Please join us in supporting Paparazzi-Reform Initiative and The Plan!  The paparazzi are completely out of control.

Paparazzi-Reform Initiative is sponsoring two bills in California.

  • The first is California Assembly Bill 1356.  Amending Section 1708.8 of the Civil Code will more clearly define activities in which there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Schools, medical facilities and entrances and exits at specified facilities should not be impeded by those whose incentive is to obtain financial gain from ill-gotten photographs.   Additionally, the bill empowers the victims and the courts to take action against those who create emotional distress and psychological trauma via the unauthorized photography of children for commercial gain.  In other words, it will provide celebrities a way to legally protect their children from the paparazzi.
  • The second is The California Assembly Bill 1356-Stalking Reform Bill which changes the existing law by including a statement that addresses the term “under surveillance”.   The way the law is currently written, it allows the victim’s home, child’s school and places of work and worship to be under constant surveillance.  The victims lose ownership of every part of the personal and private lives and have no recourse against the stalkers until it may be too late.
  • This bill would add to the currently standing bill, the act of surveillance to the already existing list of unacceptable activities.  It would allow the victim to use “substantial emotional stress” as a complaint against a stalker.  Additionally, it would not require the victim to prove the stalker intended to place the victim or members of the victim’s family to fear for their safety.  Instead the victim need only prove that the stalker acted in reckless disregard for the safety of the victim or the victim’s family.
  • The “substantial emotional distress” standard is defined and does not require the victim to suffer physical injury.  Instead, the victim need only prove that the stalker caused the victim to suffer substantial fear, anxiety or emotional torment.
  • The amendment goes further by including the indirect actions taken by people working for the stalker that cause the victim harm as a “credible threat”.  It defines “follow” as the stalker’s movement as it relates to the victim.

When the time comes, you can help even if you don’t live in California!  We will let you know how and when!  In the meantime, please remember that the tabloids pay these people ridiculous amounts of money to take these pictures.  EVERY TIME you go to a tabloid, you are helping pay their salary.  Get the word out!  It is a time for things to change!

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