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I’d like to add to what Misty has said.  It occurred to me this morning (and I just sent an email to Twilighter about it).  Wouldn’t it be funny if the pictures of Kristen were either… 1.  Her flipping off the papz, not because she hates them (which is a given), but instead–we f*d you guys again and you are to stupid to even realize it!  OR  2.  They were released by Kristen and Rob with poor photo shopping to allow those willing to take the time to figure it out,  that they are together and all is fine!!!


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  1. Hum… after seeing the new pics of Kristen out in Reno without the ring. I guess the photoshop theory is out of the way and it wouldn’t be like them to do anything like that. IMO she flipped them off because they were probably saying disrespectful things.

  2. Or both

  3. What is the point of someone taking them out of the picture if she’s still wearing them? It’s just a matter of time until a fan sees. This is crazy. Why lie? There are days when I think Hollywood is not just slightly crazy but evil as well.

  4. Another interesting bit is that if Robert broke up for good with Kristen why he is not in England? All his family is there and many actors live in England and only go to shooting locations. Robert only moved to LA to shoot Twilight and live with Kris. Me thinks that if he is still living in LA they are still together, YMMV.

  5. With all my heart I want to believe, but after all the years I’ve followed them I’m losing hope, I don’t want to but it’s hard, some things I feel like I’m chasing a dream. Maybe I thought that they had a true Love, I may have got caught up with the movies and now there over, I just don’t know what to think anymore, honest I just can’t understand there relationship anymore, I feel lost. :0( and so tired of all the lies from the paparazzi. What is the truth! Really?

    • To quote a rather silly movie, but none the less a great line! “Never give up, never surrender!”~~Galaxy Quest

      We’ll know the truth when they are ready to share it and not one moment sooner…..

  6. Well it even crossed my mind that Robert and Kristen may release pictures. They are both intelligent people.

    I have even thought at one point that this was a great big social experiment and I have also thought it could be evidence gathering to nail the papz. “keep the guessing” as Kristen said.

    But what do I know (just speculation), it could be none of the above and them just living their lives. Why should we know.

  7. No. They won’t release pictures. Why should they? Many of us have been devoted fans to both but a full third or more have had a grand old time saying what they pleased about either Kristen or Rob for years now, Why should they do a thing to reassure those people? It would just be more grist for the gossip mill and that they will not feed. We are just going to have to take this on faith.

    Is that really so much to ask? After all aside from a mutual friend or possible future business people is there really anyone they have ever let themselves be seen with in public?When Rob was in Australia, she was with her both their friend, Taylor Lautner or at a Marcus Foster concert with girl friends. When Rob was in New York Katy Perry was there, But she has been a long time friend of both Rob and Kristen. If Rob and Katy were ever going to fall for each other don’t you think it would have been last July? And as for the blonde play wright there seemed to be a crowd at his table. And he seemed to be as interested as if he were counting dead flies. Look at the picture.

    So no, I do not see them issuing a statement or a photo spread. Why should they? It’s their life and like anyone else you care to name that’s private and none of our business. If people try to make it their business they are no longer fans. They’ve become stalkers, a truly awful thing to be. Just like the person who tried to make trouble for Kristen over a parking valet of all things.

    There are some truly fearsome beasts out there on the fringes of this fan base. And you just don’t feed beasts like that. Period. .

    • Oh Lord. USAMED I’m sorry. It sounds like I am talking to you personally in my comment when really you just triggered my favorite rant subject ie feeding the gossip mill. So please, forgive my blunt speaking. Rob and Kristen are stalked, photographed through windows and kept track of any time they are out. I just can’t see them adding anything to what is already out there. It’s pointless. Because people will still believe just what they want to.

      • No offence taken. It was just passing thoughts, I have become very sceptical these days and begin to question everything.

  8. Thank you for all you do! I wish I could assist with the proposed House Bills, not sure how I could assist with research from TX. I am a nationally certified paralegal; wish I could assist!

    I read only one thing about Rob & Kristen that may be true; was construction taking place at Aberdeen, for which they moved out, and now that is completed and her home which has been on the market since January sold, have they moved back in to the Aberdeen property?

    • From what I have been told, it sounds like it doesn’t matter where you live. You will still be able to write to the people that make the decisions. I don’t live in California, but I have planned to write something that suggests that the way celebs are treated by the paparazzi is noticed by people throughout the country. You can let them know that you don’t approve of it and think that something should be done. It isn’t time to do that yet. The time will come and when it does, we’ll let you know.
      As to the Aberdeen property, Twilighter should probably address that, he knows more about all of it than I do–as he has actually seen the properties(and I he has contacts with people that know more than I do–don’t misinterpret that–he doesn’t have any secret Kristen/Rob sources, just people that pay attention to that kind of stuff more than I do).

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