Kristen Stewart Unloads on a Paparazzi F__kface: You Go Girl

by twilighter

**Caution: Adult language is contained herein, young readers should avoid

reading about what they probably already hear regularly in their daily lives. **

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty hard to believe that four paparazzi working for one of the most active paparazzi agencies in the world in Los Angeles would follow one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars in a hours long cheating scandal without ever taking one second of video tape.  And only end up with 55 measly photos that collectively don’t prove squat as to the claims they are making.  See . Especially since virtually every modern DSLR camera that the paparazzi use these days is fully capable of it. It’s hard to believe because it just plain isn’t worthy of belief.

But just in case you doubt their capability to in fact videotape anything, take a look at the latest so-called “videotape” paparazzi assault on Kristen Stewart that took place on Monday July 29th.  You will  likely only be able to see only scant portions of it now because, the two bit celebrity tabloid piece of shit that is responsible for it, has been editing down the video so you can’t see the context of what really happened in the encounter. And is bolting across the internet trying to shut down websites, including YouTube, from showing anything other than what they claim happened in the name of a so-called copy right.  Don’t be surprised when you see messages that the “content is no longer available due to a X17Online copyright claim.” Yeah right , a copyright to lie and force you to their site to consume their tripe.

The most remarkable thing about the video is that the “event” which is being depicted is obviously already on-going when the provided videotape starts rolling.  What started as a 70 second video has suddenly been reduced to less than 26 seconds. Like a scene out of a poorly edited B movie, we get no clue as to what was happening before this clip began.  And don’t think for a minute that they just happened to hit the start button at that moment.  They don’t show you how they stalked Kristen on the day in question. How they waited at her car making it impossible for her to leave without coming to them.  Or what they said to taunt her into a response.

She obviously didn’t come out and start telling them that they were a “piece of shit” and a “fuckface’ for no reason.  We have watched her walk by the paparazzi hundreds of times without a word.  Don’t believe for a minute that out of the blue she decided to “go berserk” and started calling them names as is being reported by some of the tabloid press.  That is why is trying to cover up the lie.

And every tabloid that has picked up this “story” is an accomplice to the lie. Surprisingly many of these sights are trying to distance themselves from the paparazzi’s behavior in this incident even though they are the primary motivators for and consumers of this paparazzi tripe.  Don’t let them try to slide away from responsibility.  Like a dog invested with fleas, no matter how much they lick and scratch, the vermin doesn’t go away.

Just like all the people who hit the links and watch, read, and listen to this garbage as if it somehow represented the whole truth are also accomplices.  Accomplices to the dumbing down of America. It took death of Princess Diana to finally bring changes in French law.  Probably because of the fact that the paparazzi in that incident had the audacity to take pictures of a dying Diana in her crushed car after chasing her through Paris. What will it take to see legal changes here?

In a couple of recent encounters, paparazzi have managed to take hundreds of pictures and now video of Kristen while she was out trying to go about her life.    They obviously can shoot video if they choose to, but as always when they do, they can’t resist using creative editing to misrepresent the truth. Which is what they always do.  That doesn’t mean we should be stupid enough to tolerate and believe their nonsense.

So what do you think of the paparazzi conduct in this case? Vote in our online poll.

And as for Kristen’s behavior in this incident: YOU GO GIRL!  No one should have to put up with this nonsense. Not Kristen Stewart, not Jada Pinkett-Smith, not Suri Holmes, not Halle Berry, or anyone else for that matter.  Including your mother, your daughter, or your significant other.  Think about it, what if the shoe was on the other foot, yours?


33 Responses

  1. t57 you rock. What can we do to stop this???

    • I will tell you what we need to do to stop this: STOP being such good consumers! Boycott the Tabloid industry, whether it is clicking the sites online or buying the mags. Cut off the demand for these photos and the predatory stalkerazzi will not go after the supply! Don’t click or post comments on any tabloid sites! Other than that-demand that your state representatives look at the current laws and ask them to get tough on this industry!

      • You’re absolutely right. Stop clicking and stop buying. We need to starve their asssssss and make them find another line of work. Like you said also, start writing letters to Congress, the Senate and every branch of government that comes to your mind. This is no time to be passive but to be proactive until we see laws change.

        I was thinking today, what if entertainers like Kristen and Rob and others who are constantly harassed became so fed up that they decided to move to a country or state where their privacy would be respected and protected? It has become more and more difficult for me to watch videos like the one with Kristen and the paps. You know how politicians do smear campaigns during election season. That’s what we need to do to the tab-liars and paps.

        I’m proud of Kristen and how she handles herself. From what I viewed, I would have to say she was quite tame. He deserved much more than he received.

  2. The saddest truth of all is that the mentality in this country sucks this garbage down like mothers milk…making millionaires out of the blood suckers and scum of the earth that would stoop low enough to do anything to earn their next dime.

    I watched the video posted here yesterday starting out with Debbie Reynolds comment about this was no longer the hollywood of their era…well I have news for Ms. Reynolds….this is no longer the U.S. of my era and I am not that damn old.

    When will they stop ….only when they are forced to and no longer have a market for their trash.

  3. 26 seconds of a video – most of which Kristen is hiding behind a blocked gate and there are tons of pics of her. Yet a “clandestine encounter” no video and a handful of pics and people called me stupid for never believing anything.

    If anything, this disgusting attempt of the paparazzi to again torture Kristen has only proven further how false they represent the stars their choose to stalk on a regular basis.

  4. Call your state legislature and ask for tougher laws on the tabloid industry! Stop clicking , posting and buying anything from the tabloid industry! BE A BAD Consumer!!!! If we quit demanding the pics they will back off on their predatory tactics to supply us!!! BOYCOTT!

  5. I agree with all three of you. Go Kristen. Nancy, its all over U.S. and out of U.S. too. Its makes me feel mad and hurt for this couple and all other celebs. I feel for them of their privacy.

  6. The paparazzi had her cornered. This video was shot after they took numerous pictures of her at a restaurant. If Kristen wasn’t a celebrity this would be considered aggressive stalking. Kristen and all celebrities should have the same rights as everyone else. They are American citizens! I don’t think there is any exception in the law that states if you are a celebrity you forfeit your all of your rights as American Citizens.
    The scary part of this video, Kristen appeared to be alone. There was a women in the video that was helping her get her dog and other belongings to her car. I think she may have been working at the restaurant.
    Kristen looked upset by the pictures they were taking before this video. I can only imagine what they were yelling at her that provoked her to go off on them! The paparazzi are getting more aggressive every day. Writing on her truck to cornering her behind a restaurant. What will they do next?
    This is a perfect example of how the paparazzi abuse their rights as so called journalist! Change needs to happen now!
    Whoever is holding up the paparazzi reform should be held criminally responsible for the abuse the paparazzi are dishing out to celebrities and their children!
    T57, Thank you for showing the bigger picture to this abuse! I think too many people are desensitized to how they get to see their favorite celebrity. People need to rethink their desire to see pictures of whoever they are a fan of. This is the abuse celebrities receive so their fans get a picture! The world revolves around supply and demand. Let’s get rid of the demand to see pictures before someone else is hurt or killed by these aggressive bullies!

    • You are exactly right about supply and demand.

      • Does any of you have a basement or tunnel for our couple to hide? Maybe we can hided them there to keep from those idiots stalking them.

      • I showed the video of how the paps work to my husband and he was just mad. It made me so mad and i was actually scared watching it. Those flashes are hard on anyone’s eyes especially kids and babies. The aggressive nature of these lowlifes is just so dangerous. Just a few weeks before Kim Kardashian was due to deliver her baby she was tripped getting to her car and when she got to her car a pap was in the car! Trespassing, bodily injury not to mention the stress that could have caused her to go into premature labor. And then them hunting Kristen down and taunting her! Enough already. These guys are so stupid. They don’t even realize their behavior has caused Rob and Kristen to go into hiding. Unfortunately for Rob and Kristen this makes a pic of them together even higher in price. This is out of hand and God only knows what they will do next. I am worried about the safety of all the celebs and their families. Remember this, this could be any of us or people we know and care about. Look at Justin Bieber. A normal kid one day, an internet and now international sensation the next. No one should have to trade their privacy and rights because they are talented and in the public eye. This isn’t entertainment and it isn’t a game. They are playing with people’s lives and that is why this has to end. One Princess Diana is enough. Stop this now!

  7. I saw the longer version of this tape. It was the disgusting hint I have ever seen. That man should have been arrested for what he did. If that had been one of us, the police would have investigated and some sort of action taken against them. No one should have to go thru something like that. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for even looking.

  8. where can i see the longer version?

    • It is unlikely that you can given that X17online has locked down all but the short versions of it. We must move faster in the future, record them as soon as they become available, because the tabloids and their paparazzi goons have a tendency to rewrite history is fast as they can and its only a few keystrokes away. I try to do screen captures of significant things as well since they can go poof again with a key stroke. To do a screen capture on most pcs hit Print Scr. key on your keyboard, usually just to the right of your F12 key. Open a new document inn Paint (in accessories) and right click on your mouse and hit paste. Give the file a name, save it as a jpg and away you go. Documented for all time. It will only print what you have on your screen when you hit the key.

      • Thanks for that info! I was on twitter when it hit. I saw the long version. I haven’t looked at the short version. The first was was enough to make my blood boil! I would have saved it if I thought it would be helpful!
        I think the long version was still missing the beginning! I just remembered I snapped a shot of the screen. Would that be helpful?

      • yes. Send it along please, you know where.

  9. I haven’t seen the extended version, I did see the short version though only because so many people were talking about it on site for Rob and Kristen and I regretted it immediately. Rob is hounded just as much with horrible things said about him I’m always worried that he may lose it and you can’t really blame him Or her. Problem is that they are prisoners and if we want to help them out then we need to stop going to those tabloid sites etc.

  10. I still can not believe what I’ve seen.I”m so frightened.I can not believe that responsible people can see and silent.I DO NOT GET IT!!! I can not voice my feeling in English,my language is Czech,but I feel that I have always refused – hatred.I never wanted to feel. Now I can feel it.And fear.I’m really worried about Kristen.Also about Rob.And the little children,the babies? When I see the flashes of the cameras,the hungry,sneering faces of those insane guys behind them….You can be strong as you want,but this can not long endure. Please give about self more to know,about us,before something happen!!! Because even those fools who read tabloids and everything believe must understand that is wrong. I love you.

  11. T57 thanks for once again clarifying what “scumbags” the paparazzi are. As for the comments, as always thoughtful and passionate. It seems odd to me though, wherever I am reading, the numbers of the fans that are absolutely enraged at this abuse directed at Kristen appears to be growing and growing. Just as the supporters who plea to stop “clicking” and to sign the petitions keep growing and growing.
    The number of people voicing their opinions and support is astounding and encouraging. Except the true numbers and growth where it makes the most impact is startlingly low and slowly inching upward – THE PETITIONS. Paparazzi Reform Organization
    SIGNATURES #591 08/02
    SIGNATURES #167 08/02
    PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS -and your heart is telling you to do something – PLEASE SIGN THESE PETITIONS. It’s a really easy place to start! YOU really can make a difference.

  12. Just saw what happened to Tina Turner.They used drones to get a pic of her wedding last weekend. Am I correct that they use them here too? They can even fly them up to a window! Good Lord, that is surely invasion of privacy. It makes me scared to think about that. What’s next? I hate to think about it!

  13. Sherry I agree with you it must be really scary for celebrities and scarier to think that there’s no stopping the vultures once they get started. I was just as horrified to see pics of a pappz on the ground getting pics of Rob. He was also hounded and attacked last week, they are so unbelievably horrid. I saw that video of the way they treat celebrities and poor poor Rob, trying to be reasonable, I really felt for him knowing that nothing, absolutely nothing will stop them. They just will not stop unless we stop clicking on those sites and stop buying such magazines.

  14. Just saw pic of day on robsten dreams. Can’t understand why a site that is for Kristen would post an obvious paps manipulated pic is beyond me. Not only is it disrespectful to her but to us also. Not what I expected to find there.

  15. Stop watching televised entertainment news.

    Turn off the gossip sites.

    Stop buying and reading tabloids.

    Support paparazzi reform.

    If you have an opinion about reform tell it to your state representatives.

    Support your favorite stars at the box office and nowhere else.

    It’s the only way to stop the abuses currently employed against the famous among us, not just Kristen.

    Stop twitter about the stars. Enough is too much already.

    Thank you.

  16. We need to pass laws to protect everyone from gossip, slander and lies. Kristen Stewart has been pilloried in the press just like honor killings in other countries, when they stone young women to death for “supposed crimes.” Here they do it with words.

    Notice there’s hardly a word about the MARRIED MAN who supposedly had the affair? But no one lets up on Stewart.

    We need to push for a change in the laws and put the press on trial.

    Thank you for creating this webpage defending this young woman. She is an excellent person who deserves much better. Let’s see what we can do about slander and libel protections for celebrities, too. Everyone deserves peace in their lives.

  17. I see rzwz has posted an excellent step in the right direction for


    THE PETITIONS. Paparazzi Reform Organization
    SIGNATURES #591 08/02
    SIGNATURES #167 08/02
    PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS -and your heart is telling you to do something – PLEASE SIGN THESE PETITIONS. It’s a really easy place to start! YOU really can make a difference.

  18. A fantastic piece on how gossip sites make their money. Is this from “our” Misty?

    • Thank you Misty for doing such intensive and bring it all to out attention. I’ve banned magazines and celebrity shows and clicking on sites that you’ve mentioned. We need to take note of what you say because you are absolutely right.

  19. T57 – another great piece of advice is to stop using google and turn off your location. Google is the largest search engine it records every thing you search. So therefore if you Google rob or kristen name it goes into a counter and therefore tab sites will provide crap for you on subjects ur searching. Also if u subscribed on Google to any news on rk…
    unsubscribe. Its very simple…
    I wonder what would happen if every r or k fan started googling “how to abolished the papperazi” or “boycott this” or “boycott that”. Day in and day out? The subject would be recorded. ..hmmm. do you know?

    great site very informative

  20. Great site and very informative

    T57 – another great piece of advice is to stop using google and turn off your location. Google is the largest search engine it records every thing you search. So therefore if you Google rob or kristen name it goes into a counter and therefore tab sites will provide crap for you on subjects ur searching. Also if u subscribed on Google to any news on rk…
    unsubscribe. Its very simple…
    I wonder what would happen if every r or k fan started googling “how to abolished the papperazi” or “boycott this” or “boycott that”. Day in and day out? The subject would be recorded. ..hmmm. do you know?

    • imjustanotherfan: Intriguing idea about manipulating Google. I’ve heard of groups with some agenda or other getting together and clicking on selected sites in huge numbers (I’m not sure of the exact procedure), the result being that whenever anyone Googled their chosen topic, the first site listed was always something representing their viewpoint. I suppose it would be possible to have any search for K. Stewart and R. Pattinson lead to an anti-paparazzi site.

  21. I notice there’s been no new updates in defense of them still together. I think at this point we are all starting to realize they are, infact, broken up.

    • Not necessarily. Many fans still assume the breakup stories were false. The major discussion board whose members consider them a couple have made the board private to avoid verbal attacks, but they are a large and active group, and have good reasons for believing the breakup was fabricated. That’s not to say they are either right or wrong, but that there are still many people who reject the tabloid version of events. There has been almost no new information coming out, so they are standing by and waiting for eventual news.

      The reason there are no updates anywhere is that both of them have become so cagey with the press. If they are together, clearly they have decided not to appear together in public any more, and who can blame them?

  22. I think they are together. I also feel this was what they hoped would happen over time. If they weren’t seen together for a long period of time, they would become yesterday’s news. Time will tell!
    I hope they are happy! Together or apart!

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