Common Sense from Misty

Oh boy. Here we go again. Rob Pattinson was seen out and about with a group of friends at a concert last night, Katy Perry being one of them. What would you like to bet that the tabloids are trolling twitter hard right now? (This is being written at 6 am EST on June 9th.) The new questions begin – is that the hat Kristen had on, etc. One of the recent fanpics of Kristen show a ring – is that the “precious” ring?
On my twitter TL, I see people who think they are broken up, people who are going totally schizo with the ring and hat thing, and more red circles than a crime scene.
What I don’t understand, is WHY everyone doesn’t remember this whole “break-up” started with a PAPARAZZO article! In that article, he “GUESSED” Kristen was talking to Rob, and they were breaking up. The pic dates were altered (see Twilighter’s excellent article here about that). Tabloids ran the fastest quarter-mile in history with it, and gullible readers ate it up. Hook, line and sinker ate it up.
Now, if I may, can I please offer some common sense in all this? Just a little? Now, we all know where the “break-up” stuff started, right? With ONE lying, fake paparazzo article. Everyone knows how much Rob despises these worms, right? If not, check this out . He wants to “castrate” them. Did anyone else notice in the April pap pix of Rob & Kristen that he seemed angrier and angrier each time he was papped? I certainly did. Remember the “if looks could kill” pic from Kristen’s birthday? Trying to enjoy a music festival (Coachella) with paparazzi swarming them? The last pap pic that I saw (and forgive me for looking – part of the job) was of Rob IN KRISTEN’S CAR, going in to Kristen’s gated community. The one before that was of Rob “moving out”. WITH 2 BICYCLES IN THE BACK – both a man’s bike, and a woman’s bike. Where did he take the stuff? There were no papz waiting at Rob’s other house in Los Feliz, not posted in any case. Wouldn’t a pap pic of Rob driving up the driveway of his other house support the “break-up” theory more than just the ONE article? The house Rob owns is NOT in a gated community. The paparazzi have easy access to that house. Why wouldn’t they post these pix if it would support the “break-up” story? Because he didn’t go there with the stuff. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they post them? It supports their story, doesn’t it?
Let’s put this together now. Rob and Kristen gave us April, with Rob getting noticeably angrier with each paparazzi encounter. Yet they continued to be seen, in public, KNOWING they were being stalked. Remember when they wouldn’t be caught dead in a pap pic? They gave us April anyway. But now Rob’s got a major work schedule coming up, and I would think he doesn’t want to be papped anymore, wants to relax before it begins. They have a beach house in Malibu, where the law enforcement is MUCH harder on the paparazzi, just trust me on that. Malibu has been MUCH more forthcoming with their pap info than LAPD. Malibu’s general citizenry also helps stop the paparazzi. I have a video of average Malibu citizens going nuts on some papz (sorry, can’t find it right now). Again, lots of research. THINK ABOUT IT. WHERE WOULD YOU GO IF YOU WERE BEING STALKED 24/7 AND NEEDED A BREAK? If I had a beach house in Malibu, I know where I’d be! If you were moving from one house to another, wouldn’t you need some of your favorite stuff, easily moved in a pick-up truck? Doesn’t this make sense? There was a sighting of Bear and Bernie in Malibu posted on twitter last night, that SEEMS legitimate, but who really knows but the poster. There’s also a sighting of Rob and Kristen together that doesn’t seem to be legit, but again, who knows.
Kristen’s been papped on several occasions since the “break-up”, out with friends, and smiling, lots of smiling. DO YOU THINK, IF YOU JUST HAD A HUGE BREAK-UP YOU’D BE SMILING? No. I was 23 once, and just no. Kristen grew up in LA, so is unfortunately used to the paparazzi swarm. Rob didn’t. He grew up in staid London, where the paparazzi laws are MUCH tougher than here in the US.
Okay – everybody on the same page?
What everyone probably wonders is WHY haven’t Rob and Kristen been seen together if they’re still together? How do you know they haven’t? Wouldn’t ANY pap pix of the two together be worth SO much more money when the “back together” segment of the tabloid idiocy starts back up? Again, trust me on this, yes they would. If YOU were a pap (and GOD please no), wouldn’t you wait for the big money?
The tabloids were losing money on the “happy” couple. They were receiving fewer clicks each day (which means less money) on the “happy couple” stories. So they needed some drama, right? Rob has had it with the papz – seriously, if looks could kill, Rolondo Blanco would be in an advance stage of rigor mortis! So he decides to not get papped, BEFORE his birthday, and the “break-up” stories start, ON his birthday, with that ONE lying article from X17, the same X17 that employs most of the Rob and Kristen stalkers. The other tabloids snatched it up and served it up hot. They trolled twitter for their “sources”, the OMG! They broke up! tweets. That’s all they need to print it. Just ONE person saying it, without proof of it’s truthfulness. THE TABLOIDS DON’T HAVE TO VERIFY THE INFO THEY GET, THEY JUST HAVE TO PROVE SOMEONE SAID IT. The tabloids have their cash cow again. Rob and Kristen have “broken up” yet again. How many times have those two “broken up”, gotten “back together”, been “pregnant”, yada, yada, yada, since they started dating way back when? When none of the previous was EVER, and I mean NEVER, true? I’m smart, and I can’t (don’t want to) count that high. The tabloids and paparazzi are playing a huge fanbase like a guitar. They’ve gotten away with it since Twilight began; do you think they’re going to let a cash cow dry up? If you had a money tree in your back yard, would you neglect it? No.
I’m going to pull a Twilighter here (sorry!) and throw some theories out. First, Rob was in a group of friends last night that included Katy Perry. Cha-ching says Bonnie Fuller and Jay Penske at HollyLies, here’s even more big time bucks on THAT storyline. That one will run for short while, by ALL the tabloids, but most people know it’s not true, so it will probably run it’s course faster than most. Katy, Rob, AND Kristen are all friends. They all hang out together. Second, the “break-up” stories will start to receive fewer and fewer clicks. Oh no! says the HollyLies people, what are we going to do now? Which leads us to my last theory. THE “BACK TOGETHER” STORIES, with all the pap pix of Rob and Kristen together that haven’t been released yet. I’m not going to throw in all the ridiculous articles the tabloids will run as off-shoots, as they’re not worth my time. But I think these will be the big three. When the “break-up” stories start to run dry, and they will, they’ll pull out the “back together” stories. Why let a cash cow dry up?
I’ll leave you with a few things, quoting Kristen Stewart: “But you knew nothing about my relationship before. You know less now. How could you?” from . Another thing she said, but again don’t have the video handy, during the SWATH press junket, so I don’t have the exact quote. But remember when she said (loosely quoted) “They have an equation. If you’re not making me my money, then get the hell out”. Who do you think she was talking about? Bingo. The tabloids. Don’t you think it’s time to let that cow die? Please don’t click on this crap, and that’s all it is – crap. Lying for money. Because that’s all it is – lying for money, big, big money. As always – peace. Misty

12 Responses

  1. You know you are preaching to the choir here, to people who already believe and follow this advice. The problem is the kids on Hollywood Life and similar sites who find our facts and figures boring.

    Rob and Kristen are like the grandest soap opera to these fans, and this soap opera is inter active, with their input added to the storyline daily via email and twitter. What a thrill!!!

    A lot of them don’t believe but they are right there adding their part to the story. They’re the good guys arguing for Rob and Kristen as a couple against the bad guys who hate just Kristen or just Rob. Then there are those who just impartially despise them both.

    If you don’t like any of these companies, you can join the rational, thoughtful, dispassionate critics who lambast their acting, their choice in film roles, their fashions and their ineptitude with late night or E interviewers. It’s all one long dramedy bought to you by the tabloid or paparazzi service of your choice.

    And Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are suppose to have a career and work in this atmosphere. No wonder he said that Kristen was the only one who knew what their life feels like. She is!!! No wonder Rob despises the tabloid/paparazzi press. They have made a game, an interactive soap opera of his and Kristen’s whole life.

    It comes complete with photos and narrators and all for the price of your local internet company. And if you think stopping the paparazzi problem was hard just try policing the internet.

    Rob and Kristen are a modern phenomena of the film world. Fans follow them around the world to watch them film. They stake out airports to get a shot of their favorite star and then upload it to show the whole world what they did on safari at LAX, or whichever concert they happened to see them at.

    It’s a sorry shame when a person has no real privacy anymore which is happening not just to Rob and Kristen, but to many of our best and brightest movie stars. They are reduced to living in gated communities with plenty of security when they go out.

    An open concert affair like Coachella is paparazzi hell for the young and popular among the stars. And that right there is my proof that Rob Pattinson loves Kristen Stewart more than his own peace of mind. Because this very private young man literally waded through paparazzi with Kristen Stewart and her young friends. They even ended up having to run from them before they got out of there.

    A lot of people criticized Robert Pattinson that day for leaving Kristen and her young friends behind. But from the expression he was wearing in some of those photos, it was either leave running or smash a lot of cameras and perhaps bruise a few faces. He chose wisely.

  2. Amen Misty. I agree with you completely. I know what we can all do. We can boycott the tabloids. That is what I am doing. Hey if we can boycott MMA by not watching them. I am sure we can boycott all the tabloids and all the gossip sites. Meaning don’t click, reading, and buying them. I have stay away from those trashy tabloids.

  3. Thank you!


  5. Thank you. We all needed your voice of reason. I believe in them, and try to avoid all the nasty sites, but it is so easy to get caught up in the craziness. Again, thank you.

  6. so true Misty before long they wont have anything more to say about them and well go on to someone else. Keep your head up high Rob and Kristen WE the ones who believe in you well be here. waiting for your next movie.Once again thank you Misty. 🙂 DEB.

    • DEBBIE June 9 2013__I don’t think so . Rob and Kristen are the most fascinating couple to hit Hollywood in the past forty years or so. As long as they have youth and charm to add to their acting ability they will be bringing in the big bucks and will remain the talk of the town.

      Look how long Liz Taylor and Richard Burton kept Hollywood talking and that was before the internet, Facebook, and twitter. I think these two will stay very relevant and in the news for a very long time to come.

      The only question is what will be said next? What’s left to say that hasn’t already been mentioned at least three to six times. It is slowly being brought home to me that people don’t particularly care what is being said, They just want to see and read and talk about Rob and Kristen.

      People need to unplug from this situation, It’s not helping or destroying
      Rob and Kristen. But the tabloids are taking unimaginable advantage of our young people, and in the process teaching them to hate. Locking down the computer might be the answer for your child, But what about the many others who remain immersed in a media driven propaganda campaign. not in the name of patriotism or high ideals; but rather in the name of the almighty dollar.

      In other words hate for entertainment and profit. That is what the tabloid/paparazzi press is all about and they don’t even attempt to hide it. Because as matters stand today June 10th of 2013 it’s legal. End of story as far as many are concerned.

  7. Thank you. You are so right. I can see Rob and Kristen at 80 on their Rascal Scooters with the same paparazzi on their scooters still trying to get a money shot! Seriously, thank you for the voice of reason. I am so tired of the all of this nonsense.

  8. I wish very much so that all people understand how dangerous the tabloid is.I wish so that people used head.It is so easy to hurt the others ~ anonymously.Guys,do not read tabloid! Thank you these intelligent and decent site and I’m with you.Sorry,my English is poor.

  9. well said girl,well said

  10. theres alot to be said for common sense so sad not too many use it anymore..Thanks for shedding light on this ongoing assault on two young peopke who do not deserve any of it.

  11. Yes, thank you. They don’t deserve any of what the tabloids are putting out there.

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