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The following is a Twitlonger that posted on Twitter by @MistyMueller  July 9, 2013:

Wow – so finally the paparazzi gets everyone’s attention by that childish prank of writing on Kristen Stewart’s car. Seriously, when’s the last time you did that? I was around 12 I think. Though I’m surprised it took so long to make some of you aware of what these “photographers” are capable of, I’m glad. Now maybe some of you will help get the out-of-control paparazzi under control. I’m kind of surprised that it was a car-graffiti incident that got all this attention, because there have been many, many incidents that could be very dangerous, some deadly. Princess Diana died on Aug. 31st, 1997 when the car she was travelling in crashed, being chased by paparazzi. You don’t want to see the video. 16 years since that horrible day, yet little has been done to curb the paparazzi. In many cases, they’ve become even more dangerous.
There are car chase incidents every day in Los Angeles. I don’t know the statistics, as the LAPD hasn’t been very forthcoming with their data, but I’ve read many reports in newspapers, etc. of ordinary LA citizens being run off the road, swerving to avoid being hit, almost getting T-boned by paparazzi running red lights, etc. to know that paparazzi are a hazard to drivers on Los Angeles streets. How do they get away with that you ask? Easy. In California, you have up to six months before you have to put a license plate on your new car. 6 MONTHS of getting to drive a vehicle that may as well be invisible. How else could one identify the car that caused them to run off the road? A physical description? Do you know how many new black SUV’s are on the streets of LA? I don’t either, but you can be certain it’s a lot harder to identify a vehicle by description only, with no license plate. I ran across something while looking up LA traffic data one day, and had to read it again, I was so shocked. The amount of hit-and-run accidents in the entire US, every city, every state, is 11 to 12% of all accidents. The number of hit-and-run accidents in Los Angeles? 48%. Yep. 48% of all accidents in Los Angeles are hit-and-run accidents. Is it some odd coincidence that the city with the highest celebrity population and the highest paparazzi population also has a ridiculously high hit-and-run accident rate? I seriously doubt it. 36% more hit-and-runs than the entire country? If you believe that, then I’ve got some prime Florida land, right next to the Everglades I’ll sell you, or a beautiful bridge in London.
Another favorite haunt of the paparazzi is LAX. I will put a video link of just one incident . Can you imagine trying to get your baby through that swarm, just to get to your car? I wonder what all those blinding flashes are doing to that poor baby’s eyes! The paparazzi push, shove, jostle, and swing at anything in their way of getting that “money shot” – INCLUDING the average Joe or Jane just trying to make their flight on time. How would you be able to identify him in that chaos? You probably couldn’t.
Most of you are familiar with Paparazzi Reform Initiative. If not, and you want to help change the way the paparazzi stalk, taunt, block, flash-blind, etc. AND GET AWAY WITH IT, then please visit their website at . On twitter, (and please follow if you haven’t yet) they’re @PAPARAZZIReform, and their FB page . There are two new anti-paparazzi bills they’ve sponsored coming up in California’s legislature, and they will need our help to get these bills signed into law. I won’t get into the details of each, but one is to protect celebrity children, and the other one is a civil law bill, to further address the stalking of celebrities. That bill would also help domestic violence victims. These bills are fully explained on their website, so please educate yourselves about them.
There are links on their facebook page and website to sign a petition to People magazine, demanding they stop using celebrity children’s photos without their parents’ permission. Please sign this petition if you haven’t already. It could help to show the California legislature that we, as fans, are very unhappy with the way celebrity children are treated in the media. There were only a few hundred signatures when I first signed it, but then it jumped to 500 with a strong push by both PRI and The Plan. However, we can do better than that, can’t we? If we can make #WatchBreakingDawnPart2 trend worldwide, imagine what we could do for a petition! A petition that could be the deciding factor when the new anti-paparazzi bills come up for vote. So please, sign the petition – it’s NOT just a petition to People magazine, but a petition letting California state government know that we fans are tired of the paparazzi behavior.
Thanks for reading, and always, peace out! Misty


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  1. What an illuminating…and horrifying…article! I cannot BELIEVE any state would allow untagged vehicles for six months! It boggles the mind. We are well on our way to a nation where the price of publically participating in anything…the arts, government or even ordinary citizenry may well become too high. Thank you for this eye opening article.

  2. Great article Misty. I saw those pics yesterday and my first impression was ‘the pappz did it’ and didn’t bother looking at any more. I can’t express enough how much I loathe them. I will definitely look into and support the no pics of children. I don’t see it about Rob or Kristen I see it as the bigger picture. It’s unforgivable what happened to Princess Diana

  3. I will sign petition(s) and do whatever it takes to put a stop to this madness. I still go back to Princess Diana’s death every time I see those dogs in action.

  4. Misty- Great Job on this. Papz are haters, trolls, and bullies to me. They go together. Included the tabloids and all the gossip sites. Papz, haters, Trolls, bullies, Nonnies, tabloids, and all the gossip sites. I have to say they all go together. Is the way I see it. They seem to get enjoying out of harrassing, teasing, bullies, lies, and mostly invading their private lives. Especially about our couple. They sure getting away with it. I just wish we all could do something about this. I wish we could give a tshirt saying Papz and tabloids vs the celebs. And they are bullies. I don’t about you guys. It makes me mad. Sorry I am expressing how I feel about those idiots. I love Rob and Kristen. Like some of you say they don’t deserve this. I hope Kristen is ok.

  5. Thank you Misty , you hit the point . I also posted the article related to this incident on my blog last night just want to show the true color of those scumbags to Thai RK fans . I will never let somthing like this slide , we must to expose them to the world to know about the marlicious fake stories they cause just for money.

    These Papz , tabs , trolls , haters , nonstens , nonnies are in the same lowest species on earth. They are a LIER they don’t deserve to be called press / media. I will never give up , even I’m just a tiny part in this fandom but at least thousand of Thai fans in my blog are truely understand this situation. My blog is the only one tiny RK fan site in Thailand and now we are trying to call out some of Thai unethical medias & Facebook Fanpages as well as I can .

    Thank you again for staying strong with us in this crazy fandom.

  6. I was just wondering if non American citizens can sign it too? Will they not argue that Dutch people have no saying in this?

    I do remember Diana’s death very vividly, seen the Mercedes all crushed up, blaming the driver and not the papz. They were never made accountable for this even if there were plenty of witnesses.

  7. So sorry for the late response on these comments – it gets a little nuts sometimes, and unfortunately, replies to these great comments get pushed to the side. I do apologize for that. It’s great all of you are getting the big picture of what these hyenas are doing, and you’re absolutely correct that the tabloids and paparazzi go hand in hand. One couldn’t survive without the other! If the tabloids stopped publishing the pix, would the paparazzi still take them? No – they’re in it for the money. As to the question about anyone in the world signing the petition or writing letters to the Cali Congress? ANYONE AROUND THE WORLD can sign AND write letters. The actors/singers we’re fans of live in Los Angeles, and we’re writing because of our admiration of them. The Los Angeles budget would crumble if all those celebrities moved out of LA, wouldn’t it? So yes, anyone, anywhere, can sign the petition and write/fax letters. Thank you for doing so. If you have any more questions for me, and you’re on twitter, I’m @MistyMueller, or just give Sue here a jingle and have her yell for me! She knows how to reach me in several different ways. But again, thank you all for your support. Together we CAN make a change, and bring a little normalcy back into the actors/singers we admire.

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