Just Have to Share This…Because It Made Me Smile!




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  1. Made me smile also. She’s aid it perfectly

  2. She is so damn adorable and smart and has a delicious sense of humor and the preposterous. you can’t help but love and admire her.

  3. i cant see the it 😦 DEB

  4. Love it. smiled through the whole video. Kristen is such a real down to earth person. I wish her the best in life.

  5. That girl is so lovable I know for sure Rob has gone nowhere that he can’t get back to here within hours… Work schedules excluded.

    Do you want to know how I know it’s true? Because other guys are not lined up following her around and publicly showing her their interest. Kristen is so off the dating market and so is Rob.

    Not that it has stopped the tabloids from reporting their imaginary dating life featuring Rob. Maybe the way they have handled his personal life is the reason he’s not releasing his professional life for them to report on.

    I’d say the reporting and retractions, reporting and corrections, then the flatly denied pages of tabloid LIES gave him real pause as to whether they could be trusted with something as major as THE REAL

  6. And yet we still constantly hear about how Kristen Stewart is dull, silent, stone-faced, sulky, and unsmiling. Are they getting her mixed up with someone else?

    • We know that she reserves her smile for those that deserves her smile.

      • True. She doesn’t smile on demand or just because there are cameras flashing, and I suppose some people resent that.

    • @Badger July 7th 10:10 pm____Yes, why is that? Why have people of both sexes always been so willing to see the worst in Kristen? Even before RS was heard of people were seeing and saying only the best things about Rob and the worst they could come up with about her. Why this strange dichotomy?.

      Rob is a nice hard working young man but no nicer or harder working than Kristen. As for personal beauty and charm they are an even match in my eyes. Must there always be a Beauty and a Beast scenario? Why not a and Sleeping Beauty and a Prince Charming?

      This fits the facts of their relationship as we first knew them best. Kristen was just seventeen, still so young and vulnerable in many ways. So how did a shy girl who stands less than five and a half feet
      get to be the villain of the piece. And the six foot guy who looks like a lady killer become the beloved? You have to admit it makes no sense,

      You also have to admit that Rob and Kristen took fan culture and stood it on its head. Just because he loved her. Being disliked for who loves you.That would be enough to make anyone nervous, uncertain, and slightly angry at any given moment. That’s where all of those Kristen champions came from. As a reaction to all that swooning infatuation with Rob and the general dismissal of Kristen’s feelings.

      These people who dislike and fear her hold on Rob still have not given up. And they carp:About her manner of dress. Her hair. Her frown. Her comfy shoes.Her lack of thankfulness……. For what?…. She’s worked hard since age nine. It wasn’t all made easy for her. She wasn’t an overnight success like Rob was. Universally loved for her face and her sex appeal. But Kristen has matured into one of the most natural beauties of the past three decades. And now Kristen is wide awake and busy charming the prince you all fell in love with. But I think that Rob still only has eyes for her.

  7. I have adored Kristen Stewart ever since the first time I saw her in Panic Room.

    Who could have ever guessed that tough little girl would grow up to be so smart, so humorous, so beautiful, and yet still have some of the qualities of that tough little girl.

    I think she’s one of the best representatives of young Hollywood and I thought that way before Twilight.

  8. This video made me smile as well 🙂 Another Youtube user, ‘Chickenpoxxx’ , also has a “Cute and Funny Moments of Kristen Stewart” videos that go way back in 2009. There’s currently 41 parts and i do a marathon of it from time to time.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I’m having one those rainy day blue kind of day and that made me smile and laugh! Much needed today! Thanks!

  10. That video made me smile too! So glad you posted it. Kristen is truly a unique soul which is why I like her so much.

  11. I’ll never understand how someone can hate this girl!
    She is so lovable.

  12. Why in the hell do women hate her so much? Is it only cause she’s with Rob or because she’s adorable, goofy, sweet, intelligent, beautiful, funny, hot and feisty. So so much jealousy.
    We should be proud of having women like Kristen and not the plastic bimbo’s that HW is full off. After all these years I still can’t comprehend all the hate directed towards her.

    • A lot of that hate comes from females that hate the girl that the guy they want has. I never understood that myself. They can’t comprehend that the guy in question loves the girl. They think she has cast some spell on him. Not in this case. My instincts say Rob saw her and knew from that moment that she was the one. Remember when he was asked by an interviewer if he was going to marry Kristen and he said, “Sure, someday.” He never even hesitated or blinked. That’s why they hate her. No one else has a chance at Rob. Done deal.

      • You are absolutely correct..I believe when a soul recognizes it’s other half an indelible bond is formed. Robs soul recognized his other half when she was in Into the Wild…the rest is just simply destiny.

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