Seeing the Light…

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. ~~Plato

It’s coming, you know…  More and more people are beginning to see the light.  They are seeing that the tabs print lies and use only selected pictures to prove them.  But, the intelligent ones are beginning to see through their plan.  Some will say that the camera never lies.  Perhaps that is true.  But, the ones in control of the images most certainly can and do.  Tabs publish only the pictures that will tell the story they want the public to believe.  Meanwhile, there may be hundreds of pictures that tell a completely different story—but THEY are not seen.  Papz take photos and manipulate them to change the meaning.  They alter dates and the order of sequence–some go so far as photo shopping details in or out.  People are beginning to understand the message that tabs are not a source for truth.  They are beginning to understand that they are “played” daily and so are choosing not to be part of the game.

Yes.  There are those who choose not to see the truth.  They look with eyes tainted by narrow minds and the belief that if they shout long and hard enough they can change what the intelligent already know.  They harass and attack those who have seen or are beginning to see the truth and attempt to bully them into believing in THEIR truth.  Unfortunately, their truth isn’t based in fact.  The same people who do the harassing will soon be shown to be the people who have been mistaken.  They will be forced to admit that their version of the truth cannot be made true simply because they want it to be so.  There are those who have worked hard to attempt to intimidate the people that have had the intelligence to ask questions and look for answers.

I used to tell my students, “Being loudest, doesn’t make you right—it only makes you the loudest.”  That could also be said to the people on Twitter and the different gossip sites who choose to be bullies (with a slight change).  “Being meanest, doesn’t make you right—it only makes you the meanest.”  People don’t like bullies and they don’t like liars.  Because of that, people are gradually looking for sites that don’t allow that behavior.  I am proud to say that this is such a site.

Thank you so much for coming, learning, discussing and understanding that things are not always as they seem in the world of tabs.  Thanks to those of you that have seen the light.  Pass the message along to all you know.

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.~~Buddha


60 Responses

  1. I have truly been enlightened by this site for the better. Before I found it, I used to scream about every story I read and how false it seemed. I have even made a believer out of my daughter who swore by Hollywood Life and Perez Hilton that what they were saying was the truth. I want to thank all of you here for changing my views and giving me back my sanity. This is the only place I will go for info anymore. All those others can fulfill the fantasies of all the haters out there

    • Even the reporters are getting tired of toeing the same old tabloid party line regarding Rob and Kristen….Charles Waterstreet a reporter for the Herald Sun had this to say yesterday,…. “meanwhile here in the real world, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get back together with each Twilight and break up with every Dawn”…..That just about sums
      up my friend Barbara’s and my thinking on the tabloids and their supposed reporting of entertainment news also.

      With the recent, albeit slow, retractions and corrections over Riley Keough’s flat statement that what was being printed about her and Robert Pattinson was BS and lies I am losing all patience with the press. ‘Once upon a time’ all fairy tales and made up stories began with that easy to understand phrase that let you know what would follow was fiction.

      If it didn’t begin that way or in a similar fashion you could accept the written wood as fact, especially if it appeared in a reputable publication. That is no longer true. The advent of the mega star has caused the press to grant itself unlimited intrusion into famous people’s lives. If they find nothing news worthy they grant themselves permission to just make something up.

      This has been going on in famous people’s lives for a good while now. But with the hype and adoration that surrounded Twilight and it’s giant fan base the fiction and outright lies went into overdrive. Now not even the main stream press that we had long trusted holds itself accountable to truth. It is disgusting the depths that people have sunk to over the chance to be first with a story.

      I’d rather wait for my news if it means I get the unalloyed truth instead of some young copyists daydreams. I’m sure from talking among my friends and from listening to sites like this one that we are not the only people who feel that way.. Charles Waterstreet a journalist himself seems to be of the same opinion. It’s time for a change gentlemen and ladies of the press. Other wise all news will come to be disbelieved and distrusted. Which would in and of itself be a pity.

  2. Does anyone think she was wearing robs pants home from Paris?

    • Yes, I thought that too. I just saw a pic on Robsten Dreams of Rob shopping. I noticed he had Coors light, but I also noticed he had Snapple too. If I am not mistaken I think Kristen drinks Snapple. Can anyone verify that? Also, love this site and so glad I have my sanity back.

      • There is a picture of Rob and Kristen leaving a gas station in April. You are right! Guess what Kristen bought? Snapple!
        Good catch!!

    • Yes she was and today at the grocery store today, Rob is wearing a shirt that describes Kristen’s role in Camp X-Ray.

      • Also, Cher, Rob bought a large case of Diet Snapple and is in his cart, Kristen has been photographed drinking diet snapple many times.

      • Where do you find these pics. I have looked everywhere and can’t find anything. Thanks for the help

      • Dee..they are together

      • To Dee from Lub, Just curious to know why you think Rob’s shirt is about Kristen? I didn’t put that together.

      • You are right! Rob’s shirt appears to be an official shirt of a traing program for soldiers. I would agree that he is wearing it in support of Kristen’s new role for Camp x-Ray.
        You can google the info on the shirt to learn more about the program. Another good catch, like the snapple!

      • Are we sure that it represent’s Kristen’s role? I know she plays a military officer but would her character be what was listed on Rob’s shirt? Or does this represent the role of Rob’s character for his military role later in the year? Sorry but I am not that familiar with military terms.

      • Lisa: That’s what I was wondering. In any article I’ve seen on the movie, her role is listed only as “soldier.” If she turns out to be playing a warrant officer, that would be quite a coincidence.

    • That is the first thing I thought when I saw the pics of her in Paris before she left for LAX, to me it also looked like she was wearing his boxer briefs and tee. It appears she changed the lower undergarment and top before she got to LAX.

      • I love that shirt on Rob. To me it’s as plain as day that he’s saying this is Kristen’s next movie role. She’s a Warrant Officer in Camp X-Ray and I support her in her career 100%.

        If you watch and listen you can see that they’ve left the tabloids out completely and are communicating with their fans directly. Telling us exactly what they want us to know.

        Who needs the lying tabloids if you have eyes and ears and Kristen and Rob willing to tell us what they want us to know. No its not going to be as much glitz and glamor as during the Twilight photo op years.

        But at least it’s them fully participating in satisfying our curiosity while
        leaving out the made up tabloid lies. Pretty soon fans will just start going to places like Robsten Dreams and HKN Haven or just looking at the odd fan photo.

        If the Egyptian rebels could direct a war via twitter, facebook and email,
        keeping track of what Rob and Kristen want to say to us should be easy. As for us getting the wrong message every now and then, I ‘ll take a misunderstanding anytime over an outright bold faced lie, which we’ve been fed a steady diet of since The Twilight hype began in 2008.

    • I notice a lot of things like that, but in the past year I have been commenting on what I thought were safe fan sites, I would get shot down sometimes even when I knew I was right. It makes me gun shy to say things sometimes even when it’s right there in plain sight. If I feel this way, I can only imagine what anyone who is scrutinized by the media feels like. Some days I look like garbage and have to run to town or walk to the mailbox or put out my trash. I would hate to think someone would take a pic of me doing that and plaster it all over the place. Those pics of Rob I saw were stupid. So he knows how to push a shopping cart and how to buy groceries? So do I. Big deal. I don’t need to see what he is buying. Ironically I did notice the Coors and the Snapple, but I don’t really need to see that to verify that he and Kristen are okay. Actually, I feel blessed they are sweet enough to give us the clues they do. Time to take a stand and let the paps know their days are numbered. I talked with one of the photographers for our local newspaper when he was out where I worked one day about this. He was very irate about what the paps do and said it really upset him that they get away with the stuff they print and the invasion of privacy. He said that for most it’s the money they get paid. I hope I never sell my ideals and morals for money. Not worth it. I like being able to look myself in the mirror and know I’m not like that. Sorry for this long dialogue, but this invasion of privacy and the lies that are being printed need to stop. I understand about sources being protected, but if they can use anyone’s opinion as a source, heaven help us all. A lie is a lie is a lie. I don’t care how many sources you have. I just read a Tweet from Kirstie Alley. She had to run to the dentist after cracking a tooth on a cherry pit and got papped looking like crap. She was so angry about it. Why is that news? Maybe we should all put a pic out there of what we look like doing stuff like that around the house. They would love how I look mowing the lawn. They couldn’t tell if I was male or female. Just stupid. Thanks again for this site and your insight.

    • I wondered, not going to lie

  3. Amen to that. There is alot of haters.

  4. Its very sad really!! There are the people who refuse to see the truth as you said and those who dont seem to care anymore abt the truth, they only want to “fangirl” and act like idiots over pics of R&K.So tired of reading crap like “oh my ovaries”! Either they act like sexually starved teens or are so busy putting R&K up on pedestals and going on and on “oh look he buys TP” you would think people think that R&K dont poop, throw up or pee!! Its so crazy how they go insane about them doing nothing and acting like they just discovered a new drug! I mean they are wonderful people but they are people not gods like some people seem to think. These people dont care about the truth as long as they get their paparazzi pics!

  5. I also agree that finding this site was the best thing that could have happened to me. I don’t go looking for information from anywhere but here. I check my emails daily to see if there is a new posting (frowning when a week goes by; I enjoy watching them dispel the lies).

  6. I like reading justice for kristen I believed.everything you write about her I love them both like my kids they needs a break thanks for lights she look so nice in Paris can,t Waite for her movies

  7. veulentsavoir we have you to thank for this site. I’ve mentioned in previous conversations that I abandoned tab-liars and paps pics almost a year ago. When they endlessly attacked Kristen last year I decided enough is enough. For several months I would be upset, as if my own daughter was being attacked. Most of the time I felt like I was in a tug of war. Like you have said, tab-liars never tell the truth. This site is like an antidote that is working to destroy the tab-liars and paps disease. People are beginning to see the light and we must share that light with everyone. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


  9. According to our common beliefs and chore values, It is the truth and the only truth our only way to Salvation pursuant “the Holy Scriptures”. We see the light, yet we prefer the total darkness in order to mislead everyone for our own sake. Our Most High have Mercy them. This may not mean anything today, but who knows about tomorrow. I love this site and the wisdom it brings to all of us in the dark of ignorance,
    One yearning for light and truth.

  10. We should be thankful to you!

  11. You used a frase that was said by the gratest philosopher of my country!!! That was amazing!!! Thank you!!!

  12. Sorry, i meant the greatest!!! (my laptop has a mind of it’s own)

  13. When the biggest news about Robert Pattinson is who he is NOT dating and the contents of his grocery cart: we know that Western Civilization’s news reporting has hit the nadir of all time, and that they are in fact writing for the mentally deficient, if not the absolutely crazy.

    And after all of this effort and attention do we know what kind of toilet paper Mr. Pattinson prefers? No we do not. We only know their are a lot of extremely avid fans who are are interested.

    Personally, I bet the press and the paparazzi are wishing for the days back before they lost their manners and all sense of proportion about
    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. You know back before the manipulated photos, the non existent apology. Before all the baseless sources and insiders in the know who all ended up being baseless liars.

    Back then we occasionally saw Rob and Kristen photographed arm in arm, going out to dinner or a concert. But that was BEFORE. Before it was declared open season on them in every airport. outdoor musical event or pretty much any sighting of this couple.

    The press did themselves in with their get a story at all costs approach.
    And now they are reduced to retracting and correcting their own lies and to printing shopping lists. It serves them right, I say. But hey. it’s all
    still good. There are still people interested on that kind of stuff. Not many. But a few. BWAHAHAHA

  14. Riley Keough’s refusal to let herself be used by the press in their vicious game against Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has done my heart good. She had her personal representatives contact Just Jared which is aimed at a young audience. When that failed to make the many tabloids stop printing this lie we next heard from CBS New.

    I am so proud of Miss Keough for standing up to the press. Why these
    upstart tabloids thought they could play around with Elvis Presley’s granddaughter’s life, I do not know. What I do know is he is the one man the world unanimously has called the King of Rock n Roll, and a few days ago his granddaughter did his memory proud. Thank you Riley. Your famous ancestor would be proud of your true friendship and your good heart as am I.

    • They are still linking Riley Keough’s name to Robert Pattinson’s in the press. Desoite her official representatives denying that they are dating and despite Riley herself telling people on twitter that it was bs and that
      ” you can’t believe everything you read.”

      Riley will have to bring a lawsuit against them to make them stop. If she is made to go to that much trouble I hope that she doesn’t stop until each of those sites who have kept mentioning her as Rob’s new love have paid through the nose. The girl would never have to work another day in her life. And it would serve them right.

    • that was great that Riley stopped them from bringing her into that.

  15. This site has been like a life preserver in the midst of the ocean,,,it hurt my heart for R and K when I see all the lies and hatred spewed about them. I have told all I know to visit this site for a major awakening and a very large dose of the truth. unfortunately not all want the truth it takes away their entertainment for causing mayhem. for others it doesn’t fill their wallets fast enough.

    • NENA……. Yes that’s true since she is Elvis granddaughter she would not and does not have to work. So I will rephrase that. Her great grand children would never have to work a day in THEIR life.

  16. I’m so glad this site is here, I’m so sick of the haters and the reporters. They are squashing her spirit if she cared enough to read any of the bullshit.i think there together. I also wonder if 50 shades has anything to do with this? I’m also glad some of you thought the same about her jeans…and yes even underwear!

    • She doesn’t read that junk. It’s possible she reads this site perhaps not.
      But if anyone ever opened their mind to all that negativity directed at them it would just be too much.

      I’m hoping she doesn’t even read this or DIDY our sister site. Because while neither sight tolerates bad feeling being expressed against either her or Rob, we do discuss what is being said and the views and attitudes of others.

      So I hope that Kristen and Rob stay inside that plastic bubble they became so fond of during Twilight.Rob with one of those beers he went shopping for yesterday, and Kristen with a Snapple. Both of them happy and at peace until his work takes him elsewhere.

      That’s my wish foe Rob and Kristen.

      • Plato’s insight and Buddha’s common sense. Who says East and West shall never meet? They do all the time one fingernail width at a time. I love both these great people’s teachings.

        They knew that lasting greatness isn’t determined by size or strength, riches or a silly thing like race or skin tone. Lasting greatness comes from the depth of our heart and the flexibility of our mind.

        Now if a few more people were influenced by such men the last thing on their mind would be the latest news on twitter and the contents of a movie star’s shopping cart. All this wonderful technology isn’t making a lot of people smarter just how to be stupider faster.

  17. M soooooo… Happy about this site.thanks for the info. Robsten forever….

  18. Twilighter,
    I’ve been meaning to say this to you for a while now but sometimes the right words delude me.
    I want it to be short, sweet and to the point but my Dutch thoughts don’t always translate into the English, the way I want them to.
    I never stood still and think about how manipulative and dirty the gossip machine was. Sure I new rags/mags/gossipsites were full of shite and lies but I never realized how far they would go to manufacture stories based on papz pictures even if they are years old.
    I read your Grand Punk reports, even if some of it went above my head as my knowledge of photography is very limited, and your take on the so called break up pics (hilarity at it’s finest), it rather opened my eyes.
    These last months of reports/sources/lies/papz pics/rumors just proves it all. Pictures being withheld, manufactured, photoshopped….I have no words for it.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that war has declared upon R&K. Last year Kristen was the bitch, now they are trying to make Rob the philandering bastard.
    R&K don’t play the HW game, they are doing it their way and therefore they will be hounded down and are being crucified by the media with the help of the psychotic stalker harpies.
    Thanks for your opinions and insight.

  19. Very well stated! You should be proud of the work you have done, and continue to do. I have not “clicked” a tab page in ages, due to the lies and general BS. Thank you and please continue!!!

  20. You all know my stance on this. I have been very vocal about the tabs and also, having an inside track on the paps, have shown you all repeatedly how they twist the truth, or even more so…just make up lies. How anyone out there can’t see things for what they truly are these days is beyond me. But you’ll all see the light soon enough and maybe next time you choose to pick up a tabloid mag and read the headlines, you’ll think twice about it. Hell, maybe you won’t even glance their way.

  21. So glad for this post. It is true that some are coming around from the dark side, but others remain behind blinded by the lies.

  22. The gossip website Just jared cannot even correctly make up a story to support the picture they are using. They are using a picture of Kristen (supposedly) taken today to state she started work on Camp X-Ray. But if you look at the same set of pictures on Robsten Dream she has a passport sticking out of her back pants pocket. Wonder if she need to go to the Swiss consulate/embassy to complete paperwork before she starts work in Europe or needs to renew her passport. Is there an embassy/consulate for the Swiss in LA ? Also interesting to see the pap did not release or start taking pictures until after she has left the car park. I wonder if they did not want to capture her driving because she may have arrived in the same car Rob did shopping with the other day, therefore the pics would not support the breakup story line. Just my thoughts for today.

  23. I happen to see pics of Kristen today on a other twilight site of her getting her blue truck, written on the dirt of the truck (ha) was ” I ❤ Rob" in big ass yah, for me it's like der there's ur sign spelled out. Unless one of the dirt bg apps wrote it but she looked at it in the pics like "yah I do" ..

    • I saw that too. She was in the blue Toyota and sure enough in the dust on her truck was written I (heart) Rob. I don’t think the paps would do that as it would go against the breakup story unless they were trying to get a response from her which is stupid if they know they haven’t broken up. Unless this is a sorry attempt on their part to start the reconciliation stories. I’m not going to read too much more than this into it, but I will say I was upset they got that closeup of her passport in he back pocket. Come on guys! That’s definitely too close!

      • I think the paparazzi can never be estimated. Think of what one unguarded angry or anguished look would net them. The break up story is a bust anyway.

        After Katey Perry and John Mayer’s romantic reunion. And after Riley Keough and her agent both calling the tabloid news about Riley and Rob BS and tabloid lies where do they have to go from here?

        After the buzz saw job (as one fan put it) done to Katey’s reputation by fans, every girl will react the same way unless it’s true. The first one to take a stand is always the hardest after that it gets easier and no one is setting themselves up to be tabloid fodder for the Rob and Kristen break up.

        So what do they have to lose by trying for an unguarded moment, one
        furious or hurt look on Kristen’s face? Nothing. But possibly a lot to gain. Words written in dust will be the lead story for many an entertainment news article as is. These guys are mean and stupid. They think we are too. So don’t under estimate them.

  24. Is it permitted by the law in the USA to scribble stuff on peoples property and then photograph their reactions?I think the paps wrote stuff on her truck/car and then photographed her reaction.I think the paps have completely reached the lowest level they can.I hope some kind of legal action can be taken against them.

  25. Christopher you are so correct. That picture on Kristen’s car would never make print news and yet the internet lets it go viral. The other big problem is the paps. In the state of California they need laws to protect citizens. Even the celebrities. No one should be hounded to this point. She is small in size, those guys attack her on a public street in a parking lot she is alone. She should be able to take their pictures first then call 911 and get immediate help from the police. She is afraid for her life from the harassment. It is no different than hoods in the inner city, only these guys meet you in your neighborhood. When I was in school studying law they told us your rights end where my nose begins.

    • marymary123__ I so agree with you. This young woman should go nowhere unescorted. The body guard most often on duty is the one who the women have labeled HBG for Handsome Body Guard. But he’s most likely valued by Kristen and Rob because he’s a Huge Body Guard.

      As for the rights you speak of those are the rights that you and I enjoy, not the rights famous people enjoy. Famous people, especially movie stars. have in the official language of the law been labeled
      ” not as other mortals” and therefore are fair game for the press under the 1st amendment to the bill of rights regarding freedom of the press.

      Twilighter can quote you chapter and verse on this law and has brought out pertinent points in times past. The point of it all is:: Once you become a celebrity you are no longer a wholly private citizen with equal rights under the law.

      Justin Bieber is a good example of going to bed a private citizen and waking up a celebrity practically overnight with people and cameras invading your life, your privacy, saying anything they please, whether it be supportive or a flagrantly painful lie.

      I’d say as far as Kristen. herself is concerned their dusty little taunt is small cheese. In other words not worth batting an eye over. It galls me just the same that she can be publicly harassed like this and that such behavior is protected under the Constitution of our great country under freedom of the press. This need to know has gotten totally out of hand.

      As for the paparazzi themselves harming her on purpose I don’t think
      we need to worry over that. They know which side their bread is buttered on and want no part of upsetting those legal privileges they currently enjoy. What I worry about is this pervasive air of disrespect and all is fair in good fun mood this might set for other, younger. stupider people.

      No one’s life should be made a joke of. When one person is diminished before their fellowman, whether in real life or in newsprint, we are all diminished because we have allow it to happen. That is what needs addressing and correcting. And that is a tall order indeed.

      • I don’t know Christopher Dark, I am sure no thought that someone would kill John Lennon, but see what happened. Sure the guy wasn’t paparazzi but if the paps hadn’t been outside the building trying for a picture maybe someone would have been able to stop the killer. Look at President Regan same thing. I do believe she needs protection. She is so beautiful and sweet, she reminds me of my daughter.

      • Well that law in California needs to be changed. Those celebrities have money and they should go to the union and demand they do something about this. That is POWER.

        On another note I see that Poor Riley is still being the point of the gossip. Now they have decided she is secretly involved because she made a trip to London with her friend who dates one of Rob’s friends. They are sure now that it is still going on under the table so to speak. You know if they don’t hurt Kristen one way they go for another.Vicious.

      • Carol__ John Lennon’s killer was a nobody looking for fame. If being known for killing one of the Beatles was the best he could do well he was willing to settle for that.

        The paparazzi are men looking to make money from photos of Kristen. At this point any photo will do. Hence the giggler by her truck. People are still interested but the paps have nothing to give them. So they follow her but with money in mind not crime.

        There’s always the occasional nut job. But as long as he’s part if a pack of cameramen surrounding her she’s still safe. It’s the LONE nut job I worry about.

  26. I have learnt that almost everything that we read in the tabloids is false.I have learnt that paps get away with anything in the USA.I have learnt that nothing sells more today then demeaning ,vilifying and heckling Kristen Stewart.The reason why we see so many articles spewing venom at Kristen is because people love reading about her whether its good ,bad or ugly.Pl,people give her a break,she needs respite from all this nonsense.

  27. Is that law you cited only in California or the whole US? My husband and I have been treated like this on a very small scale when he was a full-time pastor. People actually made up all sorts of stuff about me and my husband. It got very bad a couple of times. Enough that we moved on. I cannot tell you how it makes you feel. It was a little different because it was people we knew, but I can see where an actor might not trust any of their fans as well. This is nothing but just a lack of respect for others. I so hope and pray that something will be done.

  28. One more question, wouldn’t a law that would help the celebs also help our lawmakers too? They get hounded sometimes just as much as the celebs do.

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