Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secrets: A new Article by the Wall Street Journal

by Twilighter

Despite my misgivings about the state of the Fourth Estate, there are actually a few real journalists out there toiling to write real news stories. I highly recommend you take a look at “Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secrets” in the today’s Wall Street Journal.  You can see the electronic version at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324520904578553350708898328.html

The article examines the issue of celebrity privacy and security and the impacts that websites like celebrityaddressaerial.com have by publicizing celebrity addresses. It is a refreshing read that cites it sources by name when quoting people. It what real journalists do.  Unlike what people have grown accustomed to by reading the tabloid press  from People Magazine to the National Enquirer.


31 Responses

  1. Great article Twilighter. As you said it’s well written and full of the names of persons who talked on the record for the article. I don’t think the word “source” appears once in the piece.

    Gives me a lot to think about though. Do I want to be part a fan and part of this celebrity culture?

    I remember what Rob said in a recent Australian interview “in this media culture people have just kind of made this assumption that anything is fair game, but it’s really kind of not, it’s just impossible to fight against. Half the time what people are doing is entirely illegal, and you just can’t do anything about it.”

    Thanks for the facts Twilighter!

  2. I wasn’t that surprised to find this out. You can go to Google maps and if you have the address, you can find a anyone’s house. Not right though when you invade someone’s privacy.

  3. I have read over your blog. You make some really good points. I have no idea about the area of the pictures on Kristen and Rupert. What has forever bothered me is this is so unlike Kristen to do anything in public. Why? Lets say for discussion some pictures are accurate. She has the money to buy a hotel,house, rent a condo under an assumed name. So why in public? She has a hot temper and I have to believe if this was in public and factual (partially) she meant for it to happen. To be seen. Why? Did he do something that was covered up she caught up to? In a rage she went after him to hurt him. She has always said he gets away with murder and she can not catch a break. I saw a Mini Cooper the other day. Midgets would have trouble having sex in that car. None of that makes sense to me. So I think those pictures were manipulated. Maybe one was close to being correct. They actually set in her car and talked after she gave him a ride home. Maybe. Finding out People Magazine putting out that apology and she was not the one to call nor did Ruth, makes the hole thing into a lie of a huge magnitude. So why not sue? Why did she keep quiet so long about that if she never said it? I get she wants to ignore the mess but it became too big. It interfered with her life, her business. All that negative press was horrible. Next thing is the mess with Katy and Rob. That has happened over and over again. To me Kristen and Rob have seemed off in their relationship for a long time. It is no ones business about their private lives. I understand how vested in their relationship all these people are. I have to kick myself about this. Why do I care? I kind of fell for them some time ago, thinking what nice kids they were staying out of Hollywood drug parties etc. It seems Rob has been picking up some questionable friends and of course that is his business. Some of those guys haven’t been married or stayed married any length of time they are always in bars. Chateau M. is where they go to pick up each other because they have such good security no one in the press finds out. Kristen and her friends go out to eat and bowling. They could be doing drugs behind the scenes but if they did sooner or later that would come out with the press they get. I think in the long run Kristen needs growing up time. She has had too much responsibility and too much work when she was young.thus she is doing this part later than most of us. Thank you for pointing out she did not cheat. I don’t think so either. I don’t know for sure, but from what I have seen I highly doubts it.

  4. I agree with all of you. Included this one.

  5. I agree. I too think Rob has been different since he filmed the Rover. Seems Kristen doesn’t care as much as he does about all the pics but he seems to be really into not being seen. Don’t know what is going on with him, but I hope he isn’t getting arrogant. Pride goes before a fall and an uppity attitude before destruction. I am paraphrasing and I don’t know what they are actually up to, but I am worried about Rob more then I am Kristen at this point. I wish that one or the other or both would just put all of this to rest but my kids are this age and they have the attitude that what goes on with them is no one else’s business. They think that what they do does not affect anyone else but them. They don’t think they owe anyone an explanation. Unfortunately that is not true. I have always been so amazed that Rob and Kristen seem to have stayed out of the really seamy side of Hollywood. I just wish they would make a statement about all of this. It will not go away. It will always be simmering on the back burner. Kristen will always be under scrutiny more than Rob. Time to speak up and set the record straight.

    • They have more than earned the right to decide when the record will be set straight as you call it. And what that record is.

      • I wonder what your feelings are about a report thatRobert is now dating his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin

      • LOL. Kind of reminds of my youth. There were only 400,000 people at most at Woodstock, but if you added up all the people who claimed they were there, it should have been 10,000,000. As for Emily de Raven, Entertainmentwise’s story is nothing short of bizarre. They don’t exactly say she was there, then they jump ahead to “are they more than friends?” Even though there is no evidence proving she was there. Or has even seen Rob in years. Kind of reminds of the story about their plans to hookup in her home country of Australia back when he was doing Rover. Even though she lives in LA. And is apparently still married. Blah. Blah. Blah.

        Sounds to me like either Emilie’s publicist is seeing an opportunity to put her name back out there or some tabloid is re-spinning a story it just can’t seem to let go of and can’t ever get traction for.

        Well I can do one better. Actually many, it wasn’t just Emilie at the party. Nikki Reed was there too. And Ashley Greene. And Christina Ricci. And the blond from the Dior ad. And Nina Schubert. And Reece Witherspoon. And Katy Perry. And every blond boob queen that has ever appeared within 200 feet of Rob.

        Enough already. None of these people were there. Until you see real verifiable evidence that they were. The only one who was actually there was Sarah Roemer. And she served her purpose quite well.

      • Sorry, I forgot. Megan Fox was there. So was Lindsey Lohan. And Tom Sturridge.
        And for those keeping score there are multiple independent sites reporting that Katy Pery was definitely in NYC on the 24th at the Don Rickles roast with her beau. Yeah, the one she told Vogue that she is crazy in love with. Time to scratch her from the list, crazies.

      • thanks. I am a firm believer in what you are printing and saying. I don’t know how any of the stars in hollywood do it. How do you manage to have any kind of relationship when the press is saying it is over before it even begins. I hope that not seeing pictures of either Robert or Kristen anywhere is a good sign. Oh, and by the way, Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be in my neck of the woods (Long Island New York) at her new treatment center. Her mother lives nearby (I have to pass her house to get to mine) and since there hasn’t been any press around I am just guessing that that information is wrong also

        On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 9:49 PM, Justice For Kristen wrote:

        > ** > twilighted57 commented: “Sorry, I forgot. Megan Fox was there. So was > Lindsey Lohan. And Tom Sturridge.” >

  6. The information for the fans on the sights they look at is Kristen got a tattoo and Rob had a big Hollywood party that Kristen was not invited to. Well fine. If they are together then they put this out or don’t correct it is all the fans know. It is their lives. At this point I see they bury Kristen in one nasty story or the other. Rob is with this woman and that woman and he is adorable and the most popular guy in Hollywood. blah blah etc. So I am getting to the point of not caring about them. If this is what they want me to think. I will not be supporting this type of crap for another 5 years. If they broke up say so. We had drifted apart would do. I agree it gives them space but Kristen is an actress and she needs her fans as well. What are they to think? See how they handle the press drives this mess. They don’t have to talk about their private lives but when they don’t set the lies straight it leaves these impressions. At least Sandra Bullock through her sadness answered I am taking baths and eating!

    • Its their life. If you don’t like it I suppose you can follow someone else. But don’t act like you are owed something because quite frankly you are not.

  7. New pic out on Rosten Dreams of Rob out last night with a girl. Looks like they are kissing. He has on the ABOVE hat. Just thought you would like to know.

    • Note my comment above. There is no way to make Rob kissing someone out of these unless he is kissing the urinal.

      • I agree you can’t make out what he is doing except maybe talking. In previous pictures on robstendreams, the girl in the car looks like Mindy who was at the restaurant at the same time. I don’t believe he would show the world he is dating someone else like that

  8. If these new pics are a hoax then it is very cruel to the fans. Your comment.

    • What is cruel is the way many in the fandom have turned on both Rob and Kristen and each other after they have given to us endlessly for more than five years just to meet the cravings of their fans. Quite frankly I am disgusted by what I see across the Internet and on the comment boards and on twitter and the like. Most of it from their so-called fans or former fans.

      What ever happened to having a little faith and decency?

      If it is a grand hoax, as I suspect, well good for them. It
      Serves us right for buying in to this continuous madness. And anyway, her real fans should know better and be willing to appreciate the humor on it. I do. There is nothing cruel about it.

      Sorry if that offends anyone. But you asked. So there is my comment.

      • Why do you not think this is a bad way to get back at the rag mags and paparazzi? The rag mags and paparazzi don’t care. The fans are the ones who pay for movie tickets and buy merchandise and if they turn away, it will hurt their draw at the box office. That matters. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen. Why not just live their lives and let this crap die. Feeding it isn’t a good idea in my mind. I’m old enough to know that this will have a negative effect. You can’t win with the media. Look a Paula Dean. This has gotten way overblown because of the medias reporting of it. They don’t care either. As my husband says, “You can’t have heroes anymore.” The media will dig and dig until they cause something to happen or find something that no one needs to know about anyway. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that pulling a hoax is a good way to act. This is and already has had a very negative effect on both of them and these pics will definitely turn people away from Rob. Bad timing. 5 movies he is involved in. One in the can and 4 to go and you do this? Nope. Not very happy about this if it is a hoax. Makes no sense.

      • Hey, if you are not happy about it, go fangirl on someone else. Its your right. But don’t act like that really matters to them. Because it doesn’t. Kristen has said it over and over again despite always being pleasant with her fans. She even took a salary cut just to make sure that OTR got made. For her its about the craft and the experience of making a movie. For the rest, its nothing more than a necessary evil. So like it or not, it is what it is. The draw on the box office seems more important to you than it does to her.

      • I looked at the photo of the women in the back seat with Rob and it looks like E.L.James. The same kind of teeth and hair….I looked really close at the photo of her at Rob’s party and I swear it’s her. Just giving her a lift home?? Ya never know….

      • I agree with you too. To me it looks like there are two people in the backseat of the car. Unless I am wrong.

  9. In that same Robsten Dreams it states that Kristen is #4 on 2013 Forbes Most Powerful Actresses On Celebrity 100 List. Is this a true statement? Hope so, because I’m a real fan. And I don’t believe Rob is kissing anyone in those pictures.

  10. I am sorry if anyone thinks I am anti Rob or Kristen. I am not. I just don’t like to see them being ran through the rumor mill at their age. It’s the mom in me. I have kids their age and it tears my heart out when they go through things that are so unfair. Rob and Kristen feel like my own kids even though I don’t know them that well. I just want what is best for them and am tired of the paparazzi hounding them all the time and making up crap or making an innocent time look like something more. These are probably the first two actors I have ever followed this closely. I just wish them the best and I truly want the media to back off of them. I can live with fan pic once in a while and updates on what projects they are doing. I really loved the fan pics of Kirsten’s road trip with her friends last week. It was what it should be. I didn’t really enjoy the papz pics of Rob. They catch 2 seconds and make it look like an hour. I promise next time I see a pap pic I’ll think first. I would not make a very good celeb. I don’t think I could handle the papz as well as Rob and Kristen do. I do like your site and I do agree that something was very wrong about last summer. It just never felt right. Thanks for all of your hard work to bring this to our attention. Thanks for your comments too. You are a voice of reason in a very crazy world.

    • hey sherry! are you the same sherry in robstendreams? i understand your frustration and this ‘drought’ is really killing many fans brain cells, look at the crazed gone down at RD’s comment section. Unbelievable isnt it?! But this is R/K for us. They never made a comment about their relationship, it will not happen now. Sucks to be their fan isnt it? lol kidding. I respect both and I will forever fangirling Kristen works and choices in life.

      • Yes it’s me and I have decided to be here because I can’t stand the comments there. You are right. Still, I just hate to see them hounded like they are. Just isn’t right.

      • For me the girls of Robsten Dreams are pretentious!!!! And i have a very good reason to say that!!!!!

      • I have nothing against the ladies (admin) at RD, its the posters that I cant stand sometimes.Since R/K are not seen together lately, most of them are taking sides, painting the other one bad just to prove a point. I myself a Kristen fan and I hate when some of her fans judging Robs choices because I dont want them to do the same with K. Its just sad. Really. Seeing how this fandom craziness has become.

        @valerie, hmmm seems like you had a bad experience at that place. Im intrigue. Care to share hahahaha LOL

  11. I was told something really interesting: that digital pictures can be altered, dates and time frames can be changed and things can be blurred out.

    • As I have commented on several times before. Ready available software can do all of the above and more.

    • As I have commented on several times before. Readily available software can do all of the above and more. That’s how I “proved” that one of the breakup night photos was taken on the day of Kristen birth back in 1990. See the end of http://wp.me/p2JqVX-zJ

  12. Since there is so much that can be altered in both print and picture. I am trying to make myself not check on them anymore. I started this long ago because I thought what nice kids. They don’t hang out the way the Lindsey Lohan’s do. They go to work and go to eat and leave that alone. Hanging out with the friends they had before all of this. Now with the nasty press and they don’t correct the errors so who knows anymore? You actually don’t know it is all perception in Hollywood. I am twittering the information on Camp X Ray as to who they are signing for the movie. Past that I am trying to stay away. I have checked on Kstewfans to see if Kristen has surfaced. Look at Robsten dreams are there any new pictures. Past that Gossip Cop has gone to the dark side so you can not read that any more. Some of the girls on there are nice but you can not lock the door so the nasty people come in. I don’t fan girl what ever that is. I never have like Hollywood and have gone so far as abstaining from paying ticket prices on certain stars because of what I have read about them. Jane Fonda, Roman Polanski to name a few. That shows my age. Good luck to all of you and I am glad to know the ability out there to alter pictures and prints.

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