Kristen and Rob Verses Paparazzi

explosionThis was on Twitter.  It was shared by @MistyMueller.  I thought those of you who don’t follow Twitter might enjoy it.  Thanks, Misty!

It is photo manipulation done by  @TwihardMuser


9 Responses

  1. Haha,luv it.

  2. Very fitting ; )

  3. Amen to that. LOL. Them vs the Papz. And don’t forget the tabloids too.

    • They look perfect walking away from mayhem and chaos

      It makes me think Rob and Kristen would look good in a spy movie together.

      Perhaps that’s because blowing Rob and Kristen up is just about the only thing the press left undone in their campaign against them

      They tried separating them forever. So far there’s no credible evidence of that.

      They tried destroying old friendships with rumor and vicious gossip. That backfired big time.

      They tried pairing Rob with every pretty face they thought should strike his fancy. None of them did.

      They are likely even as we speak inventing new dumb stuff. Even though it’s the 4th of July weekend.

      You really do have to give the tabloid paparazzi press an A for effort….. Or maybe not.

  4. Now THERE’S a happy ending!

  5. Nice… Very Nice

  6. Love it! Maybe that should be a movie….Us vs. Them! LOL!

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