THINK FIRST, Panic only when necessary! Good Advice, don’t you think????

Posted as a Twitlonger, July 30, 2013 by Misty
Thanks once again, Misty for your level head and your common sense!!!!


Everyone was losing it over Katy Perry’s interview with Elle UK earlier. Now that it’s calmed down, I’d like to explain what happened. This is all ANYONE saw, as the actual interview is NOT available yet. The tabs haven’t seen the interview, nobody except Elle personnel, or their agents, have seen it. However, taking just the little snippet from this, they took it upon themselves to make up that Katy was texting Kristen, blah, blah, blah. You can see, in print, exactly what Elle UK says; “and what her relationship with Robert Pattinson is all about”. That’s all I could find that officially came from Elle.
The tabloids KNOW, as Kristen does, that Rob and Katy are just friends, right? So they can’t go wrong in making up a story, ANY story, that says they are just friends. Anything beyond that is just speculation. Period. They don’t know what she actually said about Rob. Elle hasn’t released it yet. But yet they concoct a crazy story to get the fans all riled up so they would click on their little blogs. That’s all there is to it. Period. But it obviously worked for them, didn’t it? Someone had to click on those, otherwise it wouldn’t have been on everyone’s timeline. When is this going to stop? Did anyone try to find the official Elle UK interview first? If they had, they would have come to the same conclusion I had – they hadn’t released anything but what’s listed above yet. But the tabloids released all kinds of stuff, didn’t they? And as usual, people clicked on those tabs right and left, making them lots of money. Please think about it first. If there’s an interview coming out with someone, PLEASE wait for the official interview – don’t click on a tab site! All they’re doing is lying to you, trying to stir up trouble. Obviously, they succeeded. As always, peace out.


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