Let Them Know How You Feel!

HEY NEWS OUTLETS!! Suri Cruise called “brat” “bitch” by paparazzo on video http://bit.ly/155SHI3

STEP UP and stop the papparazzo! This means you: @AP @CNN @ABCNews @NBCNews @CBSNews @GMA @NBCNews @nypost @RollingStone @ETonlineAlert @THR @pitchforkmedia @eonline @InStyle @usweekly @moviefone @HuffingtonPost @MTVNews @CBCAlerts @nprnews @Mondoweiss @NatPress @starsandstripes @nytimes @timesonline @TimesNewsUk @CNNNewsroom @foxnews @BreakingNewsOn @LivePressAlert @CNETNews @msnbc_world @thomsonreuters @guardiannews @washingtonpost @WSJ @Reuters @pressfreedom @TIME @mashable @TechCrunch @TheEllenShow

This is DISGUSTING! No child should be spoken to like that!
You can’t sit by while children are abused in pubic and on video! It’s TIME TO STAND UP AND HELP!

Thanks to @WindsweptGirl


Whether you are disgusted with the way paparazzi treat Kristen, or you have generally had it with their treatment of ALL celebrities–these are good agencies to contact with your comments.


14 Responses

  1. Please retweet or contact them directly. This is getting out of hand and until the media starts to step up and everyone takes a moment to sign the PRI nothing will ever be done. Complaining about it on twitter does nothing. Everyone needs to STEP UP and do something. NOW…Please.

    THIS IS A FIERCE FANDOM…I’ve seen you all get very protective…be fierce now. Takes only a second to retweet and maybe only a minute to tell the media and your legislation how you really feel about the paps!

    YOU CAN DO THIS!! HELP US! HELP THEM! When children are being abused (AND THIS IS ABUSE) we need to take a stand. Join us and help form a united front!

  2. Do it. It’s SO important!!! Lets all stop this BS!

  3. They are both being abuse. All the celebs and even children are too. This also needs to stop.

  4. Yes I signed the PRI today. This is so out of hand it’s tragic. Wait until Tom Cruise hears this….he doesn’t let things go!

  5. My God,these “people”,these pappz are really disgusting.This we must stop.Please! What if it were you or your child? Also,you will be silent? I think that not.

  6. Enough is enough and the laws need to change now. Making money by harassing people and children is wrong just to take a picture and sell a BS story. It’s time to put an end to this before someone is killed protecting themselves or their children.

    • Only one question, do you have to live in California to sign? I live in the MIdwest. If I can’t sign, what can I do to help? I saw this earlier today on The Talk while we were sitting in the Doctors office. They were all lived about this and what we have been talking about. One of the guys got onto the other one, but I could not believe the one called her that. You could tell she was upset about the cameras. What a bunch of insensitive creeps!

  7. My understanding is that it makes no difference where you live. The more signatures the better! We want to show them the world is watching!!!

    • Thank you. Just finished signing. I know this sounds kinda crazy but the paparazzi are so like the Volturi in Twilight. They don’t care what they have to do to get what they want or who they hurt. Never really considered that until know. Wonder if that was the point. If not, it sure does parallel this mess. An assumption that lead to an excuse to destroy lives to get what they wanted. Does seem familiar.

  8. I can’t seem to have access to the video maybe it’s the location but I did read what GC had to say and it’s disgusting. I would not have believed it if any random person told me. I really don’t get, we have so many laws protecting children from abuse from family etc yet here we have total strangers doing more than abuse to a child aged 7, these people need to be made accountable for their behaviour.

    I will definitely sign, this situation is really bad.

  9. I signed the petition last night and I read the journalism code of ethics. I know for sure that paps and tab-liars have broken all the codes of ethics. We must band together as we are doing, and make our voice heard. I live in California and I will be sending in my letter of support for the two bills that are currently in legislation. I’m also asking my friends, family and coworkers to sign the petition and support PRI. I will continue until these ( fill in the blank ) are put out of business. I’ve seen so many disturbing videos lately until I can’t stomach seeing another one. Please, please, please help by doing a little something. Read the hummingbird story by Misty.

    • If they were following the code of ethics these bills wouldn’t be necessary. No ethics involved in what they do.

  10. It makes no sense to me that the government can’t put an end to all the harassment and abuse these celebrities deal with and why the “Freedom of Speech” is used as “their right” makes me think this amendment needs to be revisited and people should be protected from this kind of abuse. The so called tabloid rags and journalist are spouting out daily lies with out any real proof and its treated as gospel…the lies have destroyed the credibility of these people and then the pictures are misrepresented left and right…I feel for them they can’t go anywhere without be called names or backed into corners so they can’t move its sick and it needs to stop now. I think some of these aggressive paparazzi should be fined once and for all for all the damage they do. They make thousands of dollars on a picture its insane and so wrong.

  11. I was watching The Talk when we were at a Dr appointment on Thursday. They were talking about the Suri Cruise incident and Sharon Osborne had a good idea. She said that the paparazzi should have to wear i.d. so you know who they are and who they represent. They should also have to have their cars tagged so you can get a license number. They were saying that a lot of these paparazzi are high school and college age students who do this during the summer and some all the time. They do it for the money. Sara Gilbert said a lot of them will just do it for a short time and then go back to school and no one will even know they were the ones who did the pics, etc. As for the 2nd Amendment, it doesn’t need to be revisited, but the laws we already have should be enforced. We have laws against harassment and stalking, of course a restraining order is only as good as the person that it is suppose to protect you from obeys it. We have to remember that the paparazzi are not what we would think of as the legitimate news media. They are hired to get a money shot, not real news. I still don’t understand why they are allowed to make up such horrible lies and how they get away with just saying a source. If any of the celebrities would challenge their sources, it would fall apart. They truth is that the paparazzi and their rag mags don’t have ethics or morals. They are in it for the money, period. They don’t care who they hurt. Legislation will help, but there will still be people who will do anything for a buck. It ‘s like the saying goes, ” I know what you are, now I just have to figure out your price.” I still can’t figure out how they do what they do to children. I can tell you that there are privacy issues as a teacher that if I broke them, I would lose my job and could get sued. How they do what they do baffles me. All I can say is that laws about what constitutes stalking and harassment by these parasites needs to be passed and soon. I do no want to see someone killed just so they can get a big pay day. It will happen. A paparazzi already lost is life trying to get what he thought was a money shot of Justin Bieber being stopped by police. Next time it could be a celebrity or one of their children or just an innocent bystander. Time to put an end to this madness. Sign up and do what you can to stop this.

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