For the Doubters and the People that are Worried about Rob and Kristen!

These first two, you’ll need to go to the site and then enlarge the images.  Look for the cup in the driver’s door.  This image is REALLY dark and it is difficult to see…but there is an In-and-Out cup in the pocket of the driver’s door.

Kristen is BACK!!!  And I think she knows that they are about to pull the rug out from under the assholes that have been so awful to her!!!!

Look Closely!


23 Responses

  1. Thank you!!!

  2. Dude…I’m not a doubter…but this means either one or the other of two things…well, mayhaps 3…for the cup in the driver’s side door….
    1. both sets of pics, the fender bender and the Soho house are the same day….
    2. they don’t clean out the car very often
    3. that’s just where they put their cup….every time.

    My bet is they don’t clean out their car very often…hale…I’ve got a pop can still sitting in my console from last week…eww…I know.but it happens…

    Your take of the cup please?

  3. OF course then….it doesn’t really matter does it?..It’s the same friggin car……LOL

  4. what are u trying to say about these pics i dont understand?

  5. who is the woman meeting kristen in the pic? is it her mom?

  6. As always, your wisdom humbles me. Thank you and t57 for all the work you’ve both done.

  7. Please I don’t understand eather. what do you mean?Why thi cup in the car is important/

    • The car is the same in both pictures. It is the car that was in the accident a week or so ago and it is the one Rob was driving today. The pictures prove that the car is the same. If they broke up, why would Rob be driving Kristen’s car? They didn’t break up that’s why! All of this breaking up BS is just that BS!!!!!

  8. I don’t think Rob and Kristen do random things. It’s hard to read too much into the cup. I’m guilty of the same bad habit!
    As for Rob driving the car. I think that was on purpose! They love to send their fans cryptic messages! This might be one of them. They are playing with the paparazzi and I love it! I think the little cryptic messages are a way for them to tell their fans they are ok! They have been doing this for years. I just think the stakes are higher the price for their pictures are higher and maybe they have a bigger plan?

  9. the fandom has to STOP wanting their pics and NOT obssess/share info that makes them a bait. they are being STALKED every day STALKED,everyone is concerned for them and yet not realize that its happening for them.papz get their payday because of the fans wanting to know what is happening in the lives of their favorites..tabs and paps would come to anyone who does not believe them and by the way this is a HUGE fandom who constantly RTs circulates rumors and reports.the more u circulate that stuff the more they would want to do more to satisfy ur obsession.

    They have a Life to might not see them together does that mean they are over! and let me say this i am not a crazy doubter/ shipper.why on earth do we need to know EVERYTHING that is essentially private and THEIRS.its like they are with someone else and the next thing u know she is not with him/he is not with her.tabs see that and the rest is history! i am also going to humbly ask u not to stalk their friends accounts.u do not have the right to extend ur obsession.if u want them to live peacefully limit the bat crazed obsession and don’t share stuff that isn’t ur business They are humans not fictional character not any more! insecure accounts should leave and don’t come back if ur gonna make drama out of everything every time!Its about movies ultimately not personal life the media always has and will be giving u stuff for $$$ but u will be the one with the choice of taking or leaving it why not make a choice and say I knew nothing then i know nothing now

    Following the stuff i said above i suggest the FANDOM to back off let them be and Kristen CLEARLY MEANS IT!

    • Naila, I agree.

    • I 100% agree! I do not search either of them on the web. If they choose to be in a magazine then I will buy it. Not a tabloid magazine, one where they posed and gave an interview. Other than that I think everything else is off limits. This situation is out of control and someone is going to get physically hurt! I think the emotional hurt has already happened!

  10. so the cup is the answer!

  11. But maybe the car is Rob’s and Kristen was using it at the time! Not that i believe the bullshits, but I think Rob and Kris are trolling the papz and I recall a tweet of Suzie that said to “Back off, the fans, the papz and they where gonna drive us crazy ” or smth. i don’t know if the tweet came from her thou. Great job nevertheless!

  12. I just found this blog an I love it!! U truly are opening my eyes to a lot of things! I have a question about the other photos do u thing they photoshopped her ring out of those as well ( I’m talking about the other two where she is with her friends) or is she just not wearing it?

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