More Crap Is Coming From Hollywood Life- Get Out the Buckets

by twilighter

New day.  Same old bs.  I am feeling clairvoyant today.  We are going to be seeing some crap out of Hollywood Lies shortly and their ace idiot editor (I use that term loosely) Christopher Rogers will be up to his nose in it.  You remember him,  the “weekend editor” of Hollywood Lies (Life) Magazine, yet another news fabricator of the celebrity gossip machine and another stellar example of why Hollywood Lies takes the cake in terms of tabloid BS “news” reporting. He can’t edit his way out of a paper bag if his life depends on it and seems to have serious problems with concepts like “facts”, “verify”, and “truth”.

Old Chris is already mucking around on twitter talking to some idiot (@lexiep16) who claims to have a “picture” of Rupert and Kristen at the bowling alley along with two other tweeters to “verify” the story.  Funny how lying a_sholes hang together isn’t it.  The photo isn’t worth a piece of crap but Old Chris is going try to make something out of the garbage, which he has a tendency of doing.  Troll twitter, stir up some BS, print it in a tabloid like it means something.  Typical Hollywood Lies, typical Chris Rogers. Here is his evidence.Image

Chris is on the far left, and the “evidence”  is on  the right.  Looks more like Robert Pattinson wearing a skullcap about to fang Chris in the neck like a vampire than it does Rupert and Kristen at a bowling alley.  LMAO.

And do you think for one second that if Rupert Sanders was in a brightly lite bowling alley in public with Kristen, a place where Kristen took some fan photographs last night, that the internet wouldn’t  have exploded last night instead of whimpering out a stupid story twelve hours later?  If you believe that,  then Chris is your guy.  You’ll believe just about anything.

But what should we expect from a magazine that has linked Rob with Katy Perry, Ellen Page, Sarah Roemer, Riley Keough, and who knows who else, all BS, and that’s just in the last two weeks.  And linked Kristen with Micheal Pitt based on absolutely nothing other than they sat next to each other and watched a fashion show in Paris, a show where his fiancee was one of the models. Someone he has been dating for TEN years! It was so bad that even Hollywood Lies has had to repudiate their own story.

So if Chris wants to go up to his eyeballs, lets push him all the way in.

Now take the poll:

After looking at the photos what do you think it proves?


And if you answer any or all of the above retweet the following far and wide: Christopher Rogers is lying idiot.  See

News Update [7-15- 3:55PM PST]:

See new picture of Kristen at the bowling alley with a group.  Rupert is not there.   See

Kristen at Bowling Alley [Without Rupert]

Kristen at Bowling Alley [Without Rupert]

  And here is some of Rogers twitter BS: 4h

.@ChrisRogers86 is this real? RUPSTEN STILL ON  #Pray4AliciaMan

View photo Rogers@ChrisRogers86 4h

@poopscoop_stew I wouldn’t put it past her.

10:38 AM – 15 Jul 13 · Details

Top of Form

Tweet text

Reply to @ChrisRogers86 @poopscoop_stew 4h

.@ChrisRogers86 2 different people saw her with Rupert for bowling date night. I have a worry. 😱 3h

@ChrisRogers86 You should be careful being so friendly with such a known hater & troll, trust me you don’t want to end up like the E! girl 2h

@ChrisRogers86 Being laughed at ONTD & everywhere else isn’t good for any career, be careful the internet (screencaps especially) is forever

    1. 48m

@kursk_a join  – We are a tight knit community unlike any other & we have a great leaks section. #dragthelessors 3m

@ChrisRogers86 @poopscoop_stew wouldn’t put it past you to lie like a dog.We are all over you Rogers.See Chris Lie at 


76 Responses

  1. FYI the guy circled is one of the guys in the group fan pic with K. NOT rs!

  2. Hollywood Lies almost makes this BS too easy! I think anyone who actually believes their stories need to have their head examined! I’m sure the two headed doctor one of the other tabloids reported on would be perfect for the job!

  3. this fake Rupert is the second guy from right on this fan picture
    Hollywood liars are so ridiculously stupid…

  4. That is the most assinine thing I have ever heard, if I was Christopher I would actually be ashamed to show my face in public….then again maybe he doesn’t go out in public choosing to stay under the rock he lives at.

    • Your right, he doesn’t appear in public. But who could blame him. I wouldn’t have the nerve if I wrote the crap he does.

  5. When are Hollywood Life or say Lies are going out of business? Or they should be sued by the celebs. Because they have done enough damages not just our couple. But all the celebs. And that picture is not the RS. I don’t believe its that idiot. It looks like Rob to me.

  6. well in the huge group pic. the second guy from the right side, the one beside the man with the cap, that’s the guy they are making up to be RS. just stating as i see it!! i hate that

  7. I think I know the man this Chris is claiming to be the pig. Look at this pic—>
    The man in blue is the one this Chris is claiming to be Sanders. Proof he is a big LIAR!!!

  8. On the bright side, the desperate nature of the tabloids’ attempts to get either Stewart or Pattinson paired up with someone, and the pathetic results, tells me the two of them are having tremendous success eluding the gossip press. They don’t even have a fragment of a fact to exaggerate into something mildly plausible.

    • You have that right. The tabloids are
      Or clueless as ever.

    • Oh, there are facts. Just not ones they want to publish. Like that big shiny diamond ring. Not much speculation on that at all. Like the MTV
      jacket that Kristen got Rob long ago, and that he recently wore to a concert. Like a red head in a pickup truck that cannot be Kristen but so obviously is. Like Rob wears those Balenciaga shoes she gave him every chance he gets. like the last we saw of Bear and Bernie Rob was driving away with them both but Kristen has made no protests over her pet. Those are facts that we are suppose to ignore.. I don’t think so. You want real news about these two watch their wardrobe and accessories right down to back packs. Forget the tabloids. They’re
      running their own end game that Rob and Kristen want no part of.

      • Last week Rob was wearing a backpack that appeared to be a woman’s backpack. You’re right about the clothing etc. they usually have meaning behind what they are wearing. They are communicating with their fans that aren’t so wrapped up in the lies that are being written about them!
        Like T57 says, ” in plain sight.”

  9. geez, is this BS EVER going to end? How can ANYONE believe these
    crazy stories day after day? Enough already! Surly by now the nonfans must be feeling duped? I sure wish R @ K would move somewhere else where they could enjoy some privacy. There paying a big price for all the money they made and will continue to make.

    • I think France would be a great idea. They both love it, the French absolutely love them and the paparazzi laws are among the toughest in the world. Of course they had to kill Princess Diana for that to happen.

      • I don’t think France is such a good idea. There’s actually a group of papparazi (they named themselves “stormshadow crew”; yes i’m questioning their maturity too) that stalks Kristen as well as other celebs that go to France, especially to Paris and uploads their videos on youtube. They were the ones who captured Kristen and Rob hugging and kissing during the OTR party and have recently uploaded the “cockroach and parasites” video during the fashion week. They’re like the French version of the laughing hyenas that touched Kristen’s car. They pretty much write negative things about her on their YT channel too.

      • France’s law towards privacy is very strict and famous people are known to do their shopping in peace as well as take their kids to school without being bothered at all… When they sue for illegal pictures and talking about their private lives, they generally win…

  10. I’m familiar with Hollywood Life (aka tab-liars), but I have no knowledge of this Chris Rogers. With that being said, is that the best they have to offer as evidence? That picture means absolutely nothing and it says even less. I agree with you, we need some real large buckets for this one.

    This is exactly why I made a personal vow to cut them off at the knees. I despise who they are, what they are and what they do, They are a group of low life scum who take please in ruining good people lives with lies.

    • I just left “RobstenDaily.Org” and there are 4 fan pics from Kristen’s bowling night. Two of the pictures are with a female fans and 1 young male fan, and the forth fan picture is with a large group of fans, males and females. We know that she loves her fans. Thanks to her fans pictures, Kristen’s appearance is totally different from what the tab-liars printed. You be the judge. Let me know if I’m wrong and seeing things. I don’t mind being corrected when I wrong.

      • Speaking of the group picture at the bowling alley, could that be some of the people from the movie she is shooting? One of the guys looks like one of the stars in “Camp X-Ray”. Please let me know.

      • That’s exactly who they are.

    • I actually featured Mr. Rogers AKA “tabloid” liar back in October in a post on this site due to an absolutely ridiculous story he wrote misquoting Kristen left and right. Essentially, he took quotes she made well before the ‘scandal’ and twisted them into contorsions he claimed showed she was admitting the event. And yes, this is about as good as Bonnie “FullofIt” Fuller has at Hollywood Lies. Fuller herself, him, Eleanor ‘the serial liar’ Hutch, and my personal favorite punching bag Chloe ‘the fact challenged’ Melas. What a group.

  11. What a complete load of tripe. Horrible Lies,are to me cartoon corner,ILMAO,at the garbage they print,and their love child Perez Hiltonhorrible,they are all a bunch of unctuous slugs.

  12. The guys are actors from CXR, not Rob, not Rupert.

    • Don’t kid yourself that they mean this as serious journalism. I know and they know that just because it’s in print doesn’t mean a thing. They are cashing in on a fan base and two mega stars whose names have become their own form of magic for a lot of people.

      Bow to Kevin Costner’s movie, Field of Dreams: They know that
      when it comes to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, ” If They Print It We Will Read It.” Loved or griped about, it will be read.

      That’s why jerks like Rogers have a job. If not for WHO he is talking about no one would even bother to laugh at his junk imagination. But greatness magnifies everything. The greater the King and Queen’s kingdom the better the chance for a job for the worst village idiot.

  13. FYI- the blown up pic with the red circle is the back of the guy on the bottom right of the group pic …you can tell by hairline and facial hair.

  14. I feel so bad for her. they want her to catch her with him again so badly they have to make this stuff up. I for one, can’t tell who it is. The picture is blurry and I can’t make anyone out. They have sunk to a new level if this is what they are basing their gossip on.

  15. Ha! Would you look at that! The guy in the picture that supposedly shows “Rupert” looks like the guy second from the right in the group picture. I think the “evidence” is actually a picture taken from the back during this group picture.

  16. OK I haven’t look anywhere else today. But I want to confess I went on other sites the other day and last night. I left some irate messages, couldn’t help myself. there are two things I mentioned on both of my messages. 1. I talked about kristen and rob breaking up over some text in may, on rob’s birthday. what I said was “if Kristen had really had the hots, or love, or lust for Rupert Sanders why?????After Rob split didn’t run to Rupert with open arms????? you see what I mean Technically Robert was no more….why didn’t they see each other there was nothing holding them back certainly not Rob….my second thing I addressed was, since Rob had Reily and was having great sex with Riley several times a week, why Kristen wasn’t out looking for someone to keep her company, I even suggested her good looking bodyguard. ( I know I’m bad), I was looking to see what the tabs would come up with. This was not the first time something I had questioned on the the paparazzi had show up again only written like it was coming from them. Everytime it happened my msg would disappear from the HollywoodLies network. I am not trying to start a war or spread lies, this actually happened to me. Twilighter please believe me this happened. She then is said to have hooked up with bad boy Pitt, and now to be hanging with Rupert Sanders. does he really look like her type???? and bowling where everyone can see them this is completly unbelievable. they think we are stupid…..and as my family can tell you I hate being played.

  17. can we find all those people who were with Kristen to pretend they are Rupert at the same time and take a picture. We can send it to hollywood lies see if they publish it, i bet they do.

  18. Well the real ” truth”, at least concerning these pics is that
    ” Rupert” guy, is actually the guy to the right of Kristen second to last. The ” cap” you see in the first pic is actually is hair (lol) they have the same shirt, the shadowing along the jaw in the 1st pic matches his beard as well as the short hairs on the back of his neck in the 1st pic matches to the one on the guys neck with everyone JS. If Rup was there, he ain’t in any of these pics, so I’m gonna say she is lying.

  19. BUSTED!!!! I didn’t read the twitter exchange before. I think we should Mail some Depends Diapers to Chris. He probably poopscooped his pants after getting your message Twilighted 🙂 This made my day! What a fitting name, poopscoop! That’s almost as funny as your message to him!
    My side hurts from laughing so hard! 🙂 Hollywood Lies by Chris Poopscoop Rogers.

    • Hey, we should send him an accompanying poop scoop. But then again he”ll need a shovel-sized one!

      • Or a dump truck and a land field!
        I bet Rob and Kristen are even getting a good laugh over this one 🙂
        Great work Misty and Twilighted!!

  20. Don’t you just love it when every pic is crystal clear but the one they are lying about? What a load of crap!

    • You got that right! Every picture from last July was problematic or questionable and it has only gotten worse over time. The valet photo and this one are plain old ridiculous. Why people believe this crap I’ll never understand.

    • Totally agree with you Sherry. Can’t stand these leecharazzi.

  21. It looks like Rob in a beany. Not scumbag. (Sorry, I won’t use his real name. )

  22. I wish the a#@*#*@S would stop printing trash about Kristen.Its great that you all have shown people what lies they are spreading about Kristen.Great work guys!

  23. Sounds like jerks to me. Ush, I agree with you completely. All of you I agree with you all completely. Except for the haters, nonnies, and trolls. Great Job to Justice for Kristen. I don’t believe it either.

  24. Its a good thing I don’t read them anymore. I stop reading or clicking them along time ago. They bring nothing but lies and pain plus money. That is all they care about. And also I can’t stand them.

    • I’m so with you. I don’t read or click on any of the tab-liars stories or look at the paps pics. The fan sites do a good job telling what the rag mags and paps are up too.

  25. The lies which these publications publication’s peddle would be totally laughable if it were not for the damage done to two lovely individuals who did nothing to deserve any of it.

    As it is, there is an obvious fear amongst some factions of those who represent success and an even greater fear from stupid hater factions of the Twilight fandom when it comes to Rob and Kristen being a couple.

    A goodly part of me wants to make fun of the cougars who lust after Rob or the other fringe who think that if Rob and Kristen were not together this would mean there is hope for one of them with either Kristen or Rob. However it is too sad when one realises those people are just plain sick, or so overinvested they no longer understand the difference between fiction and reality.

    It has been said that only bad news sells… Well actually… NO! there are plenty of folk out there who would buy Good news too… perhaps the Tabs should try some positivity for a change… but NO… on second thoughts that would be a step to far for a group of IDIOTS!


  27. Twilighter – I appreciate your dedication, but really, it was a group effort – we all work together nailing these pigs on twitter – via DM’s, & watch this one, & check this out – there are ALOT of us out there fighting these assholes every day – so if I may, can I REDEDICATE this to EVERYBODY HELPING FIGHT THESE PIGS. I couldn’t do it alone – not without their tips & DM’s & constant support. So THANKS CHICKLETS! You know who you are – YOU ROCK!!

    • Don’t be humble now, but… you are exactly right. This may be a rare instance where we got out ahead of the story. Lets see if we can teach Gossip Cop a few lessons about how to stomp on some BS. With boots on of course!

  28. This sort of thing makes me want to scream but then I consider the fact that I’m wasting my good energy on something that is so totally STUPID. It’s way beyond my comprehension why? why? why? anyone could consider believing such rubbish. GAAAAHHH.

  29. Most R/K fans thought it might be Rob … for a minute 🙂

  30. I got to say, those fuckers(the hollywood life people) can be funny when they want to!!!

  31. The picture actually looks like someone painted it by using the painting program on the computer(Old program don’t know if it is even still existing-where there is paint brush or the tan of paint-)and then said here this is Rupert with Kristen. That is how bad this picture looks.

    • Kyla: You’re right. After this and the parking valet story, I expect to see pictures of every dark haired man between thirty and fifty who stands near Kristen Stewart to appear in a tabloid, labelled “Rupert Sanders???”

  32. I always thought the journo’s got drunk, put suggestions in a hat then pulled one out, then write the article; i wonder if R/K wonder if they hadn’t done Twilight they wouldn’t have this BS written about them, but then again anything is possible.

  33. I agree with all of you except for the bottom one. As for Hollywood life or lies. I hope they got out of business. Or lose their money. They need to be sued.

  34. They are just desperate…..

  35. I used to think that Rob and Kristen should make some kind of statement, but not any more. The quieter they are the stupider (is that a word?) the rag mag idiots look. They really are just grabbing anything they can to make their point. Rob and Kristen have this timed down to the second when they are going to pull the rug our from under them. I’m gonna get my popcorn ready cause this is gonna be good and I don’t want to miss it!

  36. To me the rumors about Kristen and Rupert “relationship” is getting so old that I am starting to wonder if they are not creative enough to start up new rumors, they just pull out stories that we already heard before. (They need to go back to school and learn more about Journalism or change their career and go into being authors but they probably make fools of themselves at of that too)

    • That is an enduring fact about tabloids. They are essentially lazy people. That’s why they don’t work at traditional news outlets

    • No other name makes a Twilight fan so angry.

      Why mess with a sure thing?

      I refuse to write the man’s name as do many Kristen fans.

      I even resent having to list his initials when referring to him.

      He’ll never be more than RS to me.

      The tabs know this and are cashing in on it.

      They may be lazy and incompetent, but they have sense enough to still know a sure thing when they see it. He’s a sure thing as far as response goes.

  37. An anonymous poster left a comment on HKN Haven site. I through you might like to try this. I hope you dont mind but I copied a portion of the comment that is kind of fun to try..


    Go to RP Life and find the “Truckgate” pictures. Select the one down below (my apologies if the link doesn’t work — I’m new at this!) and copy and paste it into a Word document. Then right-click on the picture to get the “Format Picture” option and increase the size ratio to 150%. Print that out.

    Next you need to go to the Robsten Dreams or Kristen Stewart News sites and from the pictures of Kristen out to lunch in LA on 15 July (with CJ), select the one of her on her own walking and looking down at her iphone – as that’s taken in full side profile. Once you have that pic up on screen, click to enlarge it. Now lay your print out of the girl in the truck over the picture of Kristen on your screen. The back-lighting should enable you to line up the side (facial) profiles of the two girls.

    What you should see when you do this, is that the side profiles of the face and head of the girl in the truck and Kristen matches EXACTLY, in every respect. Every feature and angle of their faces is a perfect match.

    Tell me. What are the chances of two girls in LA having exactly the same side profile with every feature and angle of their faces matching up exactly? Not to mention the same red hair tint in sunlight, the same shape and size glasses, the same brow line, the same angle to the forehead the same hairline the same build, the same pale skin. Not to mention that truck girl is wearing Rob’s teal coloured Coachella t-shirt.

    I’m now 100% sure, having conducted this simple experiment, that the girl in the truck with Rob on 29 June was indeed none other than Kristen.

    Below is the link to the “Truckgate” photo I talked about above.


    • I did my own test with many pictures. Of course I didn’t need to. It is obviously Kristen. I did it to be certain it was her.
      The test you did is even better. It is sad when you look at a picture and have to analyze it to this degree just to prove a bunch of idiots wrong!
      There is a good lesson here! Pictures are not what they are reported to be! Just like the “so called scandal” pictures. If we have learned anything from T57, it should be that pictures can be worth a thousand words of BS!!
      Nice test!!

  38. I saw one of the best South Park episodes I have ever seen last night. It was how the paparazzi and rag mags go after people. It was about Britney Spears. The truth behind it was really amazing. If you get a chance to see it I would. The reason they were after her was absurd, but it made the point. Just wanted to share that with you. If you get a chance to see it watch it. I don’t know what season it was, I’m sure if you go to YouTube or go to Netflix you could find it.

  39. .
    This man is unworthy of my time and attention. He is a nothing. I do not get angry over nothings. But he does make a point rather well. The tabloids are getting desperate if they’re seriously following this idea.

  40. No words…….the stupidity….on a different note one of Kristen’s friends posted a pic on Instagram of two paws with the title B/B (bear and Bernie). So why would Kristen’s friend post a picture of that today (or yesterday) . If Rob took the dogs and Kristen and Rob aren’t talking to each other why would someone who is mainly seen with only Kristen be at Robs? … Easy, cause she’s there with Kristen too….. Just my opinion of course.

  41. Kristen wore her “Us Versus Them” hat yesterday. I would like to think she is wearing it because Hollywood Lies got caught and busted trying to write another BS story! It could be a coincidence, but who knows?

    • With any other girl I would agree with you. But Kristen Stewart has had to put up with so much., been through so much, that now I think she takes nothing for granted about the press; and is very careful what she allows the press and fans to see,

      What is amazing to me is all of these people who accept this tabloid BS as factual. The tabloids collectively between them all KNEW less than zero about Rob and Kristen’s relationship one year ago.

      To quote Kristen, ” You knew nothing before. You know even less now.” I think that has been both her and Rob’s objective ever since. In short their every aim is to keep the tabloids out of their life.

      Going by all of the stupid stories, retractions, corrections and misidentifications and statements about mistaken pairings the press have been guilty of lately, they are doing an excellent job of keeping the press out. Good for them.

      • I agree with everything you said!! My comment was meant as a joke and some wishful thinking. If I had to pick from the stories that T57 has put out, that one actually busted a false story before another shit storm came down on Kristen. A story that would have been based on total BS and irresponsible journalism. (I think journalism is the wrong word!) We have established plenty of names for the tabloids and paparazzi!
        I hope she found out because in this case I think she would find it as funny as we did!
        Kristen was wearing that hat for a reason. A reason that is private to her. As it should be! But in saying that, I think we’ve also established that Kristen and Rob like to send messages through their clothing, hats, jewelry, etc.

  42. Love the pictures of Kristen working on CXR that have been posted today. Awesome statement by Tactical Media Group, who trained Kristen for CXR, about her work ethic on Facebook which stated:

    “We are all so proud of Kristen Stewart and her dedication in training for her new role in CAMP XRAY. She is one of the hardest working actors we have ever trained, PERIOD. Her level of respect, admiration, and honor bestowed upon our nation’s military is truly mind blowing, and the transformation we saw in her within only a few days was nothing short of awe inspiring. Her fans will be in for a rare treat when CAMP XRAY hits theaters!!! From all of us here at TMG, we salute you Kristen and will always be here for you!!’

    I researched the organization and they are…’a collection of military men and women working in the entertainment industry, dedicated to the production, completion, and technical accuracy for the next generation of military and tactical action projects. We are united by the brotherhood of combat and vetted in the film industry by providing unequaled quality and expertise to any project that requires the very best.’

  43. I noticed that tabloids act like they all have a personality disorder when they write.(because sometimes they act like my crazy ex sister-in-law) One story the celebs they write about are pretty neutral and sometimes nice then the next story they say nasty things to the same celebs that they talked nice to before.

    • The disorder would be the Almond Joy disorder. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. LOL! In the case of the paparazzi and the tabloids, it’s mainly the nut side.

  44. I was wondering if Kristen was going to get any training, so she could really be believable in this part. The paps and tabs are going to try to pick apart her performance. Keep a watch out for it. My respect has only increased for Kristen and her friends in the past year. Also for Roberts, both of these people have tried to be as genuine as possible in this past year, and if this is a grand punk, they need to get oscar for their performance this year.

  45. well you were right the shit hit the fan again. Rob can’t even take a plane home without a big broohaha, of course a fan saw him on a plane and alerted them. I was watching robsten dreams and heard the whole thing. I’ll bet they are still posting those horrible pictures. saying they lie is not enough.

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