Higher Ground

Hate is an odd word.  You can “hate” broccoli.  Or you can “hate” your haircut.  We use the word all the time and never think about it.  But when hate evolves into action, it is an entirely different thing.

I was thinking about all the hate that has come out toward Kristen and Rob.  Hate that as far as I can see, has never truly been based on any provable facts or rational reasons, but based merely on people’s perceptions of what they have read or have heard.  The truly sad part of it is that much of the hate began early on–fed by the unreasonable fantasies of one faction or the other.  But once last summer occurred, the madness developed into complete mania. I once encountered someone on Twitter who was vehemently arguing about the guilt of Kristen based on what she had seen in the tabloids.  I began by asking her if she considered herself a reasonable person.  When she said she did, I invited her to Justice for Kristen.  I challenged her to read through all the evidence–not just a part of it, but all of it–evidence based on provable facts.  At the end of that time, if she still felt that Kristen was guilty then, there was nothing more I could say.  The evidence, when viewed with an open mind, is irrefutable.  (She changed her mind, by the way, and has become a supporter of Kristen.)  Why, then, have so many continued to hold to the belief that there was an affair and a subsequent apology?  And, why after a year, have they continued to harbor that hate to the point of taking action?

I did some research the other day.  I went to three different articles on Gossip Cop.

  • One was about Anthony Weiner’s indiscretions.  Talk about provable evidence!  If you are so inclined, you can actually view the pictures that he sent to a woman of his penis.  This AFTER leaving office in disgrace because of the same kind of behavior and the public humiliation he had already put his wife through.
  • The second was of Simon Cowell’s revelation that he had fathered a child.  Now fathering a child  is not really a big deal, but it seems the mother was the wife of his best friend.  AND the couple was still married at the time of the affair.
  • The third was the story of Kristen Stewart being trapped in an alley by a paparazzi and the fact that she called him a f*ck face and didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as she did.

Anthony WeinerKristen in alley

Simon Cowell

Now, of the three…consider which is the biggest offense?  The man that exposed himself and now the pictures of his penis can be found on the internet  (leaving his wife and his small baby to face the humiliation of his actions); the man who fathered a child out of wedlock with the wife of his best friend—WHILE the wife and his friend were still married; or the 23 year old girl, cornered in an alley who chose to use the “f” word toward the man that was blocking her exit and was obviously (even in the edited versions) making her uncomfortable.

My findings were actually quite shocking.  I went on to the website on July 31st.  The Anthony Weiner article had been posted on July 25 and had 87 comments.  The Simon Cowell article had been posted on the 31st and had 23 comments, and the Kristen Stewart article had been posted on July 30th and had 3856 comments.  In ONE day! 3856 COMMENTS.  WTF?

What is it with people?  Now, I didn’t go through all the comments.  I’m sure that many, many of them were in support of Kristen.  But, what is really going on here?  I just don’t understand?

There are still people out there that take the time to go to these sites and not only will they read the article, but they will then proceed to make ugly comments about a young woman who has done NOTHING to them personally.  They continue to bring up last year’s scandal despite the fact that it really has no basis in fact and they malign her with accusations of breaking up a marriage and where two children were involved.

Now, let’s say that the whole thing was true—which it is not—but let’s go on that premise.  The only evidence people offer are the pictures and the fact that Liberty and Rupert subsequently divorced.  Then they point to an apology that no one ever saw Kristen or Rupert give.  The people who believe this base their “facts” on what they saw in tabloids.  If you were to use actual provable facts….Rupert and Liberty were headed toward a divorce to start with.  They had already filed a couple of times, and that occurred BEFORE Kristen was involved in their lives.  Their marriage was failing.  There are documents to prove it.  If their divorce had been finalized a month before, then the haters would COMPLETELY lose that as a selling point for their hatred.  If you were to assume (that makes an ass out of you AND me, but let’s do it anyway) that the pictures were actually taken by a hidden photographer, what do they really prove?  Who was the aggressor?  Was there actually a picture of Kristen doing anything other than talking to Rupert or being pinned by Rupert to the fence or the car door?  No.  She definitely was not the aggressor.  And about that apology….did anyone see Kristen write it, read it, give it to someone to give to someone to give to a tab?  How about the one from Rupert?  No?  Really?  Then what do they base their hatred of Kristen on?  And WHY in the name of God, are they STILL harping on it?

The papz and tabs are easy.  Money.  Plain and simple.  They made money on all three of those articles.  But, they made MEGA BUCKS off of the article on Kristen.  Gossip Cop has paid advertisers on it.  That means that every time someone clicks on to Gossip Cop, the advertiser pays Gossip Cop a certain amount.  Now, let’s assume that they get paid $1 per click–that will make the math easy (but it probably is more).  If you just went on the number of comments, then they would have made $3856 off that one article in one day.  Think about it, how many times have you gone to a site, read an article, and NOT left a comment?  Based on that, you can figure that they received a lot more clicks than comments—so suffice to say they made a pretty penny off of that one article.

Let me clue you in on something.  Every time you come to a site, they count it.  Every time you click on a page they count it.  The difference is, some have advertisers and some don’t.  Gossip Cop has advertisers and they get paid plenty.  If JFK had paid advertisers and I got $1 for every click on this site, I would have made OVER $400,000 in the past year! And JFK is a tiny, tiny little site—that more are learning of, but, in the scope of things—we’re a nobody!  Now, JFK gets nothing.  Everything done on this site is donated and done with love and a sense of justice for one unfairly accused.  Believe me when I say Gossip Cop is making a LOT of money and they are just one of the tabs out there.

So, the papz and tabs are easy to explain.  They are in it for the money.  If they quit making money on Kristen and Rob stories, they would move on to the next hot couple.  But, let me assure you that as long as people go to those sites—they will keep writing the articles and paying the paparazzi to take the pictures.

The fans are something different though.  I’m trying to figure that whole thing out.  Hatred is an ugly thing.  It manifests itself in anger.  But, in most cases, it is inwardly destructive.  It doesn’t normally affect the person being hated and it rarely affects the people on the periphery.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.~~Buddah

In this particular case, however, that hatred, that anger is affecting many people.  It affects the people around Kristen—even the ones that are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time—like the lady that helped Kristen to her car in the most recent incident.  It affects her friends.  How could it not?  They have to face the same paparazzi she does when they all go out together.  They have to endure the ugly comments thrown at their friend.  On Twitter and Instagram, they are often targets of the haters and some have had to close their accounts because of it.

It seems the haters have an unending list of reasons that they haul out to support their hate of Kristen and Rob.  If it isn’t Kristen’s “scandal”, then it is that she is ugly or that she can’t act.  For Rob, they suggest that he is unfaithful to Kristen or some other ridiculous idea.  When it comes to either of their acting abilities, I have come to one very sad conclusion.  Some people are too simple minded to look beyond the end of their nose and explore other performances or possibilities.  It’s so much easier to say “Kristen is a terrible actress” or “Rob is a horrible actor”.  Both Kristen and Rob are young and I am sure that they would be the first to say they are more proud of some of their performances than others.  They are both growing in their already substantial careers and they improve with everything they do!  But people base their opinion on viewing one performance and assume that all the rest of their performances are exactly the same.   I believe that anyone who bases ANY decision on just one “fact” is at the very least short sighted and is actually keeping themselves from enjoying some wonderful experiences.

In the case of the haters that have developed in this fandom, hatred has evolved in to jealousy and that jealousy has evolved into something much more dangerous—something that is truly frightening.  It is evolving into prejudice.

Prejudice is defined as : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

And even more frightening, that prejudice is beginning to produce bigots.

A bigot is defined as: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

The intolerance that is developing in all areas of our society is a concern.  Now, I suspect if you were able to question any of the people who have been involved with the hate campaign against Kristen or Rob, they would never consider themselves as prejudiced or as bigots.  But, based on the definitions, they are behaving as if they are.  In our little microcosm it is the intolerance and prejudice of the haters that is causing them to behave as bigots and as bullies.  They hack into accounts and send viruses to people that disagree with them.  They brag about the fact that they have multiple accounts and that nothing can be done to stop them.  They belittle and harass people from behind the cover of their computers and the anonymity that it provides.  Unfortunately, people like these are either: too insecure, too immature or too irrational to understand that what they do is not funny.  They fail to understand that their antics have consequences and that one day, they will be forced to experience the results of their actions.  Some people call it Karma.  Some people just believe you should treat others the way you want to be treated.  But, however you define it, a reckoning will come.

As I was looking for the definition of bigotry, I came upon this comment and I thought it was so eloquently stated and went along quite nicely in respect to Kristen and Rob.

Prejudice based on a perceived impression fueled by insecurity or a false sense of superiority, which is not supported by hard facts – that to my mind is a bigot. The traditional definition as “hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person’s ethnicity, religion, national origin etc.” may exclude many who express disapproval and dislike based on some unfounded “fear”, wounding innocents in the process. Not everyone can be “liked” but surely no-one deserves to be disliked without justification.~~ Priya Ramanujam · PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore

I would like to leave you with a song that a friend of mine has graciously allowed me to share with you.  It is called “Higher Ground”.  He refers to hate as “a hole where they bury your soul”.  He also states that we “all have shovels, but no one has a ladder.”  How do we get out of this hole that so many are intent upon digging?  That is the question.  I don’t believe that feeding into the anger and hate is helpful.   Being ugly back just escalates the problem.   It starts with agreeing to disagree.  That shouldn’t be so hard.  Then it moves on to following the old adage of “to each his own.”  Of course, that means that all parties have to be willing to cooperate.  If they don’t, then when all else fails, block and ignore.  Just like any bully, they will eventually get tired of not getting a response and will move on.  We need to get out of the hole and stop being so ugly to each other.  We need to get to “higher ground”.


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  1. I just think this blog is SOOO important!

  2. Well done blog entry here. Well done.!

  3. Good post. I don’t understand it either; there seems to be something in Kristen Stewart that brings out the bully in a lot of people.

    • That same something also brought out a need in people to defend her and protect her. So many have stated that it was nothing to do with Twilight that made them start commenting. Just a simple need to address and balance the hatred aimed at Kristen

  4. Great Job on your post.

  5. Beautifully written…you put in to words what many of us are unable to articulate quite as well. In my heart of hearts I believe this all started out as simple jealously of a girl they saw as less than themselves, who was obviously loved on and off screen by the fictional or real person of Edward/Rob, who surely if he knew them it would be them in Kristens place. I honestly do not believe there has ever been another couple in all of hollywood history to invoke the reaction that seems to be universal in this love/hate war that the fans themselves have started in many cases..The fierceness and loyalty of true fans lent fuel to the fire of those intent on destroying something beautiful.

    The vultures have an unbelievably lucrative cash cow they are loathe to give up any time soon. You are absolutely corr

  6. Very well said! This hate is frightening and at times contagious. I consider myself a fairly patient person. I do not usually react volatilely.
    Today I failed to keep my composure on twitter. I am embarrassed to say that I let a hater get the best of me. She has been repeatedly attacking certain individuals on her blog and tweeting the same. I said some despicable things- which I later came back and apologized to the other twitters for. But I should never have allowed myself to fall to her level. I behaved just as badly and acted just as irrationally. Not a proud moment. Kristen and Rob are extremely strong self controlled individuals, I have so much respect for what they do and how they handle themselves under this tremendous pressure. I guess EVERYONE has a breaking point no matter how capable our restraint is. I guess we all must regroup at times and dig deep to find a way to keep our composure and respond maturely. Because of course HATE + HATE = MORE HATE. I know I don’t ever intend to allow that to happen again. SV you are so right the better action would have been to just BLOCK _ IGNORE …We really don’t have time for any back steps and creating positive energy is better for everyone. Sorry all- I promise to make up for it.

    • rzwz, we have all done and said things that we later regreted. The fact that you took ownership for whatever you may have said, make you a winner in my eyes. Thanks for being honest.

  7. Lucky me,i stop visiting long enough and never to bother click their site again.thank you.i love your site and i always come here everyday to read all your amazing post.keep up and hope u will continue to do it in a very long time.

  8. I’ve spent some time staring at my computer after reading your important blog. This is what I came up with:
    Here we are the most intelligent beings that’s ever walked planet Earth, with these extraordinary brains….and yet we’re destroying each other at a faster rate than ever.
    Why,,,,,, we have too much? too selfish ? too self absorbed? no regard for our fellow man? What has happened to us, where did our manners go? We have no problem being mean to each other..etc.
    RE: Rob & Kristen…..I think people do not like Kristen’s feistiness, her need to be private’ She is not vanilla she is mint chocolate chip, not everyone likes that flavor. I think the same of Angie Jolie, not vanilla!
    Kristen will not give in and give the paps, what they want,,,and that is to admit she and Rob are together. They know they are together and want them to ADMIT it. I think that is the torment between them?
    The haters have their problems, how can you hate someone you don’t know? Really a sad state of affairs, The kids are going to have to figure it out as they go, I hope the toxic press will take a step back after some new legislation is passed,
    which we are all pushing for.
    Love this intelligent site.

  9. Thank you for putting most of our thoughts and feelings about this situation into words. It is hard to express my feelings on this subject without getting personal. Hate usually leads to bullying. I have no tolerence for either! I will leave it at that! Very well written! Thank you!

  10. This was such a thought provoking post. How sad that the inequities still remain so prevalent between the sexes. Yes, Mr. Weiner has embarrassed his family and himself, and yet he still refuses to drop out of the race. After all this is not unusual for state of politics in New York……it was only a few short years ago that Mr. Spitzer the former Governor of New York was forced out of the State House because he had been caught paying for prostitution services in Washington, DC, and now Mr. Spitzer has entered politics once again, only on a smaller level. However, should Mr. Spitzer win the Primary, and subsequently find himself hold public office once again, this most assuredly will be his way to inch back into politics on a state-wide level.

    I reference these two incidents specifically, because for as important as these two referenced men’s positions are in relation to New York politics, both have admitted, in the public forum, that they misused the trust of both their families and the citizens of New York; however, both of their stories were simply a small blip on the radar.

    It’s at this juncture that I question the sanity of so many. Two powerful men cause and bring about great embarrassment to their families and belie the trust the citizens of New York, but a young woman in the Entertainment Industry is vilified for over a year, based on lies, innuendos, manipulated pictures, and severely edited videos? *Taps chin*…..something seems amiss. I joined the Fandom after the release of the third installment of the Saga; therefore, I was unaware of much of the maligning of Ms. Stewart in the previous years. Although I am aware now.

    I guess the conclusion I have come to is that many of the “hits” that Ms. Stewart’s article on Gossip Cop, as well as the resulting comments were made by none other than other women. Yes I have said it, and I truly believe it. There is no sisterhood, possibly there never has been and this is simply rather a “catch phrase” that people have spewed forth to further the “feminist cause’. I do consider myself a feminist; however, it appears that many in the Fandom, and being realistic the Twilight Fandom is comprised mainly of women, is that the sisterhood exists as long as a man, an object of their desires, is not part of the equation.

    The Fandom is definitely comprised of many young adolescents; however, I an adamant that the Fandom is comprised of far more women who are in their late 20’s and upwards. Women who should be protecting and defending one of our own–not vilifying them, tearing them down. Women who should be setting the example for the younger members of the Fandom. The more women belittle other women this simply feeds the machine that is Hollywood–be it the gossip sites, the paparazzi, or even the studios. I believe the men behind much of this machine bear witness, almost daily, women tearing into one another thereby legitimizing the treatment of Ms. Stewart. So since it seems that many women in the Fandom refuse to support Ms. Stewart, it should come as no surprise that the men who control and steer the machine would follow suit.

    • I really enjoyed your comment and agree with it with my whole heart.
      Jealousy is at the root of this whole “Let’s Get Kristen” campaign. The
      paparazzi and the tabloids are merely trying to give people (women)
      what they want. Namely an uncommitted carefree Rob for their sick fantasies.
      Tormenting Kristen sells. If it didn’t sell they’d stop.

  11. Unfortunately our society still holds a double standard. If a man has an affair, etc., everyone feels sorry for him. It goes something like this: he was seduced, or he has a problem, or it’s okay because that’s what guys do. If a girl does anything or is even accused of doing anything they are vilified and stamped with a scarlet letter. I believe it goes back to Adam and Eve. Even if you are not a follower of Christianity, hang in here. No one ever blames Adam for man’s sin. It’s always Eve’s fault. She fell for the serpent’s lie and then seduced Adam. That is the thinking. If you notice God threw both of them out of the garden. Eve was never gonna get along with snakes again and would have pain in childbirth. Adam had to work by the sweat of his brow and toil to just raise food and make a living. They both got equal punishment, because they both sinned. Now the thing about Kristen is just like this. Everyone came down on Kristen about last summer, but did you notice no one came down on the man? We always do this. If a girl gets pregnant in high school, everyone calls her a slut, but feels sorry for the guy and assumes she is trying to trap him. It’s how we think. i didn’t say it was right. Also, a lot of girls and women are just nuts about Rob. I have known girls who will go to extreme measures to get a guy’s attention even if he has no romantic notions. This is obsession, not love, and is highly dangerous. There are a lot of people in jail for killing the person of their obsession. I’m not saying that will happen, I’m just saying that a sane person can’t understand this type of thinking. Well, maybe if you think back to your first crush. Problem is some people don’t get past that type of behavior. They see her as a threat to what they believe they deserve to have. They actually think that Rob would pick them over Kristen. They don’t live in reality. As my husband would say they have built a castle in the sky and moved in.

    I am no longer going to even go to Gossip Cop after reading this. I had begun to realize that they seem to wait a long time to debunk the junk. I have a theory why, but i will have to check into it to see if I’m correct.
    We just need to stay together, fight the paps, and be careful to not gloat and say we told you so, when all is revealed. Keep the faith. This to shall pass.

    • I want everyone to realize I do not think Kristen did anything last summer. I used that to show that when something like that comes up it is always the woman’s fault more than then man’s. It’s like every woman in the world is a siren and the poor man can’t help himself. Utter nonsense.

  12. I so completely agree. I am shocked and apalled by the vehement hate and emotions I have seen online. If your life is so ruled by lies and gossip, it is a very sad statement indeed. Please, stop. We’re better than this, and the poor, innocent people who are the targets of all this hate do not deserve to have to live with the results of all this venom that is hurled at them. Where is your humanity?

  13. Hey Veluentsavior! Great post, with strong points. I did some little GC research, and would like to share some thoughst… Those are addresses from GC news:

    Katy Perry: I Fart in Front Of Robert Pattinson – Real; good for Katy Perry and her health, bad for Rob.. hope she does not eat to much mexican or indian.. if you now what I mean 🙂 but no need for this articale…

    Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough NOT “Hooking Up,” Despite New Claim – Rumor; news from UsWeakly (or I should say UsWeakly) after news was already said to be false – Big time Rumor wake up from dead

    CLAIM: Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon Have “Blossoming Romance” – Rumor; Looks like Gadon serves like she is on duty for guilty person when no other woman is around. Nice work for couple of years now. How manny? 2,3?

    Katy Perry: I Texted Kristen Stewart to Shoot Down Robert Pattinson Rumors – Real, but no need to say this, sence it was for some mag, so it could be found there. And this is now second GC post from one mag articale. What else she said it? How manny more to come?

    Robert Pattinson Meets Real Housewives Star Kyle Richards’ Daughter (PHOTO): Okey! Can we move on?

    CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Used Michael Pitt to Make Robert Pattinson Jealous – Rumor; like we wood now…

    Robert Pattinson & Beyonce Hang Out (PIC) – we saw them on twitter, no need to say something about this..

    Robert Pattinson Shoots Maps to the Stars with Mia Wasikowska in Toronto (PHOTOS); nothing to say, talking about his job, good for Rob and cast.

    Kristen Stewart Did NOT “Confront” Riley Keough Over Robert Pattinson – Rumor, once again Riley post, after Rob and Riley relationship was denied before.

    Robert Pattinson in Bathtub For New Dior Ad Teaser – SEE PHOTO! – his job, good job!

    Kristen Stewart NOT Studying Buddhism; HollywoodLife Wrong Yet Again – Rumor; Oh come on! Realy?? Hollywood lies are so or so nothing but lies. Who takes this site serious?

    Robert Pattinson “Slowing Down” Riley Keough Relationship, Says Shameless Site – Rumor; Riley round 3. How manny clics so far? To manny!

    Robert Pattinson’s Mission: Blacklist Gets New Director – his job, good job!

    Magazine: Robert Pattinson “Obsessed” with Kristen Stewart, Can’t Let Her Go – Rumor; totally unnecessary news. Too private to now for someone else then Rob and Kristen.

    Kristen Stewart “Seething” Over Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough, Reports HollywoodLife From Its Alternate Reality – Rumor; oh Riley… you were so long money horse for them. How manny bucks you got them?
    Robert Pattinson ‘Dissed’ By Beyonce, ‘Rejected’ From Concert Meet & Greet? – Rumor; why is this even good for us to know?

    SITE: Kristen Stewart “Sad” About Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough “Dating” – Rumor; can you belive it? It is page 3 from GC Rob news and who we meet again? Riley? This is now for.. let me count.. 4th time, maybe 5th? I am lost, so manny $$$ sounds… Cant work in peace.

    HollywoodLife Duped By Robert Pattinson And Riley Keough Romance Rumor – Rumor; I am just like :O :/ 😕

    Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough? – Rumor; And now I hear Shania Twain: We live in a greedy little world
    That teaches every little boy and girl
    To earn as much as they can possibly
    Then turn around and
    Spend it foolishly…

    CLAIM: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “Spotted Holding Hands” in L.A. – Rumor; :S

    Robert Pattinson “Used” By Katy Perry? – Rumor; Oh I forgot! Katy was horse for money making befor Riley, and after Gadon!

    Robert Pattinson New Face of Christian Dior Fragrance (PHOTO) – Rob work, good work

    Kristen Stewart Thinks Katy Perry “Stabbed” Her In The Back, Claims Tab – Rumor; sing Shania, sing: When you’re broke go and get a loan
    Take out another mortgage on your home
    Consolidate so you can afford
    To go and spend some more when you get bored

    Kristen Stewart “Stalking” Rob Pattinson? – Rumor; Shania does not just go away: All we ever want is more
    A lot more than we had before
    So take me to the nearest store

    After only 3 sites of gossips from Rob and Kristen (i clik Rob news for start) Shania still sings:
    Can you hear it ring
    It makes you wanna sing
    It’s such a beautiful thing–Ka-ching!
    Lots of diamond rings
    The happiness it brings
    You’ll live like a king
    With lots of money and things…

    but i dont have time or i should rather say will for readin more. I already give them some clicks, or i should say bucks for my sarcastic research. Which from those news upstairs was necesary, and wich not, decide you alone. Could we lived witheout know those things? Yes!

    And if you still feel need to clik on something, here you go:
    And you can even choose which one will play for you 
    Sorry for mistakes, hope it goes true.. Nice day too all 

    Little Bee

    • Little Bee….one rumor you left out……Riley Keough and Robert Pattinson could not make a go of it because of the Scientology issue. I gleaned this “fact” from a “haters” Twitter Account yesterday. Guess that will be Bonnie Fuller’s lead story tomorrow.

      • Yeah, sence Kristen “turn” to Buddhism, next step: find religion for Rob. They tried once, but did not work. So you say “Good, old Bunnie will not let us down? From “haters” to Bonnie, from Bonnie to Goosip Cop… Ka-ching! Next one… Look on twitter how far does one fart from Katy Perry smell, lool But then again, they are trying to sell us farts for a looong time now.. Stinkers 😉

  14. Just a note to all ….do you all remember the little poll we had on here identifying pictures of Kristen with a girl walking? we were asked if we thought it was Rob in disguise…well on todays Aug. 4 post on Robsten Dreams there is a picture from 2007 of a scene from one of Robs movies a close up 😉 put black hair on him..hiding in plain sight I think has been proven. Would like to hear your thoughts on this pic.

    • I don’t have to think about this anymore. The paps are playing us because we are such voyeurs. After seeing what the paps did to Kristen the other day I don’t believe anything they say. I even noticed that people on Robsten Dreams are requesting that they stop posting the pap pics. I agree. I don’t want to see them anymore. Knowing what is going on while they are getting those pics makes me sick and sad and angry and I don’t want to be a part of it. I taught my children not to rubber neck when we are in the car and there has been an accident. I taught them to respect the people involved and not look. Well, this is the same thing. We might as well be there taking the pics ourselves. TV with all of its reality shows has added to this voyeuristic attitude. I don’t really like reality TV. Most of it is somewhat scripted, but I find it too intrusive. Same with these pap pics. They are breaking the law and we are aiding and abetting them every time we click on a site and look at the pics. Time to stop this. Time to respect our fellow human beings. Believe me if someone is doing something wrong, it will come out without the paps hunting people down. I’m done looking at these pics and I’m done clicking on sites and I’m done watching any type of entertainment news on TV. If we would treat what celebs do as a job, which it is, it would be a start. One person at a time is all it takes. Pretty soon one becomes two, and two becomes four, etc., and soon those voices get heard and change occurs. Love you all.

      • Sherry: You’ve gone straight to the heart of this matter. The means to change all this is in OUR hands. I’m on board. Let’s hope your idea spreads.

      • Hey I didn’t mean to wind you up or insult you…the pic on RD is a shot from and old movie he was in in 2007…. the other picture is here on this site yes it is a pap pic…but here the people running the site are not in it for profit or gain of any kind they need to use what is put forward by the rags and paps in order to show proof that pictures do in todays day and age lie. Nothing more nothing less.

      • Sherry, You share my exact thoughts! I agree with everything you have said. I also feel like reality tv is somewhat responsible for so many people thinking they have a right to know what is going on in celebrities daily life! Unfortunately the reality stars are only famous for being famous! Most of the true celebrities don’t want or need the exposure the tabloids are giving them.
        I hope everyone will get on board. According to some of the polls on this site, over 800 people are reading it at the very least. If every one of us quit clicking and commit to not going back, that’s a number they will see.
        There is enough information provided on this site. I have said this before but I think we all need to pledge to quit. We can’t fight for change if we aren’t willing to do it ourselves! IMO!

      • Nancy, you didn’t get me wound up. I am just now beginning to grasp how bad the paps are and how the right to privacy is being abused by the paps. There are a lot of things that contribute to this attitude that it’s just entertainment. It’s like throwing a rock in a pond. The ripples just keep spreading.

    • Nancy__ How cool of you. I’ve seen that pic before but never made the connection. LMAO. Hah!!

      • Nick that was the first thing that popped in my head when I looked at it, I thought OMG there it is proof it was him in a black wig. ; )

    • I saw that same picture and thought the same. But does Katy Perry’s interview indirectly confirm the split??? I am confused.

      • I would say no! I think it was a statement to clear the rumors and play the tabloids right into their hands. Look what a frenzy a half comment made. As I have said before, the tabloids are making this almost too easy. They are far too motivated by greed! That and I don’t think they care when they are caught in a lie! Too many people are still addicted to click on their filthy comments.
        As for the picture of Rob, I thought the same thing when I saw it!
        I love a good laugh at the expense of the tabloids!

      • I don’t think they have ever been apart and no it confirms nothing..Take the time to read through the grand punk all thirteen parts..you will start getting a clearer picture of what has been taking place thsi past year.

  15. I don’t like this double standard regarding cheating. If I remember correctly a woman who held at high level position (ie CEO) for a Fortune 500 company cheated on her husband. She lost her job and the person who she had the affair with was not even tied in any way to the company. Yet we have Donald Trump who openly showed his affair did not have any impact on his business. Women complain about the glass ceiling but when they get to the top other women will let them fall if the make a mistake. What did the lady’s affair have to her work performance. At what really bothers me is Trump comments about Kristen; look who is calling the kettle black.

    If Rob was able to forgive that should state to fans to move on from this incident. Also people want proof if they are still together but when people who are not invested in twilight in anyway have mentioned seeing them they are attacked on their social media site. So maybe people are wary to post any sightings.

    • I don’t think you have read the information available on this site..actual facts and visible proof that the scandal never happened. If I am wrong forgive me..but if you need to invest the time to read all of the grand punk 1 thru 13 then read all the contributing articles it’s a true eye opener.

      • Nancy: Whether or not the scandal was fabricated, and whether or not new information about it is ever revealed, I think Lisa’s point about double standards is an important one.

      • Hi, I was just making a general comment about the double standards in society; how some people still cannot move on from last year and finally people are being bullied on social media sites.

      • Lisa, I certainly don’t disagree with you, I have noticed even on sites that I have enjoyed like RD..There is more contention amongst the commentators then ever before. It’s very sad and hard for us fans to understand much less agree100% that without the fans the media and paps would back off of Rob and Kristen. The haters unfortunately will always be out there..not content unless they are causing chaos. They will always find someone else to vent their particular kind of nasty on. Hope your day is wonderful.:)

    • Lisa, when you read through the grand punk series, try to read the comments too. The first time I read it without reading the comments. I had to go back and read it again with comments. I was late coming to this site in February. Think of it like a good book to read. Things will start to make sense and you won’t want to quit reading. At least that’s how I felt.

  16. Thank you for your wonderful post. I am not a eloquent writer, but every word you wrote I totally agree with. I am appalled at the hatred, the bigotry, and the obsession over Rob and Kris. I personally have cancelled subscriptions to People Magazine, US Weekly, and Entertainment Weekly. I don’t ever go to the tabloid sites; I used to like Gossip Cop, but not any more. I never look at Twitter—there is no way I could survive reading that crap. I do love Robsten Dreams, but I am one who asked them not to post 101 papz pic. I am a hypocrite if I call the papz names and then look at 101 pics of Kris or Rob. Rob and Kris gave us Twilight fans so much happiness and joy in their portrayals of Edward and Bella, and their willingness to promote the films all over the world (did they ever sleep or eat during promo times?). We fans need to defend them, and we also need to LET THEM GO. Let them try to live their lives in private as best they can. There are millions of us! Let us agree to let them go, and in no way ‘fan the papz fire.’ THANKYOU Justice for Kristen. You calm troubled hearts.

    • Chrissy, I have not commented for a while on Robsten Dreams due to the hate that was going on. I saw that someone had asked them to stop posting the pap pics. Maybe it’s time I posted again too. I have no problem with a fan pic or when they are out promoting or on a talk show, that is their job. I just don’t want to see these horrible pap pics anymore. I haven’t subscribed to any of those magazines in years mainly because I got tired of the gossip. How could I, who teach about finding reliable information on the internet, believe the pics and crap that has been spouted? i feel so foolish for letting the rag mags suck me in. But no more. I’m done. And I only follow who I want on Twitter. I don’t follow the junk sites. This is a very serious matter.

    • Chrissy thanks for asking Robsten Dreams fans not to post pics. I’ve sensed a change in some of their hearts. I notice they are slowly catching on about clicking on paps pics and tab-liars. As we all agree, one reformed clicker at a time.

  17. I have visited this site several times today and have read each additional comments posted based on veulentsavoir ‘s original post.

    I hope I am not wrong, but it does seem to be that the tide is being to change. It appears that possibly many of us that have followed both Rob and Kristen, or better yet, many of us that have simply followed any celebrity are seeing the destructive manner in which our favorite celebrities are treated by the paparazzi, gossip columnists, the on-line tabloids, by the independent blog-spot holders, or the televised “Entertainment” productions.

    The past few months have enraged me. There was a great push on Twitter today for people to Tweet and Retweet much of the information contained here at the Justice For Kristen site to encourage people to play a role, let themselves be heard……the paparazzi is too far out of control, and it really is the time to urge our state and federal legislators to address the issues of the paparazzi. However, I noticed a Tweet from someone that I follow and it both sadden me, and in a roundabout way, got me off the sidelines. The tweet was holding up for ridicule that people were encouraging others to speak out about the paparazzi. In their eyes, it was ridiculous to encourage people to waste time and effort to speak out about the dangers of the paparazzi, especially since celebrities are millionaires, and people’s time could be better spent working on health care issues or this country’s economy. Both issues this tweet referenced are most assuredly legitimate issues that need to be addressed in this country; however, I have never seen this very Twitter Account holder once speak out on either of these issues.

    The meaning behind the Tweet was very obvious to me. Some of the people discussing this outrage, condescending to others, appalled that anyone would defend Kristen or encourage legislature to crack down on the paparazzi, are well known Kristen “haters” in the Fandom. Therefore, their thinly veiled attempts to show disgust for people working for a cause that they deem of little or no importance absolutely enraged me. I may not agree with causes that some people will rally around; however, do not decide for all which causes are worthwhile causes. Again, it goes back to the object of their desires–namely Rob. I say this because I have read endless inappropriate comments with regards to Rob’s endorsement of Dior, their objectifying of Rob, their comments with regard to both their and Rob’s body parts. So, yes their outrage had was in no way honest nor sincere. It was their attempt once again to quiet the masses that do not “hate” on Kristen.

    I spent a good share of my day gathering all the names of all of the Senators and Congressmen for the state in which I live. I also compiled a list of all representatives that hold Twitter accounts. I was unable to obtain E-mail addresses–seems that most Senators and Congress representatives of my state do not publish their E-Mail addresses. However, now armed with the Twitter accounts, I have composed a brief Tweet with an accompanying TwitLonger from a respected Twitter Account holder in the Fandom which contains information encouraging the curtailment or limitations being placed on the paparazzi as well as information from the JFK site. I plan to send this tweet to my representatives at least one a week.

    I am aware that this is a long comment, but I do want to thank the “hater” tweets from this AM as well as the work of veulentsavoir. I will no longer sit on the sidelines.

  18. I think the world has double standards for women.They think it is fine when men cheat,lie ,pose for obscene pics ,talk trash.If the same is done by a woman god help her she is stoned to death.Kristen Stewart ‘Cheating'(which i dont believe happened)gave the paps and media rocks and boulders to throw at her(which they are doing to this very day.)You know the world would be a much better place if they used a quarter of the effort they are putting into Kristen lynching,to report about the acid attacks on women , gang rapes of 5 year old girls ,thousands of children dying due to starvation,corruption ,oh no no how can they focus on all this when Kristen is still to be lynched to death.Bah, inhuman scavengers are what they are.And then there are those idiots who continue to hate on Kristen because they adore Robert.Bah.I wish people would realise they can make a difference if they click on more relevant and critical stories instead of pure malice filled gossip .

  19. Veulentsavoir 🙂 Do you think that new Rob and Kristen “reunion” have something to do with the fact, that maybe Rob and Kristen will be at TCA and x17 could not pretend anymore? Why x17 start with it today?

  20. I always thought behind this harassment, there is something more. How about “you put it in a situation embarrassing, we take care of not to abandon this in the press.” Sounds like a script that has been developed to perfection. Even if the famous “scandal” were true, another celebrity, things had calmed down.
    I thank this site for the defense of Kristen, we have to start making noise, showing our disagreement on a large scale. If twiter is a pot of hatred, we can use the same means, to capitalize on the outrage.
    One swallow does not rain, but thousands if.

  21. From what I have read as in Gossip Cop. A considerable amount of the posts come from a small amount of people. I noticed that (since I only go to Gossip Cop) some people spend a lot of time three talking to each other and trying to control the topics. The guest reviewers are the worst in content and vile language. I think that if we could find out who they are they might very well be Paps. They want to drive the ideas to fit the pictures they take. I personally have tried over and over to stop the bashing of Kristen. Some shut up quickly some get worse. So I try and not talk on them anymore. If I go I see what the topic is and then leave. After all these years we are still with the “are they or aren’t they”. If Rob and Kristen wish to be left alone and thought to be broken up then I for one want them to have that privacy. Of course I want to know how they are doing, but at what price? Surely not for Kristen to be hurt by one of these paps. I am so afraid that is where this will end up.

    • There is a part of me that believes that the people that are still doing that may be in the “employ” of someone–probably the tabs themselves. They want to keep the discussion going and what better way to do that than to drum up controversy?

      • So veulentsavior if you think that some of the commenters on GC are actually in the “employ” of this tabloid, do you also think that one of the most vile of Twitter Accounts, and for those on Twitter you will know who I am referencing, do you think that this account holder is also a plant on Twitter to keep the arguments, badgering and hate-filled tweets ongoing?

      • I have my suspicions. Anyone that does some of the things that this person does has to have a comprehensive understanding of how computers and the internet work. This person almost assuredly has some programming in their background. This person surely at one time or another has WORKED in that field. This person has to make money some way. Why not do it by using those skills and get paid by someone that wants the hate out there to drum up business for their publication.

  22. Well said. I believe that some people (not all) think this is a game of who can hate the most or as you say very irrational and need to use their brains a bit more to see the full picture.

    • All of this is eye opening… Esp. The last part about GC.. I also wroye on RD ans asked to stop postibg pap pics.. I wad hoping one the site admins would answer but they didnt. The whole convo was on their most read side bar for a few days so thats also good. I never recieved an answer on here why people havent written ruth about all of this… What do you guys think?

      • Hi, Groucho! I’m sorry. I was unable to work on my site for a few days. I thought I had approved and responded to all the messages, but I guess I missed yours. I have tried to contact Ruth via email and snail mail on more than one occasion. She has not responded. I am quite certain that she probably receives many emails from people, some of whom don’t have Kristen’s best interests at heart so–I don’t know what else to do. But, I have tried.

  23. If this is actually the case that the Twitter Account I am referring to is actually in the employ of one if not more tabloid sites, then this would most likely explain why this account has been reported and suspended so frequently, yet always seems to roar back with a vengeance. I realize that this Account holder has several accounts; however, none of the accounts seem to be suspended for any period of time; however, often other account holders who do not participate nor engage in the behaviors that this Account Holder has seem to be suspended without explanations.

    It would make sense that if this Account holder was backed by some powerful tabloids, that their influence would explain this person’s constant presence.

    I can only hope that with the Twitter threats that were lodged against the women in the UK, and Twitter’s subsequent acknowledgement that there are many abuses on Twitter, that the executives that control Twitter will truly begin to enforce their Terms of Service. Much of what transpires on Twitter has gone beyond harassment. It is now bordering on cyber stalking and abuse.

  24. All of you on Justice for Kristen’s comments. You guys are doing a great job on your comments. And as for Justice for Kristen I have say you are doing a great job on this. There is something that I have learn from vacation. I just went to Yellowstone. I was watching at Old Faithful Geyser. One of these days the more pressure build on the tabs, and papz. Are eventually its going to blow up. Or Celebs are going to blow up eventually the Celebs are going to be fed up with those idiots trashy lies. Especially Rob and Kristen. They will probably hide in the somewhere they are safe and have peaceful for themselves.

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