The Anti-Paparazzi Fight for Fairness

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Thanks to lizardliz100—YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!

Thanks to Misty for telling me about this video!  As always, she has done an incredible job!!!!


12 Responses

  1. Just think this video is only a small glimpse of what these celebrities face every day. Anyone that is a mother, father, or part of the human race needs to support this! What if this was you? Or worse your child or grandchild? This needs to stop! Why hasn’t this passed yet? This is clearly child abuse! The paparazzi and tabloids don’t follow the code of ethics that legitimate journalist follow! Therefore they shouldn’t be protected by the freedom of press laws! This is a new world we live in with the Internet, twitter and social media. It’s past time the laws change to accommodate the new technological society we live in! This is wrong!!

    • HALLELUJAH!!! Well said. From your mouth to God’s ear. The paparazzi are a walking disgrace on the face of the earth. A bleeding sore in our humanity. I am afraid all honor and courage will be washed away in the filthy ichor (infection) they’re trying to cover all things good in.

      I feel I would be more in charity and have more in common with interstellar aliens than I would have with persons who look human but who clearly are not. They ARE NOT FIT to breath the same air she breathes. That is truth.

      I want no part of these people and that includes their stolen under outrageous circumstance photographs of Kristen Stewart backed into a corner and fighting for her dignity and courage.

      Those weren’t people holding those cameras. Those were jackals and hyenas. Cowardly things that hunt in packs and fear nothing not even, or most especially the law which protects them.

      I don’t know how the rest of America feels about continuing to give these creeps that protection but as far as I am concerned I am done.
      They are done. I want to see the back of them disappearing into the sunset going back to the place that spawns people with no more soul than a spider.

      • They are not fit to breath the same air WE breath is what I meant to say.

        A little bit over identifying with Kristen but my sentiments are still the same.

        They’re garbage that I’m tired of tripping over. No manners, no decency,
        no mercy.

        I have the fanciful notion that hell spat them out into the world just to soil the memory of what the Constitution tried to be.

  2. I hope and pray it will pass the bill against the papz. I am totally against the papz. Sorry. But I don’t know some of you. But I am totally against those idiots. Pretty soon they will go too far to get what they wanted.

  3. Wow, who would want to be famous after seeing this travesty of justice!
    We all need to respond now…..before someone gets killed in a traffic accident. Great Job

  4. I have always loved Debbie Reynolds. To here her say they never had to worry about this and then see how horrible it is. I knew it was bad, but this is definitely out of control. It would scare me to death. This isn’t freedom of the press it is oppression of the press. You can quote me and use that phrase- OPPRESSION OF THE PRESS. Funny how the word oppression has the word press in it. It would serve Hollywood right if they all moved out. This is a blatant violation of the right to privacy and it is going to get someone killed. No wonder Rob and Kristen have opted to not go out together. It’s bad enough when they are by themselves. I’m sorry I am just so angry right now. This kind of thing will eventually end the freedom of speech we have if it isn’t stopped. We have to stop this. My eyes have just flown open. This is awful. No words to adequately describe my feelings. Even Darth Vader’s theme from Star Wars (The Imperial March) doesn’t even seem mean and dark enough. Maybe the Jaws theme. That’s how scared it makes me. We have to stop this.

  5. this made my cry… but girls you did an amzing work with this video you show the reallity…
    i gonna do my part… this has to chance right now!

  6. They are like sharks. Once they get a hold of you they just rip you apart. I don’t about anyone else but seeing the flashes just from the video hurt my eyes and can’t really think about happening in action (especially little kids that must be very bad for them). Concerning because the flashes of the camera don’t some people think about that what if someone has seizures then that could set them off and that can be very dangerous.And it is very wrong that people don’t think about the medical conditions that some celebs have that just by a flash of the cameras could do for someone. But I guess when you have dollar signs in your eyes people’s welfare is not on their minds and all they are thinking about is their next big pay day. It makes me sick. I really hope that maybe in the future those paps will be gone forever.

    I kind of appreciate more of what celebs go through because to me that was traumatizing just watching it-Probably experiencing it is lot different.
    Who made this video? because this is very nicely done

    • I’d really rather not give you her name – as some of you know, there’s been a big-time hater attack on Twitter, and she’s on there. She posts her videos as lizardliz100. I just don’t want to bring any of those haters down on her head, because she’s a super nice girl. Sorry! But those same haters troll here as well. Thanks for understanding!

  7. I saw the original video posted; however, now that X17 On-Line has severely edited the video to portray Ms. Stewart as another young, privileged actress who spouts obscenities unprovoked, how exactly does one attempt to make the viewing public aware that so much of what they view at the on-line sites is so severely distorted that what is posted is only a on-sided fraction of the actual incident.

    I sincerely would hope that another Princess Diana tragedy would not need to occur to wake the public up, but seems to be the trajectory of the out-of-control paparazzi are leading us all to. It was only a few short weeks ago that the it has been alluded to that the paparazzi tampered with Ms. Stewart’s vehicle. Of course there was no video produced showing who wrote in the dust on Ms. Stewart’s vehicle, but there was video and audio of the paparazzi laughing amongst themselves when they saw her approaching her vehicle. Truly, if one was not aware that they were adult males, one might have assumed that they were listening to a group of adolescent boys taunting and goading a teenage girl. It may seem to some that this incident was insignificant; however, this is just one more in what is beginning to add up a significant number of incidents. With each occurrence, the paparazzi appear to be getting bolder and more intrusive.

    The LAX incident of November, 2012 that both Mr. Pattinson and Ms. Stewart were subjected to (verbally assaulting the two with inappropriate, disrespectful and extremely intrusive verbal commentary)was extremely vile and disgusting, but thankfully they both had their bodyguards at the scene. Now, however, it seems that the paparazzi have been ramping up the taunts and becoming much more aggressive in their attempts to capture as much of Ms. Stewart and Mr. Pattinson’s lives as possible on video. They have now on at least three occasions been able to “catch” Ms. Stewart, when she has been alone or in the company of other women only. This behavior is frightening and disturbing on so many levels. The most recent situation which involved cornering Ms. Stewart in an area without a secondary escape route could have so easily escalated. For now it is verbal taunts and goading, but at what point will the scale tip to physical aggression on the part of the paparazzi?

    For the casual “entertainment” news observer, I am sure that edited version presented appears rather harmless–possibly the infrequent viewer would find the videos intrusive, but nonetheless harmless. So I guess it is at this juncture that one would question how to get the information out to the casual observer that indeed this homogenized final version presented is in no way representative of what actually has occurred. It seems unfortunate that we as a society have not learned from history and thus will be confronted once again with another tragedy which will cause once again the tears, wringing of hands, and a vow to change things. Legislature needs to be put into place before another tragedy occurs.

  8. The paparazzi already ARE causing traffic accidents – some fatal. I don’t have hard-core proof, but I DO have statistics. In the entire US, the hit-and-run accident rate is 11 – 12% of all accidents are hit-and-runs. In Los Angeles? The hit-and-run accident rate is 49%. Yes – the city with the highest population of paparazzi AND celebrities, has 38% more hit-and-run accidents than the entire country. That’s a huge difference. In California, it is legal to operate a new vehicle for up to 6 months before having to display a permanent license plate. SIX MONTHS! Most of the paparazzi drive new vehicles, usually SUV’s with the windows tinted. How is anyone going to identify the driver committing the hit-and-run if there’s no license plate and they can’t see the driver? They can’t. Paparazzi Reform has told me that many of the paparazzi are illegals. So even if they ARE caught, the only thing that happens is they are deported, and another illegal sent back to the US in their place. This is a HUGE problem. So PLEASE. Everyone check out . The 2 new anti-pap bills are on the first page – let’s help them get those bills passed into law. You don’t have to live in California – the actors/singers we all admire live there, so the Cali congress WILL listen to what we fans are saying – WE’RE TIRED OF THE HARASSMENT, BULLYING, and STALKING of those we’re fans of. All it takes is a little bit of your time and a few stamps. When it gets closer to voting time, PRI will ask us to write letters to their congress people, letting them know how we feel. Please educate yourself on their site, and let’s help get those laws passed. Thanks. As always, peace out. Misty.

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