t stand to see successful ones out there at such a young age. Where are the legal teams….asleep somewhere? A good law suit would silence their lies .

    • A lawsuit, even a very successful one, wouldn’t end it. It’s been tried. Celebrities win lawsuits against a tabloid and they pay their fine and go on as they did before. There may be ways to shut down this kind of thing, but apparently not through a simple lawsuit.

  20. wow that is just crazzy

  21. i did it again. the haters got to me and I had to answer back. They call her such awful names. she just a young girl and they don’t even know her. how can you hate someone you don’t even know. I told them they were liars, and that they were trying to destroy her. but that they wouldn’t succeed I hope I’m right . everyone she works with likes her, It looked like she got injured today on the set. They said she had got her butt kicked at boot camp. she had a bloody lip. Twilighted57 did you see the strangers in the night video. she would be great in those Liz Taylor movies, especially Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I don’t know who they could get to play Paul Newmans part but it would be great. That would show them. It’s a great dramatic role that I think she would be great in.

    • Carol: I know Kristen Stewart inspires a lot of protectiveness in her fans and admirers, and it’s understandable to be upset with pointless insults against a total stranger. At the same time, we should remember that Stewart, and those close to her, know the truth about her life and her character. I doubt she’s seriously troubled by this ridiculous name-calling. She’s doing work she loves, and is surrounded by people who seem to know and like her for herself. She has extremely strong fan support. Even the tabloids seem less and less able to get personal information about her. I think she has things nicely in hand, or soon will.

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