More Sanity from Misty

Hi everyone! From all the DM’s I’ve received lately, and from things seen on some timelines, I’d like to offer you some things to think about, to try to ease back on some of the stress I’m seeing, stress about Rob and Kristen’s relationship. I don’t know what’s going on with them for sure, and honestly, who could? If you’re not part of their inner circle, really, NOBODY knows what’s going on but them. Remember Kristen’s comment about no one knowing anything about their relationship, and they know even less now? Please keep that in mind. But seriously, do you honestly believe that they could go from the happiness seen in April to splitting up? That quickly? Everyone knows how much Rob detests the paparazzi, right? Remember some of those pix in April where if looks could kill, those papz WOULD be dead. They were stalked EVERYWHERE they went. Whether they were out for lunch with friends, out for Kristen’s birthday, Coachella, hell even to the bank, there were stalkerazzi hounding their every move. In my opinion, the pix of Rob seemed to get more and more angry, aimed at the stalkerazzi, as the month wore on. He’s got quite a heavy filming schedule coming up, and the promotional circuit that goes along with the films. He certainly doesn’t need the added stress of being hounded everywhere he goes! And do you honestly believe that Kristen would be as happy as she’s been, in fan pix, and even the papz pix if she and the love of her life just broke up? Again, just my opinion, but I seriously doubt it. She’d probably be very upset, not out with friends looking happy, would she? Again, just my opinion, but no, very doubtful. Kristen’s also got some filming coming up, but her workload right now is lighter than Rob’s. They’ve ninja’d the paparazzi before for each other, so why not now? Remember when they came back from their New Year’s holiday, and Kristen was papped at JFK, but Rob wasn’t with her? Well, there is proof that Rob flew back from New York on the same day, just on a different flight. He had the Golden Globes to attend, and then leave for Australia soon after, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t want the added stress of paparazzi stalking his life. That’s just ONE example. They do protect each other.
Now, let’s look at where this whole break up nonsense started. First, there was that ridiculous tabloid article about Kristen getting into Rupert’s car, in front of both her and  Rob’s friends, at a restaurant. We all know it was the valet, and we all know it was a Kristen hater that gave the tabloid the tip. Even with proof the man was the valet, EVERY tabloid picked up that story and ran with it. Shortly after that, Rob had to go to New York, probably for business, so the tabloids started with the break-up stories then. Then Kristen goes to New York for the Met gala, she and Rob were together, so the tabloids get to create even more fiction – THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER! Ridiculous, since they were never broken up in the first place, but do you see the trend? They make stuff up, and people gobble it up. Okay – now they’re back together, what are the tabloids going to do now? Because happy couples don’t sell as well as unhappy couples. I use the term “it’s all about the benjamins” quite often, but that’s an inaccurate term. It’s all about the MILLIONS to the tabloids and paparazzi. That’s all they care about.
Okay, now Rob and Kristen are a happy couple again – WHAT kind of drama can they stir up now? Well, what do you know. Rolondo Blanco, the X17 stalker that has ruthlessly hounded Rob and Kristen for quite a while now, just so happens to have some pix of Kristen looking unhappy from last year in his files. See Twilighter’s story posted on May 20th on Justice for Kristen – The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup: Three Critical Details – for proof that the date on the pictures had been altered. Well, what do you know? X17 prints an article that says Kristen was pacing, upset, on the phone for an hour, and he “GUESSED” that she was talking to Rob, and they had probably broken up. Well, bingo. EVERY tabloid, INCLUDING People magazine, ran with that story, adding their own little spin on it. They didn’t bother checking facts – they don’t HAVE to. They have their source, and wow, SURPRISE, this one has a name – X17. A lying, scumbag, paparazzo working for them. They don’t have to prove anything, since Rob and Kristen are both public figures. As long as a “source” says it, they don’t have to prove if it was true or not. So now they have their unhappy couple again! Kaching! Laughing all the way to the bank again. ALL THIS CAME FROM A PAPARAZZO! And there’s worry over this?
I’ve heard and seen lots of comments going around “Well, why don’t they just be seen together again, and shut the tabloids up?” Remember Kristen’s comments about this? When she said if they just came out and said they were a couple, would it stop there? It wouldn’t, they’d just want more. And she’s absolutely correct. I’ve NEVER seen a couple put through more abuse by the paparazzi, more hateful comments, than Rob and Kristen.  They have been a virtual money-making machine for these tabloids and paparazzi since Twilight began. Think back since then – how many times have they been married, broken up, pregnant, etc. since then? Do you think these tabloids are going to give up their money tree now? No. The bullshit stories will continue. They’ll continue until people STOP CLICKING ON THOSE WEBSITES, stop buying the magazines.
My honest opinion is they are absolutely still together, but not going out together (that we know of – remember the ninjas!) to be papped. They’re both very serious about their work, so I’m sure they (especially Rob) don’t need the extra stress of stalkers. Would you? So everyone, please just have faith! They’ve got jobs they’re both very proud of, and should be. Jobs that require their full attention. There are some excellent articles written by Twilighter on Justice for Kristen (wordpress) that point out all the flaws in the tabloid stories, and the many untruths that have been told by them. There are so many crazy things being said in the tabloids right now about both Rob and Kristen, I don’t see how he keeps up with all of them! At least one of them are going so far as asking their readers who they think both should date next, when they haven’t broken up! Please read those if you feel your faith in them slipping.
Rob and Kristen have given we fans so much to be grateful for. They gave us Cannes last year, April this year, of their personal lives. Consider them gifts! As much as they both love their privacy, don’t you realize they did that for us, their fans? They’ve also given us films we will treasure forever. Don’t you think the least we could give them is some space? Space to keep creating those great films? I feel we absolutely owe them the respect that both of them have completely earned. They’ve been through so much – let’s not, as fans, give them anything else to stress about! So stay strong! Support them, in whatever they choose to do. I know I will. As always, peace – Misty.

14 Responses

  1. Thanks you guys for this. That is why I am boycotting these trashy tabloids and Papz. And included haters too.

  2. loving loving this websites more and more each day… thank you! thank you ! thank you!

  3. I AM NOT BUYING ANY MAGAZINE and stopped my annual subscription of People.

  4. Hey if we could boycotting the MMA that was in April. I am sure we all could do that to the trashy tabloids and media. If some of us can spread to all the Robstens sites and twitters.

    • We work at it constantly. People want so desperately to see pictures of Rob and Kristen that they will visit the sites even though they KNOW that they are supporting the paparazzi, the lies and the tabs by doing so. It is sad. But we continue to try to remind people what they do when they visit those sites and will continue to do so until something changes!

      • What’s the point? There’s nothing new. Who wants to see old pictures?
        Looking up their old fan made videos is more fun. Plus you get some great songs.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for this site. Makes more sense then anything I’ve read or seen. Why do people want to believe this when these mags and rags even make up stuff about our President and the Royals? They even drag up stuff that happened in Hollywood over 50 years ago just to sell there tripe. If something isn’t done, Rob and Kirsten will be in their 80s on Rascal scooters and the papz will still be after them. The papz are not the true, reliable, law abiding media. They are going to cause problems for the free press and seriously it needs to stop.

    • “They are going to cause problems for the free press.”
      That is my main concern. If it were just fabricated celebrity gossip, it would be relatively harmless, although still unethical and in need of exposure. I’m afraid it is already infecting the “real” press and the way news is being reported.

      • Badger__ When the Christian publications and the financial news jump aboard this crazy train you know it has already affected the ‘real’ press.
        Such sloppy and over the top lies should be boycotted. Everyone worries here about tabloids. They have been reporting the same kind of tripe for years. You sort of expect it. Even if there is a lot more of it in Rob and Kristen’s case. But when the real world news starts competing with Hollywood tabloids for readership there is where a great disservice will be done to everyone and it’s already heading that way. Check out this years issues of the Christian Post and IBT AU.
        What relevance to the Christian world or the financial news do Rob and Kristen really have aside from listed earnings. None. Yet they are regularly reported on. Is the whole world ready to take their brain out and play with it over two movie stars? It looks that way. Indeed it does.

      • Alice: I’m afraid your interpretation is about right, or at least an accurate prediction if things don’t change soon. I’ve noticed Int’l Business Times and even serious newspapers reprinting tabloid stories with virtually no change, apparently considering this acceptable because it’s in the “entertainment” section rather than the hard news, but it won’t stop there. I hope the majority are not willing to let this continue, but sometimes there seems to be little cause for optimism.

  6. Thanks, Misty, for the common sense perspective.

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