Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart

by twilighter

It’s a rare occurrence when we get such a clear example of the celebrity gossip machine at work, but the latest tabloid nonsense involving Kristen Stewart and her mother’s truck is about as clear as it gets.  And the bowels of the celebrity gossip machine is not a pretty site.   The story began yesterday as Kristen was photographed and videotaped while purportedly attending a professional obligation relating to her new film Camp XRay in North Hollywood.  In photographs that were widely reported on across the tabloid “press”, Kristen is shown walking into the location and walking out sometime later to her mother’s blue pickup truck.  Written in the dust on the truck’s hood is a “I [heart symbol] Rob.”  The pictures, taken by x17online and another paparazzi firm, are presented in a fashion to make the reader believe that Kristen stopped while in the process of entering the truck to look at the “writing” and various tabloids opined as to whether it was written by her or by a “fan” and/or how seeing it may have affected her.  Some outlets even claimed that she was hurt and/or outraged at the paparazzi and that she cursed them.

Photo of the truck and the message on the hood.

Photo of the truck and the message on the hood.

For an example, see how Rachel Maresca of the New York Daily News used the photos and spun the story.  In her article called “Kristen Stewart Victim of Car Prank: Fan Writes “I love Rob” on Hood of Her Pickup Truck Post Robert Pattinson Split”, Maresca asserts that the “23 year old actress returned to her parked car outside a studio in North Hollywood to find what appeared to be an unwanted reminder of her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson right in front of her”.  Continuing, Maresco asserted that “A possible fan or unknown culprit wrote the words ‘I love Rob’ in the dust of Stewart’s unwashed blue pickup truck”.

Photo widely represented as Kristen staring at the message on the hood.

Photo widely represented as Kristen staring at the message on the hood.

Joyce Chen of US Magazine spun it this way in her web article “Kristen Stewart’s Car Vandalized With ‘I Love Rob’ Message After Robert Pattinson Breakup”:  “The Twilight actress looked dumbfounded as she stared at the words ‘I (heart) Rob’ written on the dusty vehicle.”  Chen also noted how “Stewart kept a stoic expression on her face as she drove off in the vehicle in a white V-neck T-shirt, grey hoodie and cropped skinny jeans, a pair of oversized black-framed glasses on her face.”

Leigh Blickley in her article “Kristen Stewart Insulted After “I love Rob’ Message Left on Her Dirty Pickup Truck”, asserted thatIn pictures on, the 23-year-old ‘Twilight’ star can be seen staring at the harsh words left on her dirty pickup truck — most likely a prank pulled by a fan or a paparazzo.” She also asserted, like many other outlets, that there appeared “to be a parking ticket on her windshield … yikes.”

Georginia Littlejohn of Britain’s The Daily Mirror, in an article “Kristen Stewart Fails to Wash That Man Off Her Car As She Spots Declaration of Love to Robert Pattinson On Her Bonnet”, asserted that a “cheeky fan had etched the words onto her very dirty pickup truck but she made no attempt to scrub it off.”  The Mirror continued with a discussion about the so-called Rob and Riley Keough romance, a story that has been widely repudiated story by even the actress herself.

And the Christian Post’s Benge Nsenduluka claimed that Kristen “appeared to be stunned while heading back to her vehicle after spotting a love note on it’s bonnet.” Query why a so-called Christian webblog covers celebrity gossip and then lies about it.  Talk about bearing false witness. Isn’t that one of those stone tablet things, number 9 I think?

Rebecca Merriman of spun it this way in her article “Kristen Stewart Victim of I Love Rob Prank On Dirty Truck” claiming that Kristen “had a look of shock on her face as she appeared to see the message across the bonnet of the car as she climbed back in the vehicle and didn’t attempt to hide her annoyance as she seemed to swear at the pap squad, who laughed at the embarrassing incident.”  An amazing assertion given the video that the website provided as to the incident.  But more on that later.

So take your choice: was Kristen stoic, staring, shocked, stunned, insulted, annoyed, or outraged.  Or did some gutless paparazzi weasels fail miserably at trying to get a rise out of her.  Would never guess it from these photos and these stories. Did she write it, a cheeky fan write it, or did a paparazzi write it. Seems like a mystery from these stories and these pictures doesn’t it.  Or did some slimeball paparazzi hope to goad Kristen into reacting.  Would never guess it from these photos and these stories.

But, what do all these “reporters” for these paragons of journalistic excellence have in common?  They are all liars and they all make a living off of misrepresenting the truth and making people stupid.  And how do we know that?  For once, we can actually can answer all these questions because the involved paparazzi were stupid enough to provide a full video of the incident.

There are several complete versions of the video available on the internet.  The one at is probably the best. It shows how the paparazzi were already filming and laughing about the writing on the hood before Kristen came back out.  How Kristen comes out, goes to the car, says a single remarkably quiet “fuck you” as she is getting into the car, and shows her driving away.  With the sounds of paparazzi laughing in the background.  There is no stop and stare at the writing, no outrage, not much of any visual reaction at all.  Bottom line, Kristen bears the blank expression she often displays to paparazzi scum.

And as to who wrote the message?  These tabloid outlets insult people’s intelligence by claiming it was put their by anyone else other than themselves.  Their goal was to get a rise out of Kristen.  And they failed miserably.  Which is what all of these articles should have reported: that Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart.

And as for the parking ticket?  Anyone who has gotten in LA knows what one  looks like.  This looks more like a business card.

One final point.  The photos purportedly showing Kristen stopping to stare at the message. A picture never lies?  Yeah right, this blog proves that they do.  Which is why paparazzi rarely release video.  And which is why there is not one second of any video involving the so-called cheating scandal last year .  Ask yourself why?

So here’s a little pop quiz if you can hold your nose: review the video at

And if you don’t believe these stories or don’t look at them, be sure to retweet the following: Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart at


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  1. This is just SO wrong! The paps are bullying Kristen. The laws need to be stricter, and this should not be tolerated. I really feel sorry for her.

    • go baby go your future is great leave this vultures behind, they are nothing compare to you baby nothing love you always

      • i agree with you they need to leave her alone they are a pain in the neck why are they keep following her they need to get a real job like everyone else the same for rob they need to leave both of them and give them a break love you both keep the good work up keep you heads up do what youall have to do and don’t study the paps

  2. I see it every day and yet I still find it hard to believe the level of cruelty some people can actually sink to. There really are no appropriate words to describe this blatant harrassment of another human being, this was vile and evil and I am heart broken for what she and Rob have to tolerate.

    I look forward to the moment when they make every last one of them eat their words. Freedom of the Press does not give them license to lie and ruin lives…what ever happened to investigative reporting and truth in journalism?

    Thank youT57 for doing the hard work to defend the truth for this young couple.

  3. Thank you for your point of view as always! I believe that the paps/tabs are running out of stories to tell! So I think that this is just one of their stupid attempts to go out of their way to create a story that they think will sell and keep the cash cow flowing. Looks like the break up rumors are starting to dry out.

  4. Oh my goodness Shannon should be he one to write this since she summed up how little the tabloids had to report about this famous couple,

    They are now not just reduced in Shannon’s words to” writing retractions, making corrections and keeping track of Rob’s shopping list.” They are now also apparently reduced to writing fake love messages from Rob on truck hoods……And then lying in every way imaginable about Kristen’s reaction.Hah!!!! The only reaction I see is unconcern. That look plainly says what can you expect from low lifes like this.

    They can imagine it any way they please just as they have been doing for the past five years. But I don’t thing they or what they may think even register on Kristen’s radar.It’s getting to be that way with more and more fans also. This documenting and dissemination on the internet of what amounts to high school hazing is not helping their case, except with teens and the really really stupid, which is just about the only audience they have left.

    So what next? Egg on Rob’s new car? That will take more smarts than most paps have to work with. I suppose they know somebody, who knows somebody, who’s smart enough to get it done. Poor saps uhh paps.

  5. To be totally honest, I cried when I saw the video. Not because I’m sensitive, but because I’m angry, real angry, pit bull angry. There are no words to fully describe what they are.

    Kristen is a strong and beautiful young lady. That’s why I’m for “Justice for Kristen”.

  6. I voted that I try to stay away! If I could vote twice it would be that I don’t believe anything they say!
    The past month I have gone on to some sites to investigate a gut feeling I had. I have to say that it makes my blood boil to see/ read what I have been missing since joining this site.
    The past six months has been the most peaceful six months by staying on this site with sane people.
    I think Kristen is a remarkable woman who seems to be dealing with this shit quite well. ( From what we can see.) I have been worried about her for years!
    This last stunt should be prosecuted! I know she wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. I just can’t wait for her to give them some ” shit stew” when they reveal what they have been up to!! ( sorry couldn’t help it! Pun was on purpose!)

  7. Cruel…middle school lunchroom cruel.

  8. Do they actually think we can’t figure out they did that? I don’t even think she saw it. Or if she did, she didn’t pay any attention to it. What a bunch of assholes. And that is insulting to an asshole.

    • I usually don’t use language like I did on my comment about what the scum of the earth did, but they make me really angry. I never even stopped to consider that there was never a video of last year’s so-called cheating scandal. There is always a video. What a bunch of lowlifes It’s clear what they are but I wonder what their price is? I am glad I can’t figure out how they can do what they do just for money. This behavior cost the life of Princess Diana and it just got a paparazzi killed a month or so back. It’s not worth a life. They were so cruel at Diana’s accident that they were still taking pics of her. They should have thrown that camera down and tried to help. No conscience at all. We should pity anyone who can be so cruel. All celebs have to put up with this stuff and it needs to stop. I don’t live in California, but I am behind this 100%. If we did this to anyone we would be thrown in jail. Time to stop this type of behavior.

      • I have argued for a good part of the year that the lack of video is one of the most striking facts about this whole “cheating scandal”. Although video itself can be manipulated, video is a tremendous resource to show that a picture is not always worth a thousand words. Sometimes a picture is not worth the paper its printed on or the electronic file its saved on. It is no accident that the July event was not videotapped, or at least we have never seen it.

  9. Congratulations on publishing the first, and possibly only, accurate report on this incident.

    • We’ve been discussing this for almost a week. Since This is Friday I thought I’d do a little review of the facts and the BS spread this week.

      The I ‘heart’ Rob message left on Kristen Stewart’s truck is still in the news. And some people thought the paparazzi had nothing to do with it. tisk tisk.

      Kristen is not a Buddhist. With so many religions to choose from I’ve no idea why they would mention that she’s not a Buddhist. Maybe because of her zen like inner strength.

      Kristen Stewart is a timeless beauty. But then we didn’t need Zuhar Marad to tell us that. We’ve all known that for a while now,

      Robert Pattinson is still obsessed with Kristen Stewart according to Hollywood Life. No duh!

      Rob is having trouble committing to Riley Keough. Hmmn. I guess that would be kind of hard considering she’s telling anyone who’ll stop to listen to both her and her agent that there is no relationship between herself and Mr. Pattinson. Tabloids are now coming to the conclusion that Rob and this girl might not work out. Double duh!!

      Rob will be posing for Dior again. In a bathtub. So ladies don’t forget your smelling salts in case you faint…Again.

      Oh! and Mission Blacklist has a new director.who they are busy telling us doesn’t know Jack sh* t, which probably means he’s a genius. Does
      everyone remember when they were saying that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were uninformed rookies? I do

      And that’s all the news about Rob and Kristen. Aside from Marad’s compliment to Kristen and the news about Rob’s new director and Dior’s new photo ideas the rest seems hardly fit to print.

      Don’t you find it funny that they seem to know more about Rob’s 2015
      schedule than what’s happening with his current film? I do. And I think it’s side busting funny. Indeed I do.

      • Whew! Thanks for the recap and for the laugh! XD Really, i don’t read the tabloids anymore since i don’t want them to have the satisfaction of getting one more ‘hit’ on their page. Also, it’s part of the reasons why i read the comment section of diff fandom sites instead.

  10. Great Job on this. Papz are haters, trolls, and bullies to me. They go together. Included the tabloids and all the gossip sites. Papz, haters, Trolls, bullies, Nonnies, tabloids, and all the gossip sites. I have to say they all go together. Is the way I see it.

  11. I think we should all meet in California and give the paps a piece of their own medicine! How would they feel if hundreds of us showed up with our camera’s and followed them around for a few days?
    I’m not kidding! I would love to do it!

    • Sounds good to me since I live in Los Angeles County.

    • Oh my god, I would so join you! I would love to kick some paparazzi ass. Too bad America is a little sue happy and I would lose everything I have in court into thr next life. But I would! Just following them around with a camera and flashlights and shouting insults would be very satisfaying too!! Best idea I’ve seen!!

    • I would to, but there is just one problem, we would be thrown in jail because we aren’t news media. They hide behind the freedom of the press and that’s how they are able to get away with the stalking and harassment they do. I don’t think that stalking and harassment are in the constitution. Freedom of speech, yes, but even then there are laws about libel(written) and slander(spoken). This thing about all you have to say is you have a source and you can print it is nuts. Sources used to mean someone reputable. I know that freedom of the press and speech are vital to a free country, I also know that there are lots of things we would not know about, like Watergate, if we didn’t have these freedoms. But, with any freedom comes responsibility and also the rights of others. I think that’s why they call it the Bill of Rights. Rights have responsibilities. Rights also mean that my rights end where your nose begins, or where your personal space begins. I do not have the right to lie about you period. I don’t have the right to get in your face unless I want to be taken out of your face in a not so nice manner. Respect goes hand in hand with personal freedom.Of course the paparazzi are the first to protect their freedom. They are the first ones to slap a lawsuit on anyone who touches them or their precious equipment. They can yell horrible things at people and write on their personal property and write falsehoods about people as long as they say they have a source. They are trampling all over respect, decency, and the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Of course, things like this do have a way of coming back around. Call it karma, or reaping what you sow, or as I say biting you in the ass. They will get theirs. Let’s just hope by legislation that they can’t find a way around what they do anymore. Any of us could be a victim of this. As a matter of fact it won’t surprise me if they start coming after this blog. Maybe we should put some music to this. There was a philosopher, who I always forget, who made the statement about the power of music. It goes like this. “You write the laws and I’ll write the music and let’s see who rules your country.” Music was a powerful weapon during the Vietnam era. It fueled the movement to get out of Vietnam. Actually it was the movement of either declare war and take care of this or get out. Another thing that was fueled by money and a few people who profited from it. if we want to really be heard, we have to keep telling people and get the word out. Let’s use our freedom of speech in a positive manner and rise above the ones who are misusing freedom of speech. Time to take a stand and stop this.

      • You have correctly identified that there are limits to the notions of Freedom of the Press. Otherwise all slander and libel laws would be useless. But this notion of filming the filmers is not without merit. The First Amendment has been interpreted in case law to very broadly define what the the “press” and the “media” are. That’s how tabloids and other media which most would consider very marginal as “the press” is still under its protection. So if a web-based “news blogg” or “tabloid media watchdog”decided that it wanted to print some truthful articles about what paparazzi do, and in the process decide to film them filming what they do, assuming that no other local laws about filming people in public are violated, the blogg could do so without violating the law. And they would in fact be themselves engaging in First Amendment protected activity. They are still liable to libel and slander laws like everyone else, and for torts like invasion of privacy, etc. But they would still be the “press” for First Amendment purposes. All things being otherwise equal, filming paparazzi in public should not be a problem. An interesting idea.

      • Sherry, Its nice to know that we not only have sane people here, but smart people as well!

        Twilighted, I like your way of thinking! I’m headed back to Santa Monica/ Venice Beach next month. If we could get enough people together I would happily fly in early to represent this site! If we could get enough people together, we could make quite a statement! Especially if we proudly represented ourselves from Justice For Kristen 🙂

      • Thank you for clarifying that for me. I guess i did know that. I was a photographer for our yearbook. I would never have dreamed of doing what they do. But, if it would be okay to take pics of them then I say why not do it. I can’t afford to fly to California, but I am all for giving them a taste of their own medicine.

      • A few months ago Dateline did an undercover investigation on paparazzi abuse. They interviewed one pap who wouldn’t show his face. He told them a few locations to go to. They went and turned the camera on the paparazzi. He asked them many questions on their ethics and morals. He asked them how would they feel if they were stalked everywhere they went. Guess what all of the paparazzi did? They ran away from the Dateline reporter like a bunch of cowards! They can dish it out but they can’t take it!!

  12. The people giggling near Kristen Stewart’s truck are not people as I have come to understand what being a person is. Someone who thinks. someone who knows, someone who feels.

    Those ” things” giggling near a young woman’s truck this morning are not part of the same human race that I belong to. They don’t know this girl. They have no private joke with Kristen to laugh with her about. But still they laugh like eight year old kids who just drew a naughty picture.

    This is the mentality that Rob and Kristen have had to deal with for years. It’s this same mentality that lets us know however far some of us have advanced intellectually, others are still intellectually cave men. With no respect for themselves or each other. So why should we expect them to respect Kristen?

    Because you have to grow up and become part of the human race sometime. Today is as good a day to start as ever. Not everyone turns out to be brilliant or deep thinkers. But with a little time and incentive we can all become decent human beings. A lot of people should start by just aiming for that. Even eight year old gigglers.

    • Mr. Dark people being stupid is not proof against violence. As a matter fact going by past experience it weighs heavily in favor of it.

      How many street paparazzi are even affiliated with a magazine and so answerable to their policies. How many have ever even been told the do’s and don’ts of what is acceptable under 1st amendment law as it applies to paparazzi?

      The formal paparazzi machine is giving way more and more to kids with cameras looking to get lucky. It has been hinted that many of these kids even have gang affiliations. That locker room giggling? May well be because that’s where he’ll be when school starts in the fall.

      Youth coupled with inexperienced and stupidity has always been a recipe for violence. So I echo marymary’s concern for Kristen and I agree with you both this young woman should not go any where alone.

      The sunny and safe California that she grew up in does not exist for her anymore. Indeed it doesn’t exist for anyone who’s ever had a stalker or received a death threat. HBG or his equivalent as a deterrent
      should always be with her.

      She has been called the Queen of Hollywood by many of her fans. because despite her lack of appearance in film, she is still front page gossip news; and interest in her and in her career has not abated one whit.

      But we all know from the horrible example of Princess Diana that not even royalty is exempt from the callous disregard of these people when they are in pursuit of a photo or a story. So many people care about this young woman.

      So let’s hope that Kristen is careful in the future. Because strangers being close enough to write a taunting message on her unguarded truck is too close in this woman’s humble opinion

  13. It is so scary, she is alone.. around her just bunch of immature grown up mens 😦 They have no rescpect for her as a person… This time it supposed to be joke, but it was humiliation. What will happend next time? This time they touch her car, maybe next time they will be more daring…
    Those paparazzies are comming from who know from which countrys to make some money.. The problem is in individual (hope i said it right) how far is he ready to go. Halle Berry is goin thrue this right now, for staliking her doughter. And if they dont have respect for the child, you dont know how far they will go with Kristen.. This is not prank, like most of the mags are saying, this is harassment in the middle if the white day, with everybody watching, but nobody moves to do sometnihg…

    • Is it possible to get fingerprints from the truck? Unless they used something else. I wonder how close they were to her? Seems to me they were either in a car or van or using a telephoto lens. Someone had to see them do that. Sometimes when you ignore bullies they go away. Sometimes they just get worse.

  14. The words I want to say are not very appropriate so I better keep them to myself. I refuse to watch the video but those pics had me fuming yesterday. They are the lowest of the lowest scum of the earth, rats are darling little puppies compared to these vile little sniggering unhuman pieces of shit, standing there laughing at her, trying to get a reaction…I just can’t get my head around it. More and more I’ve come to the conclusion that the papz/gossipmachine have declared war upon R&K.
    My respect for R&K has grown tenfold over the last months, what these kids have to put up with, also by so-called fans, is something I’ve never witnessed before. It’s like open season, a witch hunt, and than you have people who think this is funny? My god the human race is really in decline.

  15. I wish someone would turn the tables on these amoral, rude and immature people called the paparazzi. It’s unfortunate they cannot get a real job. It is so frustrating so see how they invade the private lives of people who happen to be celebrities. Celebrities are descent people who need a break from the cameras They need a break and their innocent family members. I feel so bad for Kristen. Is there no end to how low these individuals will go? It is extremely rude and nasty the way they treat her. I can’t stand it for her and I know it must be 10 times harder for her being that it is happening to her. When will this all stop? I am very proud of how Kristen is the mature one. I applaud her for taking the “high road” and ignoring these ruthless individuals. I just wish they would just leave her ALONE! Can’t they leave her ALONE. Please, why can’t they just BACK OFF!

    • Anne: I completely agree with your sentiments about the paparazzi. However, I think attacking them is like attacking phone telemarketers. It’s the people at the low end of the totem pole who cause the obvious annoyance, and therefore get the criticism. Yes, the paparazzi are intrusive, amoral and relentless, and I want it to stop. But why are they harassing people this way? Ultimately because someone else is making a lot of money by employing them, more money than a photographer will ever see. Maybe we should focus on the people the paparazzi are working for, the ones making the real money from the constant stalking.

      • I think you are spot on. Its all about the money, really nothing else. Filming their misdeeds can help to win the war of hearts and minds and assist legal changes , but ultimately choking the profit out of this nonsense is the only way to bring this under control.

  16. This is my first comment here, the media are getting desperate for that money shot photo, and R/K are not obliging, sooner or later something big is going to happen, it will either be a OMG I didn’t see that coming, or I knew sooner or later it would, like the song said Thank god I’m not a Kennedy should be changed to celebrity.

    • Welcome Paula. You’re so right. If these (fill in the blink) continue to do what they are doing, I too believe something is going to happen. You would think after the tragedy involving Princess Diana the laws would change, instead, they are even worse today.

      I enjoy the conversations we have here. A place where we can chime in and share ideas, emotions, thoughts and the beat goes on. This is my happy medium.

  17. I have to just say, again, it is so nice to be on a site with normal, sane people. I am also glad to know that when I go to a fan site and look at the pics, and anymore it’s just for research and to be ready to shoot down a lie, that the gossip sites get less for that. I hate when x17 has pics that are posted on a fan site because only one can get posted and then you have to click to see the rest. They are just scum. I truly admire Rob and Kristen for how they handle all of this. In my opinion all the rag mags are doing is making Rob and Kristen look mighty good in light of what these rag mags are trying to do. I have another word for the rag mags and the paparazzi, just plain old douches!

    • Bravo for your previous comments. I agree, their stars are shining brighter and brighter every day. I’ve come to realize that the paparazzi can’t shoot at all. They may be aiming in the right direction but they always miss the target.

  18. I used to think that the hounding would stop if they broke up.I guess i was wrong.I think nothing sells like Kristen Stewart (broken or unbroken).I think this will continue till someone else catches the publics fancy.

  19. Thank you for your post. I am hoping congress will pass a law to stop these individuals with cameras. They are not journalist, these idiots are making a buck by torturing celebrities. After the incident with Princess Diana I thought things wound change and for a minute it seems like Hollywood would stop this but here we are and things have gotten worse. I think we the people need to turn the tables. If these people are keeping the light on the celebrities, maybe someone ought to turn the lights on them and their loved ones. Let the world see their misgivings and imperfections. Let’s see what their wives/girlfriends looks like without makeup. They are spending so much time chasing after celebrities, let’s follow their wives/girlfriends and see who they are screwing on the side. Let’s turn the tables, create a site called “lights on paps” and expose their not so perfect world. They don’t see celebrities as people. The dehumanize them do the can justify humiliating and terrorizing them. We the people have the power to stop them. What they are doing is wrong. And they will do it for as long as they are getting big pay days regardless of the pain they cause their victims. Every single one of them. Paps and rags, let’s flipping turn the tables.

    • We probably want to be careful about not becoming the scum that they are. I doubt their family members and significant others are responsible for their misdeeds. But showing their own misdeeds while they are filming celebrities seems more than fair.

      • yes but those family members and significant others are profiting from those misdeeds by the salary that the papz are earning for taking the pictures. I wish someone had turned a video camera on those that were laughing at Kristen just to show the public who these people are. It is always easier to get away with this stuff if they don’t know who you are. The next comment I am sure will be “well they need to make a living somehow.” I don’t know how making a living doing what they are doing is fulfilling.

      • I agree Twilighted! What I pictured was going to a place where they are waiting for Kristen. Instead of her fans asking for pictures we would get between her and the paps and take pictures of them. Blocking pictures they would take. Only to send a message. We can’t go down close to the paps level or we would get burned. It’s too close to hell!

  20. hello! i was wondering if you could add ‘’ to your blogroll! its another fantastic RK blog such as DIDY and this one!

  21. Hello everyone! I feel same way as you do. Here is what I was telling others Robsten sites and one of their twitters. Seem to me they feel the same way I do when I tell this.
    Misty and twilighted57 – Great Job on this. Papz are haters, trolls, and bullies to me. They go together. Included the tabloids and all the gossip sites. Papz, haters, Trolls, bullies, Nonnies, tabloids, and all the gossip sites. I have to say they all go together. Is the way I see it. They seem to get enjoying out of harrassing, teasing, bullies, lies, and mostly invading their private lives. Especially about our couple. They sure getting away with it. I just wish we all could do something about this. I wish we could give a tshirt saying Papz and tabloids vs the celebs. And they are bullies. I don’t about you guys. It makes me mad. Sorry I am expressing how I feel about those idiots. I love Rob and Kristen. Like some of you say they don’t deserve this. I hope Kristen is ok.

    • The internet has provided something of a haven for sadistic bullies of every kind, from high school students on up. I think it’s making it more acceptable to be openly cruel in certain circumstances, such as when talking about celebrities. But it won’t stop with celebrities.

  22. Hi t57, this is a little off subject but Rob’s belangia shoes from Kristen have peaked my interest lately. He had them on in the supposed lf2 daytime party pics among others. I’m sure this was brought up and I just don’t remember. Those sneakers look a lot like the ones Rupert was wearing in the cheating pics. you even pointed out how they look greenish in some pics. Rob and Rupert are close to the same build but Rupert is about 2 or 3 inches taller which could explain some of the photo discrepancy. Could it actually be Rob in the pics and not Rupert at all? Would explain the presence of Rob’s hat.

    • Rob’s sneakers have a green tongue.

    • Dawn: The idea that the pictures were photoshopped from covert pictures of Stewart and Pattinson is an Idea that’s occurred to me many times. I haven’t brought it up because I’m not sure how much basis there is for the theory, but it seems to me it would be a simpler way to get the kind of poses wanted, and as you say it would explain the size discrepancies. I don’t think Sanders’ shoes are a clue, though. They look perfectly nondescript to me.

  23. One thing I know for certain about the paparazzi is that, and if I said this before bear with me, Rob and Kristen will be in their 80s driving down the sidewalk on their Rascal scooters and these same sleazebags will be on their Rascal Scooters trying to get a shot of the adult diapers they have in their shopping bag. So, if we don’t want to see that then make sure they pass those laws.

  24. I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are of Rob’s mom being in LA and the photos that were placed on Riley’ s aunt social media site of Rob mom and another lady. How do they know each other? The photos have been since removed.

  25. I saw that picture somewhere. I recognized Rob’s mom, but not the other woman. I think I saw it on twitter but I can’t remember.

    • Jennie: Hard-core fans online say it’s Mrs. Pattinson with Riley Keogh’s aunt, or great-aunt; that the two have been pictured together on previous visits; and that the picture was taken at a gathering the same weekend Stewart got together with Riley and other friends. I can’t confirm the accuracy of this, of course, but the implication was that the picture represented Mrs. Pattinson at a gathering of her son’s friends, and/or Kristen Stewart’s friends, and/or Stewart herself.

  26. That makes perfect sense to me. That would be natural for Robs parents to visit with Rob and Kristen, along with some of their friends present.
    How the picture was released is more concerning. It doesn’t seem like Riley would do it. She is denying going out with Rob and also denying being the mystery red head.
    I hope someone close to Rob and Kristen wouldn’t release that picture.

    • Pic is on hkn haven. No details. Hope this helps.

    • If the theory that Rob and Kristen are secretly married has any validity as some people think it may, this kind of mingling and socializing of all parties mentioned makes perfect sense. As far as that goes, even if they are only engaged. After all we can’t just continue to dismiss that really unique ring like that tabloids are so intent.on doing. At least I refuse to.

      • I saw a fan pic on Robsten Dreams today. It appears that the old Rob ring was on her left middle finger and the new one on her right. Point is they were both there. I have no doubt anymore that they are together. That’s all i need to know and I wish them the very best. I hope we never have to go through what the Glee fandom is experiencing. I do watch the show and I really did like Cory as Finn. My heart goes out to his fans, Lea, his family and the cast of Glee. Things could always be worse than just a bunch of lies being tossed around. Not that that is a okay, it’s not. I’m feeling really bad for Riley at this point. This is getting nuts.

  27. On site I saw that the photos discussed in this post were taken by Blanco. I’m not surprised about this.

  28. Shannon,
    I agree. They may be married? Even if they aren’t married, we know Kristen has spent some holidays with Robs family.
    Like I said before, the real issue is who posted private pictures? It is entirely possible that someone from that party sold that picture. That would be a huge violation of their privacy! I hope that’s not the case!

  29. I saw the full video and how those ass holes behaved. Kristen didn’t even realize what was going on and that made me laugh at how she inadvertently punked those fuckers with their own shit!!! Talk about funny….yes!!!!! She should have called the police for damage to private property and had fingerprints taken… that would be justice for Kristen! Lol!!! Fucking tabloids suck

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