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Hi everybody. Once again, real life kicked me in the arse, so I was out for awhile. What do I come back to? A whole shitload (and I might as well apologize right now for my mouth) of drama. And where did all this drama originate? Where else? X freaking 17. Imagine that. Whichever one of those stalkers posted a pic of Kristen supposedly all stressed out, having a long, drama-filled conversation on her phone, and he GUESSED she was talking to Rob. Guess this, Xfreaking17 – that picture wasn’t even TAKEN that day. The date was altered. It was taken last year – see Twilighter’s post on Justice for Kristen titled The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup: Three Critical Details – you can see for yourself that the date on that photo was altered. Why do something like that? Well, everyone remembers April, right? All the good-feel pics we got of Rob and Kristen out in public, at Coachella, just out and about, having fun with friends? Well guess what kids. Good feels don’t sell. And that’s why the paparazzi and tabloids had to switch up the game some. They weren’t getting the web hits they needed to pay the bills. And they did it so easily. All it took was ONE slime-ass paparazzo to alter some pics of Kristen looking unhappy, and bingo. The tabloids are back on top. Selling like crazy, collecting those clicks on their websites like the swampland in Florida sellers pieces of crap they are. Drama sells – happy doesn’t. Twitter timelines are batshit crazy. All because of that ONE X17 paparazzo.
Everyone remembers what Rob says about “castrating paparazzi”, right? Well, remember the pics of them at Coachella? He looked like he wanted to hit a few of them, didn’t he? I imagine all those stalkers HAS to get under your skin after awhile. How would YOU like it? Being stalked all the time? Both Rob and Kristen have movies starting soon – don’t you think they’d like a little down time, alone time, before their busy schedules start up again? In my humble opinion, Rob and Kristen decided to switch the game on them. Rob would duck the paparazzi as much as he could – and Kristen would go out and take all the heat from the papz. Has anyone noticed they do that for each other from time to time? When they came back from London after New Years, Kristen lured the paparazzi at JFK that day. Rob was on a separate flight, and slipped into LA unnoticed, on the same day. Kristen took the heat that time. And Rob’s done the same for her. I honestly think Rob is very tired of the papz all the time, but he stays in LA because that’s where his love is, that’s where Kristen is. Do you honestly think, as much as he despises the paparazzi, that he would stay in LA and leave Kristen? No. He’d be back in London with his family and friends. Other actors base themselves overseas – Rob could easily do the same.
There really is no need for all this drama. I believe in both of them. They are both very intelligent young adults, that have been through more bullshit at their ages than most people live through in an entire lifetime. They’ll do whatever is right for THEM. They don’t owe us anything except a good performance in their movies. I absolutely believe they’re still together, but if they’re not, IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I admire both of them tremendously, and love their love. But if they’re having issues, don’t you think they deserve our respect, some space from all the bullshit that’s Hollywood? Put yourself in their shoes. How do YOU feel when someone butts their nose into your private issues with your significant other? Not very happy about it, I’m sure. Now imagine this entire Twilight fandom butting their noses into their business. One of their friends, CJ, had to delete his twitter account, or suspended it himself for awhile. There were so many Rob and Kristen “fans” and “haters” commenting on his instagram, and tweeting him, that he finally had enough. And I don’t blame him. Their other friends on twitter and instagram might be next. They get the same amount of comments from Rob and Kristen “fans” as CJ did. Seriously, is that any way to treat someone your a fan of? Harass their friends for information that is none of your business? They give so much of themselves to us already. April was a gift to us. Let us take it as a gift, and leave them alone now. And PLEASE stop all this unneeded drama. It’s really stupid, if you think about it, especially considering the “source”. Only this source has a name – Xfreaking17.
Alright – rant over. Thanks for reading – and please just peace out. There’s real drama we can get excited over – and that’s coming up next. The Paparazzi Reform Initiative needs our help. This is for real work that we can all chip in and help on. Productive ways to stop all this needless drama. That’s coming up next! Thanks for letting me vent – I needed it! Peace out, Misty

2 Responses

  1. I agree with you there Misty. Thanks for telling us. See this is why I listen to you.

  2. Omg !!! I love you so much , you voiced my thought exactly and everything you wrote are make sense that they are always there protect each others. Thank you 🙂

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