Oh the Rob & Kristen BS Just Keeps Coming and Coming Part 3

by twilighter

    “So mark my words.  And don’t be surprised the next time you see Kristen coming out of Los Feliz 1 on Aberdeen.  And don’t be surprised when she is behind the wheel of the Mini Cooper again.”

I managed to take a cell-phone free, non-internet access, extended Memorial Day weekend away and I have to admit it felt good.  Kind of like that special feeling you get when you know that no matter how many people are out there worrying about what you are doing, where you are doing it, and whom you are doing it with, they really don’t have a frickin clue.  When you are so under the radar(online), that nary a paparazzi, or a tabloid, or a gossiping neighbor  has a clue as to what is really going on. Ah …, it must be a really good feeling, one that Rob & Kristen enjoy virtually every day.

But, the world marches on, and I eventually had to come back from the wilderness to the unreality of all that is going on in the so-called Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal”, and its latest twist, the Rob and Kristen Breakup, Part  ___ (fill in the blank with a number from 10-100 here). And no breakup story is complete without dozens of BS tabloids stories to tell the tale.  As in fairy tales, a type of short story that typically features folkloric fantasy characters such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, dwarves, giants, mermaids, or gnomes, and usually magic or enchantments.  A story as in fiction, not to be confused with reality.

As I have said many times before, never have two people been subjected to more continuous false reporting, false tweeting, and general BS than these two. So lets take a look at the highlights of the BS since I slipped out of town such a short time ago.  There isn’t enough time in this life to review all of it.

Let’s start with the “Rob Dumped Kristen and Moved Out of Her House” story, although there is an alternative version of this fairy tale that is called the  “Kristen Dumped Rob and Kicked Him Out of Her House” story.  Why did this happen?  If you read any number of  tabloids you could variously believe that it happened because: 1). Rob ditched out on his own birthday party, pissing Kristen off; 2). Rob miraculously and conveniently discovered a text from Rupert on Kristen’s cellphone while she was in the shower, pissing him off;  3). Rob couldn’t get over the fabricated “cheating scandal, something he has tried to do for almost ten months with Job-like patience; 4). Rob stepped out with Katy Perry, an unknown blond, or an unknown female to be named later, pissing Kristen off; 5). Kristen stepped out in a lesbian relationship with Tamra Natasin, pissing Rob off; or 6). Kristen was just too clingy, pissing Rob off. Blah, blah, blah.  All based on unnamed, unidentified sources.  Including even a fresh account from People Magazine based on two contradictory tweets that was printed, pulled, and replaced with yet another story claiming so-called sources who as usual remain unnamed. ( the  Rob & Katy Perry at the San Ysidro Ranch wedding rehearsal story).

Where do all these stories have their roots?  Yes, the Xonline17 story of April 23rd.  You remember that one don’t you?. The one where Rupert Sanders suddenly takes a job as a valet at a restaurant in LA.  Followed by the Rob Moves Out of/Is Kicked Out of Kristen’s house story.  The 65 Million Man Moving All of His Worldly Belongings in a Pickup Truck tale.  As is evidenced by him driving in a truck with some stuff in the back, including both of the dogs and both of their bikes. Going into his house on Aberdeen in Los Feliz.  Oh yeah, that’s the place that all the tabloids assured us he was selling back in August of 2012.  Funny how that never seemed to happen isn’t it?

And remember, don’t let the tabloid crap slide, this was the house he couldn’t stand to stay in because all of the “bad memories” associated with it.  And yet here he is again.  Isn’t that amazing. So much for the tabloid tripe. I don’t want to rub it in any one’s face but I blogged nearly nine  months ago that he wasn’t selling the house, and when I was in LA in September, the house looked very much occupied down to the garbage being taken out and the paper being delivered.

I have already emasculated some of this garbage in a prior post, The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup: Three Important Details at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-zJ located elsewhere on this site. But now let’s look at this weekend’s garbage.  Here are my two personal favorites.

Story #1

Moving Truck at Los Feliz 2

Moving Truck at Los Feliz 2

This one is too good to be true, combining all of our personal favorites: staring unnamed, unidentified sources, penned by Eleanor ( the Unbelievable) Hutch, Butch, Bitch (sorry, I couldn’t resist), and with photos provided by that venerable journalistic wonder FameFlyNet.com.  Isn’t that special.  Note the caption, “a moving truck is seen leaving Kristen’s house on May 23, 2013.”

Only problem is, it isn’t leaving Kristen’s house at all. That’s a TOTAL FABRICATION. Its entering a gated community of  over a hundred houses in the Laufflin Hills subdivision, one of which just happens to be Kristen’s.  There is absolutely no evidence that the truck even went to Kristen’s house, let alone ended up at Los Feliz 1.  If it did, why haven’t we seen the photos of that since there are only two ways in and out of Aberdeen.

As usual Hutch is the epitome of clarity. From her article and I quote:

“Nothing tells a girl you’re done with a relationship like a moving truck in the driveway!  A truck was spotted leaving Kristen Stewart’s house on May 23rd, presumably containing all of Robert’s stuff.”

And later in the article,

“Twihards can begin weeping, because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appear to really be over.  On May 23, a moving truck was seen leaving Kristen’s Los Feliz home, and it was likely full of Rob’s stuff.”

So Eleanor, which is it: “presumably containing his stuff” or is it “likely full of his stuff.” Or are you simply full of it?  And do you think that just because you tell us twice that the truck is leaving Kristen’s house that we are supposed to believe it is? When your blessed photo doesn’t even establish that fact?  Kind of reminds me of this photo.  Remember it?

Moving Van purportedly leaving from Rob's Los Feliz estate on July 28th

Moving Van purportedly leaving from Rob’s Los Feliz estate on July 28th

Yeah, the one from last year in July that turns out was no where near Rob’s house, but was rather fabricated by the tabloids into a fake story to try to make people think there was a moving truck at Rob’s house.  See http://wp.me/p2JqVX-6o  for a refresher course on this lie.  What’s with the tabloids anyway, moving trucks, buying houses, and unknown blonds with boobs. They are so damn predictable.

Hutch’s article winds up with a regurgitation of the The Sun’s nonsense about the text in the shower, and a gratuitous “This is just so sad. We really wanted Rob and Kristen to make it work!”

Eleanor dear,  I think Bitch is a better name for you after all.  No Lying Bitch, now that’s perfect. But I do have to hand it to you. You didn’t go over the top and claim that Kristen supervised the moving truck as the DailyMail did today.  But watch out Bitch, your competitors are nipping at your heels.

Story #2


Story #2 includes the so-called smoking gun evidence of the mystery blond according to that journalistic paragon, the Daily Tripe (Mail) and its cited source, Radaronline. So this is the mystery blond that all the tweeters and tabloids have been writing (and lying) about. She’s an English playwright named Polly Stenham.

Per the article and citing Radaronline, it’s supposedly an Instagram picture of the pair showing “the talented 26 year old with her arm draped around Robert and another pal as they enjoyed a night out in NYC shortly before his shock split from Kristen.”  Posted by Rob’s musician friend Mathew Daniel Siskin, although it has mysteriously disappeared from his social networking site.

But there are actually four people in the photo not a pair.  And they fail to mention that the woman in the foreground is none other than Tamra Natasin, as in Katy Perry’s assistant, and Kristen’s purported lesbian love interest according to many other tabloids and tweeters. Polly is an acclaimed young English playwright who penned a play that happened to star Tom Sturridge in early 2013. Imagine that.  Sturridge who was on Broadway in NYC back in early May, when both Rob and Kristen came to see his play Orphans on separate dates.  Oh how the plot thickens.

And who exactly is taking the photo? None of those four obviously.  Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it.  Is this actually from the night of the Met, which Tom & Sienna Miller, Katy Perry, and Kristen attended, and also the night when Rob and Kristen purportedly partied in NYC? Kind of explains why Tamra would be present, wouldn’t it.  Take a look at an earlier posted photo from the Robsessed website that appears to be from the same evening.

Photo posted earlier on Robsessed.com

Photo posted earlier on Robsessed.com and on instagram

If so, these photos were from about May 6, not “shortly before his shock split from Kristen”  on May19.  And yet the Daily Tripe jumps the gap and tries to turn Stenham into the mystery blond. Pathetic really.

So where are we as of Tuesday May 28th?  I’ll tell you where we are.   Repeat after me, never have two people been subjected to more continuous false reporting, false tweeting, and general BS than Rob and Kristen.  And tabloids + unnamed sources = BS every time.  The breakup story started based on a pile of bull that has only grown as more and more tabloids have piled on.  The pile may have gotten higher, but it still smells the same.

So mark my words.  And don’t be surprised the next time you see Kristen coming out of Los Feliz 1 on Aberdeen.  And don’t be surprised when she is behind the wheel of the Mini Cooper again.


18 Responses

  1. But why won’t they issue an official statement to stop the madness on the different websites?

    • A statement will only lead to more madness, which is why they have generally not fed the beast. Take the “apology” for instance. Irrespective of whether Kristen made it or not, its effect did not lessen the media frenzy, it fueled it. Now the blogsphere had something to chew on and people variously decided and debated about what the statement meant and whether it was to be believed. An apology to an momentary indiscretion turned into a proclamation that she lied and there was a long term affair. In spite of absolutely no evidence to support it. Viewed from that perspective, she would have been better off saying nothing.

    • I agree with Twilighted on this. No statement will stop the speculation and the lies. Statements would only be used as fuel for further speculation. It would be like trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it.
      Besides which, although it is easy to forget with the endless media coverage, neither of these people have ever freely made statements about their relationship or their personal lives (unless you count the People Magazine apology, and there are multiple reasons not to); neither have ever acknowledged that the public has any right to know about their private lives. Issuing an official statement that they broke up/are still together/whatever would be admitting that strangers have some right to know these things.

      • Just the three words… Rob and Kristen…light a flame. Any additional words are just fuel for the fire. Imagine if you can that yours is the life that people find that fascinating. Twilight fans defy description and category. Those who love and those who hate Rob and Kristen run from educated and professional to illiterate and profane. Combining die hard supporters and die hard haters of one or the other star.
        In essence when the tabloids saw our reaction to this couple they hollered, ” Hallelujah.” and have been busy dissecting Rob and Kristen’s life for public consumption ever since, Would you even go outside your gated community in their place? I wouldn’t.
        They tried to celebrate Kristen’s birthday in the public eye at Coachella. They had to literally run from the paparazzi who are getting bolder and more aggressive. Fans are getting louder and crazier. Tabloids lie and slander and instigate hate.
        Rob and Kristen have no choice but to live a quiet life apart from their public or to part. Since neither are dating other people it’s self evident to me that they are together in whichever home they choose. And we remain none the wiser. Just as it should be.

  2. Thanks for another good summation of the non-existent facts behind all this.

    The unique and surprising thing about the “Santa Barbara sighting” article was that it actually identified a source by name, first and last name, as one of the guests at the wedding rehearsal. Not that it was necessarily true, and not that it matters in the least if it was, but it was funny how electrifying it seemed to have a piece of gossip provide some verifiable link to the real world.

    Re: “don’t be surprised if she’s behind the wheel of the Mini Cooper again.” Does she still own the Mini? Was that just a quip on your part, or do you have some reason to know that she kept it? I’m just asking because keeping the notorious “scandal car” in her possession rather than getting rid of it after last summer would imply a great deal.

    • That was no quip. Despite the tabloid hysteria that Rob had the car chopped up into many little pieces, there is no credible evidence as to her getting rid of the car. Let’s just say I am doing a little enlightened prognosticating.

  3. Loving the blog, could not say any better myself. You just sum it up very succinctly, with humour.

  4. I’m not sure what to think! Before I comment I want it to be clear that I don’t believe any of the tabloids!
    I just wonder if all of this BS is too much for them as a couple? This is the real world! How much is too much for a couple? They are damned if they are together and damned if they break up.
    If I were them, I would probably move to a deserted island and live in peace. I get why they don’t comment but this has got to be wearing on them!
    I would like to think there will be an end to this madness but I just can’t see it today.
    I broke my own rule and read some of the stories and comments over the weekend. I’m glad I quit when I joined this site! It is quite infuriating!

    • Live and Let Live. Simple.

    • Jennie, I am like you I don’t believe what the news tabloids write or the gossip nags chirp about and like you I can’t imagine how these two are ever going to get past anything without coming out and telling the world together this is the way it is…”We are through or we are together and all the lies that the tabloids and gossip nags have written and said are false and its no ones business so stop believing and buying them.”

      I mean its unreal what is going on with these two and I think it has to be pretty darn depressing…If they go somewhere they are analyzed, if they are seen with someone they are sleeping with them…if they go some where out of town they are having a hookup- enough is enough. I really know its not any of our business but I think if they would just give a statement once and for all these fans will know their “sources etc.” aren’t going to fly anymore… its like they are involved in their lives and it’s their daily soap opera.

      I feel for Rob and Kristen because there are 100s of pictures of them together and it must be hard for them to deal with on a daily basis. All I have to say its crazy about how people get on their band wagons and say mean and ugly things about people they don’t know and try to interject their own opinions on them.

      • I respect your point of view Jennie, but I don’t think this part of your statement is true: “if they would just give a statement once and for all these fans will know their “sources etc.” aren’t going to fly anymore”. Even if they gave such a statement, which I believe they have done so implicitly for years, it would only launch a temporary, “oh they are together” honeymoon, but then every time they are seen at dinner with a new costar, meeting with someone at the Roosevelt, or whatever else, the tabloids will simply claim that they are now breaking up or now stepping out. There is no such thing as once and for all for the tabloids, and Rob and Kristen shouldn’t have to live their lives continuously reaffirming for public consumption that they are together. They are the only ones who truly understand the impact that this nonsense is having on them, so I think they have the right to decide how to deal with it. And if its “I’m not going to give the fiendlings an answer” then so be it. When they are ready to make a statement, they will.

        The only way this “stops once and for all” is when the idea that a celebrity’s personal life is not our business takes root and grows. Put the tabloids out of business. Or at least be confined to those who are crazy enough to want that sort of attention. Both actors and their adoring public bear the responsibility to make this happen. Rob and Kristen have valiantly tried to plant that seed on their own behalf. Many other actors have the same desire. But only we can make it a reality.

    • Twilighted, Just to be clear, I said I understand why they don’t make a statement. Kristen and Rob have both addressed many times that the tabloids don’t tell the truth and everything they do is taken out of context.
      I think their way of making a comment is the little hints in their clothing, etc.
      I agree that this stops when people stop buying into the stories therefore putting the tabloids out of business. I just don’t see that happening any time soon. I wish it was that simple! Laws need to change and the mindset of most fans need to change.
      First, I think Summit created a lot of this mess! The fact is they made millions because Rob and Kristen became a real life couple. I personally believe they were behind many of the false stories! In return it started the extreme fans to react to those stories and kept them involved with the movies and made them too involved in Rob and Kristen’s personal life!
      Second, Reality television has given many people the idea that we are entitled to know EVERYTHING about celebrities.
      I think something BIG needs to happen for the public to see the tabloids for what they are. Laws need to be passed to stop the paparazzi from stalking celebrities. I hope it happens soon! Like we have said many times, someone is going to get hurt like Princess Diana.
      Thanks again for all of your hard work!

      • I agree with all that you have said but maybe something BIG is happening, hiding in plain site.

      • Oh I hope so!! I really want to see the tabloids and paparazzi land in a pile of pig dung! Preferably Rob and Kristen pushing them in it! 🙂

      • Is that something Big in plane sight a recent picture? If so, I think I know what you’re saying!

  5. I’m confused because I could swear I heard Rob say on the Tonight Show that he had a grey toyota for his sporty outings. Did I not hear this correctly? Kristen had the car when she was in the accident which made people think it was hers?
    Love this site…..thanks

  6. I’m so tired of all the lies, I just wish they would leave them alone, I don’t understand why they pick on them all the time, it’s so sad. I come here when I feel myself start to fall into the lies so I know that it’s just more shit they write about those two, thanks for setting me right, Hugs Guene

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