When Viewing Paparazzi Video…

Posted July 9, 2013 by @MistyMueller

If you go to YouTube and watch stalkerazzi videos, you’ll notice that almost all the comments are from people that are as outraged by stalkerazzi behavior as we are. I’ve noticed, and leave comments about Paparazzi Reform quite often. Many people are unaware PRI even exists, so if we could just leave a comment pointing them to PRI’s website, we might gain even more support to control the paparazzi, or at least define boundaries for them. Actually, if you could, it would probably help by leaving a comment about PRI under almost ANY video. All celebrities are harassed, and stalked by the paparazzi, so why not make the information available to all fans?
There is one small problem, though. YouTube won’t allow the posting of actual links, so you’ll have to leave Paparazzi-Reform(dot)com, or some other combination to lead them to PRI’s website. Also, if you’d rather not use your regular YouTube sign-in, create an account just for the purpose of leaving PRI comments. I realize that sounds kind of sneaky and underhanded, but we’re dealing with sneaky, underhanded people. And the big money behind them. We’re going to need to be as crafty as they are.
Please try to do this. If more people were aware of Paparazzi Reform, maybe the actors we all love could live a little more free. Thanks, and always, peace out. Misty

Please start leaving the same message if you happen to visit any other site that has something to do with paparazzi.  These are the laws that Halle Berry is supporting!


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