This Shit Has to Stop!

tshtsFor a long time now I’ve stayed quiet on a lot of things that have been said about Rob and Kristen, mainly because I know in my heart that once again the media have become bored with the fact that our Golden Couple are perfectly happy and living their lives away from the media spotlight. I’ve lost count in the amount of times they have tried AND failed to make us believe in their lies.

From the moment Rob and Kristen got together the media have been jumping through hoops to get their hands on their so called “EXCLUSIVE”. The evidence is clear in the video I posted before this. There is a reason Rob and Kristen have not come out and publicly said ‘We are together.’ They already get mobbed wherever they go, confirming it would only make things worse.

We’ve survived a lot over the last year, however I doubt our frustrations and anger have anything on how Rob and Kristen must feel about these continuous fabrications. Just like the rest of us Rob and Kristen have feelings, they hurt, what right do the paparazzi and media have to dig into the personal relationship between two people who quite clearly belong together. For years, they put themselves into the spotlight in order to bring Meyer’s “Twilight Saga” to life, they did not sign up to be harassed and stalked 24 hours a day by the vulture we called ‘Paparazzi’. Like most people, I have supported Rob and Kristen throughout their careers, way before they met each other and fell in love. However if it’s one thing that I hate its bullying.

I came to a huge realisation today whilst deciding whether or not to create this Robert-Pattinson-and-Kristen-Stewart-were-spotted-having-a-long-coupley-kiss-at-a-nightclub-in-Cannes-finally-putting-speculations-of-their-off-screen-relationship-to-restblog, it doesn’t matter what the media say about Rob and Kristen, hell it doesn’t matter what we discuss about them whether it be their romance, twilight, what movies they will be doing next, when they will get married, when will we see Kristen’s baby bump. We’ve focused on what accessories Kristen wears, knowing for a fact that it will have come from Rob. Gold ring, necklace, bracelet. Yet we are all forgetting the most important thing of all, she has Rob by her side.

Earlier this week we had three sets of photographs that speak volumes for me. The first ones being Rob arriving at an undisclosed location but WAIT, he wasn’t just driving any car he was driving KRISTEN’S car; you know the same one that she was driving when she had that minor fender bender in April. Not only was he driving her car, but he went home to THEIR house. Let’s not forget that they tried to say Rob ordered a removal van once again to move out. No such thing occurred. The van was a POD storage van arriving at a completely separate house in the Los Feliz complex where Kristen and Rob’s house is one of many. Then there were the pictures of Kristen with Suzie and Kassie. Once again, the paparazzi have tried and FAILED to photoshop the pictures in order to fit their own story by removing Kristen’s ring and then pasting her finger back onto the original image, how stupid do they think we are, we’ve studied that golden ring for years. Only yesterday we got pictures of Kristen and friends, once again Kristen interacted with us, (like she stated she did in Toronto when asked by Ben Lyons) this time her clothes said it all, ROB’S white T Shirt, ROB’S shades and what looked to be ROB’S hoody which he wore on his short trip to NYC before the Met Gala. Now for the most recent images. Kristen with friend in LA, wearing ROB’S cap, and a second pair of ROB’S shades. The indicators I’ve pointed out, prove once and for all that Rob and Kristen are together, happy and living their lives the way they want. IN PRIVATE. So I urge you all, if you must talk about Rob and Kristen use your DMs, Email, but don’t tweet, let’s see how much the paparazzi and media can write when there are no tweets from their fans to steal.


Thanks to Everything Robsten

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  1. Totally with ya! One hundred percent.
    Thank you so much for the love, compassion, and simply awesome freakin’ good common sense! What a much-needed balance in the online world you are!
    Geeze-loueeze, I love this blog!! Really, you’re just the best. I’m just so glad for all the good work you do on behalf of the poor dear lovely ones, and I humbly thank you.

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